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changed username to FredK
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changed username to Meleagris
FredK: Hi Meleagris
Meleagris: Gobble gobble gobble
Meleagris: I'm a turkey from Cleveland.
FredK: um what?
Meleagris: I'm going by my scientific name.
FredK: Ohiseeeee
Meleagris: Dr. D. is going to eat me up tomorrow.
FredK: why is that?
Meleagris: But he's letting me do some talking before the big event, so to speak.
FredK: event
Meleagris: The USA's Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow.
Meleagris: And I'm invited to dinner...
FredK: ok and Dr. D will be at your place for the event
Meleagris: Meleagris gallopavo, the American Turkey...
FredK: lol
Meleagris: I'll have a place of honor, but it won't be sitting down...
Meleagris: What are you up to these days, Fred?
FredK: Well work work work and um work
Meleagris: Bleh, Dr. D. too.
FredK: hes even worse
FredK: he will sleep on the floor and wake up in the same place after and work again...
Meleagris: His LEGO robot course is coming to its end-of-semester Egg Hunt, and that's always a lot of work.
Meleagris: Tuesday is a dress rehearsal downtown at the Great Lakes Science Center, where the public contest will be held on 14.12.
Meleagris: Both days involve loading the whole lab into a U-Haul truck and driving it there and back.
FredK: really! boy thats work...
Meleagris: The contest will be webcast live, so you can watch, if you have the freeware RealPlayer.
Meleagris: and then click on the robot.
Meleagris: The camera is up now, but the lights are all out in the lab, just some monitors glowing.
FredK: i will take note
Meleagris: I'll be sending a reminder to the coladam's on-topic because I did a LEGO robot session at ADAMcon XIII.
FredK: no kidding!
Meleagris: Or rather, Dr. D. did, hehe.
Meleagris: It will be fun being the first Turkey at an ADAM chat.
FredK: lol
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changed username to rich-c
FredK: Well hello Rich-C
FredK: ca va bien?
rich-c: tres bien, merci - et vous?
FredK: bien
FredK: I was speaking with dinner
rich-c: qui est Meleagris - the nice farmer?
FredK: THE American Turkey that is....
Meleagris: Meleagris est en avis.
Meleagris: Gobble gobble gobble
FredK: lol
rich-c: eh bien, quelque variete de dindon?
FredK: to the table of honor i guess.....
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: I would guess so - turkeys have a limited future this evening!
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: hiya guys
FredK: Hi Bob
Meleagris: Gobble gobble gobble
BobS: GO TURKEYS !!!!!!!
BobS: gotta be rich d
rich-c: man, you must be honing the carving knife already, Bob
FredK: nada
Meleagris: My name is Meleagris gallopavo.
BobS: ya the taste in me mouth already
Meleagris: Dr. D. is letting me troll the Internet before dinner tomorrow.
BobS: ya ok
BobS: dinner is late, eh????????
rich-c: actually, Meleagris, you had me fooled - I didn't know Dr. D. knew French - you been teaching him?
Meleagris: Dinner was #2 here tonight, after Fred.
FredK: I was the first to be cooked...
Meleagris: I know enough bits and pieces to put together "Meleagris is a bird".
BobS: got the whole rest of the week to goof off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: yes, I've noticed an inclination to take the long weekend
Meleagris: Dr. D. has 4 days off, really 3.5 since he has to do some prep in the robot lab for the Egg Hunt dress rehearsal coming up on Tuesday.
rich-c: even my buddy the factory test driver is doing it
BobS: and it is not even thansgiving in Canada.........
rich-c: so he's going out to drive one of his test routes in his own car
BobS: had that last month, no????
rich-c: right, you had Columbus Day, we had Thanksgiving
BobS: humbug
BobS: somebody woulda found the continent anyway
rich-c: you like Vespucci better, maybe?
FredK: or Copernick
BobS: sure!!!!!
Meleagris: Britannica Online tells me that the Vikings found it in about 1000 AD.
rich-c: well in fact they did - the Vikings, at L'anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland
rich-c: not really, Fred - I would say rather that Edmonton lost it
BobS: think that is surely correct, just ol' columbus got the credit
BobS: so what '
BobS: s new?????
rich-c: I still cannot make sense of that third down gamble
BobS: some sucker is alwasy stealing another's credit
FredK: okok you are right we did not deserve it BUT WE WON!
Meleagris: It gives Little Italys everywhere an excuse for a parade on Oct. 12th.
rich-c: didn't say you didnt deserve it, just said you got it gift-wrapped
FredK: true
BobS: I see..............and they have one of those in Cleveland down the main business district in li'l italia??????
FredK: the excitement is that it took some 25years to get there again!
Meleagris: Yes, there is always a Columbus Day parade.
rich-c: well, they have been to the Cup more recently than that, just haven't won it
Meleagris: There's a granite statue of Crisoforo Columbo in front of Holy Rosary church.
FredK: yes, the parade was today!
