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ray: anyone here?
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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
rich-c: refresh
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Ron: Nobody here but us old farts?
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rich-c: hello visitor
rich-c: just us for now
Ron: Ok... now I got myself identified
Ron: finally remembered
rich-c: never know who will turn up though
rich-c: anyway, figurred out if I used the laptop I could chat and watch the game
Ron: Sitting here in the recliner in the living room doing much the same thing....wired 6 ways from sunday
Ron: with a 50 foot ethernet cable from the basement
Ron: Told mother not to trip on it
rich-c: oh, I am strictly hardwired
Ron: Must figure out a less obtrusive run for the ethernet cable I think
rich-c: yes, I had fun running the modem cable from the office to a jack in the kitchen
Ron: right
Ron: so what else does a Torontonian do on a Saturday afternoon?
rich-c: with the laptop I have the power cable running one way and the modem cable going the other
rich-c: well, once the CBC starts CFL coverage, that's easy to answer
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rich-c: cat get your cable?
Mitch: yeah, and there is no cat.....
Mitch: probably too much wire
rich-c: that really causes problems
Mitch: seemed to be happening here the other night too
Mitch: when I was downstairs
Mitch: has anyone else been showing up of late on Saturdays?
rich-c: I guess one of the advantages of keeping it simple is the problems stay simple
Mitch: yyup
rich-c: George has been very regular, and Guy has also come by frequently
Mitch: aha
rich-c: also had a dose of Daniel and Dr. D on a few occasions
Mitch: they use this place for the purpose it was designed
Mitch: but they're way over my head
rich-c: maybe last week by announcing I would not be here I discouraged them
Mitch: could be
rich-c: you are right about Daniel and Rich
Mitch: Well, let's just say that I've come to a more realistic appreciation of my capabilities with computers....
Mitch: used to think I was interested in the sorts of things they talk about....
Mitch: But I'm beginning to discover - not at that lever
Mitch: level
rich-c: every once in a while I get a boost to my self-esteem
rich-c: no, what Daniel is up to is pretty rarefied stuff
Mitch: My Linux users group out here are all what Guy Cousineau used to be to ADAM
Mitch: but somehow I ended up being President
Mitch: Nobody wanted to take charge
rich-c: Wednesday I got a Klez-virus email from an acquaintance
Mitch: So I said, ok... if you don't mind a newbie on your case every month, I'll keep us pointed in the right direction
Mitch: Oh oh
rich-c: I wrote to warn him his computer was infected
Mitch: Klez is particularly nasty
rich-c: he didnt believe his virus could have a computer - but he has no anti-virus
Mitch: I know some here like that
rich-c: anyway, I gently gave him the word
rich-c: maybe it will take
rich-c: about Linux, seems Lindows are really feeling their oats at the moment
Mitch: Yeah. I checked out the site a while back, but didn't feel like paying
Mitch: what do they want? $99.
Mitch: ??
rich-c: their deal with WalMart for the $199 computer looks imaginative
Mitch: Haven't been out to our local Wal lately... guess they should have it by now
rich-c: actually, $99 a year for all the software you want ready-configured isn't that bad
Mitch: suppose not
Mitch: because configuation is where I seem to be having my problems
rich-c: don't know if WalMart will offer it in Canada
Mitch: Well, I tell ya, think I've downloaded just about every distribution know to man
Mitch: and there's always at least one thing that doesn't work
rich-c: seems they have set it up rather like the MS auto-installs from the website
Mitch: sound card, network card, video, something
Mitch: right. that's the coming concept
Mitch: there's one other out there that one of our guys swears by
Mitch: called "Gentoo Linux"
rich-c: heard that name recently but forget the context
Mitch: same idea. you download a start image, burn it to a CD, then complile everything else
Mitch: using the start CD to connect to the web site
Mitch: So you end up with a system configured to your hardware
rich-c: compile is one of those words I find scary
Mitch: yes, me too....but I have to go there sooner or later
Mitch: so many downloads in the Linux world are distributed in source code only
rich-c: one of these days I may get resigned to it
Mitch: be right back Rich
rich-c: but I am surely going to postpone that day as far as possible
Mitch: A noise from the back yard. Sounded like somebody discharging a firearm
Mitch: but can't see anything
rich-c: we have merey
rich-c: we have merely the usual city sounds - sirens and stuff
Mitch: well that's what makes them so noticeable around here..... mostly the silence id deafening in these parts
rich-c: there is a fire hall just on the perimeter of our neighbourhood
Mitch: that'll do it
rich-c: but the only firearm sounds are from the social housing off to the west
Mitch: :)
Mitch: Downtown Ottawa was like that
Mitch: always a siren
Mitch: people being chased up and down Bank street
rich-c: yes, lots of people means lots of ction
rich-c: we get mostly fire and ambulance sirens
rich-c: our cops like to run in stealth mode
Mitch: they probably get more of their quota that way
rich-c: we had a call up the cross street the oher night
rich-c: they sent a parade of four fire engines
rich-c: but only the leader used his siren and that only at intersections
Mitch: suppose there's something in the manual about that
rich-c: the cops like to subdue the sirens to not tell the bad guys just how close they are
Mitch: We're just up the street from the local hospital. The sirens are mostly from there - when we have sirens
rich-c: in Toronto they try to restrict the use of sirens at night
rich-c: by the way, Ottawa is giving Calgary quite a run for their money
Mitch: should be watching that.... but mother is glued to Jaws II
Mitch: Ottawa has to do something useful soon
Mitch: Hear the Lions beat Edmonton last night
rich-c: yes, I have the tape and plan to watch it this evening
Mitch: haven't been paying attention to the CFL at all lately
rich-c: since ti would be running to 1.30 or so didnt want to wtch it live
Mitch: and my son - the unpatriotic kid - tells me he prefers American football
rich-c: thats all I use the tv for, CFL and racing
Mitch: indeed
rich-c: even gave up watching the evening news
Mitch: well there's no point in that
Mitch: I don't know how our news readers can do their job with a straight face
rich-c: ours seemed obsessed with funerals
rich-c: poor Johnnie, such a sweet kid, shot down right in the middle of his drug sale
Mitch: Out here we have a Global and CTV outlet both pre-occupied with digging up dirt on the provincial gov't
Mitch: which is never very difficult to do
rich-c: Global is no force in Toronto and CTV are shills
Mitch: agreed
rich-c: and CBC just got sort of boring
rich-c: decided we had other things to do with our time
Mitch: out here, we just had a change of ownership which meant that Both Global and CTV had the same owner
Mitch: Various news staffers begun appearing on different channels
Mitch: I'm a devoted CBC Radio listener, but their TV.... well you put it correctly
rich-c: yes, we're seeing swaps among CTV, TSN and various others
Mitch: Then there's also the Victoria Market which also gets piped up here.
