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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: good evening George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: ah, we're still here - had a power bump just now
George: where is everybody?
rich-c: fortunately I have a UPS on line now
rich-c: the others haven't turned up yet
rich-c: you, Daniel and I are the consistent early birds
George: do you have power now?
rich-c: Dr. D. wont be here since he is taking his daughters to the movies
rich-c: yes, it was just a bump, but enough to make the backup squeal
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George: wow
changed username to BobS
rich-c: gather you are having quite a problem with screwed-up schools in Philly
BobS: WOW ????????
George: hi Bob
rich-c: welcome, Roberto
BobS: you guys there>?????
BobS: I don't see nuthin
rich-c: you should, we're here
rich-c: and we can see you
George: i went to school in Jersey
BobS: ah dat's better
BobS: jursey
rich-c: yes, and that was a while ago, George
George: thank you
rich-c: but I see Philly decided Free Enterprise could do better
George: where?
rich-c: and now private enterprise is bankrupt, the kids are at loose ends, and its all a bleeding disaster
rich-c: that bunch of your elementary schools that were leased to Edison Schools, George
George: Philly schools are hell
rich-c: they are now worse
rich-c: it's like our electrical system here
George: who needs school in philly?
rich-c: our idiot government decided to dergulate electricity
BobS: the little kids
rich-c: now we're well down the road to the California scenario
BobS: AH, like they did in California....and then free enterprise gouged the heck out ofd the public
rich-c: bingo!
George: PA has elecrtic deregulation
rich-c: we had the best electrical utility on the continent - now it's in ruins
rich-c: let's hear it for Private Enterprise - yeeeccchhh
George: it's all a scam
rich-c: you're lucky, actually, George - your politicians got so scared the sort of cleaned it up a bit
BobS: it is not private enterprise that is the is when a ;monopoly gets to be UNregualted that we havea problem
BobS: UNregulated
rich-c: actually, Bob, there are fields of endeavour best left to the private sector
George: in PA they are deregulating everything
rich-c: it's just that schools, hospitals and basic utilities (energy, water) aren't among them
rich-c: we have two provinces - Ontario is one - where dogmatic right-wingers have the majority
George: GOD help us
rich-c: well, we'd be a lot better off if enough of us could get together to help ourselves
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changed username to Judy
George: Heaven is better
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: Hi, Rich
George: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, George
rich-c: so who do you think is going to win next Tuesday?
BobS: for what??????
George: GOD knows
rich-c: house and senate - majority
BobS: for MI govenor.....prolly Granholm
Judy: good question
BobS: national election. who knows
George: GOD
rich-c: she the female who's as decorative as she is mentally sharp (and that's very)?
BobS: gonna be close with maybe a few mysteries
rich-c: think Mondale is still strong enough to make up for the loss of Wellstone?
rich-c: what's a Rendell? Senate?
George: governor
rich-c: governors don't matter as much on the national scene, though they like to use it as a steppingstone later
BobS: think Mondale will probably fit well as a replacement for Wellston
George: we have no senate races here
BobS: and probably win
BobS: our only national races are pretty much cut and dried to who is in office
rich-c: I certainly hope so - I think you badly need a Democratic senate majority right now
Judy: he sure got the press coverage
George: in PA that is
rich-c: when is Dubya going to go bomb North Korea - now that the Axis of Evil actually has a nuclear bomb?
George: He won't
George: only IRAQ
rich-c: clearly Kim Jong-il is far more dangerous than that pussycat Saddam
George: north korea presents too much of a challenge
rich-c: oh, you mean big brave America only beats up on the little guys?
rich-c: that sounds like the Bush standard, all right
George: besides G. W. won't risk china getting involved
rich-c: I got news - Beijing is in easy range of Korean rockets, no part of the U.S. is
rich-c: China is doing some serious sweating
BobS: now,. now Richard........Saddam controls a lot more resources and world power thatn N Korea
George: we would get our clocks cleaned
rich-c: if you're worried about body bags, there will be tens of thousands more coming back from Iraq
George: the pussycat?
BobS: naw. don't really think so
BobS: ubut we might go broke with allthe cost of the bombs, etc dropped
rich-c: actually, Bob, I'm more than a little amused at how Dubya is so rabid about Saddam maybe someday getting weapons
George: china would defend n. korea
rich-c: and insisting nothing will do to save the world but a preemptive attack
rich-c: but when a really nut-cazxe dangerous joint starts threatening, suddenly he's all for peaceful negotiation
George: yippie for war NOT
rich-c: bet if there was a chance of grabbing control of some oil Dubya would find N. Korea was a big menace
BobS: the economy AND the sheer numbers of people kind of make the china/n korea thing a talking thing first and foremost
rich-c: and no, I do not think Saddam is a nice guy - or the Iranian ayatollahs, or Kim Jong-Il
rich-c: in fact I would dearly love to see Saddam taken out - but not now and preferably not by war
George: well it finally got cold here
rich-c: what do you define as cold, George? Here at the moment it's about 30
George: it's about 38 F here
rich-c: sorry, make that 28 or 27
rich-c: that was about our high today - quite nice too in the sun with no wind
BobS: gonna snow here bout Fri with some measurement
George: we were in the 50s and 60s
BobS: probably like an inch or so but still measureable
rich-c: that would be mild lake effect I'd guess, Bob
rich-c: we are due for the odd flurry but we are upwind of the lake when the wind is from the northwest
George: got some ergot?
rich-c: that's why even though Buffalo is south of us it gets far more snow
rich-c: nope, didn't grow any morning glories this year, George
George: they plowed my flower bed under
rich-c: well, you're not in great shape for gardening any more anyway, are you, Geortge?
