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FredK: brb
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ms. Rin
FredK: Hi Ms Rin
Ms. Rin: Hi FredK
FredK: Im in Mtl and you?
Ms. Rin: Windsor
FredK: do I know you?
Ms. Rin: RichC is my uncle & Pam is my cousin
FredK: Ahhh there we go....
Ms. Rin: ?
FredK: I mean now its more clear...haha
Ms. Rin: do i know u?
FredK: well probably not or hardly, correspond lots with Rich, from Mirabel aerea Quebec....
Ms. Rin: I have not met you in this chat before
FredK: dont recall really but sometimes there are so many ppl it can get confusing...
Ms. Rin: yeah......well I'm new.....i got some of the introductions the week before the last convention
Ms. Rin: i stop by once in a while
FredK: was i presented as FreddyMaiden perhaps?
Ms. Rin: that would be it!!!!!!!
FredK: you had another name too i think...
Ms. Rin: last time I went by Baby Erin
FredK: There ya go!!!
FredK: 2 strangers finally on earth....
Ms. Rin: :)
Ms. Rin: so how's it going?
FredK: I think they where trying to match you werent they?
Ms. Rin: i think so
Ms. Rin: hehehe
FredK: :)
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
FredK: Salut Dan ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: Oui, ça va! et toi?
FredK: ouais!
Daniel Bienvenu: pas plus que ça?
Ms. Rin: Bonjour Daniel!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour Rin!
FredK: fatigue pas mal...
Daniel Bienvenu: fatigue... grosse semaine quoi?
FredK: oui!
FredK: Rin, Dan is from Quebec city...
Ms. Rin: I sorta know Daniel
Ms. Rin: doesn't like politics
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Ms. Rin: :)
FredK: :) I dont blame him...
Ms. Rin: frankly neither do I
FredK: LOL
Ms. Rin: but it's a living
FredK: Yeah say what you need ppl to hear...haha
FredK: emphasize on SAY....hihi
Ms. Rin: who me????? nahhhhhhh
FredK: :)
Ms. Rin: i love my job
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Ms. Rin: LOL
changed username to rich-c
FredK: Seriously im sure you do...
FredK: Hi Rich
Ms. Rin: sure
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich!
rich-c: Bienvenue tout le monde!
Ms. Rin: Hi uncle Richard
rich-c: I Rin - have you admitted to our two Francophones that you can cope a bit in francais?
Ms. Rin: je ne parl pas francais
Ms. Rin: :)
FredK: lol
rich-c: A propos - Pamela had to work really late tonight but hopes to join us later
Ms. Rin: oh good
FredK: Nows the time to learn dear the whole country should be bilingual ....
Ms. Rin: oh I agree
Daniel Bienvenu: My english is not good enough to translate.
Ms. Rin: Monsieur Trudeau
FredK: you too Dan....
FredK: lol
rich-c: Yes, having a second language is always an asset to anyone
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I miss two saturday chat sessions.
rich-c: Toronto is almost wholly bilingual, it's just that the second language is Italian, or Portuguese, or Hebrew, or Urdu. or Punjabi, or...
Ms. Rin: hehehe
Ms. Rin: i'd like to speak at least 4 languages
FredK: well i got 3 to
Daniel Bienvenu: 2 languages is enough for me... or my brain will explode! *pouf*
rich-c: c'est la vie, Daniel; you are not obliged to attend!
Ms. Rin: :D
FredK: Rich, is there a fight for 2nd place language in YYZ, seems confusing...
rich-c: I missed one but then figured out I could chat on the laptop in the living room and watch the football game at the same time
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Ms. Rin: multi-tasking
changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: who's there?
rich-c: no, in Toronto I think Italian has won, with Cantonese the leader in some suburbs, not srue of the others...
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob!
rich-c: allo Robert!
BobS: yavool !!!!!!
Ms. Rin: hi Bob
FredK: Hi BobS
rich-c: missed you last week - where were you-all?
BobS: now listen closely !!!!!!
BobS: Hi all
FredK: .....
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BobS: got a question. does ANYONE know of written instructions for the Sound Digitizer from Sid Carter??????
BobS: Richard??????
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rich-c: no, don't have any myself, Bob, or any leads
Daniel Bienvenu: hello (who is entering room?)!
BobS: got curious and started playing with it (also have an Eve one) and it seems to work, but has no isntructions on disk, the prgoram is greek to me and then I am stuclk
changed username to George Wahl
Daniel Bienvenu: George!
changed username to Dr.D.<back soon>
Ms. Rin: George!!!!! how's your hand?
rich-c: hi George, missed you Saturday
FredK: Hi George!
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr. D. !! :)
Dr.D.<back soon>: Have to take Christina somewhere, back in about 30 minutes.
George Wahl: Hi everyone
rich-c: welcome. Rich
Ms. Rin: Hi Dr. D
FredK: Later Doc...
BobS: hi geo
Daniel Bienvenu: see you later Dr. D.
BobS: and WHO is ms rin????????
FredK: Baby Erin that is...
rich-c: that's my niece, lives in Windsor
Ms. Rin: :)
BobS: ah so !!!!!!
BobS: hokay
George Wahl: i fell asleep Sat.
rich-c: works in the office of a cabinet minister there
FredK: dont fall off the cabinet ay?
rich-c: sort of wish I could say teh same, George; the football game was plain painful to watch
BobS changed username to Judy
George Wahl: sorry
Judy: Hi, everyone
rich-c: Fred, FYI, picked up one or two more game carts recently
Ms. Rin: hi Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel B. <BRB>
Judy: How is everyone
FredK: Really ......wich are they
FredK: Hi Judy
rich-c: missing you - you wren't here last week
George Wahl: Hi Ms. Judy
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Bob S
Judy: no, we were in the hospital with Ryan
Bob S: YO gang I's BACK !!!!!!!!
rich-c: many duplicates of the list, Fred, but add Mousetrap, Looping, one or two others
rich-c: in hospital, Judy? What went wrong?
George Wahl: oops full moon
FredK: was that a mistake G?
(A dog howls in the distance)
Judy: Ryan had a closed head injury, caused by the stepdad
Ms. Rin: oh my
George Wahl: my pants fell down
rich-c: that says an awful lot without revealing anything, Judy
FredK: G thats a full moon alright...
rich-c: but I am not at all happy with the implications
Daniel B. <BRB> changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy!
Judy: he has been in jail already and we have Ryan and Mandy here
Judy: hi, Daniel
FredK: etch...
rich-c: the first part is a relief, the second a burden for you
Judy: it has been awful, but Ryan is getting better, but it may take him a long time for him to get all better
Daniel Bienvenu: There is any information about the coleco (bios) "playing sound routine" ? My WAV2CV tool works only with the Coleco library by Marcel de Kogel.
rich-c: those injuries can be more than just physical - fortunately he has very supportive grandparents
Judy: it he didn't he would not be here anymore,she almost lost him
rich-c: I would bet, Daniel, that it is in the Adam Technical Manual somewhere
rich-c: you might ask Dr. D. about it when he returns
George Wahl: Hi Daniel
Judy: we were in court Monday and Mandy can not take Ryan anywhere by herself
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi George!
rich-c: again awkward but likely for the best, Judy
rich-c: I can appreciate how hard this is on you and Bob
Judy: it is awful
Judy: but we are trying to deal with it all
rich-c: Daniel, if you can find a TI manual for the 9918/9928 chip that should ahve what you want
Daniel Bienvenu: What I want is not about the sound chip but about the sound routine in coleco bios.
