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Dan Bienvenu: ...
Dan Bienvenu: did I miss something tonight?
rich-c: hello Daniel, you are very prompt
Dan Bienvenu: hello Rich!
rich-c: no, you and I came on at the same time
Dan Bienvenu: Tonight... I wasn't at the university
rich-c: you actually have a night off?
Dan Bienvenu: it's not exactly a night off...
rich-c: just different obligations
rich-c: it is different when you are retired, like me
Dan Bienvenu: I decided to work at home tonight...
rich-c: my time is pretty much my own (and my doctors, and my mechanics', and my family's, and,,,)
rich-c: did have to do the weeks grocery chopping today, and get some medical testing done, but mostly free time
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
changed username to George W.
james: hi, how's it going?
rich-c: hello George, missed you Saturday
Dan Bienvenu: hello james!
james: bonjour dan ;)
Dan Bienvenu: hello George!
Dan Bienvenu: bonjour! ;)
rich-c: just waiting for your big event at Suzuka Sunday, james
james: what event is that?
james: some race?
rich-c: the Grand Prix of Japan
George W.: Hi Rich, James, and Dan
james: lol. i know nothing of racing
Dan Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) Do you remember when Dr.D. said he wanted to mail me something? it was 3 weeks ago?
james: i know they have cars that go fast, bail out a lot and some easy on the eyes race queens
George W.: i'm sick
james: that's not good
Dan Bienvenu: you're sick? ... :(
james: so how have you been, rich?
George W.: my doctor put me on zithromax
james: what's that?
rich-c: Dan, I think he wanted you to have his disc dirve schematic - it is now posted on his website
Dan Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: yes, james, the scenery around teh Grand Prix pits is - enticing
james: lol
rich-c: and yes, the crs are fast, incredibly so - and the sound is unbelievable
james: some days i'm just too married
Dan Bienvenu: what's the URL?
George W.: my head is spinning
rich-c: just a minute - he sent it around the Adam mailing list today - let me get it
Dan Bienvenu: I suppose I'm not in the Adam mailing list...
Dan Bienvenu: I receive nothing
Dan Bienvenu: but it's not a problem ... my Yahoo account is full.
james: really dan?
rich-c: Dan: try
rich-c: Dan, did you ask Dale directly to be put on the mailing list, or send the message to coladam-admin?
james: i really think it would save all involved a lot of trouble if we could somehow automate the mailing list through some kind of web form
rich-c: and james, what I've always told Frances is the day she's in trouble is the day I stop looking
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james: especially a simple change of address
changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy
rich-c: welcome Bob, we missed the Slopsemas last week
james: hey mr. slopsema ;)
George W.: Hi Bob
rich-c: hope it was not a sign of something bad
Dan Bienvenu: I didn't ask directly.. I simply send an e-mail... two months ago (I think).
Dan Bienvenu: hello Bob!
rich-c: figures, Dan - Dale sometimes needs a little reminding, shall we say?
BobS: hallo
BobS: ya we were at the antique mall and Judy's foks last week
james: that's why i think a web form to automate it so dale doesn't have to do it manually would be a good idea
BobS: and probably will be next wee
BobS: Doug is working on the mall computer system
rich-c: just tending to business, then
George W.: hey Rich, is your thanksgiving coming up?
rich-c: we were worried it might be a family matter
rich-c: yes George, next Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada, why?
BobS: no, that is still a her furniture out of the hosue last few days....TIRED
rich-c: you are entitled to be, Bob - you have had far more than your share lately
George W.: just wanted to make sure i wished you a happy thanksgiving
rich-c: we will take it quietly, George - Pamela will join us for dinner one of the days
rich-c: our Thanksgiving is earlier because our crops have to be in earlier
George W.: yes ours is closer to Christmas
rich-c: in fact Daniel should be seeing the first snow any day now ;-)
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changed username to FredK
Dan Bienvenu: it's raining tonight!
FredK: Hi all
George W.: we are in the 80's in philly
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred, ca va?
james: it's sunny and about 25C here
Dan Bienvenu: Fred!
FredK: Ca va merci et vous?
George W.: Hi Fred
Dan Bienvenu: ça va!
rich-c: assez bien, merci
FredK: Rich-C la respiration ca va mieux?
George W.: oh, boy
rich-c: we finally got up to about 17 today but it will be cool tonight
rich-c: we did set a new record for our house thouhg
rich-c: we didnt turn on the furnace till yesterday
FredK: Dan, le disk drive y marche tu?
rich-c: oui, Fred, c'est tres claire
Dan Bienvenu: je n'ai pas réparé mon disk drive...
FredK: c plate ca!
Dan Bienvenu: je n'ai pas encore téléchargé le pdf des schematics
Dan Bienvenu: rich! thelink is broken!?
rich-c: simmer down George, us folks talk both by law
FredK: George where getting there....just a little bit you knwo....
Dan Bienvenu: i can't download the schematics
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rich-c: we only get upset when Soanish or German get thrown in - they aren't officially recognized :-)
BobS: why not??????
BobS: too big????
FredK: Was ist loss mit Deutsh?
changed username to Judy
Dan Bienvenu: hello Judy!
rich-c: hi Judy
FredK: James through in your Japanese please....haha
George W.: Hi Judy
Judy: hi, everyone
FredK: Hi Judy!
rich-c: watch out Fred, he likely has a Japanese keyboard and can transmit accordingly
FredK: LOL
rich-c: he'll got and insult you terribly and you wont even know what he's saying
BobS: How's Myuki and the wee one James??????
Dan Bienvenu: I tried the link "" but it's not working
rich-c: Dan, how far in did you get with the link? in case I made a typo
FredK: George say something......vent out......or maybe not...haha
james: sorry, spaced out
George W.: oh, my head
FredK: thats better
rich-c: Daniel - spelling - schematics - did I do it wrong?
james: case and miyuki are good
George W.: my speelling is bad
rich-c: my keyboard cant spell either, George
George W.: oops
FredK: James putting in lots of hours lately?
Dan Bienvenu: ok! it's loading now....
rich-c: whew!
james: not too bad now, back to normal hours
rich-c: like you're only on the job 14 hours a day, james?
james: still gotta fix saturdays though. 11-9 straight without a break is kind of brutal for teaching
FredK: I think Rich just said it all...
james: most days i only work 5 or 6 hours
FredK: better than 8
FredK: or 12
George W.: how about a 24 hour a day job
james: i wholeheartedly agree
rich-c: right, you can't teach that long without a break and do it effectively
james: saturdays leave me pretty drained
FredK: G, yeah, thats my "modo" i can only work 24hours a day not more....
rich-c: with all respect, james, I fear it also leaves the students a bit shortchanged
rich-c: at least the ones who attend later in the day
james: i do my best to give it my all but yeah, i worry about that too
james: i'm making a few changes to my schedule so i have a break saturday afternoon
FredK: And thats just teaching part what about the rest?
rich-c: I'm sure you do, james, but there are limits to anyone's concentration
George W.: i can't work. i'm nuts
FredK: good excuse.
