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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: good evening, George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: you are very prompt this evening
George: i'm sick
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changed username to Dr.Schematic
rich-c: good, this will keep your mind off your problems for a while
rich-c: Hi Rich
George: Hi Rich?
Dr.Schematic: Who, me?
rich-c: sit back, George, and think about the chat instead
George: i'm vomiting
rich-c: oh dear, the Crohns is giving you a hard time today, then
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi all
rich-c: allo Fred
FredK: Bonsoir!
rich-c: comment ca va?
FredK: paspire et vous?
FredK: notbad
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rich-c: comme ci, comme ca - ca marche
changed username to Daniel B.
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel B.: bonsoir!
FredK: Salut
Daniel B.: salut!
George: I have a few other things going on besides crohn's
rich-c: nous avons nos Quebecois tous deux
FredK: Exact!
Daniel B.: en effet!
rich-c: a propos, do either of you two use the CF keyboard?
Daniel B.: hello George!
Daniel B.: hello Dr.D.! (away?)
FredK: Affirmative
George: Hi Daniel, and Fred
Dr.Schematic: Yep, it's me, Daniel :-) Hope you've looked at my recent handiwork.
FredK: Hi George!
Daniel B.: CF = Canadien franšais? ... oui!
rich-c: just reading about them in the Computer Paper
rich-c: that's the 102-key keyboard I'm thinking of
FredK: well Compaq gave me so I have 2
Daniel B.: err... your recent handiwork? what's the link?
George: i'm infected to the hilt
rich-c: anyway, amybe we should be looking to get a few of them down here into Anglo Canada
Daniel B.: remember... I'm not in the Adam mailing list
Dr.Schematic: I E-mailed it to the coladam list today, but I'll repeat it:
Dr.Schematic: ahhh....
Dr.Schematic: And there will be more updates soon, I hope.
George: i saw that
Dr.Schematic: Hence my nickname for tonight, Daniel :-)
FredK: Rich it can be frustrating at first even if you know the language...
George: didn't know what i was looking at
rich-c: I'd like a keyboard with cents and Euros and degrees and copyright and trademark symbols
FredK: │
rich-c: I'm not a touch typist, Fred; strictly search, discover and land
Daniel B.: wow! too many schematics in one time! I can't download them now.
FredK: lol
Dr.Schematic: That came out as a superscript-3 here, Fred.
George: who has degree marks?
FredK: Correct Dr.!!
rich-c: the Canadian French keyboard, George
rich-c: Rich, does your French Adam have a modified keyboard?
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: howdy Robert
BobS: Howdy doody
FredK: Hi Bob!
George: Americans use degree maks too. How come they left them out of the keyboard?
BobS: hello to YA"LL
rich-c: you Michiganders getting the overnight touch of frost too?
George: Hi Bob
BobS: got taht on Mon morn I think
FredK: depends what angle you look at it!!!
rich-c: guess the same reason they left out the cents sign, George
BobS: yea
George: we have no cents
Daniel B.: hello Bob!
rich-c: since they have to put on the extra key values for French, they add on the other goodies too, George
BobS: YO
BobS: and how is ya
BobS: and how is ya'll????????
Dr.Schematic: There is so little stuff that costs less than a dollar any more that there's little call for a cents sign.
FredK: Say what?
George: i'm in my skimppies
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rich-c: sounds like Bob is having one of those nights
changed username to Judy
Daniel B.: hello Judy
rich-c: see Judy isn't on yet to ride herd on him
Dr.Schematic: Hi Judy.
BobS: BUT, everyobody puts on tax for this and tax for that and the bill gets all wierd kinds of cents
rich-c: ah, here she is now
George: Hi Judy
Judy: Hello, all
FredK: Hi Judy
Dr.Schematic: But if it's more than a buck, you just write $1.03, not 103 (cent sign).
rich-c: anyhow, there is a keyboard this is much more flexible and Windows recognizes and supports it
BobS: I personally think that the US gov't is NUTS, they are going to quit making the gold dollar, because a lot of people are complaining and refusing to use them......
BobS: BABIES !!!! Canad just said DO IT and it worked
Dr.Schematic: What??? I never see them in circulation, how can anyone use them?
BobS: gotta sk fo rhtem at the bank
George: just do this.....................................................................................................................................................................................................
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BobS: ask for them
changed username to Pamela
Judy: you have to ask for them
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi
Dr.Schematic: Why not just stop printing $1 paper?
FredK: Hi Pamela!
BobS: lady at the bank told me they were going to stop getting them just the other day
George: Hi Pam
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: Hiya Pamela
rich-c: now, we can't get paper dollarsd even if we do ask for them
Pamela: Hi everyone
George: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
rich-c: or two-dollar bills either, but then you US folks never admitted they existed
BobS: that is a GOOD thing richard
FredK: Paperless society ay!!
Judy: How are you?
Dr.Schematic: Hi Pam...
Pamela: Tired
FredK: thats change!!!!
FredK: lol
Pamela: Hi Rich
Daniel B.: hello Pam!
George: i like plastic
Judy: Me too, that is common around here
George: GO VISA
Pamela: I can imagine, Judy
Dr.Schematic: Is your redheaded friend going to be on tonight? Our _Plain Dealer_ had an interesting medical article today of interest to redheads.
Pamela: hey George, pass me some of them $$$$ please
rich-c: will you settle for Mastercard in a pinch, George?
Judy: had the day off, didn't know what to do with all the time
Pamela: I dunno Rich - it depends on her mood
BobS: R I N ??????
George: i need them for my new computer
Pamela: I don't have that problem Judy - I'm too busy running around, cooking, cleaning, shoveling out
George: only the approval number
Dr.Schematic: Shovelling? Not snow yet?
BobS: "shoveling out" ???????? it is not snow weather yet dear
FredK: shoveling out!!
Pamela: we just had three days off and I spent all of them doing the above. Actually I guess I shouldn't lie, I did get a bood read in there
Judy: My mother-in -law took care of Ryan today, missed the little guy
Pamela: No snow, just lots of junk
rich-c: if you saw my basement, Fred, you'd know what shovelling out meant
FredK: lol
rich-c: Pamela takes after her old man, and she has an apartment
Pamela: However, I did get a new dresser out of it
George: i'm accepting donations
Pamela: now I just have to find time to do my laundry so I can fill it again
BobS: "base".....ment .........base meaning the bottom which has to be full and compacted.....and ment meaning it was meant to be that way !!!!