George Wahl: i'm glad this isn't a video chat. it would be a disaster for me
FredK: now its an audio chat G....
rich-c: I wouldn't have to worry - I'd break the camera
George Wahl: i'm going all to pieces
rich-c: again, Daniel, I'm sure Dr. D. will have your anser right off the top of his head
Judy: brb have to check a website for Mandy
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, and about the RAM in ColecoVision game system.. it's only !K, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: only 1K ram?
rich-c: well, it has to have the video RAM to support the 9918 chip, so there would be 16K there
rich-c: I'm guessing that the EOS or OS7 could be firmware and not need any supporting RAM
George Wahl: huh?
rich-c: I know that to make the Adam, Coleco made the "expansion model 3" to work with the CV
FredK: there not talking about dodge trucks George...
Ms. Rin: hehehe
rich-c: and the Exp3 module had a full 64K of RAM, which considering the computer was advertised as 64K suggested none on the game board
(Bob S groans loudly)
George Wahl: oh, i thought it was Toyotas
Ms. Rin: zing
rich-c: in fact, Coleco sometimes described the Adam as 80K, counting in the video RAM
rich-c: which was shall we say skating on ethically thin ice
FredK: Now the icecapades George..
Dr.D.<back soon> changed username to Dr.D.
George Wahl: huh?
Dr.D.: Okay I am back.
Ms. Rin: hi Dr. D
FredK: Dr's in the house Dan..
rich-c: just in time, Rich, Daniel needs a road to the CV sound routines
Dr.D.: Reading some extremely disturbing stuff on the Slopsema front!!!! I don't know what to say...
FredK: brb
Bob S: pray for the little guy and hope the courts take care of the rest
rich-c: you're supposed to curse under your breath like the rest of us, Rich
Bob S: won't help.......
Dr.D.: Joan tells me too many stories from work.
rich-c: helps our heads, if not the situation
Bob S: last week Wed at 8PM started the wseek form He**
Dr.D.: Re: CV sound routines.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hello meeka!
Bob S: MEEKA !!!!!!!
rich-c: hello Meeka. Erin's here but Pam will be late
Meeka: Hello everyone
Ms. Rin: hi meeka
Dr.D.: No commented source for OS7 (the CV OS) exists in electronic text format.
FredK: HI Meeka
Bob S: Don ain't ALL bad.........
Bob S: got off cheap with the car this time
George Wahl: Hi Meeka
Bob S: and he is not even mad at you
Dr.D.: The commented source is included in the ADAM Technical Manual.
rich-c: what happened with teh car, Bob?
FredK: Right there RichC
Dr.D.: But that's the part I haven't retyped from my hard copy.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D : My problem is : my WAV2CV tool to convert a WAV file into CV format doesn't work for the sound routine in Coleco bios and I want to "update" my tool.
Meeka: what did Don say about the car Dad?
Bob S: had a bad hose from the PCV valve into the throat which had a crack w\hich contracted cold and warmed up hot so was a little tougher to find
Bob S: cold it ran like SHI&
Dr.D.: Clarify for me, Daniel: your tool works with the ADAM BIOS, but not the CV BIOS?
Daniel Bienvenu: My WAV2CV tool is based on the Coleco library made by Marcel de Kogel.
Bob S: changed tranny fluid and all and got off for just over 200 bucks US
rich-c: I just made the down payment on my truck rebuild today - should end up about ten large
Meeka: cool!!
Bob S: stupid check engine light pops on still, but that will have to burn out by itself
George Wahl: we need a windows for Adam
Bob S: as in $10,000
Dr.D.: I don't know what Marcel's library looks like.
rich-c: 10-4
Bob S: of $1000
Bob S: or
Dr.D.: I do know that some of the ADAM video and sound BIOS routines were slightly changed from the CV versions.
Dr.D.: Some was bugfix.
FredK: brb
Dr.D.: Game controller API is different between ADAM and CV.
Ms. Rin: i'll be back in a bit
rich-c: anyway, ordered the conversion kit plus some upgrade pieces in from Saskatchewan
Dr.D.: It would probably be easiest for me to photocopy the CV BIOS (OS7) and mail it to you, Daniel.
rich-c: now I have to decide on which engine I want
Dr.D.: The ADAM EOS BIOS (EOS5) exists in complete commented form on the online ADAM Technical Manual.
George Wahl: oh, poo poo
Dr.D.: Although this is my commented disassembly, not the actual EOS5 comments from the real hard-copy ADAM Technical Manual.
rich-c: no, George, zoom zoom
Dr.D.: I didn't have access to the original EOS5 source when I made my commented disassembly.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D. Do you think I will be able to use an OCR soft to convert your Coleco BIOS scan into a text form?
Dr.D.: So if you give me a postal address, Daniel, I will mail you a copy of the CV BIOS source code.
rich-c: you still likely did a bett4er job than the factory, Rich
George Wahl: no, i keep hitting the wrong keys
rich-c: that's OK George, my typewriter can't spell either
George Wahl: i'm butter fingers
Dr.D.: No way OCR will work on these listing photocopies, Daniel: the copies are too poor. A human can read it, but to correct the OCR, would be more work (and less accuracy) than a knowledgeable programmer just retyping it all, starting from a disassembly listing made with some tool like Z80DIS22.
Dr.D.: That's why I retyped the ADAM Technical Manual for the webpage, just no other way to get it done accurately.
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I stll have your e-mail address somewhere... I will send you my postal address.
FredK: Was Meganne's baptism this weekend
Dr.D.: Send to
rich-c: right, so preoccupied almost forgot that was due
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: how did she take it, Fred?
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Judy!
FredK: haha super!!! was a very nice celebration..
Meeka: hi Mom
rich-c: lots of family about, I would guess?
Judy: I am back, took the computer back from Mandy
FredK: 40 ppl about...
Judy: hello, dear
rich-c: you must have had fun - like herding cats!
Judy: we had a great day today
FredK: yeah the bartender (me) at home was dead tired after that day.....
rich-c: fatigue or ivre?
FredK: bit of both Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr. D. : you will receive my postal address in a few secondes.
rich-c: it's hardd to resist not taking a little sample now and then
Dr.D.: Merci Daniel.
FredK: My Wife also met her (bearth) mother for the first time after 27years....
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: "hey! correct me sometimes .. to perfect my english"
rich-c: Sylvie is an adopted child, then?
FredK: correct
changed username to i-mac West
FredK: Her mother is from New Brunswick..
rich-c: hello Ron!
FredK: Hi Ron
i-mac West: Evening All
Dr.D.: Address received.
rich-c: an Acadienne, no doubt?
Daniel Bienvenu: i-mac = Ron ? hi Ron!
FredK: Bullseye RichC nothing to hide from you I tell ya!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr. D. : ok!
i-mac West: merci monsieur
Dr.D.: "I, Mac"--a lost Asimov story?
