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rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: you are here early
Daniel B: yea
rich-c: how is your weather up there? pleine de neige?
Daniel B: i didn't want to miss another chat session. long time no see
Daniel B: yeah it's snowy
rich-c: right, sometimes they're deadly dull, others they quite crackle
rich-c: we had a dusting yesterday but it has melted away even though the temperature is close to 0
Daniel B: i suppose you don't want to create your own Coleco game...
Daniel B: i'm right?
rich-c: in theory, it's a great idea, but in practice my programming skills are nil
Daniel B: programming is too difficult... i know
rich-c: I cant even figure out why my computer suddenly decided it was part of a network
rich-c: not so much difficult as time-consuming to learn, and us old folks dont have that much time
Daniel B: do you think i will receive the coleco bios information i asked to dr.d?
rich-c: yes, eventually, but it may pay to keep reminding him gently at tactful intervals
Daniel B: i'm not a tactician
rich-c: well, in dealing with some social situation, basic tactical skills are a must
rich-c: Rich has a working wife and four young daughters beside a job and house to look after
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Daniel B: who's there?
rich-c: we'll see in a second; my guess would be George
changed username to George
Daniel B: GEORGE! hello!
rich-c: yes, I see I guess right - hi, George
George: Hi Daniel, Rich
rich-c: which computer are you using today, George?
George: a new one
rich-c: oh, when did you get it and what are the specs?
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, Rich has good intentions and even tries to carry them out, but cna get distracted
George: yesterday, p4 2.0 ghz 256mb ddr pc2700 ram 64 mb nvidia video 16 x dvd-rom
rich-c: with a household and obligations like his, he cant turn around without a new claim on his attention
rich-c: in short, a more or less current package - will the DVD-ROM burn CDs?
Daniel B: With a computer like this, are you able to program coleco games?
Daniel B: :) hehehe
rich-c: Daniel, you'll get a kick out of this
rich-c: Frances found three 5-1/4" discs kicking around yesterday
rich-c: they were the Amiga Cross Development Environment, from the first days of Amiga
George: no, i'm using the cd burner from the old computer
rich-c: since the DVD reader will also read CDs that will let you copy CDs very conveniently then
George: yes , i've copied audio cds very successfully
rich-c: I suppose I should get a DVD reader too, if I only had any reason to want to read any DVDs
rich-c: Daniel - inteerestingly, I was able to copy the 5-1/4 discs to 3-1/2 discs within DOS
George: i don't think my cd burner will copy dvds though it has a 650 mb limit
rich-c: the reason it has a 650 MB limit is because the laser beam is that coarse - DVDs require a much more precise beam
Daniel B: rich - you are my hero! hehehe! that's amazing!
rich-c: that's why DVD readers can read CDs but not vice versa
rich-c: sort of like I can write a 720K format to a quad density disc but not a 1.44 format to a 720K disc, George
George: i'm just glad my burned cds will will work on my old cd-rom drives
rich-c: actually DOS made little complaint on the first two discs but on the third I had to use a backup program to image it
rich-c: yes, there are some CD formats that are not universal in their ability to be used
rich-c: I use CDs to keep backup copies of all the neat stuff I download from the internet
George: exactly
rich-c: my CD burner program isnt acting properly but I have found workarounds
George: i have to get used to this new keyboard everything is in a different place
Daniel B: Want to see my last Coleco development? it's
rich-c: why? does it have more keys than you are used to?
Daniel B: it's a GUI to help using hi-tech c compiler for cp/m with windows.
Daniel B: i writed a few messages in some forums but i don't know if you see my messages.
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Daniel B: who is it?
changed username to Ron
Daniel B: Ron!
Ron: Yo!
rich-c: nothing I would use, Daniel, but I suspect Dr. D. and Dale and a couple of others will find it tremendous
rich-c: yo, Ron!
Ron: Large as life, twice as ugly
rich-c: gotten over the sorry tale of the Eskimos self-immolation yet?
Ron: Well, I suppose so, but ...the thought of the Grey Cup reside east pains me stilll
George: all the keys are in different places but it has the same amount of keys as the other keyboard
Ron: be back in a couple of minutes...gotta go make myself some lunch
rich-c: funny, I suspect Daniel doesnt mind at all
Ron: no, I don't imagine
Ron: brb
rich-c: strange - except for the keyboard Daniel uses, most are pretty standard in their key location
rich-c: except for laptops, of course, where they have to make wild compromises
George: this is a memorex keyboard
rich-c: didnt even know Memorex made keyboards
rich-c: maybe that's the problem - they are new to it and still learning how
George: i got it at the compusa for $7.99
Daniel B: URL :
Daniel B: sorry for the pupop ads
rich-c: not exactly top-line merchandise then, but doubtless perfectly servicable
George: keyboards are a generic item
Daniel B: i know... you are talking about keyboard and this link is about my GUI program named cci (coleco compiler interface).
rich-c: that's OK, I went quiet because I was writing down the URL
Daniel B: if someone with an english windows nt,2000 or xp could test it...
rich-c: are the French-Canadian keyboards sort of a semi-monopoly or do all the big outfits make them?
