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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: feeling a bit like November now
George: yes
George: i almost fell asleep
rich-c: its about 440 here, cloudy, windy
rich-c: 40
George: i was going to say isn't that hot
rich-c: watching Edmonton at Winnipeg - it's 28 there
rich-c: our overnight flurry has melted away
George: it's cold here
rich-c: how cold?
George: i'm under the covers
rich-c: I meant outside
George: i don't know the exact temp.
rich-c: like, I don't even have the 3-1/2 beaver blanket on the bed yet
rich-c: even though obviously it has been below freezing here
George: it just says 47 F
George: feels colder
rich-c: for the change period, that's chill
George: my apartment only goes to 68
rich-c: Winnipeg had their coldest October on record
George: our October started at 87F
rich-c: we keep our thermostat at 21C - csn youfigure that in F?
George: Oct. 31 it was 38F
George: i'm unable to compute that
rich-c: our Halloweeners werer out in freezing weather
rich-c: 5 degrees C = 9 degrees F
rich-c: but 0 C = 32 F
George: i have to get a miracle blade or we will tearing our Thanksgiving turkey apart
rich-c: you'd be amazed what a little sharpening will do even for a cheap knife
George: my knives are so dull they can't cut butter
rich-c: we compost all our vegetable waaste
rich-c: so I have to chop up my grapefruit ever morning
George: i don't know how to sharpen knives well
rich-c: I have a cheap little sharpener - V-shape piece of carborundum in a plastic holder
rich-c: works very well - do my knife every Friday
George: i have to buy a sharpener
rich-c: grapefruit rind really dulls a knife
rich-c: you dont need anything fancy
George: i don't like grapefruit
rich-c: that is too bad, it is very good for you
rich-c: however it can conflict with certain medications
George: i like oranges and tangerines
rich-c: they are very sweet
George: lemmon and limes too
rich-c: we are very fond of clementines, especially the ones from Morocco
rich-c: somehow the Spanish ones dont seem so good
George: because of the cooler climate
rich-c: I will eat almost anything as long as it didnt live in water
rich-c: parts of Spain are pretty tropical year round
George: citrus fruits like very hot weather
rich-c: oranges can stand a limited amount of frost
George: but there sweetness level drops
rich-c: you may well be right - havent got into it that deeply
George: i was told that by growers
rich-c: most of our oranges come from Florida and California
George: same here
rich-c: but we also get marmaleade oranges from Spain, Jaffa from Isreal, and reverse season fruit from Sout Africa
George: i'm not sure if we get citrus from outside US
rich-c: there are a lot of things you do without
George: friut flies are a concern
rich-c: when we went to Adsamcon they siezed my lunch orange and Frances' kiwiw fruit at the bordeg
George: oh, boy
rich-c: the medfly business has some grounding in reality but really its a non-tariff barrier to trade
rich-c: my orange was South African and the kiwi fruit was from New ealand
George: i think the US growers also have something to do with it
rich-c: sorry, it was my apple they took - no nedflies on that!
rich-c: yes, Americans are notorious for talking free trade and practicing protectionism
George: they don't want our prices to drop
rich-c: yes, your food prices are absolutely horrifying
rich-c: we go into an American supermarket and wonder how you can afford to eat
George: our farmers still say they can't make a go of it
rich-c: farmers always say that
rich-c: some of them are even telling the truth
rich-c: but you will notice your farmer out in Mennonite country arent hurting
George: yes, but they are sellig off their land and getting out of the business
rich-c: some of that is because land near cities is getting so valuable
George: in PA we lost a lot of farms and putting up housing developements
rich-c: the big factory farmers are making a mint
George: they are mainly owned by companies like ADM
rich-c: dont know ADM but Cargill is big in grain andf Armour big in meats
rich-c: it is surprising what grows where
George: their slogan is ADM supermarket to the world
rich-c: did you know the odds are 9 out of 10 your mustard came from Manitoba?
George: at least it's on the same continent
rich-c: or that Saskatchewan growas more lentils than any other distinct political unit in the world?