FredK: lol
Bob S: lo ronald
i-mac West: could be
Judy: Hi, Ron
rich-c: isn't it the one that featured Klaatu?
i-mac West: you Bob
i-mac West: meant YO! Bob
Bob S: :-)
Dr.D.: mitchell barada comox
rich-c: hey Ron, ordered teh parts today to convert the van for the run to Adamcon
i-mac West: aha!
i-mac West: like long long climbing poles?
rich-c: still have to decide on the engine version but have the conversion kit coming
i-mac West: yes, an engine would be good
Bob S: naw, just use mouses.........multi mouse power............
rich-c: got to decide between generic used, rebuilt, or factory crate engine
Judy: hard to drive with out one
Bob S: kinda like multi port.........'
i-mac West: decisions, decisions
rich-c: mouse power mounts no mountains, Bob
Judy: that is good, Rich
Bob S: well let them suckers agrt a good run at the mountains
FredK: Does anyone know if I can add a 5/14 disk drive to my Compaq 2000series with WinXP?
i-mac West: Once you get this side of the Rockies, pushing becomes easier
Bob S: why not??????
Dr.D.: WinXP supports no 5.25 drives.
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel B <BRB>
Bob S: shoudl be a motherboard bios control feature, not an XP featurte
rich-c: I am not sure any version of Windows after 98SE supports 5-1/4 drives
FredK: :(
rich-c: like, your computer can handle it but your OS of choice won't
Dr.D.: BIOS schmios, if the OS doesn't allow the device to exist, it doesn't exist.
FredK: Tks Gang!
Bob S: Bill is a PERVERT
Dr.D.: No doubt you can buy some XP-compatible driver at large cost for legacy support.
i-mac West: Meeka, it's probably a little late to be asking, but I take it you recovered from the knee/ankle injury in August?
rich-c: that's OK, Steve J doesn't believe in any kind of disc drives at all
Dr.D.: Yeah I'm not happy about that one, either.
Meeka: pretty much, still get a twinge now and then, but not limping anymore
rich-c: won't even put them in his machines or leave a place for them
i-mac West: my iMac disk drive is on the other side of the room
Daniel B <BRB>: I didn't receive any feedback about the "glacier.pp" file send to adam list.
i-mac West: glad to hear it Meeka. That was quite a bump
Daniel B <BRB> changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: connected by a VERY long cable, too, right?
i-mac West: yup. Dr. D. talks about "speaking unto the ether" Around here that happens a lot
rich-c: I think too many of us are having problems working the emulator
i-mac West: Thank the Good Lord for the ether
FredK: Fr games Rich dont have too many probs....tested the Basic and was o.k. too..
Bob S: sorry danile got too busy with other stuff
Bob S: BUT I am assuming that the PP file is already into Powerpaoint format????????
i-mac West: I must get to work on ADAM stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: But you can open a PP file with BMP2PP for Windows...
rich-c: I'm told Daniels games are fun - wich I could get my Emulator going
i-mac West: much to do. 11-1/2 months will go by fast
rich-c: it worked fine at Adamcon and has been uncooperative since I got home
FredK: Dan's games are the jumpman jr.
Judy: you have plenty of time Ron
Dr.D.: snicker
Bob S: website for downloading again....Daniel??????????????????
i-mac West: damn tea has gone cold - brb
Daniel Bienvenu: huh? jumpman jr? I didn't program Jumpman Jr!
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: it's my Coleco web site
FredK: no that was just a side comment.....sorry Dan!
rich-c: a propos, Daniel, those hostory websites for Coleco that you mentioned were fascinating
rich-c: in fact I ended up downloading the whole text from one of them
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone (in the Adam list) reply me and said all the prototypes was done.
i-mac West: Oh COOL Music!
Daniel Bienvenu: THey are not only rumor
i-mac West: Impressive site Daniel
rich-c: the only one I can think of who would know for sure is Phil Kozowski
Dr.D. created room Tartarus /Tartarus
Dr.D.: I am almost ready to release the final restored version of the 5.25" ADAMnet floppy disk schematic.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr. D. : great!
Bob S: did someone get Shawn straightened out about the disk in sensor for his drive ????????
rich-c: does that mean someone skiled in electronics might be able to fix one of them, then?
Bob S: and Ronald me boy......are getting adalist measseges thru???????
Dr.D.: There are just a couple bits I haven't deciphered yet...and I need to doublecheck all the components against a real disk drive.
Dr.D.: I did find one error in the schematic, which I have corrected.
Dr.D.: I also can make a few additions to show what a 320K or 720K disk drive looks like.
rich-c: I have lots of dead Coleco disc drives
Bob S: adamlist messages thru to your mailbox??????
Dr.D.: I bet most of your dead drives are voltage regulator-related, rich.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have one dead Coleco disk drive.
Dr.D.: The design of the rectifier and regulator section of the 160K drives is terrible.
rich-c: it seems most highly probable, Rich
Dr.D.: 2nd only to the bad design of the entire power supply in the printer.
rich-c: yes, Howard Pines always used to rip them out and replace them regardless of whatever (other) fault he was fixing
Daniel Bienvenu: I received an answer from "Vanja J. Utne" (alias Mermaid) about how to do a great fullscreen picture. Someone here see the gfx Mermaid done?
Dr.D.: The little regulator ICs are rated only for 1.5 amps... they try to pull 3 amps or more through them.
Meeka: well, guys I am gonna get going. see ya all next week
rich-c: speaking of which, I have a couple of redundant dead printers (with live power supplies) recently acquired
Dr.D.: Bye Meeka.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye meeka!
Bob S: bye Meeka
FredK: Bye Meeka
i-mac West: nite Meeka
Meeka: bye bye
George Wahl: nite Meeka
rich-c: take care, Meeka, and rmember teh family needs your support - we will count on you
Meeka left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: - look for the MSX1 graphics.
rich-c: haven't examined the printers with any thoroughness to see if they are fixable
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: that sounds like a basically Commodore website, Daniel
FredK: Dr.D any preventive suggestion to keep Disk drive life span....
Dr.D.: Hmmm...
Dr.D.: Cold basements, high air conditioning, fan-forced ventillation...
rich-c: just keep it out where it gets plent of airflow, Daniel, and don't leave it on too long
FredK: cold basement you got it...
Daniel Bienvenu: Mermaid create great fullscreen picture for many computer like MSX1, C64, VIC20, ATARI ST, Amiga, ...
Dr.D.: You could also use an external commodity PC power supply to power the floppy mechanics themselves (through the Molex connector).
Dr.D.: That's the high-current item.
rich-c: SX1 are Motorola-based computers
Dr.D.: That would just leave the controller board logic to be powered by the junky regulator circuit.
FredK: good one....just how to do another task!!!
Dr.D.: Ms. Rin is too quiet tonight, all our tech-talk must be inhibiting her :-)
rich-c: I think she's waiting for Pamela to show up
Daniel Bienvenu: MSX1 and ColecoVision use the same graphic modes.
i-mac West changed username to Ron
Ms. Rin: i had left....but I have been back for about 5 minutes
Dr.D.: How to do is disk drive box, pull existing Molex connector to drive mechanics, plug in your handy-dandy surplus IBM power supply.
Ms. Rin: :S
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
FredK: thats it!
Ms. Rin: PAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: well, here's Pam now - hi daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: hello pam!
Bob S: PAM
Pamela: (I told you never to call me that)
George Wahl: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi everyone
Ms. Rin: hehehehehehehhe
FredK: Hi Pam
Dr.D.: We get complaints from newbies that there isn't enough tech-talk, that it's too much for "old friends"...but the tech I think is more intimidating to a newbie.
Ms. Rin: i'm pretty close to computer illiteraye
rich-c: yes, Daniel is lapping it up, but Fred is struggling, and George is completely lost
FredK: More experienced thats all Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Well, would you prefer "Miss Non-Stick Cooking Coating"? :-)
Judy: hi Pam
Pamela: I suppose it's better than Pumpkin or Pampers, two I got a lot as a kid
FredK: Keeping track RichC
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I just wanted to show you mermaid art graphics. It's this kind of title screen I want to do for my next ColecoVision game project.