Meleagris: Make that "Cristoforo".
rich-c: you realize of course that as an Easterner I am obligated to cheer for the Eastern team
FredK: great to hear this, hopefully not obligated by force though ay?
rich-c: I just hope you had a good celebration - the victory was earned
FredK: Well not such a huge fan, but its fun i gotta say....
rich-c: nope, obligated by geography ;-)
Meleagris: Just don't celebrate like the morons in Columbus, Ohio after Ohio State beat Michigan...
FredK: lol
rich-c: what happened, Rich?
Meleagris: We in Northeast Ohio would like to form our own state and leave everything south of the Akron-Columbus-Dayton line to the Southerners...
Meleagris: Riots in the streets, by the victors!
FredK: Oh no here we go.....splitting issue again ....ahhhhhhhhhh
Meleagris: Burned, overturned thrown from overpasses...
rich-c: it happens these days
Meleagris: Public happened in Detroit after the Pistons won the NBA championship.
BobS: ya, now just hink what they will do IF they win the national championship
Meleagris: Bleh.
BobS: I believe that they are in the finals yes??????
Meleagris: Probably dig up Woody Hayes and parade his mummy around in a glass box...
Meleagris: Assuming that they beat Iowa on Saturday, they ought to be in the championship bowl game.
rich-c: sure, but the bowl games are a dime a dozen - what's the big deal?
BobS: oh, thought lasts week put them in
BobS: shows how close I am following right????
Meleagris: Yes they are, but whatever Bowl Alliance thingy they've worked out will make the Fiesta Bowl be the one that has #1 and #2 play off for the National Championship.
Meleagris: How did you miss that Michigan lost, Bob?
rich-c: where is Ohio State - I forget
Meleagris: Columbus, the state capital.
rich-c: should have realized, though not all state universities are in the capitals
Meleagris: The OSU-Michigan game is probably the most famous rivalry in American college football. Notice that I qualified it.
rich-c: qualification noted
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi there
FredK: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi, Fred
Pamela: Hi, Bob
rich-c: Dr. D. is being a turkey
Pamela: Oh?
Meleagris: Gobble gobble gobble
Pamela: Ah.
Meleagris: My name is Meleagris gallopavo, the American Turkey.
FredK: I still believe that
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Meleagris: I am Dr. D.'s guest for dinner tomorrow.
Pamela: Meased to pleet you
rich-c: gave us his family name but not the first name, otherwise might have guessed
Meleagris: This chat client is limited to only 16 characters.
Meleagris: Linnean nomenclature is too long for that.
Pamela: Oh, is Dr. D having you for dinner?
BobS: and you tried this why?????????????
changed username to George
Pamela: Hi, George
Meleagris: Yes, I am the guest of honor.
rich-c: hello George, you're late
Pamela: you have a short life span
FredK: Hi G
Meleagris: Dr. D. is letting me explore the Internet before dinner tomorrow, when I'll be otherwise occupied.
Meleagris: The Ghost of Christmas Present lives but an evening, but is his life not worthwhile?
George: Hi Everyone. My only working computer halted during midboot
Meleagris: You should read Ben Franklin's essay about the mayflies :-)
Meleagris: Dr. D. wants to know if Pam has seen "Chamber of Secrets" yet.
Pamela: I prefer my food not to have a name
FredK: Want some flies, come here in june
BobS: I stop sometimes when I get booted also...........
Pamela: Not yet - plans for a week Monday
Meleagris: You'll like it. Dr. D. and Joan saw it again last night.
Pamela: and what did they think?
FredK: pretty smart .....for a turkey
Meleagris: Better the 2nd time, more chance to see all the background details.
Pamela: they saw it twice?
Meleagris: They also watched the 4-hour extended version of "Fellowship of the Ring"...quite a worthwhile purchase.
Meleagris: Yep.
rich-c: I'm still waiting to see the Philosopher's Stone
Meleagris: You'll like it, Richard.
Pamela: do their butts have feeling yet?
Meleagris: Pam, take your Dad to the movies.
George: if my turkey is smart it will run away
Meleagris: :-) stadium seating
Pamela: yeah, but almost three hours???? ouch
rich-c: I've been watching the ads for the Star Wars II DVD
Meleagris: Better than a 90-minute "Cliff Notes" version of the story.
rich-c: see they've expanded it to six hours
rich-c: man, they sure do generate teh outtakes
Meleagris: Now SW2 is something that was not good in any medium...
Pamela: and interviews, and shorts . . .
Meleagris: It takes a Turkey to recognize a turkey, and SW2 was a big turkey.
rich-c: I notice that DVD reader-writrs are starting to sag in price
Pamela: quite a list of movies coming between now and the end of the year
George: i'm dead
Pamela: check again, George
rich-c: now if they will only settle on one standard format, we can look at them
George: still dead
rich-c: what's the matter, George, this computer going too?
FredK: G is your Adam running o.k.?
Pamela: okay, guess we'll have to take your word for it George
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George: over worked for thanksgiving and computer troubles
Meleagris: Dr. D. has to go get Christina from a basketball game. He'll be back soon.
rich-c: OK we'll see him later
Pamela: He'd better!
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Judy: hi, how are you?
