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Jillian: Hi Fred.
FredK: Hi Jillian
Jillian: How are you today?
FredK: doing good and yourself?
Jillian: not bad. Life is generally stressful, but that's not news.
FredK: yes,its hard to cope with at times ay?
Jillian: I'm getting really close to going back to work after being on mat leave and having trouble finding childcare.
FredK: oh man, thats the worst, the waiting lists are endless for childcare...
Jillian: Most places I have contacted don't have lists, but do want $60 a day.
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changed username to rich-c
FredK: like thats the alternative ay!!! gees
Jillian: Hi rich.
FredK: Hi Rich-c
rich-c: greetings, Jill and Fred
rich-c: one of the few times I havent been first on
Jillian: 56bv44bh4444444b
FredK: boy Jillian is counting
rich-c: oh dear, the boss of teh household vetting the connection again?
Jillian: Translation of that last line is "I need a diaper change", so I'll be back.
FredK: you need one?
rich-c: oh, Fred and I will wait for you
FredK: jk
rich-c: Fred, how are you set for snow?
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Jillian: per
FredK: Got my 10hp snow blower going, just love the sound of that....
changed username to HAL-9000
rich-c: I noticed on Sunday that when they showed outside the Big Owe, it did look a wee chilly
rich-c: hi Dr. D
FredK: Yes traffic was the worst thow....
FredK: Hi Dr. D.
rich-c: we got about 25 cm here
HAL-9000: I am not programmed to respond in that area.
FredK: really, was the snow removal caught as bad as us!!
FredK: I mean unprepared.
rich-c: in Toronto the contractors dont start till Dec. 1st, so we wsere caught a bit short too
FredK: No snow ay!
rich-c: fortunately I did not have to drive anywhere till Tuesday by which time everything had cleared
FredK: Thats very good.
rich-c: also in a fit of prescience when the gardeners wound up for the year I suggested they drop by if we had a snowfall over 10 cm. or so
HAL-9000: I have been asked to help with a student homework problem. I'll be back shortly.
rich-c: calculate well, HAL
rich-c: since my hip went bad I cant mow the lawn or shovel the walk, for all practical purposes
rich-c: but I have a full-scale electric snowblower and a smaller one which have served me well in the past
FredK: I herd that tires with 'nails' are prohibited in Ont. is that true?
rich-c: right- studded tires are forbidden in Ontario
rich-c: the province has a "bare roads" policy and the studs do extreme damage to bare roads
rich-c: if you live out of the urban areas, buy a Hummer and very aggressive snow tires ;-)
FredK: You bet, that would be a good solution....
FredK: could invent my own shortcuts for that matter.
rich-c: actually almost all jurisdictions, in North America and Europe, have now forbidden studs
FredK: In QC we have time limits i think its 14OCT to 14APR something like that...
HAL-9000: I believe that studded tires are permissible in Ohio during certain months of the year.
FredK: but our roads really suck....sorrry for the expression, but they are working hard to change this...
rich-c: depends on your snowfall and clearance policies
rich-c: when studs wre first introduced they made a great deal of sense in Ontario
HAL-9000: A friend from Finland says that they are legal there during winter months as well.
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FredK: Rich-C how did you know Dr. D off hand with the title?
rich-c: Ontario prefers to buy salt, use lots of ploughs, and hope for the bast
changed username to George
FredK: = workload increase for OPP i guess!
rich-c: HAL-9000 was the computer in a movie
rich-c: 2001 - that's it
HAL-9000: Richard knows how my mind works, Fred.
FredK: of course I knew that..hmmmm
George: Hi All
rich-c: sorry, us old folks take a minute to retrieve the information
HAL-9000: Hello George.
FredK: Hi George
rich-c: hello George
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: we have just been discussing snow and studded tires, George
BobS: HIYA pilgrims!!!!!
rich-c: allo Robert!
George: Hi Bob
BobS: snow sucks!!!!!!
FredK: Hi Bob
rich-c: it's a four-letter word
rich-c: in French, five letters
BobS: course Fred may have snow already ????????
Jillian: I'm back and the world is a cleaner place.
BobS: COOL., and Jeffy too????
George: no snow here
rich-c: enjoying an improved atmosphere, are you, Jill?
HAL-9000: Go see "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", all of you!
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rich-c: I havent even seen the first one yet
HAL-9000: Jill, find a babysitter and go with Dale! It's a great film!
changed username to Pamela
BobS: HAL, welcome to our humble digs here, I am Bob Slopsema, ADAME NEWS NETWORK editor.........
George: Hi Pam
Jillian created room not here /diaper change
rich-c: hi Daughter, you're early
BobS: hi PAM
Pamela: Well, I'm early for a change
HAL-9000: Pam, I just told Jill toget a babysitter and go see the new Harry Potter movie!
FredK: Sorry had a very quick biz call
BobS: or is this Erin again........
Pamela: Absolutely - but not till the crowds die down a bit
FredK: Hi Pam
HAL-9000: We had a fun last weekend for film...Lilo & Stitch Friday, HP Saturday...
Pamela: Hi, Fred - long time no see
Jillian: We went on Sunday. I thought the book was better.
HAL-9000: Crowds schmowds, go see it...and make sure you stay through *all* the credits...
FredK: yeah, had lots of biz suppers then fell sick with 'Gastro'
Pamela: Was it true to the book though?
Jillian: That's kind of to be expected.