George: i haven't had lentils in a long time
rich-c: nor I except in the odd salad; you forget they exist
rich-c: but it never occurred to me that a food so popular in the Mediterranean would be grown here
George: here they say it's mainly an animal feed
rich-c: but then, we sell a huge amount of pasta to the Italians
George: we get lots of products that say product of Canada
rich-c: we have some famous local specialties
George: yes
rich-c: there is a small farming area north of Toronto called the Holland Marsh
rich-c: it produces fantastically good garden truck
rich-c: you cant buy their produce in Toronto usually
George: huh?
rich-c: the New York restaurants and their suppkiers outbid us
George: oh
George: New Yorkers will eat anything
rich-c: Frances was delighted she got some Marsh carrots this week
rich-c: but top New York restaurants will pay top dollar for the world's best
George: if they can
rich-c: they take our truck, Quebec dairy products, our icewine, Masritime seafood
George: i still like my Jersey tomatoes and corn
rich-c: we get a huge amount of frozen veggies from the Garden State
rich-c: but we grow our own tomatoes, only way to get them ripe
George: most of the big farms in South Jersey are gone now
rich-c: havent been down in that area for a bit
George: it looks just like Philly
rich-c: all urban subdivisions
George: yes
rich-c: there is a big fight about that in Ontario right now
George: you need to save the land
rich-c: we have lost far far too much
rich-c: the real hot area is in the Niagara peninsula
George: we almost lost it all
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rich-c: we were lucky - the discovered icewine just in time
rich-c: greetings Ron
Ron: not late or anything
George: even the pinelands are under construction
Ron: was busy watching golf
George: Hi Ron
Ron: Hi George
rich-c: we were just discussing urban sprawl
Ron: ah yes...... even here in our quiet retirement town we have that
rich-c: I am watching Winnipeg/ Edmonton
Ron: Edmonton must learn to hang onto the ball methinks
Ron: if 'n they wish to progress further
rich-c: they do have a bad case of the dropsies
Ron: indeed
Ron: Did you get my e-mail Rich?
rich-c: if today no, havent checked yet
Ron: oh ok.... was just asking.....
Ron: when you stayed in Vancouver, what highway was that you were on?
rich-c: if it's urgent, what's the qword?
Ron: Kingsway? or King George Highway in Surrey?
rich-c: OK, it was Kings Highway, runs down through Surrey to the border - main road for that I believe
Ron: mmmm....that's what I thought you said.. Can't find it on the map
Ron: will have to look closer
rich-c: could well be King George Highway
Ron: there were several on the King George Highway
Ron: have the latest tourist guide here
Ron: anyway, that's all the message was about
rich-c: wonder if I have any info left over from that?
Ron: yeah, they have them listed by area - ie. Downtown, Surrey, Delta, Richmond
rich-c: only 24 sec in the half - let you talk to George while I look
Ron: Most convenient to the airport of course would be Richmond
Ron: ok
Ron: So howz George?
rich-c: this was not convenient to the airport
George: cold, i'm under the covers
rich-c: brb
Ron: No, I realize that, although most of the hotels have some kind of transportation setup
Ron: stay warm George
Ron: you guys near winter down there?
George: getting there
Ron: right. Out here on the west coast, we had frost this morning
George: ok
Ron: still quite chilly outside
George: we are at 47
Ron: Brrrrr.
George: going down to 30
Ron: yup. sounds like late autumn all right
George: brb, i need to get a drink
Ron: fax me one while you're at it
rich-c: have some Van city maps now
George: ok
rich-c: gimme a minutre to look at them
George: wal- mart soda pop ok?
