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Daniel Bienvenu: NMI??
/NMI: Non-Maskable Interrupt :-) I've been looking at too many schematics recently.
/NMI changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Hello, Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if I will be able to stay online tonight
Dr.D.: Me neither...Christina is at an athletic banquet and I expect her telephone call any time for me to pick her up and bring her home.
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changed username to <undefined>
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: hello undefined??
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich-c!
rich-c: greetings, Rich; sal8t, Dan
Daniel Bienvenu: salut
rich-c: you two having a fine technical discussion about 1o km over my head?
Dr.D.: Nope. Just discussing how long we can each hang around tonight.
rich-c: oh, like that again, is it?
Dr.D.: I have to go pick up Christina from an athletic banquet when she telephones sometime soon.
rich-c: going out to drown your sorrows after the election?
Dr.D.: Only solace is that, when the fewmets hit the windmill, the Republicans won't be able to whine that they didn't control the House and Senate and were thus thwarted in their plans.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at the university right now because my computer crash.. it's not a software crash but hardware crash...
rich-c: Daniel, which part of your hardware crashed?
Dr.D.: Any hope of recovering the data on your hard drive?
Daniel Bienvenu: Without computer (at home) I can't continue my great work for the ColecoVision.
rich-c: that, nos bon ami, is a disaster. What broke?
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried to recorver before the big crash but a friend of mine wasn't able to read one of the CD-R I burn.
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changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
Dr.D.: Hello George.
George: hi everyone
rich-c: Danile, that may not be fatal - CD files are sort of unpredictable
rich-c: but what actually broke? power supply? motherboardd? hard disc?
Daniel Bienvenu: he tried my CD-R in 5 different computer...
Daniel Bienvenu: First, my harddisk is stable .. until for a "random" period of time.
rich-c: even so, strange things can happen - there's a disc I burned that reads differently in two different Amiga 3000s
Daniel Bienvenu: Last night, the computer refuse to open : POWER button doesn't work.
rich-c: oh, like, it just won't turn on?
rich-c: how old is your computer, Daniel - what's the specification?
Dr.D.: Got to go put the younger girls in bed.
rich-c: c u shortly Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: only 3 years
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a PackardBell Pentium II 400Mhz
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changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: is that young enough that there are two power switches - one "almost" in front, the real one you never use on the back?
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rich-c: like, mine has a sleep switch and an off switch on the front, but to fully power off (which isnt advised) there is a master switch on the back
rich-c: since I'm running Win98SE I have to shut it down with the OS anyway
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changed username to <undefined>
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: looks like we have someone trying to come in and not making it
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: that is usually Guy when that happens
George: hi Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka - and the comment wasn't about you, there's another undefined
rich-c: we are trying to help Daniel out with a crash
Meeka: ok.
rich-c: where's the rest of teh folks today, Meeka?
Meeka: not sure, they are on-line
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: but not here - network troubles, maybe
George: hi Bob
BobS: hey kiddies !!!!
Meeka: hello
rich-c: greetings Robert
BobS: YO
rich-c: hey, congratulations on your new governor
BobS: ya a woman too boot
George: the GOP took over
BobS: a gov from one party and everybody else from another party
rich-c: right - Harvard, gradute degree, cum laude, and a beauty contest winner to boot - wow!
George: same here
rich-c: yes, George, forget the drug assistance bill; they're going to need the money for body bags
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George: prepare for slots in PA
changed username to Daniel 2
Daniel 2: Sorry.. I use another computer right now
rich-c: back with us on another computer, Daniel?
BobS: SO you are twins eh Daniel???????
Daniel 2: It's only for a few minutes...
Daniel 2: Daniel 2 is a temporary username...
rich-c: still trying to help figure out how to help with your crash, Daniel
rich-c: far as this particular chat applet is concerned, you're two different people
BobS: ?Daniel had a CRASH !!!!! Ouch
Daniel 2: Well, I unplug the two harddisk (yeah I have two harddisk in my computer)... I let someone test them to figure out if it's a problem with my HD or the rest.
rich-c: not only that, his backup CD-R is apparently unreadable
BobS: oh oh
rich-c: and the result, Daniel?
George: OH!, my bed just broke
Daniel 2: The HD test is not done yet.
George: talk about a crash
Daniel 2: My computer crash in two steps
George: what a thud
rich-c: personal guess, Daniel: whatever the problem, the hard discs will have survived
Daniel 2: first, the HD (diggest one with all my data) is working only a random period of time.
rich-c: was it making funny noises - rattling?
George: is it overheating?
Daniel 2: second, the POWER button doesn't work... I have to unplug and plug the POWER CABLE then push the POWER button.
Daniel 2: ther is no evorheating at all.
Daniel 2: I think my computer is tired.
rich-c: sounds like it could be just a loose connection or a dying power supply
rich-c: if your hard discs and other peripherals are in fact OK, you shouldn't worry
rich-c: a new case with good big power supply is still under $100 all taxes in
Daniel 2: the two HD are on the same IDE cable (and the same electric cable).
George: my computer sets off all kinds of alarms when it overheats
Daniel 2: only one of my HD seems to not work well
Daniel 2: I hope it's just a power supply problem...
rich-c: and, no doubt, it's your C drive
Daniel 2: it's my D drive
Daniel 2: the C drive with Windows still working great
rich-c: well, then you can pull the other drive and start doing diagnostics from the working D
rich-c: sorry, working C
Daniel 2: I tried!
George: i have problems with my D harddrive
Daniel 2: I scan, I defrag, I run DiskDoctor (NORTON).... The D drive is ok during the time is working.
rich-c: I am intrigued by the power on/off problem - I think you will need to solve that first
Daniel 2: After a period of time, the D drive is going crazy with a lot of noise.
rich-c: that sounds like the symptoms when my hard disc went TU last February - total loss
Daniel 2: but .. this noise cause no bad tracks
rich-c: when it starts sounding like a machine gun, or woodpecker, then you're in deep trouble
George: mine just grinds
Daniel 2: Well, it's hard to describ but it sounds like someone playing with a swiss knife.
Daniel 2: katak-tak-tak-katak..katakatakatak...
Daniel 2: ireagulary
rich-c: I would be inclined to solve the power problem first and get the computer working properly off the C dive
rich-c: that. Daniel, is the sort of sound the write heads make when they overshoot and hit the end of the platter (and their tracks)
Daniel 2: My HD is a Maxtor 30Gig.. I purchase one for 99$ today... but I have not enough money to pay the tax.
George: i have one of those
rich-c: yes, that extra $15 is a killer - actually in Quebec it's even more, isn't it?
rich-c: Daniel, check the Maxtor web site - your drive may still be under warranty
rich-c: many hard discs now carry warranties of five years or more
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Daniel 2: well.. it's $15.56.
changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: I assume you are fairly familiar with taking computers apart, Daniel
Daniel 2: You are probably right. I think they change the warranty on the web site but when i purchased the HD I think the warranty was 3 years.. now it's only one year.
Daniel 2: My Maxtor HD 30Gig.. only years..