FredK: lol
George W.: which way is up?
rich-c: don't let him kid you, Fred, he just doesnt want to admit he's sick at the moment
Dan Bienvenu: do you think the 20th anniversary of the Coleco Adam computer will be celebrated? I notice no real celebration for the ColecoVision :(
rich-c: another one of these people who can't admit that there are times you have to back off and take a break
james: the rest?
FredK: well corrections, marks, familly life etc.
james: @rich - no i am *invincible* lol. nah, i know my limits which is why i'm fixing my schedule
rich-c: you'll have to ask Dr. D. and Ron about that but I expect they'll have something plotted for Adamcon
FredK: sleepless hours cause of nearby construction
james: i've since adjusted my schedule, but damn i'll be happy when the construction around here is finished
FredK: Rich maybe you mean Hplotted.
FredK: :)
rich-c: oh great Fred, trying to work when you've been up too early (and too late?)
George W.: i really put the the cart before the horse
Dan Bienvenu: yeah! i remember a project to do a special "cake"...
FredK: Rich no i meant for James, his sleepless nights cause of construction nearby his residence.
rich-c: my project will be just getting out there -I want to drive
rich-c: right, I'd forgotten that
rich-c: have the new engine and installation kit on order, waiting for them to arrive
Dan Bienvenu: ... how big is the size of the pdf file for the schematics?
George W.: BRB
james: construction is driving me nuts but i'm on a better schedule now which helps
FredK: Rich, just in time for .......Winter, you can do some donuts in the snow....:)
james: it's the noise while i'm teaching that's getting on my nerves
rich-c: haven't any idea, Dan - I haven't downloaded it yet
rich-c: but in my experience pdf files are a bit on the large size
rich-c: you running low on storage space on your computer?
Dan Bienvenu: no.. my modem is a little bit slow tonight.
rich-c: what speed modem do you have?
Dan Bienvenu: right now? ... about 36K (arond 3.5 kilobytes/sec.)
Dan Bienvenu: it's a winmodem 56k
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rich-c: OK, I have a 56K hardware modem so I'm not too familiar with how winmodems behave
changed username to Dr.Druselius
FredK: now we may have an ans. to that...
Dan Bienvenu: dr.d? good evening!
FredK: Hi Dr. D
rich-c: but I do know that if I try to download while multitasking, the download only gets a small time slice
rich-c: hello Dr. D, Dan was just after your disc drive schematic
Dr.Druselius: Ja, ich bin hier...however, I just popped in long enough to say, back in 30 minutes, I have to go pick up Christina from soccer practice.
Dr.Druselius: :-)
Dr.Druselius: I'll be glad to talk schematics when I return.
BobS: DOKTOR D !!!!!!!
FredK: Dr. if i m not here Gute Nacht...
james: i gotta go too. someone's making a fuss.
BobS: ich bin here, yuck ben der ???????
rich-c: OK, say ehllo to Christina from all of us when you pick her up
Dr.Druselius: Okay Freddie, hope to catch you still here.
FredK: Arrigato James-san
Dr.Druselius: Will do, bye...
james: i'll try to come back. depends on how "breakfast" goes.
FredK: lol
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Dan Bienvenu: à tantôt!
rich-c: OK, hope to see you later, james
BobS: so what'd we miss last week ???????? a GREAT meeting of da minds???????
Dan Bienvenu: brb!
rich-c: well yes, we had quite a good chat, actually
BobS: holy moly !!!!!! me and the bride and rich is all taht is left?????
rich-c: had quite a fair turnout including the Wicks at various times
BobS: ahso!!!!
FredK: lol
rich-c: of course the mix of what gets talked about varies with who's present
BobS: got a good one for ya.......sold 4 boxes of those hard sector disks that Dr D informed me about at AC14......the guy pays $17 for disks and shipping
BobS: then he sends the MO registered mail anf it cost him $4.45
rich-c: Dan, do you think having the schematic will allow you to fix the drive or get it fixed?
BobS: to protect a$17 Money Order.......crazy!!!!!
rich-c: hard sector discs? for what application?
George W.: i'm back
BobS: Dan, did ya ever get a DISK MANAGER copy????
Judy: I was just talking to Meeka
FredK: Dan was on status brb....
BobS: Rich said that certain computers use them. they have 16 locator holes int the disk AND ADAM won't touvh them
BobS: or ibm either
rich-c: well no, the whole format process is keyed to the single index hole
BobS: don't actually know what computer uses the disks, but I got rid of 4 boxes anyway
rich-c: what I'd like to know is, where did you get them from in the first place?
BobS: they are called 96 track DSDD hard sector disks....jsut like regular 5 n1/4" except for all the holes
BobS: so the disk drives we have fet all flustered trying to do anythign
rich-c: well, just tape over all but one of the holes, and... ;-)
BobS: got them from a guy on ebay selling them as DSDD new sealed disks......and I got 'em cheap
rich-c: actually if they're hrd sectored, that wouldnt work
rich-c: define cheap
BobS: I was thinking the other way...think of the poor guy trying to take regular one holers and punch in 15 more !!!!!!!
BobS: like a buck a box
rich-c: that's cheap - you shoulda been honest and used a gun and mask
BobS: heck maybe I got them at the thrift sotre here in town....had thema long time and not just sure where i picked them up
BobS: I thaked him!!!!!
BobS: thanked
BobS: only buy them if really cheap like as in almost free
rich-c: well they are extremely scarce and the manufacturers know it and gouge you - you bought far below manufacturers price
BobS: actually i don't win many bids, but when I do it is for wee bits of acash
BobS: didn't get spit for action on Ebay
BobS: sold them for $9 for 4 boxes
rich-c: I'd like to spend more time on eBay but seem to never get my round tuits
BobS: I know IF I could find the right place, they should command more than that
George W.:
BobS: and yo are REtired and all.........a shame it is
rich-c: yes, hard sectored are extremely rare, my comments wre based on standard 5-1/4s
rich-c: well, you have to remember the question of exchange, and extra shipping, and teh fact that most eBay vendors are afraid to sell to Canada
BobS: maybe I have to sell them one ata a time
George W.: i can't find anymore 5.25" disks
BobS: only got $2.25 per box this way
rich-c: guess you'll just have to buy them from me, George - I will sell to Americans if they're nice to me
Dan Bienvenu: de retour!
Dan Bienvenu: I'm back!
BobS: YO Daniel!!!!!!!
George W.: i'm considering to put my ADAM back in mothballs
BobS: did you get it downloaded
FredK: Ship it to me first G.
George W.: not for free
FredK: of course you wouldnt want to do that!
rich-c: why Fred, you want another Adam?
George W.: make a bid first
Dan Bienvenu: ... Georger wants a disk drive? or floppy disks?
FredK: George your serious?
FredK: I wasnt really....
rich-c: George I believe has a disc drive
FredK: That would be interresting......well for Dan first i guess...
Dan Bienvenu: (I'm reading the messages.. I missed)
George W.: it would be like trading a kid
FredK: so you are kid ding
George W.: for now
FredK: in this case i have 2 kids
rich-c: whast would you do with an Adam if you got it, Fred?