Daniel B: it's the last test i never done
rich-c: ouch - Dale works mostly in Linux and Dr. D. in Apple
Daniel B: my keyboard is a qwerty (standard one) but with more symbols on it... like "é"
George: i stay with win98se
rich-c: maybe Guy could help you, but he's out today
rich-c: you should have the c cedilla, cents sign, Euro sign, all the basic accents, don't you?
Daniel B: ok... someone here want to test CCI? just to confirm it's very easy to understand, very easy to use!
rich-c: what's involved in testing it? remember I cant get my Adam emulator to work either
Daniel B: Well, my keyboard (and driver) is based on french-canadian, not french international so i don't have the Euro sign
George: i'm too dopey to use many coleco programs
rich-c: ah, I thought the old pound sterling sign manual typewriters used to have had been replaced by the Euro sign
rich-c: I can remember when manual keyboards had 1/2 and 1/4 keys, too
George: i have a strange symbol on my 5 key
rich-c: basically is the French-Canadian market big enough to support a number of keyboard makers?
Ron: I have retoined
rich-c: I thought since management was basically a software thing it would just be the same as one sold in France
rich-c: my 5 key has the percentage sign - what does yours show, George?
rich-c: Geogre has bought himself a new computer, Ron
Ron: aha!
rich-c: and I covet a keyboard like Daniel's, with the extra keys
Ron: with the accents on it?
rich-c: yes, and there are other neat little things too often
Ron: ok
Ron: every now and then I want to get into my "Better review my french vocabulary mode" - the iMac will allow me to install a more international keyboard
George: it has a percent sign and what looks like a C with = in the middle after the 5
rich-c: Daniel needs someone to test out his GUI for hitech C compiler for cp/m in NT, 2000 or XP
Ron: This one probably will too, but I am not sure how to do it
rich-c: any idea who might be knowledgable enough to oblige him?
Ron: (the Duron that is)
rich-c: George, that sign you don't recognize is the Euro sign
Ron: circonflexaccent?
George: oh
Ron: you're right Rich
George: how does it work?
rich-c: the necessary software is standard in Windows, but it's no use if the keys arent on your keyboard
rich-c: unless you're dealing in European currency you dont need the Euro sign, George
George: thats good i don't go abroad
Ron: true. I know some people in Ottawa who used t paste little labels on the keys
Ron: showing what was where
rich-c: if you have three possible uses on one key, the third is often invoked with an Alt or Function key
Daniel B: brb
rich-c: my laptop keys are like that
Ron: must have been previously owned by a bilingual civil servant
rich-c: no, I meant in having the function variant, it doesnt have multilingual though
Ron: oh ok
Ron: Rich -- - this is slightly off topic - but
Ron: I have included a Powerpaint screen in the Xmas card for you and Frances
Ron: so you're in
rich-c: Dell got chintzy qith the regular qwerty assorment so had to ut the ones they omitted as function
rich-c: bless you, Ron, we appreciate that
Ron: waiting now for Dr. D.
rich-c: wish I could get my emulator going; some day I might take a bash at it myself
Ron: right....speaking of which .... believe there is an outstanding question you asked me, which still sits in my e--mail Inbox
rich-c: you may well be right - I too have other preoccupations
George: i didn't get to bed till 5:30am this morning for putting this system together
rich-c: I would never do anything like that, George
rich-c: mainly because by midnight I would not have the slightest clue as to what I was doing anyway
Ron: just looking at my e-mail
Ron: and it has to do with various items not loading under the emulator
George: it was a rush job to put my banking back online
Ron: SmartBASIC TDOS,most notably
rich-c: we do not bank online; Frances says doing it by telephone is much easier
rich-c: right Ron, but there are questions I didnt include
Ron: indeed
George: for me i save fees
rich-c: like, on that screen that says which ROMs to load, what do you put in the last box?
Ron: hmmm......I don't use the windows front end, but as I recall, that was only there for use if you want to play one or the
Ron: cart games. If not, leave it blank
rich-c: oh, and I cant get File Manager to load either, and that may well be the one I need most of all
Ron: but I'll load up the emulator, just a sec
Ron: right.... if the emulator detects anything about the startup disk that it doesn't like then it will default to Smartwriter
rich-c: it's the box marked "paths"
rich-c: starup disc?