HAL-9000: Of course the book is always better.
HAL-9000: Nothing that bothered me was missing from the movie.
Jillian: not bad. closer to the book than Lord of the Rings was.
Pamela: Rich, why are you disguised as a 30 year old computer?
HAL-9000: LOTR needs 12 hours per book...
rich-c: the HA computer was dated 2001, remember?
Pamela: and who put their thumb in the middle of my glasses?
HAL-9000: Au contraire, I was activated in 1997.
Jillian: Yes true. Interestingly I couldn't get through the book until after I had see the movie.
Pamela: HP or LOTR?
rich-c: the secret, Jill, was to read The Hobbit first
Pamela: maybe in the movie you were . . .
rich-c: I gave up on Fellowship of the Ring after 16 pages first time I tried
Jillian: Lotr. I tried the Hobbit as well and couldn't get into the writing style.
HAL-9000: Joan just brought home 20 minutes ago the new 4-DVD extended set of FOTR...I will probably be adjourning soon to go watch...I have had a very bad last few days and I can rest again.
rich-c: then I read the Hobbitt and after that the whole LotR trilogy straight through
Pamela: good - I'm glad I'm not the only one - I read the Hobbit in school and that was the last time I picked up anything by Tolkien
HAL-9000: Hobbit is a more "kidsy" writing style. FOTR starts out that way for about 1 chapter, then goes into a different tone.
HAL-9000: But I like both...
HAL-9000: And Tolkien uses the Hobbit style in FOTR to make some good jokes.
Pamela: Rich, did you buy the 4 DVD set?
HAL-9000: Joan just did tonight, yes.
rich-c: actually FotR starts off assuming you have read teh Hobbit and know what is going on
HAL-9000: I have it right next to the kybd here./
HAL-9000: I think she said it cost $29 US.
Pamela: just in case it gets lost, right?
Jillian: Dale tried to read my Fotr while I was in labour, but he didn't get much out of it. I was too distracting.
HAL-9000: No, I haven't gone upstairs yet from when she got back from the store :-)
FredK: lol
Pamela: you'll have to let me know what you think of the set - I'm thinking of getting it for Russell for Christmas
rich-c: yes, it does demand a little more concentration than he might have had available at that point
HAL-9000: I read the whole trilogy to Elanor as bedtime stories over a period of about 6 months.
HAL-9000: Not the Appendices, though :-)
FredK: rich-c making me crack up again.
HAL-9000: You should check out my 2 LOTR parodies on my webpage...
rich-c: right, you've been there, done that recently too - how is Meganne?
HAL-9000: One is of Appendix A, the other is of "The Scouring of the Shire".
FredK: top shape getting bigger.....
Pamela: and how is Jeffy doing Jillian?
George: oh, my crohns
HAL-9000: Sorry to hear, George... :-(
Pamela: is that like "oh my aching head" George?
Pamela: Bob, where is your lady wife this evening?
George: no my aching butt
rich-c: yes, Bob and Rich and I have all contributed a second geneeration to Adam, now it's up to the rest of you :=)
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Pamela: LOL
changed username to Judy
Jillian: He's good. Busy, busy, busy. He's learned how to crawl onto the coffee table.
Pamela: there she is - it's magic!
rich-c: hello Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy
changed username to Judy
FredK: Hi Judy
Jillian: Hi Judy.
rich-c: hello Judy twice
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Pamela: the coffee table???
HAL-9000: Here's a sigfile quote I saw tonight that is going up on my basement wall next to the workbench...and probably the robot lab too:
changed username to Meeka
FredK: Jillian, had he taken a sip of coffee yet?
Judy: Hello everyone
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
rich-c: hi meeka
Meeka: Hello
FredK: Hi Meeka
Jillian: It's hard to keep up sometimes. No coffee in the house, but he would drink my vanilla coke if I let him.
George: Hi Judy and Meeka
rich-c: go for it, Rich
Judy: there is two of me
Jillian: He's also almost figured out how to use a straw.
Judy: don't know why
HAL-9000: "Two friends in time of trouble: WD40--for when it doesn't move and should, and duct tape, for when it moves and shouldn't."
rich-c requested to ban Judy
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
FredK confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Pamela: Oh, I love it
Jillian: It's cause the world needs more people like you, Judy.
Pamela: aw, that's so sweet, Jillian
FredK: thats 2 to 1 then ay!
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Judy: ya, right, would be nice to have four hands on days like today
rich-c: since I'm busy trying to move a frozen tap at the moment, I can appreciate that
changed username to macfaker west
Pamela: that's a sentiment I can get behind
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
FredK: frozen tap?
Jillian: Did you have all the grand kids today?
HAL-9000: Stuck spigot in American :-)
BobS: HEY, got a great cheapo deal working here.....finally got the online answering service working great...while we are on the internet!!!
Judy: yes, I did, wonder woman
rich-c: the inside control for the hose bib, Fred
macfaker west: Hall
macfaker west: o
rich-c: hi Ron - grown webbed feet yet?
BobS: it rings and the caller leaves us a voicemail which pops right on thru
George: Hi faker
FredK: what a relief!
BobS: YO Ronal
macfaker west: It foggy in Comox - right down on the deck
BobS: d
Judy: and had Ryan's lawyer come when they were all here
Jillian: That's cool, Bob. Now you just need VOIP.
FredK: Hi Ron
BobS: whats' that?????
macfaker west: Hi Fred
HAL-9000: Hello Ron.