Dr.D.: Hmm, I never would have thought of those 2 nicknames.
Ms. Rin: oh oh
rich-c: Pamela, go to the Hallway please
Pamela: well, don't spread them around please
Ron: it's intimidating to me
Pamela: okay, Dad
rich-c moved to room The Hallway
George Wahl: don"t even know how to properly run my ADAM yet
Pamela moved to room The Hallway
Dr.D.: Haha...bad nickname for Pamela that comes to mind would be Spamela :-)
rich-c: hi, you make it?
Pamela: Dad?
Ron: like Ronnie
Pamela: what's up
Ron: Mother is the only one who gets away with it
Daniel Bienvenu: I like this one :
rich-c: OK, just wanted to warn you why Bob and Judy weren't on last week
rich-c: they were at the hospital with Ryan
Pamela: what happened
Ms. Rin: see Pammie was when I was little.......the others I don't know about
Ms. Rin: hehehehe
rich-c: closed head injury
Ms. Rin: she hated it
Dr.D.: Well, my family called me Ricky when I was little, Rick now. In grade/high school, for some reason I was Richard to everyone.
Pamela: ??
Pamela: what does that mean
Dr.D.: In college and beyond, I am Rich.
rich-c: his father is in jail, Mandy can't be with him alone, Ryan and Mandya now at Slopsema's hoem
Ms. Rin: I'm Ginger
FredK: RIcky fr me too when was little
Daniel Bienvenu: I like this one too :
Dr.D.: So if someone from family calls me Richard, it's like they're talking about me in the 3rd person.
Ms. Rin: hehehe
FredK: And yr a Dr.?
Dr.D.: My folks would do that when I was in high school, if they were around the parents of my friends.
Pamela: OMG, what the heck happened?
Ms. Rin: sooooo formal
Dr.D.: Because they wouldn't have known who Rick was.
Ron: Daniel, there is a broken link on your page
rich-c: those are teh details we were given, no one felt it smart to push for more
Ms. Rin: :-)
Ron: The Menu item "Technicals" results in "Yahoo's "Whoops! We can't find your page! " message
Dr.D.: I tell my robot class students to call me Rich or Dr.D., but not Professor (it's not my job title) or Dick...
rich-c: apparently Ryan was severely hurt, they hope he will recover
Pamela: what do they mean, Mandy can't be with him alone - with Ryan, or Ryan's Dad?
George Wahl: Hershey not sold
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, there are some broken links in my Coleco web site. I forget to fix them.
Ms. Rin: "hey you" would work too
Ms. Rin: hehehe
rich-c: with Mandy, though that may reflect a failure to protect him
Daniel Bienvenu: it' "forgot" not "forget" right?
Ron: Ok... as long as you're aware
FredK: lol
rich-c: sorry, with Ryan
Dr.D.: You can call me Ray...or you can call me Jay...
Pamela: oh lord - what a mess.
Ron: Same with the programming tutorial
FredK: hey dont roll in the hay!
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: right - figured I'd better fill you in just in case
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: shall we rejoin the others now?
Pamela: did they say what kind of injuries Ryan has specifically?
Guy B.: Hi Everyone. Got some news to share with you.
FredK: HI Guy
Ron: we're all ears
Ms. Rin: hi Guy
Bob S: and....and........
rich-c: just closed head injury - like internal bruising I would guess
George Wahl: Hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron : if you can write my an e-mail with the broken links you found in my web page. This way I will not forgot to fix the problems.
rich-c: either very brutal shaking or a blow causes such things
Pamela: Isn't Mandy the one who just got married, or is that Sherrie
Ron: ok sir. will do
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: I believe Mandy is the one
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy!
Guy B.: I was in the hospital yesterday with some chest pains. The good news is it wasn't my heart.
Pamela: oh lord - this is scaring me
Dr.D.: Ouch, sorry to hear!
FredK: TGD
Ron: yes... that IS good news
Ms. Rin: oh my!!
rich-c: it is a sorry business, though dreadfully common
Dr.D.: About hospital, that is!!!
Judy: not, cool, Guy
George Wahl: Oh, GOD
rich-c: but obviously you had to know
Pamela: I know, and it is ten times worse when it happens to someone you know
Ron: not the problem part, the "good news" part
FredK: you called?
Ms. Rin: hehehe
Pamela: should I say anything or let it lie?
rich-c: amen. Shall we go back now?
Guy B.: I had a stress test today and that went very well. So, I cannot return to work until sometime next week until I see my doctor.
rich-c: let it lie
Ron: what was the diagnosis Guy?
Pamela: okay. Thanks for telling me Daddy. Makes me grateful for the parents and hubby I have
Ron: undetermined
Bob S: "needed a vacation............"
Guy B.: Seems it might have been my esophegus.
rich-c: OK see you back in teh main room
Pamela: I'm on my way
rich-c moved to room Meeting Place
FredK: that makes sence..
Pamela moved to room Meeting Place
FredK: ummm
Dr.D.: Reflux, Guy?
Pamela: Hi, we're back, sorry about that
Pamela: HI, Guy
Pamela: Hi, Ron
FredK: not back but chest...
Guy B.: Had a cardilogist look at me too and he came to the same conclusion. It wasn't my heart.
rich-c: hello Guy, didn't see you come in
Ms. Rin: well that's good
Pamela: were you two here when we left?
Bob S: let me get this have NO heart ??????????
rich-c: gather you have had a bout of illness - what's wr9ng?
(Bob S winks)
Guy B.: Hi Pam, i was in the hospital Monday night and Tuesday morning.
Dr.D.: I'm sure the Wizard would give you one, if you asked?
Ms. Rin: hehe
FredK: Oz thats funny..
George Wahl: i 'm having endoscopy Oct. 4
Pamela: HOSPITAL???
Pamela: what is going on?
Ron: I don't have a brain
Guy B.: No Bob, I had some chest pains, but it wasn't anything wrong with my heart.
Bob S: or as Joshua grandson says "hosipal"
Ron: get serious Mitchell
FredK: just know the tree..
Dr.D.: So are you seeing a gastroenterologist?
Pamela: trees don't talk Fred
Dr.D.: Tell that to the Ents...
Ms. Rin: yes they do Pam....."Lord of the Rings" says so
rich-c: well the Ents do, but that's another story
Guy B.: No, probably won't know what's next until I see my doctor next Tuesday.
Ms. Rin: :-)
FredK: I will leaf you on that Pam
Dr.D.: Hmmmmm hoommm, bit hasty this evening.
Ms. Rin: LOL
George Wahl: i got ants
Dr.D.: Wish you the best with it, Guy.
Pamela: you're branching out, Fred
Ron: Who is Ms. Rin?
Pamela: Erin, my cousin
Ron: I think I knew that, but thank you
Judy: are you feeling ok now, Guy?
FredK: Guy take care of yourself its important....take care all and good night, auf wiedersehen, Salut!
Guy B.: I was relieved that it wasn't my heart that caused the problem. It sure felt like it though.
Pamela: g'nite, Freddy
Ms. Rin: bon soir Freddy
rich-c: bon soir, Fred, take care
Dr.D.: Good night, Fred.
Judy: nite, Freddy
Ron: get's a bet scary Guy
George Wahl: nite Freddy
Ron: g'nite Fred
Bob S: auf wiedersehen !!!!!!
