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rich-c: allo, Robert!
rich-c: y"all awake there in Michigan?
BobS: YO
BobS: I's here
BobS: how you and Frances doing??????
rich-c: right - issue #1 - how's Ryan?
rich-c: (us, we're still on the right side of the grass)
BobS: getting better every day, although he has some temper tantrums...undoubtedly related to some form of abuse or jurt somewhere along the way
BobS: hopefully Mandy is turning around on her perception of her husband
rich-c: think your judgment is right, but you and Judy are going to have a long hard row to hoe - you have our sympathy
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BobS: today he did NOT plead guilty like he told her........bought 40 more days of freedom before a plea deal could be in place
changed username to Judy
BobS: so she called a divorce lawyer, got some anger going
rich-c: unfortunately, those who don't want to learn, never learn
BobS: hopefully we are headed in the right direction
rich-c: but that at lesst is an encouraging sign - hi Judy
Judy: hi, Rich
BobS: THAT is the bottome line
rich-c: there's a long accounting before you get there, too
Judy: how are you and Francis
rich-c: I seem to be hobbling along despite the arthritis, and she can still put up with me (barely)
BobS: called Ryan's lawyer this afternoon and told her "Ryan is pissed" about the outcome today
rich-c: right now I am still working on the engine conversion for my van
BobS: and HOW is that going???????
rich-c: got the kit ordered but not the engine - you want to learn frustration, try getting an engine specification out of GM
Judy: oh, I think she is not just putting up with you
rich-c: would you believe GM Canda head office didn't have anyone who could tell me what grade of gas an engine needed?
BobS: yes, I CAN believe
BobS: BUT, start with midgrade and see is it pings......then head up or try down
Judy: yes, that isn't what they worry about
rich-c: on the Goodwrench website, they tell you the displacement - no horsepower, no torque figures
rich-c: don't tell you anything about what the variances are year to year, or even if they exist (you have to guess from teh power)
rich-c: I do not want to spend over five large installing an engine only to find I have to feed it premium the rest of its life
BobS: well maybe just when pulling the trailer
rich-c: I want one that will pull the trailer on regular too
rich-c: my good old Mercury will do it; havent they learned anything in the last 30 years?
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BobS: no
rich-c: I am getting impatient - don't have enough time left to be patient in, I guess
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BobS: well what does the mechanic say???????
changed username to George Wahl
rich-c: looks like someone is having problems logging in - oh, it's George
Judy: hi, George
BobS: he aught to know a little about the engine deal
rich-c: he has practical experience, but can't get any more info out of GM than I can
George Wahl: Hi Rich. Bob, and Judy
rich-c: hello George
rich-c: all I can go by is, if I get a truck engine, not many truck buyers are interested in ones that need high price gas
George Wahl: i was watching Elmo do the chicken dance
Judy: why???
rich-c: sorry to seem ignorant, but who's Elmo and what's a chicken dance?
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changed username to <undefined>
George Wahl: it was on my aol sign on screen
<undefined> changed username to Jillian
Jillian: Greetings all.
BobS: we have a 350 in the motorhome....but gas mileage sucks
Judy: hi, Jill
rich-c: hello Jillian - how are you and Jeff?
BobS: probably because of bad gearing in the rear end
Judy: how is your little family?
Jillian: We're good. I think he's teething again.
Jillian: He's getting really close to standing on his own. I won't be long.
Judy: how many teeth does he have?
BobS: and how is the big boy?????????
rich-c: you can tell when they're teething, they're hard to get along with - even more than males usually are
Jillian: Four
BobS: Dale
Jillian: Dale is working at another computer right now, but may kick me off at any moment.
Judy: watch the fingers than, those teeth are really sharp
rich-c: pity he can't just network in with you, like Bob and Judy do
BobS: yea
Jillian: Busy as usual. The big boss is in Germany as of Monday, so he's standing in.
BobS: he can do it, he just doesn't wnat ot
Judy: just ask me, I have the bruises to prove it
Jillian: The computers are networked, I think anyway.
Judy: than he didn't loose his job?
rich-c: I gather that whatever the confrontation, Dale has decided to stay with the company
Jillian: It's not him biting my fingers that _really_ bothers me.
