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rich-c: test
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rich-c: well, didnt take you long to show up, George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: I am still showing 3 p.m. sharp atomic clock time
rich-c: how the weather down in Philly today?
George: Brrr! Brrr! Brrr! it's cold
rich-c: define cold in your terms
George: bone chilling
rich-c: like, how many degrees?
George: 40 something
rich-c: geez, these effete Easterners - that's swimming weasther
George: we have wind gusts to 40
rich-c: it is almost up to freezing here now, about a 10 degree improvement from this morning
rich-c: yes, we've had a bit of wind too
George: i got my turkey
rich-c: right, you folks have your Thanksgiving some strange time of year, don't you?
George: yes
rich-c: what is it, next Thursday or something?
George: the 28th
rich-c: right, Thursda6y - that was my young brother's birthday
George: i got a 18 pound turkey, now i have to stuff it into a 15 pound roasting pan
rich-c: you using a foil pan or a real hardware item
rich-c: ?
George: a real emamel roasting pan
rich-c: in that case I reckon you'll be able to cram it in without a problem
rich-c: brings to mind a little bit of trivia
George: blue enamel that is
rich-c: how did David Dunbar Buick lose his fortune?
George: i don't know, i blew mine
rich-c: he went into the automobile business
rich-c: which raises the question, how did he make his fortune in the first place?
George: figures
George: i have no idea
rich-c: give it a guess since it relates to our discussion (and no, he wasnt a farmer)
George: never heard of the man
rich-c: you've never seen a Buick automobile?
George: not sure
George: i know it's a car thats all
George: beyond that i'm lost
rich-c: well, that's all the information you need to make the name connection
George: was it a lemmon?
rich-c: anyway, the way that he made his fortune was (wait for it)
rich-c: he invented porcelain enaml - as on your pot, refrigerator, stove, etc., etc.
George: oh
rich-c: Buick has been a strong-selling and moderately popular auotmobile in the U.S. for almost 100 years
rich-c: it is one of the four makes sold by General Motors
George: ok
rich-c: and General Motors historically has been the biggest automobile company in the U.S. and often the world
George: i forget what my father drives
rich-c: have you seen the commercials with Tiger Woods selling a station wagon lately? it's a Buick
George: whatever he drives is big and gray
rich-c: if it's seriously big and a sedan, it would be a Ford or Mercury most likely
George: it's cheap
rich-c: big Fords are popular as police cars, Lincolns (fancier model) as usually the most popular airport limousine
rich-c: relatively speaking and for the size, the big Fords are cheap
rich-c: the model I'm thinking of is the Crown Victoria, if that rings any bells
George: the man is frugal never pays more than $100.00 for the car
rich-c: in that case it could be old enough to be a Chevrolet from back before the big ones were discontinued
George: i guess
rich-c: the big old cars can be made to last well, like my 1973 Mercury
George: no dings though
rich-c: yes, keeping the body intact is the key
George: and a fairly nice paint job
rich-c: the older cars are simpler and cheaper to repair, though finding parts is a problem
George: no signs of rust
rich-c: mine has the original paint and no rust, and yes, it's quite shiny - had a special paint treatment when it was new and it has lasted
George: people are already out doing there Christmas shopping
George: oops wrong thier
rich-c: well, they havbe about five weeks to go, but time flies
rich-c: sorry, I was multitasking trying to find a picture of the Mercury to send you, but no joy
George: i have to wait till i get my December pay
rich-c: anyway, they say Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year in the US
George: i usually watch the parades
George: and cook
rich-c: Toronto has already had its Santa Claus parade, last weekend
rich-c: it's very famous, carried on your television too
rich-c: anyway, why did you get an 18 lb. turkey? how many folks are you feeding?
George: i thing they tape it for thanksgiving down here
rich-c: possibly, though from what I hear most networks like to show it live
George: just my father, sister, and me
rich-c: well, that should cut your food expenses for December - you'll still be eating leftovers at Christmas ;-)
George: unless Toronto has a parade on our thanksgiving
rich-c: no, Toronto's parade is on the Sunday after REmebrance Day
George: i think CBS airs it
rich-c: I wouldn't know; if it's a simulcast the Canadian production would be substituted on cable and satellite anyway
George: ABC shows Philly's parade
rich-c: who shows Macy's parade in New York? NBC?