Guy B.: I have now lost 26 pounds and that is eveny better news. Yes, I was very scared.
Bob S: gute nacht
FredK left chat session
Guy B.: Nite Freddy.
Judy: sure does, we spent 3 days in the hospital last week with Ryan
Guy B.: What happen to him?
rich-c: wonder if your stomach is reacting to the change of diet? that can produce odd effects
Guy B.: Might have been the move.
Judy: has a closed head injury
Judy: from the stepday
Guy B.: Oh boy, how's he doing?
Bob S: stepdad
Pamela: that poor little guy hasn't had much luck lately
Dr.D.: Me is also down 28 pounds from 23 May...maybe we should have a race, Guy :-)
rich-c: hey, good on both of you!
Pamela: How are the two of you keeping?
Bob S: luck as in an abusinve stepdad Pam
Bob S: admitted all the broken stuff
Ron: secret please?
Judy: better now, but wil take him some time to be all better
Guy B.: I could hit 30 this weekend. My shorts almost slid off me today. So, I have to get a smaller belt.
Dr.D.: Just to confirm, Bob, this was the groom at the recent wedding?
Bob S: would someone please come close so's I can wring their neck.......
Guy B.: Take Dr D Bob.
Judy: luck has nothing to do with it, one person does
Pamela: Oh, Bob, I'm so sorry
Bob S: YES
Pamela: It hurts me to hear it
Dr.D.: urgh
Bob S: seems he is a bit of a loser........gettign facts now, but not good
Pamela: breathe, Dr. D, you're turning blue
Judy: it has been awful, but we will make it
Dr.D.: Sorry to bring up that which is so painful to you all, I've been trying to read between all the lines...
Pamela: my heart goes out to all of you, Judy
Bob S: drugs, assault and a prior wife and 2 liv ins with problems from him
Guy B.: I've been hacked all over both my arms and hands with needles these past two days. Wasn't quite in the mood for that.
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel B <BRB>
rich-c: count your blessings, Guy - you're still in good repairable condition
Dr.D.: I spent all weekend helping to build a playground for our elementary school...left me with Popeye forearms, mixing all the concrete with a hoe in a wheelbarrow...
Judy: so was he, tried 7 times to get in the IV
Ms. Rin: ow
Bob S: apparently he is one of those guys who can't stop abusing someone and who is too stupid for his own good as far as relationships
Dr.D.: IVs are hard to get started in little kids, Joan says.
Pamela: major ow
Judy: ended in the foot, so he couldn't walk
Guy B.: Thank goodness for that. Took me three just for both and IV and to draw blood.
Dr.D.: Scalp is probably next choice, unless they used them all up.
Pamela: How is Mandy holding up?
Bob S: mandy isa in denial
Guy B.: I was a little more difficult. I'm with you Bob.
Pamela: well, that's to be expected
Bob S: she thinks allitle counseling and it wil all be better
Bob S: but even her criminal lawyer sasys, HE HAS TO GO
Guy B.: She thinks it was her fault. Tell her it isn't. Accidents happen.
Judy: I would like to shake her, but than we could lose Ryan
Dr.D.: hmm, 2-by-4 counselling seems to be in order...just anger talking, sorry.
Guy B.: But, be thankful Ryan is going to be Ok.
Bob S: no accident Guy, flat out brutal violent vhild beating
Bob S: child
Guy B.: Oh my gosh.
Pamela: I agree, Rich, and I don't usually condone violence
Judy: we have felt that way too.
Bob S: then I will be in the slammer too
Guy B.: Me neither. I thought it was an accident. How did it happen?
Judy: he should get jail time, maybe 8 years, not enough as far as I am concerned
Bob S: i am personally hoping he gets into a pedestrian/ auto accident and he is the pedestrian
Pamela: don't do that, Bob, Mandy and Ryan need you
Dr.D.: Well...if you and Judy are willing to assume the responsibility...I suppose that legal mechanicsms exist to get you named as Ryan's legal guardians...
Guy B.: Mandy's husband?
Bob S: that's the one Guy
rich-c: I hope if bail is a prospect you will get a restraining order keeping him away from you
Pamela: and them
Bob S: he has one
Judy: we are going to a lawer tomorrow to see if we can be
George Wahl: time for another heart pill
Ron: trouble is, restraining orders don't always work
Guy B.: Oh God! He should get counseling or at least don't let him near Ryan.
rich-c: not that such orders work except the cops are more willing to hauul him away when he does show up
Judy: he can't be anywhere near Ryan
Guy B.: Good. Good. What's Mandy going to do?
Dr.D.: The (maybe) analogous cases from what Joan has told me about, the county social workers declare the parents "incompetent" and award custody to the grandparents (of the child).
Bob S: dIvorce is the only option so she does NOT lose Ryan
rich-c: if there is a risk of bail, add keeping away as a bail condition
Dr.D.: But I may be misremembering and am no kind of lawyer.
Judy: he is already out on bail
Bob S: he is bailed....Mandy supplied the cash
Bob S: she is almost oblivious
Ron: denial with a capital D
Guy B.: Then she should persue that option. What's next now?
Bob S: and he did beat on her already also
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Pamela: < : 0
Ms. Rin: :-(
Judy: how can she be so dumb
Pamela: 'scuse me, I had to get my eyebrows out of my hairline
Guy B.: She should get out and stay with you. Has she filed a protection order?
Bob S: stupidity is one of her strongest suits.......and she is my flesha nd blood.........
rich-c: I think I need a piece of wall, suitable for head-beating purposes
Judy: we doesn't get it, wants the family so bad she is out in some other world
Dr.D.: Best advice I can think of is, (1) talk to lawyers about getting custody of Ryan yourselves, and (2) Mandy is an adult and will have to decide for herself how to live, and live with the consequences of those choices..
Guy B.: I agree with Dr D on this. Mandy's husband is a danger to both her and Ryan.
Ron: sometimes human nature is a mystery to me
Bob S: but her lawyer didn't seem to like that part
Judy: so far she can't take him anywhere by herself
Bob S: until Nov 21 Ryan goes nowhere except where we decide
Dr.D.: Some people need to learn from the School of Hard Knocks. Some people never learn from it despite spending all their time late sister Karen is the poster-child example of that from my family :-(
Pamela: I wish I knew what's going on in her head - she has wonderful parents and a good upbringing, good siblings so why does she have such a poor self image?
Ron: whole thing must be tough on you guys (Bob, Judy)
Guy B.: Judy, Ryan's still in the hospital?
rich-c: All I can suggest, Bob and Judy, is that you find a lawyer who can seriously push the law to make your control over Ryan absolute
Judy: it is a mystery to me also, how he could do that to little Ryan
Bob S: happened Mon night last week came home on Friday night
Guy B.: This guy must have a very violent temper.
Judy: a week from hell!!!!!!
Bob S: appaerntly Guy
Dr.D.: Maybe I'm a bad parent to think this way...but I have decided that if my kids do well, I can't take to much credit for it myself. Yeah, I'd like to think I can make things possible for them, but in the end, they have to do the things themselves. Similarly, if they go bad, I can't be too upset, because I know I didn't beat 'em or cuss 'em out or starve 'em or ignore 'em; they made their own choices.
Bob S: when it comes to the fair sex and kidsd
Dr.D.: Credit is easy to take, blame I won't take too much of either.