Meleagris: He'll surely be touched by your sentiments, Pam :-)
FredK: Hey Jude! y
Meleagris: <poof>
Judy: hey man whats up?
Pamela: glad to hear it
rich-c: not much - gather you are preparing for Thanksgiving
Judy: Just to let you know this isn't Judy right now it's Amanda but mom will be on in a minute
Pamela: Is is just me or is this thing really slow this evening?
Pamela: Hi, Mandy!
Judy: Hi
Pamela: How are you doing?
rich-c: I have noticed a bit of a lag on some
FredK: Amanda is played by Boston....
Pamela: Boston is in Massachusetts . . .
Judy: Hanging in there but I am definetely reading for all the junk to be over
FredK: home of the Bruins
BobS: tis your end Pamela
Pamela: Yeah, I can imagine. We're all pulling for you.
rich-c: there are also Bostons in Maine and England
George: my budgies wanted to kill me
Pamela: follow the bouncing ball people
Judy: Thanks, you have no idea how much that means. Did mom and dad tell you the situation?
FredK: they have red or white sox too
Pamela: well George, you have to see their side of it . ., .
Pamela: Yes, they filled us in Mandy
rich-c: yeah, did you forget their cuttlebone or something?
Pamela: we have been avidly waiting for updates each week
Judy: Okay, just checking
Pamela: hoping for good news
George: what they don't like their cage cleaned?
Pamela: no, it's that turkey in the fridge
FredK: get him out please!
rich-c: well how would you like being tossed out of your house with no notice, George?
Pamela: Hey, if someone else will clean it, I'm all for it!
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George: what do you mean?
rich-c: well, you have to move them away from teh cagte to clean it, dont you?
FredK: isnt that a bird en...
Judy: he has tried to have the personal protection order revoked but failed
changed username to Ron<undefined>
rich-c: hey, the left coast loser's here
Pamela: Ronald, fix yourself - your undefined is showing
Ron<undefined>: ephemerial and undefined. that's me
FredK: Hi Ron
Ron<undefined> changed username to Ronald
Pamela: thank goodness Mandy
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: much better, Ron
Ronald: materialized fully am I
rich-c: and Mandy, just because there's crosstalk doesnt mean we arent with you too
Judy: this is Judy now
Ronald: and that's a lot of material
George: they are usually out and about. but they become killers when anyone touches their cage
Pamela: Ron, you gotta watch tonite's episode of Enterprise to understand how funny that comment is
Pamela: Hi Judy
FredK: Judy was Amanda now is Judy correct?
Pamela: correct
rich-c: pretty territorial, are they, George?
Judy: yes, you got it
Ronald: will have to check that out
George: yes
Ronald: Bob S ???
rich-c: how come no West Wing tonight, Pam?
Ronald: Ya get my e-mail?
Pamela: West Wing Dad, just taping it to watch another time. Can't be two places at once
rich-c: well, glad you have your priorities straight
Pamela: and Russell is using the laptop
FredK: lol
rich-c: by the way, was my Grey Cup tape OK for you?
rich-c: and Ron, you owe Freddy a five-minute gloat
Ronald: I am eating humble pie in the wake of the Grey Cup
Judy: but their was a bright spot this week, Mandy can now take Ryan alone now and can stay alone with him, only not all night
Pamela: well, I've discovered that I do better if my attention is undivided. I can't watch TV and chat at the same time
Pamela: dunno about the tape Dad, Russell hasn't watched it yet
Pamela: I'll let you know if it wasn't
rich-c: do let me know - I tried but wasnt sure
Pamela: That's great news Judy
BobS: scary huh??????
Ronald: really
BobS: ya sure
Ronald: you got my e-mail eh? The parcel is on its way
BobS: ya mon.......TANKS
BobS: I emailed ya back too
BobS: get that ?????
BobS: ya dind't say it was abattery I hope
rich-c: Bob, I may be taking you up on an offer you made a while ago
Judy: yes, it is now we can have some of our life back, freedom
Ronald: haven't checked my e-mail all day. Probably sitting there waiting for me
BobS: which was????????
George: i think I might need to use my ADAM to get on chat this computer isn't working to well
rich-c: letting me use your place as a mail drop
BobS: my memory is REAL short ya know
BobS: oh no porblem!!!!
BobS: problem
rich-c: Frances has seen some software from an outfit that wont mail outside the US
BobS: was a mail drop for a firend in Puerto Rico too
Ronald: mine is too. The Dude in my head who tends my filing system isn't the bright spark he used to be
FredK: San Juan?
rich-c: this outfit will mail to Puerto Rico, oddly enough
BobS: si senor
BobS: dell won't
rich-c: odd - Dell will happily mail up here
BobS: wierd eh?????
rich-c: in fact as you may have noticed my laptop is a Dell, one of a huge off-lease batch here
Pamela: what kind of software, Dad?
George: my keys are too slow
Pamela: when all else fails George, blame it on the keyboard
rich-c: by the way, I managed to get a PCMCIA card for it with two USB ports
rich-c: too complicated to explain, Pam
Pamela: oh and Dad - Russell says that Civilization is a worthwhile but addictive game
George: why does it take so long for letters to appear?