George: either CBS or NBC both show several parades
rich-c: well as you know I only use television for auto races and football
rich-c: and the races are over till February
rich-c: and football winds up with the Grey Cup tomorrow evening
rich-c: not saying I will not turn on the tv again till next February
George: our football goes till the the end of January superbowl sunday
rich-c: on the other hand have no reason to expect I will, either
rich-c: problem is, once youre accustomed to Canadian fottball, the NFL is so dull
George: what about the XFL
rich-c: is that still in business? I thought they folded
George: now defunked
rich-c: the advantage our game has is in the difference in rules
George: Vince Mc Mahon finally fell on his face
rich-c: the field is much wider and a bit longer with deeper end zones
rich-c: so the teams are allowed an extra man to compensate
rich-c: but they have only three downs in which to make ten yards
rich-c: there is no fair catch - punts must be fielded
George: i still can't understand the game
rich-c: a kick including placement that goes through the end zone scores a point
rich-c: it's very simple - a dozen guys try to move a ball 100 yards while another dozen try to stop them
rich-c: sorry, in your game, eleven guys
George: they made me play it in high school
George: boy was that a sight
rich-c: here schools certainly have all sorts of sports teams but participation is voluntary
George: i took took out most of the teams valuble players
rich-c: sounds like your tackling methods might not have matched the rules too well
rich-c: what position were you playing?
George: plowed everyone down
George: they just let me go my own way so i don't know
rich-c: running back, then?
rich-c: ok, I don't think we should necessarily pursue this one
George: all i know is they called it animalball when i played
rich-c: anyway if you want to see a good fottball game, the Grey Cup is the Canadian championship game
rich-c: it is at 6 p.m. eastern tomorrow and some folks will carry it - YES and Sunshine networks for sure, but others too
rich-c: could be even someone like ESPN or the Deuce will pick it up as a special
George: never heard of Sunsine networks
George: i don't get ESPN
rich-c: neither have I, maybe it's down in the southwest or something - regiional and not your region
rich-c: I would have thought ESPN was basic package on cable with you
George: no
rich-c: anyway, Fox Sports or FX is likelier, come to think of it
rich-c: try checking your tv listings tomorrow just in case
rich-c: there will likely be some talk about it Wednesday
rich-c: Ron as a westerner with family in Edmonton will be rooting for Edmonton
rich-c: George and Freddy will be pulling for Montreal, the eastern team
George: we get ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, WB, UPN, TBS, and TNT
rich-c: the rest of us will actually just be looking for a terrific game regardless of who wins
rich-c: I get the first five of those, but a few dozen other Canadian channels
rich-c: like CBC, CTV, Global, CITY-tv, CHUM-tv, TVO, etc. etc.
George: we have a very limited basic cable
rich-c: I have the basic package plus sports
rich-c: sports is six channels, TSN, Rogers East, Outdoor Life, Golf, Speedvision and another I dont even remember
George: there are all sorts of channels i hear about but our cable company doesn't carry them
rich-c: we also have local cable news channels, weather channel, a lot of politically correct junk, a French channel or two
rich-c: our cable and satellite companies are regulated in a very different way from yours
George: we have a russian channel that payper view
rich-c: oh, when it comes to other availabilities, I have lost all track and count as to what's possible
rich-c: even without getting into pay per view I could end up spending $70 a month or so -no Way!
George: we are supposed to be converting to hdtv but i haven't heard much about it
rich-c: Some stations and satellites are actually broadcasting in that mode, but few people are buying the sets that can receive it
George: my bill runs $50.00
rich-c: I only spend $30 and grude that - in US$ it would be $19
rich-c: similarly, my ISP is trying to talk me into taking DSL service
George: maybe i should move to Canada
rich-c: but it would cost me $210 for six months - about $28 a month
George: my aol is 23.90 and their DSL is 31.05 extra
rich-c: and I am only paying $100 for 6 months ($16.50/mo appx) for unlimited dialup
rich-c: well, as long as you could bring your US dollar income with you, you'd do well
George: $ 572.40 /Month
rich-c: food is cheaper here, and if you became a landed immigrant or citizen, your medical expenses would be covered
rich-c: on the other hand, you don't want to know what rent would be
George: my rent is $121.00 / month
rich-c: your income in Canadian $ today would be about $898
rich-c: a very average two-bedroom in Toronto rents for $1.024/month
rich-c: that is if you can find one, and that isnt easy
George: i couldn't afford it
rich-c: the waiting list for assisted housing is, last I heard, about six years
rich-c: not unless you were into sleeping in the parks, and that can get a little chilly these nights
George: no thanks
rich-c: figured you'd feel that way
George: i would need to be in Hawii
rich-c: by the way, how are you doing at figuring out who the folks are on teh chats, and their relationships?
