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rich-c: test
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changed username to FredK
FredK: HI Rich
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred, ca va?
FredK: Tres bien et vous?
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rich-c: moi aussi, pour un viellard
FredK: lol
FredK: respirez vous bien?
changed username to Dr.Zzzzzz
rich-c: nous avons quelqu'un de plus
FredK: le Docteur
rich-c: greetings, Professor
Dr.Zzzzzz: Zzzzzzz....still trying to wake up.
FredK: Hallo herr Doctor
rich-c: had another of your sleep on the lab floor nights?
FredK: lol
Dr.Zzzzzz: Loooonnnnnngggg last 4 days or so.
Dr.Zzzzzz: Literally that, Richard.
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rich-c: what have you been up to - when you should have been sleeping?
Dr.Zzzzzz: Today was the makeup lab seminar for the one I missed last week because of being sick.
changed username to George
FredK: trying to get better perhaps?
rich-c: hi George
Dr.Zzzzzz: Hi George.
FredK: Hi George
rich-c: right, the students can skip but the prof has to make up for the missed stuff
FredK: was vilst do machen!!!
Dr.Zzzzzz: I was in the lab last night until 2:30 the lab the night before until 11:00 PM...
George: Hi Rich, Freddy, and Dr. D
rich-c: yeah, at that point the carpet in the robot arena could look pretty good
Dr.Zzzzzz: Was ich machen will ist schlaffen, aber am ersten muss ich mit ihnen sprechen :-)
FredK: lol
George: huh
rich-c: Fred, have you ever looked at the Adamcon pictures of the robot building unit?
Dr.Zzzzzz: This weekend was jam-packed with stuff that I couldn't get out of, too.
FredK: robot building unit doesnt ring a bell rich....
rich-c: OK, at the Cleveland Adamcon Dr. D. has us all building Lego robots
Dr.Zzzzzz: A big alumni dinner for my undergrad fraternity (featuring a national VIP that I arranged for).
rich-c: there are pictures posted of the process and the robots running around
Dr.Zzzzzz: Several emergency extra sessions for students in the robot lab.
Dr.Zzzzzz: Broken E-mail at CWRU so I had to staff all these myself (staff mailing list didn't work).
rich-c: we had a hoot - it shows in the pictures
FredK: Really, Lego robots.....hmmmmm
Dr.Zzzzzz: And various places to take the girls.
rich-c: where are those pictures posted, Rich, do you know?
Dr.Zzzzzz: Robot photos:
FredK: gotta see that visout fail...
FredK: icht meuchte geherne...
rich-c: George, if you haven't seen them, you make a note, too
Dr.Zzzzzz: takes a while to load in the thumbnails.
Dr.Zzzzzz: If you want to see high school science teachers doing the same stuff (over 2 weeks), look at
FredK: too bad cant cut and paste the addr......
Dr.Zzzzzz: Oh crud I forgot about no cut/paste in this window...
rich-c: Rich, I've been having a bit of an exchange with Shawn Rapp, up in Alaska
Dr.Zzzzzz: Well, open Your Favorite Text Editor and type yourself a note...they aren't too complicated.
rich-c: he is getting the itch to get ambitious with Adam
Dr.Zzzzzz: I saw some of Shawn's posts to the list, haven't been able to jump in.
Dr.Zzzzzz: He sounds like he's having some fun with his ADAMs.
rich-c: anyway he wants to build a major Adam website, though the project is long-term
FredK: well noted, just get lazy with simplyness....
rich-c: one thing I suggested to his is that having mirrors of the remaining major site might be useful
FredK: as long as you dont blow smoke in it....
FredK: lol
Dr.Zzzzzz: I will gladly contribute fact, Dale could have had all my stuff if he wanted to bother hosting it...but I think Dale is pretty much out of the loop for the forseeable future for projects like this, just too busy.
rich-c: I know I'd sleep better if our only access to critical stuff wasn't in just one location
Dr.Zzzzzz: If he's too busy to show Jill or me how to do maintenance here...I think it's a lost cause.
George: i'm coughing my head off
rich-c: Shawn apparently has his own server
rich-c: the only downer is that he does have ambitions of moving back to the lower 48, the sooner the better
Dr.Zzzzzz: Got a cold, George?
rich-c: you'll just have to back off on the smoking, George
Dr.Zzzzzz: Alaska...either or long long phone cable :-)
George: no, i have sever breathing problems
FredK: thats why its not.....oh no forget it...
rich-c: well, they do have some of the amenities of civilzation up there now
Dr.Zzzzzz: Carrier pigeon-based packet-switching network :-)
rich-c: in fact I was surprised to find Anchorage has a population around a quarter million
George: i don't smoke
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Dr.Zzzzzz: Good choice, George!
FredK: you dring?
FredK: k
George: i never did
FredK: start
FredK: joke
rich-c: do you still have an allowable puff on your inhaler today?
Dr.Zzzzzz: Inhalers...I lived on them for a while about 12 years ago, when my asthma acted up for the first time in about 20 years...