Dr.Schematic: Well, if Ms. Rin doesn't show up tonight, Pam, tell her that a recent medical study has shown conclusively that redheads have a genetic difference in their response to anaesthetics compared to people with any other hair color.
rich-c: did Goodwill take the old lamp, Pam?
Dr.Schematic: Redheads need about 25% more anaesthetic to get the same level of pain relief as other people.
Pamela: no problem Dad
Pamela: thrilled to get it
rich-c: glad to hear it
Judy: I did do some of that today and found a birthday present for Michael- birthday is later this week
Pamela: along with the old computer chair, the typewriter I bought for .50, the old tape deck and a few other things
George: i'm on oxygen
Judy: than went out for coffee witha friend
Pamela: Rich, send me that in an email, will you? I'll pass it on to her tomorrow
rich-c: the insurance finally approved it, did they, George?
FredK: Bob, tks fr the concrete answer!
George: yes they did thank GOD
Pamela: actually, before you do that, let me see if she's online and willing to come over here
Pamela: BRB
BobS: no problem Fred
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
George: BIG BIG ole machine
Dr.Schematic: Okay, I'll see if I can type in the article.
rich-c: anyway George, make friendly with Daniel and Fred and maybe you can get one of them to buy a proper keyboard for you
George: how friendly?
rich-c: can't scan it or capture it from their online edition, Rich?
rich-c: friendly enough to find out the price and tell you where to send the money
Dr.Schematic: I don't think the PD has much online.
Dr.Schematic: I don't like online news anyway.
George: i was lucky to get your data drives
Dr.Schematic: It was something from AP so it's probably around elsewhere.
rich-c: our local papers are variable but with a lot of stuff they actually allow you to email it to a friend
rich-c: in other cases you can use the alt + print screen method to capture it to the clipboard
Daniel B.: sorry .. but I have to quit now. bye! *poof*
FredK: Salut Dan.
rich-c: nite Daniel
Daniel B.: see you next week
George: nite Daniel
Daniel B.: bonne nuit Ó vous tous!
BobS: bye Daniel
Dr.Schematic: Bye Daniel.
Judy: nite Daniel
Daniel B. left chat session
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changed username to james
BobS: welllllllll
james: morning everyone
Judy: hi, James
rich-c: well, one goes, another arrives - morning, james
FredK: Hey Hi James..
George: Hi James
Dr.Schematic: Hi James.
BobS: JAMES!!!!!!
BobS: howdy
james: how are all?
Dr.Schematic: Law of Conservation of ADAMites.
Pamela: who did we lose, and who did we gain?
FredK: notbad
rich-c: Daniel, and james
George: two weeks in a row?
Pamela: ah - Hi James!
BobS: or should I say GOOD MORNING
james: hi pam, how are you?
james: yeah, still morning here ;)
Dr.Schematic: So they were fighting?
Pamela: I'm tired but good, how 'bout you?
BobS: who???????
Pamela: who's fighting?
Dr.Schematic: "two weeks in a row"
james: not too bad
George: not me
FredK: who's on third?
james: been really busy
Pamela: no, who's on first
rich-c: rich, colour it and save it for Easter
Dr.Schematic: Maybe it'll hatch if I sit on it.
FredK: and wrabbit!
rich-c: Rin going to join us, Pam?
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George: ADAM uses the color statement
changed username to Serene Highness
FredK: Is the 'E' like silent now?
Pamela: She was listed as away but she just popped up - brb
BobS: you SAW dat waskally wabbit
rich-c: well, guess that answers my question
FredK: lol
Serene Highness: Hi all
Pamela: There she is!
rich-c: hey Rin, your boss going to get McAuley's job?
FredK: Um hello
Judy: someone thinks alot of oneself
Serene Highness: maybe, maybe
Dr.Schematic: Now somebody has to leave or we'll be breaking a law of physics!
BobS: RIN.....such a fancy name for a redhead
Serene Highness: hehehehehehe
George: anyone noticed i'm brain dead tonight?
james: i need to go for a bit. be back in about 15
Pamela: no comment, George
BobS: yah
Dr.Schematic: HAhahahaha
Serene Highness: it was either that or Red Dradon
Serene Highness: Dragon
BobS: ok james
james: *poof*
james left chat session
rich-c: c u james
Pamela: James, you just got here - hurry back
BobS: or Li'l Red
Serene Highness: naaaa too simple
Judy: he said he would be back in 15 minutes
Pamela: Rich, tell Erin what you were saying earlier about redheads
Serene Highness: what???
rich-c: it's OK Rin, we're informal here. You may have noticed.
George: people come and go so quickly here
Dr.Schematic: In today's _Plain Dealer_ there was a medical article of interest to you, I thought.
Serene Highness: really ...tell me
FredK: Simply Red!
Dr.Schematic: A scientific study has shown that redheads have a genetically-different response to anaesthesia than people with any other hair color.
Serene Highness: oh yeah it's all over the radio
Dr.Schematic: Redheads need about 25% more anaesthetic to get the same level of anaesthesia or pain relief.
BobS: I like that one too Fred
Serene Highness: i'm quite special apparently
Pamela: so how does one define a redhead, Rich?
rich-c: Pam, you might want to note that - there are lots of red-haired Clees and you show a tint sometimes
George: hit em in the head with a hammer
Dr.Schematic: This confirms anecdotal reports beginning at least 100 years ago.
BobS: not a red to have RED hair
Serene Highness: wow
Dr.Schematic: So now we can tell who is dying their hair...
Pamela: well part of that tint is due to Loreal, Dad - but yuou
Pamela: 're right, my hair does have red highlights
FredK: and who is dying of pain...
rich-c: yes, but long before L"Oreal you had red glints
George: ME
Dr.Schematic: Give 'em all a dose of ether, and if they go right to sleep...that hair ain't from Mother Nature!
Serene Highness: hehehehe
Pamela: perhaps that explains the dentist's inability to find the right place to deaden my jaw
Dr.Schematic: That was one of the examples given, Pam.
Serene Highness: i also somehow don't believe the hammer idea would work.....wanna know why
George: color me dark brown
Dr.Schematic: Redheads are allergic to hammers?
Pamela: they run faster?