Jillian: Greetings Ron.
rich-c: voice over internet protocol
Jillian: How did the lawyer meeting go?
BobS: l;ike as in instant messenger??????
Pamela: I'm sure the atty was impressed!
BobS: got that
Jillian: Sorry. I live with a geek and assume everyone gets the jargon.
rich-c: don't you need a v.92 modem for that?
Judy: don't know, she didn't say that she would let Mandy have Ryan all alone yet, but court will tell the story tomorrow
Pamela: yeah, but he's such a lovable geek Jillian
macfaker west: Nothing like a windows emulator on an iMac
macfaker west: like operating in a bowl of jelly
Meeka: I knew what it ment Jillian (you aren't the only one )
Jillian: Dale says you only need a 28.8 connection.
Judy: say a little prayer for us that they will let her have some time alone with Ryan
rich-c: it's not the connection speed, it's the connection protocol, far as I can determine
Pamela: I'll take your word for that Ron, never having tried it
Jillian: He is a very lovable geek indeed. He took time off work to take us to the doctor today.
Jillian: Will do Judy.
macfaker west: (
BobS: HEY, who jsut cvalled and hung up on me???????? HAd to be one of ya'll
George: i have a 3.5 connectin
Pamela: not guilty
Meeka: not me
macfaker west: not I sir
Pamela: check on the ones who have ADSL
Pamela: : )
rich-c: havent even looked up your number since Adamcon
FredK: Hardly know what you look like
FredK: jk
macfaker west: What's this I hear about snow in Toronto
rich-c: easy to find out, just go to Dale or Meeka's websites and look at the picturees
BobS: well maybe it was some joker like Pam.........or a salesman..........or my dear ol' dad - he HATES answering machines
Jillian: It's mostly gone now, but Sunday morning was icky.
Pamela: oh yeah, major amounts of it on Sunday - and me driving all over the freakin city
rich-c: we had something over ten inches - mucky stuff
Jillian: We were headed to church and spun out on the 401.
macfaker west: nasty eh?
macfaker west: This is not good Jillian
Pamela: 24.5 cms when it was all over I hear
rich-c: I had sense enough to stay in the house and watch the football games
Judy: sounds bad, Jill
BobS: OH NO, Dale wasn't making you drive ws he?
FredK: Go ALLS GO!
HAL-9000: I am requested to go watch our new FOTR I am signing off for tonight.
Jillian: Very nasty. but not a scratch on the car or us.
Judy: and what does that mean, pam
rich-c: OK Rich, see you Sat or next Wed, as fortune allows
macfaker west: I am 3000 miles from the 401 and quite appropriately placed
macfaker west: thank you very much
BobS: INCHES for us southerners please
HAL-9000: Stay safe, those of you with snow underfoot (or under tire).
HAL-9000: <poof>
HAL-9000 left chat session
Pamela: I want a review next week Rich
Jillian: After that we canceled our plans to drive to Waterloo in the afternoon and vegged all day at my in-laws.
rich-c: I quopted in inches, weren't you listening?
Pamela: like Dad said, about 10 inches
FredK: Bob that would be times 2.54 i think.
macfaker west: Yes, we have a wierd system of measurement in this land
rich-c: why don't you just get one of those little online instant converters, Bob?
BobS: I am GLAD that you had that yucky stuff and not us....was cold but nice here on ssun
rich-c: no, it's our neighbours to the south who are weird
Jillian: Ever noticed that we don't really do every thing in one system or the other?
Pamela: lessee, from here to pick up my mother in law, up to Woodbine Centre, back to my mother-in-laws, out to Leslie and 7, back to the airport, down to Emily and Chris's and home again. Nearly 100 kms
rich-c: there's them, Liberia, and Burma - the rest of the world uses the system we do
FredK: the whole world is weird
Judy: that is awful, glad it was you and not us :o)
George: well back my bags and go home
Jillian: Like when was the last time you heard paper described in metric terms? It's still 8.5x11 and reams
macfaker west: I can understand everything except kilopascals
rich-c: ah, these metric types, give them an inch and they take a mile
FredK: LOL
Pamela: and temp depends on the time of year - 0 is colder than 32 but 32 is cooler than 90-odd
rich-c: my printer being Japanese talks about paper sizes as A4 and stuff
Jillian: Very true, Pam.
macfaker west: yeah, and a metre is kinda like a yard, but not exactly
macfaker west: and a litre is sorta like a US quart, but not exactly
Pamela: I still measure small distances in Imperial, but large distances in kms.
rich-c: call it a yard with GST...
macfaker west: yeah
FredK: thats my back yard
Pamela: tee hee
macfaker west: Thank the Dear Lord we didn't convert Canadian football
George: my printer prints an unknown language
rich-c: the litre is a compromise between the American and a real quart
FredK: lol
Pamela: a prince of a printer!
Judy: I don't think I could ever get used to using your way
macfaker west: We can't get used to it Judy
Pamela: no, you'd just learn to speak both, Judy
Jillian: We have a definitive answer. AIm and MSNIM both do VOIP if you configure them correctly and have the hardware.
rich-c: hate to tell you, Judy, but you are using it all the time
Pamela: oh, and I still cook and bake in Imperial
rich-c: what size does your wine come in? your film? any prescriptions you buy?
