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Daniel Bienvenu: Il est 21h et tout va bien!
Daniel Bienvenu: Coudonc, je me suis encore trompé de jour?
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changed username to rich-c
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: Salut, David
rich-c: hi, Rich
Dr.D.: Hello everyone.
rich-c: enjoying the break in the weather, Rich?
Dr.D.: Hmm, looks like "everyone" is just us 2.
Dr.D.: Re: weather, fall has hit here big time, cold air, brown trees, falling leaves.
rich-c: I,m sure David will be back soon as he realizes it's 9.00
rich-c: yes, we are geting teh first leaves turning and even falling
Dr.D.: The leaves actually were turning brown 2 weeks ago or more.
rich-c: but then a lot of that is drought stress and some is disease
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Dr.D.: I think our seasons are now about 1 month ahead of our calendar.
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO! =)
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
rich-c: Salut
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm happy to see you again.. I can't see you but .. you know what i mean.
rich-c: we have no crop on our pear or crabapple trees this year - fungus
Dr.D.: I saw that you are taking orders for your game ROMs...please tell me how I can buy one.
rich-c: we know very well, David, and it is our pleasure to have your company
Daniel Bienvenu: David?
rich-c: desole - Daniel;
rich-c: thihnking of so many other things
rich-c: thinking of so many other things
Daniel Bienvenu: It's the first time someone change my name for David. Most of the time it's danny-boy or something like Dan!
Dr.D.: I saw Daniel's post to that he's ready to take some orders for his cartridge game.
Dr.D.: Okay, my text is not appearing now...
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr. D. : You can buy one cart of Gamepack... but you have a rom file.
rich-c: oops - looks like I've fallen into the memory hole
rich-c: OK we all have to reenter
Dr.D.: And now it just showed up...
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to reenter too?
Dr.D.: There must be some network or server troubles tonight.
Dr.D.: But *that* text just appeared immediately.
rich-c: OK I should be back now - got that time exceeded exception again
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no problem
rich-c: no, only if the program pulls the plug on you, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok.. a little 1 or 2 secondes delay
Daniel Bienvenu: sometimes
Dr.D.: There were a few times when my typed text did not appear for about a minute.
rich-c: I got a Zone Alarm box after a while saying something about time exceeded
rich-c: when that happens it explains why what I have been typing hasn't been visible at least to me
Daniel Bienvenu: You want a Gampeack cartridge? I can't do more than 10 carts right now but I hope I will be able to do more carts soon.
rich-c: you are talking about hardware, Daniel?
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Dr.D.: When you have some to sell, or wish to take prepaid orders, I will be glad to buy one.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, welcome back
rich-c: we have missed you last few chats
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! I have to replace the old board inside the cart for a new one. I order 200 new boards and now I'm waiting.
Guy B.: Hi Everyone. Not doing well myself here. Had some problems with my chest.
rich-c: oh dear - what sort of problems, Guy?
Guy B.: Seems I had some pressure, felt like it was congested.
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rich-c: that sounds more like cardiac than pulmonary
rich-c: what did teh doctors have to say about it?
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy! ... I didn't see you enter this chat session
changed username to Baby Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello undefined! :P
rich-c: YO Erin!
Guy B.: Well, I saw the doctor yesterday. No pnemonia, but I'm on antibiotics. I think what's happening here is my new apt has new carpeting and it smells and I'm sure that is what is making me feel sick.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Baby Erin!
Baby Erin: hi Uncle Richard
changed username to George W.
Dr.D.: *Baby* Erin?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello George
Baby Erin: Bonjour Daniel
rich-c: hello George (I think?)
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour Erin!
Guy B.: That has to be Freddy?
George W.: Good evening everyone
Baby Erin: Comme ca va?
rich-c: no, Erin is my niece in Windsor
Guy B.: Niece?
Daniel Bienvenu: ça va bien et toi?
rich-c: Frances' sister's daughter
Guy B.: Didn't know you had a niece there.
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
Baby Erin: ca va tres bien, merci!!
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
rich-c: sure, that's whre all of us went on the way home from Adamcon
rich-c: Pamela went on the way too
Guy B.: By the way, where is she?
Baby Erin: Uncle Richard, is Pamela expected on this evening
rich-c: George, I'm not sure George W is a tactful screen name to use here
Baby Erin: LOL
Dr.D.: I initially misread that as "Pamela is expecting this evening" !
Baby Erin: hahaha
Guy B.: Especially with a sitting U.S. President that goes by that name.
rich-c: I don't know why Pamela isn't on, though she has a new honorary nephew - her best friend had a boy night before last
Baby Erin: you know George W is a pretty small guy
Baby Erin: I was 15 feet away from him
George W.: should I use airforce one?
rich-c: in more ways than one - how close did you get to him?
Dr.D.: Our President is fit to sit on a porcelain throne...
Guy B.: Use Airforce Two.
Baby Erin: :D
Dr.D.: And our VP is in hiding...
Baby Erin: once again
rich-c: I noticed he didn't seem to have anything of much significance to say
rich-c: is his small talk as chaotic as his public talk?
Guy B.: Yep, in one of the bunkers as we speak.
Baby Erin: you know .....political nothing
Dr.D.: Wimps all.
Baby Erin: it was pretty cool though
George W.: he's in safe keeping
Baby Erin: i got to where an RCMP ear piece
rich-c: Erin, as you may gather, was with teh Canadian group that met with Dubya in Detroit
Dr.D.: Poor gal.
Baby Erin: I took care of our VIP's
Baby Erin: with Protocol -- DFAIT
Dr.D.: Closest I ever got to US Presidents was (1) Richard Nixon in 1972, a motorcade went through a nearby small town, we waited for about 3 hours, and
rich-c: well, perhaps helped Susan take care of them?
Baby Erin: nope Susan was no where near us that day she was with Manley and the PM
Dr.D.: (2) Jimmy Carter, our high school band played for a rally in Youngstown during the 1976 election, a friend of mine got to shake his hand...of course Jimmy wasn't elected yet.
Baby Erin: that still counts Dr. D
George W.: our allies are are growing all others can go
Baby Erin: it's considered meeting the Pres with as small a group as we were
Daniel Bienvenu: I talked a few minutes with someone at the university. I talked about dithering and he doesn't understand why there is a little brithness in my results.
Dr.D.: Nixon was standing up in his convertible, both arms up, both hands in "V", it roared by at about 60 MPH because they were late.
Baby Erin: oh well.......c'est la vie
Daniel Bienvenu: I think there is an error in my program.
Dr.D.: I still have the buttons that they threw out to the crowd in 1972.
Baby Erin: now that's pretty cool
rich-c: Wonder where Freddy is tonight? He was asking for some game carts and I have a line on a few
Dr.D.: One says "NIXON NOW MORE THAN EVER", the other shows Tricky Dick and Spiro Agnew heads.
Daniel Bienvenu: Where is Freddy?
Baby Erin: LOL
George W.: USA! USA! USA!
Dr.D.: I should've worn it today :-)
Baby Erin: vive le Canada!!!!!!
Dr.D.: A Chinese grad student in our lab is applying for Canadian citizenship.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hate politics because I didn't understand it.
rich-c: sorry Rich, missed your allusion for a second - yes indded
rich-c: the only way to hate politics more is to understand it
Baby Erin: oh yeah.....CIC can be pretty interesting Dr. D.
Dr.D.: Or maybe I should have brought out my WIN button (Whip Inflation Now), Gerry Ford era...
rich-c: once you do realize whats really going on, and why - yeech!
Baby Erin: yeah it kinda sucks Daniel
Baby Erin: i should know!!!!!
Dr.D.: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy says that the job of (Galactic) President is to distract people from where power is really held.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm happy to not understand then.