Ron: How are you loading Filemanager?
Ron: Wait till I get my ADAMemAM set up
rich-c: bassically I go to the Images tab and put it in the drive A box
George: i can't too work right under dos with these new soundcards because the irq's and the dma's they use aren't supported
Ron: there ya see, if I did things the same way other people do 'em, I'd be on the same page at least
Ron: wait one
Ron: bringing it up on my laptop
George: i'm getting tired
Ron: I've been tired all morning George
rich-c: the Adam emulator should automatically detect your sound card, George
Ron: yes it should
George: it freezes
rich-c: yes, just barely lunchtime out your way, isnt it, Ron
Ron: 1 pm now. I didn't get back from the Hospital until afteer noon - Hospital ECU computer club
rich-c: how many computer groups are you in anyway, Ron?
Ron: ummm...... let me see...... I'm techie for that one (Lord help em) and also President of North Island Linux User group, and President of theComox Valley Mac User Group
Ron: and President of Comox Valley Community Information Society
Ron: that's all
Ron: and the only reason I'm President of all these things, is I can't say NO
George: good luck
Ron: I'm a people pleaser from away back
rich-c: I know, I went through the same thing with MTAG - if you dont do it the whole thing goes phffft
Ron: you got it
Ron: Ok so now....looking at ADAMEmMam
rich-c: OK, I've got teh paths for teh four basic ROM images in, now need the startup path
Ron: ok, so put in there the path to wherever you've got your emulator program located
rich-c: just realized - it tends to get upset if the printer isnt on, even if the printer isnt being used
Ron: in my case it's C:\windows\desktop\adam
Ron: Ok there should be a tab acrross the top
Ron: goto Images
rich-c: OK, in my case it was c:\ Adam Emulator
rich-c: my file names are so original
rich-c: got Imiages
Ron: oh yeah.... you enter your startup directory, which may or may not be the same as your adamem path
Ron: hey... whatever works!
rich-c: anyway, I'm in Images and A has the path to SmartBASIC
rich-c: hold on, I will try it and see what happens
Ron: Ok, so you're using that as Disk A?
rich-c: guess what? it worked!!!
Ron: wonder of wonders
rich-c: I got Intel-Load screen and picked File Manager
Ron: so you should also have a disk image for Filemanager
rich-c: in fact Basic came up asking "initialize Ramdisc y/n and I took y
George: i'm lost
Ron: Actually, now that I look at this thing, (ADAMEmMam) I wonder why I'm not using it
rich-c: I guess if I'd taken the Hello file on the subsequent menu I'd have got Basic
Ron: Except, as Cousineau always used to tell me, I'm not lazy enough.
rich-c: the old principle - if you want to find out the most efficient way to do the job, give it to the laziest guy in the office
Ron: yup
rich-c: wonder where Daniel has got to? we seem to have lost him
Ron: he said, "brb", but that was a while ago
rich-c: I guess if I move his games to my Disc Images folder I can load and play them from there
Ron: Sure wouldn't mind a copy of that SmartBASIC of yours Rich... the one that starts a RAMdisk
Ron: could you e-mail me the .dsk file?
rich-c: I just have the Adamem CD that we all got at Adamcon, Ron
Ron: Oh...maybe it's on there....never thought to look. Ok.. I've probably gotit
rich-c: if you don't, let me know and we'll fix it
George: is there a smartbasic.rom file?
Ron: re the images....yes.. easier if you have them in one spot
rich-c: no, SmartBASIC was software, never burned into a ROM (officially, anyway)
Ron: it's a disk image George for use on the emulator
Ron: Think Tony Morehen or BJ Lingrell could have done that, but so far as I know, Tony only did CP/M to load in place of Smartwriter
Ron: or TDOS rather
George: oh, i use files that have .rom extention
Ron: right...most of the games are .rom files
Daniel B: hello... i'm back!
Ron: I assume they load themselves into a different area of memory
Ron: re-HI Daniel
Daniel B: Ron! Rich! George!
George: they are the only ones i know how to work
rich-c: I think one of the Walters twins put SmartBASIC on a cartridge, Ron
rich-c: Ron, you should have teh file in your mailbox now
Ron: Hmmm....SmartDisk Cart?
Ron: I have that somewhere around here
Ron: yeah, come to think of it, the Walters bros. would make you a cart to order would they not....whatever you wanted on it?
