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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: good evening george
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: just beginning to wonder where everyone was
rich-c: especially since no one showed up at all Saturday
George: my main computer died and this one had a harddisk failure
rich-c: what did your main computer die of?
George: i don't know i turned the power on and the power lite lit briefly and went out
rich-c: any other symptoms? blue smoke? banging noises?
George: and there was no activity
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hi Rich
Dr.D.: Hello.
rich-c: George is just describing his computer failures for me
George: i had to use the western digital tools to repair the harddisk on this computer
rich-c: I gather then that the harddisc had a software failure of some kind
Dr.D.: I'm just stopping by briefly on my way to bed...another long day.
rich-c: up too early or to bed too late?
George: i lost capacity
Dr.D.: A bit of both...
George: Hi Dr D
rich-c: a lot of sectors gone bad, George?
Dr.D.: Hi George.
Dr.D.: 5 AM up this morning, 1 AM to bed last night.
George: it appears so
rich-c: that does not allow an adequate amount of sleep, Rich
Dr.D.: I know it...
rich-c: any apparent reason for the disc failure, George?
Dr.D.: It will be crazy again this week as I get ready for another lab seminar I have to give next Wednesday.
George: there was some physical damage to the drive reported by the program
rich-c: yes, the teaching is a breeze, takes no time at all - but the preparation....
rich-c: head crash perhaps, George?
Dr.D.: Still have a slug experiment to pull off successfully either tomorrow or Friday, to generate some data I need in order to complete the presentation. Lots of technical problems this week.
Dr.D.: I wonder where the rest of the Usual Gang of Idiots is tonight?
rich-c: and while they are simple they take hours of donkey work to solve, right?
George: i'm not sure i'll have to wait and see if anymore damage occurs
Dr.D.: (You know the MAD Magazine ref in that, I hope.)
Dr.D.: Yes about long hours troubleshooting.
rich-c: oh, I was one of the 'early adopters' when it came to Mad magazine
Dr.D.: Trying to get 3 video cameras perfectly aligned at mutual right angles.
rich-c: I think I gave them up around their 25th anniversary issue
Dr.D.: Plus finding storage space for 30 GB of video data for each 1-hour experiment.
Dr.D.: It has been observed that MAD is funniest for whatever it was when a given person started reading it, and it's no good after that :-)
rich-c: well, 30-gig hard discs are cheap and easy to come by these days
George: i never read MAD
George: or many comics
rich-c: well I would tell you, George, that after the first 25 years they started to wear out their themes - too much been there, done that
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Dr.D.: Daniel or Fred?
rich-c: but then you two were too young to remember Pogo, or Li'l Abner
Dr.D.: Place your bets!
rich-c: I'll bet Daniel
changed username to yt8ty
yt8ty: greetings all.
George: they got too old to fast
Dr.D.: Nope, just remember the tail end of Pogo in our papers, and Li'l Abner survived in the Youngstown Vindicator until the mid-70s.
rich-c: now who is yt8ty?
yt8ty: JeFFREy is helping typ2e5
Dr.D.: I think our paper carried both strips until the artists died.
George: huh?
rich-c: ah, OK Jill, welcome
Dr.D.: I thought it was one of those L33t d00dz
rich-c: glad to see you're getting him started early
rich-c: Georege, Pogo was a strip of highly pointed political commentary; Li'l Abner could be quite satirical
yt8ty: It's more that he can't stand to see either of us concentrating on something without helping....
yt8ty: He's kind of like a cat that way.
yt8ty changed username to Jillian
George: Hi Jillian
rich-c: yes, put on your music program and he'll offer "Kitten on the keys"
Dr.D.: Walt Kelly and Al Capp, respectively, right?
rich-c: you have it, Dr. D., as usual
Jillian: How goes it for everyone? Anything exciting happening?
Dr.D.: I always liked Capp's Dick Tracy parody, Fearless Fosdick :-)
rich-c: I still have a couple of the vintage Pogo books
rich-c: depends on your definition of exciting, Jill
Dr.D.: Me has completed v0.99 of the ADAM schematics webpage. Now all the restoration work (hard) begins...
rich-c: George has had one computer die and teh hardd disc crash on another
George: i had a disaster
Dr.D.: Gotta look at the BMP2PP program to make some Christmas cards for Ron, after all these years of me meaning to do it and never doing so.
George: what a bad time for this
Dr.D.: Cooking corned beef and cabbage right now for a potluck dinner tomorrow at the elementary school.
rich-c: I still cant get or keep the Adam emulator running on my machine
Jillian: My computer died a while back and we just got a new power supply this week. I'm looking forward to having my bill payment system back.
George: thats what i need to do
Dr.D.: Christina is finishing week 2 of driver's ed and will be behind the wheel of our Voyager for the first time this weekend.
rich-c: hope when your power supply died it didnt take anything else with it
rich-c: that is a very difficult time in a parent's life, Rich
Dr.D.: The Film Society is showing Powerpuff Girls on Friday, to which we're all going...Saturday afternoon will be Harry Potter 2.
Jillian: bcs1e1q me too rich.
rich-c: where are you taking her to practice?
Dr.D.: For starters the biiiiig parking lot at the mostly-abandoned mall just up the street from us.
rich-c: good thought - I used to favour indutrial areas on Sunday for Frances and Pamela
Dr.D.: After that, probably simple residential streets with 25 MPH speed limit in not much traffic.
Jillian: I hope to head for a driving test on Friday this week. My favorite time to practice driving is after about 9pm and later.
Dr.D.: I thought Frances didn't drive?
Dr.D.: You don't drive, Jill?
rich-c: she doesnt have a licence so doesnt get behind the wheel but could do teh basics in an emergency
George: my doctor won't let me drive
Dr.D.: Strain on your back or something, George?
Jillian: I had a learner's permit when I was a teen and was wayyyyy too nervous to be safe, so I let it go for 15 years or so
rich-c: reminds me, George, last week there was a report of a new therapy being developed for Crohn's disease
George: too many meds
Jillian: I got another learner's about 2 years ago.
Dr.D.: Ahh, yes, too many meds and driving can be a bad combo.
rich-c: depending on which they are. sometimes any meds can be a bad combo
Jillian: Friday I hope to go for my level one test, then I'll be able to drive alone on streets w0ith2
rich-c: I have bewen having great fun on the roads this week
Dr.D.: No snow yet I hope! Just some rain here.
rich-c: the truck is in for teh new engine so I am driving the car
Jillian: on streets wioth liimits of 80 opr less.