Dr.Zzzzzz: They do work, though.
FredK: great i thought I outgrew tht
rich-c: I'm on a dilator which is basically prophylactic, and a steroid which is therepeutic
George: my doctor wants to put me on a CPAP machine with oxygen therapy
rich-c: those are souvenirs of the pneumonia I had last May
Dr.Zzzzzz: Better than standing in a hot shower to breathe the steam like I had to do when I was a kid, to hold off bronchospasms long enough for the ambulance to come get me.
FredK: gees...
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FredK: I just had those ventalins...
rich-c: so far I haven't had any significant incidents - and don't need any
changed username to Jillian
rich-c: hello Jillian
Jillian: Greetings all.
FredK: Hi Jillian
Dr.Zzzzzz: Holla Jil.
Dr.Zzzzzz: Or Jill.
Dr.Zzzzzz: That is.
George: Hi Jillian
Jillian: Dale wanted me to point out that he has updated the archive, and we should be able to keep up between us now.
Dr.Zzzzzz: Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: hey, that's neat, it will make a number of folks happy
rich-c: gather that means he's shown you how to do the work, too
Dr.Zzzzzz: Now I can find out what happened during all those chats I've missed :-)
FredK: gey schlaffen....haha
rich-c: why Rich, we were all talking about you behind your back
Dr.Zzzzzz: I'm a little more awake now, time for a moniker change...
Jillian: Partially. I'll get another lesson after chat tonight.
Dr.Zzzzzz changed username to Dr.D.
George: oh, boy
rich-c: good - how is Dale getting on, by the way?
Dr.D.: The very best insult I ever heard was from someone who was talking about someone else behind his back, when the someone else showed up:
rich-c: ga
Jillian: Pretty good. We were in quebec this weekend so we're all tired but he's on his way home.(at a decent time for once.)
Dr.D.: "I was talking about you in the third person. Please go away so I can continue doing so!"
rich-c: ouch!
rich-c: Jill, you mean Dale is still at work?
Dr.D.: It defused a fight, believe it or not...the someone else thought it was so hilarious that he just caved right in.
George: AH CHOO!
FredK: das warr shnell
rich-c: I thought he had had a discussion with the management about his hours
rich-c: he's always quick, Fred
Dr.D.: Gotta be fast with the Kleenex :-)
Jillian: nope her's left the office and is now foraging in the wilds for pizza.
FredK: My writting is horrible...need practice...
Dr.D.: I said I was waking up a bit...though Joan just got back home now, from picking up Christina after a soccer game (they won), so I won't be here too much longer.
rich-c: hey, there's this outfit that delivers, in fact there's a couple
Dr.D.: Schreiben auf deutsch or auf englisch, Fred?
George: my german is as poor as sh__
FredK: deutsch naturelich
FredK: as you can see
Jillian: He doesn't start until noon so 9pm is a relatively normal day.
rich-c: I guarantee, Fred, your English is better than my French, and don't even ask about German
Jillian: Congratulations to Christina!
Dr.D.: Somehow my deutsch has never gone away, I can still read it okay, write it passably, I can't remember the vocab fast enough to speak well.
FredK: lol
Jillian: I bet if we dropped you in downtown Berlin you would get it back real fast.
FredK: DrD you do write correctly.
rich-c: that was your mandatory second language for the Ph.D., Rich?
Dr.D.: Lucky for me, because there's lots of important 19th century slug scientific literature that's all in German.
George: how do i speak?
Jillian: seriously?
Dr.D.: There is no mandatory 2nd language for my Ph.D.
Dr.D.: Yes true, Jill.
rich-c: maybe I'm dated; used to be all Ph.D. candidates had to have a second language
FredK: ohne worte!
Dr.D.: Zeitschrift fuer Wissenschaftlischer Biologie from the 1840s-1860s has all the classic slug anatomy in it.
Dr.D.: Fortunately the journals themselves aren't printed in Fraktur, that is hard to read.
FredK: 10 million dollar word there ....
rich-c: well hey, if no one has touched it for 150 years, it's time you updated it - get with it ;-)
Jillian: brb
FredK: lol
Dr.D.: But we have 'em all, right out on the shelves, worm-eaten bindings and all...but the paper is just as clean and crisp as when it was printed.
FredK: was fur einen arbeit
Dr.D.: None of that acid-pulp stuff, this is genuine Bavarian rags :-)
George: maybe i'm just neandertal
rich-c: what librarians refer to as the good old days
Dr.D.: Our library even has some minutes from British Parliament going back to the 18th century, they too are crumbling bindings but pristine printed pages.
rich-c: no George, just isn't one of your interests
FredK: thats historic also
rich-c: yes, leather is especially bad, it just dries out and powders
George: pig skins?