Ronald: 07- 09-11-26-35-41 Bonus 28
FredK: I play that every
Ronald: didn't buy a ticket, so I didn't win
rich-c: the server we're using for teh chat is likely heavily used tonight
Pamela: no ticket : (
BobS: I seem to popping thru fast as ususal
Pamela: things have picked up for me too
rich-c: that's OK, Super 7 is $20 million this Friday
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Pamela: Just remember who your nearest and dearest is, Dad
Ronald: probably my Mac that's slowing everyone up
FredK: our office won 27ppl played
Pamela: won what Fred?
Pamela: 6/49?
Ronald: ywa
changed username to Guy B.
FredK: 2grand approx. split over 27 in the office
BobS: hiya Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late tonight
FredK: super 7
Pamela: Hi Guy - long time no see
FredK: Hi Guy
George: powerball was $60 million tonight
Pamela: well, it beats a kick in the pants
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: and where were you last week young man?
Ronald: Surely one of these computing devices here oughta be able to give me the right numbers
FredK: sure a buck got me 80 bucks ritcher
Ronald: in advance I mean
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: hey Guy, have you seen that latest news from Lindows?
Ronald: Hi Guy Bona
Guy B.: No, what's the latest from there?
rich-c: they now have Tiger Direct selling their computers - or had, the stock sold out in three days!
rich-c: Microsoft is so worried they're offering 50% discount on Windows to dealers showing signs of defecting
Guy B.: Wow, I guess then Microsoft should start worrying then.
rich-c: I would say Bill Gates is not a happy camper this day
Guy B.: I say. Right now I don't have any heat in my apartment. The furnace broke down early this morning.
Pamela: I think you're projecting Guy - I was just thinking how chilly it was in here
rich-c: if your weather is anything like ours, you're doing very well typing with your gloves on, Guy
George: microsoft has nothing to worry about with linux and lindows
Ronald: this is not good Guy
rich-c: especially gloves as heavy as you'll be needing
Judy: and they are not fixing it, Guy
BobS: you got to be FREEZING Guy
Guy B.: It's 66 degrees in my apartment right now and it's cold.
Pamela: do you have a space heater?
FredK: Holy Smoke!
rich-c: wrong, George - MS is plenty worried and with good cause
Pamela: (she says smacking her forehead)
Guy B.: A repair guy has been here all day and I believe he has to get some parts for it.
FredK: lol
Judy: I think they need a better repair person
rich-c: what kind of heat do you have, Guy? Coal? Oil? Gas?
Guy B.: It all started with no hot water. The hot water is back, now it's the furnace.
rich-c: how big is your building, Guy?
Pamela: nice building you moved into there Guy
BobS: got an electric heater Guy?????
George: if you have linux or lindows you are better off with a adding machine
Guy B.: It's a gas furnace. But, this place uses water to heat pipes under the floor.
FredK: Gotta go gang envoy the gobble gobble and goodnight guys!
Pamela: Nite Freddy
Guy B.: Three stories, six apartments.
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred
Judy: night Fred
Guy B.: Nit freddy.
BobS: nite Fred
Ronald: salut Fred
George: nit Freddy
FredK: Nite All
FredK left chat session
rich-c: just a little place then, and fairly modern, I'd guess
Pamela: much smaller than ours
Pamela: six stories, 41 apts.
Guy B.: What a way to start the Thanksgiving weekend.
Pamela: by dose id code
George: i have a breadbox
George: what happened?
Judy: it doesn't seem like a good way to me, Guy
Pamela: do you cook on gas or electric, Guy?
rich-c: not sure if it's too bright with animals around, but candles are said to be fairly useful for spot heating
Pamela: oh, the cats leave them alone Dad
George: communications down?
Pamela: you're getting thru George
George: hiccup
rich-c: Pam, your Ma wants words
Pamela: oh oh - am I in trouble?
Pamela: guess it can't be too bad, he didn't call me Pamela Eileen
BobS: SO now we know ALL about ya
Judy: that is usually a dead give away that you are in trouble isn't it?
George: my doctor called ne in today
BobS: sounds like yo got that a LOT when you were home,must have been a BAD kid
Pamela: I saw something recently that said middle names were invented so you'd know when you were in trouble
rich-c changed username to Frances
Pamela: Hi Mom
Frances: Hi Pam.
Pamela: am i in trouble?
Frances: We talked about your oven on Sunday.
Judy: that may be so, I have known to use that myself
Pamela: Yes . . .
Frances: Is the bottom element working?
Pamela: Um . . . I think so
Frances: Do you preheat with both of them?
Pamela: I don't know - I just turn on the oven and when the light goes out, it's heated
Ronald: How's Frances?
Frances: Because perhaps the bottom element is not working and all the heat is coming from above
Pamela: I've never checked Mom
BobS: being detective Ron
Meleagris: The Turkey hath returned...hello, everyone.
Pamela: would that cause my uneven cooking problems?
BobS: all filled uyp for tonight?????
Judy: hello, Frances, nice to hear from you
BobS: fur sure !!!!!!!