Daniel 2: 2 years
rich-c: did you just check that, Daniel?
rich-c: mpost hard disc sites I've looked at lately show astonishingly long warranties
Meeka: ok, I am gonna get off of here. see ya nect week
rich-c: nite, Meeka
Daniel 2: I went to the store and they said it's one year warranti
George: nite Meeka
Daniel 2: good night meeka
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: the store may have been thinking of the computer as a whole, where one year is generous
rich-c: but check the actual Maxtor web site and you may get a pleasant surprise
BobS: one year .................. HORSE pucky!!!!!!!
rich-c: when my hard disc died I remarked to the store it was lucky it was within the short warranty period, that's when they told me the drive itself had a far longer warranty
Daniel 2: I look at the Maxtor web site and there is different warranty time for the different HD models... it's weird.
BobS: maxtor has a policy...IF you are sure the HD is bad; they will end you one oncredit and then when you send the old one back...IF it is bad, they refund the charges to your card
George: now i'm sorry i got a Maxtor. i should have stayed with western digital
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changed username to HLM
Daniel 2: if they test my HD just by using it one hour.. they will never notice the "takatak" noise problem.
Daniel 2: hello HLM?
HLM: Hello all
rich-c: the MTBF on all hard discs now is very good, even for folks who leave them on 24/7 - but it is an average
George: Hi HLM
rich-c: hey Hummon! haven't seen you for a while
HLM: Just broke out of jail
BobS: HERMAN !!!!
George: oh, god
rich-c: Daniel has a hard disc that is making ticking noises and (?) skipping tracks
HLM: back it up FAST
rich-c: what did Zondra catch you doing now?
HLM: Just joking Rich ofcourse... like PJ CRS can never remember chat the nites that I am not working
Daniel 2: well, when my HD do a takatak sound, the computer freeze because my virtual memory is on this HD.
Daniel 2: But... after a good sleep, the HD is working good again.. for a "random" period of time.
rich-c: that sounds like a hard disc giving out a death rattle
BobS: think that type noise means the read/write head is skipping like a record player with a scratch on it
rich-c: who is the dealer you bought your computer from, Daniel?
Daniel 2: and each time, there is no problem on the HD, no bad tracks at all.
HLM: you are getting fair warning
Daniel 2: the dealer? .. it's COSTCO.
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changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: OK, then you have nobody who knows anything to back you up
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rich-c: you are going to have to deal with Maxtor on your own
Daniel 2: a warning?... like a blue screen? My Windows is working just fine... no blue screen normally.
rich-c: no, there are no bad tracks, Daniel, the bad part is the motor that moves the R/W head, it's losing its grip
HLM: I meant warning that it is about to give up the Ghost
Daniel 2: But, if my backup on CD isn't good.. I will be very sad, mad, upset... because all my data (pictures, projects, e-mails, etc...).
rich-c: Daniel, there is a program that will read CDs with certain types of scrambled files
rich-c: I stumbled across it on a website within the last two weeks - just can't remember where
HLM: then attempt another backup on CD or get another HD, and whild copy from one HD to the Other, which my be batter for the CD is gonna change all of the attributes to read only
rich-c: I think it was shareware, so I didn't buy it at the time, and lost track
Daniel 2: My CD drive can read (I think) it's just one problem with a CD I have done for a friend of mine during my "HD problem". He cannot read the CD.. on 5 different computers.
Daniel 2: So I suppose my backup is unsafe... not 100% safe
Daniel 2: I ask to a friend of mine to test my two HD to see if the Maxtor is really broken or it's slimply a "power supply" problem.
rich-c: yes, that matches teh scrambled file symptom - but if we could track down teh software it might be salvagable
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rich-c: if your friend could install the Maxtor on his machine and copy its contents to a known good drive that would save you
changed username to Judy
Daniel 2: After this test, he will backup my data on another HD... during the working period of time of my HD.
Judy left chat session
rich-c: hi Judy
Daniel 2: I think he will try XXCOPY... or Norton Ghost
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Daniel 2: hello Judy
rich-c: Daniel, backup first, test later
changed username to Judy
HLM: hello Judy
changed username to Ron
Daniel 2: I have no control anymore on my HD.. he's got them.
rich-c: hello Ron
Ron: Hi all
Daniel 2: hello Ron
George: Hi Judy
Ron: It's wet on the wet coast
Judy: hi, all
HLM: Hekkki Ron
BobS: Ghost is an awesomw program
Daniel 2: It's snowy here.. with a lot of snow and water.
BobS: works great too
HLM: oh boy make that Hello Ron
rich-c: by the way I also found a good, easy disc imaging utility - and that one I know whre to find
George: Hi Ron
Daniel 2: My shoes are "wet".
Ron: Our winter pattern has arrived
rich-c: hey, you meran teh resevoirs out there wont run out after all, Ron?
Daniel 2: I need boots but I can't pay for boots if I pay for a HD.
rich-c: and Bob, Ghost wont work for me and Norton wont help
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changed username to james
james: good morning
Daniel 2: hello james?
rich-c: good morning james
Ron: with a few more days like today, our water problems will become more manageable
Daniel 2: ho! james!
Daniel 2: ok!
Ron: not that we have any here - yet
james: how is everyone?
George: Hi James
Ron: Hey James!
HLM: hello James
rich-c: so I hear, Ron - you need an awful lot of precip
Ron: yes, this needs to go on for a while
rich-c: by the way I had a private exchange with Zonker this week - he would expect to attend an Adamcon in Comox
Ron: Our Comox Glacier has been observed to be melting - receding by 25 metres per year
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Ron: up at 6200 feet there should be help for that
changed username to <undefined>
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james: hi ron]
james: finally getting some rain?
Ron: yup
rich-c: wonder if that means el Nino is starting to kick in
Daniel 2: 2 or 3 in. of snow outside here.
Ron: well we would expect him to attend - no- actually we'll boot him out
Ron: not
rich-c: mon payee, c'est l'hiver...
james: lol
james: it's about 15c here
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changed username to Erin
rich-c: hi Rin
Erin: howdy
Ron: evening Rin
HLM: hi erin
rich-c: Pam hasnt turned up yet - but then West Wing just finished
Erin: hi Ron
George: Hi Erin
Daniel 2: exactly "mon pays, ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver!"
Daniel 2: hello !
Erin: Hi George
Erin: Hi Daniel
Erin: HLM?
rich-c: that's Hummon over in Cleveland
Erin: ooo
Erin: okie dokie
Erin: hi
HLM: hello...
Ron: Herman is the man who keeps us all sane
james: and ron is the one who drives us crazy ;)
HLM: Rich you go from bad to worse on my name Rob Friedman calls me Hoiman
Ron: exactly
Erin: wow..that's wonderful.......i could use a little sanity
Erin: way to go Ron
Daniel 2 changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
HLM: OH Boy Ron you should be shame I am the worst out of the batch
james: hey ron - i'm thinking of coming out of the closet - i *might* buy a mac
rich-c: back on the university computer now, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Everybody knows me? I meet everybody?
Ron: unknown word = sanity
Erin: hehehehe
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at the university right now.. it's the only way to talk to you.
james: hey daniel - do you still have that hard drive that all your stuff was on?
Erin: just like normal
rich-c: we are trying to salvage it, james - it's making death rattles
Ron: which university Daniel?
james: ok, i have a friend who is very good at data recovery, even from dead drives
BobS: the Ghost problem may be an incompatiability with the motherboard somehow......we had that with one at the antique mall when Doug
Daniel Bienvenu: My HD? I let a friend of mine test my HD. All my data are in the HD.. and a few CDs (backup)
BobS: tried ot back up their hd
rich-c: a friend in Ottawa?
james: unfortunately not in ottawa..
