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Mel Ostler
FredK: Hi Mel
Hi Fred, do I know you?
FredK: dont think so!
FredK: Im from Montreal aera you?
Well, OK, I haven't had an ADAm since about 1995 or so, when I lived in New Mexico
FredK: Wow, ok you know Rich-c?
REmind me who is Rich C. I do know Bob Slopsema, and Guy Cousineau and some others from way back then, but I suspec there is a whole new crowd about nowadays.u
FredK: well from what i know Guy is extreemly busy and rarely chats but Bob is in often....
Have you ever heard of the "Hackers Guide to ADAM?
moved to room Meeting Place
FredK: I think Rich-c may have mentionned this
changed username to rich-c
FredK: Hi Rich!
rich-c: Aha! everyone's early and eager tonight
rich-c: salut, Fred
FredK: How are you tonight Rich?
rich-c: and what might I have been talking about?
I helped work on that a bit, but it doesnt surprise me the Guy is busy, he is that kind of guy
FredK: Rich, was just mentioning about " a hackers guide to Adam"
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FredK: perhaps you told me about this?
rich-c: OK, yes, I know it and in fact have it
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: by the way undefined can click on "edit" and put in his real name
FredK: Mr. Ostler was just talking to me about it,....well started...
rich-c: greetings, Rich
Dr.D.: Hello all.
changed username to Mel Ostler
FredK: Hi Rich
Dr.D.: Mel Ostler, there's a name I haven't heard for a long while.
rich-c: Mel!!! You old buddy, where you been?? It's been years!!!!
Mel Ostler: OK undefiuned took the hinlt and I am on by name now I hope. Didn't know there was still an ADAMCON group around and this is my first time to discover this boardf
rich-c: Fred, Mel was the editor of the Adam Survival Guide
rich-c: since I looked after the publishing, we worked together quite a bit
FredK: Excellent to hear this....
Dr.D.: Yep, we're all still here...looking forward to ADAMcon 15.
rich-c: Mel, you don't know how we've missed you
Dr.D.: Back in a bit, a kid bath to attend to...
rich-c: how about your own Adam series of books? Any still left?
rich-c: Mel, Fred's a French-language newbie from Quebec
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hail Robert S
Mel Ostler: OK, youse guys, you have me at a disadvantage, remind me who you are. It has been so long that I guess I need to get out my old copy of the survival guide and remember who all is whom
BobS: howdy mates!!!!!
BobS: MEL !!!!!
BobS: long time no hear from!!!!
FredK: Hi Bob
rich-c: OK, you know me, Bob S is Bob Slopsema in Michigan, Dr. D. is Rich Drushel in Cleveland
Mel Ostler: Yehm I know Bob, we did some camping together in a rain storm one night, how the heck are you Bob?h
BobS: we camped at AC03 with you and mary, Richard and Frances
BobS: doing good Mel and you and Mary???????
BobS: still hitting the ADAM for our business needs
Mel Ostler: Well, we moved to Utah in June of 96 and have been busy being retired since then. Don't know how I ever had time to work in the first place!i
BobS: use ADAMcalc at least twice a month
rich-c: welcomre to that club, Mel - I've been retired since 1990
BobS: but, but, were in New Mexico???????
Mel Ostler: Yeh, I was inNM when I went to AC03
BobS: thought you in a nice cool and sunny part of utah????
rich-c: we got a lot of catching up to do, Mel - give us the bio stuff you're willing to talk about
Mel Ostler: Well, I am in the North end of it, about even with the North End of the Salt Lake, and about somewhat East of that, if yousee it on a weather map sometime. do you know Utah at all?ea e
rich-c: that's up in Last Spike territory, isn't it?
rich-c: we hgad an Adamcon in Salt Lake City and did some wandering about after
BobS: near tremontown or Logan ???????
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changed username to Dan B
Dan B: Hello ! :D
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
FredK: Salut Dan!
BobS: hi Dan
Dan B: bonsoir! Rich!
Dan B: Salut Fred!
Dan B: hi Bob!