Frances: Frances is fine, thank you Ron.
Meleagris: I'm hoping to be cooked quite evenly, thank you.
Ronald: good
Frances: I'm usually here reading over Richard's shoulder
Pamela: I'll check on that and tell you next time Mom. Thanks for the tip
Frances: Pam was complaining to me that her brownies were like a rock on top and uncooked on the bottom.
Pamela: Maybe I'll get a stove younger than I am out of the deal if it isn't working
Frances: She has an old stove like mine
Pamela: that would be a nice change
George: i have gas
Meleagris: Gas or electric? If the latter, maybe an element is burned out.
Frances: Or else a bill for a repair
Pamela: Electric Rich
Frances: Electric and, yes, that's what I just suggested
Pamela: I never thought to check that - goes to show you where my head is
Meleagris: Test it by cranking up to max heat and seeing if all the elements glow red or not.
Frances: Anyway, Richard is standing behind me getting impatient so goodby again
Meleagris: Or glow unevenly...we had an element do that once.
BobS: bad bottom coil OR you got the rack in the wrong spot
Pamela: think I can score a newer fridge while I'm at it?
Pamela: Nite Mom - thanks
George: i thought i was going to gas myself last night
Judy: bye Frances
Meleagris: Bye Frances.
Frances changed username to rich-c
rich-c: daughter, dont get greedy
Pamela: wow, I should have asked you guys earlier than this
rich-c: after all your stove is much younger than ours
Meleagris: The explosion would hurt more than just you, George, so I really don't think it's a good idea.
Pamela: not that much younger Dad
rich-c: now all we have to do is get Guy's heating working again
Pamela: and my fridge is also older than I am
Judy: I repeat he needs a new repair man
Pamela: I'm not asking for much, just a fridge with a separate freezer compartment that I can actually use would be nice
George: i have an old caloric stove and it kept hissing after i cleaned it\
Pamela: bake some brownies, Guy - that'll warm up the kitchen at least. And cook your turkey really slowly.
Meleagris: If it's cold outside, you can use the poor university student method and hang stuff out the window in a plastic bag :-)
Judy: it liked to be dirty thats all
Pamela: yeah, but what do I do in July?
Meleagris: Make jerky?
Pamela: besides, I can't do that right now anyway - we can't find the key to the balcony door
rich-c: gas stoves that hiss at you are to be trusted like snakes that hiss at you - rattlesnakes
George: i thought i had a gas leak
rich-c: sounds like a reasonable conclusion, George
Meleagris: Gas leak, you should call the gas company ASAP!
Guy B.: One problem Pam. My stove is all electric.
rich-c: and possibly the fire department while you're at it
George: it stopped after an hour
Pamela: so? It does a fine job of heating, believe me - we tried it last year when our furnace was on the fritz. Ate really well, too.
rich-c: George, one does NOT sit there listening to a gas leak for an hour
George: i did
George: i was scared
Meleagris: Quite rightly!
rich-c: no, you were incredibly lucky
Pamela: George, keep an eye on your birds - if they keel over, you have a problem. There's a reason why they used to take canaries down into mine shafts.
Guy B.: Not really. I baked cookies not too long ago and didn't feel any heat except when I opened the door.
rich-c: oh, your stove must have been made in the 20th century, not like ours ;-)
Pamela: You'd be amazed how much heat they leak Guy. I can bring the temp up a couple of degrees just by baking.
George: think budgies are too hardy for that some birds are
Judy: I was baking most of the day today and the house was nice and warm and smelled great too
rich-c: we have a big wide old electric built in 1953 with regular and warming oven
Pamela: okay, scoop time Dad - I do not want to inherit it, okay?
rich-c: our furnace never comes on when the stove is in use
rich-c: why? it still wroks just fine
rich-c: they dont build them like that nowadays
Guy B.: My stove is brand new GE and it's very good one I might add. I've been using gas for years, but this is the first time using an electric stove.
Pamela: sure, except for the oven that doesn't always come on after pre-heat, and the stove element that you had to replace, and the door hinge that went caput . . .
rich-c: you have to handle them differently; their heating characteristics are different
George: they had to fix my heater for carbonmonoxide
rich-c: Frances always has to remember to adapt when we are in the trailer with the propane stove
Pamela: I love cooking on our trailer stove - cooking with gas is awesome
rich-c: hey, we replace tires on the car too, but it doesnt mean there's anything wrong with the car
George: as long as it doesn't leal
Pamela: yeah, but the car isn't fifty years old!
George: leak
rich-c: well, it's 30
Meleagris: Don't knock things that are 50 years old :-) Or 40, like me :-)
rich-c: you mean we should try trading the stove in on a 1973 model?
Pamela: Rich, Russell is older than you
Guy B.: Or mid 40's. Like I'm approaching that age.
Meleagris: I have a pristine 1975 Amana RadarRange, the first-generation microwave oven. All-aluminum and stainless-steel construction. Looks like a regular oven of the time.