Judy: you are right but I don
Jillian: I learned metic from about grade 3 on and am pretty good with it.
macfaker west: Mother keeps asking me how much ground round she's buying. darned if I know
Judy: 't have to figure that way
Pamela: 454 grams equals a pound, Ron
Pamela: I still do the math
macfaker west: might be 1/2 a kilo, but that's too much
Jillian: I prefer to cook in metric.
Pamela: I actually have it written down and refer to it fairly often
BobS: nobody should have to learn new measure units in their lifetime...
macfaker west: I know, but.....
rich-c: having spent more than half my life in an Imperial world, I do view metric with scepticism
rich-c: not necessarily, Ron, one gets hungrier as he gets older
macfaker west: I was born HUNGRY
Pamela: Jillian, like you I started getting metric in Grade 4, but by then I'd already learned Imperial
Judy: I am to old to change my cooking that way
macfaker west: and nothing has changed
BobS: wine about yea by yea......and when it's empty we throw it away......size= full, then empty
George: i cook by the ton
Pamela: however, I'm gonna start quoting my weight in kilos : )))
Jillian: You must have a large deep freezer, George.
FredK: observant Bob...
Judy: it works
George: really large
macfaker west: So your standard 8 ounce can of Diet Coke
BobS: that's the Michigan way...... :-)
macfaker west: contains 355 ml
rich-c: did you see Antonia Serbisias' article in the Saturday Star about how she lost about 50 kilos?
macfaker west: I know that because I happen to have one in my hand
Pamela: no, but then I haven't had time to read a paper in ages
Jillian: I wish I had a deep freeze. That's going to be my first purchase after we get a house.
rich-c: when do you plan to start house hunting?
Judy: we have a small freezer it does help
Jillian: I tend to drike my softdrinks from 600ml bottles.
macfaker west: Yes, then you can fill it with KILOGRAMS of meat
Pamela: couldn't live without my deep freeze - our fridge freezer is so small, it barely holds anything at all
Jillian: My deadline for moving to Brooklin is June 2003.
macfaker west: oh oh
macfaker west: 649 numbers delayed due to technical difficulties
Jillian: We will probably start looking seriously in Feb.
George: i drink by the half gallons
macfaker west: you guys in the east have been playing around again
rich-c: plan to move out with Dale's folks, do you?
Pamela: where's Brooklin, Jillian?
rich-c: they didnt draw mine, Ron, so they have to go back and do it again right
Jillian: North end of Whitby.
macfaker west: oh ok
Pamela: wow, that's fairly far out
Pamela: especially for us Westonites
Jillian: We go to church out there, our chiropractor and dentist are out there and there are many babysitters out there.
macfaker west: Are you a Westonite, Pamela?
Pamela: commute is gonna suck though
Pamela: I am, Ron
macfaker west: aha
macfaker west: I KNEW it!
Pamela: Right on the border between Etobicoke and York
rich-c: and besides, the Wick family run about half the town :-)
Pamela: is there something else going on here I don't know about?
macfaker west: and west
Jillian: Dale only commutes about twice a week now and I work between Kennedy and Warden, so if I'm driving about 35 or 40 mins.
macfaker west: or at least, they used to
macfaker west: Are Neil and Dale part of THAT Wick family?
rich-c: yup
macfaker west: mmmm
Pamela: okay, now i'm really lost
Pamela: explanation please
Jillian: THAT? Wick family? ummm I'm lost too.
rich-c: the video rental business Neil runs is one of a number of Wick family enterprises
Pamela: good, I don't feel so bad
macfaker west: well , out here Vancouver's CTV outlet used to be run by Wick Communications
macfaker west: they got bought out a year or so ago
Jillian: Sorry no relation to Wick communications known.
rich-c: oh, that's likely an unacknowledged branch
macfaker west: ok. Consider myself duly corrected
George: i need to get rid of comcast
Pamela: sorta like saying that Ron MacLean is a cousin of ours
macfaker west: right
Jillian: Right now there are only about 3 Wick enterprises, that are going concerns.
Pamela: he must be related - he looks just like that side of the family
Pamela: and fairly closely, I would guess
George: they keep overcharging me
Jillian: What's comcast?
Pamela: me, I'm a Clee through and through, from the nose down
rich-c: get used to it, George, they are now the biggest cable company in the U.S.
George: cable TV
macfaker west: What do the Clees own?
rich-c: they just bought out AT&T Broadband
Pamela: 21
macfaker west: Apart from the oldest working automobile in the city of toronto
Pamela: Rondale Blvd.
rich-c: in your neck of the woods, they're the power in the real estate biz
macfaker west: ooohhhhh!!!1
George: they double billed me this month
rich-c: my cousin Candiace is the best real estate appraiser in BC
macfaker west: ok
Jillian: The only famous or rich Arnott that I know about is some hockey player.
rich-c: her father was president of the BC Real Estate board and hughe successful broker - now retired
Pamela: hmm, they named a forest in Wales after us . . .
macfaker west: have heard the name Jillian, and I'm not even a hockey fan
Judy: yesterday I put out all my snowbabies, did the boys ever like that today
Pamela: so what are all the other cousins doing?
rich-c: and the Dunkin connection nearly monopolize the optometry business on Vancouver Island
macfaker west: how many have ya got Judy?
FredK: any relation with the donuts?
Pamela: no Fred, that would be Dunkin'
Judy: can't count them all, tooo many
rich-c: jnaw, Fred, we never have any luck that way
Jillian: I love snowbabies.