FredK: good questions
rich-c: 2 kidsw - Meganne, and Adam?
George W.: if i get desprate thats another story
Dan Bienvenu: I still have many boxes of 5"1/4 disks. Like Memorex 2SHD formatted fo IBM...
FredK: 3kids then Meganne and 2 for spare....consol with no drives....
rich-c: btw, how are Meganne and Sylvie doing?
FredK: Tks fr asking they are doing fine....getting along great!!
George W.: i also have a XT computer
rich-c: getting to the point whre you get a decent night's sleep yet?
FredK: i data drive screatches while running..
BobS: OH OH.......the HD ones are VERY flaky when you try to format downward to 36Ok disk
Dan Bienvenu: I have many floppy disks but no good adam disk drive to use them.
BobS: Fred. the data drive squel is to show you that it is working!!!!!
George W.: 8088
FredK: Yes, she has been doing her "nights" pretty good fr 3-4 weeks now..
BobS: most of mine do that in high gear going from one side of the tape to the other
rich-c: Fred, I hate that squeal too, but I have a drive had been doing the same thing for ten years and it still works
BobS: don't know just "what" the squel is, but it doesnot seem to hinder operation
George W.: my birds are going crazy
BobS: usually the rubber wheel disintegrates or the U6 chip craps out
rich-c: what kind of birds do you have, George?
FredK: that was my worry, should i shoot WD in there?? haha that was my thought
Dan Bienvenu: I found one box of md2d 5"1/4 disks
George W.: budgies
Dan Bienvenu: .. another one
FredK: only 1 drive does it fr now...
rich-c: they're a variety of parakeet - how many have you
BobS: them;s the ones you need Daniel
George W.: two of them home grown
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changed username to Pamela
FredK: Hi Pam
Pamela: HI all
rich-c: did you plan to breed them or did it just sort of happen?
Dan Bienvenu: heelo Pam!
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Pamela: stoopid cat, be right back
George W.: HI Pam
changed username to Guy B.
Judy: hi, pam
rich-c: hi daughter, that was a long errand
FredK: ?
Guy B.: Greetings!
rich-c: do you approve of Kim's dress?
FredK: Hi GUy
George W.: Hi Guy
BobS: I even tried to use a magnetic disk eraser on the HD ones, then I couldn't even try to format them in the ADAM, but some worked remattred
BobS: as 1.2 HD
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, when did you slip in?
BobS: PAMMIE!!!!!!
BobS: anD Guy TOO !!!!!!
Guy B.: Bob, how is Ryan doing?
Pamela: Hi, sorry about that, just as I came on suspicious noises started emanating from the kitchen
Pamela: everything is fine now.
Dan Bienvenu: It's simply some wraped boxes of floppy disks I have .. I have a Disk Drive with my C=64.
rich-c: was it Willow or Inky?
BobS: he is doing great!!!!!
George W.: mice
Pamela: twas Willow
Guy B.: Is he out of the hospital?
Pamela: re the dress, we didn't go - when I touched base with K. I discovered that the place is only open till eight which wouldn't give us enough time
BobS: oh yes...for 2 wseeks and a few days already
Judy: really good, and very busy
BobS: was only in the hospital for 3 days total
Pamela: so I came home, made some dinner, talked on the phone some, watched tv and then came to find you all
George W.: we have big rats and skunks outside
Dan Bienvenu: I have only two boxes of "md-2d" disks.
rich-c: did you and your mother agree on Sunday or Monday for dinner?
FredK: Bonne chance avec le disk drive Dan.....
Guy B.: Oh, that's good. Who is he with now?
Pamela: we didn't agree - will have to discuss some more
Dan Bienvenu: I have 20 boxes of ds-hd disks.
Pamela: My bet would be for Sunday as I'll be busy Monday
BobS: US
rich-c: want me to confirm Monday then with your mother now?
Pamela: Sunday!!!
Guy B.: That's good. What's the latest with Mandy?
Judy: he is ordered to stay with us, Guy
FredK: Goonite All, pls advise Dr.D i tried to stay up ...but....gotta go...bye bye!
Guy B.: Nite Freddy.
Pamela: nite Freddy, sorry I missed most of you
BobS: byer Frd
rich-c: OK Fred catch you next Sat or Wed
BobS: BYE.....FRED
Dan Bienvenu: bye fred!
rich-c: bonsoir maintenant
Judy: she is getting a divorce and haveing trouble with her lawer
George W.: Nite Fred
Dan Bienvenu: aurevoir!
FredK: ***Poof***
FredK left chat session
Pamela: ISn't Rich here? he's listed
rich-c: Pam, your mother says Sunday it is
Pamela: okay thanks Dad - and Mom
BobS: he is in disguise
rich-c: he's off fetching Christina from soccer - he'll be back
Dan Bienvenu: BRB... à tantôt...
Pamela: I am soooo confused.
Guy B.: Judy, what problem is she having with the lawyer?
Judy: about what, Pam
Pamela: Bob, Judy - we missed you last week - everything okay?
Pamela: everything
Dr.Druselius: I am back at last.
Judy: she is removing herself, doesn't like us
Guy B.: There you are Dr. D.
Pamela: there he is!!
Pamela: Rich, Freddy had to go
Dr.Druselius: :-(
Pamela: he said to apologize
Pamela: too tired
Dr.Druselius: I had to take one of Christina's friends home, too--extra trip time.
Dr.Druselius: Re: tired, believe me, I sympathize.
Pamela: me too
Judy: yes, we were in Holland for the day, had to work and then went and visitded with my parents
Guy B.: So, she has to find another one.
George W.: Hi Dr. D. I didn't see you
Dr.Druselius: Well, if you wanna see something fun (and scary, anticipating Halloween), look at
Dr.Druselius: Hi George.
Guy B.: Oh, I got my lights and Halloween decorations up at my place. Not the scary type though.
Judy: we think so, she is too busy to bother with her, I guess
rich-c: Halloween lights? though those were for Christmas
Pamela: Judy, can I summarize? Ryan was only in thehospital for three days, and is ordered to stay with you for the foreseeable future. Mandy is getting a divorce, and is having trouble with her lawyer. She's planning on moving out and leaving Ryan with you?
Judy: didn't like Bob going with her to begin with and got worse from there
BobS: lawyer.......the broad is a bitch.....harsh evaluation but true
Dr.Druselius: Sounds like more troubles...
BobS: they are bot h here for awhile
Guy B.: That stinks. Hope she gets this solved soon. Abby's been sick the past two days, but she's better today.
Judy: no, she is staying here also, until she can take him with her
Pamela: okay, got it now
Pamela: what is Abby sick with, Guy?
Judy: we are being visited tomorrow by the protective services person
BobS: paying the lawyer byn the hour.....and she is compaining to Mandy because she has called her a few times a day to understand the procedure and jsut what paperwork the lawyer wants from her
rich-c: which starts a long and painful process - as we know already from Herman
BobS: tonight whe said she thinks she in going to withdraw fromt he case....GOOD RIDANCE jerk
Guy B.: She was throwing up her food. I found the culprit. So, she's on a boiled hamburger and rice diet until tomorrow.
