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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: how's things in Philly?
George: i'm warm and sticky
rich-c: we have the opposite problem - chill and damp
rich-c: actually it's about 60 but dosnt feel it
George: it doesn't go below 60F here
rich-c: well, that's a bit of an overstatement, but I get what you mean
George: it's strange this year
rich-c: it has been a warm summer
George: warmest on record
rich-c: we usually need the furnace about Sept. 12
rich-c: this year we didnt use it till Oct. 8
George: if it keeps this way i won't use the heat all year
rich-c: oh, it wont stay that warm
George: i'm still using central air
rich-c: that doesnt surprise me though it could be otherwise
rich-c: last fall when we were down around Washington it was shortsd and t-shirt weather in October
George: we havehad a lot of rain
rich-c: yes, our long summer drought is now thoroughly broken
rich-c: the graSS IS GREEN AGAIN
George: nearly 3" since thursday night
George: still a bit brown here
rich-c: you are going to be growing webbed feet at that rate
rich-c: you wil find the grass greens up yet
George: the new owners of the complex put in new landscaping, tore up my tulips
rich-c: unfortunately that happens when you get in the way of the landlord's plans
George: i was here first
George: but i don't own any property
rich-c: maybe so but it's their dirt
George: just the things in my apartment
rich-c: we lived in apartments for ten years before we bought our house so I know what it's about
rich-c: and as you know Pamela is an apartment dweller
George: i need to have a tag sale
rich-c: yes - here we would call it a garage sale, elsewhere it's yard sale or lawn sale
George: yes
rich-c: it is surprising how terms differ regionally
George: i got myself in over my head planning for the new computer
rich-c: I had the feeling that might happen
George: now i might not get it till after January
George: if then
rich-c: I'd say don't get it at all, it's far more machine than you need
George: who knows with the way things are going
rich-c: (first blood Winnipeg - field goal)
rich-c: actually other than game writers theyve pretty much run out of excuses to upgrade computers
George: aol keep uping the minium specs for running their currect software
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rich-c: well, it's bad enough to use aol. you could at least do without their software
changed username to Ron
George: oh, boy my fingeers
Ron: yo!
rich-c: hi Ron
George: Hi Ron
rich-c: fist quarter in Winnipeg
Ron: Be right back....going to throw myself together some lunch......back in a coupla min
rich-c: he should go down to the canteen for a donair
George: now i can't breathe right
rich-c: you been using your inhaler properly?
George: i'm still waiting for my insurance to approve it
rich-c: yes, I keep forgetting the drawbacks of being an American
Ron: there (chomp, chomp)
rich-c: you sound happier now, Ron
Ron: right
George: they say Canadians wait too, even longer
Ron: Is there such a thing as using an inhaler properly?
rich-c: there are a lot of things told about Canada to people dumb enough to believe them
rich-c: my doctor assures me that there is, Ron
George: same way for Americans
Ron: well, I've had some training in its use, but frequently have the idea that the damn thing does diddly squat for me
Ron: Given the cost of it (them)
rich-c: I can harddly comment since my dilator is really just prophylactic
Ron: ah
rich-c: so I have to juddge by the steriod and there it's only what doesnt happen that matters
Ron: Hope I didn't turn people off the other night with our little discussion about the location of AC15
George: mine is supposed to be critical
rich-c: well, when I need a drug I just get it
Ron: around here we keep several pharmacies solvent
Ron: and I get Club Z points for my poor health
rich-c: I pay $100 per year and about $6 for presxriptions
Ron: The industry thrives
George: i'm on medicaid
rich-c: it does, mostly by vexploiting Americans
Ron: Does that cover everything you need George?
George: it for all covered in their formulary outside of that it's not covered
Ron: sounds about the same. Our provincial gov't keeps amending the formulary
Ron: Whatever the province doesn't cover, my federal plan does up to 80%
rich-c: we are the same but the formulary tends to cover almost all necessities
Ron: But the feds say the fed plan is going broke. They'll prop it up for 4 more years, but after that things will get reviewed
Ron: one of the 'puffers' I'm using is not covered by the province
rich-c: the pols are always whining - maybe Roy Romanow's report will shut them up
George: i need to get a special preauthorization to get my prevacid
Ron: wonder eh?