Daniel B: I saw your messages.. you are talking about "dumping" my games into disk?
rich-c: no, just plain accessing them, Daniel - Ron wasw helping me to get Adamem responding
Ron: right
rich-c: yes, I think I still have one of their SmartDSK series carts in my inventory
Ron: that was it....SmartDSK
rich-c: actually I am going to have to trash a lot of my redundant Adam stuff soon
Daniel B: adamem? maybe you could try a DOS command line with the correct options like this "adamem -vi 0 -so 1 ...". Do you read the text file (about adamem)?
Ron: found it the most infuriating ADAM product I'd ever bought
rich-c: no, I had it on the screen, Daniel, I just needed some help filling in the blanks
Ron: that would have been my way of doing it Daniel, but Rich was using the Windows Front End for the Emulator (ADAMEmMAM)
Daniel B: oh.. I see!
Ron: which gives you fields for entering the various paths, and images, or ROMS you want to run
rich-c: well, Jim's SmartDSK came in three levels of power, maybe yours wasnt right for your purposes
Ron: Yes, I think I just bought the generic one, and somehow expected it to do more than it did
Daniel B: do you have a working .dsk file ?
Ron: As I recall it was one of these places where my understanding of the menu's and the wording thereon, was not the same as the author's
Ron: which made it tough to appreciate the setup
rich-c: Jim's talents were not literary
Ron: exactly
rich-c: very savvy technically but not good at explaining things
Ron: yup
Ron: However, I've noted - particularly with shareware, that can be a problem for non-professional programmers
rich-c: by the way, other than doing a restart, I don't seem to have any DOS access here in WIn98SE
Daniel B: adamem is a pure dos application. adamem doesn't work with windows long name.
Ron: OH?
Ron: that's wierd
Daniel B: This could explain
rich-c: yes, when you boot the Windows front end, it opens what is clearly a DOS window
Daniel B: the bug you have
Daniel B: do you use filename with space or with more than 8 caracters ?
rich-c: yes, I don't have the MS-DOS prompt in accessories or its subdirectories or in Control Panel
Ron: might have to reinstall it from your Win98 CD
Ron: Add/Remove Programs?
rich-c: there's no provision to do so in add software
Daniel B: wait a second
Ron: no, that's right....and what's it doing missing in the first place?
rich-c: same way, I don't have a fax program any more either
Daniel B: rich, go to "run..." in the "Start" menu of windows
rich-c: that's not quite true as I have Winfax in Norton Works
Ron: sounds like something got whacked
George: windows 98 did away with it
Daniel B: try typing "command" then return
Daniel B: if it doesn't work
Daniel B: try typing "cmd" then return
Ron: no that was ME George, wasn't it?
rich-c: I did have that disc failure way back when but did a restoration from a full Ghost image
George: win me has a dos window
Daniel B: every windows have DOS (emulated one sometimes)
rich-c: yes Daniel, is the core of DOS, and I can get it that way
Daniel B: good!
Ron: path is c:\windows\command
Ron: Isn't that where most of the pseudo-DOSstuff hangs out?
George: i think xp did away with it altogether
rich-c: just that I am used from Win95 to having the icon to click on and I miss the poor little thing
Daniel B: tell me, what is the full path for the adamem on your computer?
Ron: The devil you know vs the devil you don't
rich-c: c:\adam emulator
Daniel B: ok, I will extract the adamem in the same directory
Ron: c:\adam emulator or c:\adam\emulator
Daniel B: I will test the emulator to see if there is someting wrong with this longname path
Daniel B: where is your adamem frontend?
rich-c: it's OK Daniel, I think we have things under control now
rich-c: former, Ron
Daniel B: are you sure?
rich-c: I have Disc Images as a suddirectory within it
Ron: ok
rich-c: essentiall I created teh Adam Emulator directory then extracted teh zip file into it
Ron: should run from there, as long as you're logged into it
Daniel B: this directory ? "c:\adam\emulator"
rich-c: yes, with teh front end I havent tried running it from DOS, but I'm sure it would work
rich-c: I used c:\Adam Emulator actually, Daniel then extracted the zip file into it
rich-c: there is a lot of background here, Daniel, based on the Emulator session at Adamcon
Daniel B: ok, then you extract the adamem frontend in the same directory?
rich-c: Doug Slopsema burned a whole bunch of CDs so everyone in the group could have the program
rich-c: yes, Daniel
Daniel B: ok, i have do the same thing
rich-c: what bugged me was that I put it on my laptop at the convention and had it working just fine
rich-c: then I lost track or did something wrong at home and couldnt get it going again
rich-c: meanwhile I sent an image of the CD to Fred and he reported it worked fine for him
rich-c: anyway my next preoccupation I think will be to scrap a bunch of non-working Adams
Ron: Sorry sidetracked.