George: they come up with new therapies every couple of years i don't get my hopes up
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rich-c: well, I noticed on this one they did say it had about an 80% success rate - which is no help to one in five
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changed username to Medusa
rich-c: I was going to mention it to you Saturday but by now it is likely off the news sites
Medusa: hi all
rich-c: hello Erin
rich-c: Pamela likely wont show till after 10 - West Wing, you know
Jillian: can't hide behind strange nicks here, 'rin
George: Hi dusa
Dr.D.: Snaky lady, howdy-do?
Medusa: i'm not hiding it's just me
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rich-c: anyway Jill just remember the basic rule of driving
changed username to BobS
Medusa: Hi George
Medusa: Hi Dr. D
rich-c: use caution, care and courtesty, and when all else fails, hit something cheap
BobS: whatcha all doin?????
Dr.D.: Und jetzt der geehrte Herr Slopsema!
George: Hi Bob
Medusa: Dr.D did u get me email
BobS: Yavool, ich bin here !!!!!
rich-c: well, the Robert has put in his belated appearance
Dr.D.: Yes I did...glad you found the post interesting.
Jillian: compared to alot of the crazy people on the roads today, i'm a pretty good driver.
BobS: vas busy goofin offski
BobS: how's it goin Jill????????
Jillian: ok. getting stressed about going back to work though
Dr.D.: Machen mit der aufgegoofen, ist viel Spass, natčrlich.
George: watch out when i try to drive
rich-c: I go by results - after half a century with no at-fault accidents and no moving violations, I figure I'm passably competent
Dr.D.: Rats, it ate my u-umlaut there...
BobS: Hi George, Richard, Jill, Erin, Dr d
Medusa: Hi Bob
George: what happened?
BobS: too much Deutch fer me there Rich
rich-c: I keep telling you, Rich, get Daniel to ship you a French keyboard
Dr.D.: It's made up deutch, "goofing off" I turned into aufgegoofen.
rich-c: it has umlauts and tildes and working circumflexes and all sorts of neat stuff
BobS: ahso!!!!
Dr.D.: And natu"rlich is naturally.
BobS: you nasty junga
Dr.D.: Ja ich bin ein nasty Kerl.
Dr.D.: "Yes I am a nasty brat"
BobS: ya dat too, eh??????
rich-c: most of it is English, George, just fiddled with a bit
BobS: sprechen si duetch, Geo??????
George: what?
Dr.D.: Ernie Kovacs used to do some hilarious fake German stuff.
BobS: nicht wahr, eh????
George: huh?
BobS: so, what did I miss by being late????
Dr.D.: We found a solution for peace in the Middle East, but the server crashed and nobody can remember what we typed.
Jillian: I wish, Dr. D.
Dr.D.: I think it had something to do with dancing redheads without veils...
George: server crashed?
BobS: a solution......IGNORE the suckers and maybe they will kill each other!!!!!
Medusa: of course it else would we distract them
rich-c: it was trying to solve the problem of absolute precision alignment in three dimensions
Dr.D.: And Mme. Medusa was just about to volunteer to lead the brigade...
Medusa: anything for World peace
Dr.D.: Now this is sounding like a lost verse of "American Pie"...
Medusa: LOL
BobS: well......what do you expect from a leader who when retreating, lights fires so the incoming troups can roast their marshmellows
rich-c: now you've lost me - if it postdates Glenn Miller, I haven't heard it
George: ????????????????????????????????????????
Medusa: it's ok George
George: what about Elvis?
Dr.D.: A famous song about the history of rock'n'roll up to 1972...but couched in very obscure metaphors, almost like a Sybil's prophesies.
BobS: Elvis Grebak??????
BobS: hims
Dr.D.: hahaha
George: I seen him the other day
rich-c: anyway looks like Dubya has a big problem coming - looks like Saddam is going to cave
Jillian changed username to Jillian-brb
Jillian-brb: brb
Dr.D.: Hey, Jeffrey's first words!
BobS: a quarterback.......actually, not a 1/4 backside.....but a guy who throws a little wienie shaped ball at someone running like heck away from another guy
Dr.D.: So Bob, have you looked at any of the schematics I've posted?
George: i'd rather have a Big Mac
BobS: saw that in the paper tonight is that they will let the inspectors in
BobS: not too close, besides, I can't read elevtrical diagrams anyway
BobS: but wht I glanced at looked official
rich-c: well he sent his kid to Parliament to speak in favour of the UN resolution
BobS: wished I could make heads or tails out of the diagrams'maybe I could fiddle with some of the stuff I go here......TIME is the biggest problem
Dr.D.: I was asking just in case you happened to have better copies than the ones I was working with...or some additional new schematics.
rich-c: yes, maybe next Adamcon we can get someone to give us a seminar on Schematics 101
Dr.D.: Dale already did at XIII, remember?
George: it's hopeless
Medusa: there is always hope George
rich-c: I have a book on it too but neither is much enduring help
BobS: will have to investigate them then, eh????
Dr.D.: I'm tryin' to get HLM-GMK to go through their pile of Orphanware stuff...I can't believe BJ didn't leave them with some goodies.
BobS: have some rather detailed pages of specs....bout 15x30 inches......but you can tell that some are bad genereation copies
rich-c: anyway, Dale was just dealing with logic circuits and Boolean algebra - not much help with loose wires :-)
Dr.D.: I'm also looking to postpone having to do the final cleanup on took me 2 months to do the disk drive controller, and that one wasn't so bad...the game board is horrible, I'll have to take an ADAM apart to check the connections.
rich-c: they're still useful, Bob, they may be clear in an area where an otherwise better copy is blurred
rich-c: take a Colecovision apart instead, they'rte more easily expendable
Dr.D.: Yes. I had decided early on that Richard's copies were so much better than the ones in The Hacker's Guide to ADAM Volume II that I wasn't going to bother scanning the latter ones...*but* one of Richard's was missing about a quarter inch of the whole right margin, and I picked it up from the Hacker's Guide copy.
Dr.D.: Similarly for 2 of the tape drive schematics, I had "duplicate" photocopies that were centered differently, such that each was missing something, but putting them all together, you got the whole drawing back.
rich-c: I could likely find a dead Adam or two to expend if you just wanted to rip wires out to see whre they go
Dr.D.: What I'd like to do is see if I can figure out what the magical U7 chip really does...when you sit looking at the schematics and cleaning them up, you start to pay attention to them...and I *think* I might be able to make some good guesses. Good enough to maybe build some test circuits to try out.
BobS: U7 or U6 ?????
Jillian-brb changed username to Jillian
rich-c: the U& is the one unique custom chip for which there is no substitute, right?
Jillian: I'm back.
Dr.D.: I have this fun idea of someday redoing the ADAM as an all-in-one modern circuit board, small enough to fit in a laptop.
George: i'm lost
Dr.D.: U6 is the ADAMnet master, U7 is the memory I/O controller unique one.