Daniel B <BRB>: I'm lost in the internet web. I'm looking for more graphic arts for the video chip like the one in the Coleco.
Judy: but you want to fix them when they are making so many mistakes
Ron: Up here, it's referred to as "shaken baby syndrome". Happens a lot.
Guy B.: Where's Mandy staying at now?
rich-c: Yes, PJ has teh same sort of problems in her family; so do some friends of ours
Pamela: I don't know about that Rich - I know some good kids and some rotten kids, and the blame and credit can usually be laid right at their parents doorstep
Bob S: too bad ya'll didn't meet ryan this summer, but he was busy trying to defend himself at that time I think
Ron: God!
Judy: no, he was slammed maybe up against a wall
Bob S: or floor somthing with mega likened it to falling about 40 feet.............
Guy B.: I keep hearing about child abuse here in Chicago. But, I never thought this would happen to some of the best friends I know.
Ron: some parents (younger) are not emotionally equipped to deal with a baby's behaviour (crying) and have no way of dealing with it
Ron: except violence
Pamela: Mandy was doing okay with Ryan before this a**hole came along though, wasn't she?
Judy: but he is so good, shouldn't have happened to Ryan
Judy: yes, she was, she was a good mom
Dr.D.: My parents I can't consider to be "bad", yet I am the only one of us three siblings who can be said to have "made good". One sister partied her way out of the Marines and into a series of dead-end jobs and ended up dying in a stupid smoking-in-bed fire. The other sister is living with some creep without benefit of clergy and has a kid who is no picnic to be parents weren't "white trash", but my sisters certainly were/are.
rich-c: the only thing Ryan ever did wrong was make the wrong choice of parents
Ron: right
rich-c: fortunately he's done pretty well in picking grandparents
rich-c: at leasst on his mothers side
Guy B.: Judy, I think Mandy was trying to be a good mother to Ryan. It just looks like she met the wrong man to marry.
Bob S: HEY
Ron: sounds like an understatement
Judy: hope so, we are trying to make up for the -----
Bob S: and the wrong men for 5 years running
Guy B.: But, I not guessing this. I never met him. I wish I got to meet Ryan.
Judy: it is just so sad
Bob S: I have to say....Ryan is a little saint......we saif that often because IF he was not so good, Mandy woulc have abused him physically
Guy B.: I hope Ryan pulls through and grows up to be a healthy little boy.
Ron: certainly is sad
Bob S: het temper and attitude is not good, even on meds
Judy: he is such a sweet little guy, everyone that meets him is taken with him
Bob S: (takes after gramdpaw)
Pamela: <sniff>
rich-c: you will be challenged to keep him so now. I think you are up to the challenge
Guy B.: Bob, hang in there.
Bob S: he will be ok pam
Pamela: I know, but my heart hurts for all of you
Judy: now he has some anger, bit me 4 times leaving the hospital, didn' t want to leave
Guy B.: He's telling you.
Dr.D.: Bob, maybe you and Judy should talk to Herman...
rich-c: you have a lot of work cut out for you, repairing that damage
Bob S: I know Rich I talked to him again this year at AC about his situation.
Bob S: and it is not at all good either
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Pamela: and it's hard for the two of you too, at an age where you thought you'd raised your kids, now you're contemplating starting all over again
Judy: but we didn't think we had a problem, little did we know
Bob S: thinking of moving to the Cayman Islands, my buddy says they have no extradition
Dr.D.: chuckle
rich-c: that would not help if you got followed
Dr.D.: Prob. no taxes, either.
Bob S: no this fool is not going to follow anyone
Guy B.: Judy, what's the next step after what happened here?
Dr.D.: But ADAMcon XX would be a bit expensive for the rest of us, travel-wise.
rich-c: or were you planning to have cousin Vinnie take care of that before your left?
Pamela: AC17 in the Caymans (gives you a couple years to get settled) - I'm in!
Ron: You two do not deserve this. Nobody deserves this, but least of all Bob and Judy
Judy: yes, I am a bit tired, good thing he takes so many naps, than I can rest
Pamela: anybody know any good hitmen?
Guy B.: Good idea. That's what I've been doing after what happened to me.
Judy: I wish
Ron: there's an idea
Bob S: but if we got caought dong that, we'd lose ryan too
Pamela: just a thought : )
Ron: damn! Thought we were on the trail of an answer
rich-c: yeah, there's likely so many candidates they'd never know who to suspect
Ron: Anyway guys, I'm due to go out at 8 pm... so I'l leave you now
Bob S: there are no real answers...........only ideas
Judy: had a few people give a few ideas on what to do to him, hope I don't have to see him again
Guy B.: Bye Ron.
Ron: nite all
rich-c: OK Ron, Sat if you feel like it - take care
Pamela: Nite, Ron - be well
Bob S: bye Ron
Ron: yup
Dr.D.: Bye Ron.
Ron left chat session
Bob S: we got to head out and get some more sleep here too gang
Pamela: Because you might be tempted to use the ideas Judy?
Bob S: so...........
Judy: bye Ron
rich-c: yes, I would reckon you can stand all teh suteye you can get
Dr.D.: Sleep is the only thing I can think of that will do anyone any good at this point.
Bob S: bon voyage....................
Dr.D.: I wish I had something else to offer.
Pamela: Good night - hugs and kisses to you both
Guy B.: Ok, Bob. Keep us posted with Ryan. Get a good night's rest.
rich-c: goodnight both
Bob S: thanks guys and dolls
George Wahl: nite Bob
Guy B.: Bye Judy.
Dr.D.: Feeling too helpless.
Daniel B <BRB>: bye bob judy
Judy: bye all
Bob S: poof............../
Bob S left chat session
George Wahl: nite Judy
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Judy: me too!!!!
Dr.D.: SOb.
Judy left chat session
Pamela: you haven't said anything I disagree with yet, Rich
Guy B.: Just makes me sick to my stomach what happened to Ryan.
Dr.D.: Evil.
Pamela: It's so hard to see your friends go through something like this and not be able to lend a hand
rich-c: be assured, Pam, a sympathetic ear is very helpful
Guy B.: And all of us not being there to be with them.
Pamela: I know, but we're so far away
Guy B.: But, we are here now and we are there for thme.
Guy B.: Them.
Dr.D.: There are a couple times in my life when I've felt horribly angry about some monstrous evil that I've seen.
rich-c: right, Guy - they know they have full support
Dr.D.: Fortunately, not many times.
Dr.D.: But this is one of them.
Pamela: yup
Dr.D.: Shaking mad, I can't type.
rich-c: yes, that's why I'm pretty silent. My thoughts aren't fit for communication
Pamela: I just hurt
Dr.D.: I can't reach the Vulcan part of me.
Guy B.: Dr. D. Stay calm. We just want Ryan to get better.
rich-c: no, Guy, RAGE. Always rage against injustice.
Dr.D.: Rage is ultimately corrosive.
Guy B.: That's what he needs right now. Our thoughts and prayers to Bob and Judy.
rich-c: you are right, Dr. D., you can only hope sometimes it is the evil that will be corroded
Pamela: I hope that they nail this guy to the wall. Prison time would do him a world of good (about 20 years or so oughta do it)
Dr.D.: Short-term rage results in kids being thrown against walls.
Dr.D.: Long-term rage makes people into paranoid beasts.
Guy B.: I know violence is wrong. But, taking it out on a innocent little baby. Just doesn't make sense.
Pamela: there is no making sense of this Guy
Pamela: Hey, Dad?