Serene Highness: nope......the red head would get u first
Serene Highness: hehehe
Pamela: you're just full of the giggles tonite Erin
Serene Highness: we've apparently only been known to Earth for the past 20, 000 years as well
Dr.Schematic: So we need an infantry of redheads, so they can resist nerve gas in Iraq longer, right?
Serene Highness: very very young breed
rich-c: Pam - Dave sent me a forward - he can take a friend to SEMA
Serene Highness: exactly
Serene Highness: in ancient Russia.....
Pamela: that's the thing in Vegas, Dad?
George: BUSH says we are going to war
Dr.Schematic: Sign her up, Geo. W.!
Pamela: he can't sign her up, she's Canadian
rich-c: yes, Pam, I've been checking out packages
Pamela: and, she has friends in high places
Dr.Schematic: He's going to annex Canada, didn't you hear that yet?
Serene Highness: they believe that if you are on good terms with a red head and run your fingers through his/her hair you would have good luck
George: WHO?
Pamela: so that's why Marie plays with your hair all the time!
rich-c: Bush is just yapping so you wont notice the mess he's making of the country until after Nov. 5th
Serene Highness: exactly
Pamela: who who, George?
Judy: I think I could use the hair to run my fingers thru
Pamela: you mean the friends?
George: minus two years for Bush
Serene Highness: and I love peace anyway....but you can bet your bottom dollar if you put me in an unfavourable position I'd win the war
Dr.Schematic: Mine's too short to run anything through :-)
Pamela: your choice, Rich
Pamela: I can't imagine you with long hair
Dr.Schematic: Never had long hair.
George: i have long hair
rich-c: and no one even remembers what colour my hair once was
Pamela: is it red, George?
Serene Highness: groovy
Dr.Schematic: It was just over the tops of my ears in high school, and I used to have enough to comb to one side, but that's all.
George: no dark brown
Pamela: It was dark, Daddy - I do so remember (back 30 years or so)
Serene Highness: i'd like to do a study of the red head phenomena
Dr.Schematic: Mine used to be Swedish blond.
Judy: don't you have pictures of you back than, Rich
Pamela: I have your hair too - why do you think I'm such good friends with Loreal?
Serene Highness: hehehe
Pamela: I believe that Rich
George: with big brown eyes
Serene Highness: awwwwwwwww
Serene Highness: like a puppy
Dr.Schematic: By 7th grade, it was only that blond in the summer, mousy brown the rest of the year.
George: lap lap
Serene Highness: hehehhe
Dr.Schematic: By high school, no more blond at all.
Pamela: aw, a lap dog
Serene Highness: oh oh
rich-c: I got my first grey haris at 18 and progressed from there
Dr.Schematic: White hairs appeared about 10 years ago, and are now about 50% of the crop.
Pamela: and bequeathed them to me
Serene Highness: wow
rich-c: now I'm transitioning from grey to white, and well along
Dr.Schematic: In 10 more years, I'll probably be snow white like my Dad and his Dad and *his* Dad.
Pamela: I found my first at 25
Serene Highness: white's cool
George: dog oh what a creature
Judy: than I am doing well, with the gray I have
Pamela: he's been salt and pepper for so long, white is a bit strange
Pamela: you have grey, Judy?
Dr.Schematic: Even found a white hair on my *forearm* this summer, that was weird (but should have guessed it would happen).
Judy: yes, quite a bit
Serene Highness: that's not a very nice q
Pamela: you hide it well
Judy: don't color at all, either
George: i'm 41 and i have 1 gray hair
Pamela: you're lucky
Serene Highness: way to go George
FredK: Sorry My Cel rang!!! gotta go biz call must take care.....
Judy: it is getting a lot lighter lately
FredK: Good night all
Pamela: night Freddy
Dr.Schematic: Joan's Mom is 77 and has nary a grey hair, doesn't dye it, it's all dark brown. Joan seems to be going the same way.
Dr.Schematic: Bye Fred.
Serene Highness: bye FredK
George: nite Fred
rich-c: if anyone asks why, George, tell them you're entitled to the odd break
FredK: *poof*
FredK left chat session
Pamela: I am jealous, Rich
Dr.Schematic: Why? It's the head under the hair that's important :-) I'll stop now.
Pamela: I must admit to a certain amount of vanity when it comes to my hair
rich-c: quite true, Rich, but when it starts sticking up thru it...
Serene Highness: vanity is healthy
Serene Highness: i know
Serene Highness: hehehe
George: my father has no hair
Judy: Bob's mom is just turning now, I think Bob will go that way, also, he doesn't have any gray, yet
Serene Highness: so point in fact the head under the hair is important eh George
rich-c: no, you two are definitely short in that department of the grandparent look
Pamela: I loved my natural colour and was very disappointed when the first grey showed up
George: just a shinyhead
Serene Highness: hehehe
Dr.Schematic: When I was in med school, there was a cueball-bald prof who was heckled mercilessly by the other faculty.
BobS: I jsut want ot be a grandpa Richard, I don't want to look like one !!!!!!
Judy: thanks that is nice to hear
Dr.Schematic: One day a catcaller told him to put on a hat, the glare was blinding the audience.
Serene Highness: oh my
Pamela: you two don't look old enough to have grown kids, let alone grandkids
BobS: and
Judy: keep going you people are good for me
BobS: heck IF the kids had moved the process along we could have 10 yr old grandkids
Dr.Schematic: So the bald prof's retort was "That's just the solar power collector for my sex drive. Oughta try it sometime."
rich-c: shows what living right will do for you - and how few try it
Dr.Schematic: The class was ROTFL and no more catcalls from the other profs after that.
Pamela: I like your prof : )
Serene Highness: oh oh oh lolol
BobS: cool dude
George: i thought i saw a flea
Judy: that was good for a laugh, Rich
rich-c: actually, baldness is a symptom of a healthy libido
Serene Highness: oh my
Serene Highness: uncle richard!?!?
Dr.Schematic: Yes, a classic physiology experiment...
Pamela: I think you're shocking your niece, Dad
George: my father would proove you wrong
Dr.Schematic: ...totally unethical nowadays...
rich-c: science lesson, Rion - lots on here if you pay attention
Dr.Schematic: Here it is:
Serene Highness: well u got my undivided attention now
Serene Highness: hehehe
Dr.Schematic: A pair of male identical twins. One was in some kind of accident at age 18, got a brain injury, was institutionalized.
Dr.Schematic: Back then, male+institution=castration.
Pamela: ouch
Dr.Schematic: So, life goes on...