Dr.D.: Not sure where they're bestowed now, but the old WRU library had them right out on the shelves in the could look up original speeches by the Pitts, read debate about those shameful American colonists...
rich-c: but I reckon Hansard for 1770-1780 or such has a certain interest for Americans
rich-c: yes, real uppity bunch of ingrates :=)
George: dear skins in America
Dr.D.: Not sure if these were original 18th century or else 19th century reprints, but they were typeset for sure.
rich-c: oddly enough, I believe buckskin was a fairly popular early book binding, George
Dr.D.: The latest books that I have in my collection that are actually typeset are some German medical texts from the 1930s.
FredK: then it was buck of beer...
Dr.D.: Run your fingers over the pages and you can feel the impression of the type.
rich-c: oh, the Mother of Parliaments wouldn't have settled for less than the best
rich-c: and after all, it was over 300 years since Gutenberg
George: i wouldn't be surprised
rich-c: ok, you mean letter by letter rather than line by line of type
Dr.D.: Our Medical Library has an edition of anatomical woodcuts by Andreas Vesalius (1500s) that was reprinted in 1932 from the original wood blocks! They had survived intact all this time, several hundred of them, missing just a dozen or so.
rich-c: but then, until the Linotype came along about 100 years later, handsetting was the only way
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rich-c: even today very deluxe editions may be handset in Monotype
George: native Americans used buckskin for almost everything
Dr.D.: I got to see the sheets of these when I was in med school...amazing to feel the surface of the paper and see the ridges etc. from the blocks.
FredK: 10 ponts fr that one G.
Dr.D.: Of course, the blocks themselves were stored in a museum in Dresden...and you know what happened there in 1944...all lost in the fire.
rich-c: yes, wars are always so hard on historical treasures
George: i'm typing with tissues in my hand
FredK: stay carved in mem. only.
Dr.D.: And I knew this history of the blocks at the time I was looking at the folio in the museum...that's why it was spooky to see the impressions from the blocks.
rich-c: until recently newspaper headline type - the big "Second Coming" stuff - was wooden blocks
Dr.D.: They also have an original edition from the first edition of 15xx.
Dr.D.: Now it's all laser printers :-)
rich-c: yes, cold type and non-impact printers, faster and neater but just doesn't have the character (says Adam)
Dr.D.: I bet you can't buy any kind of impact printer now.
George: i have daisey wheel printer
FredK: me 2
rich-c: I think there are still one or two dot matrix printers around for folks who use "carbon" forms
George: she prints good
rich-c: yes, I still like the Adam daisy wheel for stiffly formal documents
FredK: Make a lot of those Rich?
rich-c: and I can do an envelope on the Adam and turn it off before Windows hits the entry screen from bootup
George: my ADAM printer is broken
rich-c: so get yourself a new one
Dr.D.: The manuscript for my first scientific paper was written with WordStar 3.3 and printed on an Okidata Microline 92 9-pin dot matrix printer for drafts, and on a Silver-Reed daisy wheel printer for the submitted copies.
George: more like smashed
rich-c: or else fix the one you've got
rich-c: right, it has a run-in with a technophobic female, didn't it?
Dr.D.: I can remember feeding the sheets of bond paper into the must have taken 1.5 hours to print each copy.
George: yes
Dr.D.: And the journal wanted 3 copies...
FredK: less stress back then i gather...
Dr.D.: It was a much quieter printer than the ADAM printer though.
rich-c: yes, multiple copies of long documents are not a joy with a daisy wheel
Dr.D.: This was in 1984.
rich-c: though for years I did a Christmas letter to the relatives that way, about 20 copies
George: you got that right
FredK: Dr. bond papers fr the border?
rich-c: the noise the Adam makes partly reflects what it's sitting on
Dr.D.: :-) I meant 100% bonded cotton rag paper :-)
FredK: lol
George: can we go back in time to 1983?
FredK: this feels like back to the future....
Dr.D.: Only if we can delay the release of the ADAM from Christmas 1983 to Christmas 1984...
rich-c: and assassinate a couple of nincompoops at Coleco, you mean?
Dr.D.: That way the ADAM hits the market bug-free.
George: yes
Dr.D.: Instead of having a zillion warranty returns as a Christmas present.
rich-c: and take Gary Kilda; aside and show him how to weasel-word the "exclusive" contract Microsoft-style, so he gets the IBM contract instead of Bill Gates?
rich-c: sorry, Kildall
Dr.D.: Haha...that would be something.
George: just think if they came out with smartwindows
rich-c: yes, wouldn't you love to run your Pentium 4 on CP/M?
Dr.D.: Imagine what computing today would be like if it was CP/M-86 that took off for the x86 platform...
Dr.D.: And it was popular enough that Zilog was able to get their Z280 to market in a timely fashion.
George: Caldera has it
rich-c: problem is, that jerk Gates would still likely scoop everyone with Windows for it
FredK: that would be class "A dam" computers...
Dr.D.: How about a gigahertz Zilog CPU with a 64K-segment Z80 "real mode"...
rich-c: after all, he apparently did the Amiga interface, and it's still easier than Windows in many ways - less crash-prone, too
FredK: like Nike said once....just do it..:)
rich-c: Rich, have you looked aat WalMart's $199 computer yet?
George: i'd love to do it
Dr.D.: The Lindows box? No I haven't...