BobS: Fed, Rich, and Rich
BobS: Fred
BobS: now I got ya'll
rich-c: nous avons ici un tres cher Adam ami,
Mel Ostler: Absolutely, it is where the two railroads came together and I gues they built a town about 30 miles East of there cause the rails came togethre in no mans land. We are about 10 miles for the town of corrinne which later became the official joining place, but not the golden spike place.2
Dr.D.: All right, Gretchen is done with her bath and in bed.
rich-c: il a ete perdue pendant dix ans ou plus
Dan B: ??
Dan B: lost? who?
Mel Ostler: Bob, you still building homes and stuff?u
rich-c: we lost his address, Dan, and were out of communication for ten years
Dan B: ok! perdu contact!
rich-c: he was editor of the Adam Survival Guide, and wrote four learning books on the Adam
Dan B: perdu de vue!
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Dan B: four learning books? interresting!
rich-c: tu as raison, Daniel
Dan B: hello Mel!
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
Dan B: Hello George!
FredK: Hi George!
BobS: nope, got sick of that ...too much work!!!! doing a lot of repair work at Apt complex and managing and maintenance on a couple office buildings
BobS: yo George
George: Hi everyone
rich-c: George, we have an old Adam friend with us tonight, one wee havent heard from for ten years
Mel Ostler: HOwdy Dan, do I know you? If so bring me up to stuff, I have forgotten more than I remember I think.
George: wow
Dr.D.: Ha Bob, you sound like you've turned into Herman :-)
rich-c: he is still very important to us, so let him have centre stage
BobS: you betcha
FredK: Just a wee bit i think!
Dan B: I think it's a good time to meet a new friend!
rich-c: Mel, Daniel has written near two dozen Colecovision games
FredK: and still persisting to continue.....
Dan B: If only I can continue... I'm too busy to continue right now.
Mel Ostler: Well that is way cool, did I jnow any of them or are they later than '95?
rich-c: university course getting heavy, or is it the job, Daniel?
Dan B: My first Coleco game was in 1999.
Dr.D.: There's a whole bunch of the ADAM community that's later than '95...we just kept on going.
Dr.D.: Maybe too dumb to stop :-)
Dr.D.: But it sure is fun.
FredK: lol
rich-c: oh these are "unpublished" originals, only exist as images playable on the emulator
rich-c: you caught up with teh emulator yet, Mel?
Dan B: I'm one of those guys who read all homework and exam to evaluate if it's good or not.
Dan B: unpublished? ... well, John Dondzila make a few carts with my Coleco games.
Mel Ostler: Naw, Emulators and ADAM were not together when I was current. I guess that I am getting old.
Dan B: Digital Press release a special Coleco game programmed by me.
rich-c: sorry Dan, wasn't aware of that
rich-c: you've got a lot of catching up to do then, Mel
Dan B: My first Coleco game in cart was DACMAN. (D for Daniel) :)
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changed username to Pamela
Dan B: hello Pam!
rich-c: hi daughter
FredK: Hi Pam
BobS: heill Pamela ya dear
Pamela: Hi everyone
BobS: hello
Dr.D.: I guess that, given my current activities, I should beat the bushes for ADAM schematics...anybody got any that I haven't put up yet on my webpage?
Dr.D.: Hello Pam.
Mel Ostler: Yeh, but except tha I gavce oll of my computers and stuff to a guy whose name also escapes me who lived in teh South East US, maybe Florida. a
rich-c: Pam, look who's here - remember the editor of the Adam Survival Guide ten years back?
BobS: Bob Blair ??????
Pamela: Yes, the name does ring a bell - Welcome, Mel
rich-c: Mel and I worked with Barry Wilson to produce it
Dr.D.: BTW Pam, did your Dad ever forward you the stuff I sent him to give to you to give to Erin?
George: I need to survive ADAM
Mel Ostler: Y aknow Bob, tha may be it, I think it was. Hi Pamela, thanks, do we call you Pam when we've been introcuced?
Dr.D.: ROTFL George
Pamela: Dad sent it but I haven't forwarded it to Erin yet as I just downloaded my email for the first time in a week before I came here
Dr.D.: Okay, no prob.