Judy: makes mistakes on the paper, like the wrong name
BobS: wht yo feeding Abby, M&M's?????????
Pamela: what did she get into?
rich-c: what do you expect from a lawyer, Judy, competence?
Guy B.: No, she gets Science Diet. Apparently a bad batch of dog biscuits. I threw the rest out.
Pamela: for the amount of money they charge per hour, I should bloody well hope so
Judy: we kn;ow about that, Guy, we did that of and on for years with our dog
rich-c: you can hope, Pam
Dan Bienvenu: I'm back... de retour...
Dan Bienvenu: hello again!
Dr.Druselius: ROTFL juxtaposition of rich-c and Guy B. last statements!
rich-c: but just remember lawyers are where politicians come from, mostly
BobS: Abby is going to WANt burgers and rice from now on !!!!!!
(BobS gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: Rich, you gotta remember to multi-converse!
Guy B.: I had her spend the day at Jeanene's apartment yesterday and she felt better there.
Guy B.: Thanks Bob.
BobS: the Coke will go with the burger
Pamela: spoiled puppy
Dan Bienvenu: Dr.D. why I send you my mail address last time?
Judy: yes, we have all got our own lawyers we are going to go broke on them
Pamela: I know a couple of cats like that
Guy B.: By the way, that's what I had for dinner tonight.
Pamela: gee, what a surprise Guy
Dr.Druselius: So I could photocopy the ColecoVision OS listing and send to you..which I haven't done yet :-(
Dr.Druselius: I did at least finish off that disk drive schematic, though.
Dan Bienvenu: ok! I remember now!
Pamela: Judy - huh?
Guy B.: Anyway, no problems today and think the worst is behind. It's bad enough she had a infection on her left front leg that was caused by a pine needle from the woods.
rich-c: btw, I tried teh Adam Emulator on my machine today and it booted Adamcalc
rich-c: wouldn't do that last week - wonder why?
Pamela: it's a 'puter - need you ask?
rich-c: PEBKAC?
Guy B.: Gee, Rich. I've been using Adamcalc with the emulator and no problems. Even works with Powerpaint.
Dan Bienvenu: adam emulator adamem? it's a DOS application... maybe it was a problem of conventional memory?
rich-c: no, Daniel, I was using the Windows front end, Adamemem
Judy: Sherri's youngest hurt his nose last night, may be broken
Guy B.: Oh boy. Did he fall?
Pamela: what is going on with you guys??
Dan Bienvenu: ok! the front-end is for windows but the emulator run under DOS.
Judy: yes, on the headboard of his bed
Pamela: Ryan, then Meeka, then Ryan again, now this . . .
Guy B.: Right. You can setup the emulator using the Task manager if you want. I did with Smartbasic and Adamcalc.
rich-c: yes, when I use the front end a DOS window opens
Pamela: have you checked for upside down horseshoes or broken mirrors lately?
Guy B.: What happen to Meeka?
Judy: pretty awful, isn't it?
Pamela: she fell down the stairs at home and hurt her ankle about three weeks ago
Pamela: right after Ryan broke his arm
rich-c: how do you access task manager other than the 30finger salute?
Guy B.: Oh that's right. Is she doing better?
rich-c: that's 3-
Pamela: 30 fingers dad? I wanna see that : )
Dan Bienvenu: here, running adamem crash sometimes because of the memory free space problem (640K conventional memory).
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to e
Dan Bienvenu: e ?
Dan Bienvenu: who is e?
Pamela: e??
e: Erin
Pamela: Hi, Rin
Dan Bienvenu: hello Erin1
e: :)
rich-c: well, now, e is something new, but it's West Coast time
rich-c: and is e the cheap model of i?
Judy: if we aren't on next week you will know that they took us away
e: it's just y'all doin?
George W.: judges are nuts
Dan Bienvenu changed username to d b
Guy B.: Press Start. Settings, Task Bar & Start Menu. Press Start Menu. Press Add. Follow the prompts to setup the program you want to run.
rich-c: ah, Erin - how was teh convention?
BobS: no, next week we may be at the antique amll and the fols again
Guy B.: Hi Erin.
Judy: hi, e
e: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....beautiful, wonderful, exhilarating
Dr.Druselius: It's eRin!
e: hehehe
d b changed username to Dan Welcome
BobS: or
e: hi Guy
e: thanks Bob
Dr.Druselius: eRin, iMac...
Pamela: sometimes the former, sometimes the latter Bob
e: Hi Dr.D
Guy B.: Your in a good mood tonight!
Dr.Druselius: Greetings and Felicitations!
George W.: :-(
e: Howdy
Pamela: Rin, did you get my email earlier?
e: hi George
rich-c: Let's see - Task Manager has to be a TSR anyway, doesn't it?
e: the virus ......yeah
Pamela: 'kay
George W.: Hi e
e: :)
Dan Welcome: the virus?
Pamela: the way my day was running, I couldn't remember if I actually sent it
Guy B.: Rich C, it's the Start Menu that you can setup the emulator.
e: you did and we had it
Pamela: did you ignore it?
e: yup
Dan Welcome changed username to Dan B
Pamela: 'kay that's good
rich-c: well, I have the front end as a shortcut on my desktop - works fine
Dan B: interesting! tell me more!
Dr.Druselius: Virus? West Nile? or something computer-related?
Pamela: Oh, shoot - hey Dad - I forgot - happy Anniversary!
George W.: ooh, a dead rat
Pamela: computer related, Rich - the hoax going around
rich-c: Pam got taken by a virus hoax - she also got roasted by a few folks who knew to check Symantec
Dan B: what's the name of the virus?
BobS: how many years of wedded bliss ???????
Guy B.: Ok, then use that. I don't have the front end, but I setup some of the image disks using the Start Menu.
Pamela: 47!!!
Judy: is it your anniversary today, Rich
Pamela: yesterday, Judy
rich-c: thank you, Bob - well done to remember
BobS: cool!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Wow, congratulations Rich C.
e: cool in three years i can get u a cert from the GG
rich-c: bob, 48
Judy: happy anniversary than
Dan B: I printed the schematics and I will show it to my friends.
Judy: one day late
BobS: well make u[ your minds you two
rich-c: sorry, this is 2002, isn't it - 47
Pamela: how do you figure that Dad? 2002-1955 = 47
Pamela: I only have three years to plan the shindig, Dad - don't rush it
Dr.Druselius: +/- 1 at this point is statistically insignificant.
George W.: i'm 41
rich-c: amen, Doc
Pamela: do YOU wanna plan the party Rich?
Dr.Druselius: Sure.
Pamela: fine, you're elected
Guy B.: Where are we all going to meet at?
Judy: so, which is it????
Dr.Druselius: Make invitations with PowerPaint, print on Panasonic KXP-1080i.
Pamela: 47. Definitely 47.