FredK: is that per month?
rich-c: Don't expect them to have it here so I'll be interested in an informed opinion from down south
rich-c: that is total delivered price complete with OS, new, Fred
rich-c: of course it's in US dollars!
Dr.D.: All it needs is a HDTV for monitor :-)
FredK: I was sarcastic there....:)
George: has stuff for Amiga
Dr.D.: If you want to see what a ColecoVision portable would look like, check out the Gameboy Color from Nintendo...the girls have one, it looks and sounds like a ColecoVision, even has a Z80 in it.
rich-c: must say, if I only had some room, I'd be tempted to go fetch one
Dr.D.: Trade the space of 1 ADAM system for it.
rich-c: brb
FredK: hes doen it already....
Dr.D.: hahahahahaha
Dr.D.: Jill, how is Jeffrey?
FredK: Ill take that Adam with disk drive too....
rich-c: reminds me, no Slopsemas - I hope all is well there
FredK: sincerely...
Dr.D.: Yeah, I was about to comment on that fact, no Bob'n'Judy so far...
rich-c: Pamela is likely just watching West Wing and likely to be on shortly
rich-c: but then we don't have Guy either - maybe Netzero is down or something?
FredK: lol
FredK: solved partially that prob....
FredK: on Cable now...
rich-c: videotron or sympatico?
FredK: videotron
rich-c: or wait, sympatico would be adsl
rich-c: horribly expensive, but if you need it there's no choice
FredK: weekends require tracking fr me and stuff cant waste time....
rich-c: the bandits at Star Choice have just jacked up our satellite fees - again
FredK: customer service
George: i'm going to loose my aol dsl connection
rich-c: good riddance, George, dialup is far better value
Dr.D.: Unless you need voice and data lines active simultaneously, like we do here.
George: it is going up too much in price
rich-c: next thing you know you'll smarten up and go with Earthlink or some such
Dr.D.: That's the only reason we have ADSL: it was cheaper than adding another voice line whilst keeping 56K dialup on the first line.
FredK: smart name.....:)
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FredK: Well got to go and get shuteye......take care everybody.....good night
rich-c: someone hit the return key twice
Dr.D.: Gute Nacht, Fred.
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred, see you next week
FredK: danke schoen
George: i had to add a second line before getting dsl
FredK: bonsoir
Dr.D.: Traum auf deutsch :-)
FredK: lol
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Dr.D.: Somebody knockin' at the door, let 'em in!
changed username to Guy B.
FredK: *poof* oder pfoof
rich-c: Why would you need a second line if you have dsl?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
George: who was that?
FredK left chat session
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late tonight - overtime?
Dr.D.: Precisely, Richard.
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Guy B.: No, Watched The Bachelor.
Dr.D.: ADSL gives you simultaneous voice and data on 1 line.
George: it was before dsl was available
changed username to unpurple old mac
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
unpurple old mac: evening
Dr.D.: The other choice would be 56K modem on line 1, voice on line 2.
unpurple old mac: how is all
rich-c: hey look, Ron's snuck in on us
Dr.D.: Choice 2 cost more.
Guy B.: Ok here. How are you doing?
George: Hi Guy
Dr.D.: It's the Flying Purple Mac Eater from Comox!
unpurple old mac: well tks
unpurple old mac: actually it's NOT purple
rich-c: I figure anyone who wants to phone me can phone back, I'll be offline eventually
unpurple old mac: my latest arrival - a gift
Dr.D.: Tell that to Christina :-)
unpurple old mac: PPC 7600 screaming along at all of 120 meg
unpurple old mac: the plus was the 19 inch monitor
Guy B.: Ah, The Classics
Dr.D.: Or me trying to phone home while Elanor is playing Pokemon online...
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George: who is unpurlpe?
unpurple old mac: price was right
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: Hi all
rich-c: hi daughter, TV over?
unpurple old mac: Pamela m'dear
Pamela: Yeah, and a couple of other things
Dr.D.: Now go to and get yourself an 800 MHz G4 upgrade card!
George: Hi Pam
Guy B.: I just came on myself.
unpurple old mac: sounds like a plan Dr. D.
Pamela: Hi Ron
Dr.D.: I got a 450 MHz G4 upgrade for my 7600 this great.
unpurple old mac: might just do that
Pamela: Why is it unpurple?
Guy B.: Finally got my two Adams up and they work without a hitch. Now to hookup the P75 to one for Adamserve.
George: G4?
Dr.D.: If you do that, you can even put OS X on it...but you'll lose the floppy drive.
unpurple old mac: not a great difficulty
Dr.D.: PowerPC G4 processor, George.
Dr.D.: Just a later, faster version of the original.
rich-c: why, doesn't OS X support any type of floppy drive?
Dr.D.: Like Pentium, Pentium II III IV etc.
George: oh, don't know mac
Dr.D.: Nope, floppy support ends at MacOS 9.2.
Guy B.: Apple guesses that you won't need the floppy drive anymore.