Jillian: It would be neat to figure out what it does.
Dr.D.: I know what's in U6, and can build workarounds for it (just any 68xx CPU and an external EPROM, I have the firmware listing--it's in the stuff I sent to Dale, Jill).
rich-c: yes, any generic chip the specifications will be publicly available
BobS: I had thoughts at different times of making a suitcase model to bring to the cons, but now w/ laptops.........
Dr.D.: But U7 is like a PAL--maybe simple logic inside, but it's a black box that you can't read.
George: my eyes are going wonky
rich-c: are the 6801s in the Adamnet stock design or cusatom, does anyone know?
Dr.D.: Oh jeez, who's the guy who had the suitcase ADAM?
Dr.D.: The 6801s are all custom, because the 6801 is manufactured with a specific software program in it.
rich-c: I think the portable Adam was Gene Welch from the west coast
Dr.D.: However, you can make the equivalent of a 6801 with a 6803/05/11 plus an external EPROM that contains the same program that was manufactured into the 6801.
Dr.D.: YEs, Gene Welch.
George: just put a TV card in your IBM
rich-c: yes, if you know the program that was put in the 6801 in the first place
Dr.D.: In the 160K floppy drive, there is a separate CPU and EPROM.
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Dr.D.: The CPUs are actually 6801s with internal ROMs that were defective in some way, but are jumpered to ignore the internal ROM and use an external EPROM.
changed username to da-Duron-ron
Dr.D.: Coleco was recycling parts :-)
Jillian: 90 n98888888888888 uu
da-Duron-ron: yo!
rich-c: speaking of the west coast - hi Ron
Jillian: m i k mlllllm i jeffy's back.
Medusa: howdy Ron
George: yo1 Who is that?
da-Duron-ron: evening to all. Hope all are well
George: oh, hi Ron
Dr.D.: Someone even more leftpondian than us :-)
Dr.D.: Though rightpondian to Tokyo.
BobS: the wet coast man
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da-Duron-ron: indeed - large as life, twice as wet
rich-c: what's with the Duron, Ron? joined us AMD types?
changed username to Judy
da-Duron-ron: aka Fastbox West
rich-c: hello Judy
Dr.D.: No, it just means that Ron has switched to Duracells.
George: Hi Miss Judy
Dr.D.: Hi Judy.
Judy: Hello, all, how are you ?
da-Duron-ron: exactly
Medusa: hi Judy
da-Duron-ron: been driving all day Judy - tired
BobS: ok, West Wing is off,,,,,,,,,where's Pamela.......??????
Jillian: Hi Judy, what's up?
da-Duron-ron: went to a meeting of old retired f**ts 3 hours south
rich-c: wondering the same thing, Bob
da-Duron-ron: and back
BobS: to where, yo are trapped on an island???????
da-Duron-ron: Grey Power and all, you know
Judy: me too, was moving furniture and getting rid of dust
Dr.D.: He paddled his canoe.
rich-c: so you had enough rain to douse the forest fires yet, Ron?
da-Duron-ron: only notable thing was a highly delicious lunch
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Judy: same old, same old, changing diapers and cleaning up all the time
BobS: no delightful conversation??????
rich-c: well hey, that's worth a leisurely little drive through Super-Natural BC, isnt it?
Jillian: Diapers are eternal.
BobS: either Guy or bob Bair.........
da-Duron-ron: oh yes..... how do we best attack our provincial gov't - which is busy attacking us - but all that is off topic
Judy: had the carpet cleaned today, what a job
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Medusa: hi Guy
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late
Jillian: Hi Guy.
BobS: Hiya Guy!!!!! welcome.....second time through
da-Duron-ron: Guy, my son
Judy: they are better than they used to be, had to wash them, they were awful
BobS: how's da windy city??????
Judy: hi, Guy
Jillian: Professionally cleaned, or did you rent a do it yourself box.
Jillian: ?
Guy B.: Like the name Ron.
da-Duron-ron: I seem to remember that Judy - it was my job....32 years ago
Judy: had it done, the only way to go
Guy B.: Not windy, but it got nice here today.
da-Duron-ron: but now, fortunately, Jeff doesn't wear diapers any more
Judy: change or wash
Dr.D.: Now that the gang's all here...time for me to go to sleep.
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Jillian: i'm still getting peer pre9sure to do it that way.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: won't call it nice, but it wasnt too bad here - above freezing, no wind
Guy B.: Well, the Athlon is going to be upgraded this weekend.
Judy: glad to hear that
da-Duron-ron: Gee Dr. D. was it something I said?
BobS: Jeffy is OUT of diapers??????? WOW. and he is not a year old yet!!!!!!
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-c: hi daughter, everyone's been asking for you
Dr.D.: Just one bit of news: I won the Ugly Professor contest here again, 3 years in a row now.
George: Hi Pam
Medusa: PAMELA
Pamela: Hi everyone
BobS: Pammie !!!!!!!
Dr.D.: Nothing you said at all, Ron...just my brain is running out of Duracells.
da-Duron-ron: no.... not the little Jeff's - MY Jeff
BobS: oh, wrong Jeffy........
Judy: good nite Dr D, talk to you later, longer!!!
da-Duron-ron: he was here for the weekend
Pamela: sorry I'm late
BobS: nite Dr d
Medusa: nite Dr. D
Judy: hi, Pam
da-Duron-ron: nit Dr. D. Be well
rich-c: nite Rich
BobS: be good and don't let the bedbugs bite
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D
Medusa: Pam what r u doing Sunday afternoon?
da-Duron-ron: keep the undergrads in line
Dr.D.: Hi Pam...bye Pam..."and the rest" as they say on Season 1 "Gilligan's Island"
Pamela: Rich, you're leaving? : (
Pamela: goodnite then
rich-c: she'sa watching Russell watch the eastern final
Dr.D.: Sleeeeepppy...up too early, to bed too late, too many days running....
George: stop watching all those stupid presidents
Pamela: the Chamber of Secrets will soon be open
Dr.D.: Play with my schematics! (paper your walls with them)
Jillian: The only times my Jeffy is out of diapers are bath time and when his parents forget to go shopping.
Dr.D.: YEs COS we will see Sat.
Dr.D.: Good night!
Guy B.: Rich, how much memory is in your Athlon now?
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
BobS: good one Jill !!!!!!!!
Pamela: What time on Sunday Erin?
rich-c: I got 256 MB, likely don't need even half that, but at the price, why not?
da-Duron-ron: right Jillian. Soon you'll be watching him at Convocation, trust me
da-Duron-ron: it goes by that fast
BobS: we'll be there about 3pm Pam........