Ron: yup that's good
Ron: right Rich
rich-c: we stayed on King George Highway (99A) just above highway 10
Ron: Ok now I know where you are
Ron: Have my letter prepared, and I'm going to choose 3 there, 3 around Richmond, 3 in Victoria, and 3 in Comox
Ron: just to see who answers
Ron: Rates in the area you suggest are generally in the ballpark, but higher a tad than Comox and Victoria
rich-c: notice 99 hooked down around from the airport but we were close to my cousin in White Rock and the border
Ron: might be a bit far away
Ron: but probably no worse than Orlando
rich-c: the mainland is more convenient but the Island is a nicer place
rich-c: Frances wants to visit it again especially if we are able to drive there
Ron: true. I'm just curious at this point to see who comes back with what kind of prices
George: try Fiji
rich-c: anyway, assuming the truck conversion works out and my health will take it, we are for Comox
Ron: Mom and I stayed in Victoria last week at a place right within walking distance of the legislative buildings
Ron: $69 per night but that's winter rates
Ron: they have a meeting room that would be perfect
rich-c: and als senior rate but not convention rate which should be better
Ron: it's a Quality Inn
Ron: well, we shall see
George: oh,my they are talking about erections on the learning channel
rich-c: most of the big chains are satisfactory
Ron: Actually, just about any damn thing in the moderate range would be as good as Bob S. paid last year
Ron: that was $80 US per night
rich-c: just comes down to best price and layout for our purposes
Ron: yup
Ron: Of course in terms of my own personal logistics, I'd rather stay on the Island
Ron: but that's only one factor
rich-c: I think the Slopsemas would rather be there too
Ron: ya
Ron: anyway, you can consider my last e-mail answered
rich-c: and if Dr. D can get a deal on WestJet out of Hamilton that could work nicely
Ron: sent it last night - late
Ron: yes, that's the key right there
Ron: because they come right to Comox
rich-c: oh, I was watching BC demolish Saskatchewan - first half then I went to bed
Ron: what did it end up at 21-3 or something?
rich-c: Cleveland to Hamilton is not a challenging drive and I imagine parking is adequate
Ron: Thereby determining once and for all that BC is NOT EAST
rich-c: 28-3 according to the Star this morning
Ron: aha
Ron: loser of that game last night joins the Eastern conference playoff structure
rich-c: and Dr.D will have the advantage of the exchange
Ron: well yes, that's the kicker right there
Ron: But as he told me in Grand Rapids, "in for a penny, in for a pound)
rich-c: he might even like a flight that breaks in Calgary
Ron: indeed........ may as well come and see the place
rich-c: well, let's keep it as close to pennies as we can
Ron: yup, anyway guys, Mother wants the mall, so I must be off
rich-c: OK Ron see you Wednesday
Ron: yess sir... be well both of you
Ron: bye
rich-c: bye now
Ron left chat session
George: bye
rich-c: so looks as if much progress is being made
George: were you going to leave?
George: oh
rich-c: sorry bout that
rich-c: and you aren
rich-c: t exactly likely to contribute heavily to a discussion of Vancouver geography
George: i got involved in a tv program about viagra
rich-c: but then all chats are like that -talk when we have something to say, be quiet when we dont
rich-c: well, I gather that for them as needs it Viagara is very highly valued
George: yes
George: right now i'm a busted balloon
rich-c: I gather that Viagara is dangerous for those with heart trouble
George: i don't know
rich-c: also conflicts with a number of medications
George: oh
rich-c: anyway just as happy I dont need to mess with it
George: i think i'm mentally castrated
rich-c: whatever
rich-c: right now I'm wondering if my OTC medicine is working
George: well life goes on
rich-c: my hip has been more comfortable than usual of late
George: thats good
rich-c: went out with Frances last two days shopping for a digital camera
rich-c: meant quite a bit of marching around stores and standing around
George: find anything good?
rich-c: yes, she bought a Pentax 2.1 mp 3x zoom
George: can't wait to see the pics
rich-c: more importantly, I could still walk today
George: good
rich-c: oh, it's Frances' camera, not mine
rich-c: and I have no idea what sort of pictures she will be taking when
George: i got sore walking a very short distance to pay my rent today
rich-c: I am very curious if my improvement is from the prescription NSAID or OTC stuff
George: it's hard to tell
rich-c: all I know is that I have significantly more endurance now that several weeks ago
George: i'd take it
rich-c: it would be nice to know that the $70 a month the OTC costs is worth it
George: anytime it gets better it's worth it
rich-c: you have a point I dont think I'd dispute
rich-c: interestingly, the medication comes from fairly near where Ron lives
George: ok
rich-c: they are only selling it in about six of your states
George: figures
rich-c: they are gradually expanding out of their local area
rich-c: they have only made it to Ontario this year
George: give it time
rich-c: Frances is back from the library now and wants to get on line
rich-c: so I will have to get off
George: ok' see you Wed.
rich-c: see you on Wednesday?
rich-c: OK bye now
George: ok, bye for now
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