Pamela: by all means, Mel
Pamela: I'll send it on tonite, Rich
Dr.D.: No hurry, not like it's urgent...
Pamela: Erin may show up tonite - said she might be here
Mel Ostler: Great! Same old spirit. What a group!
George: what is ROTFL?
Dr.D.: Rolling On The Floor Laughing
George: oh
Dan B: I knew that one!
Dan B: ROTFL! heheheh!
Pamela: See, Daniel your English is getting better already
FredK: Rich you roll on the floor?
Dr.D.: Are there any similar acronyms in French?
George: i'm the dunce
FredK: :)
Pamela: what does that little smile mean, Fred?
Dr.D.: Actually Fred, in a few minutes I'll start rolling on the floor, probably: have to finish cleaning the basement :-(
FredK: I like to show some positive emotions:)
Pamela: Is there something you're not telling us?
Dan B: oh! it's a little something I learn by using chat software...
rich-c: it's Quebecois French for :=)
Dr.D.: Actually, more like *start* cleaning it...I've been putting it off.
Pamela: very funny Dad
FredK: im quiet Pam...
Dr.D.: Still quite messy from ADAMcon...not looking forward to the job.
Pamela: the quiet ones are the ones you have to watch out for
FredK: lol
rich-c: Mel, how many email addresses do you have within the Adam group?
FredK: :) Pam
Dan B: Maybe it's a good idea to write my name in the right way ... for Mel.
Dan B changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
George: i'm going to barf
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Mel!
Dr.D.: Pam is very quiet....~~192@_-## aarrgh! ~NO CARRIER
Daniel Bienvenu: Nice to meet you!
Pamela: Pam is stuffing her face
FredK: George likes to share his emotion too...
rich-c: in fact, Mel, care to share your email address with us?
Mel Ostler: Well, now let me count, oh! that was easy, I guess that I donpt have any. In fact now tha I recall there wer no internet addresses last time i was with this group. We were working on something I rthink was called "Fido ,,,," somethin g or another.gthswhen
BobS: yes, that was a might long time ago
George: the crohn's has me in its grips tonight
rich-c: Ouch! You're really making me feel old!
Dr.D.: FIDO...stands for FIDO Is Dead Online...
FredK: down boy!
rich-c: George, hang in there and listen - you might find something interesting
Pamela: Where are all the ladies tonite?
Dr.D.: FIDO...reminds me of a pun my 9th-grade biology teacher even has French in it:
Dr.D.: What did the Frenchman name his dog? Phydeaux.
Mel Ostler: Yeh, any time, love to hear from some of you, all of you, any of you, whatever is right!, Ever hear of Barry, the attorney from StLouis that spearheadded the Survival guide and volunteered me for the duty?
FredK: lol
Dr.D.: Which was followed by:
Dr.D.: What did the Devil say to his dog? "Out, out, damned Spot!"
Pamela: Groan!
FredK: lol
Daniel Bienvenu: My english is so-so. But I know what is a hug! but don't do ROTFL... I learn this word by watching Teletubbies on tv. "BIG HUG!" ... ok, you can ROTFL
rich-c: he lasted a bit longer than you did, Mel, but also faded from our ken some years ago
Dr.D.: Hey, Mr. Pinney had a sense of humor :-)
FredK: Daniel you watch Teletubbies?
Pamela: ROTFL, Daniel
Dr.D.: Gosh, you're lucky to be alive after watching the Teletubbies!
Dr.D.: They are alive at about the 18-month-old mental level.
Daniel Bienvenu: Seeing tv show in english for kids help me to learn because it's very simple to understand.
Dr.D.: That's true.
rich-c: oh, they're all a subtle proagam\nda plot by the gays - Jerry Falwell said so
FredK: undesputable!
FredK: indes
FredK: whatever!
Dr.D.: O cripes gimme a break...
George: bye
Dr.D.: Fred, don't you mean "Inconceivable!" (said with a lisp)
Pamela: and who believes anything that Jerry Falwell says?
rich-c: night George, take care
Dr.D.: Bye George
Pamela: bye George
Daniel Bienvenu: bye george!