Judy: that could be a real problem, you could always use dish towels, did that once
Medusa: i'm not sure will be in the afternoon I may have to ask u a favour
Pamela: I heard about the flight but it sorta depends on the timing
Guy B.: Well, mine's going up to 384mb this weekend. A friend of mine from work gave me two 128mb Dimm's for mine.
Pamela: we have plans both morning and late afternoon
Medusa: oh?.....well what time is best?
Pamela: mid afternoon, I guess. Haven'
George: i'm down
Pamela: t you booked the flight yet?
rich-c: how far are you upgrading, Guy? or did you mean the memory, not the CPU?
BobS: now, WHAT the heck do you need that much ram for Guy ????
Guy B.: What happened George?
Medusa: the Hill office is hadling the details
Pamela: I just love these firm plans
da-Duron-ron: older I get, the more RAM I need for my computer
George: computer troubles
da-Duron-ron: less is the RAM in the brain
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changed username to james
Guy B.: The memory. I got two slots open, so I have two 128mb Dimm modules to fill both up.
james: good afternoon
BobS: hiya James
Medusa: i actuality they wanted me to leave tomorrow afternoon
Pamela: Hi James
Judy: hi, James
da-Duron-ron: Hey James!
rich-c: good afternoon, james
james: hi everyone
Guy B.: HI James
BobS: good eevening
George: Hi James
Medusa: luckily that is not the case
Pamela: and stay for the weekend? Where and why?
Medusa: Hi James
Jillian left chat session
james: hi, how is everyone?
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Judy: how is the dieting going, Guy?
rich-c: you're still on DIMMs, Guy?
changed username to Jillian
da-Duron-ron: well here
da-Duron-ron: how about you
da-Duron-ron: ??
james: not bad
Medusa: well until Saturday but I have the convention this weekend....i'll be staying at a hotel
james: teaching early today so i can't stay on long
Guy B.: Yep! This system takes the 168pin modules.
Pamela: okay, now I'm really confused
Pamela: they wanted you to stay until Saturday?
Medusa: tell me about it
da-Duron-ron: brb
George: my computer died :-(
Medusa: yes
Guy B.: How George?
rich-c: mines more recent, so I use DDR RAM
Pamela: okay, now I get it
George: i don't know
Medusa: i am going up there to take a course
(With a crash, a shelf full of books collapses.)
Pamela: so now you're supposed to fly out Sunday afternoon and stay till Tuesday?
james: i'll be back in a few minutes
Guy B.: I figured you got the new DDR. I bought mine back in 2001 mined you.
Medusa: yeah
Pamela: are you flying back to T.O. or to Windsor?
Medusa: or Wed...they haven't decided yet
(BobS's head explodes!)
Guy B.: The CPU speed is at the limit, which is 850.
George: i have to buy a new computer
Pamela: wow, this getting really messy people
da-Duron-ron: stop that Bob
rich-c: well I wasnt too fussed about what got stuck in it but I did buy a motherboard with about as much future in it as could be had
Judy: yes, he went to a black screen
Pamela: whose shelf collapsed?
Medusa: likely will have a layover in TO
(Jillian hands BobS a tissue.)
da-Duron-ron: No colds east of the Rockies, please
Judy: he is banging on the keyboard but nothing is happening
Guy B.: I sure once the memory is installed, Win98 will load faster and hopefully be more stable especially on the Net.
da-Duron-ron: Bob?
Jillian: I get a new power supply this weekend and hopefully, my computer (and spreadsheets) will be restored.
Guy B.: My friend from work is suggesting I get Win2000. He says he doesn't trust WinXP either.
Pamela: Erin, are you going to have access to email while you're there?
rich-c: memory can be an issue, of course, but with Windows stability seems to depend on a lot of other things
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
Guy B.: Who's running Buck Rogers?
Medusa: I should I will be in the hill office on Monday & Tues
da-Duron-ron: @James - thanks fer the info leads you sent last week
Pamela: Halloween's over people
Pamela: so you can let me know what your plans are then, or you can always call me
da-Duron-ron: between you and Mr. Clee, there should now be all sorts of places to look for my Amiga friend
da-Duron-ron: and thanks to you Rich
rich-c: every time I add a new program it seems to take Windows a week to settle in with it
Medusa: while in TO I will have mom's cell
Jillian: What does Halloween have to do with anything Pam?
Medusa: obviously when I am in OTT too
Pamela: oh, and BTW, I found Silence of the Lambs for $29.99 - should I get it?
Medusa: since I won't be coming home
rich-c: you're very welcome, Ron, from us and Ernie who you may vaguely remember
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Pamela: well, weird things aren't supposed to happen after Halloween
Guy B.: I shall return. I have to place an order for Jeanene and I. I won't be long I hope.
Medusa: no better wait on it I can't afford it right now with all this travel
changed username to JUDY
da-Duron-ron: yes..... former ADAM News Network Ombudsman, right?
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: okay, just keep me posted and I'll get it
BobS: ok, now i am twins
Pamela: we can fix that Bob
JUDY: I got lost for awhile
Medusa: cool
da-Duron-ron: Motion to strike ONE Bob Slopsema from the premises
Jillian requested to ban BobS
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
da-Duron-ron confirmed ban
rich-c: been fiddling about with your Bob?
Guy B. confirmed ban
JUDY confirmed ban
rich-c: that's LAN, bob
Jillian: You're one only here, Bob.
JUDY: I am double also
Jillian requested to ban Judy
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
JUDY confirmed ban
da-Duron-ron confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: not any more, Judy
Pamela: Erin, if we're going to get you to the airport we'll have to figure out how to get you from downtown first
da-Duron-ron: Oh I met her on a Monday, and my heart stood still, da-Duron-Ron, da-Duron-Ron
JUDY: thanks couldn't take two of me
Jillian: TTC goes to the airport now.
Pamela: Yeah, but it's a long, arduous trip
rich-c: yes, but 'rin's coming in by train
moved to room Meeting Place
Jillian: TTC ardous?? Long I'll give you, smelly perhaps, ardous? no.
JUDY requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
Jillian confirmed ban
da-Duron-ron confirmed ban
changed username to BobS
Jillian: Are you going to sitdown and stay awhile Bob?
Pamela: Well she has to come from the Sheraton downtown, get to Lawrence West, wait up to half an hour for the bus, then take the bus for an hour out to the airport
JUDY: he is trying
da-Duron-ron: How many Bob's are we going to delete?
JUDY: \don't do any more
BobS: "OUCH, ouch. ouch......taht hurt
da-Duron-ron: right
rich-c: isn't there a GO bus to the airport from Yorkdale?
Pamela: I dunno
rich-c: maybe you should check - that's what an internet is for, isnt it?