BobS: R&F's home.....lotsa cake......guests......PARTY !!!!!!!
Dr.Druselius: Make ADAM CPU/keyboard cake.
Pamela: bring tux
George W.: z80
rich-c: oh no, these things are alwasy held at hotels
e: Sheraton is nice
rich-c: besides, will you be up for an October Adamcon?
Dr.Druselius: Use BMP2PP to make digitize some photos for an ADAM Information Manager presentation, get The Mighty Mitchell to supply some MIDI songs.
Pamela: Erin, do I look like i'm made of money?
Dan B: Do you want me to do a little small Coleco rom to celebrate your anniversary? I will simply show a full-screen picture of you with a message "happy anniversary".. and maybe a little music, why not?
e: sure ...why not?
Dr.Druselius: Rent a church basement for a night, have a pot-luck supper (except bride and groom, they need not bring any food).
Pamela: put your $ where your mouth is, girl
Dr.Druselius: For less than $500, you have a great night out.
e: :o)
Guy B.: Everyone, I need your opinion. What do you guys think about a adamcon in Chicago/
Pamela: no, thats : $ )
Pamela: I would do it Guy
Judy: we would come, Guy
Dr.Druselius: I'll take an ADAMcon anywhere I can get to it, Guy!
e: hehehe
rich-c: I'd prefer Quebec City, but that would be awful hard on Daniel
BobS: welll maybe outskirts so hotle costs are down
BobS: hotel
rich-c: yes, somewhere on the southeast would be best
Pamela: Daniel is an AC virgin, perhaps we should ease him in slowly?
Guy B.: Jeanene and I were talking about it a couple of weeks ago and she would help me out. I told I give it some thought.
BobS: on theMiracle Mile would be pricey
Dr.Druselius: We could do a youth hostel ADAMcon :-) My Theta Chis, who take an annual road trip to Toronto, say it's not a bad way to go :-)
rich-c: Elderhostel, maybe?
Guy B.: I would have it in the suburbs, but close to transportation and attractions here.
Pamela: can we ride the El?
Judy: would be great to see her again
Guy B.: That's the best part Pam.
rich-c: Guy, "suburbs" and "close" is an oxymoron in any city the size of Chicago
Dr.Druselius: Can Miss Erin come, we need to see her at one of these shindigs :-)
Pamela: just like home - ride the subway to get where you wanna go
Guy B.: The hotels in the suburbs would be cheaper than in downtown Chicago.
Pamela: well, Erin?
e: to Chicago
rich-c: in Chicago, Pam, that is not how it works
e: ?
Dr.Druselius: I can bring El(anor) to ride the El...she'd like that.
Guy B.: We have two subways in Chicago as well as the L.
Pamela: she would think that was very cool, Rich
Pamela: think we'll get you to a con Erin?
Dr.Druselius: We all like riding the Red Line to the Airport or to downtown, here.
e: i'd go to Chicago again I love that city
Pamela: we'll just swing by and pick you up
e: would there be time for the museum
Dr.Druselius: Of Science and Industry?
e: or at least a Capone store
rich-c: yes, and that's a museum that takes a lot of time
Pamela: the Art Institute
Dr.Druselius: My Dad was there 40 years ago and still raves about it.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: miniature rooms and lotsa costumes and fabrics - I'm with Mom
changed username to late Ron
Guy B.: The Red Line serves both Chicago ball parks. The Blue line goes to O'Hare and the Orange line goes to Midway Airport.
Dan B: hello! Ron?
rich-c: the neat part about the Art Institute is that collection of miniature rooms
Pamela: yes, you are Ron
late Ron: better late than never
Judy: hi, Ron
Guy B.: There's Ron.
e: i know that museum is huge......last time i was there....there were so many pretty sparklys
BobS: Mister Mitchell !!!!!!!
e: :o)
rich-c: the late Mr. Mitchell - welcome
late Ron: had supper out - then groceries - yada - yada
BobS: betta late thaan neva
rich-c: mostly yada-yada?
Pamela: rumours of his lateness . . .
late Ron: yeah
late Ron: so all are well?
Pamela: I'd forgotten about the gem collection Erin, you're right
Judy: we are just glad you made it at all
rich-c: no, Guy is sick in the head - he wants to stage an Adamcon
Dan B: I have a question : Where? How did you get the schematics for the Adam disk drive?
e: i knooooooooowwwwwwwww
BobS: other than having to work and get tired, yes
e: purdie
Pamela: <drool>
e: exactly
late Ron: who is "e" ? ?
Guy B.: Ok, thanks everyone for your input. I'll let you know what I decide.
e: me
Pamela: y'know, I'd just love to put my hands on them - I don't necessarily want to acquire them
e: hehehehe....Erin
rich-c: seriously, Guy, we'd all go for it, but outside the city would be better
late Ron: I confuse easily, and I don't learn well
Guy B.: That's what I plan to do.
e: i'm never the same person twice
Pamela: after all, she's a redhead
e: the voices in my head keep me occupied
late Ron: now you see e, now you don't
Dr.Druselius: Re: schematics, Daniel, I got them from Richard Clee. Where *he* got them, you'll have to ask him.
Dr.Druselius: Better redhead than blonde :-)
BobS: from the blueprint fairy
late Ron: no idea what your mystery word is Dr D. -- did you ever find out?
Guy B.: OK, gang. I have to check the e-mail. I'll try for Saturday, otherwise next week.
BobS: an overgrown tooth fairy
e: that is the most intelligent thing I have ever heard Dr. D....thank you
Pamela: nite, Guy
e: (blush)
BobS: ok Guy, bre good
Judy: bye, Guy
late Ron: Nite Guy. T'was a good time, not a long time
e: bye Guy
Dan B: bye Guy!
George W.: nite Guy
rich-c: see you Guy
Dr.Druselius: Shawn Rapp made a good suggestion:
Pamela: Hey, Rich, keep it up - you're good at making her blush
Dan B: bonne nuit Guy!
Dr.Druselius: (oops, by Guy!)
e: tooth fairy...................RED DRAGON!!!!!!!!
Guy B. left chat session
late Ron: which was?
late Ron: (haven't been as attentive to my e-mail lately)
late Ron: ah
late Ron: convey's not much to me I'm afraid
Dr.Druselius: Apparently, if a schematic is too big to fit on one sheet, you spread it over multiple you have multiple pages which, together, contain just one schematic.
rich-c: anyway, I think I got the blueprints from one of the Adam dealers whose remainder stock I bought when they quit
late Ron: except the concept of something running with something else
Dan B: rich-c : how? where? when did you get the schematics? it's the real schematics from Coleco company!?!
Dr.Druselius: Hence, all the separate sheets are of a CONCURRENT VERSION.
George W.: i feel like i want to kill myself
rich-c: they appear to be late generation photocopies from Coleco originals
Dr.Druselius: Another way might be to just say SHEET 1 of 2 etc.
late Ron: messy George
rich-c: done in a hurry on machines state of the art for 1975
George W.: ihurt
late Ron: right.