Dr.D.: Forced upgrade decision from Herr Jobs.
unpurple old mac: yeah
unpurple old mac: an offer we can't refuse
unpurple old mac: although actually, he may have a point
George: like ISA slots are gone now
unpurple old mac: I find I'm using the floppy less and less
rich-c: it's not that I don't have rewritable CDs, or thaqt files arent beyond floppy size these days anyway, it's just - sentiment?
Dr.D.: Do you remember the old TV ads for the IBM PC with the Charlie Chaplin lookalike, stacking up piles of 5.25" floppies?
Guy B.: At least Microsoft still supports floppy drives in Windows.
Guy B.: Oh yeah! Do I remember that very well.
Pamela: well how else can you bring work home if not on a floppy?
Dr.D.: Only 1.44 MB floppies nowadays...anything 5.25" does not exist to WinXP...
Dr.D.: Ethernet, my dear Pamela (hello BTW).
Guy B.: At least it works with Win98. I don't know about WinME.
rich-c: guess I'll just have to stay with Win98SE then (crocodile tears)
rich-c: burn it into a rewritable CD, Pam
Dr.D.: Everything less than Win2K is being end-of-lifed by M$ on 30 June 2003.
Pamela: actually, I find it easier to transport a file home than email it to myself ( hi back)
unpurple old mac: Think different Rich
rich-c: or a regular one - they're cheaper than floppies these days anyway
George: new motherboards have only AGP and PCI slots
Dr.D.: I.e., no more Software Updates.
unpurple old mac: So now tell me, Dr. D. , what did the G4 upgrade set ya back?
Pamela: that would work Dad if I had a CD-R at work
Pamela: or at home for that matter
Dr.D.: No more Critical Updates to close security eventually your machines will get hacked.
rich-c: well, guess I'll just have to get them till they quit
rich-c: by then they may have patched most of the major security gaffes
Guy B.: Iomega now has a 750mb Zip drive and disks out. It will read and write the 250mb and read only the old Zip 100 disks.
Dr.D.: My 450 MHz G4 upgrade was a special deal bundled with a 128 MB DIMM and Sonnet's MacOS X installer workaround, $349 as of 15 July.
unpurple old mac: not too shabby considering what you end up with
Dr.D.: This was right before they rolled out the 800 MHz version for almost $ of course they were clearing out inventory to make room.
George: 2.4 ghz.
Dr.D.: If you only want MacOS 9.1 on it, then it's a good deal. If you want to use it for MacOS X, then you'd better have lots of RAM, more HD space, and PCI cards for USB and that point, you're at the cost of a low-end iMac new.
George: 256 mb ram
rich-c: anyway, with Zone Alarm, a dialup connection, and a good antivirus, I'm not prime hacker bait
unpurple old mac: ok.... so I'll have to do a cost/benefit analysis (yuuuch)
unpurple old mac: still sounds like something worth checking out
Pamela: do you remember how to do one of those, Ron?
unpurple old mac: sorta
unpurple old mac: have my own version
unpurple old mac: called 'toss the coin'
Dr.D.: Even my upgraded machine can't export edited video to a FireWire video camera fast enough (though it can import video just fine)...bottlenecks in the slow PCI bus.
Pamela: that works
unpurple old mac: so there are plusses and minuses
Dr.D.: Whenever I want to write out an edited slug movie, I have to do it on a "real" G4.
Dr.D.: (Or G3 iMac).
rich-c: I suspect that I will manage to stay content with what I have for a while
Dr.D.: Anything with the native FireWIre ports.
unpurple old mac: my other (purple) mac is getting old now (3 years==gee)
Dr.D.: So whadaya call a 20-year-old ADAM then? :-)
George: 128 bit operating system
Jillian changed username to Dale
unpurple old mac: content with what I have = completely foreign to my nature
Dale: Hi all.
unpurple old mac: Hi Dale
rich-c: hey Dale, you made it home
rich-c: how was the pizza?
Dr.D.: Why not put an ADAM in your purple iMac case? Get a 13" color TV tube etc.
George: HI Dale
unpurple old mac: how's the state of employer/employee relations?
Dr.D.: You'd be talk of the town with it.
Dale: The pizza was worth the wait.
Dr.D.: Hello Dale.
rich-c: where did you get it?
unpurple old mac: Hey now there's a thought
Dale: I have lots of work to do.
unpurple old mac: 20 year old ADAM is not OLD, it's MATURE
Dale: I broke my before midnight rule, and got it from Pizza Pizza.
Dr.D.: "before midnight" rule?
Dale: (after midnight it is one of the few places that is uniformly open, so I usually save it for then).
Pamela: Hi Dale
Dale: Hi Pam
unpurple old mac: used to be that the only time Pizza Pizza was suitable was after midnight, when I was drunk
Dale: Proves my point.
unpurple old mac: In my view, they do not know how to make crust, and couldn't if their lives depended on it
Dr.D.: Ron, drunk, I can't imagine that...
Dale: But is was on my way home.
rich-c: the things I've heard about their management and employee relations dont inspire confidence
unpurple old mac: a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Dr. D.
