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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: as usual, you re pretty prompt
George: i need to do several things tonight
rich-c: are you getting your share of our nice cold weasther?
rich-c: and what sort of mischief re you plotting now?
George: right now i'm waiting for the washer to become free so i can do my laundry
George: yes, it's very cold
rich-c: on that you would have to compare notes with Pamela - she has an apartment washer too
George: ha ha
rich-c: we were within a couple of degrees of 0F night before last
George: we were in the teens F
rich-c: by your standards, that's cold
rich-c: looks as if we wont break freezing for the next 96 hours or so at least
George: yes we got an artic blast
rich-c: the bad news is teh weatherman has now changed his t8une
rich-c: instead of a warm dry winter we're now predicted to get a long, cold one
George: we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow
rich-c: seems they now think the el Nino airstream will dive way south and suck Arctic air down onto us in passing
rich-c: even six inches isnt much, though it can make driving a bit tricky
George: AK is warmer than us now
rich-c: we are having occasional flurries but they barely leave a dusting
rich-c: got a warm front up there still, have they?
George: our weather forcasters are having fits
rich-c: that does not surprise me
rich-c: our guys are pretty much saying right out on the long range that it's anybody's guess
George: they say the snow is too early here
rich-c: anyway our vintners are already deleriously happy - they have managed to get a third of the icewine crop picked already
rich-c: and yes, Dec. 3 is the earliest they have ever had the grapes ready to pick
rich-c: by the way, I weighed the printer
rich-c: given the tolerances on the scale, it seems to be around seven kilos
rich-c: add a kilo for packing and stuff and it would cost about $10 US to mail to you
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hiya fellas
rich-c: allo Robert!
George: it will take me a while to get the money order
rich-c: got here just in time; George seems stymied for anything to say
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: no rush George; if you want to take the risk, fold a ten-spot into a Christmas card so it wont show and send it that way
rich-c: anyway I will not be out of surplus Adam printers any time soon
George: time to check the laundryrom BRB
BobS: how's the weather over thewre rich????
rich-c: so how's things inGrand Rapids?
BobS: gettin ready to go cruisin
rich-c: we are out of the depths of cold but still not up to the freezing mark even by day
BobS: Fri AM we arte SOUTH
BobS: farn dingers and all
rich-c: right, whre are you going for how long this time?
BobS: be home next week SaturdayPM
rich-c: just you and Judy or in a group?
BobS: going to Cozemal Mexico, Jamaica and Grand Caymen
BobS: no, Doug & Meeka; my foks; sister and husband
BobS: 8 of us
rich-c: trust your ship isnt one of the ones with the Norwalk virus
BobS: HOPE not
rich-c: seems a fair few folks have had their cruises spoiled in the last couple of weeks with that
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: yes, and th papers here say it is NOT food or the ship, it is brought on board by passengers....
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
BobS: one ship they traced it to a passenger
rich-c: yes, it's a very nasty uncomfortable virus but not deadly I gather
BobS: hi Guy
rich-c: hey, here's something you guys can tell me
Guy B.: Well, got the heat back, but not until last Saturday.
rich-c: oh wow Guy, do they call you Bluenose for short?
George: i'm back, i wished my neighbor would remove their clothes from the washer
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: there's an etiquette about thse things, George, but I'm not sure what it is
BobS: how the heck did you manage until Sat?????
Guy B.: Well, I spent Thursday and Friday night at Jeanene's place while she was down south at her sisters.
BobS: tha works
rich-c: anyway, how big a hard disc will a Pentium 166MMX support (or the BIOS that goes with it)?
George: i have my oven on to keep warm
Guy B.: Should support up to the larger drives out there.
rich-c: more to the point, when did 2.1 gigs cease to be the limit?
George: when you need 60 gigs for all your files
rich-c: dont be a smartass, George
Guy B.: The new furnace was up on Friday, but there wasn't any heat coming out of it. The landlord had to call the guy back out. Apparently, the pilot was never lit. Then the washer went out. That was fixed Monday.
George: especilly with these new machines
rich-c: you are having a real fun time, Guy
Guy B.: My BIOS on the P133 supported only up to 2GB. But, I can get an upgrade that will support the newer drives out there.