Jillian: The bus also goes from Islington or Kennedy. Shorter bus ride.
Pamela: I think there may also be direct service from Eglinton west too
da-Duron-ron: James - you there?
George: brb med time
Pamela: possibly an express bus
Medusa: i'm gonna get laost aren't I?
da-Duron-ron: I take it everyone is going to flood me with Christmas graphics soon?
BobS: yup
da-Duron-ron: super!
Pamela: No Erin, we'll get you there
JUDY: we hope so, ron
rich-c: actually Erin, given the information available, it's hard to get lost in a city these days
BobS: just like EVERY year
Jillian: Not if you can read Erin.
Medusa: ok I put my trust in you
Pamela: trust me Dad, one can still get lost in T.O. All one has to do is confuse east with west
Jillian: Time to be creative again eh. bleah.
Medusa: so what you're saying is I should bring my compass
da-Duron-ron: Into each life some rain must fall
rich-c: just go to and use the links to the TTC and GO Transit
Pamela: Exactly.
Pamela: brb, I'm going to the ttc website
rich-c: they'll have route maps, schedules, the whole 9 yards
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Jillian: Greetings Meeka.
rich-c: hello Meeka
Meeka: Hello, sorry I'm late.
Medusa: hi meeka
BobS: hi Meeka
JUDY: hi, Meeka
rich-c: came in just as Pamela went double-tasking
George: Hi Meeka
da-Duron-ron: Hi Meeka
George: where is Freddy?
da-Duron-ron: Howz Bandit?
da-Duron-ron: How's Doug
rich-c: yes, Erin, when a city is laid out on a grid it's quite easy to find your way around
da-Duron-ron: Not necessarily in that order
Meeka: both are doing good
rich-c: even if a lot of the concession lines tend to get broken up by the ravines
da-Duron-ron: god
da-Duron-ron: I mean GOOD
moved to room Meeting Place
Meeka: bandit is sleeping on my feet and Doug is gpt his head in a puter
Medusa: I am beginning to understand TO but I have never been to the airport........downtown seems to be my forte
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Damnit, knocked myself offline
da-Duron-ron: t'was ever thus
Medusa: show me Queen's Park and I am fine
Jillian: 0000000000000000000002q333333333333z4a6
rich-c: actually I got a note from Freddy last weekend - seems he's had an overload of other things
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Jillian: 6'kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk0 ikcu8907ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc8miks xdz
rich-c: he hopes to be back Wed or Sat soon as the situation clears
da-Duron-ron: Jillian, you've gone digital on us
Meeka: hi pam
da-Duron-ron: looks like a Bill Gates CD key
Pamela: how are you?
james confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
james left chat session
Meeka: not bad.
da-Duron-ron: So Bob, good sir
Jillian: no i've gone jeffrey on the kleyboard.
da-Duron-ron: does the first week in December seem like a reasonable deadline for the Card?
Pamela: Erin, you get yourself here and we'll figure out the rest.
rich-c: well, Union Station to Queens Park is a quick and easy subway ride
Pamela: Yeah, but it's more than that Dad
Medusa: you mean to the apartment?
Medusa: or TO
rich-c: four or five stops, depending on whether you want the south or north sides
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back!
Pamela: T.O.
Jillian: Well, Jeffrey is asking to go to bed, so I'd better go. It was good to talk to all.
moved to room Meeting Place
Medusa: the bus I believe
da-Duron-ron: nite Jeffy
changed username to Judy
da-Duron-ron: Nite Jillian
Pamela: Night Jillian - sweet dreams to you and the munchkin
Medusa: nite Jillian
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: we are having a bad night
Jillian: I'll be backc if he actually goes to sleep soon.
changed username to BOBS
rich-c: good to have you, Jill. good luck on the test
BOBS requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
Medusa confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Jillian confirmed ban
Pamela: okeydoke
(Jillian quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Medusa: i have to work my way around the parade on Sunday too
Meeka confirmed ban
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
BOBS requested to ban JUDY
Medusa confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Jillian confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BOBS: TEST ?????
BOBS: driving?????
Jillian: thanks,
da-Duron-ron: it works Bob
Pamela: don't worry Erin, you'll figure it out
Jillian moved to room not at my desk
Medusa: okie day
Jillian left chat session
BOBS: what works Ronald ??????
Pamela: thanks, Guy
da-Duron-ron: your test
Guy B.: Anytime!
da-Duron-ron: I saw it.
da-Duron-ron: It got here
BOBS: ok I a,m lost
rich-c: Erin, grab a Toronto map in suitable scale off the Toronto website, print it out and take it with you
da-Duron-ron: Did you see my earlier Question Bob?
Pamela: welcome to the rest of the world, Bob
rich-c: and get our phone number from your mother in case you run into problems
BOBS: nope, must have been in never neverland then
Medusa: sounds like a plan Uncle Richard.....I have a subway map already
rich-c: OK, the key station for you is Lawrence West
Judy: and everytime he goes to never, never land he takes me with him
BOBS: damn battery went dead
da-Duron-ron: Bob, was wondering if the first week of Dec (Dec 7) would be a reasonable deadline to get you the Xmas stuff by
Medusa: that's the one by Pam right?
Pamela: actually Dad, the airport express runs out of Kipling
rich-c: it's the nearest to us and the transfer point for the Maple Leaf bus (Pamela) and Malton bus (airport)
BOBS: ya sure......well.......going on a cruise on the 6-14th..........of dec
Pamela: don't confuse her Dad
BOBS: but that ia ok...we are late lots anywasy
da-Duron-ron: so Dec 4 would be better than Dec 7
Pamela: Erin, the station where i park every day is Wilson
Medusa: now for the real issue.....this will be my first time on a plane
Meeka: lol, he won't be home on the 7th
Medusa: oooooooohhh ok
Pamela: you'll be fine - it's fun
rich-c: well, OK, if it's fastest and most direct to the airport, then the Bloor subway to Kipling and airport express from there would likely be the winner
BOBS: sure, IF I can find time to copy it....should, but if not, so be it !!!!!!
Judy: can't wait, can you, Meeka?
da-Duron-ron: ok. Gotcha
Meeka: nope!
Meeka: ready to go now
Medusa: Joan is trying to coordinate so that her layover will be connecting with my flight so I won't be alone
Judy: got my hair cut off, really cut off, Meeka
BOBS: like 3 weeks from FRI night
Pamela: to, or from Ottawa?
Meeka: really
da-Duron-ron: time goes by too fast from here to Dec 31
Medusa: to Ott.....on the way back I am on my own
Pamela: Really Judy? How short?
da-Duron-ron: we're going to Edmonton for for Christmas
da-Duron-ron: my annual week in the snow
BOBS: buzz................