Ron: Am about to use Ghost with Doug's laptop
james: a little ways from
HLM: Dr D sleep or bailed out on us
Daniel Bienvenu: Probably the oldest french university of Quebec.
Daniel Bienvenu: Laval University
Ron: ok.... Laval
Ron: I have certainly heard of it - one of the majors
BobS: whats' the freebie one Richard??????
Daniel Bienvenu: Not in Montreal... Quebec city
Daniel Bienvenu: I think there is a "Laval University" in Montreal too...
rich-c: not big like Toronto or UBC, more in the Queens - Bishops - Mt. Alison league
james: @daniel - there is i think
rich-c: minute while I check, Bob
Ron: must look up Monsieur Lavel, to discover what it is I've forgotten about his contribution to our land
Ron: explorer?
Ron: I guess
james: exploder
HLM: you get snow yet Bob.. they threatened it here but none yet
james: :D
BobS: had about 2 inches yesterday...wet yucky sticky stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I meet everybody? are you sure?
Erin changed username to Medusa
BobS: who's medusa?????
Ron: Silly Norton Disk Doctor
HLM: oh ok so fare so good here outskirts got some though
Medusa: i just changed my name (Erin)
BobS: smart aleck!!!!!!
Ron: Can't recognize a valid Linux boot. Thinks the Boot sector is bad
Medusa: hehehe
BobS: and I saw you popped in and didn't notice you changed
Ron: had to tell him to ignore it
Medusa: i'm tricky like that
james: lol
Ron: must look up Medusa to discover what it was I never knew about her
Ron: geez..... I don't get out much
Medusa: there is lots of very interesting info if u can find it
HLM: yea right
George: oh, a snakehead
Medusa: she had red hair too
Ron: was she evil?
Medusa: nope
Ron: ok
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Medusa: persecuted by the patriarchal society in Greece
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Ron: aha!
Medusa: she is all the things ...infinity
HLM: Hello Guy
George: Hi Guy
Medusa: Hi Guy
Ron: All the Is
BobS: ahlo Guy!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Guy Guy Guy...
Ron: all that is
Ron: Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy Guy
Ron: I'm ok. The world is all tangled up
Medusa: hehehe
rich-c: Bob, the program is called Partition Saver
rich-c: it is from
Daniel Bienvenu: Everybody has seen my last ColecoVision project "Gamepack"?
rich-c: I think the URL is
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: My computer crash so.. I'm really not sure I will be able to do more carts of this game.
BobS: ok
rich-c: Guy, hello, sorry I was away
Ron: noted Daniel. Have not yet been there -
Daniel Bienvenu: In fact, no carts was released... but I printed just enough boxes, manuals and labels to do 15 carts... sold out.
Daniel Bienvenu: For this Coleco project, I have done an instruction manual in english and french (in color) in a booklet format.
Daniel Bienvenu: Remember that Rich?
Ron: impressive Daniel
BobS: ya mon, but '
BobS: tis in french...and me no speak da language
rich-c: Bob, that's the URL for the download and it does have English readme - almost as good as Daniel's
BobS: i try
rich-c: and Daniel, I still have teh files you sent me if that's any help - want them back?
Daniel Bienvenu: not now, i have no HD to put them
rich-c: when you need them just let me know, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: and my e-mail quota... over quota.
Daniel Bienvenu: John Dondzila stop releasing Dacman in cart version.
HLM: what size HD did you loose
rich-c: sorry, I never have to cope with email quotas so I keep forgetting most folks do
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back, had trouble upgrading to AOL Instant Messanger 5.0. Got in installed.
Daniel Bienvenu: REM : DacMan is another Coleco project (I have done this one in 2000)
Guy B.: Judy, how's Ryan doing?
Judy: good, he is talking more and more everyday, and all else seems to be doing great
Guy B.: That's great to hear. How's Mandy doing?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will let GoodDealGame releasing DacMan and most of my Coleco projects...
rich-c: that is so reassuringetting accustomed to living with Grandma and Grandpa too, I hope
Guy B.: Daniel, were you able to recover your programs from the hard drive crash?
Ron: Very professional looking product Daniel
Judy: ok, she is doing as well as can be expected
Guy B.: Tell her I said Hi and hope she's doing Ok.
Judy: yes, he is, Grandma is tired most of the time though
Ron: Grandma's need rest too eh?
james: daniel, i can't get the gamepack url to come up
Ron: had the same problem James..... check spelling
Guy B.: What happened to Dr. D?
Ron: finally got it to go
Judy: that is an understatement
Ron: One day at a time Judy
james: yeah, i thought it was the cdi part that should read cgi but that doesn't help
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Judy: but I am doing better, alse
Judy: also, that is
Ron: right
Ron: Not an easy time for you guys lately
Judy: it is just that the days are soooo long
Ron: mm
HLM: That I can really relate to Judy
Judy: no, but they have to get better, right
Ron: we do hope so
rich-c: anyway Bob about my earlier remark: first time I used it Ghost worked fine - saved me when my hard disc died
rich-c: next time I tried it it got into some sort of fight with my CR writer
Ron: James, make sure you're spelling 'gamepack' not 'gamepak'
Judy: how are things going with you, Herman?
james: i just tried it again, seems to work now
Ron: good
Guy B.: Where are all of Daniel's games located at?
changed username to Dr. D.<zzzzz>
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Okay, I am back from putting everyone to bed and getting Christina.
Guy B.: There's Dr.D.?
HLM: Fairly good... Think our grandchild will be going back to mom and dad in a few weeks
Medusa: hi Dr. D
rich-c: 'I have the error message and error log but neither Norton (Ghost) or Roxio (CD Writer) will tell me what the error code means
Ron: now there's a good Canadian game - Canadair
HLM: hello Dr D
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Medusa? Good thing this is a text-mode chat, or we'd all turn to stone looking at you :-)
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Hi Herman!
Judy: that's not cool, is it?
Medusa: lol
Ron: otherwise known as Bombardier
james: Ronbardier
james: :D
HLM: NO but nothing we can really do about it...
Ron: hey!
james: lol
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Yeah, I'm pretty sleepy, my day started at 0520 today.
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changed username to Pamela
Medusa: PAMMMM
james: hey ron, i've been way too busy to check on my drivers licence to see if i have to renew it in person but
Ron: the candle grows shorter, Dr. D. ?
rich-c: hey daughter what happened, take Russel to work?
Pamela: HI, sorry about this
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: So been looking at any of my schematics on the webpage?
james: if i have to make a trip to ottawa again in the summer, i'm going to see if i can work in the con
Judy: Hi, Pam
Medusa: you never call you never write
Daniel Bienvenu: .. I'm back...
Pamela: no - we've lost the key to the balcony door
Pamela: spend all night looking for it
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry I left the chat session without any message.
Pamela: tearing the place apart
Ron: super James. We'd love ya t'be here
rich-c: hope Willow didn't eat it
Ron: Pamela my son
Daniel Bienvenu: This URL?
HLM: some but you Know GK is teh Hardware Guy I do the software. public relation and sales, BUT from old copies etc, they look GREAT
Ron: how are ya
Pamela: gender, Ron, gender
Guy B.: Me too. Even though I turned in early last night due to the election coverage here in Illinois. In case you guys haven't heard, for the first time in 25 years we now have a new Democratic governor.