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changed username to FredK
Judy: yes, I see
FredK: HI All
rich-c: bonjour, Fred
BobS: hiya Freddie
rich-c: comment ca va?
Judy: hi, Fred
FredK: Super et vou?
FredK: vous
rich-c: ca march bien, merci
George Wahl: Hi Freddy
Jillian: He's staying for now. Bonus checks should be available just in time for Dale's birthday so we'll see.
FredK: marche....hihi
rich-c: hmm - like the boss figures he's worth bribing if he can be bribed - healthy sign for Dale
rich-c: my keyboard can't spell in English either, Fred
FredK: lol
FredK: makes 2 of us...
rich-c: brb
George Wahl: oh. boy
FredK: So whats new and exiting happening lately?
BobS: not much Fred
Jillian: We're headed to the eastern townships of Quebec this weekend.
BobS: weather just starting to change and give a hint of fall in the air
BobS: COOL a vacation
Judy: that sounds like an adventure
Jillian: There is a reception in my Dad's honour so we heading up for that.
BobS: honour????????
BobS: crowning, knighthood ????????
FredK: great, is yr dad living there or?
George Wahl: standby a hurricane is comming
Jillian: Any trip which involves driving 14 hours in 2.5 days is not stress releif.
FredK: only when you get sure..
Jillian: My dad is the Grand Master for the International Order of Odd Fellows of Quebec this year.
rich-c: George, I just sent you an email
Judy: that is true but maybe he will sleep a lot, that always makes it easier
George Wahl: oh,
Jillian: Yes he lives in Waterloo, Quebec.
Jillian: I'm hoping to do all of the driving when he is asleep, but we'll see.
rich-c: Frances says her grandfather was an IOOF member too
Jillian: Most of my family is/was.
Judy: how is the driving coming?
BobS: you got a lead foot too????????
rich-c: most young children find driving very soporific
Jillian: Just lead coated I guess.
FredK: Odd fellows, what do they do?
(BobS laughs heartily)
Jillian: I may go for a test next week. we'll see if Dale can take me.
rich-c: oh, this is for the next stage up on the licence?
Jillian: IOOF is service club, like Optimists or Lions or Shriners.
rich-c: which car will you be using, Jill?
FredK: yeah but is there anything that differentiate them from others?
Jillian: If I pass the test, I'll be able to drive alone on most streets and get to practice on the 400 highways.
Jillian: The PT Cruiser.
George Wahl: we're off to war!
rich-c: well, that's an easy little machine to drive, shouldn't be a problem
Jillian: It used to be a guild (like the Masons) only for the people who didn't fit into any other guild.
Judy: you have a different use of licences
FredK: OIC
rich-c: we have a syst3em of graduated licences, Judy
Jillian: Driving is is pretty easy and parking easier that I think so I still over correct and stuff.
George Wahl: free gas and oil
rich-c: well, if you've been switching between the car and Jeep you will have trouble that way
BobS: say WHAT ???????
FredK: same here BobS
Jillian: I like the concept of graduated licencing. I may just stay with the G2 for quite a while. I don't know if I need to driveon the 400's
rich-c: trust me, Jillian, sooner or later you will find it necessary
BobS: but then Jeffy will pas you by Jill
rich-c: and I'll bet the restriction would also apply against your using any Interstates in the US
Jillian: I hope he'll pass me by in many aspects of life, Bob.
FredK: what hapenned to taking a simple test and just drive?
FredK: okok....jk
BobS: naw, mom'
BobS: s have to stay ahead ofht e kids
rich-c: that was back in the good old days, Fred
rich-c: that's how I got my licence
FredK: me too
rich-c: but then, the test was meaningful
Jillian: Not legally Rich, only the highways explicitally listed in the law are excluded. I drove in Michigan.
rich-c: they don't forbid any limited-access, high-speed road?
BobS: yes, we don't care WHO drives in Michigan........there are all kinds of red light runners, speeders, and such on the rosads
rich-c: man, I would check with my lawyer on the interpretation of that
George Wahl: i can't drive. my doctor won't let me
Jillian: In order to move from the g2 to the G the test is 45 minutes long. I think it is pretty meaningful.
rich-c: oh, you mean you still have some left who know what a red light means?
FredK: sometimes its just better George...
