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George: test
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George: Hi Rich
rich-c: hi George
rich-c: little late vtoday - took me longer to get on than I expected
George: ok
George: i was falling asleep
rich-c: at the moment, a bit more time to talk
George: it's a bad day for me
rich-c: what is the matter at the moment?
rich-c: i have the laptop in my lap and typing is slow
George: the medicine my doctor put me on i'm allergic to
rich-c: how bad is the allergic reaction?
George: rash
rich-c: just in places or fairly widespread?
George: can't more till i see him Wed.
rich-c: are you sure the rash is from the medication
George: yes it's a sulfa allergy
rich-c: gather you have shown that before, then
George: yes it's documented
rich-c: that is awkward though sulfa based medicines are much lees common now
George: i didn't know the new med. was sulfa based
George: it was a water pill
rich-c: how did you find out?
rich-c: must admit I have never heard of a sulfa-derived diuretic
George: it has a long name
George: i can't read the bottle
George: let me get my glasses
rich-c: doesnt matter, just unusual
rich-c: but then there is a lot of information we do not necessarily get
rich-c: like, I didn't know my arthritis medicine was actually two other medicines
George: hydrochlorothiazide
rich-c: not sure what the chemical composition of thiazides are
rich-c: have an end of season football game on - meaningless in standings
rich-c: so far both teams have scored touchdowns on blocked kicks
George: pharmacy wouldn't fill it. I was taking it in a compound drug hyzaar
rich-c: ah, compound drugs, that always complicates things
rich-c: do your phamacies keep a record of all your allergies and prescriptions?
George: yes, they caught it
George: my doctor had me on physician samples
George: and ran out
rich-c: it is inconvenient to keep all your trade at once pharmacy, but it can prevent big troubles
George: i do use only one pharmacy
George: it's the only one in my area that delivers
rich-c: same here - it is sometimes inconvenient but not as much as a fsatal drug interaction
rich-c: of course it also keeps the accounting straight on my provincial drug benefit
George: yes, i don't know what effect this drug will have on my liver
rich-c: it's your pharmacist and doctor's duty to know that
rich-c: sometimes you have to remind them by asking
George: never thought about it
rich-c: being a senior I pay $100 per year and $6.11 per prescription for my drugs
George: excuse me, is this medicine going to kill me?
rich-c: yes, that is the question you sometimes have to ask
rich-c: there are nearly 100,000 Americans die every year from medical erros, mostly wrong medications
George: trouble is i'm a very hard patient to prescribe for, between my allergies and conditions and meds i take
rich-c: yes, there are so many potentially dangerous interactions
George: sometimes i think i'm not human
rich-c: it is mostly a problem with seniors but some chronic problems can put younger folksin the same boat
rich-c: also times are changing - your generation is far more allergy-prone than mine
George: i don't think i'm able to have any kids
rich-c: only your doctor can tell for sure
rich-c: but at your age it is less and less of a consideration anyway
George: it's better off, i can't support a goldfish
rich-c: beyond that, kids need parents in a certain age range
George: they said my father was too old when i was born
rich-c: we were in our mid-30s when Pamela was born nad had suggestions even then we had waited too long
George: old folks get too stubborn
rich-c: not always, but it can happen
rich-c: personal psychology changes with age quite predictably
George: my father is a muley old man
rich-c: how old is he?
George: 78
rich-c: bit older than me then
rich-c: but in your 70s you've seen it all and know how screwed up life is
George: they said he was too old to have me
rich-c: he'd have been about 39, marginal but not too bad
rich-c: sorry, 37
George: how did you guess that?
rich-c: age matters in terms of health with the mother, psychology with the father
rich-c: you have told us you are 41
George: i forgot
rich-c: we do pay attention to what you say unless you're just complaining
George: i wonder how much infomation you can dig up about me?
rich-c: depends on how much work I want to put into it
rich-c: there aree endless public records for those who want to try to dig them out
rich-c: but it takes a great deal of time and money to do it
rich-c: for some folks it is easier than others
rich-c: for instance search my name on the net and you'll get over four dozen hits
George: my name gets hits but not about me
rich-c: you mean you are not the only Georg3 Wahl
rich-c: similarly there are not many Richard Clees by I am not the only one iether
George: there are too many with my name
rich-c: I have a namesake who is an insurance broker in Texas, I think
George: three very close to where i live
rich-c: I am the only one in Canada since my namesake uncle died
rich-c: in fact there are only about a dozen Clees with phone listings
George: there is one George Wahl on woodhaven Dr. in CA
rich-c: havent checked how many there are in the US
George: are you relate Jim Clee here in Philly?