Baby Erin: it has it's up side, don't get me wrong
rich-c: well, it does help if you at least know who most needs voting against
Dr.D.: Clinton did that too well...
Baby Erin: I totally agree with on the first point Dr. D
Daniel Bienvenu: Why we are talking about politics? I hate politics.
Dr.D.: Bush merely reminds us every day that there is no way he holds any real power...
George W.: i'm downloading netscape 4.80. does anyone know the system requirements?
rich-c: because you started it, Daniel!
Baby Erin: Diplomacy is telling your opponents and allies where to go and have them enjoy the ride there
Dr.D.: Needless to say, I have stayed away from TV and 9/11 tributes today. Too much hype.
Baby Erin: Me too
Dr.D.: ROTFL Erin.
Baby Erin: eh?
rich-c: George, I don't recommend any flavour of Netscape anyway
Dr.D.: I would add "what they can do there, and with whom, and for how long".
Dr.D.: Your remark about "Diplomacy is..."
Baby Erin: got it!!
George W.: why is that?
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Baby Erin: sorry Daniel....i had my cool experience on Monday ....and I think I may have started something
rich-c: I was sort of expecting some Iraqi terrorist to find a way to whack Dubya today
Dr.D.: Hit him with a pie.
Daniel Bienvenu: Are you sure there is a Netscape version 4.8? That last version I downloaded before the one I use right now was 4.7
Baby Erin: LOL
left chat session
Guy B.: I have Netscape 4.79. They released a new version.
rich-c: he'd be better off getting the new Mozilla version in any case - Netscape without teh booby traps
Dr.D.: There is a NS 7.0 out now, I haven't investigated it yet.
Daniel Bienvenu: which cool experience?
Dr.D.: 6.x was a complete pig, slow and ugly...which was too bad, because I really wanted it to outperform Exploder.
rich-c: I had 4.08 but it made such a mess of my computer I uninstalled it
Guy B.: Whoa, Netscape 7? Last one was 6.2.
Dr.D.: Nope, 7.0 is just out.
Baby Erin: i was with our Protocol--Dept of Foreign Affairs team when the Pres & the PM met in Detroit
George W.: i tried netscape 7.0 it gives me a runtime error
Dr.D.: Got E-mail spam from NS to announce it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Netscape 7.0 is a pre-release version but it's workingg just fine for me.
Guy B.: Guess you guys all heard that all Windows except Win95 has security flaws.
Dr.D.: Want an installer for Mosaic 1.0? I have one :-)
Dr.D.: Also for NS 1.x.
Dr.D.: When has Windows *not* had security flaws?
rich-c: where, Rich? in your ancient history file on the XT?
Dr.D.: Nope, on my current HD...Mac installers for both those fine products.
rich-c: yes, I have already downloaded all the patches, Guy
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George W.: are there any new browsers?
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: Don't ask me If I have any old version of some browsers and apps.. I can't remeber them all.
Baby Erin: PAM
Guy B.: Microsoft has known for sometime they had flaws, but all Windows since 1996?
Pamela: Hi there
rich-c: yes, George, there's Opera and Mozilla, to name two
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
Dr.D.: I'm pleased to note that all my robot course webpages display just fine in them, except for stuff with JPEGs--which hadn't been invented yet.
Guy B.: I'm doing that right now.
rich-c: hi daughter, took your time getting here
George W.: Hi Pam
Pamela: sorry, got caught up in the anniversary coverage
Guy B.: Hi Pam, I'm back.
Dr.D.: Hello Pam.
Pamela: Hi, George, Hi Guy, Hi Rin, Hi Dad, Hi Rich, Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Excuse me Erin. I still don't understand what was your cool experience.
Pamela: there, did I cover everyone?
rich-c: your father and uncle has been studiously avoiding teh tv all day
George W.: are there any USA allies here?
Baby Erin: how's the world treating you?
Dr.D.: Now if only Dale or Jill would show up...I want to find out if they got my package that was mailed out Friday.
Pamela: pretty good
Baby Erin: i haven't watched a minute of it
Pamela: I didn't till I got home
Baby Erin: haven't even turned on the radio
rich-c: we used to be US allies George but kept losing our troops to US freindly fire
rich-c: now we are more or less neutral
Pamela: Life Network is running interesting coverage
Baby Erin: it makes me thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: This week, there is a friday 13th.
Pamela: yeah, but I needed to cry about it
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Pamela: it's taken this long for it to sink in
Dr.D.: A week of crying a year ago was enough for me.
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: I will be back. Going to reboot my system with the new updates.
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.D.: Friday the 13th...hmmm...
rich-c: Daniel, Erin works in teh office of a Member of Parliament
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Ron!
Ron: allo all
George W.: i'm not going out Friday
Baby Erin: and Minister for International Co-operation
rich-c: she was present at Chretien's meeting with Bush in Detroit yesterday
Pamela: Friday the 13th isn't my favourite day either but I'm getting used to ignoring it
Baby Erin: :D
Daniel Bienvenu: Erin : Ok! your "cool" experience.. it's a joke!
rich-c: RON - how did you sneak in on me?
George W.: i'm staying in bed
Baby Erin: what??
Dr.D.: Hope you have recovered from the experience, Erin.
Ron: dunno
Pamela: did you say something about a cool experience before I got here, Rin?
Daniel Bienvenu: Erin : " i haven't watched a minute of it"...
Baby Erin: Barely......a little heat stroke
Baby Erin: yes Pam
Baby Erin: and What do you mean Daniel?
Dr.D.: Ron, I have been thinking about your contest for ADAMcon 15.
Daniel Bienvenu: Erin : Your experience wasn't cool really.
George W.: America is unified on coverage
Ron: and?
George W.: on all channels
Baby Erin: not temperature wise we were outside
Pamela: was obviously quite hot
Dr.D.: It ought to be doable in vanilla SmartBASIC + Chris Braymen's music libraries.
Dr.D.: I just need the latter and good docs for them.
Baby Erin: i got to wear an RCMP head piece Pam
rich-c: except for every ex-president, their staff and advisors, the current chief of staff, and a few others, George
Dr.D.: And some input on what kinds of questions you would want the contest to consist of.
Dr.D.: Yes/No, or True/False, or Multiple-Choice?
Ron: It will be done.
Dr.D.: Or some of each?
Pamela: headpiece Erin?
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: yes
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: who is there?
Pamela: Guy
Pamela: 's back
Ron: All of the above
Daniel Bienvenu: ok!
Guy B.: Hi Ron, just saw you come in.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Guy!
Baby Erin: yeah....I was with Protocol--DFAIT co-ordinating our VIP's.....had to keep in touch
Ron: Hello Guy
George W.: don't invest in the stockmarket and you will be fine
Pamela: oh, that kind of headpiece - you mean headset
Ron: I actually have a version of a question/answer program that I wrote back in 1987 or thereabouts. All I have to do is find it
Baby Erin: the secret service wire
rich-c: did that black button in your ear come with shades too, Rin?
Dr.D.: One possibility would also be to have some questions announced in advance (weeks, months), that would be likely to show up in the contest.
Baby Erin: Graeme asked me the same q uncle Richard
Baby Erin: I had to supply my own
Pamela: MIB
Ron: Nevertheless, I'll put together some thoughts over the next week and get them to you along with the utilities and docs
Dr.D.: That would let people do some digging around.
Ron: Yup....good idea....some advance warning of content and level of difficulty
rich-c: Rich, do you think Daniel would benefit from some exposure to SmartBASIC 1.x?
Baby Erin: Pam, I haven't even told Bugsy about it yet
Ron: agree
Dr.D.: Maybe even some fun with the MIDI songs about some "Name That Tune?" questions?