Serene Highness: & shock therapy
Dr.Schematic: At age 50, the other twin has become typical monk's pate male pattern baldness.
Dr.Schematic: The institutionalized twin has a full head of hair.
Serene Highness: ahhhhhh
Dr.Schematic: Institution physician sees the two together on a visitation day...and has an idea.
Dr.Schematic: He injects castrated twin with *one dose* of testosterone.
Dr.Schematic: Bingo. The castrated twin's hair all falls out to match the normal brother.
Dr.Schematic: And it never grows back.
Serene Highness: "normal"
Serene Highness: wow that's kinda cool
Pamela: neat
rich-c: that sounds like a fugitive from an urban legends site
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changed username to Ron
Pamela: Hi, Ron
rich-c: hi Ron
BobS: and who is BSing who here???????
Dr.Schematic: Nope, standard male reproductive physiology, read it in any textbook.
Judy: hello, Ron
Ron: Hey gang!
rich-c: we are talking about swex dr8ives and things
BobS: ronald ya ,you got here late
Ron: ok
Pamela: what Dad is trying to say is sex drives
Dr.Schematic: Rich's text is going through the Bowdler filter :-)
Ron: I know. Was busy stuffing my face with surplus turkey and pumpkin pie
Serene Highness: red heads to sex....hmmmmm
Pamela: Erin, get your mind out of the gutter (and Toronto)
Ron: Then I had to do dishes.... 'cause that's my job
rich-c: naw, still can't larn this here keyboard to spell good
Serene Highness: SHUT UP!!!!!
Pamela: nope
Dr.Schematic: Turkey! Pumpkin pie!
George: my psychiatrist castrated me
Pamela: is that why you still have all your hair, George?
Ron: well..... north of border we do Thanksgiving early
George: maybe
Pamela: I didn't get my turkey this weekend - I feel deprived.
Dr.Schematic: I don't wait until 25 November to eat turkey, I'll take it any time of the year :-)
BobS: andf a happy one it was Mr Mitchell???????
Serene Highness: no turkey Pam...why??
Ron: well thank'n y'all
Pamela: I guess I'll just have to cook it myself
Dr.Schematic: But tonight's dinner meat was a meatloaf (tasty nonetheless).
rich-c: well, those other folks do it to, they just get the name wrong - Vespucci Day, or something
Ron: Had some people over, good time had by all Monday
George: i had no meat
George: i vomited
BobS: thas why ya got all the hair Geo
rich-c: Pam was with us Sunday when we had a roast and by herself Monday with Russell working
Pamela: no turkey because Lindsay and Barbara were at the trailer, Mom had already shopped for the week when I asked her about Thanksgiving dinner, and Kimberly and Allyson were "turkeyed out" from the other days
Serene Highness: oh i see
Pamela: so I fed them lasagna instead
Serene Highness: poor you
Pamela: poor me
Ron: Lasagna is good
George: pizza
Pamela: yes, it was
Ron: I have no problem with lasagna
Serene Highness: was it "your" lasagna
BobS: well just get a turkey soon and cook that baby up!!!!!!
rich-c: the rotten part is, Pamela can't drink red wine - it gives her a migraine
Pamela: yes it was my lasagna, Erin
Ron: right on Bob!
Serene Highness: oooooooooohhhhhhh yummy...and too bad on th red
George: with mushrooms
Judy: me either, but it isn't turkey
Pamela: Not so much Dad, I just don't find the taste agreeable
rich-c: and we had a very fine bottle on Sunday
Serene Highness: what kind?
rich-c: Wolf Blass Brown Label
BobS: I din't taste it here Richard........ya coulda sent some bye
Ron: So now it's time for Turkey-a-la-King, Hot turkey sandwiches, cold turkey sandwiches, turkey and salad..... yada and turkey
George: pizza hut
Ron: you know
Serene Highness: cool
Pamela: what's in yada, Ron?
Pamela: Never had that before
Ron: a lot of etc
Dr.Schematic: One of Joan's cousins married a girl whose parents were from the "old country"...they insisted on cooking a Thanksgiving turkey for a family dinner...the turkey came out of the oven all juicy and brown, but when it was carved...
BobS: methinks Ronald me boy, that your turkey was tad TOO big
Serene Highness: i just had a cabernet shiraz from Jackson triggs
Pamela: ah, gotcha
Judy: you have that much let over, Ron
George: Hi Ron
Ron: I know
Ron: it was a slight miscalculation
Dr.Schematic: all this white stuff came out...Mamma had stuffed it with mozzarella cheese...
Ron: and I'll eat it for a week
Pamela: that sounds good, Rich
rich-c: there are worse fates, Ron
Judy: how did it taste
Ron: oh geez Dr. would be tasty though eh?
Pamela: sounds like my Christmas turkey, Ron - I had leftovers for days!
Dr.Schematic: But it wasn't what was expected...everyone else was looking for sage and onions and breadcrumbs and parsley...
George: i threw up
Ron: indeed Rich
Serene Highness: poor George
Pamela: TMI, George
George: TMI?
Dr.Schematic: Maybe you should lie down, George?
Pamela: too much information
Ron: Serene Highness, are you checking up on Pamela every once in a while?
Pamela: why, is she supposed to?
Serene Highness: i check up on all
Dr.Schematic: I think the reverse would be more prudent, Ron!
rich-c: more the other way 'bout, Ron
Ron: ha
George: oh, i keep forgetting
Serene Highness: she hailed me for the pleasure of my presence
Serene Highness: :o)
Judy: brb, have to make frosting
Pamela: you'll be glad to know she checked up on me the other night
rich-c: you forget Rin is associating with (you should pardon the expression) politicians
Ron: fax me some Frosting Judy
Pamela: but we love her anyway
Ron: oh yes
Pamela: email for me!
Serene Highness: maybe even more important by next week
Dr.Schematic: Watch your step, Highness, you don't want to do something to get yourself immortalized in a Google archive somewhere :-)
rich-c: she needs close observation to avoid contamination
Serene Highness: who knows
BobS: won't be enough ron. only enough for the 2 turnovers we are gonna munch on
Serene Highness: thanks Uncle Richard
Ron: suppose you all heard about the events in Kamloops in the past 24 hrs
rich-c: no, you have another earthquake?
BobS: no.....
Serene Highness: i will corrupt them all myself
Serene Highness: Kamloops?