rich-c: not to my knowledge, no
rich-c: lets say there is likely a distant relationship as it historically is a very localized name
George: i have relatives i don't know about
rich-c: there is a woman book illustrator works with a Philly pulisher named Clee
rich-c: I have lots of US relatives but they are children of female Clees so have paternal names
rich-c: there is just my brother and nephew in Orlando
George: so far apart
rich-c: well, he is very different from me
George: i'm very different from my brother too
rich-c: is your brother older or younger?
George: we hardly speak
George: my brother is 4 years younger
rich-c: it happensc-cit was even colder between my younger brother and the one in Orlando
George: almot to the day
rich-c: my younger brother wea living in Yellowknife when he dies and I suspect if he could have got further from Orlando, he would have
George: my birthday is january 26, his is 24
rich-c: yep, that's pretty close
rich-c: we were scattered,
rich-c: august,
rich-c: sept., Nov
George: and i have sister 2 years younger than me
rich-c: keep hitting enter instead if shift, I do
George: my fingers get twisted too
George: i'd make a bad data entry clerk
rich-c: it is harder for me with the laptop keyboard being small and tilted away from me
George: my keyboard is twisted on my bed
rich-c: on Wednesdays on the desktop I am much faster
George: i'm getting used to my bedroom computer
rich-c: of course I need to be with so much going on
George: i can hardly keep up
rich-c: last Wednesday it didnt matter anyway
rich-c: once Mel came in no one else was going to get any attention
George: it's hard when you you can only do one word a min.
George: Who is Mel?
rich-c: yes, that does complicate matters
rich-c: Mel is a very important figure in the historic Adam community
rich-c: he wrote at least four books about the Adam
rich-c: more importantly, he edited the Adam Survival Guide
George: i wish i knew more about how to use ADAM
rich-c: well, you should keep asking questions in the chats
George: sometimes i can't grasps written material
rich-c: no oneis going to tell you key by key what to hit
rich-c: but if you have a specific question, it will be answered
rich-c: notice how no matter how irrelevant it is to the main subject, Daniel always gets his questions answered
George: i learn better from videos
rich-c: the reason is that Daniel always asks a specific question immediately related to the Adam
rich-c: try something on your Adam and keep at it
rich-c: then when you cant go any further, make a note of your problem
George: i made a few programs in basic
rich-c: fine - what happened? did they work?
George: yes
rich-c: were there things you wanted to program, but couldn't figure out how?
George: they were very simple
rich-c: every program should be the simplest possible that will do the job
George: playing around with graphics
rich-c: this game is getting wild - 35-21 at the half
rich-c: what were you trying to do with the graphics?
George: ithe game should be more competitive then
rich-c: all offence, damn little defence
George: i don't know how it works
rich-c: in meaningless games they get aggressive and take chances
rich-c: lets get back to graphics - what would you like to do?
George: maybe if you have a very good offence you need very little defence
rich-c: they say offence sells tickets, defence wins games, and special teams win championships
George: the program drew random lines
rich-c: OK, I have seen programs like that
rich-c: the easiest way to program graphics on the Adam is with Logo
George: one program made a spiral using different colors
rich-c: but of course using SmartBASIC gives more flexibility
George: and how come the games have much better graphics capablilities?
rich-c: they dont
George: they seem to
rich-c: graphics capabilities are governed by the graphics chip and memory
rich-c: the rest is sheer programming ability
rich-c: mind you, someone like Daniel will program in machine language
George: i guess it also matters what you are using to program in
rich-c: there is a program Frances has written called Journey
rich-c: first it draws a landscape wit a treed hill
rich-c: then clouds start drifting CROSS THE SKY
George: i would like to know machine language
rich-c: then a train starts running across the bottom
rich-c: and then you hear the train whistle
George: cute
rich-c: she has a number of demo programs like that
rich-c: shows what can be done in Logo which she likes
rich-c: anyway she is in now and wants online so I will have to get off
George: ok
George: see you Wed
rich-c: see you Wednesday then?
George: bye
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