Ron: that seems fairly standard George
rich-c: as a pukka senior I have the special provincial plan
Ron: on some items, anyway
Ron: right Rich. So does Mom. I am not yet really a real senior
Ron: I'm in that no-man's-land between 55 and 65
rich-c: right - no cure but patience, young fellow
George: i'm 41
Ron: must spend yet more time wishing my life away
Ron: yes. God grant me patience, and I want it now
Ron: just fired up my original ADAM
Ron: It works but needs a mod
rich-c: anyway, I don't think you upset anyone with the AC comments
Ron: hope not
Ron: the plan was to keep it local and keep it simple.
Ron: however it that's going to make it more difficult for people to come here, I don't know
rich-c: realistically, Comox is not the most convenient location, but it's the one that works
Ron: we might have to have another look
Ron: I was going to go out with a letter to various hotels next week stating our requirements, preferred time, and ask them to say what they can provide
Ron: The follow that up with visits to local hotels
Ron: perhaps could get Jeff do to some checking around the lower mainland
rich-c: yes, get organized and get quotes, that makes sense
Ron: wouldn't entail any extra work (for that step at least) to cast the net wider
Ron: then we'd have info on which to make some judgements
rich-c: you could ask Jeff to look ast the lower reaches of King's Highway down in Surrey
Ron: yeah we could do that. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I know he's wanting to attend anyway, so we'll put him to work
Ron: that's the area where you guys were eh?
rich-c: there is a line of motels down there some of which may have facilities
Ron: right
rich-c: yes, we discovered it because we had a freind in Surrey and my cousin in White Rock
rich-c: but the easy ACC
rich-c: but the easy access to the border helped too
Ron: right
Ron: my only concern right now is my 'procrastination factor'. I want to get something pinned down in the next month
Ron: as to date and place at least
rich-c: we were lucky, there was a Jehovah's Witness convention that week
Ron: otherwise.... time goes by
Ron: Praise the Lord
rich-c: but we had reserved ahead so were OK in a city otherwise sold out
George: and pass the ammunition
Ron: :)
rich-c: does give an argument for getting things nailed down in advance
Ron: All Jeff said is that he and his girlfriend are going to Italy June/mid-July. he said not to have it then
Ron: and I have another event that will consume the weekend of the 18th of July
George: off we go to war in IRAQ
Ron: so already factors present themselves
Ron: yup
rich-c: right, give him time to get back
Ron: that's if we're all still alive then
rich-c: also, we have Kimberley's wedding on June 28th so I can't leave till after that
Ron: so there ya go
Ron: so much for retirement living
rich-c: well that affects Pamela too
Ron: also wanted to allow time for those making a trip of it out here, and perhaps contemplating other destinations west
rich-c: but I need time to drive CROSS THE CONTINENT, IF i CAN
Ron: yeah, I was a little sad to hear that, but sounds like she has to make choices
Ron: George Koczwara was talking about 'north to Alaska'
rich-c: I think Pam will figure something out
Ron: hope so Rich
rich-c: I wonder if George realizes how fare you are from Alaska
Ron: good point
George: how about Sydney
rich-c: of course you're a lot closer than Cleveland is
Ron: that's a little further south George, and you have to be able to swim well
rich-c: Pam will be over for dinner tomorrow so we will talk then
Ron: It is a dauting expense for those coming by air.
Ron: probably easier for one of me to go east than all of you guys to come west
Ron: but I have to pacify mother, who alswys asks, "how come you always have to go back there?"
rich-c: I think there is an issue of fairness - we hae to go to you occasionally
Ron: I come up with various creative answers
rich-c: yes, but could we?
Ron: :)
rich-c: besides, we like BC - it's super natural, remember?
George: how about Philly?
Ron: no question about that Rich. I think there's quite a few of our number looking foward to seeing things here
rich-c: you going to organize it, George?