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.Schematic: All the college folks who posted "intemperate" stuff to USENET newsgroups in the 1980s, thought it lost into the aether forever...and the the archives surface and get turned over to Google.
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: hiya Guy
George: the earth moved
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Ron: mid-fifties gent - provincial gov't employee - got a letter of reprimand, went home, got his gun, came back to office - shot 2 fellow workers, then himself
Pamela: 'bout time you got here
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late
Dr.Schematic: Now Human Resources Departments are poring over it to weed out people...
Serene Highness: oh ...that
Ron: it's a big bad world out there
Ron: ya that
Dr.Schematic: Ouch Ron!
Guy B.: Am I, really. Get use to the new time for a little while.
BobS: hope he did himself in and saved the cost of court and jail
George: hi Guy
Ron: yes
Ron: he did
Dr.Schematic: Hi Guy.
Ron: Me Bona
Serene Highness: hi guy
Ron: i mean MR.
Ron: Bona
Guy B.: Now who is the last one on the list?
Dr.Schematic: Too much to hope that he's the Washington DC lunatic too...
rich-c: well, going postal is rather fashionable these days
Guy B.: HI Ron
Pamela: new lips, Bob?
rich-c: guess it was just your turn out there in Lotus-land
Ron: yeah.... been watching that. some sicko's out there
rich-c: me, I've decided that the Beltway sniper is a tree-hugger type
Ron: who just happens to be a good shot
George: here i go again
Ron: ya think?
Dr.Schematic: Nope, I think a military-trained Geo. W. an excuse to declare martial law in the nation's capital.
rich-c: notice how everyone he's plugged has been using a gasoline enigine directly or indirectly?
Ron: we got our share of people out here too
Serene Highness: that's likely
Pamela: what about the kid?
Dr.Schematic: Filling a gas tank=stationary target.
rich-c: "he shoulda walked to school -serves him right"
George: and suspend the constitution
Dr.Schematic: Right-o, George.
Ron: wonder
BobS: an interesting observation...........
Pamela: that's a bit of a stretch Dad - just about everyone on the road is using a gasoline engine
rich-c: problem is, only one of the shootings was inside the Beltway
Serene Highness: whew...I'm safe
Ron: if people get scared enough, they're likely to support just about anything
BobS: well, he ahs NOT shot a jogger or wlker yet
rich-c: and the van they are chasing has Maryland plates
Dr.Schematic: The guy wants to be caught, will be if he doesn't stop.
Pamela: that's everyone's opinion Rich - that he wants to be caught
Guy B.: I bet when they do, he may want to die himself.
Dr.Schematic: There's no police state you can impose that will prevent a nut like this.
rich-c: I think DUbya would rather he wre not caught till after Nov. 5th
Judy: hope sooner rather than later
Ron: each time, seems like there's a tad more infor..... another witness......some small shred of evidence
rich-c: he's a very convient distraction from a number of increasingly smelly questions
Dr.Schematic: It's harder not to slip up.
George: HEY! i want to die
Guy B.: No you don't. We need you George.
Ron: suppose that's one option George
Dr.Schematic: It would be really conspiracy-nut stuff to think he was in govenment employ for just that purpose, though, Richard.
Ron: but there are others
Pamela: well take yourself to MD George
Judy: hi, Guy
George: no money
Guy B.: HI Judy, how's Ryan doing?
Pamela: well, you'll just have to live then, won't you?
rich-c: oh, I don't think that, just that some folks will be happier if he isnt caught too soon
Judy: good, had the day off today, Bob's mom took him for the day
Pamela: not the folks he's shooting at, that's for sure
George: i always loose that one
Pamela: sorry George : )
Guy B.: Good to hear. How's Mandy doing?
Judy: she thinks she may try to take him every other week
Judy: for a day
Pamela: brb, gonna refill my empty glass
Ron: you could probably use the break Judy
Pamela: chocolate milk is gone
Serene Highness: moo
Guy B.: That's a good start. I hope everything going better for her.
Dr.Schematic: mmmm, chocolate milk...
Judy: a little better, got her a new lawyer this week
Dr.Schematic: Hershey's?
Dr.Schematic: (the chocolate, not the lawyer)
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr.Schematic: (I meant)
Serene Highness: hehehe
George: another pill
Pamela: nope, Sealtest I think
rich-c: nope, Couche-Tard (also known as Beckers and Mac's)
Pamela: now I've given everyone cravings - I LOVE doing that
Ron: chocolate | diet coke > turkey
Dr.Schematic: (Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke, which spritzes all over her keyboard, causing her to launch the ICBMs)
Guy B.: That's good Judy. Hopefully, she will get this done and over with.
Ron: if not Thanksgiving
rich-c: coming soon to a corner near you - anothr Canadian outfit taking over the world
Ron: else turkey better
Guy B.: Dr D! You know I wouldn't do that.
Pamela: actually Dad, Beckers chocolate milk is rather wimpy
Ron: which is why Beckers never made it west of the Rockies
George: brb i have to take a Lipitor
Pamela: I prefer Gaylea, Sealtest or Neilsons
Judy: yes, the lawyer said should be over in about 8 months-that is everything
Dr.Schematic: We always thought Hershey's was best, followed by Nestle's Quick.
Serene Highness: Brown cow
Dr.Schematic: Both mixed at home.
Ron: MMMMooooooo!
Guy B.: I first choice is Diet Rite, with Diet Coke second. Diet Pepsi, don't really care for.
Serene Highness: hehehe
Pamela: this comes as chocolate, straight out of the carton, not mixed
rich-c: it's been so long since I had a chocolate milk I can't remember when it was
Dr.Schematic: I think our schools got Sealtest chocolate milk.
Pamela: well then, you're overdue
Ron: out here we have Island Farms
Ron: which use Island cows
BobS: figures.........
Ron: probably because we're on an island
Dr.Schematic: Grades K through 3, it was delivered in little half-pint glass bottles! It was a teacher's-pet job to get selected to help deliver milk.
Judy: don't really like chocolate milk myself
Pamela: with all due respect to our American friends, Canadian chocolate is much better than American
Guy B.: Does anyone know if Lotus 1-2-3 can read CSV files?
rich-c: which island? Jersey? Guernsey? Alderney? Sark?
George: i'll take it while i can get it down tonight
Ron: think so Guy
Pamela: what's a CSV file?
Guy B.: DOS or Windows?