Dr.Druselius: George, please don't do violence to yourself in public or in private.
late Ron: Some days I lose my grip on the English language (amongst other things)
Pamela: if that's all you're losing your grip on, you're doing well Ron
George W.: its not hard to do
late Ron: ?
rich-c: Dan, apparently Rich has others from other sources as well
Dr.Druselius: All are inferior to the ones you have, Richard, in terms of detail.
rich-c: by scanning mine then comparing them with other originals, he's clarified many of the blurred parts
Pamela: okay - dumb question - why not just send him the originals?
Dr.Druselius: But there are some unique schematics at terrible resolution in the ADAM Technical Manual.
late Ron: of about the same quality as the ADAM schematics?
rich-c: send who what originals, Pam?
Dr.Druselius: Richard doesn't have any originals, nobody does that I know of, only various generations of photocopies.
late Ron: I have copies of the same copies that you guys have
Pamela: rather than scan the schematics, which will make things worse, why not just send Rich the hard copy?
Dan B: err... I'm sorry to make you all talking about blueprints ...
Dr.Druselius: Richard lent me his full-size photocopies (like 3 feet by 2 feet), which I scanned in 8.5x11 inch pieces, then reassembled, then cleaned up laboriously in Adobe Photoshop.
rich-c: why, Daniel? they're a critical issue in our community and you and the others should know about them
late Ron: Dan, this goes back to about 1986-87, when the Technical Manual first appeared.....(marked 'secret')
Dr.Druselius: The 2 "unique" schematics I have:
late Ron: All anybody ever saw were photocopies
rich-c: yes, I have a photocopy of the Technical Manual
Dr.Druselius: (1) the keyboard schematic, which I got with a surplus keyboard I bought from American Design Components. It was a bad photocopy on a legal-sized piece of paper.
late Ron: I actually made a copy of the technical manual. Her Majesty knows nothing about it even to this day, but she paid
late Ron: the bill
Pamela: I'm sure her Majesty can afford it, Ron
Dr.Druselius: (2) the prototype serial-parallel board, which was in a stack of other bad-copy schematics in an envelope with the ADAM Troubleshooting and Repair Guide, itself a Coleco publication.
late Ron: There was one in Ottawa that made the rounds
George W.: i can't afford anything
rich-c: yes, if I recall my copy was used as a training piece for the Board of Education of the City of Etobicoke
late Ron: We were all so keen to have information - in any form
Dr.Druselius: A few years ago I had enlarged this to 3'x2' size and attacked it with whiteout, trying to fix it up and decipher the labelling.
rich-c: two whole semesters worth of business students learned photcopying on it
late Ron: hah....neat trick Rich
Dr.Druselius: I could fix the straight lines, but the lettering is mostly hopeless.
rich-c: oddly enough, Ron, it wasn't my idea
late Ron: oh really!
rich-c: one of the commercial teachers actually approached the rest of the staff for projects
Dr.Druselius: I made a little progress by reference to my disassembly of the 68701 ROM image that was in it; that at least told me what lines from the 6801 were being connected to what.
late Ron: By the way people....totally unrelated topic....
Pamela: what scares me is they actually taught photocopying!
Dr.Druselius: But the rest was guesswork...and now I can't find my roll of this it's back to scanning the too-small original bad photocopy.
late Ron: while I have your undivided attention
Dan B: I saw a new version of "omnipage" an OCR software... are you sure it's impossible to extract text from Coleco BIOS doc you have?
rich-c: aside, Rich - are Z80s now in short enough supply that salvage sources are being looked to?
George W.: i have to go now
late Ron: for next year, I am leaning toward July 24, 25, 26, 27
Pamela: well I'm listening, Ron
Dr.Druselius: OCR on program listings is very dangerous. You have to check everything so carefully that you are better off retyping it.
Pamela: g'nite George
Dr.Druselius: Ooo, after my anniversary for once. Works for me.
Dan B: ok! good night George! ... in french : "bonne nuit George!"
e: bye bye George
Dr.Druselius: Good night, George...and don't do anything hasty.
rich-c: nite George
Judy: night George
George W.: nite all
rich-c: see you Sat if all goes well
Dr.Druselius: Yes Ron, #include <std_disclaimers.h>
late Ron: yes along with stdio.h
George W.: ok, poof
George W. left chat session
Judy: shouldn't be a problem for us, Ron
late Ron: just thought I see if there were any show stoppers
BobS: welll this IS short notice Ronald.......may have to take off the whole month of July.............
Dr.Druselius: Can I E-mail George some psychotropic agents as an attachment? He is getting creepy...
late Ron: please do Bob
Pamela: might be a problem for us Ron, but I'm not sure we're coming anyway, because of Kimberly's wedding
late Ron: awww
Pamela: next year is going to be crowded
BobS: SAY WHAT???????????
Dr.Druselius: Move the wedding to Comox, problem solved.
rich-c: ouch, yes, I'd forgotten Kimberley's wedding
late Ron: would there be an alternate date better for you Pam?
BobS: crowded is GOOD
Judy: not cool, Pam
Pamela: Bob, Kimberly is getting married on June 28th
rich-c: when is the wedding, Pam? didnt you say June 28?
Dr.Druselius: And Ron distinctly said July, right?
BobS: that is a whole monthe BEFORE ADAMCON
late Ron: I did indeed say July
Pamela: the same weekend as this year Ron as far as timing, but don't move it just on my account
Dr.Druselius: (and to Richard, Z80s are not disappearing anytime soon)
Pamela: plus, that week is traditionally the one that my boss takes her vacation in
Judy: why not,Pam, you are important to us
Dan B: do you want me to do a special little Coleco rom with a full-screen picture and maybe a little music for the wedding?
Pamela: I don't want to inconvenience everyone else for something we may not even be able to attend
rich-c: basically Comox is about a two-week drive at our leisurely pace, so we'd have ten days slack
Dr.Druselius: Bingo! Excellent suggestion, Daniel!
Pamela: Kimberly would love that Dan
late Ron: August 7/8/9/10 doesn't really work for me, and the following week is getting a bit late for those who want to travel north/south
Dr.Druselius: Exchange vows with a cartridge game! Bride is PLAYER 1, groom is PLAYER 2.
rich-c: how would she play it, Pam? you don;t have an Adam and neither does she
Pamela: ah, but you do Dad
BobS: hey kids.......we gotta hit the hay we be seeing ya'll........K ????????
Dan B: ... weel, maybe it's not a good suggestion at all.
late Ron: a wedding west of the Rockies is a wedding in Heaven
Pamela: Nite Bob, Nite Judy - be well
rich-c: well, as long as it's a cart that plays on a bare Adam, I have a spare 1702 monitor
rich-c: nite, Bob and Judy - be back soon
late Ron: what's that about firing at a spouse?
Judy: bye for now, talk to you next week
BobS: nite!!!!!
Dr.Druselius: Bye Slopsemas.
late Ron: you have my attention
Pamela: I like the way your mind works, Rich
e: live long and prosper
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
late Ron: g'nte Slopsemas
Dr.Druselius: At least someone does, Pam :-)
Pamela: darn tootin
Dan B: ok! maybe we can start a little something... we need more brainstorming.