Guy B.: Bob, how's Ryan doing now?
rich-c: hey, I saw a really nice big black 1959 Chrysler New Yorker in the mall parking lot today
Meleagris: Probably weighs 75 lbs :-)
Meleagris: But it cooks just fine, mechanical timer and all.
Pamela: I've seen that car Dad - it's in really good condition
rich-c: I was telling your mother we should make an offer, but she didnt like the tailfins
Judy: today wasn't one of his best days, but most of the time he is doing great
Pamela: where would you put it?
Pamela: : )
George: oh, oh, i smell wood burning
rich-c: have to see what he'd give for our '73 in trade ;-)
Guy B.: That's good to hear Judy. How's Mandy doing?
Pamela: but will it tow?
Pamela: and is the van done yet?
Judy: good, she can now take Ryan by herself
rich-c: that was a question too - it doesnt have a hitch and trailer specials do
Guy B.: Great. Has the divorce been finalized yet?
George: i have a bike with two flat tires
rich-c: and no, the van needs some fiddly bits - hope to get them this weekend
Pamela: well there you go then Dad - gotta keep Behemoth
Judy: no, still fighting over money and her stuff that he took
Meleagris: Bleh.
Judy: that will take a month or so yet
rich-c: do not be generous on that one, Judy
Pamela: double bleh
Guy B.: Always that big part, the money.
Pamela: so George, now it's sculpture?
Judy: no, we won't she needs to get out of the hole he put her in
George: huh?
Pamela: the bike
rich-c: also, Judy, people tend to avoid others they owe money to
George: a paper weight
Guy B.: He should get her out of that hole he put her in.
Pamela: if it has two flat tires and won't go anywhere, it's sculpture
rich-c: more in the doorstop league I'd have thought, George
Judy: that would be good, stay away, he is trying to get in her head, by fighting the personal protection order
George: right now its scrap
rich-c: Guy, that jerk doesn't understand "should"
Guy B.: At least mine should have turned more in my favor, but it wasn't.
Meleagris: ??? Guy
Pamela: the divorce Guy?
Pamela: or the settlement?
George: i'm left alone
rich-c: just you and your turkey?
Guy B.: Yes. Even though I paid mostly for the house I bought 9 years ago. She got the most when we sold it three years ago.
Pamela: o sole mio . . .
George: all 18 lbs.
rich-c: thats OK George, you'll have as much company as you can cope with tomorrow
Pamela: that's a big turkey George - how many people are you feeding?
George: 3
Pamela: wow, I hope you like leftovers!
rich-c: and himself for a week after, at least
Meleagris: Forgive Dr. D.'s cluelessness, but are you divorced, Guy? If so, I never knew that.
Guy B.: Been for 3 years.
George: it was the smallest turkey the store had
Meleagris: Sorry to hear, I never knew or picked up on it...
Guy B.: Sorry Dr. D. Guess I didn't tell you that.
Meleagris: Well, not trying to pry or anything, please forgive me, just trying to interpret what you were typing.
Pamela: we'll have to send you turkey recipes George
rich-c: well, they are never nice, but yours was I think less traumatic than most
Guy B.: The best thing that Jeanene and I are still friends and we are still doing things together.
Meleagris: I guess that's why I never picked up on anything, what you just said.
rich-c: we have noticed and been very pleased to see it, Guy
Guy B.: We did express that we both were at fault. But, at least we know what happened now.
George: most of the turkeys were 25-35lbs
rich-c: yes, they are breeding turkeys big these days
Pamela: wow George - it sounds like most people are planning on feeding an army
Meleagris: Sorry if I put my foot in it, Guy. I didn't want to be quite *that* much of a Turkey tonight...
Pamela: gobble, gobble, gobble
George: too big
Judy: or that is all that was left, the smaller ones were already bought
rich-c: our supermarket was selling a turkey breast today that was over a kilo - 2.2 lbs.
Guy B.: Don't feel bad Dr. D. You didn't know at the time.
Guy B.: At least I have a female here with me. That's Abby, my dog.
George: i'll take the drunstick
Meleagris: Will she get some turkey?
Meleagris: Our dogs and cats always begged.
Guy B.: She has turkey flavor dog food.
George: farn dingers
Meleagris: It was hard to keep them away from the bones.
Pamela: and that will only leave about 17.5 pounds George
George: i eat bones
Pamela: you should have seen the commotion last Christmas in our kitchen
Guy B.: I will most likely will be bringing leftovers home from my sister in-law tomorrow.
Ronald: Somewhere in a parallel universe, there is a place where turkeys eat humans
Pamela: fee, fi, fo fum George : )
Meleagris: Fee fi fo fat, I tawt I taw a putty tat!
Ronald: On Thanksgiving day, that is
Judy: I don't want to go there, Ron
George: well roasted i hope
Guy B.: I did saw a puddy tat.
Pamela: well I must admit to being glad we're in this one then
Ronald: well no, neither do I
rich-c: that parallel universe doesnt have a Thanksgiving Day, Ron - it's Buddhist
Meleagris: You could make a movie about such a universe.
Guy B.: In fact, I'm taking care of one while Jeanene's down south.