George: ruined all of my bulbs
rich-c: that is upsetting - when you've grown them for a while you can get quite a display
George: yes :-(
rich-c: we are now getting a tremendous show from our crocus and daffodils now in the spring, and the grape hyacinth is coming along nicely too
rich-c: the big buld show though is in the summer - Frances has about a dozen varieties of day lillies
George: my mother gave me the hyacinth before she died
rich-c: I can understand why you are upset
rich-c: I am upset because I can't pull my weight around the garden any more
George: nothing is sacred anymore
rich-c: had to hire a gardener to cut the lawns this summer; I have always done that myself
rich-c: and my hip is awkward about bending - have a very hard time getting my socks on in the morning
George: i can't walk down the block without extreme pain anymore
rich-c: I know exactly what you mean, though for me the source is different
rich-c: disability permit eligibility here is decided by how long it takes you to walk a set distance unassisted
BobS: and then th3ey time you????
BobS: that sucks!!!!!
George: i only got temporary ADA
rich-c: actually, they require your doctor to sign a cdertificate about it
BobS: dont' doctors have nay say anymore??
rich-c: my doctor took one look at my x-rays and said "you qualify"
BobS: that's good
rich-c: I can bounce along for a short distance, especially with a cane, as you saw at Adamcon
rich-c: it's just that when I take that one step too many, I pay for it for three days
BobS: time will hea'
BobS: heal
rich-c: not in my case, it only gets worse
rich-c: only "cure" for it is a hip replacement operation
rich-c: and that won't be convenient for me for another 14 months or so
George: i will only go downhill too
rich-c: you are in for an increasingly rough time, George, but don't be surprised if you see a cure
BobS: well, most people I know who have had replacement are overjoyed they did
Judy: my mom had a knee replacement and it worked just great, she is so glad she had it done
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rich-c: your illnesses are in areas where they are really making big progress fast - you have hope
BobS: me dad had two new knees about 10 years ago and is still happy
rich-c: interesting, my friends with new knees are so-so about them, it's the hip folks who are really happy
George: they don't do back replacements
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BobS: dad was almost wheelchair bound but with the knees, he is mobile, threw away the cane and hpapy
rich-c: they do have some surgery for herniated discs now, and there's spinal fusion, George
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BobS: happy
BobS: GUY !!!!! come in!!!!!!!
rich-c: and don't be surprised if some new techniques come along soon
BobS: ohw well
Judy: someone is trying to get in
rich-c: guess it's Guy with the discount ISP of his
Judy: he isn
Judy: 't coming back
BobS: heck, my ISP is chaeper than his is
rich-c: maybe he just went away to change computers
George: discount?
rich-c: he has one there that seems to have come off The Ark
BobS: and I had Judy's dad on one of the cheapy ones you sent me the list of and it worked great
BobS: yup Goerge......6.50/month an dyou use IE5.5
George: he'd do better with ADAMNET
rich-c: in fact any old computer should be enough for this chat - bet a 386 could do it
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changed username to macfaker
BobS: Netzero and Juno are revised freeby services that tried to dump the advertising off the software
rich-c: well Ron - did you get those programs I sent you?
Judy: hello, Ron
BobS: software and it don't work so great
BobS: YO Ronald
George: Hi Ron
macfaker: yes sir, and thank you very much
macfaker: Evening all
rich-c: I trust your young man is not longer bothered by pop-ups, then
macfaker: Well..... we shalll see
rich-c: which of the programs did he find he preferred?
macfaker: actually, we ended up with Net Nanny
macfaker: the others did nothing to stop the problem
macfaker: As it turned out, this was a porno file embedded right down in the registry
rich-c: uh - Net Nanny was not intended to solve that particular problem - do I detect an agenda somewhere?
macfaker: Even after trying several programs including the ones you sent, Net Nanny was the only thing that worked
rich-c: ouch - I have a couple of registry editors, but getting in there is a little too risky for my taste
macfaker: kept getting these very un-Christian pictures even though we weren't on line
rich-c: that can be most disconcerting
macfaker: local RCMP have been advised, and also Shaw Cable
macfaker: I swear I've never seen anything like this one
rich-c: they can hardly do anything about it
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: the offending site is likely in China or something
BobS: LO Pam
George: i get those nasty pictures all the time. and on aol too
Pamela: herro
Judy: hello, Pam
rich-c: greetings, daughtere
BobS: and HI Pam
macfaker: No, but they can be made aware that such things are happening
Pamela: somewhere in between actually Bob
Pamela: small crowd tonite
George: Hi Pam
rich-c: oh, they know already, Ron
macfaker: Pam ela
macfaker: BRB
George: ela
rich-c: in fact there is an industry in buying up abandoned urls and booby-trapping them
Judy: has been really small
macfaker left chat session
George: who left?