Pamela: feel better
Mel Ostler: See ya George
George: i feel un welcome
FredK: Bye George
Daniel Bienvenu: you feel unwelcome?
FredK: hi George
rich-c: no, indisputable, I reckon
FredK: tks Rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: i hope it's not my fault!
Dr.D.: George, you're not stop acting like you are!
rich-c: not to worry, Dan
Pamela: indubitably!
Dr.D.: (Pam misses "The Princess Bride" reference by Rich)
FredK: Pam that just surpassed me by 10ft
Daniel Bienvenu: because of my poor english skill sometimes... sometimes you can misunderstand me.
rich-c: so does Rich
Pamela: (Pam is ignoring Rich)
BobS: Mel.....seems that Barry left about the time Al Fitzgerald (?) left too and the group disbanded
FredK: how dare you
Dr.D.: (Rich is thinking Good Thoughts at Pam so she won't ignore him any more)
rich-c: trust me, Fred, your English is better than our French. Or German
Pamela: actually Fred, it was easy - I just removed the filter between brain and fingers
Mel Ostler: Yeh, well who was the fellow who was the ramrod of the 03 conference, lived in South Bend.
George: the cipro is getting to me
FredK: Wow!
Pamela: (Pam is receiving telepathic communications from Rich - Thou Shalt not Ignore Rich . . . Thou Shalt not Ignore Rich . . .
FredK: lol
BobS: that was Dean Rhodes......and he died about 1 year and ahlf ago
FredK: Rich the coffee machine is up again....filter! hmmmm.
BobS: half
Dr.D.: (Rich is now commanding Pam to make certain withdrawals from her bank account and mail the proceeds to Cleveland)
Mel Ostler: Bob, Mary says hi!
BobS: got news from jerry Vrancks i think......dont' know details but Dean headed up ANN with Barry
rich-c: hey, I take mine with 2%, not too much
FredK: imao
Pamela: (Pam is wondering - what proceeds???)
BobS: HI MARYn !!!!! Judy is sitting here and gives her greetigns to ya both too !!!!!
Mel Ostler: Well, tha is to bad, still had kids at home, or did they grow up that fast?
rich-c: Hi from yours truly and Frances to Mary
Dr.D.: (Rich's plans for global domination go down in flames)
FredK: Feels like halmark card:)
BobS: ahs shucks......and Richard was so hoping........
BobS: he wanted to take over Canada first....then the US,,,then......... :-)
rich-c: Mel, you never did say - what happened to your "Learning to * with Adam" books?
(BobS reboots rich-c's computer remotely.)
Pamela: (Pam is sending good thoughts to Rich and a request for Bertie Botts Beans)
FredK: multiply?
rich-c: no, various words, write, paint, etc.
BobS: about then things got sour with NIAD and MW Ruth
Dr.D.: (Rich thinks mmmmmmm, but he finished off his little bag of them during ADAMcon)
FredK: jk
Dr.D.: Ha now I get it Fred
BobS: wasn't that the long and short of it Mel????
Pamela: (Pam is soooo disappointed but will settle for Chocolate Frogs)
FredK: sometimes i hook on details to humor all....i try anyways..
Mel Ostler: Well, the last one I wrote was the last one. I can't even remember which one it was. When we moved from a 2700 square foot house to a 10 X 40 steel halway where we lived for 5 years and now live in 1800 square feet, we still haven't salvaged all of th stuff we packed when we left NM. So I don't know if there are any left.jcpsr
BobS: chocoloate's about Mackinaw island FUDGE ??????
Dr.D.: (Rich notes that Chocolate Frogs are very good, but that I've also et them all)
Pamela: (Pam gives up on mind control)
rich-c: I'm curious because, believe it or not, I occasionally get a request for one
George: BARF!
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: (Rich has no mind to control :-) )
changed username to Ronald
rich-c: hi Ron
Ronald: hi all
FredK: Hi Ron
Pamela: Did someone mention fudge? Pass it here please!
rich-c: how do you like our new visitor?