Ronald: well no, they sit around and complain about everything that's wrong
Meleagris: Something like Frank Perdue's Jurassic Park...
George: my finger hurts
Guy B.: What did you do George?
rich-c: been typing too hard, George
Pamela: yeah, but then turkeys would have to be extinct, and that would just ruin Thanksgiving
Meleagris: Reminds me of a joke I heard this weekend, George.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Pamela: pop . . . hiss . . . ahhhhhh
Guy B.: Bob gets the hot potato tonight.
Meleagris: I could tell it...
Judy: then you would wake him up, he fell asleep
George: i broke the nail below the quick
Pamela: tell, tell, tell . . .
Meleagris: Okay:
(Guy B. kicks BobS)
Judy: with the compute on his lap
(rich-c reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
Guy B.: That should do it.
Meleagris: A brunette goes to the doctor.
Meleagris: "Everything hurts!" she says.
Judy: you didn't wake him
Ronald: If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work
George: it was bleeding
Meleagris: "When I touch my elbow, it hurts. When I touch my ankle, it hurts. When I touch my head, it hurts!"
Guy B.: I'll get Garfield to boot him.
Ronald: (senior's problem)
(Guy B. slaps BobS playfully)
Meleagris: Doctor saysm "Say, you must really be a blonde, right?"
Meleagris: Brunette says, "Yes, it's just Miss Clairol. How could you tell?"
Guy B.: Any luck Judy?
Meleagris: Doctor: "You have a broken finger."
Meleagris: <finis>
Judy: no he is gone
Pamela: hee hee hee hee hee - groan
Guy B.: Maybe I burned his fingers with that hot potato.
Meleagris: The girls were ROTFL.
Meleagris: Here's one that Elanor made up:
rich-c: I thought blonde jokes were passe
Meleagris: "If at first you don't succeed, then sky-diving's *NOT* for you!"
Pamela: yeah, but some days are just like that, ya know?
rich-c: that's been around the internet lately - has she been looking at the Langalist newsletter?
Pamela: my favourites come from the "things that should be on bumper stickers and buttons" lists
Meleagris: Not that I know could have been independently evolved.
Meleagris: I like twisted old saws like Elanor's.
Pamela: things like "whatever look you were going for, you missed"
rich-c: it was in one of the Langalist humour columns, maybe about six weeks ago - there wre several like it
Meleagris: Sort of like the punch line to a Bullwinkle cartoon.
George: all they have on TV is peepshows down here
Guy B.: Well folks, I going to go here. All the USA folks have a Happy Thanksgiving. I know you Canadians had your Thanksgiving already. Good chance I'll be able to make it Saturday. See you then or next week.
Meleagris: Bye Guy.
Pamela: and "you - out of the gene pool!"
Meleagris: Hope the power gets turned back on!
rich-c: OK Guy, hope to see you Saturday, take care
George: Nite Guy
Judy: bye Guy for both of us
Pamela: Nite Guy - stay warm - bake a casserole : )
Guy B.: I hope the heats comes back tomorrow, but I'll see what happens.
Guy B.: Ok, see you later.
Guy B. left chat session
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Meleagris: One of my fave twisted old sayings is, "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."
changed username to Erin
Pamela: well, it's about time, Miss Moo
rich-c: hi Erin
George: Hi Erin
Pamela: another bad day at the office?
Ronald: Hello Erin - what happened to Medusa?
Erin: sorry I was chatting with N. and i sent the most revealing email of my I was a little tied up
Erin: Hi all
rich-c: sending revealing emails is not smart
BobS: HI Erin
Pamela: sailing in dangerous waters I see - feeling brave?
Judy: hi, ERIN
Erin: Medusa is hiding for the moment
Meleagris: Not pin-up JPEGs as E-mail attachments, I hope?
George: is that the lady with the red head?
Erin: yuppers
rich-c: you got it, George
Pamela: that would be the one George
Ronald: Hide she may, but see here I can
Erin: yes master Yoda
Ronald: see HER I can
Erin: you'd be turned to stone may be a good idea to turn away
Erin: hehe
George: ok
Pamela: how was your day, Rin? Mine sucked
Erin: it was ok....would be better if i hadn't gone in...but i decided to leave work at the office
Judy: what was wrong with your day,Pam?
Pamela: good for you
Pamela: everything Judy
Pamela: don't ask, you don't want an earful
Pamela: or screenful, as the case may be
Ronald: Well good people, Must away - see ya's all next week
Ronald: Be good
Erin: bye Ron
Erin: yeah right
Pamela: If you must, you must - g'nite Ron
Judy: you hear all our stuff
George: nite Ronald
rich-c: OK Ron, or give it a shot Saturday if events permit
Erin: what fun would that be?
Meleagris: Bye Ron! Hope to make some Xmas cards this weekend.
Judy: bye Ron
Ronald: super Dr. D. Will await
Ronald: need to get the whole thing over to Bob shortly
Pamela: I know Judy, I'm just frustrated that's all - it'll pass
Ronald: nite all!!
rich-c: nite Ron
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: I'm tired of getting yelled at for trivial things, and taking the blame for things caused by others, and never having time to focus on a task and get it completed etc.