Pamela: sheesh, I come on board and Ron disappears - was it something I said?
rich-c: hi Pam, checked your email yet?
Pamela: yup, why?
BobS: so how do ya feel nmow Pam?????
BobS: blew ol' Ron right off
Pamela: very lo, Bob : )
rich-c: got my message then - could you read the attachemnt?
Pamela: what message?
rich-c: oops - must have messed up
Judy: don't think it was anything you did, Pam
Pamela: what was it regarding ?
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rich-c: just checked my outbox - I did mess up
Pamela: why, where did you send it?
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: Hi Guy!!!!!
rich-c: it seems to have got vapourized, leaving no trace
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings and Happy Halloween
George: Hi Guy
Pamela: well done Dad
rich-c: ah, Guy, you finally made it in
Pamela: wanna try again?
BobS: BILL GATES has it!!!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Bill Gates has waht?
rich-c: yes, actually it's a file I'd like you to pass on to Erin - at work
Guy B.: What
Guy B.: Oh by the way, I had ti reinstall Win98 from scratch again, but the Athlon is back up.
rich-c: no, George, the eve of All Hallows Day
BobS: Geo lives in the nasty part of Philly where they reise heck th enight before Holloween
Pamela: why don't you just send it directly to her? whelas1@ . . . hmm let me check - brb
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changed username to james
BobS: hiya James
james: good morning
rich-c: good morning, james
Judy: we had trick or treat day around here today, the boys went around work today
Guy B.: Hi James, long time no see.
james: afternoon now actually come to think of it
George: Hi James
james: so how is everyone?
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Judy: hi, James
james: hi judy
BobS: good James
james: hi george
Guy B.: Pretty good here. Has the cool weather hit Japan?
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BobS: Ronald me boy???????
rich-c: doing fine, and back on standardd time
james: well as a canadian, no. apparently people here find it cool though
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: HI Ron. Mac or PC tonight?
james: it has cooled off, i just can't consider anything above 10C "cold"
Ron: never send an emulator to do the job of real software
Guy B.: We are cooler here.
Pamela: Hi James - sorry, I was off checking something
rich-c: ah, we are at -2 at the moment
Pamela: brr - no wonder I'm chilly back here
james: jo @a,
rich-c: landlord finally stopped overheating the place?
james: i mean, hi pam
Ron: Hi Guy.... started out with a Mac emulating a PC. soon fixed that.... now it's a PC
Ron: Hi James
George: ice in the toilet
Pamela: Dad, I don't have Erin's business address with me here - it's at work - but she checks her hotmail every day . You could send it there if you wanted
Judy: glad it isn't that cold here
Pamela: yeah, now I wish he'd crank it up a bit
rich-c: OK, guess that might work - what is it?
james: so where's our resident phd tonight?
Ron: I had my flu shot today - just thought you'd all like to know
james: hi ron, how's the wet coast?
rich-c: he's off taking the daughters to a movie or two
james: cool
Ron: dry James, very dry
james: really? wow
Pamela: good for you Ron
rich-c: OK will use that Pam, thanks
Ron: dryest October on record
George: i got my pneumonia shot today
Ron: reservoirs are in trouble
Pamela: I'll send you the office one from work tomorrow if I remember
Judy: I can't make myself get on e of them
Judy: don't like shots
Pamela: what a flu shot Judy?
Ron: will e-mail some flu to anyone who wants it
Pamela: but it's just a little itty bitty one
james: no thanks
rich-c: I need my flu shot but my doctor is on vacation till next week
George: virus anyone?
Pamela: that's okay Dad, serum doesn't come in till Monday anyway - I asked for mine already
Judy: yes, don't ever get one
Ron: Bob, got your message re the AC14 financial thingie
Ron: enlightening, thanks
George: trick or treat
Pamela: trick
Pamela: well?
Ron: I take it all amounts are expressed in US dollars?
George: i need candy
BobS: AND ??????? did it make sense?????
Ron: very much so
BobS: yan sure US $$$$$$$
rich-c: I am getting all sorts of attacks on my computer right now - anyone else seeing them?
Judy: the boys made out really well today
Pamela: <Pamela sends George a Dairy Milk>
George: thank you
Pamela: you're welcome
Judy: got a half of pumpkin full
BobS: gives guidelines......but each time, ya gotta checka nd figure outif it will work
Pamela: Lord Judy, they'll be wired for sound for a month!