Judy: how would you like to give me a perm sometime soon
BOBS: to sis' place ?????
Pamela: Isn't there a flight directly to Ottawa from Windsor?
da-Duron-ron: yup
Judy: Sherri seems to have her hands full, lately
Medusa: yeah....that's what confuses me a little
da-Duron-ron: Maybe this time we'll have an aircraft that actually flies
Pamela: well I'm confused too
rich-c: planning to use WestJet, Ron?
Meeka: ok, I can do that
Judy: we are going for a seven day, Western Carribean
da-Duron-ron: yeah - Comox/Calgary/Edmonton
BOBS: bothewr ya when the flight has to roll down the freewya, does it?????
Medusa: good at least we have each other's company
da-Duron-ron: yeah Bob, that's a bummer
Pamela: misery loves company, I hear
da-Duron-ron: cool
BOBS: as long as the tires are round Ron, it is OK
Pamela: just flap your arms and think really light thoughts, Ron
rich-c: Erin, the main problem with flying is boredom - take a good book
da-Duron-ron: I mean it shouldn't be cool, but it will be cool eh?
da-Duron-ron: LOL Pam
rich-c: don't take anything that will upset security; you will be losing enough time there anyway
BOBS: ya mon......
Medusa: I got a couple lined up.....Red Dragon and Hannibal as well as Lord of the Rings 3rd book
BOBS: we be jammin' mon
Judy: no, bookmarks
George: too many plane crashes
da-Duron-ron: I hate these loud prolonged groans from under the fuselage when we are taxying for the active runway
Medusa: thanks George
Pamela: Ron, don't say anything else - we want her to get on that plane on Sunday
da-Duron-ron: the pilot apparently concurred
Judy: I love to fly
rich-c: also take along a set of earplugs, especially if you have eyes for a window seat
da-Duron-ron: we returned to the gate (last year). Where we proceeded to wait for 4 hours
rich-c: otherwise you'll still have ringing in your ears a week after
Medusa: oh my
Pamela: ?? Dad
Medusa: would a head set do
da-Duron-ron: Air Canada
BOBS: ya sure Erin
Judy: do like the bigger planes best
rich-c: it's just that aircraft are mopisy inside
rich-c: noisy
da-Duron-ron: I don't mind flying - but only after the aircraft leaves the ground
BOBS: WHAT ??????
Pamela: chewing gum so your ears will pop at altitude
da-Duron-ron: It's what takes place around the terminal that seems to be a problem
BOBS: if we were meant to fly.....we would have WINGS
Judy: that is the best way to fly, Ron
da-Duron-ron: true
Pamela: face it Ron, you just look suspicious
rich-c: and Erin, listen for teh sounds and see if you can figure out what they mean
Guy B.: Well folks, I going to go. I'll won't be here next week. But, I'll see on Saturday.
da-Duron-ron: Bob, while I'm over there, I'm gonna talk to that lady in Edmonton re the ADAM she's endeavouring to unload
Medusa: bye Guy
Medusa: sounds????
Pamela: g'nite Guy - sweet dreams
rich-c: OK Guy, no football then so my full attention - see you
George: nite Guy
da-Duron-ron: assuming she still has it
Judy: so do I Ron, had an awful time last time, got stopped all the time
BOBS: good idea......take that puppy home wiht ya
BOBS: byer Guy
Guy B.: I was watching Notre Dame last Saturday.
Judy: nite, Guy
Guy B. left chat session
da-Duron-ron:'s be needed here
rich-c: Erin, at takeoff the engines will be hugely noisy - but listen for teh clunk that means the wheels are up
Medusa: oh my
Pamela: like, the luggage hatch closing, the landing gear up etc
rich-c: the engine noise will simmer down as they throttle back to cruise, but will vary time to time
Pamela: it's a thrill Erin - I really love it
da-Duron-ron: Hell, by then I'm asleep
Judy: Erin have you flown before?
Pamela: Ron, do they still take off over the ocean at Vancouver airport?
rich-c: dont panic when the engine appears to turn off about 100 miles short of Ottawa
Medusa: never
Medusa: me panic.....nooooo
rich-c: planes can glide so far now if they didnt back off to idle then, they'd overshoot
da-Duron-ron: depends Pamela. that is the major runway,yes 09/27
BOBS: until; the darn steward or stewardess wakes ya up for soda or coffee and a cookie !!!!!!!!!
George: shall i put my gas mask on?
da-Duron-ron: mostly the seem to approach from the west after having come from the east
da-Duron-ron: circle out over the water, then come in on runway -09
Judy: just enjoy it, it is fun
da-Duron-ron: right Bob
da-Duron-ron: that's how it goes
Pamela: when I flew into Vancouver to meet Mom and Dad for Expo 86, we landed on and took off from that runway - actually circled out over the water and then turned around to land. it was cool
Medusa:'ll be a new experience for me
da-Duron-ron: If I want a DietCoke, she offers me a coffee
da-Duron-ron: etc
BOBS: ladies and gents, we have now reached our cruising altitude, you have 40 seconds to drink your pop and coffee before we descend.........
da-Duron-ron: you know you're on the west coast
Pamela: at first though, it was like "hey, you overshot the airport"
Medusa: hehe
BOBS: so now stow all gear, throw away your cups and put your seatback in an upright position............
Pamela: does this thing float?
Medusa: that was a nervous "hehe" btw
da-Duron-ron: right. like Hey GALLOOT -- tha airport is back there!!!
Meeka: ok, well Bandit is bugging to go outside, so I guess I am out of here, see ya next week
rich-c: Ron, does YVR have a runway 32?
rich-c: see you Meeka
Medusa: nite Meeka
Pamela: what was really weird was we were so low that I was able to read signs from the air - Midas comes to mind
Judy: bye, Meeka, talk to you later
BOBS: well, they want ot give you the tourist tour of the airport so you can see it from the air.....they eventually turn around and land on it too
George: nite Meeka
da-Duron-ron: Um......... Don't think so Rich.. I don't have a copy of the Canada Air Pilot Around here
Pamela: Nite Meeks!
da-Duron-ron: but...
Meeka: night everyone
Meeka left chat session
da-Duron-ron: nw/se would be aligned with the prevailing wind which is southeast
rich-c: oh, when we went out in 1972 we seemed to come in over the Delta on a heading of about 320
BOBS: 1872 ?????????
da-Duron-ron: heading towards the mountains on the North Shore eh?
rich-c: we had a three-holer running full flaps - what a racket
BOBS: they didn't have planes then !!!!!!