BobS: no they think it is PINK
FredK: so they slightly stop...
Judy: sometimes you don't dare to stop for fear of getting hit in the backend
FredK: not red enough..
rich-c: here it means slow down if the truck coming along is big enough
George Wahl: i don't leave my place
FredK: Save descision
Jillian: Nope. I can drive on highway 17 until it becomes the 417 in Hawkesbury. even though it is a 90 km dived road.
FredK: so you stop and pull on reverse?
FredK: lol
rich-c: that sounds like our provincial bureaucrats at work, all right
rich-c: can';t drive 90 kph on 417, but can drive 115 kph in Michigan
Jillian: My sister checked the legalese for me when I got my g1 so that I would know for sure.
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rich-c: there is probably some hidden subsection in the regulations that says "400 series highway is interpreted as Interstae in the U.S.')
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changed username to james
james: morning
rich-c: good morning, james, it's been a while
Jillian: Exactly Rich. I think driving on most streets in Toronto much more difficult than driving the 401 through Kingston..
changed username to Dr.D.<ill>
FredK: Well hello James!!!
George Wahl: "Hi J
james: quite awhile. been very, very busy
rich-c: poor Dr. D., he's sicj
FredK: same here...
rich-c: what nasty bug is biting you, sir?
Dr.D.<ill>: Yes, in bed all day today, wrapped in blankets...
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FredK: Hi Dr D!
Dr.D.<ill>: Just got up to take a peek at E-mail etc.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
George Wahl: hi James, Dr. D and Pam
Pamela: Hi
FredK: Hi Pam
Dr.D.<ill>: My virus can't make you sick electronically, fortunately...
james: hi george
FredK: thats a chip off the block!
rich-c: thought West Wing was a two-hour special tonight?
Pamela: Just got over a cold Rich, I know how you feel
Dr.D.<ill>: But if I start babbling, it's because my brain still isn't all here yet.
Judy: hi, Dr D
George Wahl: i'm in bed
Pamela: tis - that's why I'm on the laptop in the living room
BobS: hi guys and dolls
Judy: hi, Pam
james: hey bobs
rich-c: Geogre, have you looked at my email yet?
Dr.D.<ill>: Hi Judy...and Bob...hope Ryan is okay.
BobS: so far so good rich
Pamela: Hi Judy - how are things?
Judy: hi, James
james: hi judy
BobS: Ryan is doing good, but a little ticked off.......stepdad (abuser) waived today's hearing with no guilty plea; thus getting an extra 40 days of freedom before a decision is required........Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Mandy is heading the right direction by calling a divorce lawyer and hopefully dumping this yo-yo and taking Ryan's injuries seriously....FINALLY
Judy: they have been worse, so I quess that is good
Pamela: BRB
Dr.D.<ill>: Prob. too soon to tell if any injuries are permanent, right?
Pamela: that;s certainly a step in the right direction
BobS: have faith Ryan will be alright
Judy: no, he seems to be just fine, everything is working just fine
Jillian: whoooo missed something. What happened/
Pamela: that is sooo good to hear
Dr.D.<ill>: Glad to hear.
rich-c: we will have our fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed for you, Judy
BobS: just read up a few lines hon
FredK: we wont be looking good.
Dr.D.<ill>: And be glad that you have Dale instead of that joker...
BobS: oh, last week we told that grandson Ryan (recent wedding of mom) was abused....broken arm and cracked skull and closed head injury
BobS: so mom and ryan are ordered here with us for the time being
Jillian: Da**.
james: that's awful
George Wahl: i just was a man smashing a computer
Judy: now they are both living here and things are going quite well
BobS: give Jeffy an extra HUG tonight
Pamela: BTW, Hi James
james: hey pam!
Dr.D.<ill>: Hi to anyone I haven't said hi to.
rich-c: you got on the website?
Jillian: How lucky that they have you to be there support and give them a place to go.