Ron: do you guys south of the border do the 'trick-or-treat' thing tomorrow night?
Judy: just dumped the candy out and Ryan thinks he needs to go trick or treating to get M&Ms in it
Ron: aha
Ron: we
Pamela: at least he has good taste
BobS: yup
George: hershey bars
rich-c: out Halloween festivities will be tomorrow night
Ron: we'll likely get 30 or 40 - our neighbourhood is growing up
Ron: not so many kids any more
Pamela: Hershey's chocolate always tastes funny to me
rich-c: the kids will mostly come by between 7 and 9.30
Judy: goes to Grandpa downstairs and grandpa can't say no
Ron: whatever is left over goes into my blood stream
George: kids are afraid to come here
Pamela: then you'd better make sure there's none left, Ron
Ron: exactly Pamela
rich-c: I think we still have some Reeses Pieces left from last year
Pamela: there are no kids in this building and we don't let them in, so I don't have to worry about having the stuff around
Ron: have a pumpkin to carve, and a luminour skeleton to hang from the oak tree by the front door
Pamela: eww - throw them out Dad
Judy: we won'tbe home tomorrow, have to work in Holland, Meeka is watching Ryan
BobS: GIVE them out first!!!!!
BobS: jsut gonna be a lttile stale and crunchy
rich-c: dont think I'll risk giving them out
Pamela: year old Reeses Pieces? Are you trying to poison people?
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at Pamela.)
George: i have pennies nickels and dimes
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: If it's like last year, there will be an increasing number of parents accompanying the tricksters
Guy B.: Sorry Pam, fingers slipped.
Pamela: ouch, ooh, hot hot hot . . . dropped it
Pamela: ahh, cool diet Coke to cool my fingers on
rich-c: since our district has so many Jewish homes that dont observe Halloween, the kids get discouraged
BobS: have to, can't trust the kids out alone
Pamela: well it's mashed potatoes now Guy
Judy: we have that too, the parents are in the cars waiting for the kids to finish
Ron: signs of the times
Guy B.: All you need is butter now and a little pepper.
BobS: ow.......smashed huh????
Pamela: and wash off the kitty fur : )
Ron: still looking for a way of turning oak leaves into $10 bills
George: who is undefined?
Pamela: Ron, how many times do we have to tell you, money doesn't grow on trees?
Guy B.: Jeanene delivered a carved pumpkin to me a little while ago. It's sitting inside and facing out my balcony door.
Ron: I can hope can't I?
rich-c: dont know George, someone came and went away it seems
Pamela: hope springs eternal Ron
Ron: James, do they do anything like Halloween in Japan?
Pamela: If you find one, send me a cutting
BobS: oh. but just think how NICE that would growin on the trees
George: pie
Pamela: the problem is, by the time I got old enough to appreciate the adult aspects of Halloween, I had moved out
Ron: One school in Vancouver (Surrey) banned it
Ron: no costumes, no parties
George: or is that pi
Pamela: banned Halloween? That's sacrilege
rich-c: bunch of right-wing religious or left-wing dogmastics?
Ron: needless to say, comments are flying back and forth over the media
james: ugh. don't get me started on religion
Pamela: if it's religion, that's on par with banning the Harry Potter books because they have magic in them
Pamela: ridiculous
BobS: trouble is, the whole thing can become a big pain IF it gets out of hand
BobS: like it sometimes does
james: i hate organized religion in any way shape or form.
rich-c: the answer, james, is just ignore it and it will eventually go away
james: one can hope
Ron: well, I heard an interview with the Principal of this particular Surrey School, and I had to admit...... based on the school's experience she probably had a point
rich-c: except, as they say in Jerusalem, that tends to take too long
George: does anyone really believe in GOD anymore?
james: i stopped when i was 11 or 12
BobS: a lot of the population does George
james: the day of my "confirmation" ironically
rich-c: yes George, apparently about 7 out of 10 Americans do, many are quite nasty about it
Pamela: certainly I think people still believe - but everyone's definition of belief is different and individual
james: from what i've seen, it's still much more prevalent south of the border
Ron: :)
rich-c: in Canada I gather it's about one in three take some religion seriously, but we have a lot of immigrants
Ron: Alls I know is that I do not want to go anywhere where it is hot
Ron: so whatevere I need to do.....that I shall do
james: i read an interesting survey - 80% of canadians would knowingly vote an atheist into power vs. a meager 25-30% of americans
Pamela: one can have beliefs without subscribing to a particular religion, and that's what causes such a furor sometimes
rich-c: it is one of the differences between the two countries, james
Pamela: those who do believe in organized religion tend to think that those who don't have no faith at all
james: amongst others, yes. canada overall just seems more liberal
rich-c: even dogmatic atheism is a form of belief, Pamela - think about it
BobS: it just depends n the day in the Sept 11, everyone had the #'s a rea a LOT less
Ron: I'll bet, eh Bob?
james: where i take offence is those that assume those of us with no "faith" as it is called don't have morality.