Dr.Druselius: It gets me in trouble sometimes, to be sure.
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, I do have a borrowable Adam and monitor
Pamela: Ron, problem for us is, I'm in the wedding party which means I'm throwing the shower, plus paying for apparel which is considerably more expensive than usual
rich-c: of course, all our plans are predicated on Dubya getting settled with Saddam
e: i gotta buy a dress????
Pamela: last time someone asked me to be in their wedding, it cost us +$1K
late Ron: but Pamela, didn't you say the wedding was in June?
rich-c: otherwise, we don't drive further than half a gas tank from home
Pamela: Yes Erin, you have to buy a dress
e: (sobbing)
Dr.Druselius: Unless you're having a Betazoid wedding, e.
Pamela: June 28 to July 24 = 2 paycheques
Dan B: I will probably need to know more about the wedding if I start a Coleco project for this event.
e: that would work fine for me Dr.D
e: so much simpler
late Ron: ok, I see (I think)
Dr.Druselius: hehe
Pamela: there there Erin, just think of it as another political shindig
e: the above still applies if anything like this w/e
Pamela: last time I checked Ron, flights to BC were in the $2K per person range
e: hehehehe
Dr.Druselius: For the uninitiated, the Betazoids on Star Trek: The Next Generation have their weddings with all the participants nude.
Pamela: TMI Erin
late Ron: that's full rate
late Ron: you don't have to pay full rate
Pamela: I know
Pamela: but still
e: ;oD
Dr.Druselius: Wow, maybe I better start looking *NOW* for flight info.
late Ron: we were quoted 1100. Comox/Halifax
late Ron: although, knowing Air Canada. they probably charge more going on one direction than the other
Pamela: don't forget Rich, for us it's a domestic flight - for you, international
rich-c: best quote would likely be Hamilton/Comox stop in Calgary on WestJet
Dr.Druselius: Don't know which would cost more, never travelled "international".
late Ron: yeah... I can get to London England much cheaper that it would take for me to get from here to Toronto
Pamela: probably cheaper for you - they always gouge you for domestics
late Ron: or Hawaii, or just about anywhere out of the country
Pamela: it's cheaper to fly to Europe than Vancouver
Dr.Druselius: Well, as soon as the dates are nailed down, I should probably plunk down my $$$ for a reservation...earlier has to be better than later.
late Ron: even so, Pam, that sounds way high
late Ron: check Westjet from Hamilton. They come here
rich-c: well, Ron, remember they have to buy two tickets
Pamela: well, it was A/C
late Ron: right
late Ron: so the 2 grand was two tickets?
Pamela: I'm thinking of mugging someone for their Air Miles
rich-c: who else besides Westjet serves Comox, Ron?
Pamela: no, one ticket - two way
late Ron: that's it. The Peopls's Airline, and Westjet
rich-c: OK - I'm not sure if WestJet is into Toronto yet
late Ron: good Lord
Pamela: it's early days yet Ron - don't sweat it
late Ron: no, last I checked. Hamilton is closest
late Ron: and that was about a month and a half ago
Dr.Druselius: Maybe fly to Seattle, then up to Comox? That way it's all "international"?
rich-c: as you know, Ron, Hamilton is not a problem
late Ron: do-able eh?
Pamela: Hamilton is only about 45 minutes away
rich-c: Rich, if only Air Canada and WestJet serve Comox, your final leg has to be from one of their connecting points
late Ron: think that even we held the thing in Vancouver, there would still really be only 2 airlines from the Canadian side of the border
Dan B: I have to go now... BONNE NUIT TOUT LE MONDE! (good night all!) write me an e-mail directly because I'm not in the Adam mailing list.
late Ron: nite good
Pamela: bonne nuit, Dan
rich-c: don't know if you have anyone flies Cleveland or Detroit to Calgary
Dr.Druselius: Good night, Daniel.
rich-c: nite Daniel, see you soon
e: bon soir
e: ciao
late Ron: Yes, you can also pick up Westjet in to Comox
Dan B: maybe saturday.. maybe not...
rich-c: hope so Dan
Dan B: * p o o f *
Dan B left chat session
Pamela: the other problem of course, is getting R on a plane
e: just sedate him
Dr.Druselius: Getting Ron on a plane is hard?
late Ron: me you mean?
rich-c: no, Russell
late Ron: oh right
Pamela: oooohhhh no, no way - can you picture me trying to handle Russell while he's stoned?
Dr.Druselius: Russell is an aerophobe?
Pamela: he'd be silly, he'd be cheerful, he'd be a handful
Pamela: or two
rich-c: he won't even go out on their apartment balcony
e: HAHA....i would pay to see that....excellent entertainment
Pamela: Russell doesn't like heights
late Ron: and those are heights he'd be dealing with
Pamela: and don't repeat that on pain of death
late Ron: understand Pam
rich-c: Ron, Vancouver would be a lot easier and more convenient, though not as much fun
Pamela: thanks Erin, the next time he gets drunk I'll send him your way
e: no, I just observe thanks...more fun that way
e: :o)
Dr.Druselius: Take a train?
Pamela: gee, thanks a lot Rin
Dr.Druselius: If I had the time to spare, I really think I'd look into it.
e: np
late Ron: Yes, I have thought of that Rich, although it would be more difficult for me to set up, it wouldn't be impossible
Pamela: thought about that too Rich, we've been exploring our options. Same problem applies though
Dr.Druselius: Transcontinental the Orient Express.
rich-c: no way, Rich, the transcontinental is so popular it's surely booked solid already for next summer
Pamela: what do I do with him through the mountains?
Dr.Druselius: Ouch@
Dr.Druselius: make that Ouch!
late Ron: only trouble is, hotel rates are about twice what they are here
Dr.Druselius: Greyhound?
rich-c: how about out in Surrey, down towards the border? still pretty hefty?
Pamela: is there such a thing as a GTA - Comox direct flight?
Pamela: I
late Ron: well, if I take the info we gleaned for 11, I'd say yes, although we really didn't check anything out in Surrey
Pamela: have also contemplated blinders
rich-c: nope, looking down into the Fraser Canyon from a bus level on the highway - scary!
late Ron: looking at a minimum of $110 Cdn per night....probably more like $120.
Pamela: ditto with the train, ditto with a car. Any chance a transporter will be perfected in the next year?