George W.: somebody's watching us
Pamela: Dad, has Aunt C. called you in the last week?
Ron: Had thought of that too. There are certainly all sorts of midi tunes that could be adapted
Pamela: how come?
Dr.D.: Hmmm...I'd be glad to let him have it, I think I'd have to put it on tape because his disk drive is non-working, right Daniel?
Baby Erin: he's been travelling with the Boss in AF1
rich-c: not that I recall, Pam, though she has called fairly recently
Pamela: okay, thanks Dad
Pamela: air farce, Erin?
Ron: Dr. D. my intent was to let the player of the game choose a category of questions, and a level of difficulty
Pamela: : )
George W.: i slept most of the day
Daniel Bienvenu: Be Right Back (BRB)
Baby Erin: Air Force One thank you
Pamela: only in the US
Baby Erin: try telling him that
Baby Erin: hehehe
Pamela: it
Pamela: s not worth my life
Dr.D.: How many categories, how many levels, how many questions at each level? That's X x Y x Z number of questions total needed.
Baby Erin: LOL
Pamela: ooooh, algebra
Ron: gets kind of exponential doesn't it
George W.: i have 53% of cc32d48.exe downloaded
Baby Erin: Bugsy knew I was going but we haven't chatted about it yet....he thought it was soooo cool
rich-c: George, you are going to be sorry
Baby Erin: resistance is futile??
Ron: also intended to provide the possibility of adding other banks of questions if the user so wished - not necessarily for use at ADAMCOn , but elsewhere if
Ron: desired
George W.: i have US pride
Dr.D.: Resistance is voltage divided by current.
Pamela: hssssss
Baby Erin: o....k.....
Ron: like --- what was it--- jeopardy question packs?
Baby Erin: :)
Dr.D.: V=IR, R=V/I, Q.E.D.
Baby Erin: vive le Canada!!!
rich-c: easy on that, Rin - Pam has tow US-born parents
Dr.D.: It's literally coming to that kind of sentiment, I hear students here say stuff like that all the time...
Pamela: the proof is in the pudding - after all, you carry Cdn citizenship
Dr.D.: Sickening.
Ron: careful, you're scaring the milli henrys
Dr.D.: Touche for Pam!
Pamela: thankyou
Baby Erin: i know....i said nothing against anyone
Dr.D.: How about millihelens: the amount of beauty necessary to launch one ship.
Baby Erin: i'm showing my pride
Ron: microfarads
Ron: :) yes, exactly
George W.: douche alll the ney sayers
Pamela: tee hee
Pamela: explain Ron
Ron: capacitance
Dr.D.: millihelen or microfarad?
Pamela: ohkay
Pamela: microfarad
Dr.D.: One is humour, the other electrical engineering.
Pamela: of course, you could try and explain Ron, but that might take awhile
Ron: impedance, inductance, reluctance - absolute fear
Dr.D.: hahahahaha
Pamela: thought you'd appreciate that
Pamela: : )
Pamela: you'll notice all's quiet on the western front
Ron: huh?
Dr.D.: Joan and I used to joke about the EE yogi's mantra: "ohm ohm great god of resistance"
Pamela: LOL
Ron: Well, I'm perched on my bed with laptop on my lap (where else would a laptop be) so ....If I should fall asleep
Pamela: cough choke sputter - I shoulda swallowed my cookie before laughing
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: don't swallow cookies.... the whole world will know where you are
Pamela: thanks Guy
Dr.D.: Only if it's a DoubleClick cookie.
Guy B.: Your going to need that.
George W.: eat my cookie
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back!
Pamela: not swallow chocolate chip??? sacrilege
Guy B.: Where the Slopsema's tonight?
rich-c: Rich, does Daniel know what SB 1.x is?
Pamela: prolly watching TV
Ron: ohm...ohm.....ohm........I am one with the law
Pamela: see, he was paying attn
Ron: :)
rich-c: yes, the whole Grand Rapids contingent is missing
Dr.D.: I don't know.
Ron: absent are they
Dr.D.: (Ron as Yoda)
Ron: much will they miss
Pamela: wiggle your ears, Ron
Baby Erin: hehehe
Ron: mmmmmm
Pamela: use the force, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: SB 1.x? what's that?
rich-c: Guy, finally figured it out - I can watch the football game and chat on Saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: I found something about Super Game module in the internet. Someone here can tells me if it's a rumor or a prototype exist?
Dr.D.: A Jedi craves not these things.
Ron: (targetting computer off)
Daniel Bienvenu: "A former Coleco employee recently confirmed that prototype Super Game Modules were test-marketed, but in the end, Coleco shelved the SGM and developed the ADAM computer instead. ADAM became the new Expansion Module #3."
Pamela: : (
George W.: oh i'm the only US represntative here that explains it
Dr.D.: Wonder where they were test-marketed?
Guy B.: I have my PC's up, but not my Adams. Have to get a new computer desk for it. The one I had for 10 years fell apart while being moved.
rich-c: no george, Guy is in Chicago and Dr. D. is in Cleveland
Dr.D.: The only photo I've ever seen which purports to be the SGM is supposed to be of just a mock-up.
Pamela: how did the move go, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: A picture like this one?
Dr.D.: I'm a true-blue American, but I march to a different drummer...not the one who's been on TV all day today.
Guy B.: Well, except for a couple of items they overlooked in the truck which they have. It went pretty well.
Baby Erin: hehehe
Dr.D.: Yes, that's the photo I've seen.
George W.: loacation check!
Daniel Bienvenu: me too
Pamela: who, son-of-a-Bush?
Baby Erin: LOL
Guy B.: Abby likes the place and she's happy.
Pamela: that's good. So does that mean you have room for visitors now?
rich-c: George, foreigners just happen to agree with the majority of Americans who voted against Dubya for president
Dr.D.: I don't doubt that some kind of working prototype had to exist inside Coleco labs, but whether it actually looked like that photo, I don't know.
Daniel Bienvenu: "Expansion Module #3 was originally intended to be the Super Game Module. The SGM was supposed to add 30K of RAM and use 128K "microwafers" shaped like microcassettes. It promised games with intermissions, high-score lists, and extra levels. At first Coleco said the SGM would come packaged with Super Donkey Kong, but later they changed it to Super Buck Rogers and Super Gorf. Later rumors indicated that the Super Game Module would utilize Capacitance Electronic Disks (CEDs), a storage medium similar to vinyl records that had been developed by RCA as a cheap alternative to laserdiscs."
Baby Erin: Gore for Pres
Pamela: wow, that was some quote Daniel
Pamela: hear hear, Erin
Dr.D.: Stringy-floppy was the medium I had read about--sort of like the tape drive tape but in a continuous loop like an 8-track audio tape cartridge.
Baby Erin: if i had my way.....let's bring Bill back
Pamela: oh no, please no
rich-c: that sounds, Daniel, as if they realized that with a bit of bank switching they could do the same thing with tape
Guy B.: Well, not quite. I'm still not yet entirely unpacked. I will have to get a new computer desk for my Adam and another storage unit for my food and utensils, There's no room in the kitchen. Plus, I have two outlets that don't work and almost had an electrical fire trying to reset it at the circuit breaker.
Dr.D.: I want Gerry Ford and Jimmy Carter to be Co-Presidents.
Baby Erin: that would be interesting
George W.: some man keeps sending me instant messages
Pamela: If I hear one more word about Clinton . . .
Baby Erin: what...why???
rich-c: in fact I believe Super Zaxxon, possibly Dragon's Lair, and possibly others are Super Games over 128K
Pamela: Guy, here's a news flash - you're never entirely unpacked
Pamela: and please no electrical fires
Pamela: blue smoke = bad
Dr.D.: Super Donkey Kong is more than 160K, I know, because my Dad once used a NIAD utility to copy his tape to a 160K disk, and he couldn't play the entire game from the disk version--after some number of screens, it would die.