BobS: ya mon
rich-c: the noted shortage of atheists in foxholes, no doubt
BobS: what the heck does the moral issue have to do with whether you are religious or not????
rich-c: you do have a faith, james - it just isnt in the more common directions
Pamela: that's an issue not much discussed James but you're right
Pamela: exactly Bob
rich-c: why Bob, ask any religious - if you dont believe what they do, you're going straight to hell
Ron: I've had too much help in my life not to have faith
james: i'll go further to say that if i do something good, it's because i want to, not because i'm being coerced into some carrot and stick
james: points system for an afterlife
Ron: you have a point there James
Pamela: ah yes James, but you can be bad all your life and according to the Catholics, if you repent at the last minute, you'll be rewarded
james: yeah.
Ron: I think more and more people are searching these days, but established religions fall short
rich-c: well, that's how they see it
Pamela: so what kind of signal does that send?
rich-c: whether we admit it or not, sall of us are always searching
james: funny how atheists/agnostics/undecided represent anywhere from 30-40% of the population at large, depending who you ask but make up a mere 1% of the prison population
BobS: Richard, you gotta talk to less selfish people with religion
rich-c: doesn't mean we're finding, or are happy with what we find
Pamela: and isn't it funny how many of those "find religion" while inside?
BobS: and then lose it when they get out of prison
Pamela: exactly
BobS: it fits the bill while they are inside
BobS: and gets them what they want
Pamela: it makes a mockery of the system as a whole and of religion as a whole
james: yup
rich-c: the bottom line is simple:religion is about faith; its tenets ccannot be proven or disproven
BobS: si senorita..............
Ron: I read once somewhere that the objective of religion is to raise man's centre of consciousness approximately 3 feet
james: "repent and ye shall be saved". what a farce
Pamela: cute Ron
BobS: that's good Ron
james: lol
Ron: seemed valid at the time
rich-c: a point well taken, Ron
Pamela: so what about woman's?
Pamela: or was that not brought up?
rich-c: and james, analyze what the statement really means, not the sloganistic quality
Ron: should have used the word 'human'
Ron: but it's probably more applicable to men
Judy: cute,Pam
james: lol
BobS: but rich is right, whatever you believe or don't believe...the simple fact you believe something is faith=religion of something or other
Ron: when this was written - as I recall - there wasn't yet an awareness of gender neutral terms
Pamela: I wasn't attempting to be p.c. - but it brings up a valid point about the gender bias
Ron: faith = belief is something which cannot be proven or demonstrated with reference to the physical senses
rich-c: one may be an unbeliever in all of the 9990 known religions, yet still have a system of beliefs
james: i have a system of beliefs and values, it's just not based on the presence of a "supreme being".
BobS: personally, I BELIEVE that halloween candy is GOOD for ya !!!!!!!
Pamela: Aren't we arguing apples and oranges here?
Ron: Thank You Bob Slopsema!!!
Ron: I'll drink to that
james: :D
rich-c: your problem, james, is that you then have to resolve life questions the hard way
Pamela: yes, but what are you going to call the religion?
Pamela: : )
james: life questions, such as?
BobS: Choco...ism...........:-)
james: what am i doing here? why am i here? etc?
Ron: where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going?
rich-c: what are your ethics and morals - and why did you decide they are the "right" answers
Pamela: that's a short step to chocoholism, Bob
Ron: I came from a place where people didn't get fat because the ate too muchn
Ron: much
rich-c: the great attraction of the popular religions is that one does not have to think
james: i prefer to think
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: ditto
rich-c: one does this or that because God says it's right
BobS: I can only hope
Ron: I am hear to learn that there are consequences to eating too much
james: rather than just have someone give me the answers
Pamela: Guy, leaving so soon?
Ron: I am going to a place where all food is served hot
Judy: bye, guy
rich-c: see you then, Guy, Sat if you can make it, Wed if not
BobS: ok guy
Pamela: nite Guy
George: nite Guy
Ron: say goodnight Guy
Pamela: even the Popsicles, Ron?
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: you've heard of a snoball in hell?
BobS: and delicious
james: boiled ice cream
Ron: And I will probably be back this way to learn whatever I didn't learn this time
George: brrr its cold
Pamela: yeah, it happened when Hell froze over : )
Ron: Like nobody needs a computer other than the ADAM
Pamela: well now, reincarnation is a whole other kettle of fish Ron
james: hell froze over? what are the maple leafs gonna win the stanley cup this year? :P
Ron: indeed it is
james: heh heh
George: why do we have pentium 4 ?
rich-c: well, that's rather less likely than hell freezing over, james
james: lol
Pamela: very funny James - we're not the Cubs yet
Ron: funny how things I'm currently trying to learn were presented to me around the age of 6
rich-c: does tend to work that way, Ron
james: on a completely different note, it occurred to me that if player salaries weren't so exhorbitant, we'd have more franchises in canada
Ron: like - Don't fall asleep in public museums
BobS: some things take time Ronald
rich-c: but dont worry, it gets worse as you get older
Ron: what franchieses James?
james: hockey
Ron: oh that silly game
rich-c: professional sports aren't interested in maximizing the number of franchises
Judy: some things are not possible, Ron
james: it's a disgrace that there's what, maybe 5 viable canadian teams
BobS: if players saleries were less a LOT of things could and would cheaprer tickets, more fans........