Ron: oh
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Got any that I don't have? Especially Orphanware stuff?
Pamela: thanks, Dad for that helpful advice
Pamela: still haven't found it
Guy B.: HI Pam, figured you would be popping in by now.
rich-c: got lots, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Like I said before, I have done a backup on CDs but i'm not 100% sure it's a good backup
james: if i can make it, i'd really like to
George: hi Pam
rich-c: Erin, did you get my note about the free long distance?
Pamela: Erin, sorry darlin', things have been a bit hectic the last couple days
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: I just saw Harry Potter again, too, I can't remember the opening spell, Pam...
Ron: James, we will prey to the Gods for it to happen
james: lol
Ron: not that the Gods ever listen to me
Medusa: yes I did thanks......unfortunately LaBatt's hasn't figured out that Windsor is centre of the universe
HLM: I will look for you Now is the best time just started cleaning up my basement
Daniel Bienvenu: I backup all my personal data (including coleco projects like Gamepack) .. except that I have done the Gamepack boxes yesturday.
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Oh, it *is* Ms. Erin under that snaky hair, eh?
Pamela: of course, Rich
Medusa: hehehehehe
Guy B.: Check under M?
Ron: Oh... was Medusa the one with the snakes on her head?
Medusa: she had red hair too
rich-c: according to their website, Erin, there does seem to be a Windsor number
Pamela: yuck
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Medusa was the mortal one of the three Gorgons, remember...
Medusa: they wouldn't accept what I gave them
Pamela: Hey Herman, nice to see you!
james: yeah. wasn't it herecles (or as some say, hercules) that turned her to stone by showing her own reflection in a shield?
james: or was that just in the movie with lou ferigno?
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Perseus, James.
Medusa: and the most beautiful
Medusa: lol
Pamela: modest, too
rich-c: just stay away from Greek males whose names start with a P, Rin
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: And Medusa's sisters were Stheno and Euryale.
Daniel Bienvenu: I made the Gamepack project to be a multiple games in one cart.. in one rom (32K).
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: I remember that from Grade 8 mythology, courtesy Dame Edith Hamilton.
Pamela: Rich, why are you snoring?
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: I am tiiirrrreeddd.....
james: i was never really keen on greek mythology
Daniel Bienvenu: 13 Coleco games in 32K... it's not easy to do.
Medusa: she was persecuted by the Greek patriarchal society and was forced to fall from grace into an evil role instead of one of power
Pamela: oh
james: @daniel - sounds like an interesting project
Ron: Aha.....according to Google
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: No, she was confined with her sisters to a small crag in the Aegean Sea :-)
james: do you plan on minting anymore carts?
james: assuming we get your data back?
Ron: Medusa means "sovreigh female wisdom"
Ron: sovreign that is
james: sounds like we have a budding feminist
Pamela: sovereign, Ron
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Perseus used Athena's mirror shield to avoid looking directly at Medusa, and Hermes' winged sandals to fly in.
james: sovereign
Ron: damn!
Medusa: well I don't know about that ...but her story (prior and including the Greeks) is quite interesting
james: those sandals still around? i could use a pair
Ron: that's what we neeed
Daniel Bienvenu: If I can repair my computer, I will be able to release more carts.. otherwise I will let someone else doing carts for me (and then have no control on number of copies).
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: "I'll take Spelling Bee for $200, Alex."
Ron: Winged sandals
Pamela: close, but no cigar
Ron: Rockies would be no problem at all
Medusa: Cohiba Splendido what?
james: lol
Pamela: Hi Judy, Bob, Guy, Daniel, George, & James
james: hi pam
Pamela: sorry, there's a lot going on at once
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Cohabita splendida bimbo furioso?
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
rich-c: according to my online dictionary, Medusa got Athena's back up and was changed into a Gorgon as punishment
Daniel Bienvenu: If I lost data... but not my computer... I will be able to continue Coleco porjects but not necessary doing Gamepack carts.
Guy B.: You need sour cream Bob?
Judy: so, did you find the key?
BobS: nope
Ron: That's painting quite a picture for me Dr. D
Guy B.: Anything else?
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: That's how she got to be a Gorgon.
james: at dan - any chance we could arrange some one on one tutorials?
Pamela: Rich, that says " do you live with a beautiful furious bimbo"!
Medusa: yeah...sort of Medusa (from what I have read) was raped by Posiedon I believe in Athena's temple and Athena blamed her and thus....Gorgon
Daniel Bienvenu: @ james : tutorials.. to make some great Coleco games? It's difficult to answer with a "computer crash" problem.
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: It's some kind of faux Spanish...just made it up out of bits of old Speedy Gonzales accent :-)
james: i mean if we get your computer fixed
Pamela: that's some accent!
Ron: :)
rich-c: you know any good computer fixers in Quebec City, james?
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Just riffing on "Cohiba Splendido", whatever that really means.
Pamela: that's right up there with "voulez vouz couchez avec moi"
Ron: Just in case anyone is interested .... or not
Medusa: PAMELA!!!
Ron: there are 31496 files on my laptop
rich-c: Cohiba is a high class Cuban cigar - but those are illegal whre you live
Ron: I did not put them all there
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: I presume that's Fractured French for "snuggle up with me on the couch"?
james: can we say no? ;-)
Pamela: for some, it's the only french they know
Daniel Bienvenu: @james : Well, I tried many times to start a tutorial based on my knowledge. But I still need to explain everything personnaly because it's not 100% easy to understand.
Pamela: okay Daniel, we need a translation for the language challenged
james: i've heard that's where babies come from and i don't need another just yet
Medusa: they're not bad......I've also tried Romeo et Juliette Churchills
Judy: I don't remember that much
Daniel Bienvenu: you want me to translate this ? "the language challenged"
james: @daniel - ok. i was thinking online chat with my classroom machine set up beside my adam
Pamela: no, we need to translate "voulez vous couchez . . ."
james: it means "do you want to sleep with me tonight?"
Daniel Bienvenu: heh heh heh
rich-c: james, you haven't been complaining lately - what kind of ISP do you have now?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah!
Medusa: LOL
Pamela: well that was a dirty laugh
james: heh, i still complain that it's slow
Ron: aupres de ma blonde.... il fait bon dormir
james: *but* i've had flat rate isdn access for about a year now
Ron: there's an accent on aupres, but I can't do it on the BC computer
Pamela: accent ague or accent grave?
Ron: grave
james: got me a nice dialup router hub so my whole network has access
Daniel Bienvenu: "auprès"
rich-c: get Daniel to buy a French language keyboard and ship it to you, Ron
Ron: thanks Daniel
Ron: that's it
Pamela: merci, Daniel
james: and since it's fast to dial being digital, it feels like an "always on" connection
Pamela: what does aupres mean?
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Zis talk, she is getting somewhat risque, no? (he says in his best Pepe Le Pew accent)
Daniel Bienvenu: "close to" (wrong translation)
Medusa: le sigh
rich-c: near
Pamela: rich, did you get all your language from bad cartoons?