Dr.D.: Something intermediate, to use the emotions to motivate something positive...that's the balance to find. I'm not there yet.
rich-c: that is what causes th rage, Guy. We can look after ourselves. But who defends the helpless?
rich-c: me voici, Pam
Daniel B <BRB>: I'm sleepy |-) zzz good night! Je m'endors |-) zzz bonne nuit!
Guy B.: I know. Everytime I hear about child abuse here in Chicago. The first thing in my mind is, why did the parents have kids?
Pamela: Just wanted to say thank you for being there for me
Pamela: don't think I say that enough
Dr.D.: Good night, Daniel. I will mail you those listings.
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - peut-etre le samedi?
Guy B.: Bye Daniel.
Daniel B <BRB>: thanks Dr. D.
George Wahl: i'm out of it
Daniel B <BRB>: peut-être samedi... si je n'oublie pas.
Dr.D.: Kids are too easy to have, too hard to take care of once you have them...
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Daniel B <BRB>: bonne nuit Pamela!
Dr.D.: It takes no brains to reproduce.
Guy B.: Bye George.
rich-c: a la prochaine, Daniel
George Wahl: nite Daniel
Daniel B <BRB>: nite George!
Daniel B <BRB>: * poof *
Daniel B <BRB> left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to check my e-mail and turn in. Haven't had much sleep the past two days due to what happen.
rich-c: sorry, we just had a case like this in Toronto - but the child did not survive
Dr.D.: Of course, Guy...please take care of yourself.
Dr.D.: Keep us posted.
Guy B.: I will. Thanks.
rich-c: Guy, take it easy, if you're up to it maybe we can meet Saturday
Pamela: Good nite Guy, take care of yourself
Guy B.: Ok, Rich. See you all later.
George Wahl: nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
George Wahl: nite all
Pamela: nite George
rich-c: you're on your way too, George?
George Wahl: yes
rich-c: OK, nite then, take care
Dr.D.: Bye George.
George Wahl: nite
George Wahl left chat session
Pamela: Erin, are you still there?
Dr.D.: I can't figure him out...
Pamela: who, George?
Dr.D.: Yes. He's like a bad ELIZA program.
rich-c: who, George? He's just tremendously lone,y and very depressed
Dr.D.: He must be...he sure sounds clinical.
Pamela: what's an ELIZA program
rich-c: he is bidding deperately for attention - unfortunately he does not know how to contribute
Dr.D.: A primitive artificial intelligence program pretending to be a girl named ELIZA (which was an acronym for the program, can't remember it).
Dr.D.: From the MIT AI Lab, late 1960s.
Pamela: ah, gotcha
Dr.D.: He must have an ADAM? I'd try to reach him if I knew what he actually did with his ADAM.
Pamela: I feel for him and his problems, but sometimes (like tonite) I just want to shake him
rich-c: worked by responding with leading questions derived from keyword cues in the users responses
Dr.D.: And usually repeating fair amounts of what the other person typed.
Pamela: he seems like a nice guy, but he's so wrapped up in what's happening to him, the outside world doesn't always connect
rich-c: oddly enough, on Saturdays when we've been one on one, I've managed to get some response out of him
Dr.D.: Last week, bleeding! If you're injured and really bleeding, call 911 or local equivalent, don't waste time typing here!
rich-c: I guess he's just high maintenance conversationally
Pamela: but you notice, every week it's something different
rich-c: don't take his pronouncements of disaster too seriously
rich-c: he'd declare a paper cut fatal on the spot
Pamela: as long as someone is paying attention to him, he's happy
Dr.D.: Again, reading between the lines, one would guess that he might have some terminal disease.
Pamela: He has Crohn's disease
rich-c: not terminal, but higly disabling and definitely debilitating
Dr.D.: That is nasty and unpleasant, indeed.
Pamela: and painful
Pamela: nice alliteration there, Dad
Dr.D.: Based on his typing, I'd say he was age 85 and demented.
rich-c: and he's growing complications, I think, likely diabetes and maybe heart problems
Dr.D.: But he could be 35 and wacko.
Dr.D.: Or some uwaterloo student's senior project in AI.
Pamela: did any one notice his announcement about a bomb going off last week?
rich-c: basically Rich just a loser with a streak of brutally bad luck
Dr.D.: Though I am quite wacko myself.
rich-c: the part of Philly he lives in he's likely very familiar with such sounds - also gunshots
Pamela: I disagree Rich - you're just nicely crazy
Pamela: and all your marbles are rattling around in your head quite nicely
rich-c: whreas I am merely rather noticably eccentric
Pamela: I don't know about that Dad - I haven't noticed : )
Dr.D.: Not sure where I am on the absolute continuum of normality.
rich-c: well, you're far too bright to be anything approaching normal
rich-c: and would likely commit suicide if you thought you wre normal
Pamela: you know, I regret all those years I wasted in getting to know this group
Dr.D.: Christina is "normal".
rich-c: so settle for being happily and extremely usefully strange
rich-c: well, we tried to tell you, daughter...
Pamela: Don't you know that you can't tell me anything Dad?
Pamela: I have to learn for myself
rich-c: I know, but we keep trying :=)
Pamela: : )
Dr.D.: Forgive me if I told this before, but a couple months ago I observed (ruefully) that our family is The Munsters and Christina is Marilyn...
Pamela: and what did Christina think of that?
rich-c: sorry, that allusion is after my time
Dr.D.: She doesn't know the reference.
Pamela: I didn't watch it, but i get it nonetheless
Dr.D.: The Munsters was a 1965 sitcom about a family of monsters...with one "normal" daughter, Marilyn.
rich-c: I rmember the Chas. Addams cartoons in the New Yorker, from which the Addam Family derived, of which The Munsters was a downmarket ripoff
Dr.D.: But within the family, she was always the poor odd one, and that's how she viewed herself, too.
Dr.D.: Blonde bombshell always bringing nice boys home to meet Uncle Herman (a Frankenstein monster) and Aunt Lily (Vampira's sister)...and the boys always ran away.
rich-c: yes, normality is a comparative term
Pamela: aren't Diana and Gretchen a little too young to tell about yet?
Pamela: does anyone really know what normal is?
Dr.D.: Gretchen is definitely a Machiavellian ruler...very goodbad or badgood...think Brain of "Pinky and the Brain".
rich-c: well, reassure Christina that she is far too bright and bubbly to be mistaken for normal
Pamela: unlawful good?
Pamela: lawful evil?
Dr.D.: Diana can display an incredible cluelessness at times...she is too cutesie sometimes.
Dr.D.: Gretchen is definitely chaotic alignment, not sure if good, evil, or neutral yet.
rich-c: that's OK, she's trying a classic schtick for size, she's just precocious about it
Pamela: I'll have to have Russell draft her for a game of D&D in a few years
Dr.D.: At supper tonight, actually, we asked Diana if she was really a blonde...she of course didn't get it, but Elanor was ROTFL.
rich-c: reminds me, Pam, how does Russell like that program I told you to get?
Pamela: I'll bet she was, Rich
Pamela: I haven't gotten it yet Dad, haven't had time
Pamela: hopefully this weekend
Dr.D.: Elanor has been quoting Hitchhiker's Guide stuff to her teachers.
rich-c: then tell him to get it himself
Dr.D.: And Dragonball Z stuff.
Pamela: okay, I don't have a reference for the latter Rich
Pamela: whazzat?
Dr.D.: Some popular anime on Cartoon Network.