Guy B.: I know. I still have my software in boxes as the storage cabinet I had it in. Was damaged by a leaking waterpipe at my old place.
Ron: Hey good people..... a totally unrelated question....
Pamela: no such thing Ron
Ron: Was I supposed to return PJ's T-shirt to her?
Ron: Still have it here
Pamela: need to ask Bob that I think
Ron: right
Guy B.: Oh I remember that copy utility by W. Motel. Didn't even work with mine. Used Packcopy instead.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if you know who are Digital Press but the DP guide let me think a SGM exist because they rank rarity 10 for this module.
rich-c: believe it is intended to remain for AC15, Ron
Pamela: Hey Dad, I saw Michael yesterday
rich-c: but she would LOVE a pisture of it with its own chair at the AC14 banquet
George W.: please wait
Daniel Bienvenu: and rarity 10 is like only one exist.
Dr.D.: If I could see a photo that didn't just look like this one photo we've all seen before...
Ron: I'll have to find out.
Guy B.: I may have an ad for that Super Game Module that appeared in a defunct game magazine.
Pamela: well, I guess Russell didn't manage to get online
George W.: my buddy
Dr.D.: I think that's where the one photo came from.
Baby Erin: is he at work?
rich-c: Russell is still up at the trailer, right?
Pamela: no, he's at the trailer - he stayed up for the week
Pamela: I'm going back up on Fri evening
Dr.D.: I think it was Norm Sippel's old ColecoVision webpage that described it...he hypothesized that the photo was just a mock-up with a red LED on it to make it look "live".
rich-c: reminds me, Pam - it's a huge download but
Baby Erin: oh have to tell him i saw another satelliete...really bright tonite
rich-c: go to and download celestia - it is a superfantastic astronomical program
Guy B.: Believe it was called Electronic Games. Coleco ran alot of ads in that magazine.
rich-c: he will love it - surprise hin when he gets home
Dr.D.: I was given two old magazine ads for the ADAM within the last year...I should scan them.
Pamela: I'll let him know. How big is it?
Pamela: the download, I mean, not the satellite
rich-c: it's about 11 meg so allow at least 40 minutes, maybe more if their srver is slow
Guy B.: I know I kept them too. I'll go look for them and I should scan them too.
Pamela: Hey Erin, we saw northern lights last Tuesday night
Baby Erin: i figured as much Pam
Baby Erin: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Pamela: ooooooooooooooooooooo
Dr.D.: One is 4 glossy has some of the same stuff I've seen on a glossy poster I was given by Joel Lagerquist.
Baby Erin: awwwwww
Baby Erin: i need to get up there
Dr.D.: Sept. 1983...but you'll never guess the mag it was pulled from...
Pamela: anytime between April and October, hon
rich-c: Rich, you would also get a kick out of the celestia program if you don't have it already
Guy B.: Where from Dr D?
Dr.D.: Mind you I have only the ad pages, I told the guy who found them to keep the mag...
Dr.D.: Penthouse.
Baby Erin: now would be perfect with the cooler, clearer skies
Dr.D.: Have no idea who thought up that venue for an ADAM ad.
Pamela: he was planning to stay up all night tonite since the front has gone through
Guy B.: I did have the magazines, but I just tore out the ads and any articles relating to the games for Colecovision.
rich-c: hope he took his woolies along, then!
Pamela: should have clear skies and no one is up there during the week so it's really dark
Pamela: he did, Dad
Baby Erin: that's awesome
Pamela: well, he's not keeping me awake so it's a good time
Pamela: brb
rich-c: pity they don't have any full0-hookup sites - maybe we should keep him company
Dr.D.: The other ad I have is from a 1984 Reader's Digest, which touts some scholarship program.
George W.: snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ron: remember the phrase, "Command the powers of ADAM"
Guy B.: Who can forget that one. My old next door neighbor had a hazzle with Coleco with that program.
Dr.D.: Then talk or sleep, George W.!
rich-c: yes, and I think you've seen my advertising poster a few times, comparing Adam with other 8-bit competition
Guy B.: Bedtime for George W????
Ron: yup
Dr.D.: That was in my box of stuff from Joel Lagerquist, too.
Pamela: sorry, potty break - I'd have to check that out Dad, I'm not sure we don't
Pamela: there aren't any out in the field, but I don
Dr.D.: Need wireless internet for your WC, Pam :-)
Pamela: 't know about down in the hollow
rich-c: we are having a problem deciding whether we can go anywhere this fall
Pamela: you are so right, Rich
Dr.D.: Telnet to your toilet, flush by remote control :-)
George W.: i have to go pee
Pamela: sorry, George
Guy B.: I heard that a number of people had hassle problems with the scholarship program Coleco ran to sell the Adam.
Dr.D.: Wouldn't surprise me...
rich-c: seems I do recall stories of a number of lawsuits
Pamela: the problem with technology is , it's always breaking down
rich-c: but that they then petered out as Coleco went belly up
Pamela: then we'd have to go back to flushing by hand
Dr.D.: The open-pit method requires no flushing :-)
Guy B.: That's the sad part of Coleco.
Pamela: and the @#$%^&* toilet gives us enough trouble
rich-c: can't get blood from a stone - and to contingency lawyres, bankrupt companies fit that category
Pamela: yuck!
Dr.D.: ROTFL juxtaposition of my comment and Guy's comment!
Dr.D.: They are sequential on my screen...
moved to room Meeting Place
George W.: i'm back
Pamela: <giggle>
changed username to Lap from the Bed
Lap from the Bed: mmmmmm
Lap from the Bed: bounced was I
Daniel Bienvenu: "Coleco's latest add-on, the Super Game module, was shown at last week's American Toy Fair. It adds more memory to ColecoVision and provides additional play variations."
Lap from the Bed: amused am I not
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Now who do we have here. Lap?
rich-c: you got a reason for being here twice, Ron?
Pamela: Ron, you're still on
George W.: i'm in bed too
Dr.D.: So it was actually shown, Daniel?
changed username to Jillian&Jeffrey
Dr.D.: What was the date?
Lap from the Bed: got bounced and had to reenter....
Pamela: Hi, Jillian, Hi Jeffrey
Lap from the Bed: my other self is still here
Guy B.: Hey, there's Jill and Baby Jeffrey. How are you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I find this information in an old coleco FAQ. Here :
Lap from the Bed: please, do not allow us to touch eachother
rich-c: hey, Jill and Jeffy - welcome!
Dr.D.: Hi Jill! Did Dale get my package?
Jillian&Jeffrey: Hello all, Just monitoring tonight. Jeffrey doesn't want to go to bed so can't type much.
George W.: i live in bed
Jillian&Jeffrey: Yes Dr. D Pulled it from the mail today.
Dr.D.: Excellent...hope he enjoys the light reading.
Lap from the Bed requested to ban Ron
rich-c confirmed ban
Baby Erin confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Baby Erin: live in bed?
Pamela: ohm...ohm...ohm
Lap from the Bed: I have removed myself
Guy B.: Ok, Ron. Rename yourself.
Lap from the Bed: ok
George W.: yes
Dr.D.: Mae West said that, too..
rich-c: Daniel, you would us all a favour if you would pull together a list of these historic sites and post it through the mailing list
Jillian&Jeffrey confirmed ban
Baby Erin: lol
Pamela: c'mon, no one liked that joke?
Daniel Bienvenu: a list?
Baby Erin:
Lap from the Bed changed username to Ron
Baby Erin: 3 essentials to life
Ron: There
Pamela: you forgot chocolate, Rin
rich-c: you have been quoting a number of websites with historic Coleco information
Guy B.: There. He's back to himself. Be careful there.