Ron: yes, Judy - that's true
rich-c: long term, one viable, maybe
Ron: will never forget that
rich-c: yes Bob, but no multi-millionaire players and no multi-billionaire owners
Pamela: don't get my started James, that's one of my soapboxes
james: i don't know, i'm just tired of everything in my country being for sale
Ron: Japan?
Ron: or Canada?
james: i meant canaduh
Ron: ah
rich-c: in Japan it's the politicians that are for sale
Ron: Dopn'
Ron: Don't come to BC any time soon
james: was that a freudian slip, ron? there's no dope in bc.. c'mon.. :D
rich-c: right, james, they exported it all to the U.S.
Ron: In Ottawa once, I paid $6.40 (Canadian now) to go to a tripple A ball game. Brand new stadium, brand new team. And I was 10 rows up behind home plate
Pamela: I beg to differ James - there are a number of dopes in BC
Ron: The kids had the ability, and they put on quite a show
james: i really think canada needs a population about 3 times what it is now to maintain any kind of cultural and economic inertia
Ron: now that's value
james: :D
Ron: I missed your point James
Ron: happens a lot around here
Pamela: problem is, all that population would congregate around the large cities, and would exacerbate all the problems we already have
rich-c: in fact, james, in population Canada is one of the larger countries in the world
james: yeah, it needs to spread out
james: everyone goes to vancouver, toronto and montreal, ottawa now.
rich-c: look at most of the nations of Europe - much smaller, but vibrant and durable cultures
Pamela: exactly
Ron: Yup.
james: yes, that's because they're surrounded by comparably sized equipotent nations
rich-c: like Germany?
George: hey most of our recent presidents were governors
Ron: Ok... we've talked about religion, now we're into politics
Ron: next
Ron: comes women
james: lol
Ron: The three things you cannot discuss in a military mess hall
Judy: well, everyone it is time for me to say goodnite, before I turn into a pumpkin, talk to you next week
james: bye judy
rich-c: yes George, that's why I mentioned governors being interesting because the office is a steppingstone
Pamela: boo, Judy
Ron: did we scare you off Judy?
rich-c: night Judy, take it easy
George: nite Judy
Ron: nite Judy - be well
Judy: no, just tired, days are to long for me lately
Pamela: and yes, I meant the double entendre. Happy Halloween
Ron: not enough hours in a day around here - and I'm supposed to be retarded
BobS: naw, we gotta head fo rbed 'cause we gotta work at the antique mall tomorrow and ge tryan off early, drive an hour an then sit on our duffs.... :-)
Ron: have a good day Bob
Pamela: g'nite to you both
rich-c: and lots of sales - or are you buying?
BobS: see ya's next Wed, EH??????
james: lol
Ron: Good Lord willin'
Judy left chat session
rich-c: right and night, Bob
BobS: selling at the counter
Ron: We need an archive made of these chats
Ron: Betcha we've talked about many things
rich-c: there is one, on Dale's website
BobS left chat session
Ron: oh, that's right.
james: anyone talk about adam recently?
rich-c: he even has it more or less up to date now, I believe
Pamela: nope
George: everyone is leaving
Ron: I know James........ not nearly enough
rich-c: actually james yes, George and I were discussing Adam a bit last Saturday
james: not that i mind engaging in political discussion
james: cool
Pamela: speaking of leaving, this is the end of the road for me - I'm zoning again
james: 'nite pam
Ron: g'nite Pam. No dreaming now
rich-c: OK daughter, take it easy - nite nite
Pamela: too tired to dream Ron. Nite to all
George: nite Pam
Pamela: I'm outta here.
Ron: :))
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
james: she forgot the *'s
james: it's just not the same without them
Ron: Actually, when I take a look at the months ahead... between now and next July
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: I have many ADAM related things to do
Ron: And I am a procrastinator
james: so yeah, ron, adamcon is in your neck of the woods?
rich-c: wow, one Atlantic coast, one east Pacific coast, one west Pacific coast, one Great Lakes - quite a group
Ron: yes
changed username to Colecoguy
james: i might be able to make it
Colecoguy: Hell All!
Ron: that would be super James if you could
Ron: Mike
james: but it's touch and go. was in ottawa in sept, will be again in december then again in march with my troupe
james: hye!
rich-c: well Michael, havent seen you for a while
rich-c: and by the way, got your Halloween message
james: i'm racking up a lot of airmiles lately
Colecoguy: Hell Ron Hows Life treating you
Ron: I'm looking at the last weekend in July James, but that is yet to be confirmed
james: but i may have to go again in the summer, of all things, to renew my driver's licence
Ron: good Mike. Life goes on despite my best attempts to prevent it
james: don't wanna let it expire
Colecoguy: great I thought you'd like it RIch
Colecoguy: Yea I got Ya.. Ron! Howes the wet coast
rich-c: is this one of those years when you need a new picture, james?
james: not sure yet. i have to check into it.