George: 1792
Judy: planes are better now
rich-c: no, more parallel to teh mountains header towards the strait
Pamela: put yer glasses on, Slopsema - that says 1972
BOBS: THIRTY years ago ?????? those planes are almost in the junkyards now
Pamela: I wish I could go with you Erin
rich-c: anyway the 727 had a high sink rate, which was why CP Air favoured it - needed a fast letdown after clearing the Rockies
Medusa: thanks
George: i'll stay on the ground
Pamela: Have you ever flown, George?
BOBS: flown the coup maybe
rich-c: oh yes Erin - when you hear a sudden racket like the airplane's about to fall apart, it isn't
George: yes i was terrified
Medusa: oh great...good to know
Pamela: DAD!!!!! Don't scare her
rich-c: look out at the wing and you will see the flaps extended - they let teh plane land safely
Pamela: what scared you George?
(Someone throws a brick at rich-c)
Medusa: i'll be sure to write letters to all my loved ones b4 I get on the plane
BOBS: the heck with about taking off !!!!!
rich-c: Erin, you're safer on teh plane than you are at home
George: when the plane turned i went down
BOBS: you can leave all your worldly stuff to Pam, she don't need it
rich-c: and don't even think of jaywalking in Toronto - now THAT'S a risk
Pamela: I don't have any room for it Bob - have you seen her bedroom???
Medusa: this is wonderful
Pamela: Meaning, you dipped down on one side George?
BOBS: nope, but can jsut imagine,........ERIN ya can't crash and burn...Pam DOES NOT want your stuff !!!!! :-)
Medusa: we are now partitioning my stuff
George: i thought the plane was going to crash
rich-c: Erin, learn all you can about what planes do to fly, then apply it to what you see and hear on your flights
rich-c: it makes them go much faster bedcause they are so much moe interesting
Pamela: for some, ignorance of the physics of flying is bliss
Medusa: i am wondering if ignorance is bliss this time around
BOBS: go FAST...plane in AIR.....plane fly like bird.....plane land on GR"OUND
Medusa: thanks Bob I hope I can remember that
Pamela: that about covers it
George: planes crash
Medusa: thanks George
Pamela: so do cars, George - and a lot more frequently
BOBS: naw...........only teeny tiny ones
rich-c: that's OK - my first flight was on what I think was a Curtis JN-4 (Jenny)
da-Duron-ron: rich...just looking at a map of YVR
da-Duron-ron: I see runway 08/28 North and runway 08/28 south
Pamela: and yet no one hesitates to get into them
da-Duron-ron: (sorry 08/28 left and 08/28 right
rich-c: OK, we likely came in then on 28 North
BOBS: Ron, Erin dos NOT need to know the runway #'s
da-Duron-ron: and runway 12/30
BOBS: she just want sot land safely
da-Duron-ron: so that would be aligned to 300 deg magnetic
da-Duron-ron: close
Judy: don't worry, be happy, have fun, ERin
Medusa: thanks Judy
George: how to get out of the airport
BOBS: be happy as they say in Jamaica mon
rich-c: well I knew it wasn't straight north so the 32 was a plausible guess
Medusa: hehehehe
da-Duron-ron: yup
da-Duron-ron: I'm supposed to know these things. I used to work there
rich-c: anyway, runway numbers are just the direction they run in compass headings
Pamela: One worry you won't have is a height thing Rin
da-Duron-ron: yes
BOBS: we usually leave runway selection to the pilot of the plane..............hmmmmmm
Medusa: i hope not
Pamela: Well, if you can deal with the CN tower, you can deal with heights
Medusa: the glass floor in the CN Tower is alittle different
da-Duron-ron: which is why one end is 180 deg away from the other end
Judy: not something you have much to say about
Pamela: and as Russell says, after a while you're so high it doesn't seem real anymore
BOBS: flying ist WUNDERSHUEN !!!!!!!!!!
Medusa: true......"life is but a dream"
Judy: you can't believe you are going so fast
rich-c: it's just that it gets spooky when you're in a cloud
Pamela: I conquered the glass floor the last time I went up, with James
Medusa: way to go Pam
Pamela: Bob, I agree
Medusa: i think a cloud might be pretty cool
Pamela: mind over eyeballs
BOBS: un clouds is like dark only it is light
Medusa: so long as the pilot knows where he/she is going
rich-c: remember fog is just a ground-level cloud
da-Duron-ron: like overflying the Rockies on a sunny day
Pamela: now that's asking a lot
BOBS: that's why they got instruments my dear
rich-c: and this is a very thick fog
Judy: they are they look like cottonballs up there
Medusa: good stuff
Pamela: Simpsons clouds!
George: make sure the pilot is sober
BOBS: flyhing in clear weather is AWESOME
rich-c: actually the pilot is just along for the rise nowadays
da-Duron-ron: the year of ADAMCON 10, I got a super view of Mt Baker, Mt Rainier, and Mt St. Helens on the right side of the acft
BOBS: Geo they fired all those guys
da-Duron-ron: plilot even pointed it out
Pamela: okay, we're getting into TMI now people
rich-c: the aircraft are so automated they can take off, fly their routes, and land by themselves
BOBS: YO Ronald.....for AC11 we got the vies on the left side !!!!!!!
BOBS: view
rich-c: the pilot is just there as a backstop in case something unplanned happens
da-Duron-ron: super eh?
Medusa: like a hijacking?
Medusa: i'm ok
Medusa: really
Pamela: doesn't it go without saying that a hijacking is unplanned?
Pamela: at least for the people on the aircraft
Medusa: depends on your point of view.....welcome to today's world
George: or a shoe bomber
Judy: not happening very often, either
Medusa: see
Medusa: oh well
Medusa: if you gotta go............
rich-c: just know what's going on so you arrive OK
da-Duron-ron: but mostly, I sleep
Pamela: c'mon, why would anyone want to commandeer a plane going to Ottawa?
Medusa: Pam that doesn't help
Medusa: LOL
Pamela: sometimes it pays to be a boring Canadian
Pamela: : )
BOBS: a runawasy frenchman ?????????
da-Duron-ron: you mean the quiet provincial backwater with it's head in the sand, it's feet in cement and it's rear in an ivory tower
da-Duron-ron: ??
Pamela: yeah, but he could get there faster by driving
Pamela: that's the one, Ron
da-Duron-ron: right
Medusa: i'd rather stay in TO
Medusa: :o)
rich-c: sorry, 'rin, it's Wonderland on the Rideau for you
Judy: sure after hearing all this
Pamela: well, we'd rather have you in Toronto too, but that's life. At least you get a trip courtesy of the government
rich-c: just check your reality at the airport and recover it when you leave
Medusa: true, very true
da-Duron-ron: our nation's capital city
Pamela: Hey Dad, how old was I the last time we were in Ottawa>
BOBS: well this is interesting; to say the least; but we need to hit the hay.........SO, to one and all......Good Night to All and to ALL a good night
rich-c: which would be a very nice place if it weren't for the government
Medusa: g'nite Bob
da-Duron-ron: niters Bob, Judy. Stay well now eh?
