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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: did you try that URL I sent you?
George: i'm on my P100
rich-c: that a desktop or laptop?
George: desktop
rich-c: right, I,m on the laptop a P166
rich-c: we have the rematch of lat week's football game
George: i went to the url you sent me. i never saw BUSH do so many splits
rich-c: good - figured you would enjoy it
rich-c: how is the weatheer own your way?
George: i'm watching the beverly hillbillies
rich-c: down
George: we have clear sunshine
rich-c: that is an old program
George: yes from 60's
rich-c: we are very suuny too but chill, low 60s
George: thats 1960's
rich-c: temperature is about the same in Indianapolis
George: anyone joining us today?
rich-c: was watching qualifying before the football game started
rich-c: we never know who will turn up when
George: the temp here is 75F
rich-c: you are doing well then
George: i still have the air on
rich-c: we are supposed to be very warm next week
George: inside it still gets over 90F
rich-c: usually we have to turn on the heat in the mornings about Sept. 12
rich-c: this year we havent put the furnace on yet
George: i won't use hear for about 2 months yet
George: i mean heat
George: darn fingers
rich-c: end of November? that seems awfully late
George: by then my apartment will be cool enough
rich-c: it may not be full time but we will be heating fairly soon
rich-c: our nights are getting cold now, under 50
rich-c: we have had our fall weather turnover though
George: we are still in the 60's and 70's overnight
rich-c: our August was the driest on reecord but we have had lots of rain last several days
George: we got about an inch of rain from the storm
rich-c: yes, we just got the fringe of that yesterday but it was wet
George: we still need about 15 inches of rain
rich-c: our grass is now nice and green and the farmers have stopped complaINING
George: our grass is deep brown
rich-c: well, there are several bands of storms coming along; you should get some
George: and the fish are complaining
rich-c: know what you mean
George: we have a water ban in effect
rich-c: I'm surprised it is still that bad
rich-c: we never have a drought that causes a water ban
rich-c: but heat can because then we use so much water the treatment plants cant keep up
George: trees are drying up too
rich-c: ours were pretty stressed last month but now they are fine
rich-c: of course they are starting to change now
George: ours are brown
rich-c: guess they wont recover now before they drop their leaves
George: they are dropping their leaves now
rich-c: that ids one of the later symptoms of drought
rich-c: reminds me of one September we were at Cape Cod and the trees wre just coming into leaf
rich-c: it was incredibly strange tosee
George: my vcr's are all breaking down
rich-c: vcrs tend to do that, especially when used a lot
George: they are almost 20 years old
rich-c: I tried to tape last night's game but forgot to turn on the satellite
George: did you just get a blue screen?
rich-c: I dont use it be still have a working betamax
rich-c: no, mine is just fine
rich-c: and I have not had an intrusion attempt either
George: i have to find a new superbeta vcr
rich-c: Sony has stopped making them
rich-c: they just announced that in the last two weeks
George: i guess i have to ransack a warehouse some where
rich-c: of course they havent sold any in North America for years
rich-c: maybe you should see if there isv anything on eBay
George: do you have the same video system we use?
George: ntsc
rich-c: yes, we use the NTSC standard - all North America does
George: what about the new digital and HD TV?
rich-c: we will be using the same standards you do
rich-c: that is because so many of us can receive US stations
George: do you pickup our programs?
rich-c: yes, even by antenna, without cable
rich-c: we get all three big networks out of Buffalo, plus PBS
George: but not philly stations
rich-c: no, only line of sight
rich-c: did you realize Detroit is north of Windsor, Ont?
George: you can get by going to
rich-c: oh yes, there are a lot of radio stations online, and some tv, I guess
rich-c: mind you I only use tv for football and racing
rich-c: and only use the radio when I'm alone in the van
George: no news?
rich-c: no,we subscribe to two daily newspapers
George: i don't get newspapers
rich-c: it's the only way to kmow what is going on - and then you need the right paper
George: news broadcasts are free
George: we have no free newspapers
rich-c: considering how useless they are, they should pay you to listen to them
rich-c: we do have free daily papers distributed on the subway and a 3 a week local freebie
rich-c: both of them are pretty useless
George: you get what you pay for i guess
rich-c: sometimes - but you aalways pay for what you get
George: you can use them for bottom of a bird cage
George: and lighting fires
rich-c: there are some very good newspapers in the US
rich-c: the best known is the NY Times which is one of the world's greatest
rich-c: the Washington Post of late has been very impressive
George: we frown upon it here. about as usefull as the national inquirer
rich-c: havent had a recent look at the Bulletin
rich-c: anyone who does not appreciate the time does not understand what constitutes proper journalism
rich-c: Times that is
George: Granny is so funny
rich-c: huh?
rich-c: oh, you're talking about the tv
George: on the the hillbillies
rich-c: Sasaktchewan just scored another field goal
rich-c: they are now ahead 9-1 but it should be much more
George: what happened to Daniel?
rich-c: who knows? guess he was busy this afternoon
rich-c: he is shy because he does not realize how good his English really is
George: about as good as mine
rich-c: don't know if you realize it, but Fred chats with an English-French dictionary open online
rich-c: in Canada of course French is the official language, along with English
George: i refer to it too
rich-c: that is why the Canadians work at trying to meet Fred and Daniel halfway, so to speak
George: i guess i can still be understood
rich-c: mind you, that is only common courtesy in any case
rich-c: yes, you do just fine where language is concerned
George: i can't understand any french
rich-c: a tip: when we are flinging French around, you can mostly ignore it
rich-c: most amounts to hi, how are you, sort of thing
George: any get lost?
rich-c: if the talk is significant, we will usually drop in a clue as to what is being discussed
rich-c: the rest of us are iffy enough in French that we shift back to English quickly anyway
rich-c: just remember, the most common language in the world is Chinese
George: the most common people too
rich-c: yes, then there's Hindi and Urdu and Punjabi
rich-c: moral: speak what you like, just don't get uppity about it
George: i had a guest from tokyo come to a dinner party i had
rich-c: good for you
rich-c: did you know james brought a bunch of his students to Canada last year and we met them for dinner?
George: i couldn't understand what she was saying
rich-c: no, Japanese is hard for the North American ear
rich-c: james does speak it, and so does Dale a bit
George: you can say that again
rich-c: anyway, looks like no one else is coming
rich-c: want to wind it down for the day?
George: looks like it
George: for now
rich-c: have another URL for you to try
George: ok
rich-c: it's a portal -
rich-c: you will likely get a kick out of it
George: ok
rich-c: let you go look at it now - see you Wed
George: see you Wed.
rich-c: OK bye
George: Bye
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Daniel B.: Sorry! I'm late!
Daniel B.: I miss all the chat session then.. well, see you next time! bye bye!
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