Ronald: Mel! How are you!
Dr.D.: Well, to keep up the Law of Conservation of ADAMites, now that The Mighty Mitchell is here, I need to go and start on this basement :-(
Pamela: Hi Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: hello ron!
George: Hi Ron
Dr.D.: Building inspector coming tomorrow and all...
Pamela: NO, Rich, no
Dr.D.: HEllo Ron.
BobS: YES MA'AM fudge.......oh I LUV it
Ronald: hello to all
FredK: guess your on a roll Dr. D.
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: Ronald me boy
Dr.D.: haha rolling in the dust...
changed username to Judy
BobS: email address please!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, I have done a small list of my Coleco game creations (the most important ones).
Pamela: Hang on folks, gotta go say g'nite to my man
Dr.D.: Vacuuming it up is more like it.
Ronald: we have a doe in the back yard.... which is why I was late
George: i'm going to be sick
Daniel Bienvenu: Bejeweled*,Breakout,BUSTin-Out*,Double Breakout+,DACMAN*,GamePack*,Happy Halloween,Jeepers Creepers+,Miss Space Fury*,Nim,St-Valentine's Day
Daniel Bienvenu: * : already available in cart;+ : available soon in cart
Dr.D.: So you now fixed for venison through New Years, Ron? :-)
Judy: Hi, everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Judy!
rich-c: hi Judy, welcome in
rich-c: old man finally got you networked, did he?
Ronald: unfortunately, I cannot discharge a firearm in the municipality
George: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: Crossbows legal in Comox?
FredK: Hi Judy
Ronald: oh now there's a thought
BobS: naw, she was lazy and didn['t want to get on before
Mel Ostler: HJi Judy! Say Bob, do you think anyone still has any copies of that old stuff?
Ronald: unfortunately.....
rich-c: so, no venison, and there go your petunias?
Ronald: I dont happen to have one handy
Ronald: exactly
Judy: no, I was just sitting here, a little tired
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back...
Ronald: you're right Rich
George: POP the POOKA's
rich-c: sorry, Mel, copies of what old stuff?
Judy: welcome Mel
BobS: I don't know who would have them....i don't think i have any
Ronald: Bill Gates just told me I have performed an illegal operation and I am a bad person
Ronald: must have been some other program.... ain't this one
BobS: and NIAD is KAPUT....and MW Ruth is too I think
Dr.D.: Okay, the job that takes longest is that which isn't I'm off to start cleaning. Good night, all.
FredK: boy he works late.
Pamela: Gnite Rich
rich-c: night Rich, take care
BobS: nite Rich
Judy: that is okay, Ron, that is done all the time
Ronald: remember Dr. D. if you haven't used it for 6 months, out it goes
FredK: Buy Rich Shone nacht und arbeit!
Dr.D.: Firing up the Hoover....poof! <cough>
Dr.D. left chat session
Ronald: (comes from the take my advice, I'm not using it dep't.)
Mel Ostler: I thjink that one day I saw a hackers guide, but I don;t know for certain. hey, gotta go and eat. It is a bit late for supper, 7:50 here, but still I need to do it. i
Pamela: Glad I'm not the only one who housecleans at 10:00 at night
Ronald: Good to talk to you again Mel'
Judy: bye Mel, come again
FredK: Take care Mel
rich-c: Mel, come back next Wednesday and every Wednesday, you're hugely welcome
BobS: take care and COME BACK Mel
Pamela: Nice to see you Mel - come again soon
Mel Ostler: Thanks guys nnnn gals, I get back another time, now tha tI know you are all still here.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back...
Ronald: yup..we're here
Ronald: more or less
rich-c: even Saturdays sometimes, at 3 Eastern
BobS: yessir, we'uns is here EVERY Wed
Judy: some more than others
Daniel Bienvenu: I miss something?
rich-c: nothing of importance, Daniel
FredK: Mel is leaving Dan..
Daniel Bienvenu: well.. I have to go too... good night everyone!