George: i like dunkin donuts
Pamela: brb
Jillian: Jeffy is trying to break into the china cabinet. BRB
macfaker west: Have seen a couple of pics - a while back
FredK: they could have done eye tests through the donut hole...
rich-c: wait till Tim Hortons get down to your neck of the woods, George
Judy: it looks great in here, even the tree is all snowbabies, yes, we put up the Christmas tree
rich-c: then you'll get to see what real donuts are about - coffee too
BobS: I DON"T like Krispy Kreme donuts...........FritLay ameks Star Puffs.....MUCHO better
George: whats that?
macfaker west: We will have to provide some Tim Hortons doughnuts here
rich-c: actually, George, Tim Hortons are a subsidiary of Wendys, in which they hold the controlling interest
macfaker west: or at the very least TIMBITS
Pamela: timbits, timbits, timbits (they make a good chant)
rich-c: they are an immensely successful Canadian chain which Wendy's acquired with a stock swap
Judy: I could use a star puff right about now
macfaker west: louder Pamela, I can't hear you
George: oh, i don't do wendys
Jillian: We are not putting up the tree until at least Dec16. Just not enough space in the place to have it up for more than a month.
Pamela: better?
macfaker west: that's better
rich-c: we have run out of space to put a tree up at all
George: BRB
Pamela: Judy, I gather that your tree is artificial?
rich-c: I will settle for a decent bunch of exterior lights
Judy: we will be gone for a week so we decided to put it up a week early, usually put it up the week of thanksgiving
Meeka: ok, I am outta here, I still have one load of laundry to do yet tonight
Jillian: I don't think they should be up long enough to have tyo dust.
Pamela: well you're certainly the silent type tonite Meeka
Judy: don't know if we will put up the lights etc this year
rich-c: ok Meeka, glad you came by - see you soon
FredK: Have a good one Meeka, must leave myself......bye to all great night..
Jillian: nite meeka
rich-c: OK Fred, see you Sat or Wed we hope
Judy: bye Meeka talk to you later
Pamela: have a good close encounter with the washer - nite!
Meeka: night night
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: nite Freddy
FredK: poof
macfaker west: Scares me
FredK left chat session
Pamela: what does?
macfaker west: the idea of going up the ladder to tend to the lights
Pamela: oh
rich-c: so who goes up a ladder?
macfaker west: when I'm up there, I get this thought, that people in my age group have been known to have heart attacks atop ladders
rich-c: I'll put net lights over the shrubs in front
Pamela: can you see over them yet Dad?
rich-c: andstrings of icicle lights from hangers inside the porch enclosure
macfaker west: however I will do it
Jillian: The trick is to put them up in August when it's nice outside and there is no snow to make things slippy.
Pamela: or never take them down
Jillian: You still have to fix bulbs etc. if you don't take them down.
George: we can't put things out here they get stolen
Pamela: has anyone realized that Christmas Day is a Wednesday?
macfaker west: They have not come down in 7 years, and probably well before that. My late father (God rest his soul) never took them down
macfaker west: ,So all's I have to do is replace the odd one that has died over the summer
Judy: we usually put people outside with lights on the porch
Jillian: I had a friend who used to turn them on in the summer to help people find his house.
Pamela: I'll bet it worked, too
Jillian: Next a comment from the peanut gallery.....
macfaker west: Yeah, we got one dude at the end of the street that jumps the gun every year.... he's had his up and on for 2 weeks
rich-c: yes, there are people in the city who have white lights so they can keep them on year round
George: next please
Jillian: g hh
Pamela: hi peanut
macfaker west: I've been known to go ballistic in stores if I hear Christmas Carols before Remembrance Day
Judy: we chain them down so they can't steal them
Jillian: jfgkl;fgfg836635.asp?cp1=1#BODY6thhi9
macfaker west: this year, it was before Halloween
rich-c: I lean towards about 3 weeks before and after Christmas, but I'm lenient
Pamela: talkative little nut
Jillian: njjkjcvvvvvvvvvhcv k
macfaker west: for me, the whole business starts TOO DAMN EARLY !!!
George: ghdseswmmmmm
rich-c: yes, as far as I am concerned anything Christmas till after Remembrance Day is cause for a boycott - at least
macfaker west: right on Rich
Jillian: rt999999cr kky99y
Pamela: well the Weston Santa Claus Parade is this weekend - that's the start of the season for me
macfaker west: Jillian, your keyboard has gone bftsplkyggr
rich-c: you might even get Russell out to it - the Grey Cup game isnt till 6 p.m.
Pamela: I must say, it's very cool to have the parade forming around the corner and only have to walk a block to get a great seat
Pamela: no, he has to work this weekend
macfaker west: 3 pm PST
rich-c: have to make him a tape, then
Pamela: at least he's on afternoons and will be well out of the way by the time they start blocking off roads
macfaker west: Have put mother on notice that I intend to watch the entire game
Pamela: oh, I'm sure that he plans to tape it Dad
rich-c: Frances has been advised similarly - she can control her enthusiasm
Pamela: barricade yourself in the Snake Pit with a sign that says "do not disturb" Ron
macfaker west: :)
rich-c: to be honest I understand her point of view - football during dinner is a trial'
Pamela: maybe I'll just steal Mom and drag her out to dinner with the rest of the girl crew for Barbara
Pamela: 's birthday
macfaker west: sounds like a plan Pamela
Pamela: yeah, but Dad might starve
rich-c: OK, I'll call me in a pizza while you all have a girls' night out
macfaker west: Oh, he'll make out, if he thinks of food at all
macfaker west: there ya go
Judy: the TV goes off for dinner than the guys can watch to there hearts content, you do have to plan the right time to eat
rich-c: my only problem would be not having someone to split the wine with
macfaker west: For you good folk south of the border, this is the week of our Super Bowl like football game
Pamela: well you can save her portion for her
Jillian: I got my good computer back this week and it's quite facinating to have mommy sitting at a desk to be at a computer.
macfaker west: East vs West
George: no booze
Jillian: Plus I now have an optical mouse which gives off a pretty glow.