BobS: you just can't 'member because you are sick Rich
BobS: probably
Judy: it is a good thing she was so close to loosing Ryan herself
FredK: ?
rich-c: poor kid at least made a decent choice of grandparents
Judy: she lied f;or him and was in some hot water for that
Jillian: I'm speechless.
rich-c: and deservedly so, though it's part of the syndrome
Judy: we have been for weeks ourselves
Judy: you just can't believe that there are animals like that out there
rich-c: you're going to have it even tougher straightening out your kid than your grandkid
Dr.D.<ill>: I've been working all week on a lab presentation that was supposed to be today, but got sick yesterday afternoon...tried sleeping on the floor of my office between big file saves, but it didn't work...finally just went home at 1:30 AM and sent E-mail to my boss that I was calling in sick.
Dr.D.<ill>: But this is small potatoes compared to what poor Bob and Judy and Ryan are going through...
rich-c: given what it takes to slow you down, Rich, your boss is likely checking with the coroner about now
BobS: well we WILL make it.......somehow
FredK: some are sick in the head others....just sick....
Jillian: I'll include you all in my prayers.
FredK: aw, very thoughtfull and nice for needy ppl.
George Wahl: boy, the hour went by fast
Dr.D.<ill>: The "Bring Out Your Dead" man isn't coming for me yet.
Judy: now if we can just help keep him away from his own kids we will be helping them
Pamela: we're all thinking of you
rich-c: a good long sentence should help with that
BobS: hope so, but that will be awhile in coming
james: i'd say castration might be more appropriate
Jillian: Has Mandy had any contact with the other boy's mom?
BobS: good idea
Pamela: there's a thought
Dr.D.<ill>: Some news for our Canadian contingent: one of the Ph.D. students in our lab and his wife got their visas approved this week to emigrate to Canada, after he gets his Ph.D. this spring.
Judy: not good enough, James
George Wahl: Who?
Judy: yes, now she has
james: hmm.. probably not
rich-c: hey, that's neat, Rich
Judy: talked to the boys the other night
rich-c: any idea what he will be doing when he gets here?
Jillian: Unfortunately that doesn't help current children.
Dr.D.<ill>: Hui Ye and his wife Crystal are both from China.
Jillian: Or what area? they are headed to?
Dr.D.<ill>: He's a biomedical engineering student.
Dr.D.<ill>: Toronto is where they talk about.
james: speaking of kids, we just got back from ottawa a couple days ago. my folks finally got to meet case.
rich-c: will he be looking for a job at one of our universities?
Dr.D.<ill>: They were in Detroit earlier this week for some kind of paperwork.
Dr.D.<ill>: Not sure if he wants a university job or an industrial job.
Dr.D.<ill>: "A" job will probably do at this point :-)
Jillian: Hopefully Mandy and the other woman can help each other to keep the kids away.
rich-c: you were in Canada, james?
james: yeah, from sept 12th to the 22nd
james: was much, much too short
rich-c: how about that? yes, I can understand your feelings
BobS: well, Jill. mandy is not too hot on the idea, even when I pointed out that his kids are in danger also of being hit
james: but my parents finally got to hold their grandson and now regret my leaving
Pamela: Rich - children?
Dr.D.<ill>: None yet, but they are both, um, eager to get started, shall we say :-)
Judy: his visitation has been taken away but has to go to Friend of Court next week and they will make a final decission
Dr.D.<ill>: This according to Hui Ye :-)
Pamela: : )
BobS: he and exwife had two cute little lboys 4 and 3
Dr.D.<ill>: He has been studying French for a year.
Jillian: I remember the pictures.
james: maybe you should arrange for an "accident" bob
Dr.D.<ill>: Is some bilingual capability required for emigration to Canada?
james: no
Judy: we can't do anything, Ryan is in our care now
james: but proficiency in either language now is if i recall
rich-c: no, but it does give bonus points on the visa application, I believe
Pamela: nope
BobS: thought of that, but if I get CAUGHT, i'd be in hot water
james: for points on the visa application
rich-c: it is also an asset, becoming a necessity for progress, in any government job
Pamela: that suggestion was made last week, James
Jillian: and Ryan has had enough of a lessons in violence, I would think.
BobS: yup
james: how old is he?
Dr.D.<ill>: Bob, a quote I read somewhere a long time ago (pre-BBS and -Internet): "Thirty years-to-life is too high a price to pay for a few moments of satisfaction."
Judy: 20 months
james: unbelievable
Jillian: Makes me ill to think about it.
FredK: unthinkable.