George W.: bathroom
rich-c: if you posted a list of these websites, we would be very interested
Pamela: I see I'm being ignored
Pamela: c'mon, it wasn't that bad
George W.: me too
Baby Erin: you are soooooo right about chocolate....but it is lumped in with bed
Ron: There is a can of diet coke calling me from the other room
Dr.D.: Reminds me of a a quote from my roommate's sociology text in college: "There are 4 Fs of human behavior: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and reproductive behavior." I saw it myself in black and white...
Ron: I must answer - brb
rich-c: just send the email to:
George W.: bowl of rice
Baby Erin: oh my Dr. D
Dr.D.: I was amazed myself.
Baby Erin: now that's education
Pamela: the things you learn in college . .
Baby Erin: (blush)
Dr.D.: Some editor had a sense of humor.
Pamela: that's a becoming shade of fuschia you're wearing Erin
Baby Erin: hehehehehehehehehehe
Dr.D.: So Erin is on a live webcam...oooo....
George W.: i'm depressed
Pamela: BTW Jillian, may I introduce my cousin Erin from Windsor - I don't think the two of you have met
Baby Erin: no webcam....Pam JUST KNOWS
Pamela: she does fuschia reaaaaallly well, Rich
Pamela: clashes with her hair though
Baby Erin: it's true
rich-c: Jill, are the chat transcripts posted automatically or do we have to wait for Dale to get around to it?
Jillian&Jeffrey: Greetings Erin, Pleased y'metcha
Baby Erin: Hi Jillian, ditto
Pamela: Erin, Jillian is the parent of the worlds cutest eight month old boy
Dr.D.: Well, a proper blush is attractive in a gal...
Jillian&Jeffrey: It's manual. I am trying to learn to take it over though.
Dr.D.: Repeat to Dale my offer to help with maintenance etc...
rich-c: so Frances will have to wait a day or so to read her transcript of tonight?
Pamela: see AC14 pictures for proof
Baby Erin: well thank you Br. D but with red's not always fashionable
Jillian&Jeffrey: who is currently content to snuggle into my neck and moan, but not to lie down.
Dr.D.: My Elanor is a red-head.
Dr.D.: (Daughter #2, age 12, that is)
Baby Erin: we're the best
George W.: can we upgrade this chat?
Pamela: about the same shade as Rin, too Rich
Dr.D.: Only if we upgrade the participants! (ba-da bing!)
Baby Erin: LOLOLOL
Jillian&Jeffrey: teehee
Dr.D.: You walked into that one, George...
George W.: oh
Pamela: eyes wide open
Pamela: sorry, sweetie
Dr.D.: "Humor, it is a difficult concept"--Lt. Saavik, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
rich-c: Jill, did you notice Dr. D's offer to help with teh chat maintenance?
George W.: i can't see
Baby Erin: ahhh Star Trek
Jillian&Jeffrey: Day or so.. I wish. (rueful smile) it's quite backed up and I have to wait until Dale back in town for my next lesson.
(The lights sudddenly go out)
rich-c: he has also offered in the past to help update teh mailing list
(S enjoys the flowers.)
George W.: who did that
Pamela: who is S. anyway?
Ron: back
Pamela: not me
Baby Erin: ...and i don't know how
Dr.D.: S...Slytherin? Spock?
Dr.D.: I don't see a user named S right now.
rich-c: must be a Sppok, then - one of your RCMP friends, Erin?
Pamela: it always comes up that way
Baby Erin: only if he's cute
George W.: we have a bomb
Jillian&Jeffrey: Yes Rich, I noticed. I've passed on the offer to Dale _each and every_ of the several times it's been pointed out or offered, but I don't have the knowledge to change anything and Dale doesn't have the time.
Dr.D.: Well, then we could move the chats from here to, where *I* am the admin :-)
Dr.D.: Same chat interface, just a different URL to remember.
Pamela: I have trouble remembering this one, Rich
Pamela: running out of memory
Dr.D.: Well add a bookmark to your favourite web browser.
George W.: a bomb just went off in the neiighborhood
Jillian&Jeffrey: S is what comes up when a user defined 'subject action' is chosen. There is a bug and all userdefined actions are listed as non-person actions so don't get parsed correctly.
Ron: Negative S
(<s> sips a tall cool glass of milk.)
Dr.D.: delta-G equals delta-H minus T times delta-S.
Dr.D.: S is entropy.
Jillian&Jeffrey: No Entropy is my cat.
(rich-c smiles)
Dr.D.: Cats are all entropy.
Ron: Believe cyberspace west of the Rockies has turned to a denser jelly
Jillian&Jeffrey: Only one of mine is. The others are Kayos and Omicron
(S sips a tall cool glass of milk)
Pamela: Well, that's better than Beer and Whine
Pamela: or FC
Dr.D.: Bubble and Squeak
Ron: Made a Mac house call last week. There were two very black, very large cats
Ron: One of whom felt the top of the Mac Monitor was the place to sleep
Pamela: of course, Ron - it's warm, and high
Pamela: perfect for a kitty
Ron: exactly
Dr.D.: And then the flyback transformer blew! ... and poor kitty was no more.
George W.: i hurt myself
Jillian&Jeffrey: I tried to call my first two cats, Silk and Velvet, but their kitten names stuck instead.
Ron: nothing that drastic Dr. D
Pamela: you fried a kitty????? Ron!!!
Dr.D.: Too bad.
Ron: but she was investigating the floppy drive slot when a disk ejected.
Dr.D.: Haha
Ron: That was not amusing, and she left the room
Pamela: tee hee
Jillian&Jeffrey: brb
Ron: the other one didn't like me
Pamela: we've added to the kitty population in the building recently
Pamela: both Lindsay and Allyson have acquired new kittens
Baby Erin: cool
Ron: Cats tend to tolerate me mostly
Pamela: Smudge and Willy, respectively
Baby Erin: (snort)
Ron: I am there to pay the rent and maintain the food dish
Ron: and that is all
Pamela: dogs have masters, cats have slaves
Baby Erin: that's what we are all here for Ron
rich-c: Rich, is there any way to save this chat text "off the screen", so to speak?
Pamela: or employees
Ron: yup
Dr.D.: Doesn't seem to be, copy and paste don't seem to work.
Pamela: Erin, Willy is short for Sweet Willaim
Baby Erin: k.....what does that mean?
rich-c: and there's no save command on the module, either
Pamela: sorry, William - it's a flower very prevalent in N.S. where she's from, and her dad's name is William
George W.:
Baby Erin: cool
Baby Erin: Pam how far is Peterborough from you?
Pamela: couple hours, why?
rich-c: about 80 miles northeast
Baby Erin: just wondering........ ; )
Pamela: k
Baby Erin: i wasn't sure
Pamela: you could always look at a map
Baby Erin: couldn't find one
Pamela: speaking of which, Ron, I found Comox on a map
Pamela: I doesn't look that far from Vancouver
rich-c: good for you, daughter, on so many of them it falls off the edge ;-)
Ron: if you're a good swimmer, no
Baby Erin: hehehe
Pamela: verry funny
Pamela: how does one get there from the mainland?
Guy B.: Guess we will all be flying to Vancouver next year.
Ron: on board a British Columbia ferry
Baby Erin: lovely
Pamela: is there a ferry to Nanaimo from Vancouver?
Ron: traversing the Strait of Georgia in about an hour and a half
rich-c: or an itsy-bitsy airplane from YVR
Ron: yes there is that
Pamela: plane, or ferry?