Dale: So I'm having Pizza Pizza pizza.
Dr.D.: Must be a time before I knew you, then.
Dr.D.: Another Ron.
unpurple old mac: just about
Pamela: crazy, crazy
unpurple old mac: oh yeah
Dr.D.: I met Ron at ADAMcon IV, so that's 10 years and one month ago!
Dr.D.: Gosh, that's really about from when I know most of you.
rich-c: well if I recall he wass dry as a bone at Adamcon 2, too
unpurple old mac: that would do it. I have not awoken face down in the street for almost 15 years
Dr.D.: But IV was my first.
unpurple old mac: awakened?
unpurple old mac: woke up?
George: stuff you see when you haven't got a gun
Pamela: must be sober - he's worried about grammer
rich-c: yes, gas drops a nickel a litre the day after I fill my tank
Pamela: sorry, grammar
Dr.D.: "grammar" --
unpurple old mac: Kelsey gramma?
Dr.D.: You're pedant bait tonight, Pam :-)
Pamela: I noticed
Dr.D.: Kelsey grampa?
Pamela: not terribly quick witted tonite am I
rich-c: nope, had a hard day at the office?
Dr.D.: Quite accurate with your syntactical inversions however you are, though :-)
Dr.D.: (Is there a Yoda in the house?)
Pamela: no, I had gum surgery this morning and ended up not going in - a function of the T1's in my system
unpurple old mac: Yoda I and II ?
George: who?
Dr.D.: Ow, gum surgery...yuck.
rich-c: review your Star Wars tapes, George
Dr.D.: T1s?
Pamela: good examples have I had
unpurple old mac: :)
Pamela: Tylenol Ones - with some codeine
George: no star wars tapes
Dr.D.: Ah, the ones that are OTC there and prescription here?
Pamela: yup
unpurple old mac: All's I know is that this monitor is sure easy on the eyes
Pamela: $3.99 for 50
unpurple old mac: seems worth upgrading just for that
Pamela: cheap high
Dale: There's a completely ASCII version of the movie.
George: .99
Dale: Let's see if I can locate it...
Dr.D.: Codeine is still the most effective cough medicine I've ever taken.
Pamela: All it did was put me to sleep
Pamela: However, that sure beats the pain
rich-c: your ma wants to know why the gum surgery
unpurple old mac: to sleep, perchance to dream.......aye...
Pamela: the entire lower right quadrant of my jaw hurts
Dr.D.: Don't think I've had codeine cough medicine since I was a lad, came off the shelves around 1970 if I remember right.
Dale: Check out
rich-c: you've been holding out on us
unpurple old mac: not a good sign Pam
Dr.D.: At least you can talk here without using your jaw :-)
Pamela: gum surgery - crown extension to lower the gums around the tooth I cracked a piece out of in the spring so they can put a crown on it
Pamela: true Dr. D
unpurple old mac: Dale, did you see my message to col-adam about the demise of ??
rich-c: ok, now we know
Pamela: it's all Dad
Pamela: s fault
Dale: Ron, I haven't updated you yet.
unpurple old mac: I refuse to pay for that which was free
Dr.D.: He cracked your tooth?!?!?!?
unpurple old mac: ok.... so the real address is:
Dale: Does still work?
unpurple old mac:
rich-c: a right and proper attitude, sir
Pamela: no, but he did bequeath me his teeth
unpurple old mac: and that's the only one you need to include
Dale: I'll update it now...
Pamela: cracked the tooth on a crouton
unpurple old mac: no sir.... no ronmitch@anywhere
rich-c: Dale, Michael says you still haven't updated him
rich-c: in fact you can just leave him on the old Toronto Freenet address if you know it
Dr.D.: "bequeath your teeth"..."crack a crown on a crouton"...lots of alliteration there
unpurple old mac: carumba!
Pamela: no Rich, cracked the tooth - don't have the crown yet
Dr.D.: The crown of your original tooth, I meant...
Pamela: oh
Pamela: gotcha
rich-c: dental care is not on our medical care package
Dr.D.: :-(
rich-c: you're right
Pamela: it's not in mine either - they don't cover enough of the work I have done to make it worth my while to spend the $$ on basic dental
George: i got lost
unpurple old mac: same here, although I do now subscribe to the fed's retired-old-fart plan
rich-c: right, we cancelled our dental - we don't need the basic and they don't cover the big stuff we might want
Pamela: I'd rather have that $500+- in my pocket and make direct use of it at the dentist
unpurple old mac: 16 per month
unpurple old mac: but only covers 50% of crowns
unpurple old mac: and there's an annual limit for all bills
Dale: Done.
unpurple old mac: so you're probably right
Dr.D.: I'm turning into Dr. Zzzzzz again I think I'm going to sign off for the evening...still some sleep deficit to make up (only 2 hours last night).