BobS: I WISH that could be his sentence
BobS: but in reality, not I am afraid
rich-c: regrettably, it depoends on how many sociology or psychology texts you've read
james: if i ever met someone like that i don't think i could refrain
Judy: it has me too, I now know what real heart ache is
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rich-c: the whole scenario is so drearily and dreadfully familiar
BobS: now, on to other subjects......did Daniel get the schemnatics he needed and maybe get his disk drive working
Dr.D.<ill>: I don't want ADAMcon 16 to include a road trip to visit Bob in the Michigan State Penitentiary (or whatever they call it).
rich-c: have heard from Daniel for a bit, but I think he got the schematic
BobS: BUT, the Mi pen has nice GREEN uniforms !!!!!!!
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Judy: no, he will not be there
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: they are selling the old orange ones at the flea markets I think
rich-c: hello Guy
Dr.D.<ill>: Going to Keystone Kops stripes in lots of places nowadays.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
BobS: Hiya Guy
FredK: Hi Guy
George Wahl: Hi Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
Jillian: Hi Guy.
Dr.D.<ill>: Guy, thou art alive, good.
Guy B.: Bob, how is little Ryan doing?
BobS: good
Pamela: Hi Guy
BobS: Ryan is doing good, but a little ticked off.......stepdad (abuser) waived today's hearing with no guilty plea; thus getting an extra 40 days of freedom before a decision is required........Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Mandy is heading the right direction by cllling a divorce lawyer and hopefully dumping this yo-yo and taking Ryan's injuries seriously....FINALLY
BobS: SORRY for the repeat, but Guy needed to kinow
rich-c: we're just looking for the address of a good hit man...
Jillian: Prision uniforms is not something I keep up on so don't know what Ontarians are wearing.
BobS: Guy, whatcha doing next weekend ?????????
james: ontarians are likely wearing golf clothes
BobS: you'd make a GREART hitman
Guy B.: Good for her. Glad something's going through that head of hers.
FredK: we have enough bikers to get the job done in Quebec.
james: if you'll pardon my cynicsm
Guy B.: This weekend?
Judy: I didn't know until today, something I really didn't want to know
rich-c: hey, right, Fred, and they're likely looking for some export business right now!
FredK: lol dont remind me Rich.....
james: i have to go for now. i'll try to be on again next week. see you all later folks.
rich-c: OK james, hurry back
FredK: Bye James! take care..
Jillian: My office is across the road from the local minimum security prison.
Pamela: Night James
Judy: bye James
Dr.D.<ill>: Bye James.
Guy B.: I went back to work today after I pass my stress test with flying colors. Nothing wrong with my heart. Seems I pulled a muscle in my chest.
Guy B.: Bye James, Didn't see you there.
BobS: be good James
james: will do
james: *poof*
BobS: say HI to myucki and the baby
james: ok
Judy: good to hear Guy
Dr.D.<ill>: Yep, that's one possible cause of your symptoms, Guy.
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Jillian: Glad to hear it Guy
BobS: did I spell thAT RIGHT
Guy B.: Moving all those boxes for my new apartment was the cause.
rich-c: right, unaccustomer movements can do that to you, Guy
FredK: to know this is a pain of your chest......well not really..
Jillian: Now if I could only ensure that Dale takes his drugs....
George Wahl: i have to go
Judy: are you all moved now, Guy
Guy B.: I did get my two Adams up and they booted right up.
Dr.D.<ill>: Break out the Ben Gay, then.
rich-c: by the way, are you starting to get settled in now?
Pamela: How did you pull the muscle, Guy? Never mind, while moving I guess
Guy B.: That's what I need Dr D.
Jillian: Good night George.
FredK: 2 inventors i think,
Guy B.: Bye George.
BobS: nite Geo
rich-c: nite George
George Wahl: nite all
Judy: bye George
FredK: Bye George
Pamela: Nite George
Dr.D.<ill>: 2 and 3 weekends ago I spent installing playground equipment at the elementary school. That was some serious soreness in the following days.
George Wahl: poof
Dr.D.<ill>: Bye George.
Jillian: What is your new apartment like Guy?
George Wahl left chat session
rich-c: Jill, what is Dale's medical problem?
Dr.D.<ill>: Playground finally opened today.
Jillian: Asthama and allergies.