Mel Ostler: Well, I guess tha at my age I am not certain that I am ever all there or here either, Love ya all, see ya and etc, and byer
Mel Ostler left chat session
FredK: Bonne nuit Dan! merci pour le update!
rich-c: night Dan, don't let teh workload overpower you
Ronald: 'nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye bye!
Pamela: au revoir, Daniel
Ronald: everybody's leaving..... even my best friends won't tell me
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir Pam!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Judy: night Dan, what did I do scare eveyone off
Pamela: lots of comings and goings tonite
Pamela: BTW, Hi Judy
BobS: eamil address Ronald.........
rich-c: well, I suspect Mel was more than a little surprised at the reception
Judy: hi, Pam
Ronald: or
rich-c: don't think he expected to find so many here, or be so quickly recognized
BobS: ok.....been forwarding emial's to ya til my HD died
Pamela: Even I recognized the name, and i've never met the man
rich-c: no, but you were around when I was working with him on the ASG
Pamela: brr, I'm freezing - BRB, I'm gonna get some warmer clothes
Ronald: ok.....should have asked this when Mel was here....but
BobS: ya been getting any?????
Ronald: which was his last ADAMcon?
FredK: ?
rich-c: 03 I think
Judy: Bob thought 3
Ronald: ok. Was thinking 4, but you could be right
rich-c: so could you - there have been a few over the years
BobS: AC03 was only one he attended was it not?????
BobS: was 03 in south bend
Ronald: memory fades
Judy: was camping with us in SouthBend
rich-c: that's my recollection, but my recollections ren't as good as they used to be
Ronald: ok, that would pin it down
BobS: we camped with the 3 of us, Richard & Frances; us; Mel & Mary
Pamela: that's better
Judy: has been cold, hasn't it
rich-c: that's the place that wouldnt let us put our dishwater on grass dying of drought
Ronald: here we have fog
Judy: last night we even had the fireplace on
Ronald: raked leaves all day
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: wish they were ten dollar bills
Pamela: well it wasn't really until today, but the apartment has been so over heated that I've automatically been putting on shorts and t-shirts when I get home
rich-c: we are supposed to go below freezing tonight, our first real frost
BobS: could be Richard, font' remember that part
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
Pamela: HI, Meeka
FredK: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
BobS: LO Meeka !!!!
Judy: hi, Meeka
Ronald: last night I had to use my electric blanket for the first time this year
Pamela: today, we need the heat and they've moderated it a bit
BobS: oh we have had some good frost's here
BobS: flowers pretty much dead........
Judy: ours isn't plugged in yet, and Bob is really sad
Ronald: :)
Pamela: have you picked all the tomatoes Dad?
George: sniper from New Jersey?
rich-c: had one morning when I looked out and teh birdbath water was stiff, but the tomatoes survived and they are very frost sensitive
BobS: I freeze and she laughs
Ronald: grapes are ripe, just in time.
Ronald: think I mentioned that last week
Judy: What have you been up to, Meeka
Ronald: Hi Meeka
Pamela: just snuggle, Bob
FredK: Have a great one all, c you!
Pamela: it helps to have a spouse who radiates
Meeka: not much
George: Hi Meeka
Pamela: nite, Fred
Meeka: playing with bandit
rich-c: nite Fred - bonsoir
George: nite Fred
Judy: we had ice in the birdbath las t week already
FredK left chat session
Ronald: Other signs of fall, we have stellar bluejays around
George: i took a bath in the birdbath
rich-c: tonight should be our only one below freezing for the next few days
Pamela: we have a picture from a couple of years ago where Russell is holding up the circle of ice from the birdbath at the trailer - and it was only the second week of September
BobS: she sasy i am too hot Pam......and tells me to get on my own side...... :-(
rich-c: we didnt even turn on the furnace for teh first time till Oct. 8th
Judy: we do not need this weather any earlier
Ronald: wonder what happened to global warming?
Pamela: sorry Bob, I can't help you there : )
George: i'm still not using heat
rich-c: no, our trees are starting to turn now - wee have some exquisite sugar maples
Judy: I do not need an electric blanket all winter > chat > Wed 2002-10-23
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