George: nite Bob
Judy: well, all, it is that time of the night again, bye fo;r n;ow
rich-c: nite Bob, Judy - take care
Pamela: nite Bob, Nite Judy - Hey Judy, I want a picture of the new 'do
Medusa: nite Judy
George: nite Judy
Judy: not a chance
BOBS: hugs and them other things to ALL........from a jolly man in a red suit !!!!!
Pamela: awww . . .
BOBS: :-)
BOBS left chat session
Judy: it isn't to bad
da-Duron-ron: Ho Ho HO !
Medusa: he he he
Pamela: ha ha ha
Judy left chat session
George: meow
da-Duron-ron: all RIGHT YOU GUYS
Medusa: LOL
Pamela: tee hee
rich-c: ???
George: meow meow meow
Pamela: 'they're coming to take me away, away to the funny farm . . ."
Medusa: exactly George
Pamela: sheesh, Ron you don't have to shout
da-Duron-ron: and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
Medusa: the padding is almost done
Pamela: no computers in the funny farm Ron
George: all walls are padded
da-Duron-ron: then I'm NOT going
Pamela: thought not
Pamela: : )
Medusa: tee-hee
rich-c: just don't admit you worked for teh government and maybe they'll overlook you
da-Duron-ron: shh
Medusa: LOL
George: vote for me
da-Duron-ron: I didn't actually WORK for the gummint
Pamela: we won't tell - right Erin?
Medusa: right
rich-c: I just realized - we only have one American left here right now
da-Duron-ron: true
Pamela: too late George, the elections are over
George: who?
Pamela: you, darling
da-Duron-ron: you
rich-c: you'll find him in the mirror, George
Medusa: so by acclamation George is the Prez
da-Duron-ron: all hail
Pamela: and who is volunteering for P.M.?
George: hee hee hee
rich-c: be a definite improvement over the one they have now
Medusa: PM.......hmmmm
da-Duron-ron: Well all - peace be with you.
Pamela: don't all knock over your chairs in eagerness, now
da-Duron-ron: I'm goin to da couch
rich-c: I'll let Paul Martin play with that for a while
Medusa: bye Ron
Medusa: hehehe
Pamela: nite Ron
George: my first act is to abolish all republicans
da-Duron-ron: nite to all
rich-c: OK Ron, consider joining us Saturday if you can
Medusa: LOL....good call George
George: nite Ron
da-Duron-ron: I will certainly try to do so sir...... memory willin'
rich-c: all? There must be ONE useful one - even if I can't imagine who it would be...
da-Duron-ron: I used to be a werewolf, but I'm ok NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW (poof)
da-Duron-ron left chat session
Pamela: groan
Pamela: so, does he turn into a pumpkin at midnight instead?
Pamela: : )
Medusa: hehehe
rich-c: that's OK, there are those who still want to see a second coming of Mulroney
Pamela: oh, yuck
Medusa: those peopel eare sick
Pamela: Hey Dad, let Mom know that Russell's b-day card arrived yesterday
rich-c: they think he'd be an improvement on Stephen Harper
George: oh, it's getting to be my bedtime
Medusa: well a monkey is an improvement over Harper
Pamela: sleep is overrated, George
rich-c: close for all of us George - goodnight and see you Saturday
Pamela: Just ask Ron
Medusa: sweet dreams George......just think of you presidency
Pamela: g'nite for now
George: but i have to get up early and take a shower
George: nite all
Pamela: well, alright then
rich-c: nite
Pamela: Rin, how are you feeling?
George: see you Sat.
rich-c: OK
George left chat session
Medusa: ok...better than yesterday and this morning for that matter
Pamela: that's good.
rich-c: I am going to go away and leave you two to chat now
rich-c: Erin, don't worry about the flight - you'll enjoy it
Pamela: alright Dad - don't forget to tell Mom about R's card
Medusa: nite uncle Richard....say g'nite to Aunt Frances for me
rich-c: done so already, Pam
rich-c: will do Erin
Pamela: Nitey nite - sleep tight
rich-c: bye now - zap
rich-c left chat session
Medusa: so Pam
Pamela: well, that's different from poof, anyway
Pamela: yes?
Medusa: what is Charlie like on West Wing?
Pamela: very organized, very intelligent, very cute
Pamela: come to think of it, that describes most of the cast
Medusa: people tell my friend that he reminds them of Charlie
Medusa: so i was curious
Pamela: really?
Pamela: interesting
Medusa: yup
Pamela: WW is my absolute favourite show
Medusa: i may just have to check it out
Medusa: I can't wait until the w/e
Pamela: you mean you haven't aleady? I'm surprised. It's the most intelligent program on TV
Medusa: too American for me
Pamela: i have tonite's episode on tape
Medusa: cool
Pamela: if we have time, I'll let you watch it
Medusa: that'd be cool
Medusa: hopefully there will be time
Pamela: between talking to K and R, I didn't get a lot of watching done tonite
Medusa: ahhh
Medusa: that's y it's on tape
Pamela: that will depend on your flight time, and when we'll be free
Pamela: the problem with Sunday is, we're having brunch with Mom and Lin in the morning, and dinner with Emily and Chris in the evening
Medusa: it's gonna be a busy w/e
Medusa: well my flight shouldn't be too late
Medusa: what time is your dinner?
Pamela: sometime after 5:00
Pamela: Actually, I wish you could come to one of our Em/Chris/Art/Kimberly etc dinners - you'd have a blast
Medusa: we should be fine.....the convention should be over by 2 and i will likely have to be there by 4...i really don't know.....i should know more tomorrow
Pamela: Russell and I have often commented on how much fun it would be
Medusa: that would be fun
Medusa: i'll have to work it out sometime soon
Pamela: if you have to be at the airport for 4:00, that could get tight
Medusa: i'll just have to go early then
Pamela: are you going to be home tomorrow night?
Medusa: yup
Pamela: okay, why don't we discuss it by phone then, once you know more?
Medusa: okie day...sounds good
Medusa: i think it is bedtime
Pamela: my fingers are getting tired : )
Pamela: guess I'm out of practice
Medusa: it's all about practice
Pamela: tee hee
Pamela: okay, let's hit the sack then
Medusa: okie dokie....have a great nite
Pamela: I'll call you about 8:00 okay?
Medusa: okie
Pamela: love you
Medusa: sweet dreams love you too
Pamela: hugs and kisses too. Until tomorrow
Pamela: nite
Medusa: nitey nite
Pamela: poof!
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