Dr.D.<ill>: Diana and Gretchen were ecstatic.
FredK: Passed the test Dr?
rich-c: he can compare notes with Pam, then.
BobS: cool !!!!!
Guy B.: It's a one bedroom, but more room than my old one. Abby, my dog loves it. I have a balcony and Abby can look out the door and watch everything go by.
Pamela: same old same old, Dad
rich-c: I'm on inhalers myself but they are moe prophylactic than curative
Jillian: Dale is on an inhaler, an inhaled powder and two pills.
Pamela: well sort of Dad - Combivent has a bronchodilator and that is "curative"
rich-c: yes, a few extra square feet and a bit moe view can do wonders, Guy
Pamela: however the way you use it is preventative
Dr.D.<ill>: Make sure you keep your inhalers clean; if they get contaminated, you are sucking muck in very deep, because the inhaler dilates you and lets it go in deep.
Jillian: Kick that tobacco habit and I bet you would improve ;-) (both of you, Rich and Pam)
Pamela: Dad quit Jillian, didn't you notice?
Pamela: Makes me very proud of him
rich-c: I haven't smoked since last May 1, Jill - didn't you notice at Adamcon?
BobS: yup!!!!! WHAT a guy !!!!!!
FredK: Nite all, and warm wishes fr little Ryan.....courage fr the parents+grand.
Pamela: Of course, now Mom is nagging me . . .
BobS: tough to do though, eh?
Jillian: No I didn't, I'm sorry. Congratulations.
Dr.D.<ill>: When I had my athsma problems 12 years ago, that was a problem I had after chronic inhalers...I was getting chest colds.
Dr.D.<ill>: Good night FredK.
Pamela: Nite Freddy
BobS: nite Fred and THANKS
Guy B.: Yes, that what made a difference with Abby. She's a lot happier now. Today I left her by herself while I returned to work. When I came home, she surprised me by coming out of the bedroom. She was sleeping and didn't have any problem.
Judy: thanks, Fred and nite
rich-c: I claim no credit for it, Bob - quite simply, my lungs just refuse to accept smoke
Guy B.: Bye Fred.
FredK left chat session
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred
Jillian: When we moved here from the dungeon, it really affected our cats. In a good way.
Dr.D.<ill>: I think I'm going to have to go back to bed, I am nodding off and getting chilly again.
BobS: they healthy now????
Jillian: My aunt quit this year as well, but only after receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer.
Pamela: go and get well, Rich
Dr.D.<ill>: Best wishes to all, esp. Bob and Judy...good night.
BobS: well, take TWO aspirin and call someone in the morning Rich
rich-c: OK, that sort of thing can change very rapidly - take close care, Rich
Dr.D.<ill>: <kapoof>
Dr.D.<ill> left chat session
Jillian: or you could try a lemon gin cure.
Guy B.: Well, after I sold my house three years ago and moved to an apartment. Abby developed separation anxiety and I had her on medication for a year.
Guy B.: Boy Dr D is quick.
BobS: ah, the life. to lounge around during working hours.............
rich-c: oh - my cursor crony today was telling me just the opposite
Jillian: They were mostly just depressed, I think. They fight alot less.
rich-c: Seems that the new top of the line Jaguar is to come to the US next spring and the testing hasnt been done
Jillian: ONe was too heavy and has lost weight, and one was too skinny and has gained some.
Judy: nite, hope you feel better soon, Dr D
rich-c: he's going to be spending seven days a week cruising around putting test miles on them
rich-c: poor boy, imagine having to spend all that time joyriding in the lastest, greatest Jaguar
Pamela: life's rough
Pamela: I should have it so tough
Jillian: What a hardship. Does he need passengars?
Guy B.: Seems when I made this move. Jeanene and I worked out an arrangement when I left Abby with her for a couple of weeks while she is getting adjusted. Then I tried leaving her alone for 3 and 4 hours and there was no problem. So, today, she passed the big test.
rich-c: not only that, it pays double time for the overtime
BobS: ]Richard YOU drving around inthe jag??????
Jillian: That'
rich-c: sometimes they do take partners, but they are otheer staffers
rich-c: sorry, I'm not in Arizona
Jillian: s a relief Guy. Nothing like coming home to a destroyed couch and rug.