Ron: not wet at this point Mike. As I was saying earlier, it's been one of the driest October's on record
james: i hope i can just do it online
Colecoguy: Who is undefined
George: it's time for me to go
rich-c: if not, maybe you could get your folks to renew it at one of the kiosks
Ron: will keep you posted James re plans....hoping to put up a website shortly
james: because recently i've been closing the school, doing a lot of make up classes and flying more than i'd like to
rich-c: night George, see you Saturday
Colecoguy: Sounds Like a goo Idea Ron Cause I have to come by bus!!!
George: nite all see Saturday
Colecoguy: Night Geroge!
rich-c: by the way Ron, the truck should go in for the engine conversion wekk of the 11th
Ron: right Mike. Any way you can
George: poof
George left chat session
Ron: Rich - sounds like the plan is progressing
rich-c requested to ban <undefined>
Colecoguy confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
james: i should really get some lunch and make a feeble attempt to get at least one thing done today
rich-c: yes, if it goes well that issue at lesst will be resolved
Ron: James, the over-achiever
Ron: :)
Colecoguy: I have been trying to st up of my ADAM again Finally! Radio station almost ready for the airwaves Ron Rich
Colecoguy: set
james: lol
james: just when the chat gets back to adam
Ron: see ya next week James,
rich-c: till next week, james
Colecoguy: see ya James Have a good one!
Colecoguy: :)
james: yeah, btw, i've still gotten nowhere on getting started w/ assembler..
Colecoguy: which one
rich-c: I gather none of those books I mentioned could help you?
Ron: Rich - re your earlier comment about an 'agenda' at this place I'm tracking down non-Christian pictures at
Ron: the more I think of it, the more I think you may have a point
james: any chance someone could meet me here online to help me bootstrap the process.
Ron: It was the son who want to the site where he should not have gone that started all this
Colecoguy: You need dr. d for that james
rich-c: I suspect you need Dale or Rich or Daniel
james: ok, i'll try to corner daniel
Colecoguy: mr. drushel
james: or rich
james: btw, did my message get posted about daniel's hard drive?
Colecoguy: I know hes busy with girls getting ready for halloween
Ron: only been on my 'to-do ' list since 1986 James
rich-c: Ron, I went in all innocence to a Formula One site I'd been using for years - but what came up - WOW!
james: what's that ron?
Ron: yup it's there James
Colecoguy: Leraned some From Guy C. James but its been awhile
Colecoguy: Learned :)
Ron: assembler
james: ok, i can code. it's just getting what i need in terms of software and manuals. my macadam manual that was on my hd seems to have disappeared
rich-c: fortunately I had all my shields up but it was trying to change my home page, plant all sorts of stuff
Colecoguy: The ADAM has been sitting on a shelf for a Year
Ron: Rich - these sites seem to be getting more and more aggressive.... or is it just my paranoid imagination?
james: no, they are aggressive
rich-c: so vacuum it out, chase out the mice and spiders, Michael
Colecoguy: yes for sure
Ron: give 'em a way in and they send you 40 or 50 pics
rich-c: let's say they continue to learn more and more involved nasty tricks
james: woohoo! free pics. just kidding.
james: yeah, i gotta do something about my network downstairs before one of the kids stumbles onto something
Ron: I'm too old for that sort of thing
rich-c: james, you want free pix, I'll send you the links from my spam file
james: and all hell breaks loose
rich-c: every kink in two hemispheres wants to peddle me stuff
james: lol, nah, i got my own pile of spam
Ron: think this young fellow at my friends place (her son) never intended to see what he saw. He seems now a little embarrassed to say the least
Ron: It's a big bad world out there
Ron: curiosity of the young
Colecoguy: OK well ron I will provide cd copying for Stuff people will want to share and we can put a lot of ADAM stuff, Games roms etc and if you send me a logo or what ever I will Make a label and suggestion from you and others
rich-c: frankly, Ron, I don't see it as that big an issue - how old is the kid>
james: seriously. ok folks, this is good bye for real this time. i'll post to the group and see if someone can meet me for a date online.
james: *poof*
Ron: 14 give or take
rich-c: nite james
Colecoguy: bye
Ron: seeya James
james: heh, (s)he's probably heard it all at school by now and then some
Colecoguy: hames )
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Ron: I would think so, but certainly shouldn't be on his grandmother's computer
Ron: or his mothers
rich-c: I'd say yes, he's at the curious age, maybe did some exploring without realizing what he ws getting into
Colecoguy: yes for sure!!!!!!!!!