Pamela: good vs. evil (evil being the Eskimos)
rich-c: also known as the Grand National Drunk, though in honesty times are changing
macfaker west: OH BITE YOU
macfaker west: R
macfaker west: bite your tongue (is wht I was trying to say)
macfaker west: evil indeed
Pamela: oh really? ; )
rich-c: AARRRGGOOS!!!!
macfaker west: Now that I'm back in the west, there is no question, absolutely no questiion
Jillian: I'd better get going. It's time for a pumpkin to go to bed.
macfaker west: Nite Jillian
Pamela: poor kid doesn't know what food group he falls into
rich-c: right Jill, take it easy, glad you came by
Jillian: Enjoy your football talk and I'll talk to all later.
Pamela: nibble on him and tell him goodnight for us
macfaker west: You still awake Bob?
Judy: give him a kiss goodnite, Jill and talk to you later
Pamela: and hi to Dale, too
macfaker west: Judy?
Jillian: poof
George: nite Jill
Jillian left chat session
macfaker west: ESKIES RULE
Judy: what Ron
BobS: YO
Pamela: we'll see Ron, we'll see
rich-c: Bob is likely off surfing eBay - that's usually the explanation when he goes quiet
macfaker west: just wondered You were being quiet
macfaker west: ah
Judy: just sitting here, almost all here
Pamela: the natives are getting restless out in the living room - do I want to know what they're doing?
rich-c: probably not, daughter
macfaker west: no
Pamela: yeah, you're right
BobS: was there I admit..........bidding on Owners Manual for 1969 Cadillac........Dad just bought a nice one and had it painted
rich-c: isn't it time for their nightly 40 laps of the kitchen circuit?
Judy: what natives, Pam
Pamela: about that time - but Willow is just whining
BobS: dem darn cats??????
macfaker west: that would be a nice vehicle fer sure eh?
Pamela: okay, that was a thump - brb
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changed username to little Red
macfaker west: I been looking on eBay for laptop batteries. trying to get up the courage to actually bid
Judy: no, it is ugly!!!!!!
rich-c: why did he have it painted - was it pink?
macfaker west: oh really ?
Judy: cream
Judy: or pale yellow
macfaker west: yeah, but it's a Caddy. Once a Caddy, always a Caddy
BobS: was a yucky kinda creme/yellow.....had it painted RED
macfaker west: ok, a red CADDY then
Pamela: Rin, is that you?
little Red: yup...hi
Pamela: hi babe - you survived!
little Red: hi people
rich-c: Ron, Radio Shack are now into rebuilding laptop batteries
Judy: hi, little red
BobS: Rin, Rin......speak up gal
macfaker west: Medusa in another life
little Red: precisely
macfaker west: hmmmm.... interesting idea Rich
rich-c: no independent word on how good the work or deal is, but it beats new replacements
Pamela: I hear you tried to take Joan's hand off on the flight
little Red: prior to the change
BobS: and price wise how are they rich
Judy: how was your flight?
rich-c: hi Erin
little Red: yeah if I hadn't have bitten off all my nails prior she would have been punctured
George: hiya
little Red: hi uncle R
little Red: hi George
rich-c: no word on price, Ron; Frances said they seemed a lot cheaper than new ones though
Pamela: what had you so freaked?
little Red: the whole idea of getting of the ground
macfaker west: there's an outfit in VR that will do it for $189.
Judy: how about what was said last week on chat
BobS: unca Richard skeered the billy bejeevers out of the poor thing
Pamela: frankly, I'm surprised you're still up - what time did you land last night?
BobS: say WHAT???????
little Red: 11:10
Pamela: yuck
little Red: yeah last week chat was extremely "helpful"
BobS: what will it cost to ship from here to you Ronald????????
Pamela: you must be exhausted. Did you go to work today?
little Red: had too
BobS: got good ones here, not new. but good
George: oh, it's going to get stinky outside
Pamela: and don't worry, I'll have a chat with your uncle about "helping"
little Red: and just got back from the tribute dinner for Mr. Gray
Pamela: oh, I forgot about that - was it good?
Judy: did you have a good time and was the return flight easier ?
little Red: PM was the speaker and he was magnificent
little Red: i had a great time thanks
Pamela: PM for PM
Pamela: : 0)
little Red: the flight back was really cool almost surreal
rich-c: and the sooner the better
George: PMS?
little Red: @pam-something like that
little Red: hehe
Judy: that's good!!!
Pamela: did you like the flight from T.O. to Windsor better?
rich-c: PM = Prime Minister; also Paul Martin, wanna-be Prime Minister
macfaker west: Sorry Bob, I missed the first part of your question
macfaker west: What are we shipping?
little Red: i think to feel more and i was on the wing and watched the propeller
Pamela: so, think you'll get on a plane again?
rich-c: oh, did you have a DASH-8 for that part of the trip?