Pamela: we have a flex benefits plan at work. $500 give or take for basic dental and as large an elective as you can afford
Dale: Michael phoned me today, and I did him.
unpurple old mac: good Dale, thank you very much. Your're a gentlemen, scholar and good judge of fine whiskey
Pamela: how are you feeling Rich
Dr.D.: And it's not because of dentistry either.
Guy B.: Bye Dr D.
rich-c: OK Rich, go log your zzzs - see you Sat or next week
unpurple old mac: niters Dr. D.
Dr.D.: Oh I gave my makeup lab seminar today...seemed to be well-received...but I burned all candles at all ends for the last 4 days to get it done.
Pamela: Then go and get some well deserved rest
Dr.D.: So, time to crash...3s and 8s, we gone, bye-bye!
unpurple old mac: sleep, my son, sleeeeep
Pamela: nite
rich-c: time to recharge the batteries then
Dr.D.: <click>
Pamela: or get some new candles
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: speaking of which, when do you plan to come fetch that lamp?
Dale: Glenfitich is Jill's favorite.
Pamela: who knows Dad - things have been a little crazy recently. Putting so much O/T recently, I think I've earned a free day off
rich-c: that's Glenfiddich, Dale - but at least she's teaching you good taste!
Pamela: Russell would approve, Dale - he loves Glenfiddich
unpurple old mac: Knew people who loved that stuff (Glenfitich)
unpurple old mac: ok, so never knew how to spell it, because I never bought it..... which one of you is right?
Pamela: Dad and I
rich-c: we haven't officially given up the hard stuff, just don't seem to drink it any more
rich-c: now give us a half-decent bottle of wine...
unpurple old mac: Don't drink it no more, got tired of waking up on the floor
Pamela: all things in moderation Ron
unpurple old mac: including moderation
Pamela: oh lord, I sound like my father
unpurple old mac: which was never in my vocabulary
Pamela: aaaaaahhh
unpurple old mac: one of something was (is) never enough.....wives, sandwiches, cookies, computers
rich-c: I'll drink as long as I'm still fit to drive, then no more
Pamela: hence the snake pit, right?
rich-c: well, I'm still on my first wife...
unpurple old mac: you got it
Pamela: Nice to know I have good examples : )
rich-c: but is there such a thing as a cookie, a sandwich, a computer?
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rich-c: thought they only came in the plural
Pamela: yes Dad, they do come in singles
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
rich-c: welcome back Guy
Pamela: what happened Guy?
Guy B.: Browser trouble.
Dale: Hi Guy.
Pamela: ah
George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
rich-c: what wasn't behaving?
Guy B.: How's Jeffrey doing?
Pamela: lessee, parents married for 47 years, grandparents married for 60 +
Dale: He's asleep.
Guy B.: Must have been a busy day for him.
Dale: He has a new web site actually:
Pamela: George, your snores fell off the bed
unpurple old mac: sorry.... other computer required my attention- message from Bill Gates
unpurple old mac: no such thing as one of those items Rich
Dale: He got teeth right after AdamCon, and decided 4 would do for now.
unpurple old mac: well, thanks Guy.
Dale: He is eating all kinds of stuff. (as opposed to baby food).
rich-c: let me guess - Bill said "this computer has performed an illegal operation..."
Guy B.: Wow, pretty soon he will be walking.
unpurple old mac: he's supposed to phone after the chat....... ho that reminds me.... be right back
Guy B.: What did I do Ron?
Pamela: is he eating well, Dale?
unpurple old mac: supposed to tell Jeff to call later...gotta go out at 8 for an hour or so
rich-c: lessee, in your time that's 15 minutes from now
Pamela: timezone translation - gotta love it
Guy B.: Well gang, got to check the e-mail. I'll try for Saturday. See you all then or next week.
rich-c: btw, Ron, the new engine and conversion kit are on order, waiting delivery
Dale: I think he will walk soon. Right now he can pull himself up, then push off and either stand or crouch for about 3 seconds.
Pamela: 'kay Guy - nite
rich-c: OK Guy see you whenever
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Dale, are you raising Superman?
Pamela: he's certainly making great speed in everything
Dale: Well, we are feeding him about half baby food, and half whatever we're eating, supplimented by breast milk.
Pamela: yup, Superman
Dale: He is very agressive.
unpurple old mac: reading
Dale: The real question is wheter he is saying "Mommy", "Daddy", "Yeah", "Baby", or just practicing the sounds.
unpurple old mac: Rich....just looking at your last re engine and conversion kit...... sounds like progress is being made
rich-c: give him a month or twov more to find out about keyboards, Dale, then he'll chat with you
rich-c: yes Ron, I am now fully committed (about 5 large so far) - now it's just time
Pamela: it won't be long before you won't be guessing Dale
unpurple old mac: Anyway guys - must be off. Thanks Dale for updating my address...the system has just acknowledged my presence
unpurple old mac: see you guys next week
George: i see stars
Dale: Well, I thought he was trying to become Spiderman, not Superman.