Ron: near
Ron: next to
Ron: whatever
james: @rich - we might be getting dsl here within the next year or so and there's about a 40% or better chance i'll be involved somehow in setting it up
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Everything but the German...*that* came from 4 years of instruction. But "Stalag 17" and "Hogan's Heroes" helped, too :-)
Medusa: LOL
james: what about "das boot"
Daniel Bienvenu: "aupres de ma blonde .. il fait bon dormir" Imagine a guy sleeping in his bed with his girlfriend.
Pamela: "ve haf vays uv making you talk"
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Actually never seen it...
james: me neither
Ron: that song has been around about as long as boyfriends have been sleeping with girlfriends
james: i could never figure out why there was a *boat* on a movie that i had always thought was about a *boot*
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Hey, did Erin tell you that Kimberly finally got her engagement ring, Dad?
Ron: you put petrol in the lorrie but not in the boot
Daniel Bienvenu: @ james : "@daniel - ok. i was thinking online chat with my classroom machine". err.. classroom, you mean teaching Coleco programming?
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Parfait bon sucre bon-bon outre fetchez la vache...
james: them english people talk funny
Ron: Have you got a distance learning setup James?
Ron: virtual classrom?
james: no but i have a couple other projects on the go
james: bought some califone card readers that i had shipped form buffalo to ottawa
james: going to get the kids in doing independent study
Ron: not far from me there's an office of the local school district that serves Vancouver Island from here north using computers
Ron: used to be called correspondence it's distance ed
james: distance learning is a nice idea but i just don't have the bandwidth
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: haha Ron
Ron: Our community net has been working on a variation of Net Meeting to allow for a virtual classroom
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. So I'll see you either Saturday or next week.
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Bye Guy.
james: and since i have 78 kids who come in person, i don't have lots of spare time either
Medusa: ciao Guy
Pamela: g'nite Guy - thanks for the drink
james: bye guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: guy guy guy guy guy....
Ron: right...that would occupy your time
Ron: niters GuyGuyGuyguyGuyGuyGuyGuyGuy
Guy B.: Anytime Pam.
OK Guy maybe Saturday this time
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Are any of the old-style correspondence courses still around?
George: nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Dad, is that you as the undefined?
Daniel Bienvenu: @ james : I was scared ... but I already help someone to learn Coleco programming by using Yahoo Messenger every nights during a month.
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: I remember all the ads in "Popular Mechanics" et al. for various courses...they would ship you a whole TV set in parts to build.
Ron: Don't think so Dr D. Not in this province anyway. They've gone pretty much to technology
Ron: we have quite a few remote communities north of us, and in some cases it's the only schooling that can be provided
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Higher cost, more web-page fluff, probably...sigh.
james: @daniel - would you be willing to help me? i have yahoo messenger and a webcam / mic
Ron: Have never actually seen it in operation, but I'm sure there would have to be some 'understandings' between teacher and student
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: What we're working on involves the use of web cams at either end. Not new really, but this application might be
changed username to rich-c
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Wow, really loonngggg delays in updating after typed text, at least on my end.
Daniel Bienvenu: @james : well... I still have a computer problem right now. But maybe later!
Ron: I say we.... we have some young North Island College programmers working on it
james: ok. for sure. i know you need to get that fixed first.
rich-c: n't know what I just did, but this applet does NOT like it when I multi-task!
HLM left chat session
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Real-time video takes too much bandwidth, even if you're on a .edu LAN.
Pamela: what did you try to do, Dad?
Ron: time for all those east of Winnipeg to sleep
Daniel Bienvenu: After a month, this is the game he does : Amazing Snake.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: we're already asleep Ron - just faking being awake really well
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: I helped with a web-based robot course with a colleague at Wright State University...the idea was to write robot control code in JAVA and watch how it worked by remote control and streaming video.
rich-c: too complicated to explain, Pam - next time you're over I'll show you
Pamela: 'kay.
Daniel Bienvenu: This is the game the guy done after the "teaching Coleco programming period".
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: The delays are hopeless, 15 seconds at best, 30 seconds or worse the norm.
Medusa: Pam where have you been the last couple of nights?
Pamela: so, you missed my message about Kimberly?
james: @daniel - neat
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Pam and Erin seem at cross purposes :-)
rich-c: no, just didn't have a break to say no
Ron: :)
Medusa: ;o)
rich-c: but I am glad teh suspense is now ended
Pamela: Erin, I was late getting home on Monday and by the time I made dinner, did the dishes etc it was after midnight
Medusa: ahh
rich-c: did you know the truck goes in for the new engine next week?
Medusa: i called yesterday too
Pamela: last night was haircut and dinner night - we were out with Emily, Chris, Kimberly and Art for dinner
Medusa: ;o(
Ron: think you might have mentioned that Rich
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Medusa emoticon: }}}:-)
Daniel Bienvenu: One year later, I teach again Coleco programming but this time by using Messenger and real life (in person).
rich-c: you know, Ron, but Pam wasnt here
Pamela: it was really late (after 10:00) when we got home
Daniel Bienvenu: This is the result : 421 (a dice game for ColecoVision)
Medusa: what does that mean Dr.D
Daniel Bienvenu:
Ron: Nice review eh Daniel?
Pamela: so you finally settled on an engine Dad?
rich-c: 1996 Vortec crae engine
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: An emoticon like a smiley :-) except to look like a smiling Medusa }}}:-)
rich-c: crate
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: See the snakes waving?
Medusa: ooooooooooohhhhhhh....i'm obviously a little slow right now
Pamela: V8?
Medusa: i like it
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: There are limitations to ASCII art.
rich-c: yes, has to be the 350 V-8, that's the parent engine to the V-6
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah I like this review..
Pamela: gotcha. so what are you going to drive in the meantime, and how long will it take to replace it?
Ron: I'm sure
rich-c: Behemoth, and I hope only a few days
Daniel Bienvenu: But I like the review of the big Coleco project I have done : Ms Space Fury.
Daniel Bienvenu:
james: v-8? haven't drunk that stuff in awhile
Medusa: hehe
Pamela: yuck
Daniel Bienvenu: (I don't do the review but the game).
rich-c: yeah, I'm more for a half grapefruit in the morning
Pamela: well from our experience Dad, it should take about three days
james: @daniel - i'm looking at it now. kinda neat
rich-c: depends on how John has to schedule the shop
Pamela: at least he has more room now : )
rich-c: like going to the doctor, sometimes he hs to drop your case for emergencies
james: @daniel - also, if you prefer to teach in french, i'm ok with that
rich-c: by the way, ask your mother about her new camera
Daniel Bienvenu: well, this is just what I can do with a working computer...
Pamela: new camera? oh?
rich-c: yep, got it last week
Pamela: digital?
rich-c: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: If only I can plug a cable directly in my head... it will be more easier to program games, no? it could be faster.
Pamela: that gives plug and play new meaning, Daniel
Pamela: cool, Dad
rich-c: you aren't the first programmer to feel that way, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: @ james : I think my english is good enough... you can understand me?
Pamela: Dad, tell Mom that Kimberly finally got her engagement ring on Saturday last
Ron: We need a transmitter for Daniel's intelligence
james: @daniel - lol. sorry, i wasn't trying to insult your english. it's almost perfect. no worries.
Ron: all he should have to do is start thinking, and it should be made manifest to us all
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: My Zzzzzs are taking over...I think it's time to concede to Morpheus and go to sleep.