George: i thought it was going to take forever to load my soundblaster audiology software
BobS left chat session
rich-c: OK, that gives me some idea - my old P166MMX desktop came with a 2.1 gig originally, but that was mostly a price consideration
Guy B.: It was no picnic Rich. The temp on Saturday before the heat was restored was 60 degrees. Now it's back to normal.
rich-c: you can live in 60 degrees, but it sure is no fun
rich-c: and we have certainly had a serious cold snap the last few days
rich-c: I finally relented and put the 3-1/2 beaver blanket on my bed
Guy B.: If you want to get a larger drive for the your P166, you can. When I got my 4.3, Western Digital detected that I had an older BIOS. So, a utility called EZ-BIOS was installed that will recognize the larger drive to Win95.
George: what happened to Bob?
rich-c: actually, Guy, I did put an 8.4 hard drive on it, but I may have been limited to 2.1 partitions
Guy B.: At least Abby, my dog. Took the situation with no problems.
rich-c: anyway, there is a PCMCIA hard disc of 8 or 9 gigs being offered locally at a good price
Guy B.: I divided my 4.3 up to four partitions and still I needed this EZ-BIOS in order for the system to recognize the larger drive.
rich-c: I am wondering if my Dell laptop would accept it
rich-c: don't recall having to redo my BIOS but may be having a senior moment - they are more frequent these days
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Guy B.: That's a good question. It should without any problems, since you are using a card and not the hard drive from the system.
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi all
rich-c: hello daughter, you're early
Pamela: where is everyone?
George: Hi Pam
rich-c: Bob just dropped out
Guy B.: Bob was here. Think he went down again.
George: Christmas shopping
Pamela: Just a warning - no filter between brain and "mouth" tonite
rich-c: that's OK - did you get a humungous email from Cynthia?
Pamela: no - should I have?
George: the turkey is all gone
rich-c: quite possibly - I got two copies which at over 140 megs each with attachements I could have done without
Pamela: what were they?
rich-c: considering you had an 18-pounder, George, that may be a triumph of sorts
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rich-c: some sort of funny being passed on
George: it went Saturday night
Pamela: oh, maybe she sent it to my work address
changed username to Ronf
Pamela: I wasn't there today
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
George: hi Ronf
Guy B.: What computer are you on tonight?
Ronf: Hello everyone
rich-c: hello Ron Forestiri - meet my daughter Pamela., George in Philadelphia and Guy in Chicago
Pamela: Ah, not our Left Coaster then - welcome, Ron
rich-c: folks, meet Ron, an Adam user from downtown Toronto
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Ronf: Hi Pam, George and Guy
Pamela: and a Torontonian - doubly welcome
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
Pamela: Morning, James
Guy B.: Welcome Ron, We usually have Ron Mitchell. Hopefully he will be coming on later.
james: morning. how is everyone?
Guy B.: Hi James, how are things in Japan?
Pamela: okay
George: Hi James
rich-c: hey, just got a superneat program from Japan
james: busy, rainy and mild
Ronf: Sorry I was late joining in I was at an art class
james: what did you get, rich?
Pamela: just a warning to everyone -I have a considerable number of T1's in my system so am not filtering properly
james: i finally got my sugar maple seedlings so now i have to figure out where i want to put them
rich-c: it's a really well made paint paint program, comparable to Fran's best Amiga programs - free
George: a Japanese virus
Guy B.: Bring that weather here. It's cold and we had 5 inches of lake effect snow dumped on us this week.
james: i could use the snow
Pamela: don't feel bad Guy, we're at minus 10C tonite
james: as it is i have to do some weeding, hell knows when, or i'll have a nasty task this spring
rich-c: anyway, james, it's called pixia
George: i'm waiting for my 6 inches
james: and it's for amiga?
rich-c: you can get it at (I think that's right)
rich-c: they are looking for a native English speaker to clean up the English language documentation
james: @rich - what system is it for?
rich-c: Windows - as I said, comparable to Amiga which was historically noted for quality graphics
james: interesting
George: before windows
james: that url comes up 404. i'll do a google search
rich-c: if you like such things, take a look - it is seriously well done
james: ronf, are you new here?
Ronf: Yes, first time joining in
james: meant to type "pixia" and it somehow came out of my figers as "pizza".. lol
james: welcome
Ronf: Thanks
Pamela: Ron, where do you live in T.O.?
james: always good to see people. i'm semi-non-regular. i get on when i can
Ronf: West end, Parkdale
George: which Ron is Which?
rich-c: james, make that tacmi-co-jp
Pamela: good choice. I'm in Weston.
rich-c: Ronf is new and from Toronto
Ronf: Just for everyones info, Ronf is 53
rich-c: we were talking on teh phone earlier and I suggested he join us
Ronf: An oldie but goodie
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changed username to BobS
james: that could be evil ron now
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: I'm glad you did join us
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Guy B.: Bob's back. What happened to you?
rich-c: welcome back, Bob - finally got it working again?
changed username to Meeka
BobS: HI guys and dolls
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
George: welcome back Bob
Pamela: Hi, Meeka!