BobS: toshiba battery.......shipping cost.......
little Red: definitely....i realized on the way home how slow the car is
Judy: and a real plane next time
Pamela: tee hee
little Red: @rich-yeah the TO to Windsor
macfaker west: Oh..... suspect $10 ought to do it....that's a guess, but should be close
little Red: i was on 3 different planes total
little Red: so i am a pro now
rich-c: we like DASH-8s - they are built just up the street from us, so to speak
Pamela: yes, there's something to be said for taking 1.5 hours between the two cities, instead of the usual four
little Red: definitely
little Red: @pam i called my friend when I was in TO on the way home and he said that if there was more time he would have come to see me
macfaker west: Have you got a spare there?
rich-c: Bob, don't forget the exchange rate
BobS: just check post office.....say about $15.50 4-10 days............
Pamela: well, I talked to your Mom last night and she said you might try to call, but when I didn't hear from you by 9:30, I headed to Kimberly's
Pamela: that's where i was when you called
BobS: got spares here........not new, but last over an hour
little Red: ahhh...iwe were delayed and i didn't even call him until 9:20
macfaker west: what's the weight? any idea?
macfaker west: can't be a pound
BobS: guessed 4 poiunds
Pamela: that's what she said, but I didn't clue in at the time
macfaker west: really? well I suppose when you get it boxed up and all
BobS: only problem they check anything at the borders????? not supposed to ship batteries
Pamela: I guess I was a little distracted
little Red: uh-huh
macfaker west: they might
macfaker west: It's the luck of the draw
Pamela: between 3 loads of laundry and the TV, I wasn't at my best
rich-c: I suspect at the moment anything small and heavy is going to get looked at VERY closely
little Red: oic
rich-c: and I don't mean just at the border, either
macfaker west: I wouldn't worry about it Bob, I'm making out ok with an electrical cord and an outlet most of the time
little Red: you know my friend James...the guy who lives in OTT and used to be CA?
macfaker west: and I've noted some available through
Pamela: yup - four loads last night, another three tonite - I have GOT to do my laundry more often - I still have another four or so to go
BobS: can yawe can breing ya one next summer.........I need a dead one though....
Pamela: ya
macfaker west: that I have, and that we could do
BobS: to trade in with an "incorrect" laptop I bought
BobS: but ya can't send a dea one either probably
little Red: we did lunch on Tues. and he took me on an extended tour....we drove out to the RCMP stables and back
BobS: i need a dea one in a couple of weeks
macfaker west: no, so let's wait till you get here
little Red: that was great
Pamela: oooo, nice
little Red: he pointed out the embassies, ambassadors homes, Rideau Hall and 24 Sussex
Pamela: did you tell your friend this?
little Red: yup
Judy: do it every week, pam then it doesn't get away from you li,ke that
rich-c: how long do laptop batteries tend to last, anyway?
Pamela: I know I should Judy, but I hate doing laundry. I'd rather scrub the toilet
macfaker west: According to the Apple manual - 4 years
BobS: varies rich......NEW, there are ones that last 1 hr, some 2 hr
macfaker west: assuming proper treatment
BobS: depends on the ma rating . some are 2600 some are 4000 some odd ma's
macfaker west: I mean yes 2 hours between re-charges....overall life is 4 years
rich-c: suspect then that my laptop battery may not have many days left
Judy: I did do that today, not my favorite job, but Josh doesn
little Red: and the first province outside of ON that i went to is QC
BobS: not so some for comapq 486 33mhz ones that work good
Judy: t like to use a dirty one
macfaker west: I dunno rich, the one I have in my Mac is at least 4 years old, and it's now giving me about an hour of running time
Pamela: It'd be different if we had an ensuite, but I have to sort it all first, then haul it down to the first floor from the fifth, along with the soap, the fabric softener and the Downy balls and the money, then come back in 23 minutes to switch it over
rich-c: I havent even tested teh running time on mine, just know that once I did manage to use it for 15 minutes
BobS: basically they are ALL simply double AA nicad batteries end to end
Pamela: it's a large size pain
Judy: that is the pits, don't blame you for putting it off
BobS: the only way to build it up rich, is to run it until it is dead (or catch it ean plug it in when it is dying), then charge it up, run it down, charge it up
Pamela: well, the flip side is, if I did it more often, I wouldn't have to haul it all at the same time- so it's a trade off
BobS: like so and it will get better and better if it is a worthwhile battery
Judy: you must have a lot of clothes to put it off that long
rich-c: I have no trouble plugging it in but running it down is another matter
Pamela: I can go for about three weeks before I get desparate
macfaker west: that's right Bob...... seems like they want to be used
Pamela: It helps that I can wear jeans to work so I don't have to wash work clothes separately
Judy: ok, I would have trouble long before that!!!