Pamela: Abby wouldn't do that, would she?
rich-c: naw, that sort of activity is a cat thing
BobS: welllll.........
Guy B.: Abby's 8 years old now and she knows not to do that. But, the first thing she does when I get home is greeting me with a toy after I give her a short walk.
Guy B.: Seems everyone at work was glad I was alright after what happened to me.
Jillian: I've a friend who's puppy had such seperation problems that she couldn't walk to the end of the driveway to get the mail
rich-c: well, chest pains of unknown origin are not happy news for anyone, Guy
Jillian: without the puppy freakingout or destroying something.
Guy B.: And it did scare the heck out of me. There was a plus side to this. I lost another 7 pounds, so I have lost 26 pounds so far this year.
Pamela: for some reason my screen just went wonky, then cleared. Hmm
Judy: good for you, Guy
rich-c: man, you are really doing a job on that! way to go!
Guy B.: Probably some interferance.
rich-c: you're on the laptop still, Pam?
BobS: congrats guy
BobS: keep UP the good work
Pamela: yes - and now it's wonky again
Jillian: Did you hit the degauss button?
Guy B.: My doctor was very impressed and she would like me to keep going. So, that I am.
Pamela: the what button?
rich-c: a laptop doesnt have that sort of screen, Jill
Pamela: I have stripes on the top half of my screen
Jillian: I guess not. I should have known that.
Guy B.: I have to get a new AC adapter for mine. The plug broke.
BobS: not a good sign could be the cable going to the screen
rich-c: that sounds to me like a seriously sick laptop - you are using mains power, aren't you?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: it just started
BobS: maybe just give it back..........
rich-c: and by now you should have the battery near 100%, right?
Pamela: don't wanna give it back
BobS: well iof it busted.......
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: I don't know if it's busted or just a foible
(Jillian kicks Pamela)
(Jillian reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
rich-c: if the cause of the wonky is what it might be, give it back
Pamela: Hey!
Jillian: Sorry about the kick my mouse slipped.
Guy B.: Looks like we are all trying to help you Pam.
Pamela: well okay
(Jillian hugs Pamela)
Pamela: Pam pours the diet Coke on the keyboard
Guy B.: Gee, now you are shorting it out. Not good.
Judy: thats better, no fighting here
rich-c: as you say, Bob, it could be a loose wire - but they are very fiddly (as in expensive) to find and repair
Jillian: Not really reccomended, Pam
BobS: now it's busted
BobS: exactly
Pamela: tempting though - thanks for the hug
BobS: try moving the screen Pam
rich-c: hey, you may lose her completely
BobS: naw, we KNOW where she lives
BobS: and I know 2 guys from Chicago...............
rich-c: and she can always come back on from her real computer
Judy: that would be bad
Pamela: nope, moving didn't help
Guy B.: Are you near a TV?
rich-c: if it didn't hurt, that's a plus
Pamela: yes
Jillian: Do you let the cats sit on the screen when you aren't using it? ie do you leave it closed but turned on?
BobS: well......the wickety thingy is connected to the wonky dojobby.........and the flickety which is then soldered onto the whichamacallit
Pamela: nope
Guy B.: Try either moving away from it or turning the TV off.
Pamela: turn off the TV???? Sacrilege
rich-c: turn off West Wing??? Surely you jest!!!
Guy B.: Might be generating interferance.
Pamela: I'm about eight feet from the TV, isn't that far enuf?
rich-c: not at that distance across the room, Guy
Guy B.: Is that laptop connected to the same outlet to the TV?
Pamela: nope, turned it off and that didn't help
BobS: yup, you won't be able to watch at a farther distence
Pamela: nope
Jillian: I would hope not.
Guy B.: Hmm, guess I'm out of clues on this one.
Pamela: of course, now Inky is playing with the phone wire
rich-c: sounds like incipient failure in either the video card or video ram
Pamela: oh who knows - if it dies, I'll just take it back to work and give it back
Guy B.: Pam, what kind of laptop computer do you have?
Pamela: IBM Thinkpad - P100
Guy B.: IBM's shouldn't be doing that.
rich-c: adequate for internet surfing and routine business stuff, no good for games and graphics
Guy B.: Thought Big Blue would be the more reliable ones.