Ron: uml..... yeah... bit of a puddle jumper.... it's about a 35 minute flighyt
Ron: flight
Ron: Dash - 8
Ron: or equivalent
Pamela: ah, a tin can with wings
Dr.D.: Which would be cheaper: going to Seattle and then up to Comox, or going say to Toronto first and then out? (From Cleveland, of course) If you can hazard any guesses, that is.
rich-c: Dash-8 we can live with, "equivalents" are another story
Ron: essentially that's it, yes
Pamela: so if one wants to take the ferry, one must go into Victoria?
Ron: actually the one I was just on was a little roomier than the dash -8
Ron: forgotten the aircraft type.... same idea
rich-c: my guess, Dr.D., would be Cleveland - Seattle - Vancouver - Comox
Ron: Actually, there is another way.
Ron: Book yourself from Toronto to Calgary, then via Westjet directly to Comox. That way you get nothing smaller than a 737
Dr.D.: Cleveland-London-Moscow-Tokyo-LA-Seattle-Vancouver-Comox? :-)
Baby Erin: hehehe
Baby Erin: y not?
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. So, I'll see you all later.
Ron: sometimes Dr. D. it feels like that
Pamela: talk about world tours!
rich-c: that's more like an American routing - we aren't quite that deregulated, yet
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Ron: you forgot Tuktoyaktuk Dr D
Baby Erin: lol
Pamela: night, Guy
Dr.D.: Or one of those places on a R.I.S.K. gameboard.
rich-c: night Guy, see you Saturday I hope
Baby Erin: bye Guy
Ron: I tell ya.... after a hard day of being randomly searched at every gate between Grand Rapids and Vancouver, I was not in the mood for the
Ron: puddle jumper this time
Guy B.: Probably not. I have to take Abby to the vet. She's getting her vaccinations.
Ron: nor the 3 hour wait at YvR
rich-c: actually Ron, isn't one of the discount airlines flying Hamilton-Calgary non-stop and cheap?
Pamela: yeah, you look real suspicious, Ron
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: yes.... Westjet goes from Hamilton now...forgot that
Ron: I got this boarding pass in Grand Rapids, and I was warned. It had 4 XXXX on it. The gent warned me I was in for a long day
Dr.D.: Hmm, maybe I should be looking at using Wednesday as my travel day to arrive a day early?
Pamela: I'll be doing well if I can get Russell on a plane - puddle jumpers may be out of the question
Jillian&Jeffrey: back
Jillian&Jeffrey: nite Guy
rich-c: and the parking at Hamilton would be much, much cheaper toif it is Westjet, then he'd be on a through ticket and likely just the one change of aircraft
Ron: might be a thought Dr. D, but you can make it east to west in one day. because of the gain of 3 hours
Ron: it's getting back where you might need the extra day
Dr.D.: Ought I also consider getting a "real" passport, i.e. would that make all the security types happier?
Baby Erin: i think so
Pamela: what do you have now, Rich?
rich-c: if he drove into Canada to Hamilton, the rest of the flight would be within Canada so only the initial search plus Calgary
Ron: well I tell ya.... if you ask the authorities either side of the border that, they will tell you yes....get a passport
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dr.D.: Nothing, never had a passport.
Ron: but I've always survived on my BC driver's licence (picture id) and my birth certificate
rich-c: besides, by next summer maybe the paranoids will have gained at least a little sense and backed off whre appropriate
Dr.D.: But then I've only ever been in Canada thrice, once in high school on a band trip, twice for ADAMcons.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back!
Pamela: I doubt it Dad
Pamela: It
Pamela: 's good practice, Rich
Ron: they want photo id of some sort, and proof of citizenship
Daniel Bienvenu: I send YOU an e-mail about SGM.
Pamela: darn enter key is in exactly the wrong place
Ron: while we're on the subject....
Baby Erin: passport usually gets less hassle
Ron: straw pole
Jillian&Jeffrey: We were told not to get a passport for Jeffy unless we were going to other than the us. 'Looks suspicious'(sp)
Ron: last week of July or 2nd week of August.....???//????
Pamela: 2nd week of August
rich-c: my personal preferencve: last week in July
Dr.D.: I could see it causing *more* hassle...hmmm, why does this American go to the trouble of getting a passport, ordinary Americans come and go from Canada all the time...he must be trying too hard to be inconspicuous...he must be a terrorist!!!!!
Ron: division in the family eh?
rich-c: but that is predicated on my being able to drive - a dubious proposition
Pamela: I can't come if it's the last week in July - my boss takes her vacation then
George W.: download finished
Jillian&Jeffrey: I say July, Dale would propably say August.
Baby Erin: i'm detecting a note of paranoia
Ron: so far I'm really getting good direction here (ahem)
Jillian&Jeffrey: We try..
(Jillian&Jeffrey winks)
Pamela: very hard
Dr.D.: Too soon for me to call, Ron, have no idea what Joan could or couldn't get for vacation.
Ron: 1st week of august is family gathering time, so that's out
rich-c: I know that if I can drive we will prefer to do so
Dr.D.: Probably either can be worked around.
Ron: ok...just thought I'd ask...... no decision at this time
Ron: but give that some thought
rich-c: still, I am sure we could clear the Rockies howeward bound in time to avoid snow even with second week August
Pamela: this year was just perfect
rich-c: if we ar going to have to fly then I'll bet second week August is less crowd, maybe cheaper
Ron: the Coquihalla pass had snow in August of this year, so did Calgary
Ron: we live in wierd times, my son
Dr.D.: Donner Party 2003?
rich-c: yes, I know, out west I've been snowed on in both July and August
Ron: yup exactly
Ron: mountains do strange things whenever they bloody well feel like it
George W.: i cut myself
Pamela: another reason Ron - Kimberly is getting married middle of July and I'm deeply involved
rich-c: yes, I'd noticed that
Dr.D.: Good food, good friends, it's all the same :-)
Dr.D.: How, George?
Ron: and I have value added - a the salt see air
Ron: which quite often smells like something rotting in the distance
Pamela: lovely
Ron: thought you'd like that
Pamela: thank
Pamela: s
George W.: sharp metal projecting from my computer
Pamela: stoopid enter key
rich-c: it's better than when the wind is off the glacier - you remember glacier winds, Pam?
Ron: we have one of those.... a glacier that is
Pamela: Yeah, I remember - and not one word about goop from you, thank you
Dr.D.: So now you have to submit a blood sample to run Windows, George?
Jillian&Jeffrey: Jeffy's been asleep for approx 7 minutes, must be time for the cops with sirens to come after the idiot drag racers with air horns. brb
Daniel Bienvenu: a glacier.. for the banner
Ron: Jeffrey wake up!
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
George W.: whatever
Pamela: good idea, Daniel
Dr.D.: Bad Ron, BAAD!
Ron: one doesn't say those kinds of things
Ron: as I seem to recall
Jillian&Jeffrey: thanks, Ron, but he's got the wasking part down just fine
George W.: it hurts
Ron: actually I'm about to do that myself
Ron: wasking?
Dr.D.: Though if your laptop's a Mac we need to do something different.
Pamela: waking, Ron
Ron: no I have one of Doug Slopsema
Ron: 's P166's here
Pamela: <kiss>
Dr.D.: "to wask" probably something in the OED from 1470.
Pamela: there, is that better George?
Ron: the Powerbook 520c is a little slow for this stuff
Jillian&Jeffrey: it's hard to type with an armful of baBY
Pamela: you're doing okay Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: I was unable to draw a glacier.. I can't figure out what is the best way to draw a glacier who doesn't looks like an iceberg, a river or a montain. It's not easy to draw.
Dr.D.: Voice recognition software?