Pamela: five pairs of jeans, all different colours, no waiting
macfaker west: Other than the battery though, Bob, I must tell ya that I sure like the 'puter Doug sold me. Got all the horsepower I want
Pamela: well, I have a lot of clothes it's true - and I swore this year I wasn't going to buy any winter clothes. So far I've stuck to my guns
rich-c: I have only been using the laptop Saturday afternoons, so I can chat while watching the football games
little Red left chat session
Judy: I change my clothes to often, I guess
rich-c: but event then I am running with it plugged in
BobS: tell ya what Ron.......mail your dead one here ASAP labeled "used computer parts" and we will see if it gets thru. And we will bring you a good one next July...Aug ???
macfaker west: pretty much taking it everywhere I go.... thus solidivying my reputation as a geek
Pamela: I only wear my tops once - I sweat too much to do otherwise
macfaker west: ok Bob, I will do that. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's just sitting here
Pamela: that's why I'm the worst over-packer in the western hemisphere
BobS: our P.O. says 15.50 (US) for 4-7 day delivery........bubble wrap it and make sure to have your return address on it
rich-c: I have been trying to get Frances to use it but she needs USB ports
macfaker west: ok
BobS: that total was for 4 pounds, shouldn t wiegh that much though
Pamela: where did Erin go?
macfaker west: depends on how much I 'bubble' it up
rich-c: maybe she just fell asleep over the keyboard?
Judy: dirt sticks to me, so I have to change often
Pamela: perhaps Dad. Judy, the dirt sticks to the kids and gets transferred - I've seen it happen
rich-c: doesnt matter Ron, we have no "small packets" category, so once it's over 20 mm thick, you're into parcel rates
Judy: she didn't say goodbye, maybe she got thrown off
macfaker west: yup.... sounds ok
rich-c: and Canada Post has set parcel rates to make it cler they don't want to be in that business
Pamela: probably got onto Messenger and got distracted
Pamela: that's okay, I'll talk to her tomorrow
Judy: that is true, they tend to be messy especially eating
Pamela: now there's an understatement
macfaker west: So, good folk, I must go out for 8 pm so I shall bid you a fond g'nite
rich-c: OK Ron, try for Sat, otherwise see you Wed
Pamela: must you Ron?
Judy: just got the carpet cleaned last week so they can only eat at the table or in the kitchen
George: nite Ron
macfaker west: yes..... unfortunately
BobS: bye bye Ron
macfaker west: later all
Pamela: well alright, if you must . . . good nite
Judy: made cleaning up after them a lot easier
macfaker west: As Macfaker sets in the west..... a loud cry was heard
Judy: nite Ron
macfaker west: ESK---I------MO's
Pamela: I was never allowed to eat anywhere but at the table
rich-c: nite Ron
Pamela: as I said Ron, we'll see
macfaker west left chat session
Judy: sippy cups now days are supposed to be so wonderful, not
Pamela: but then, I never ate anything but meals anyway, so that was a given
Pamela: I must admit that some sippy cups are better than others
Judy: they have to have a snack both in the morning and in the afternoon after there naps
Pamela: I don't remember that far back
Pamela: : )
Judy: love nap time
Pamela: I'll bet
George: me too
rich-c: yes, I'm getting to the stage where they are appreciated too
Pamela: it's the only reason I get through the weekend most weeks - because I never get enough sleep during the week
George: i need my oxygen
Pamela: had one Sunday, amidst all the running around. Couldn't have made it through otherwise
rich-c: with respect, daughter, on that you could do better if you tried
Judy: not for sleep to get things done
Pamela: I hear they frown at falling asleep at the wheel
Pamela: I know that Dad
Judy: it could be hard on the car
Pamela: I'm trying to do better
rich-c: yes, sleeping at the wheel is hazardous to your health
George: they do it here
Pamela: so I hear
rich-c: but yes, I know the temptation to stay up just a little longer
Pamela: I have a mental block on the subject sometimes - I can be shaking and still pushing it
Pamela: I have to get over that and take better care of myself
rich-c: yes
BobS: no, no no Pam, naptime comes FIRST
Pamela: like I said, I'm trying to do better
Judy: yes, you should no one else will
Pamela: glad someone understands that Bob
rich-c: anyway, did you folks escape the snow last weekend?
BobS: got to have PRIORITIES ya know
Pamela: well on that note, it's time I got some sleep - I have a seminar tomorrow that I'd like to be awake for
BobS: yes, had none rich.....was little cold but no snow
BobS: Sat even had some sunshine
rich-c: well, no doubt your turn is coming, meanwhile count your blessings
Pamela: at least I got some practice in snow driving
BobS: next week is supposed to have some snow for our thanksgiving weekend
George: it was 62 here
Pamela: It was magical at first but that'll wear off fast
rich-c: and we had some sun yesterday, more today, temps pushing 50 at one point
Judy: ok, after all this, you better go have a good night talk to you next week
BobS: 10 inchesn !!!!!! that's a lot for now
Pamela: yes, I'm going to find my bed under the laundry and get into it
Pamela: see everyone next week?
BobS: HA
BobS: ok nite Pam
rich-c: OK, this coming weekend is your Thanksgiving, is it?
George: nite Pam
Pamela: thanks for the vote of confidence, Bob
rich-c: goodnight daughter
BobS: time for us to bow out too Geo and Rich
George: the 28th
BobS: next weekedn is our Thanksgiving
Judy: I think I will call it a night also, so talk to you next week.
rich-c: OK Bob, you and Judy take care, see you next week
BobS: late this year
Pamela: goodnite to everyone
BobS: bye, bye.......
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
Pamela: au revoir
rich-c: nite
Pamela: nite Daddy, nite George
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
George: niteRich
rich-c: well. George, looks like we're the only ones left
rich-c: and I get the feeling you arent feeling too great
George: not well
rich-c: shall we knock it off then, and see you Saturday?
George: ok see you Sat.
George: nite
rich-c: right - goodnight and bye
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