Pamela: oh. I bet that's going over really well with the teachers
Dr.D.: It's all the rage with boys her age, but virtually no girls...except our younger 3.
rich-c: it should go over just fine with the intelligent ones, at least of the proper generation
Pamela: I love the way El's mind works
Dr.D.: I told her to watch who she tells this stuff to...if she tells it to a Latent SubGenius, she's okay, but a Bland Normal will make trouble for her.
rich-c: Rich, I'm trying to sell Pam the Celestia program
rich-c: no astonomer should be without it - right?
Dr.D.: Tonight was curriculum night for Elanor...about half the teachers are okay, the other half are Bland Normals.
Pamela: 50/50 is better than average
Pamela: at least in my experience
Dr.D.: Celestia is nice...real dark sky on a clear night is better :-)
Dr.D.: Lake Woebegone, where everyone is above average....
rich-c: yes, but in our climatic region those tend to be a bit hard to come by
Dr.D.: Light pollution is too bad here.
Dr.D.: Rats, I am still angry.
Dr.D.: And I am tempted to eat.
Dr.D.: Which is bad, because it won't work.
rich-c: of course, Rich. why should you be different from the rest of us?
Dr.D.: I'm not, me human too :-)
rich-c: did we ever pretend to be human? would we admit it if we wre?
Pamela: nope - that would be admitting to flaws
Dr.D.: I meant "not different from the rest". Flaws I have aplenty.
rich-c: it's OK Rich, when you get to my age you not only have 'em, you cultivate them
Pamela: Rich, you realize you're coming across as the perfect male right about now?
Dr.D.: No...but if that's what's coming across, SHOOT ME NOW!!!!
Dr.D.: gack
rich-c: not quite, Pam, from your viewpoint - he's already taken
Pamela: true . . .
Pamela: : )
Dr.D.: I think Joan would give a different view.
Dr.D.: Of "perfect", that is.
rich-c: Rin, you're awfully quiet
Pamela: I think she defected on us, Dad
rich-c: could be, though some folks do lurk for surprising times
Pamela: I'm teasing Rich - but there are a lot of women out there who would like to know if you rub off
Pamela: Erin isn't usually one of them though - she always has plenty to say
rich-c: by the way, does she know this chat is usable 24/7?
Dr.D.: I'm just rambling out loud, I guess...
Pamela: yes
Dr.D.: Speaking of 24/7, is back up, BTW.
Pamela: you're not saying anything we disagree with Rich
rich-c: did I mention I found a program that lets you use five messaging services from one interface?
Dr.D.: Forgot to announce it, I think.
Pamela: does it specify which ones Dad?
rich-c: anyway glad to hear it is up - it may not be used often but it's priceless when it is
Dr.D.: It was down for network upgrade in the building it's in.
rich-c: AOL - MSN - ICQ - IRC- Y!ahoo
Pamela: hang on - I'm gonna go check for her at MSN
rich-c: if you want to look at it, Pam, it's called "Trillian" and is at
rich-c: I guess Pam did find her, Rich
Dr.D.: haha
Dr.D.: I think I need to go find sleep...robot class at 8:30 tomorrow, and have to take everyone to school beforehand.
rich-c: that doesn't leave you much snooze time - I'll pass on your salutations, then
Dr.D.: Pam, are you back?
rich-c: do check in Saturday if inclined
Dr.D.: Saturday...not sure what's happening here then.
Ms. Rin left chat session
Dr.D.: Boom, there went Erin.
rich-c: well, I'll be watching the football game - while using the laptop for chat
Dr.D.: I'm off...good night Pam, wherever you are!
Dr.D.: bye
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: I'll pass that on, Rich - nite now
Pamela: I'm back now
Pamela: Erin went off to chat on MSN
rich-c: right - well, Rich has retired for teh night
Pamela: did you sign her out or did she do that?
Pamela: good idea
rich-c: she just dropped off - guess she signed out
Pamela: Sleep is good, I hear. i'm trying to practice
rich-c: were you on when I said I ordered the parts for the van today?
Pamela: no - for the conversion?
rich-c: yep - the order has been placed
rich-c: now I just have to choose the engine
Pamela: hmm
Pamela: I have mixed feelings about this - on the one hand, it's good that you'll be able to tow properly
rich-c: John recommends a remanufactured "crate" engine from GM's premium line - 330 hp, 380 lb/ft torque
Pamela: on the other hand, it will make it more difficult for me to drive
Pamela: I dunno Dad - a reman?
rich-c: yes, I suspect unladen, it might give a 5-series BMW a run for its money 0-60
Pamela: and me a leadfoot . . . sigh
rich-c: well John got converted - he thought I was nuts
Pamela: I guess John knows what he's talking about
rich-c: but last weekend he used Connie's Safari to pull a two-motorcycle trailer to Shannonville
Pamela: and that convinced him?
rich-c: now he's suggesting he just might be ordering two conversion kits
Pamela: so how does Connie feel about this?
rich-c: yes, and he didn't even have to cope with a serious hill
Pamela: since it's her van
rich-c: privately, I suspect there's more lead in her foot than she lets on
Pamela: well there certainly will be after the conversion! : )
Pamela: here's one for you - Art (Kimberly's fiance) has volunteered to teach me to drive standard
rich-c: if I can gt hauling performance to match Behemoth, I'll be deleriously happy
rich-c: everyone should know how to, Pam
rich-c: just do the learning where there's no traffic and lots of open space
Pamela: that's why I want to learn. I have no plans for a manual transmission anytime soon, but I want to be able to if I'm ever in the position of having to
rich-c: in the early stages it's far too easy to get preoccupier with shifting and drive into things
rich-c: who knows? some day you may have to drive a truck
Pamela: ouch! I will take that advice
Pamela: not likely
Pamela: I understand the theory involved - it's putting the theory into practice
rich-c: eventually stick shifting becomes second nature - but the learning curve has its risks
Pamela: the only reason I suggested it now is because he just bought a new car, and is selling the old one.
rich-c: now Dave3 complains if the Jaguar he's testing has an automatic - he even prefers right hand drive
Pamela: I wouldn't want to put dents in the new one or destroy the tranny
rich-c: did I tell you he has a new car - an SVT Focus?
Pamela: he bought a Ford???
Pamela: he rocks
rich-c: of course - he's a Ford Guy from all the way back
Pamela: I knew I liked him : )
rich-c: not sure he'd have taken the Jaguar job if it wren't a part of Ford
Pamela: I was thinking about right hand drive recently too
rich-c: I've only driven that way once, a long time ago - it made passing difficult on two-lanes
Pamela: pondering the whys and wherefores of how right and left hand drive came to be
rich-c: Dave and I had quite a discussion on the subject a few months ago
Pamela: Deep thoughts on the drive home from the subway
rich-c: on that drive, I'm surprisedall thought porocesses dont just freeze up
Pamela: influence came from just finishing a couple of novels in which the heroines were Americans driving in Ireland
Pamela: actually, the drive is pretty good. Wilson is usually the worst of it, and I'm off it pretty quick
rich-c: let's say in a right hand drive country it shouldn't be too bad
Pamela: well if I ever get overseas, I'd like to try it
Pamela: see if I can manage to reverse my thought processes
rich-c: right. anyway its near midnight - time we shut down
Pamela: I agree. Will try to call tomorrow evening or Friday, if I don't get stuck at work like this evening
rich-c: OK, hear from you then. Nite now
Pamela: Gnite Dad. Sweet dreams.
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