Daniel B: ok, it's working for me after a few configurations. I needed to set the paths carefully.
Daniel B: C:\Adam Emulator\Adamem.exe
Daniel B: C:\Adam Emulator\Eos.rom
Daniel B: C:\Adam Emulator\Wp.rom
Ron: Will have to leave you I'm afraid.... so we'll see you all Wed
Daniel B: C:\Adam Emulator\Os7.rom
rich-c: right, Daniel, once you get the paths set right it's all downhill from there
rich-c: OK Ron, thank you for the help and card, and see you Wednesday
Daniel B: I used one of the A.N.N. dsk files to test. I put the file in the same directory
Daniel B: bye ron
Ron: be well all
Ron left chat session
George: my ADAM is still working the printer is beat up though
Daniel B: where did you place the dsk file?
rich-c: yes, it ws that fifth path, just C:\Adam Emulator, that gave me problems
rich-c: that's on the images page; I used Disc A
rich-c: what's the problem with your printer, George?
Daniel B: ok, and you put something like this?
Daniel B: C:\Adam Emulator\Jan02ann.dsk
rich-c: actually, on the Images tab, I just browsed through the directory and picked what appealed
George: the casing and daisey wheel is smashed
rich-c: one gets spoiled in Windows
rich-c: if you'll send me the postage I'll happily send you a new casing if that's all you need
Daniel B: ok, so the dsk file is not in the same directory
rich-c: I have a subdirectory in Adam Emulator titled Disc Images
rich-c: that is whre, for instance, the SmartBASIC image I sent Ron is located
George: the ribbon and assembly was also wiped out
Daniel B: ok, and what is the name of the .dsk file ?
rich-c: oh, you need a whole new printer - they are very heavy and cost a lot to ship, I think $10 - $15
rich-c: it is just plain basic.dsk, Daniel
George: does that include the power supply that goes to the Adam?
rich-c: yes, the poweer supply is built into the printer
Daniel B: like this ?
Daniel B: C:\Adam Emulator\Disc Images\basic.dsk
rich-c: you can take it out but it is hardwired in
rich-c: I think that's teh path, yes
Daniel B: and what happend when you hit the "Launch" button?
rich-c: that particular one has been set up with Intel-Load to give a lot of options
George: it will take me a while to get the money order together
rich-c: no little prompt and "Colecoco SmartBASIC 1.0"
rich-c: rather a choice of programs including setting up a ramdisc
rich-c: I will weight a printer and see what it costs to ship, George
rich-c: I will let you know by email or in next Wednesday's chat
George: can you wait a while?
rich-c: anyway Danile I was online so didnt explore much but it was a lot more than just SmartBASIC showing up for duty
rich-c: I dont know - Frances is afer me to trash a lot of teh redundant Adam stuff
rich-c: anyway George lets see how much it is and then you can make your move accordingly
Daniel B: well, if you see the "choice" in a popup window, it probably means that the emulator can't run your dsk file.
George: the last time it took me a few months to send for the data drives
rich-c: sorry Daniel, I think I'm confusing you
rich-c: the emulator (once Ron set me straight) opened the DOS window and ran the file I called for
rich-c: it's just that the file I called for was more sophisticated than I expected
Daniel B: ok,.. i just wanted to help, to find what's wrong with adam emulator.
rich-c: it was labelled Basic which was there, but under a batch loader that offered several other goodies too
rich-c: PEBKEC
rich-c: sorry, PEBKAC
Daniel B: all this stuff is in the dsk file then...
George: i have to go i need to go to wal-mart i was putting it off
Daniel B: bye George
rich-c: yes, the CD is as far as I know just the stuff from de Kogel's site but packaged more conveniently
George: see you Wed.
rich-c: OK George, nite and see you Wednesday
Daniel B: maybe i will be online this wed.
George: bye
Daniel B: bye
rich-c: bye George
George left chat session
rich-c: it's nice to turn up when you can, Daniel
Daniel B: I have to go too... it's time to eat a little something
rich-c: you nevr know what you will get into - may be dull, may be lively, always different
rich-c: yes, Frances is back from shopping so I have to go too
Daniel B: I,m not 100% sure but sometimes a protected file makes the emulator crash.
rich-c: see you Wednesday, then
Daniel B: maybe wednesday...
rich-c: we shall hope so
Daniel B: bye
rich-c: bonsoir, maintenant
Daniel B: bon appétit!
Daniel B: bonsoir
rich-c: u revoir
Daniel B: à bientôt!
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