George: not good
rich-c: OK, who has you puzzled?
George: everyone
rich-c: well, you know who I am, and Pamela, and Frances, right?
George: i think so
rich-c: OK, Erin is Frances' sister's daughter, thus my niece, Pamela's cousin
George: i called you for the ADAM data drives
rich-c: she lives in Windsor, works in the office of a cabinet minister (hence the politics)
rich-c: yes, I'm past president of the Metro Toronto Adam Group, once the largest non-commercial Adam group around
rich-c: the current president by the way is Dale Wick, who is a partner in a software company specializing in graphics
rich-c: you know that Dale and Jillian just had a baby boy, Jeffrey
George: ok
rich-c: Ron is a retired civil servant now living with his widowed mother in Comox, B.C. on Vancouver Island
rich-c: Ron is divorced; his grown son Jeff occasionally joins in our chats
rich-c: when he was in Ottawa Ron was president of the Adam group there
rich-c: Bob Slopsema lives in Grand Rapids, MI, wife is Judy, son Douglas, daughter-in-law Meeka
George: Dales, and Jeffrey picture is on the ADAMCON.ORG site
rich-c: right, if you poke around you'll find pictures of many of us there
rich-c: I tend to be the little old grey-haired guy with his back to the camera
George: ok
rich-c: Daniel is a graduate student at Laval University in Quebec City, so he speaks French but has some English
George: do BOb and Judy have two lines?
rich-c: he is very knowledgable about Coleco games and programming Adam
rich-c: no, Doug is a bit of a guru and has networked them to share the same connection
rich-c: how he managed to do it on a dialup account has everyone else baffled
George: ok
rich-c: in fact, when Meeka comes on with them she is networked in too
George: wow
rich-c: it was Doug who did all the tech backup at our last Adamcon; he could get and keep anything working
George: ok
rich-c: Freddy is a very young fairly recenntly married man who lives in suburban Montreal
rich-c: he has a young daughter (couple of months now), is French-speaking with very little English
rich-c: that is why he sometimes makes inappropriate remarks or doesnt get the point; its a language problem
George: ok
rich-c: Fred and Daniel as you know have only just recently discovered the Adam community
George: i thought so
rich-c: Dr.D is a research doctor (Ph.D.) in the biology department of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland
rich-c: he also teaches a course in robotics - that is what his Lego lab is about
rich-c: he has four young extremely well-brought-up daughters
rich-c: his wife is a PhD. in pediatric nursing who works in the local hospital
rich-c: Dr. D. found his Adam contacts in BASIC - Best Adam Support In Cleveland
George: ok
rich-c: the key figures are Herman Mason and George Koczwara
rich-c: George was an Ohio state trooper but left and now drives a truck, Herman is an electrrician
rich-c: Herman had a young son (about 26) who just very recently dropped dead from a heart attack
George: oh,my
George: thats too young
rich-c: james is a young man from Ottaw3a who married a Japanese girl and went to live in Japan
rich-c: he knw Ron when both were in Ottawa
rich-c: now he runs his own school in Japan teaching computers and English
George: Did
rich-c: every year he brings students to Canada on a field trip - we met them last year and may do so next year
George: ok
rich-c: Guy works for one of teh big fraternal organizations in their Chicago office
George: ok
rich-c: he was married when we first came to know him about ten years ago but subsequently divorced
rich-c: don't say anything that would be a giveaway, but the Jeanine he talks about constantly is his ex-wife
rich-c: my own suspicion is that while they still arent ready to co-habit they arent sure the divorce was the best answer after all
George: i haven't noticed
rich-c: if you see him in Adamcon photos, he has a cochlear implant which you can see
rich-c: he is actually profoundly deaf but the implant gives him very good hearing, better than most
rich-c: got a better idea now of who the folks are and whre they're coming from?
George: a little
rich-c: gradually you will learn what they like to talk about and can get a conversation going
rich-c: pay attention to what they are saying and chip in where you can, or ask a question
George: i can't tell who is who from the emails though
rich-c: well if you're on the Adam mailing list then you have a far bigger cast of characters
George: ok
rich-c: but dont be shy about asking who Joe Blenkle or Zonker or Shawn are if you're curious
George: i would guess i'm on it
rich-c: if you know those names, you are
rich-c: that's the only way you would get emails from them
George: i might of heard of Shawn
rich-c: right, but when one puzzles you, make a note and ask during chat
rich-c: anyway, think it's about time we shut down now
George: ok. see you Wed.
rich-c: right - remember to start thawing your turkey long enough in advance
rich-c: bye now
George: bye for now
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