Dr.Schematic: Then the dairy stopped sending glass bottles, and it was all cardboard cartons after that.
BobS: what the heck is a CSV file??????
Ron: comma separated values
Guy B.: Comma Separated Value.
Pamela: is that an extension?
Pamela: ie .csv
Dr.Schematic: Your basic ASCII text comma-delimited-record datafile format.
rich-c: do you really want to know?
Ron: must fire up my adjacent DOS box, where SmartSuite lives
BobS: tha makes sense someone!!!!
Dr.Schematic: Much better than spaces or tabs as delimiters IMHO.
Pamela: don't bother Ron, I've got mine here
Ron: pl
Ron: imean ok
Dr.Schematic: I think every spreadsheet ever written can read comma-delimited data, Guy.
Guy B.: What I'm thinking of doing. I have Openfiler and thinking of creating those files to create reports.
Dr.Schematic: Even SmartBASIC can INPUT data from such files :-)
Ron: yeah, fairly standard import
Guy B.: I have some Smartfiler databases.
Pamela: In answer to your question, yes it will read CSV files
George: i found some cp/m sites
Guy B.: I know Quadro Pro and Excel will.
Dr.Schematic: SmartFiler databases are a binary format, very icky.
Ron: there.... you heard if first from Pamela
Pamela: what version of 1-2-3 do you have Guy?
Dr.Schematic: CSV...Coleco SmartVirus...yeah, antivirus software for your ADAM!!!!
Guy B.: Openfiler will read Smartfiler database file and create a seperate file in CSV format.
Ron: Ha Ha
BobS: I neede dthat this week
Dr.Schematic: Some would argue that any Coleco Smart___ software is a virus :-)
Ron: I have to learn SmartBASIC 1.x and HTML fast
Guy B.: I have a DOS version and maybe one for Windows on another hard drive that's not being used.
Pamela: how old is it?
Pamela: meaning, what release?
Ron: have this nightmare that all of a sudden it's going to be April 2003, and nothing is yet done
Guy B.: Old!
Pamela: like long grey beard old?
George: i hurt bad
Dr.Schematic: I have an unopened box of Lotus 1-2-3 v.2.2 on 5.25" floppy right at my feet, as I type.
Ron: and I have ALWAYS to go with that
Guy B.: That program came from an olc PC XT that I backed up to floppies sometime ago.
Dr.Schematic: Found in an old storage locker...
Dr.Schematic: Never used.
Pamela: you mean for a change, I have the most recent release of something and no one else does?
George: i have a PCXT
Pamela: quick, mark this day on the calendar
Ron: how about Dbase IV on 5-1/4 inch floppies....complete with docs
George: old machine
Ron: that fits
Judy: just told Meeka to come on
Guy B.: I plan to convert some of the Smartfiler databases to Access and Dbase 4, but I do have new databases planned for Smartfiler.
Dr.Schematic: Unfortunately, this version of SmartDrushel needs to be taken offline for a sleep-induced upgrade.
Ron: still says Ashton Tate
Dr.Schematic: Need to get up early tomorrow, and was up too early today.
moved to room Meeting Place
George: it goes klunk klunk klunk
Pamela: are versions 1.0, etc already in bed?
changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: I got Dbase IV on both disk formats. Someone was throwing it out.
Ron: make it so Dr. Schematic
Meeka: hello everyone
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Pamela: MEEKA! Hi!
Judy: hi, again
Ron: be very tired
rich-c: OK Rich, you're sprung till at least Saturday, if not next week
Pamela: we missed you
Guy B.: How is your ankle?
Ron: hey MEEKA!
Serene Highness: stop it Ron
Dr.Schematic: Okay, I'll at least hold up my end of the ADAMite Conservation Law now...Meeka is here, I will head on out.
George: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: g'nite Rich - sleep well
Ron: your eyes are heavy....
Dr.Schematic: Good night all, and hi Meeka.
BobS: Hin Meeka
rich-c: nite Rich
BobS: bye Rich
Serene Highness: Nite Dr. D
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D
Meeka: night Rich
George: nite Rich
Judy: night Rich
Dr.Schematic: Nite Red Hot Highness :-)
Dr.Schematic: poof
Dr.Schematic left chat session
Serene Highness: LOL
rich-c: gotcha, Rin
Serene Highness: i know
Serene Highness: and he gets away with it
Pamela: no, he just got away
Serene Highness: hehehe how sweet
rich-c: yup, he's not an easy one to outsmart
Serene Highness: he's never met me
Serene Highness: hehehe
Ron: yes, perhaps not, but he knows
Pamela: He's a PhD, Erin - don't count your chickens
rich-c: trust us, he knows
Serene Highness: hehehe
Serene Highness: should be fun
BobS: WAHT is a phd in slimy slugs worth these days anyway??????
Judy: he plays with slugs
Pamela: and robots
rich-c: there are some pretty dumb PhDs around; he's just one of the ones who redeems the reputation
George: now i'm going at both ends
Ron: that's like Dances with Wolves, Judy
Ron: we need to make a movie
Serene Highness: so i guess we all agree that I have no chance
BobS: slugs ar ethe things the Sam says ......."squish 'em !!!!!!!!"
Pamela: Dances with Doctors?
Ron: whatever
George: WHO?
Judy: sounds good to me Ron
Guy B.: Rich, by chance did you get any SNOW by you?
Pamela: oh lord, Squishem Sam - I haven't thought about that in years
rich-c: oh, btw, I've been playing with the Adam emulator
Ron: nasty field of study, but I suppose somebody has to do it
Ron: and....
Serene Highness: what's Squishem Sam??
rich-c: no, we are a degree or two warmer than you and teh Slopsemas, Guy
Pamela: heck, who wouldn't like a career where you get to play with Lego all day?
Pamela: it's an ADAM computer game Erin
rich-c: a game, Rin
Serene Highness: oh
Serene Highness: k
Judy: was very cold today
Guy B.: Well, seems we might get a few flakes tomorrow.
George: burgertime
BobS: a really COOL game......po' ol Sam has to climg up the building and avoid fallign objects and "squish" the bugs along the way
Ron: I feel deprived because when I was staying with Doug and Meeka, I never got to play ADAM BomB II
rich-c: a classic 8-bit computer game, aka original video game
Serene Highness: cool
Pamela: every time you come across an obstacle, Sam says "squishem!"