Pamela: nite Ron
rich-c: if it is at all possible we plan to drive to Comox next summer
Dale: He is always climbing up anything and everything.
unpurple old mac: you'll like that Rich
Pamela: Oh?
unpurple old mac: gnite all
rich-c: nite. Ron
unpurple old mac left chat session
Pamela: typical, Dale
rich-c: yes, you should have seen our living room when Pamela was that age
George: everyone is going
rich-c: we just walled everything vulnerable off with cardboard and let her roam
Pamela: just call me Destructo
rich-c: well, time is getting on, George
rich-c: us folks who don't have to get up at a specific time have to respect the needs of those who do
George: yes
George: ok
Pamela: do I have to get up tomorrow?
Pamela: : (
George: nite all
rich-c: I think we still have pictures of the TV guard with the drop-down front
rich-c: off, are you , George? OK, see you Sat if we're there
Pamela: one thing about being an only, there are lots of pictures
George: ok, bye
rich-c: well watch out, your mother is getting into photo editing
Pamela: nite George
George left chat session
Pamela: that should be entertaining
Pamela: speaking of photos, can I borrow the Jamcam in the near future for a couple of days?
rich-c: right now she is usinf the Amiga programs mostly, but I am yet going to have to get the 166 out of the basement
rich-c: have to speak to your mother about that - maybe when you pick up the lamp?
Pamela: okay. Kimberly found her dress but I wasn't with her - we want to take a picture of it at the store becaues the co. it came from doesn't have a picture online
Dale: I'll go too then I guess.
Pamela: we'll need it for reference
Dale: Did you look at any of the updated chat archives?
rich-c: OK Dale, glad to have you here - come back soon
Pamela: you too Dale? Well if you must
rich-c: not yet, Jill only told us about them earlier
Dale: There's now 4 pages of them.
Pamela: Dale, question - do side room chats get archived too?
rich-c: but a number of folks have been avidly awaiting them
Dale: Yes.
Pamela: oh.
Dale: Personal messages do not though.
Dale: I think that side room discussions are mixed in with everything else.
Pamela: I had a couple of side room chats with people who would probably prefer the conversations to remain private
rich-c: they do not appear on the main chat screen; interpolating them would be difficult
Dale: Hunt around and find out.
Pamela: hmm, I will have to make sure they know that
Pamela: I will. Thanks.
rich-c: do let us know one way or t'other when you do find out, Dale
Dale: What I remember is that the log does not record the room name.
rich-c: and do see what you can do to calm Michael - he sounded in rather bad shape
rich-c: I suspect it only records the main panel but I could be wrong
Dale: I updated his email on the mailing list, and that's all he talked to me about.
Pamela: Michael always sounds like that Dad
rich-c: OK as long as he's on the mailing list he should be OK
rich-c: anyway I do think it is time to pack it in
Dale: Definately not Richard.
Pamela: yes I suppose so.
Dale: It does not seperate out other rooms.
rich-c: so, see those who turn up Sat, others as it may be
Pamela: we'll be at the traile this weekend Dad
rich-c: daughter if you choose to come by they just put speed bumps on Brookview
Pamela: what???
Pamela: all of Brookview or just the lower portion?
rich-c: I was inclined to stronger language. Now I just go down there faster
rich-c: block around the corner from us
Pamela: so not north of Rondale?
rich-c: with the new shocks in the truck, the faster I go over them the less bothersome they are
Dale: Bye all
rich-c: night Dale
Pamela: nite Dale - hi to Jillian and Jeffrey
Dale: I will.
Dale: poof
Pamela: thanks.
rich-c: what evil plots they may have for next week, I don't know
Dale left chat session
Pamela: I usually come in from the north so hopefully they'll stop at Rondale
rich-c: so far they do
Pamela: that's ridiculous. Whose brilliant idea was that?
rich-c: the Jewish mamas with more kids than they can look after
Pamela: that's so frustrating
rich-c: they did not ask anyone else in the neighbourhood
Pamela: it's getting so you can't drive anywhere without encountering the stupid things
rich-c: fortunately I can annoy the hell out of the culprits
Pamela: I once hit one too fast, and just about took out the underside of the car
Pamela: I didn't see it in time to slow down, and the warning sign was hidden
rich-c: I will now go down Brookview 10 kph faster and lean on the horn at anyone who slows down
Pamela: just don't honk at me - I don't have your suspension, or clearance
rich-c: high clearance and heavy duty shocks have their uses
rich-c: no, I just will make it clear traffic calming = road rage
Pamela: jsut wait until someone damages their car really badly and sues the city
Pamela: maybe then they'll remove them
rich-c: I keep hoping but it hasn't happened yet that I know of
rich-c: anyway, daughter, it is time to go
Pamela: considering how many of those stupid claims we get, I'm surprised no one has yet
Pamela: do I have to go to bed Daddy? I'm not sleepy (just stoned)
rich-c: yep, time good little girls were in bed
Pamela: awwwww. Well, alright.
rich-c: busy day tomorrow
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: OK, nitey-nite, sleep tight
Pamela: nite Dad. Say g'nite to Mom
rich-c: will do. Bye
Pamela: sweet dreams
Pamela: bye
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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