Jillian: Better than nothing.
rich-c: forgot to ask - which edition of Windows does it have?
Pamela: well, it's only a loaner - that's the nice part
Pamela: 95
Guy B.: That should be Windows 95.
rich-c: yes, at least the price is right
Pamela: can't beat it
Pamela: and, I can keep it for as long as I want - no one is using it
Guy B.: Well, I can't use mine right now until I get a new AC Adapter. The plug where I put to the back of my notebook, broke off.
rich-c: I doubt anyone at your office could use it - too outdated
Jillian: Dale borrowed one from his company for so long they didn't want it back when he left.
Jillian: It didn't break off in the socket did it Guy?
rich-c: if you can figure out what's giving you the display grief, offer to buy the thing for a buck
Pamela: nope, asked about price and they told me $200
BobS: heck if it is witht he ines
rich-c: Windows 95 is about as much OS as a P100 can support, and that is too little for business today
Guy B.: Yes, the plug at the socket.
BobS: REdiculous
rich-c: even if it's working perfectly, $200 is too much for anything below a 166MMX
Guy B.: The plug broke, but I did manage to get it out of the socket, so I just need a new adapter.
Pamela: exactly
BobS: righto Richard
Jillian: Good thing you got it out Guy. It would be a bugabo if you didn't.
Pamela: here's a theory for you - chaos has something to do with fractal geometry
Guy B.: I probably would get $50 for mine and it's a P90.
Pamela: did you know that?
Jillian: I thought it was the other way around, Pam.
rich-c: no - fractals are very orderly, nothing chaotic about them
Pamela: I'm only quoting from West Wing
BobS: and you think , PAM, that a tv show is correct on everything?????
rich-c: I wouldn't take a tv drama as an ultimate authority
Jillian: But fractal geometry was invented to attempt to describe chaotic systems
Pamela: I said it was a theory
Judy: what does it mean?
Pamela: your guess is as good as mine
(S enjoys the flowers.)
rich-c: fractals I've seen, the basic equations don't even have any randoms in them
rich-c: not sure tehy even are built on variables
Pamela: Does any one but me watch this?
Jillian: No randoms. but they do have variables usually.
Guy B.: Well folks, have to check the e-mail. Might be able to make it Saturday. Bob and Judy, I'm glad Ryan's doing better. See you all later.
Judy: not us
Pamela: Nite Guy
Judy: bye Guy
rich-c: see you Saturday then, Guy. Meantime take care
BobS: k guy
Jillian: The theory being that chaos has nothing to do with randomness.
Jillian: Nite Guy.
Pamela: thanks for the suggestions
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: chaos is a highly technical term in mathematics and I have the impression the definition has changed a bit of late
rich-c: in classical literary terms, chaos describes a totally random (unordered) sort of events fitting no pattern
Jillian: Yes very technical and I haven't read a book on it since 1997 or so.
Judy: I am going to sign off now too, can't seem to stay sitting up anymore tonight, quess keeping up with the little guy is gettting to me
Judy: nite all, talk to you next week
Jillian: But fractal geometry is not a classic literary term at all.
rich-c: no surprise in that, Judy - get your rest and stay healthy, all of you are going to need it
BobS: yup, got to go now also kids
Pamela: sounds like bedtime for everyone
rich-c: OK Bob, see you Sat if you make it, otherwise next week
BobS: grandparents were NOT intended to become parent material
BobS: yup!!!!!
Jillian: Good night Judy and Bob. Give the little guy a hug from me. and Mandy too.
BobS: nite all
Judy left chat session
BobS: will do
BobS left chat session
Jillian: I'd better get going as well. Jeffy will want to eat again soon and I haven't yet finished the supper dishes.
Pamela: I'm outta here too. See you next week?
rich-c: chaos is a philosophical concept; whether the mathematicians are defining it "properly" is a question
rich-c: OK folks, looks like we're all shutting down
rich-c: Nite Jill, nite Pam
Jillian: Hopefully. Stay safe. Both of you. and tell Frances hello as well.
Pamela: Yup. Daddy, I'll try to call tomorrow
Jillian: poof
Jillian left chat session
Pamela: by Jillian
Pamela: oops too late
rich-c left chat session
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