Pamela: besides, we're playing an impromptu game of Balderdash with your sentence
Ron: looking for a Linux distribution that can deal with PCMCIA internet cards
Ron: if I find one, Windows is gone from this here computer
George W.: help help help help help help
Pamela: Daniel, try a mountain with blue ice on the side
Jillian&Jeffrey: What's up George?
Dr.D.: George, if you are really injured badly...
rich-c: well, Daniel, a glacier is a sort of iceberg river on a mountain, so we understand your problem
Dr.D.: ...perhaps you ought to leave the chat and seek medical attention?
George W.: i'm bleeding all over
Pamela: Erin, are you paying attention?
Baby Erin: yes
Jillian&Jeffrey: brb
Pamela: you missed a sentence somewhere then
Baby Erin: oh?
Dr.D.: Direct pressure on the someone, call 911 if necessary.
rich-c: George, go rinse it off, then put a wad of toilet paper over it to clot it
Pamela: something about K getting married in mid-July?
Daniel Bienvenu: I used a picture to help me but it's not easy. I convert the picture for the Coleco and the result is.. good but too big.
Baby Erin: i already guessed as much
Pamela: I was surprised at not getting a comment
Pamela: no ring yet though
George W.: i wrapped a towel around it
rich-c: oh, did they get the hall and set teh firm date, then?
Baby Erin: oh....sleepiness is beginning to set in....slowly
Pamela: nope, still narrowed to 06/28, 07/05 or 07/12
Baby Erin: George are u sure you're ok??
Pamela: leaning towards 07/12 right now
Ron: you need to slow your clocks down....ours here run at a more leisurly paced
George W.: i'm bloody
rich-c: the smaller the wound, the more it bleeds, in my experience
Baby Erin: but r u sure.....
George W.: i think i sliced my finger oof
George W.: off
Pamela: I think you'd know if you were missing parts George
rich-c: sorry Ron, my computer is synced with the standard Atomic Clock
Pamela: put pressure on the wound and hold it above your head until it clots
Ron: is that so Rich..... so you know exactly what time it is
George W.: ok
Baby Erin: : (
Pamela: sorry, above your heart
Ron: and if the standard Atomic Clock is having a bad day?
rich-c: or put the sliced off piece in ice and take it to the doctor so he can stitch it back on
Jillian&Jeffrey: back.
Pamela: we're giving first aid here
Pamela: George is typing one handed
Ron: who winds the standard Atomic clock?
rich-c: well, I'll be out of step like everyone else then, Ron
Ron: ic
Jillian&Jeffrey: God, Ron
Ron: actually, I think there's at least one of my computers that is on the same
George W.: one finger typing
Pamela: you'll get really good at it George
Ron: got a popup screen the other night, and I'm not exactly sure what it said, but I seem to have agreed to it
rich-c: you mean you sliced off four fingers, George?
Ron: now I'm being synchro'd on startup
rich-c: so you do have tehe program on your computer
George W.: no one is enough
Pamela: George, might I suggest filing down that piece of metal?
Daniel Bienvenu: I supppose you receive my e-mail about Super Game Module now... and maybe another e-mail about a glacier.
Ron: I believe so yes
Jillian&Jeffrey: Each of our time pieces says a different time. Makes life interesting.
Ron: these things come and go, and I'm not sure of the name of it
Pamela: gotta be careful what you agree to Ron
George W.: i have to
Ron: I know.... but they appear so fast now...... I'm getting old you know..... can't keep up
Pamela: especially if you're late for work, Jillian : )
George W.: it's too dangerous
rich-c: yes, the atomic clock program actually allows you to set an offset, for those who like their clocks fast (or slow)
Jillian&Jeffrey: For work, I have to go by thier clock. If I'm more than 60 seconds late, it takes points off of my evaluation.
Pamela: BR clock is currently three minutes fast (or so). That way Ihave a fighting chance of being ready to go on time
Ron: I seem to have adopted the policy that if Norton let's it through, then it must have some purpose
Ron: So I end up looking at all sorts of things
Baby Erin: i'm going to say g'night you Pam and Uncle Rich say hi to Aunt Frances for me .....and stop bleeding George
George W.: i have clocktalk
Ron: most of which I pay not the slightest attention to
Pamela: you too Rin - good night
Pamela: Will call early next week
Jillian&Jeffrey: Some times the purpose is to monitor the activity on your computer and sell it though.
Baby Erin: sweet dreams everyone
Ron: but then..... subconsciously..... who knows how I'm being assimilated
rich-c: night Rin - say hello to the gang from our end
Pamela: Rin, tell your Mom to call mine to gossip soon
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Erin!
Ron: nite Erin
Jillian&Jeffrey: Good night Erin.
Baby Erin: bon soir
George W.: nite Erin
Baby Erin: nice to have met u Jillian
Jillian&Jeffrey: hope we'll see you again sometime.
rich-c: you're right, Jill, but if you have AdAware running it kills programs like that
Baby Erin: Dr. D we'll have to chat about politics again
Pamela: Rin, are you going to be on msn tomorrow?
Daniel Bienvenu: Fais de beaux reves!
Baby Erin: of course Bugsy will be back in town
Baby Erin: what does that mean Daniel??
Pamela: okay, I have a Weekender party but will try to catch you later in the evening
Pamela: it means sweet dreams, Rin
Baby Erin: oh
rich-c: and Zone Alarm tattles if anything tries to sneal out behind your back
Baby Erin: tee hee
Baby Erin: thanks
Baby Erin: u 2
rich-c: it means sweet dr3eams, Erin
Ron: Zone Alarm has been banished
George W.: my blood is thick and clumpy
Pamela: night, sweetie
Ron: I'm relying on my hardware firewall
Baby Erin: kiss & hug
Ron: my Mac/PC network program doesn't like Zone Alarm either
Pamela: hugs and kissies
Jillian&Jeffrey: Most blood that's been exposed to air is George.
Pamela: to everyone
Baby Erin left chat session
rich-c: well us pazzunts still on dialup still use the more primitive technology, Ron
Ron: Hey, it worked for me until I got all complex
rich-c: q.e.d
Pamela: clumpy is good, George
Ron: was quite happy with it till I decided I wanted the Macs and PC speaking
Jillian&Jeffrey changed username to Jillian
rich-c: the Jobs and the Gates do not approve of that, Ron
Ron: True. They wouldn't approve of much that goes on around here
Ron: but I tell ya. Maybe I need to try Zone Alarm again. The pop-ups are starting to be annoying
rich-c: and if we don't believe that, we need only listen for the crash (coming soon to a computer near you)
George W.: i want my computer to work by voice
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a trailer?
rich-c: sorry, Daniel, what's the question?
Jillian: voice would be nice. I'd settle for some good handwriting recognition most of the time.
Daniel Bienvenu: "coming soon to a computer near you"? It sounds like an ads for a movie.
rich-c: yes, that's the allusion, Daniel
rich-c: sorry, when someone says trailer I think "roulottoe" - Anglais, bah!!!
George W.: likevstartrek
George W.: oops
rich-c: and my French spelling isn't that bad, my keyboard just won't cooperate with it
Daniel Bienvenu: roulotte... yeah! me too! the first time i saw the word trailer
Daniel Bienvenu: In Quebec we use also the word trailer.
rich-c: English has so many words with the same spelling, different meanings
George W.: my hand is getting tired
Jillian: I was once told that with current technology, and a 15 second conection lag, you could set up a communication system like star trek.
Pamela: if it's clotted, you can put it down now
Daniel Bienvenu: It's just because french in Quebec is not the same french as the one in France.
Pamela: that depends on whether you believe the tech manuals, Jillan
rich-c: I think that may be a city thing in Quebec, Daniel
rich-c: whre we have travelled, in the rural areas, it's been "stationnement des roulottes"
Jillian: English in Onatrio isn't the same as English in Michigan so why would we expect France and Quebec to be the same?
rich-c: hey, Daniel, the French in Quebec is different from the French in Quebec
rich-c: depends on whether you're in the Outaouais or the Gaspe or somewhere between
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Rich.. that's true! there is not only a way top speak french (or english).
