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rich-c: check
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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: got to be patient with me today - I'm on the laptop
George: ok
rich-c: I'm in the living room watching the football game
George: oh, boy
rich-c: its likely to be a good one
George: i went out this morning
rich-c: where did you go?
George: wound up at the compusa
rich-c: thats a bad place to be - makes you spend money
George: tell me
rich-c: do I need to?
George: yes, say it's bad
rich-c: what did you waste your money on this time?
George: 30 gb. hard drive, dvd-rom drive, wheel mouse, and keyboard
rich-c: the hard disc I suppose you need for all your downloads
rich-c: and I suppose music needs a dvdrom these days
George: yes, the the loot all together costs $100.00
rich-c: I have an optical mouse and am very happyt with it
George: i'm working on my next system
rich-c: I have certain principles I follow when building a system
George: what are they?
rich-c: first, start with a high quality very flexible motherboard
rich-c: Saskatchewan just made it on third and one
George: ok
rich-c: your motherboard should always hVE LOTS OF FUTURE BUILT INTO IT
George: did you go into football?
rich-c: I just happen to enjoy watching football
rich-c: Saskatchewan just scored a TD
George: oh, no
rich-c: oh yes, trhat's what the game is about
George: i can't understand football
rich-c: anyway, I don't care much about processor speed - things we do, it's irrelevant
rich-c: Canadian football is easier to understand
George: ok, if you say so
rich-c: also, the commentators are very expert at explaining what is going on
rich-c: it is likely on Fox Sports Net for you
George: my cable doesn't get it
George: actually my cable is very limited
rich-c: it's also on some minor networks, Sunshine and Yes and stuff I think
rich-c: anyway, back to computers
rich-c: I like boards with lots of expansion slots
George: i'm going to start out with a highend barebones computer from
rich-c: mine is a custom assembly - also called white box
rich-c: very generic box, you choose what they put in it
rich-c: they have quite a wind in Edmonton
rich-c: just had a kick went over 75 yards
rich-c: another td for Saskatchew on an Edmonton fumble
George: they setup the case, power supply, cpu, memory, and include video and floppy drive
rich-c: well, if the package has the parts you need and the price is right, go for it
George: they usually have plenty of slots
rich-c: took me ten days of internet searching to fine down th specs for my motherboard to which would be best for me
George: could you checkout and let me know what you think?
rich-c: is there a specific model number?
George: look under barebones systems the p-4 models
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hi Im back
changed username to rich-c
George: who is this?
rich-c: me
George: oh, twins
rich-c: ignore it, one will go away
rich-c: Edmonton is back in the game
George: where is everyone else?
rich-c: who knows? some days they come, some days they dont
George: i just thought i lost you
George: i keep hitting the wrong keys
rich-c: anyway hope you chose the DDR RAM board
rich-c: oh I was off looking at smartcomp like you asdked me to
George: yes, even though i'm not going to use it i want it to be XP ready
rich-c: well, it will certainly be that
rich-c: but then so isx the VIA motherboard with the 1.0Duron chip
rich-c: but as you know Guy and I prefer the AMD setups
George: VIA chipsets have issues with windows98 and ME and cpus over 500mhz.