Daniel Bienvenu: you can correct me anytime if my english is "no good" sometimes.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still learn this language...
james: it's probably better than my very rusty french
Daniel Bienvenu: learning...
Ron: you're eyes are becoming heavier, and heavier.....
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: (in keeping with our Greek mythology subtext tonight)
Ron: you feel a need to sleeep
rich-c: what makes you think our English is always all of that good, Daniel?
Pamela: you are getting sleepy . . .
james: ron, good thing none of us are driving right now
BobS: you darn right they are Ronald.....we both got to be going
Ron: relaaax
BobS: and hit the sack
rich-c: anyway goodnight for now, Rich, see you Sat or Wed
james: good night mr. d
BobS: we will see ya'll next week, yes???????
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Before I go, I will let you all know:
Pamela: g'nite Rich
Ron: ok all.... I'mm gonna go play with my Ghost
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Last Sunday...
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: ...I turned...
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: 40!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: see you next week, Bob - take it easy
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have problem with my english vocabulary and grammar.
Medusa: ciao Dr. D
Ron: the BIG 40 eh Dr D.
Pamela: Congrats, Rich
Medusa: Happy Bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron: congrats albeit belatedly
Pamela: Happy birthday
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr D! bonne nuit!
Ron: time will now go faster
Ron: then soon you'll be 50
Daniel Bienvenu: oops...
Pamela: Judy, bob left too fast - tell him we said goodnight
rich-c: many happy returns, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: happy birthday!
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Thanks...and Joan just walked in the door, they let her leave early from work tonight.
Pamela: HI Joan!
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: Joan says hi to all.
Ron: oh really! Define "late"
Pamela: make him go to bed Joan
james: happy 40th
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne fête! (happy birthday)
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: As for turning over another digit on the age odometer...the alternative is not pleasant :-)
Ron: that's true Dr. D
Ron: gotta keep counting
rich-c: right, just so long as you're on the right side of the grass
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: At least ADAM will never be older than me :-)
Ron: :)
Medusa: hehehehe, nor I
Dr. D.<zzzzz>: All right, off to Schlafenland...good night, all.
Pamela: nite!
Dr. D.<zzzzz> left chat session
Ron: night Medusa
Ron: nite all - wherever you are
Pamela: Ron, are you going?
Ron: thought everyone else was
Pamela: probably not a bad idea
George: nite ron
Medusa: ciao Ron
Pamela: okay - bonsoir then
Ron: I'm still 3 hours behind you all
rich-c: just Bob and Rich so far; dont know when Herman left
Pamela: HLM snuck out
Ron: nah...he probably just fell asleep
james: heh heh. not all of us, ron
Ron: just like in the last Adamcon pics
Pamela: too true
Ron: right James... forgot about you
George: i have to go
james: *sigh* i'm easily forgotten
Medusa: bye bye George
rich-c: going to be on Saturday, George?
Pamela: okay George - sleep well
Ron: not intentional James
james: lol
George: nite all
james: you know what i found out from my 6th graders a few days ago?
Pamela: you're very memorable James : )
rich-c: nite now, George
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuti George!
Ron: what's that?
Pamela: what, James?
George: poof
james: 30 is middle-aged..
Daniel Bienvenu: nuti? ... nuit
George left chat session
Ron: I remember writing a story in grade 9, that described a character as a middle aged man of 30
james: so now i have to ponder how i'm going to spend my twilight years lol
Pamela: hah - anything over 25 is middle aged as far as they're concerned
Ron: my teach was not impressed
james: i know how he/she feels
Medusa: hmmmm
james: or felt
rich-c: 30? that's barely out of diapers
Pamela: I'd rather be 30 than 20
james: so at 28 i'm just at the edge of the precipice apparently
Pamela: 20 sucked
james: @ pam - i agree
Medusa: it wasn't that bad
Ron: agree
Pamela: thank you - glad someone agrees with me
Ron: 20 wasn't all that great
Medusa: but i am not that far off it
Pamela: trust me Rin, you weren't there
james: how old are you?
Medusa: 23
rich-c: who are you asking?
Pamela: just a baby
Ron: young'un
james: i'm "only 28" as i tell my students
Pamela: your 20 was a lot better than mine Erin
Ron: I am not yet old enough to be a real senior
Ron: so I have to be a 'pretend' senior
Pamela: so you're what - a fake senior Ron?
james: speaking of babies - case is growing like a weed and it looks like his bottom chompers will start to come through any day now
Ron: yup
Ron: now Rich Clee, there's a senior
james: lol
james: i'm gonna duck as rich punches ron
Medusa: hehehe
rich-c: oh boy - teething - you're gonna love that!
Ron: llol
james: yeah, he's already got an affinity for my nose
Pamela: don't get too uppity Ron, there's snow on your roof too
Pamela: just not as much
james: lol
rich-c: no fuss, james, I like the discounts
Ron: true
Daniel Bienvenu: @ james : You are one year older than me.
Ron: been grey since I was 40
james: i won't snub you all by saying it's partially cloudy and somewhat (15c) warm outside
Ron: sickening James
james: @daniel - cool
Ron: but then we had our share here
Medusa: now that's not very nice James
Pamela: actually, that's not saying much - Dad's been salt and pepper (more salt than pepper) since my fourth birthday
rich-c: we're moving into a heat wave - they're calling for up to 13 by Saturday
Medusa: :o(
james: @ron - i've started growing grey. giving them all names
james: i've got two by my left temple i call chiharu
Pamela: thank God for Ms. Clairol
Ron: aha...... must be the kids James
james: another couple i call chika and tomoko
rich-c: trnaslation?
james: most of my grey hairs are grade 6 - 8 girls
james: @rich - those are names of my students
Pamela: I believe that
rich-c: yes, you're still at the stage where you know where to attribute each one
james: i dunno what it is, must be hormones but from the time they reach the second half of gr. 6 up until about the end of gr. 8
Ron: each one responsible for one grey hair
james: @ron, yup
Daniel Bienvenu: @james (and maybe other coleco game designer here) : This is my first try to do a tutorial
Daniel Bienvenu:
james: i'm fairly certain if i stop teaching, they'll all go black again
Pamela: too late, James - you're stuck with them
rich-c: hate to disappoint you, james, but the change is irrevocable
james: @daniel - i've bookmarked that. thanks!
james: oh well..
rich-c: me, I think grey looks distinguished, unless you can manage white
james: i'll take a "sophisticated, mature" grey over bald any dya
Pamela: grey hair on a young man can look very sexy
Pamela: just ask Steve Martin
Medusa: uh-huh
james: lol. i better be careful then, eh pam?
Pamela: absolutely
rich-c: what's a Steve Martin? Mark Martin I know, and he's sexy
Ron: gonna bookmark that one Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: @ james : My tutorial is how to program a ColecoVision game in C by usign Marcel de Kogel library and Hitech-C compiler.
Pamela: Steve Martin is one of the best comedians out there
james: very cool.
Daniel Bienvenu: usign ? using...
Pamela: will have to loan you a couple of his better movies
Ron: is Hightech - C a commercial program?
Ron: or downloadable/
rich-c: I'm still waiting to see that first Harry Potter DVD
Pamela: we'll have you over for dinner and a movie soon : )
james: i just bought the vhs tape in september. going to watch it, make word lists, practise them w/ my students then we're going to watch in class
rich-c: right, football season only lasts three more weeks
Pamela: Chamber of Secrets comes out next Friday
james: @pam - is that at the theatre or home video release?
rich-c: theatre, james
Daniel Bienvenu: I use "Hitech-C compiler for CP/M" it's a freeware
james: @daniel - what do you need to get your computer working again?