Erin: wow deja vu
BobS: work sucks Pam, FACE IT
Pamela: I'm tired of trying to do four peoples jobs on not enough salary
Judy: ok, but if you want to talk, I am here
rich-c: yes, Dilbert was right
George: Brrr! We are at 25F
BobS: same here George
Erin: yikes that's chilly
Erin: all i know is that it is cold outside
Pamela: thanks - it's nice to know the door is always open. Erin heard all of this last night and was a big help.
rich-c: that would be about -3C Erin, so it's about wht you have
Erin: (blush)
Pamela: stop it Rin, you're clashing with your hair
Erin: hehehe
George: mine is closed its iced shut
rich-c: even so, the cr started pretty well this morning, and once warmed up ran well
Pamela: there are days when I'm glad I park underground
Pamela: however, I must say that my car never complains about the weather, even if it's parked outside all day in the freezing cold
rich-c: well, the cord for the block heater seems to have gone astray - this is NO help
Pamela: check for gremlins, Dad
rich-c: you arent supposed to know about them - they live in Midas ads
Pamela: my point exactly!
Pamela: maybe it's the same little green guy who lives in the mini-putt cup
rich-c: actually, I had a phone survey from Canadian Tire today' they asked how I liked their Lawrence Square store
Pamela: did you tell them it sucked?
BobS: whoa!!!!!
rich-c: in a number of carefully chosen epithets and anecdotes, yes
Pamela: good
BobS: AND a smile right????
Pamela: ya gotta understand Bob, I'm a big fan of Canadian Tire but that store is the pits - no staff, poorly stocked and poorly organized
rich-c: I made it clear that of their 220 stores, it ranked number 221
BobS: I don't think they were exactly GLAD they called you Rich..............
rich-c: trust me, Pam, you would have agreed with my every word - and I didn't omit anything
George: my heater is burning away it is undersized for my apartment
BobS: they were probably looking for a kinder spirit
Judy: tire though the window time?
Pamela: well if you don't want to know the answer, don't ask
rich-c: Canadian Tire have a repoutation to protect, Bob, and they are concerned about what the franchisees are doing
Pamela: Rin, was Susan in today?
George: our tires bounce
Erin: nope thank all that is pure and good
rich-c: it would not surprise me if the survey was to confirm well-founded suspicions about the outlet
Meleagris: Susan is a bad egg?
Pamela: Oh, what I wouldn't give for an absentee boss
Erin: the blackberry is a horrible thing
Pamela: you could always accidentally lose it on her, Erin
Erin: not a bad egg per se but driving me over the edge yes
Pamela: sounds like your boss and my boss should get together and do lunch
Erin: it's her toy...always with a security blanket
George: what about an absentee company?
Pamela: nope, the co. has to stay George - I need my paycheck
rich-c: you mean like Enron, George?
George: thats the way they go
BobS: THAT was a great one alright
rich-c: one of the many triumphs of American capitalism
Judy: well, time to call it a night, talk at you next week, bye all
Erin: nite Judy
Pamela: nite Judy thanks again
rich-c: goodnight Judy, take care of Mandy and Ryan
Judy: you are welcome
Meleagris: Bye Judy.
Pamela: : )
Judy: will do
BobS: me too.........Juady SAYS
Meleagris: I should probably retire to my nice warm oven.
Judy left chat session
Pamela: nite Bob
Pamela: take care of Judy
George: you get too greedy you get erased
BobS: happy turkey day TURKEY DrD
Meleagris: Gobble gobble gobble
rich-c: OK Bob, don't hold your breath, but MAYBE I will take advantage of your offer
Pamela: at least someone will be warm tonite
Pamela: Night, Rich
rich-c: I will try to offer fair warning first, if possible
Erin: nite Dr. D
rich-c: nite Rich
Meleagris: Off to be dinner...
Meleagris: <poof>
Meleagris left chat session
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Erin, I know you just got here but it's past my bedtime - are you going to stay on?
Erin: i don't think so....have stuff to think about and I wanna curl up all nice and toasty for the evening
George: it's getting time to go
rich-c: just dont talk in front of eavesdropping reporters, Erin
Pamela: 'kay. I think I'll say goodnite to all then. Dad, thank Mom for the suggestions on the oven, I'll look into it
Erin: LOL
Erin: i was hanging out with one while in OTT
Erin: LOL
rich-c: it is George, we all have chores to do and bedtime looms
George: i'll put out my spycam
Pamela: Happy Thanksgiving, George
Erin: sweet dreams Pammie
Pamela: Enjoy your turkey
rich-c: night daughter, Erin, take care, be good
Pamela: to you too Erin
Erin: nite Uncle R
George: ok nite all
Pamela: Nite Daddy
Erin: nite George
rich-c: and George, enjoy your Thanksgiving; see you Saturday?
George: i hope so
rich-c: OK, till then - nite now
George: poof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: Nite Rin, love you
George left chat session
Erin: love u 2
Pamela: poof : )
Pamela left chat session
Erin left chat session
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