Dr.Druselius: Sigh. Not to be facetious...but maybe he should start a deprogramming really isn't quite "healthy".
rich-c: when we went to Seattle we stayed in Vancouver, and our rates wre not in that league at all
rich-c: can't guarantee the hotel would be suitable but there were a number out Kings Highway
late Ron: Well...there you see is part of the trouble. I did all this via letter, phone and remote. Here I was able to talk about the event eyeball
rich-c: and a rather nice restaurant too as I recall
Dr.Druselius: It's not like he'd be Bill Shatner sitting on the wing with the gremlin...
late Ron: to eyeball.. Vancouver is not exactly in my back yard
Pamela: we're talking Russell here Rich
Dr.Druselius: You know him better than I do, Pam :-)
Pamela: you're getting there
late Ron: I am not prepared to comb the city of V ancouver looking for a place
rich-c: very true, Ron, and quite reasonable
Dr.Druselius: Well, only viable alternative seems to be to stay home :-(
Pamela: if you don't do Comox Ron, how will we ever get a chance to see it?
late Ron: not prepared to propose that either
e: ciao all.....i sleepy
late Ron: no
Dr.Druselius: I don't expect Intel to come out with a Mark I Heisenberg Compensator by Christmas 2002.
rich-c: however perhaps a check of the tourismBC website might yield some promising leads?
Pamela: nite sweetie
late Ron: good point Pam
e: :*
late Ron: we did that too
rich-c: nite erin
Dr.Druselius: Bye Erin, be a good redhead :-)
late Ron: what I found was that what they publish in the way of rates has nothing to do with what they actually charge for a group like us
e: that's not possible Dr. D......hehehehe
Pamela: she doesn't need any encouragement, Rich
e: poof
e left chat session
rich-c: true, it really only gives you an idea of who to talk to
late Ron: But my intent is to re-visit the question of place and rates, (sometime in the next month) and actually talk to a few hotel reps about
late Ron: it againi
Dr.Druselius: Well, I'm coming to Ron's backyard, wherever he declares that to will cost me what it costs me, I am prepared and won't complain about it, it's a rare opportunity not to be missed.
late Ron: I am very much aware of the difficulties presented by Comox for those coming from afar
rich-c: I am very torn - for scenery I prefer the Island
Pamela: and if it's at all possible, we will be there
Pamela: come hell or high water or airplane rides
late Ron: fear not good folk
rich-c: my only caveat is that I know connections to Vancouver area are so much easier
late Ron: it will be west of the Rocks -
Pamela: stick to your guns Ron and go with Comox
rich-c: but frankly, I hope Pam and Russell use the WestJet option through Calgary
late Ron: and that's even more true Rich now that it was a year ago
late Ron: We have direct flights from Calgary, but from Vancouver, it's now necessary to change terminals....which was not the case before
Pamela: I want to go back to the Island
late Ron: hope I haven't scared everybody off
rich-c: it's also a brak in the flight at a better time in Calgary
rich-c: Pam won't have to do without a cigarette as long
Pamela: no way Ron
Pamela: if they'll let us off the plane, and if they'll let us smoke in the terminal
rich-c: the only thing that will scare us off is impossible oil prices on driving or flying fuel supplement
late Ron: more to follow..... to further my own HTML education, I'm planning a website - again hopefully in the next month
rich-c: and that depends on how successful Dubya is in starting his private war
late Ron: right
Dr.Druselius: Argggh, mention not our Fearless Leader, ugh, whatta maroon.
late Ron: the chief thing I have going for me here in the Valley is that hotel rates are about 1/2 to 2/3 what the are on the lower mainland
Pamela: moron, too
rich-c: and that is no small difference these days, Ron
Pamela: but that burgundy really becomes him
late Ron: so that would offset to some extent the extra air fare
rich-c: I suspect restaurant prices may be a bit more modest too
late Ron: a bit
late Ron: depends on where you eat
Pamela: sorry Rich, couldn't resist
Dr.Druselius: I could bring MREs in my suitcase to save on food :-)
late Ron: we've got some high end too
late Ron: MRE's ??
rich-c: Meals TReady to Eat
late Ron: aha - SPAM
late Ron: drool!
Dr.Druselius: Yep, military rations.
late Ron: love it
Dr.Druselius: K-rations they used to be called.
Pamela: can't you just eat sandwiches like the rest of us?
late Ron: I think I'm the only person in the world who loves SPAM
Dr.Druselius: No, I like it, too.
late Ron: ok
Dr.Druselius: Can eat a can's worth sliced up for sandwiches.
Pamela: I don't think I've ever tried it
rich-c: so do I though I can't tell how many years it's been since we had some
late Ron: exactly
Pamela: brb, gotta set up to tape for R
Dr.Druselius: Christina hates it, the rest have a guilty love for it :-)
Dr.Druselius: We even made up a SPAM nursery rhyme:
Dr.Druselius: Mary had a tin of SPAM,
Dr.Druselius: Its grease was white as snow,
rich-c: like, you're bringing up most of your daughters right, but there is this one problem...
Dr.Druselius: And everywhere that Mary went,
Dr.Druselius: The flies were sure to go.
Dr.Druselius: :-)
rich-c: did you know there is actually a Spam museum in Hormel's home town?
late Ron: I can eat SPAM here and there
late Ron: I can eat it anywhere
Dr.Druselius: I do so like green eggs and SPAM
Dr.Druselius: I do so like it, Sam-I-Am.
late Ron: :)
Dr.Druselius: SPAM haiku:
Dr.Druselius: Mysterious meat
Dr.Druselius: Lying on my Wonder Bread
Dr.Druselius: I will not eat you.
Dr.Druselius: :-)
late Ron: Um.......
Pamela: Poetry and Dr. Seuss - how old are we?
Dr.Druselius: 40 on 3 November...
late Ron: the ADAM Group's level of discussion has changed direction
Pamela: going on 5
late Ron: I will not say in which direction
late Ron: nite Pamela
Dr.Druselius: Good night, Ron.
Pamela: nite Ron
rich-c: nite Ron
late Ron: sleep well all....dream of mountains and sea
rich-c: and conventions in their lee
Pamela: ah, a man who gives good directions
late Ron: Oh God!
late Ron: I'm leaving
Pamela: gotta love it
Dr.Druselius: It's autumn, leaves always fall then.
Pamela: oh, leaf the poor guy alone
late Ron: the old oaks in the front yard are at it even as we speak
late Ron: first to leave in fall, last to arrive in spring
Dr.Druselius: First in war, first in peace, last in the National League...
late Ron: nite
late Ron left chat session
Dr.Druselius: I ought to be going,'s too quiet upstairs, wonder if the baseball game is over.
Dr.Druselius: Joan was watching it.
rich-c: right, time I packed it in too
Pamela: and I suppose I should be going to bed too
rich-c: see you Saturday if you make it
Pamela: 6:00 am comes way too early
Dr.Druselius: okay, good night all.
Pamela: nite Rich
rich-c: nite daughter, nite Rich
Pamela: Daddy, I'll see you Sunday
Dr.Druselius: 5...4...3...2...1...
Dr.Druselius: boom!
Dr.Druselius left chat session
Pamela: mid afternoon?
rich-c: see you then
rich-c: suits
Pamela: oh look, Rich is a . . .
Pamela: ah
Pamela: um
Pamela: lemming!
Pamela: yeah, that's it
Pamela: okay, I'm finished being silly
Pamela: nite Daddy
rich-c: think we do need our shuteye, daughter
Pamela: uhuh
rich-c: nite then
Pamela: sweet dreams
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
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