Meeka: sorry Ron
Serene Highness: nifty
Guy B.: How about Super Zaxxon?
George: centipede
Pamela: Donkey Kong Jr
Ron: At least - you'll be happy to know, I've located my disk. Gonna practice,, honest
Meeka: you and doug were busy playing with Lenix
George: qbert
Meeka: cool
Ron: I know.... that can be fatal - Linux, I mean
Judy: I finished the AdamBomb 1
Pamela: wow,congrats Judy
BobS: But Judy, tell the nice people HOW you got to finish it
Ron: so - Judy - it can be done
rich-c: anyway, Guy, no snow here yet or predicted
George: low level formats
Guy B.: Boy, we can go on about playing all those Colecovision/ Adam games and I bet when we start playing them again. We will all stink.
Judy: so I have completed both 1 and 2
BobS: ONLY by using ADAMem
rich-c: however the water in the birdbath was stiff this morning
Meeka: lol @ dad
Pamela: it's called ice, Dad
Ron: I have a shelf full of carts here..... most of which will make it to ADAMCON 15
Pamela: I did alright at DKJr last year
Ron: winter comes east..... out here, we're basking in sunshine
Judy: with the laptop, yes, because you can save it and not start over every time you don't get the screen
Guy B.: I have an old Atari 2600 console my brother in-law gave me.
BobS: only been below the freezing level on e night here and don't think it really hurt anythign 'cept flowers
Ron: My grapes are actually going to ripen on the vine
Pamela: are we making wine, Ron?
rich-c: odd, I can get Adamem to bring up Adamcalc, but Filemanager won't load
Ron: nah... mom was the winemaker...... me, I dont ..... just love to eat 'em right where they grow
Pamela: oh well, no hangovers for us next year
Ron: besides, there's not all that many
rich-c: and when I try to use on of the game cart images, it crashes
Ron: My dear, it it's hangover you want, it's hangover you shall have
Pamela: sounds like your Adamem needs a tuneup, Dad
Guy B.: Has everyone downloaded a copy of Dcopy32? An update will be coming shortly.
Pamela: you'll just have to mosey over to Grand Rapids and have someone take a look at it
rich-c: well then why dont we wait for the update?
Ron: tks fer the heads up Guy.
Judy: yes, we love company
rich-c: I think it's PEBCAK, Pam
Guy B.: I found a little bug, which is easy to fix.
Pamela: I've never had one yet Ron - I don't intend to start now
Pamela: huh?
Ron: not something I would recommend Pamela
George: got milk?
Pamela: I learned from Erin
Ron: ic
Serene Highness: learned what?
Pamela: what's PEBCAK Dad?
Ron: that hangovers are not fun
Pamela: about hangovers
Serene Highness: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
rich-c: problem exists between chair and keyboard
Pamela: second hand, so to speak
Serene Highness: never mind
Serene Highness: *
Pamela: user unfriendly?
George: farn dingers
Serene Highness: i am the master
rich-c: unfriendly user
Ron: yes'm
George: oops
Judy: a master a hangovers, ERIN?????
Pamela: what'ya drop, George?
Pamela: she's had lots of practice Judy
rich-c: Pam, dont ask
George: both ends
Serene Highness: a little bit, yes
Serene Highness: who knew I wasn't perfect
Serene Highness: don't tell Dr. D
Pamela: don't look now, but you're halo is slipping
Judy: just so you are doing better now
Ron: Serene Highness has a halo?
Pamela: had, Ron - had
Ron: ah
Serene Highness: it's held up by the horns
Serene Highness: hehehe
BobS: OH MAN!!!!!!!! your royalness........I am appalled !!!!! and shamed........:-(
Pamela: ROTFL
Judy: not a good way to go thru your life
Serene Highness: I am the Alpha AND the omega
Ron: Bob, you down in the basement as we speak?
Pamela: every now and then she backslides and has moments of goodness
BobS: the "pollution solution" is..........DRY OUT
Serene Highness: it doesn't happen often anymore just my Bday and my Best friends' bday
Judy: no, he is in the family room
BobS: nope sittign in the family room with Judy and hooked up with doug's special netrwork system
Ron: cool
BobS: it does work great
Pamela: I have to admit to contributing to the deliquency of that minor
BobS: kid is not so unknowing after all, eh????
Ron: I must tell Doug...(perhaps you could mention it Meeka) apart from the battery, that little Satellite Pro is the neatest laptop in the universe
Ron: really like it
George: i need a tiolet by my computer
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. I'll try for Saturday, otherwise next week.
Pamela: remember DST next week, okay Guy?
Meeka: lol, I won't tell him you said that. his head is big enough already LOL
Serene Highness: bye Guy
Ron: right
Judy: bye Guy
Meeka: cool Ron, I will let him knn ow
Pamela: night
George: nite Guy
BobS: ;bye Guy
Ron: niters Guy
Guy B.: That will be on the 28th Pam.
Ron: go straight home now
Guy B.: Bye All!
rich-c: OK Guy, see you one or t'other - enjoy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: never mind, we'll sort it out next week
Pamela: am I nuts, or did he say he forgot about the time change when he first came on?
Serene Highness: i believ u r right
Ron: don't recall that
Ron: but then I only see every second line anyway
Ron: not
Pamela: ok - I thought he was talking about DST
Pamela: obviously he was talking central vs. eastern
Pamela: I'll be fine
Ron: he's on Central right?
Pamela: right
George: i want 36" of snow
Pamela: Meeka, how are you? We haven't seen you for weeks
Ron: careful what you ask for George
rich-c: yes, the change isnt until Sunday morning
Meeka: I am good. been busy and keep fogetting to come to chat
rich-c: piece by piece or all at once, George?
Pamela: what's new (aside from Mandy's stuff)?
George: whatever
Meeka: well, I am working more agian
BobS: time change is in a week and ahalf rich
Pamela: is that good?
rich-c: having had an inch an hour for over 24 hours, I will testuify you do NOT want that
Meeka: yes. the checkbook likes it
BobS: and we get to get the hour of sleep back I been missing
rich-c: right, this weekend is the 19th not the 26th
Pamela: I believe that. How did the tranny repair turn out?
George: actually e need more than 100" of snow to catch up
Serene Highness: i love that extra hour
Serene Highness: no more "jet lag"
Ron: If'n I went to bed before 2am, I could pick up that hour and then some - anytime
Meeka: good. we got a new (used) car last week for Doug too
rich-c: what kind, Meeka?