Pamela: in the theater, James
Ron: ok. Tks...will find it
Pamela: it'll be a mob scene
Daniel Bienvenu: @ james : my computer need to be repaired. I'm not an expert but I think I need a new power supply and a new HD.
Ron: where is the Grey Cup this year anyway? ... think we already had this discussion -- Edmonton?
rich-c: so wait till the crowds thin out
james: we're visiting my folks again in december. gonna check out the star trek flick while i'm in town
Medusa: Pam have you seen Men With Brooms on DVD up there?
rich-c: Edmonchuk it is
Pamela: yes it is Ron - on the 24th
Medusa: mmmmmmmmmm Star Trek
Medusa: \
james: @medusa, you a star trek fan?
Ron: You must have 2nd hand computer stores in Quebec Daniel...... power supplies are an easy item to replace
Medusa: of course
Ron: so are hard drives for that matter
Pamela: Rin, haven't seen Men with Brooms out yet, but haven't looked. I think it's supposed to be released this week
james: @ron - i think it's the actual repair job he might be avoiding
Ron: ah ok
Pamela: Star Trek Nemesis gets release in the first week of December, I think
Medusa: k.....i will take a look up in TO when I am there next w/e
rich-c: right. Daniel, how familiar are you with the innards of your computer?
Medusa: i am more likely to find it there
Pamela: Do you want me to look for it Erin?
james: cool. this will be the first time in 4 years that i can see a movie at the theatre without having to wait 6 months for the release
Daniel Bienvenu: on a PackardBell mid-tower? I need to find how to open the TOP plastic panel to be able to extract the power supply.
james: plus adult admission here is $25 cdn
Pamela: holy s**t, James!
Medusa: if you want......but if you don't have time "forgettabout it"
Pamela: pardon my language
rich-c: meant just in terms of generally poking around inside one, Daniel
james: yeah. you can imagine how often i go to the theatre here.
Ron: hmmmm.... not familiar with that one Daniel, but it shouldn't be that hard
Pamela: I go right by the Rogers head office and movie store on my way to do the banking Erin - I stop in all the time
james: it's overpriced, the quality is crap so i can't be bothered. i get better sound from a dvd w/ my headphones
james: and better pciture on my flatscreen computer monitor
Medusa: sure if you want that would be great
Daniel Bienvenu: how familiar? .. Well, not too familiar but I change a couple of things inside my computer like a new video card, memory, DVD drive (doesn't work), etc..
james: @ron - if it's a packard bell he might need a specific power suplly..
rich-c: OK, you know what it is there, then
james: oops. supply
Pamela: okay, I'll look on Friday, which is my next banking day. You definitely want the DVD right?
Ron: that's a good start
Medusa: DVD definitely pls
Pamela: 'kay
rich-c: james, is your tv there a separate standard, PAL or NTSC?
Daniel Bienvenu: The only thing I don't change is the motherboard... and I have no information about this motherboard.
james: at least they got a few things right:
Medusa: if you run across "Silence of the Lambs" that is less than 35$ on DVD that would be great too
james: my electricity is 100-110v 60hz ac, tv is ntsc
Ron: without having seen the specific model, it would be difficult to say for sure how the power supply is attached.
james: meaning i can buy stuff in north america and use it as is
Pamela: I'll look for that too. Is previously viewed okay?
rich-c: the crummy old North American standards then, james
Medusa: perfectly fine
james: works for now.
Pamela: hang on, gotta go get my Daytimer and write myself a note
Medusa: okie day
Daniel Bienvenu:
james: aaack! savage garden. must.. close.. ears
james: my wife and i had a big fight about savage garden actually
rich-c: what is savage garden?
Daniel Bienvenu: it.'s the only URL I found with ntsc, pal and secam zones informations
james: we were in the car and she had it playing and asked me what i thought
Medusa: a band
james: and forgetting the better art of diplomacy when dealing with women
rich-c: oh. tnx Rin
Medusa: omg
james: i gave her my uninhibited opinion
Daniel Bienvenu: ok ok ok... I will find antoher URL.
Medusa: you didn't...
Ron: my experience in taking things apart is probably a little dated, but can they have really changed all that much?
james: yup, i did
Medusa: lol
Medusa: which was?
Daniel Bienvenu: this one is better?
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: far as I have noticed, computers are pretty much all the same inside
rich-c: the problem is that any variations tend to be in the power supply area
james: "they make my ears bleed and if this cd was any more repetitive i might zone out and mercifilly crash us so i don't have to hear any more"
Ron: yeah, so the power supply is probably held to the case by about 4 screws, and some kind of slide out tab
james: she wasn't impressed..
Pamela: there, now hopefully I'll remember
Medusa: LMAO -- I can appreciate Savage Garden...but honesty can be so much more fun
rich-c: it is claimed that PA gives a better picture than NTSC
james: @ron - you may have noticed the punch card reader is missing on most newer machines
Medusa: remind me not to ask you about Great Big Sea
james: never heard of them. is this a good thing, from my point of view?
Ron: @james.... hey ... how about 8 level punch tape !!
rich-c: almost certainly, james. how do you feel about Tommy Dorsey?
Medusa: Well, I don't know.......they are a band from Newfoundland...Celtic stuff
james: @ron - you know what i do have here though - an 8" flexi disk
Pamela: they're a Canadian folk band / crossover James, and they're pretty good
Ron: we used to send our weather reports to Vancouver using 8 level punch tape about an inch wide
james: i like celtic stuff
Medusa: they're my guys
Pamela: so how do you feel about Shania Twain?
Ron: @james, yeah I got one of those too. It was last used in 1982 on a gov't wordprocessor in Ottawa
james: i can tolerate her i guess.
james: @ron - oh, have they finally upgraded?
Pamela: Phil Collins?
james: i like his 80's stuff, don't care for his new stuff
Ron: @james - yeah, can yo believe it !
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a few 8" floppy disk... but I never use them.
james: they must be using what, vic 20's by now?
Pamela: well, I guess we'll keep you then
Ron: at one point I had an old Xerox 820-II with two 8 inch floppy drives
rich-c: I've heard some of teh top brass are up to C64s
james: kinda like sting - mercury falling was a great album but brand new day just doesn't do it for me
Ron: copying from one drive to the other was a real hoot
Daniel Bienvenu: I learn BASIC language and videogame programming with a Vic-20... and later with a C=64
james: heh heh. you should see some of the old nec's i've worked on
Ron: you'd swear both units were about to fly apart
Pamela: don't tell Russell this, but I've never been a big fan of Sting either
rich-c: Daniel, how do you feel about the A,miga?
Pamela: Don't tell him because that was one of the first dates we had, was a Sting concert
james: yeah, when i started the disk copy operation, i kinda ducked for cover
james: @pam - ok ;)
Ron: yup- exactly
Daniel Bienvenu: I wanted one but I prefer C=64.
james: hey ron, having worked for the gum'mit, you would have used nabu, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: My school use only IBM PCs so...