Ron: As for me, I am having one of these times where my help for others involves problems that are way over my head
rich-c: don't think it will do him any lasting harm, but he needs to age a bit before doing more
Ron: got three 'cases' on the go now....all problematic
Colecoguy: I have a piece od software for that Ron what is operating system
Ron: Win 98 2nd Edition
rich-c: what are the problems, Ron?
Ron: trying to get a 486/66 to accept Windows 95.....(should be a no brainer, but it isn't)
Ron: trying to get a 486/dx4 - 120 out of the brain dead category
Ron: which should be possible, but doesn't appear to ber
Ron: be
Colecoguy: Ok I understand
Ron: Thank God I don't do this for a living
rich-c: with the 486, is there an issue of hard disc size? back then the BIOS would only see 540K or something
Colecoguy: I under stand after all of the people I take care of
Colecoguy: Thats correct Richard
Ron: yep, I know about that. Have a program that is put out by Western Digital that works around it
Ron: but that might be the heart of it
Colecoguy: must you dos 6 boot disk to install I think ron
Ron: yup.... been there, done that
rich-c: Windows 95 will certainly happily work in 540K so you can skip the workaround, at least till you get Windows installed
Ron: next step is to install a 420 Meg hd that I have on the bench.... probably a little more to the computer's liking
rich-c: is there possibly the ghose of another OS there, like 3.1 for instance? Win95 won't install if it detects another
Colecoguy: People I fix home computers for Lorne my roomate and 27 year friend this Jan,my Mom, SHeryl and firend, Mary, Lornes sister in law in hastings ontario
Ron: Actually, I have two versions of Win 95.. One is an upgrade and must see Win 3.1 and the other is OSR Rev B, which wants to start from nothing
Colecoguy: use the B
Ron:'s the more stable of the two, but there seems to be issues
Colecoguy: form a dos 6 formated hard diisk partion of 540 meg and see what happens
Colecoguy: LIke
rich-c: maybe it's looking for USB ports that arent there
Colecoguy: not 95 richard
Ron: thanks... will try that.
Ron: you're right
Colecoguy: no usb support
Ron: Mike... no usb aboard earlier versions of 95
rich-c: yes - will the disc respond to and let you fdisc it?
Ron: I'm making progress, it's just that it's not happening quickly
Colecoguy: thats for sure ron you have to by a card with drivers for pci slot
Ron: Lord grant me patience, and I want it now
rich-c: nominally, Michael, 95B did support USB. Nominally.
Ron: The other problem was a network card that was flaky, and I knew it was flaky but in it went anyway
Colecoguy: No Richard not at all I know!!!
Ron: so it has now been removed
Colecoguy: oh fun!!!
Colecoguy: I have my probs to with that ron!
rich-c: in fact Guy has a 95C Windows that does really support USB
Ron: got it mixed up with another of same brand. Now have a label on the flaky one -- Goddamit Don't use this CARD!!!
Colecoguy: thats rght ron trash!!!
rich-c: surely Ron you stripped it down to bare essentials before trying the install?
Ron: like fdisk?
Ron: it's my usual practice
rich-c: also, I assume you've been through the BIOS checking settings?
Ron: yes
Colecoguy: ya and check bios settings for
Colecoguy: everything
Colecoguy: it might be a battery to Ron
Ron: and bios upgrades on the net...... not that there's much around for that era
Colecoguy: ya
Ron: other complicating factor is that this particular unit is a Compaq
rich-c: it will take time but I'll bet you beat it, Ron
Ron: and they set up a 4 gig partition wherein go system settings
Ron: of course, I had not setup software initially....
Ron: but there's lots on the net
Colecoguy: what model Ron
Colecoguy: I have one in the locker
Ron: but without this setup partition, the Compaq goes brain dead
Ron: sec
Ron: Presario 524 CD
rich-c: time when I must check out - in fact I'm half an hour overdue
rich-c: so I shall leave you two to your discussion
Ron: right Rich....... appreciate the suggestions...... alll leads me to reaffirm that I am not insane
rich-c: Michael, next time - we do start at nine
Colecoguy: You can get them to mail you cd rom to install orginal software
rich-c: Ron, catch you Sat or next week
Ron: odd part is that I've been offered $100. for this Presario - if I can get it to run Win 95
Ron: nite Rich
Colecoguy: you get a disk for 3.5 and cd rom
rich-c: nite both
rich-c left chat session
Ron: yup..... I've already downloaded a bunch of stuff
Colecoguy: call in a few rich for a sec
Ron: two 3-1/2 inch floppies in particular that set up and diagnose this 4 gig partition
Ron: anyway..... I will not be defeated by this beast
Colecoguy: I knw what your saying
Ron: gotta go Mike.....good chatting with ya
Colecoguy: anyways hope all are well and I'll meet you out there in july I hope it will be on the island as I have to see where Grandma and grandpa are Ron..
Colecoguy: you too
Ron: good.....look forward to that. G'nite Mike
Colecoguy: Night
Ron left chat session
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