Jillian: or chinese or japanese or...
rich-c: and what they speak in Ottawa neither an anglophone nor a francophone would claim ownership in
Jillian: Franglais!
Daniel Bienvenu: But what I mean is "using same words". French in Quebec doesn't use the same words as the French in France for many things.
rich-c: depends on how academic a source you're dealing with, I think, Daniel
Jillian: Whenever I needed to communicate growing up in Hawkesbury, it was always Franglais that got me through.
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! we say the word franglais when it's not 100% french and not 100% english.
rich-c: I would expect in your University milieu the French would be strongly European
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich : Well, it's fifty fifty
Pamela: such as "patates frites"?
Pamela: to me, that's Franglais
rich-c: on the other hand the joual in east-end Montreal might be - different
Pamela: as opposed to Bling, characterized as "Pont Mercier Bridge"
Ron: the thing we drive around in....the one with 4 wheels
Pamela: or do I have it backwards
Ron: un char
Ron: ou une voiture?
Daniel Bienvenu: In Montreal (in the past) the accent was changing the sound "A" by the sound "O" like in VOYAGE and GARAGE became VOYOGE and GAROGE.
Pamela: une auto
Jillian: English in Quebec does the same thing. I once was told by an English person in Waterloo Quebec that he was headed to a reunion with his syndicate.
Ron: take notes on all this Dr. D.
Jillian: To me Franglais is more like ' I need to wash my gilete
Ron: there will be a test
rich-c: or reline les freins
Jillian: meaning I need to wash my t-shirt, specifically work uniform t--shirt
Daniel Bienvenu: well just the word t-shirt. there is a french word for t-shirt but we don't use it.
rich-c: by the way, Pam, did you just open a new shop on Laird Drive
Pamela: yes we did, just a week ago
Ron: the authority of course is Le Petit Larousse
rich-c: went by it last night and wondered
Pamela: how could you doubt it?
Ron: will have Canadian useage versus French useage
rich-c: it wasn't there teh last previous time we went by
Jillian: Neil would find this a very interesting discussion. He started his masters last week.
Pamela: yes it was, just didn't have a sign on it, I'll bet
Pamela: Is he back from Norway, Jillian?
Ron: think I've already talked of this...but....when I was on gov't French language training. They taught us what they taught us
rich-c: well, our last time by was teh second Tuesday in June
Ron: until about 2 weeks before the course was due to end
Pamela: okay, I'll concede it wasn't anywhere near ready at that point
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you will be able to see the glacier.pp picture I send by e-mail tonight.
Ron: at which point they said,'ve learned the correct's what you're going to hear
Jillian: Yes He was there for about 3 weeks or so.. He started actual classes this week. Taking them started Monday and teaching starts Friday.
Ron: il became 'y' : elle became 'a'
rich-c: if it's Powerpaint I can't till I can get the emulator back working
Daniel Bienvenu: you can use bmp2pp to open it
Pamela: Neil Wick, eternal student
rich-c: if I can access that, but it still needs the emulator
Daniel Bienvenu: Use bmp2pp for windows
Ron: Dr. Neil
Jillian: Not quite yet Ron, but at some point, I'm sure.
rich-c: sooner or later, Ron, I think that's a reasonable expectation
Daniel Bienvenu: File -> Open PowerPaint file -> BINGO!
Pamela: I think you may find thats a Powerpoint file Dad, not Powerpaint
Ron: indeed
rich-c: not in this context, Pam - reread teh discussion
Pamela: oh, okay
rich-c: what I need right now is a way to capture this chat
Daniel Bienvenu: personnaly I use my CVPaint tool for Windows to open PP files.
Daniel Bienvenu: Did I say to you I release a new version of this tool?
rich-c: you have to understand, Daniel, that you are far more advanced than most of us in these things
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone else try my tool but wasn'T able to run it
Jillian: I'm trying to convince Neil to do a presentation about what he saw in Norway and Estonia, but he has about 1800 pictures and not the time to properly edit them for interesting content.
Pamela: I hope those were digital pictures, Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: in these things?
rich-c: in matters of Colecovision and much of Adam
Jillian: Yes they were digital.
Pamela: good thing - otherwise that would be a heck of a lot of film
rich-c: we have our very able people, as in Dr. D. and Dale, but not all of us are that capable
Daniel Bienvenu: hahaha! I'm not an Adam user. I have an Adam computer but I didn'T program on it.
Pamela: Oh! Dad, did you get my email about Katherine?
Daniel Bienvenu: And my tool named CVPaint or BMP2PP for windowa are very easy to use.
rich-c: that may be a weak point for you, Daniel; you may be missing something
Jillian: Speaking of programing. I'm kind of stuck in my game creation.
rich-c: after all, the SuperGames were programmed specifically to run from the digital data drive (tape) on the Adam
Jillian: I've got my design (mostly) and I know what I want my UI to be, but what next?
Daniel Bienvenu: If I start programming in SmartBASIC I will have no time to release more ColecoVision games.
Ron: To be an ADAM user do you have to have programmed?
rich-c: Pam, yes, got it
Daniel Bienvenu: What is the minimum I have to do to be an Adam user?
Pamela: good. Went out to see her last night at the hospital - he's darling
Ron: You are an ADAM user if you say you are
rich-c: well, it helps to have an Adam, but you have that
Pamela: took pictures, and will bring them over as soon as I finish the roll and develop
Jillian: I would say turn on your adam and write a letter in smart writer. anything more is upgrading.
Ron: yes. one should have owned an ADAM for a period of time, and have used it to accomplish some form of work or play
Dr.D.: Sorry for being away, an important phone call...
rich-c: it also helps to have instructions so you know what you are doing - they can be had in English at least, maybe French
Daniel Bienvenu: excuse me but I can't see any new messages now.
Pamela: Okay people, it's time I went to bed
Ron: s'ok Dr. D.
Dr.D.: I need to sign off to deal with some student issues (the phone call).
Dr.D.: Talk to you next week.
Pamela: good nite Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, now i see new messages
Ron: g'nite Dr. D
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: (too late)
Jillian: (PRIVATE) It might just not be scrolling Daniel. Try scrolling manually or go out and come back in.
rich-c: goodnight Dr. D., consider Saturday; goodnight, daughter - get that program I mentioned
George W.: nite Pam
Ron: find the same thing here Daniel. Sometimes the traffic slows down
Ron: niters Pam
Pamela: g'nite to all - Dad, I'll look into it. I'm outta here! Sweet dreams.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Pamela: poof
Daniel Bienvenu: fais de beux reves!
Pamela: : )
Jillian: Good night Pam. Stay safe.
Daniel Bienvenu: (too late again)
Pamela left chat session
George W.: i have to go too
Ron: time to move on
Jillian: I should take off as well. Jeffy likes the dawn.
Daniel Bienvenu: well... me too then! I don't want to be the last one tonight!
Ron: g'nite from the West
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, I expect that the Adam will respond to teh same programming you use for your cartridge games
George W.: nite all
Jillian: Maybe next week I'll get in earlier and we can actually talk about games.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit George
rich-c: nite Ron and Daniel
Jillian: Nite all.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit tout le monde!
Ron: you guys still on on Saturdays?
rich-c: I hope to be
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe!
Ron: ok....maybe then....ya never know
George W.: maybe
Jillian left chat session
George W.: poof
George W. left chat session
Ron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: à samedi ... peut-etre!
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - voyez-vous samedi
Daniel Bienvenu: * POOF *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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