George: i need help
rich-c: sorry, we don't have anyone near enough to do that, George
Ron: speaking of which.... I must speak to Cobley and Sands to enlist their assistance
Ron: haven't seen those two in a coon's age
George: besides what are the needs?
rich-c: yes, how is our pair of Davids doing?
Ron: for 3 people who only live an hour apart, we do disgustingly at keeping in touch
Ron: I will have to find out
rich-c: know what you mean
Ron: There's also Bob Stroud in Victoria. Think it was he that I last spoke to
rich-c: I just hope my health will allow me to drive that disance
Ron: yes Rich. Something devoutly to be wished
rich-c: I,m gambling it will
Ron: how are you making out on the 'non-smoking' trail?
rich-c: the conversion kit for the car is in and the engine on order
Ron: requires a driver for the new fitments
rich-c: I still am physically unable to smoke
Ron: good. keep that up
Ron: I found it more of a battle than booze, quite honestly
Ron: but then I still had a choice
rich-c: not so much a driver needed as an adapter - ike serial to parallel
Ron: :)
Ron: how about a Firewire connection?
rich-c: no, dont think the drivetrain would take the added torque
Ron: ah
Ron: Well sirs, I must away
rich-c: two point game at the ahlf in the 'Peg
Ron: see you's wed.
rich-c: OK Ron, good to have you, see you Wed if all goes well
Ron: good Lord willin'
Ron: take care
George: bye Ron
Ron: bye
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rich-c: so where were we, George?
George: i forgot
rich-c: anyway, about Canadian medicare
George: yes
rich-c: where doctors and hospitals are concerned, it is all paid
rich-c: there is no waiting for anything urgent
rich-c: now, I will likely have to wait six months for my hip replacement
rich-c: but that is because it really isn't "costing me anything" in my life
George: i had a couple of friends had surgery there they had to wait 2 years
rich-c: like, I do not want to get it done till Dec. 2003
George: tthey paid cash
rich-c: in Canada, no citizen pays anything for surgery (unless it's purely cosmetic)
George: well SRS
rich-c: SRS?
George: sex reassignment surgery
rich-c: ok, that would be voluntary ands cosmetic - ands cheaper in Canada
rich-c: but they would have to wait till a doctor had free time, hence the delay
George: yes thats why my friends had it done there
rich-c: also they would meet with more understanding here
George: it costs too much in the US
rich-c: but as you discoveredd, or they did, really sick people who live here have first call
George: i don't know about that, my friends said the Canadian police harrased a Canadian native while they were there
rich-c: our cops are less inclined to harass people than US cops are, but they do do it
rich-c: it takes a lot of vigilance to keep cops in line anywhere
George: i had surgery here to correct my breathing problem it didn't work
rich-c: some illnesses dont respond to treatment - all you can do is try
George: now i have to wait for this machine
rich-c: are you going to need a respirator or oxygen tank?
George: yes
George: that's what i'm waiting for
rich-c: which?
George: a respirator with oxygen therapy
rich-c: this likely to be temporaary or permanent
George: permanet
rich-c: bummer
George: i guess the insurance thinks it will cost too much
rich-c: if it is medically necessary they have no choice
George: i'm waiting a mask big enough for me
rich-c: need to go full mask instead of just tubeas, then?
George: yes, a full face mask
rich-c: those can be a problem with chafing
George: oh, boy
rich-c: got quite a game going on here
George: i breathe through my mouth now
rich-c: your nose is blocked?
George: yes
rich-c: how did that happen?
George: i guess from birth it was always that way
rich-c: I had a semi blockage - too high an arch in my mouth
rich-c: had orthodontia to correct it - no fun
rich-c: I still breathe mostly through my mouth though
George: with me all my sinuses are messed up
rich-c: yes, that is a side effect I'm familiar iwth
George: it's no fun
rich-c: anyway, think we're running low on the time meter
George: ok
rich-c: right - see you Wed?
George: see you Wed.
George: bye Rich
rich-c: bye for now, then
George: poof
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