Ron: never actually did James, but it was there. I was given an old NABU machine in 1993
Ron: but it was incomplete... powered it up, cpm 2.2, but it had been programmed to look for its mother
james: we had one at our house for awhile. was way ahead of its time
Daniel Bienvenu: In 1996, My C=64 web page :
Ron: and since it wasn't connected
Ron: it did nothing
james: yeah, i've heard that. there were apparently hard drive models available too
Daniel Bienvenu: not working anymore... this server gives me too much trouble.
Ron: yes, so I understand
james: big hulking mass the same size as the terminal, twice the weight
Ron: you got it
james: had a 10mb or 20mb hard drive if my sources are right
Daniel Bienvenu: Inthe middle of my c=64 web page , you can see "MDU4"
james: there was a game on there i've always wanted to get. two actually -
Ron: could well be, and with that it would have been a useable stand alone
Pamela: Erin, are you going to call again?
james: yeah, it was apparently
Medusa: perhaps....not likely this w/e though
james: i want zot! and grog
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a special program I have done with a little "fastload" software I pickup in another floppy disk.
james: not to be confused with bc2, quest for tires
Medusa: some quality chat time is in order for thw/e
james: thw/e?
Pamela: oh, okay - I was going to say if you do, try Friday night because Thursday is a big TV night for me
Medusa: the w/e
Medusa: oops
rich-c: Rin, double-check that website - I'm sure they said it was available in Windsor
james: w/e?
james: weekend?
Medusa: week end
james: what was available in windsor?
Medusa: @pam - there has been an interesting development
Daniel Bienvenu: MDU4 is a "automatic menu generator" by loading the directory and then let you choose wich program you want to RUN.
rich-c: Labatts have a free phone offer within Ontario
Pamela: BTW, was Kimberly helpful yesterday?
Medusa: not really......she's becoming quite negative
Daniel Bienvenu: MDU4 is small ans very fast.
Pamela: oh?
james: @ron, you have any contacts that would have software written for nabu?
Medusa: she was extremely positive but now she did a u-ey
Daniel Bienvenu: It was one of my last Commodore 64 project.
Medusa: i dunno
james: @dan - i had a c64 for awhile
Ron: @james, only one I can think of that might know is a gent named Ian Cottrell.. And I haven't heard from him in several years
Ron: He'd know for sure what might be around
james: hmm.
Daniel Bienvenu: my C=64 still working... but only because I change the power supply.
Daniel Bienvenu: and also the keyboard...
Ron: he used to run the CP/M BBS in Ottawa right up to 1995
james: any chance of asking him or would that be awkward?
Pamela: well, I guess that's the previous experience talking
Medusa: yes I understand that
Medusa: but
Ron: Well actually, I'd kinda like to re-establish contact with him, so I might just give it a try
james: i'm specifically looking for zot, grog and nabu logo
Medusa: each experience is different
Pamela: we're just trying to look out for you sweetie
rich-c: james, send me an email with your question
Medusa: i know and I appreciate it
james: ok rich :)
Medusa: :o)
Ron: @james....noted... I'll see what I can do
rich-c: Frances and I will be going to the Amiga club meeting Tuesday night
Pamela: we'll love you anyway and be there to pick up the pieces
james: oh rich - been meaning to tell you and pam
james: we will be in your neck of the woods on
rich-c: wont be many there but the parent club is C64
james: sec.
rich-c: maybe I can find out something for you
james: march 27th, 2003
Pamela: lord James, I don't have that in my Daytimer yet
Daniel Bienvenu: march 27th?
james: we'll be in niagara falls the day before then stopping through toronto after that for lunch at osf and cn tower before we catch our train to ottawa that night
james: @ ron, thanks!
rich-c: aha, another field trip with your students?
Pamela: I'm getting deja vu : )
james: thanks to you too, rich
james: yup
james: small group this time
Ron: rich - we're still looking for an ethernet card out here for an Amiga 4000 - my buddy says he's tried Software Hut, and may go back there
james: 4 girls (12-13) and one boy (16)
Ron: again, but just in case any of your club members happen to know of one
Medusa: going to Parliament James?
rich-c: OK, did he try Bruce at Videolink?
james: nah, we're skipping that part of ottawa since we won't be staying downtown
Pamela: I guess this means I'll get another shot at the glass floor then
Medusa: okie day.....if you decide to let me know
Ron: I gave him that one rich - not sure if he followed up on it. Will have to check
james: we're going to the maple sugar bush, hockey game and the kids are doing 2 day homestay
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back! BRB
rich-c: OK will try to remember Ron - if you're on Saturday, remind me
Ron: thank'n you sir
rich-c: did you tell him about teh book - the "Connect your Amiga"?
Pamela: that's a Thursday James!
Ron: sent him a copy of your message Rich, so yes it was there
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry guys.. I have to go now.. I'm sleepy!
Ron: this guy has a concentration span even shorten than mine, and if you think my collection is a tad unorganized, this gent is
Daniel Bienvenu: midnight! minuit!
james: ok daniel -a prochain
Daniel Bienvenu: à la prochaine!
Ron: I'm not sure how long he'll remember about this
rich-c: OK Daniel, catch you next week - bon soir!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
james: ;-)
Ron: nite Daniel
Pamela: there, I wrote it down James. Now all i have to do is get a vacation day
Medusa: ciao Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Ron: may the Force be with you all
Medusa: hehehehe
Daniel Bienvenu: Je ne serai pas en ligne samedi
Ron: I go too... my Ghost awaits me
Daniel Bienvenu: I will not be online this saturday
james: once i get around to making an english version of our itinerary, i'll send it to you pam
Medusa: ciao Ron
Ron: a la prochaine
Ron: prochain??
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Pamela: remind me at the end of Feb so I can book the day off
james: ok
rich-c: you will be missed but good luck with teh computer repair
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks!
rich-c: and do pursue the warranty question
Ron: (beam me up Scotty)
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
james: a la prochaine means "see you next time"
Pamela: nite Ron
Ron: that's it ...thanks
rich-c: nite Ron
Ron: bye
james: you're looking for an ethernet card for an amiga?
Pamela: Guess it's time we all went to bed
james: yeah, time i had lunch
Pamela: I for one am falling over on my nose
Ron: yes, a friend of mine - fellow Mac user group member...also into Amiga
rich-c: guess you're right, daughter
Ron: looking for an ethernet card for his 4000
Pamela: Erin, if you call me tomorrow do it at 8:00 okay?
Medusa: okie day
rich-c: time I closed down - goodnight, all
Ron: gather there is only one variation so it would fit a 2000, a 3000 or 4000
Medusa: ciao Uncle Richard
Pamela: and send me an email once in a while
Ron: say goodnight Rich
Medusa: ditto
james: ok ron, i'll see what i can dig up
Pamela: Gnite Daddy - sleep tight
Ron: night Pam, my son
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: Nite, Mother Ron
james: lol
Ron: :)
Medusa: nite pam.....sweetest dreams
Ron: now I am quite definately outa here
Pamela: and to you sweetie - talk to you tomorrow
james: 4 little 3 little 2 little indians
Pamela: nite James
james: nite pam
Ron: and then there were.......
Pamela: we're outta here
Ron left chat session
Pamela: I'm gone
Medusa: ciao
Pamela: Love you Erin
Medusa: love u too
james: *poof*
Medusa: :*
Pamela: bye bye
Pamela: **
james left chat session
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