Pamela: the Grand Marquis as discussed, or something else?
Meeka: grand marquie, same as mom and dad have
Meeka: yes Pam that one
Ron: that is one neat beast, new or old
rich-c: Grand Marq's are neat cars
Meeka: used. it was grandpa Slopsema's car
Pamela: are all the corners still on it? Having seen Doug drive, that is
Ron: did you ever get your car straightened out Meeka, recall there were repairs badly done???
Meeka: lol
BobS: naughty naughty pammie
Pamela: yes, but I love pulling his tail
Meeka: yes, all fixed.
Ron: good
Judy: he is a better driver than he used to be
Pamela: I would get into a car again with him - and that's a compliment
Ron: whoa!
Pamela: I'm picky about who I ride with
Meeka: lol, well I will tell him Pam
Pamela: thanks, I think : )
Judy: she is a little bit older than the last time you talked to her, Pam
Pamela: Meeka, did you have a birthday?
Meeka: :-)
Pamela: when?
Ron: ahah...... cake?
Judy: yess, she did monday
Meeka: this past monday
Ron: did I hear CAKE
Ron: congrat Meeka
rich-c: down, boy
Pamela: Ron, stop thinking with your stomach
Serene Highness: Libra
BobS: Meeka is gettign older.........
Meeka: thanks ron
Serene Highness: chocolate cake
Judy: yes, it was really good
Pamela: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you . . .
Meeka: yes I am a Libra
Meeka: marble
Serene Highness: ooooooooooo
Serene Highness: aaaaaaaaaahhhhh
Ron: sorry Pam're quite right
Pamela: this was your 27th? is that right?
Meeka: yes
Ron: whoa!
Pamela: Ron!
Serene Highness: hehehe
Ron: oh
Ron: (Ron slinks to his corner)
Pamela: Meeka, will you please email Ron some cake and put his tummy to rest?
Ron: thank you!
Meeka: sure
Judy: after all that Turkey, Ron
rich-c: better make it a thick slice, Meeka - he's in a bad way
George: put a bun in the oven
Ron: well hey! I'm on a roll
Ron: no..... not that roll
rich-c: oh, we wre beginning to think we knew who found the weight Guy lost
Judy: I think I better put Bob to bed, he can't stay awake sitting in the chair
Pamela: someone always finds it
Meeka: lol
Pamela: I thought I heard snoring
George: i lost my dinner
Ron: someday I'm going to figure out the relationship between the amount of food I eat, and my weight
rich-c: the old guy's zonked out, is he?
Judy: he is keeping quite about it, head is just bobbing
BobS: NO
Pamela: I'm sure of this Ron - there is one
Ron: ya think Pam?
rich-c: it,s not how much, Ron, it's what
Judy: going fast
rich-c: you can eat all the celery you can stuff in
Ron: gettin late for you guys
BobS: we will see you Meeka about 4 or so tomorrow afternoon YES???????
George: USA, USA, USA
BobS: heck it is getting on towards midnight!!!!!!
Ron: yup
Judy: and I already took my sleeping pill, and I am still awake
rich-c: a minute of 11, atomic clock time
Ron: and if it's midnight there....sure as shootin
Ron: it'll be midnight here soon
Pamela: Only 11:00, Bob
Ron: seems to work that way eh?
BobS: oh ok
Judy: just feels like it
George: it's early
Pamela: it's still bedtime for most of us working stiffs though
BobS: oh , I HATE that word Pam....
Ron: tomorrow morning I'm on at the Hospital Computer Club
Pamela: I slept through my alarm yesterday
rich-c: yes - even I have to watch it
Pamela: sorry, Bob
BobS: P:LEASE dont' use it so frequently
Judy: morning comes awfully fast it seems
rich-c: cant imagine why, but I still seem to be getting up about 7.30 every morning
Meeka: we I think I am gonna get going too. see ya all next week
Ron: you're a morning person Rich
Pamela: that's a habit you need to break Dad
BobS: habit Richard
Ron: I am definately not
BobS: yea, sleep till 8am tomorrow jsut to prove your point
Pamela: I'm with you Ron - I like 4:00 am from the night before
Judy: after talking about sleep, better go and get some, nite all, talk to you next week
rich-c: nite Meeka, Bob, Judy - see y'all next week
Serene Highness: nite Judy
BobS: nite all!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Nite Judy, Nite Bob
Ron: Nite Judy
Meeka left chat session
Ron: be well
Ron: nite Bob
Ron: you too be well
Pamela: we'll rub Erin's head for you for luck
BobS left chat session
Serene Highness: hehehehe
Judy left chat session
Pamela: <Pam gives Erin noogies>
Ron: and the list gets shorter
rich-c: actually, I'd rather get up later, but once awakened I can't seem to doze off again
George: time to go
Serene Highness: LoL
Serene Highness: nite George
rich-c: nite George
George: nite all
Pamela: nite George
Ron: n-o-o-g-i-e-s ??
rich-c: you're too old, Ron
Serene Highness: hehehe
Ron: oh
George: poof
Pamela: you wanna explain it Erin?
George left chat session
Serene Highness: basically....
Ron: yes
Serene Highness: she would wrap her arm around my neck and rub my head with her knuckles
Pamela: I hear it's a favourite trick of brothers
rich-c: enthusiastically
Ron: ah yes, I see
Serene Highness: but only if you have a deathwish
Serene Highness: :o)
Pamela: I'll keep that in mind and do it only virtually
Ron: this is not something that one would enjoy if one were in the wrong mood
Pamela: see above comment
Serene Highness: and only good luck is received if you are on favourable terms with the red head
Serene Highness:
rich-c: think it's about time I made it a wrap too
Ron: yup
Pamela: Bedtime Dad?
Serene Highness: nite uncle richard
rich-c: yep, time to go - nite all till Sat or next Wed
Ron: all of you have a good what remains of the rest of the week
Ron: and first part of next
Serene Highness: nitey nite Ron
Pamela: okay - good nite to you and kiss Mom g'nite for me too
Ron: best to all
rich-c: rite and nite - colour me gone
Ron: metoo
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: nite Ron
Ron left chat session
Serene Highness: hi Pam
Pamela: wanna head over to messenger?
Serene Highness: sure
Serene Highness left chat session
Pamela: meet you there
Pamela left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2002-10-16
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