rich-c: bullshit
rich-c: I am running Win98SE with a 1600XP Athlon
George: i got that directly from microsoft
rich-c: then you totally misuderstood what they were telling you
rich-c: in fact anyone at Microsoft would ger fired for telling a customer that even if it wre true
George: no they said they deliberatly designed it thay way
George: and this came from chief software engineer
rich-c: wrong again, in fact they are designed to outperform the Intel chips
George: and i will belive him before anyone else
rich-c: then you need to make sure you understood what you were told and that it makes sense
George: just because a hack can run it doesn't make it right
rich-c: and dont ask me to believe that Microsoft's chief engineer talks to help line callers
George: i know who i talked to
rich-c: well, you know who you were told you were talking to
George: you can't believe i'm well connected can you
George: some of these people happen to be family members
rich-c: enough to have the top honcho in Redmond take your calls? that's a big heavy\
rich-c: we now have a tie game at the half
George: you must be on the edge of your seat
rich-c: as it happens with the laptop that happensa anywait sits on the footstool by my chair
rich-c: in our football, there are no routine games
rich-c: they all seem to be either cliffhangers or blowout yawners
George: what can i say, i don't know football
rich-c: what sports if any appeal vary from person to person
George: i think you need to be socialized to it
rich-c: I don't know - my other sports interest is motor racing
George: maybe everyone is glued to their TV
rich-c: yet Toronto is a major league city in baseball, basketball and hockey and none interest me
George: i get lost in my mp3's
rich-c: when I listen to music it tensds to be classical or 40s pop
George: they are in mp3 form too
rich-c: I'm sure they are, I've even listened to the odd one online
George: i have Gene Autry in mp3
rich-c: remember him from back when I went to movies
George: be honest with me from 78
George: that is 78 rpm
rich-c: yes, we used to have lots of 78 records, now they're all 33s with the odd 45
George: i've got Peggy Lee
George: Grandpa Jones
rich-c: you have to remember I was in university before here were commercial television broadcsts in North America
rich-c: and I lived half a century before I owned a computer
George: this was way before i was born
rich-c: yes, I realize that
rich-c: I have seen a few changes in the world in my time
George: yet, it was what my parents and grand parents raised me on
rich-c: that is a good thing, it gives you a sense of family continuity
George: yes
rich-c: I can remember my grandmother talking about hiding from marauding Indians during the 1885 rebellion
George: now a lot of them have passed on
George: OK
rich-c: sorry - every once in a while I get the caps lock by mistake
George: i still miss my mother
rich-c: do you want to tell me about that?
George: she died in 1995
rich-c: that is too bad - what was the cause?
George: i think everyones most important person is their mother
rich-c: I lost my father on New Year's Day 1950 - I was 19
rich-c: that was about seven years after my mother had walked out and left us
rich-c: I have some understanding of such things
George: crohn's and heart failurer were list on her death certfifcate
rich-c: that is not an encouraging genetic inheritence in your circumstances, is it?
George: my fingers arefumbling
rich-c: at the moment that is understandable
rich-c: the only consolation is that some medical progress may arrive in time to help you
George: if i go young it will be ok
rich-c: well we are all going to go eventually - just dont go willingly
George: i feel alone now most of my family is gone
rich-c: I have one surviving brother, parents and all gone; you know about Pamela and Frances' sister's children
George: yes, kids and grandkids keep you going
rich-c: true, though they aren't an unmixed blessing - as the Slopsemas are demonstrating
George: i can't support a goldfish now
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changed username to Daniel B
rich-c: you just have to adjust your plans to suit your circumstances - sometimes it
Daniel B: Sorry! I'm late!
rich-c: bonjour Daniel; tu es en retard
George: hi Daniel
Daniel B: hello!
Daniel B: J'ai eu de la visite!
rich-c: quelqu'un special?
Daniel B: Oncle et tante de Rougemont
George: BRB B'room
rich-c: tres bien;George et moi vient de parler des familles
Daniel B: Oui, mais je ne sais plus quoi dire. Je ne veux pas leur parler Coleco.
rich-c: have to revert to English, otherwise George feels left out
Daniel B: ok! I don't know what I can talk with them. I don't want to talk Coleco with them. It's not the first time they visit me this year. It's the 6th time.
rich-c: I've been simultaneously talking to George and watching the CFL game
George: my bladder feels better
rich-c: how old are your aunt and uncle, Daniel?
Daniel B: about 50-60 years old.
rich-c: elder siblings of your parents then, I would guess
Daniel B: My parents ? around 50 year old.
rich-c: yes, that is what I would have guessed
Daniel B: err.. I have to go now. It's time to eat with my familly.
rich-c: good of you to drop by - au revoir et bon appetit!
George: bye Daniel
Daniel B: aurevoir Rich! Goodbye George!
Daniel B: see you next week! *poof*
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George: oh, my back got a cramp
rich-c: so, those are no fun - I had nsty leg cramps this morning
rich-c: anyway, Frances is back from the library and wants the phone
George: yes, i think i need to go put some heat on it
rich-c: so I must leave now
rich-c: see you Wednesday
George: see you Wed.
rich-c: bye now
George: bye Rich
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