rich-c: but we do get and read two newspapers every day
Mitch: So we never know quite who we're watching these days
Mitch: There's a new channel in Victoria - they haven't quite figured out who they are yet, so they're actually still doing original things
Mitch: like a breath of fresh air
rich-c: yes, that should be interesting till it gets spoiled
Mitch: yup
rich-c: like the old days of CITY-TV in Toronto
Mitch: they actually hired on of the old NDB cabinet ministers as a talk show host
Mitch: and he's kinda fun to watch
Mitch: exactly
Mitch: that should be NDP
Mitch: Moe Sihota
rich-c: even off-air we likely have the most channels of anyone in North America
Mitch: you always did
rich-c: as they say, 200 channels and nothing on
Mitch: remember the early days in Ottawa when we got only one local and bilingual channel
Mitch: and also the TV listing for everything we were missing from Toronto
rich-c: yes, that dates you - but then I remember when Toronto's only tv came from Buffalo
Mitch: yup
Mitch: Buffalo also broadcast on channel 4, as did CBOT Ottawa
Mitch: every now and then Buffalo would ride the atmospherics and kick Ottawa off the air
rich-c: would you believe the first tv program I ever saw was Joe Louis fighting Billy Conn?
Mitch: REALLY!
rich-c: well, except for an exhibit at the NY World's Fair in 1939, that is
Mitch: when the atmospherics were right we also used to pick up Watertown NY
Mitch: how things change
rich-c: we still have interference but now it's CBC overriding Buffalo
Mitch: indeed
Mitch: around lake Ontario, the market must be what....10 million?
rich-c: now I'm waiting for them to find a way to let us watch one channel and tape another off the satellite
Mitch: there ya go
Mitch: You got satellite not cable eh?
rich-c: well of course CBC has the string from Ottawa to Windsor
rich-c: yes, satellite were significantly less greedy in their pricing
Mitch: right
rich-c: basic plus one package got me all I wanted
Mitch: There are a few here, but mostly Shaw cable has it cornered
rich-c: I get the feeling Shaw is not quite as rapacious as Rogers
Mitch: Well everyone here is waiting for the rates to go up, because that's how Shaw is reputed to operate
Mitch: they've only been here for a couple of years
rich-c: yes, all of the media channels do that - our satellite is already up a buck
Mitch: come in low, sign up users, then rais the rates
rich-c: we have Star Choice which gave a better deal than Bell
Mitch: right
rich-c: gather the good deals at the moment are on cell phones
Mitch: You know, that's something I keep looking at and thinking I should have
Mitch: I'm out so much, and Mother never quite knows where I am
rich-c: we have one in the van but never use it - maybe once every two years
Mitch: She's ok now, but as time goes on - there might be a need
rich-c: but someday when we have a wheel fall off 15 miles out of Flyspeck, Tenn.....
Mitch: you'll count it as money well spent
Mitch: Jeff - my son - has had one for quite a while
rich-c: yes, like our road service, $100 a year US but will tow anything anywhere
Mitch: but then he's out and about on site inspecting things
Mitch: sounds like a 'must have'
rich-c: Pamela has one but I tend to feel it's fundamentally a toy, though she does use it
Mitch: well we'll see
rich-c: she has had it for a long time now
Mitch: Not even sure about the billing setups.... you pay as you use right?
Mitch: there seem to be variations
rich-c: sort of but not quite - our deal is a connection charge plus per-minute
rich-c: but others are packages of minutes for a flat rate
rich-c: some have roaming all over North America at no extra charge
Mitch: ok. I know Jeff explained his to me once, but I couldn't repeat it now
Mitch: I gather that Comox is right on the limits of Jeff's coverage area. But he now has a cell that will do both analog and digital
rich-c: the packages change by the day and by the carrier
Mitch: anyway my son....I must away
Mitch: we'll see ya Wed
rich-c: right - see you on Wednesday, then?
Mitch: yup
Mitch: good week
rich-c: OK take care
Mitch: bye
rich-c: bye
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