Meeka: Hello
james: hi boobs
james: i mean bobs
BobS: nope, can't get he network connection to work tonight
rich-c: hey, Meeka. when did you slip in? - welcome
BobS: ops James
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
james: lol
Meeka: lol, just now
George: hi Meeka
BobS: MR Mitchell
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Pamela: thanks, Guy just what I need - now I'll be wide awake and stoned
BobS: the darn progrma runs great under the emuloator
rich-c: nope, it isnt Mitch - it's a new guest
Guy B.: Hope your hungry Bob
rich-c: that's why the F like the -c in mine
BobS: ok........solly cholly
BobS: and this new guy is????????
George: now don't everyone logon at once
BobS: Im hungry !!!!!!!
Pamela: oh good, what's for dinner?
Guy B.: You got the caffeine free one tonight Pam
Pamela: thanks Guy : )
Meeka: lol, you have to wait for midnight buffet
Pamela: but . . . but . . but . . .
Guy B.: Bob, you ate that hot potato already?
BobS: yup
rich-c: Bob and Meeka are practicing up for the cruise ship
BobS: had BUTTER onit too!!!!!
Pamela: ah, a slippery hot potato
BobS: se are DIETING......STARVING until Sat
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Guy B.: Have another one!
Pamela: bob, you were supposed to duck
(rich-c reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
Pamela: Daddy!
BobS: ih sorry
Ronf: By the way Rich that Coleco game was already sold, too bad
Guy B.: Hey! Now Windows went down.
George: i'm having the last of my pumpkin pie
Pamela: neat trick
rich-c: to be honest, Ron, I won't weep - as I mentioned, I'm sort of overloaded right now
james: not that it's any of my business, but what game was that?
Ronf: Venture on a cartridge
james: cool
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: are the ADAMEM man.............
james: maybe *that's* evil ron
Ronf: It was one of the few I was reasonably good at
Pamela: BRB
BobS: works as a disk file in ADAMEM, but when it is transferred to ADAM disk, won't run
BobS: WHASSUP ??????
changed username to Xmascard.pp
rich-c: ah so, the Other Ron joins us
BobS: can reed the thing in filemanager, but it won't boot
Pamela: Mr. Mitchell, i presume?
BobS: no joy in mudville, sir !!!!!
BobS: how feelin??????
BobS: him's gots the flu
Xmascard.pp: Nay, Mme. Pamela, it is not the Mighty Mitchell...
George: huh?
rich-c: may be your disc image is subtly defective, Bob
Pamela: ah, then it must be the great Dr. D
Xmascard.pp: It is the author of 7 Xmascards in PowerPaint format this year...
rich-c: but the assembly of the card is a Pacific Coast project
BobS: must be.........I even replaced the boot block and the BASIC program to no avail
Xmascard.pp: Yep, Dr. D.
BobS: THAS what is the matter
Pamela: and how was your thanksgiving guest?
Xmascard.pp: The disk image Ron sent me worked fine in ADAMem, but I have no idea if it works on a real ADAM or not; I didn't try.
Xmascard.pp: As for the Thanksgiving guest...
Pamela: he was delicious?
BobS: that is my problem dr d
Xmascard.pp: He was quite welcome at the meal, and quite delicious.
rich-c: lessee - one for you, one for Joan, one for each of the girls - what's with the seventh?
Xmascard.pp: Nary a bit of him now remaineth.
BobS: first he sent me a 1.44 disk image which I did not have any idea how to make into a 160k
Pamela: but faith, he is but a memory
George: is there going to be an ADAM CHAT CHRISTMAS NIGHT?
BobS: then I got a 160k version but ADAM won't play it
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Pamela: I think we're gonna have ot move it, George
changed username to Ron
Pamela: That's Mr. Mitchell
Pamela: Hi, Ron
BobS: even replace SmartBASIC and the boot block
rich-c: now that's a good question, George - didnt realize Christmas is a Wednesday
Xmascard.pp: I don't really know what I got, I just saved the attachment, FTPed it to my 486, and ran ADAMEM -diska card-02.dsk
Ron: Yo!
George: Hi other Ron
Pamela: Hello, I brought that up two weeks ago
rich-c: ah, now we have teh Other Ron
Pamela: didn't anyone notice?
BobS: ahso
BobS: nope, he is layin low
Xmascard.pp: "Other" Ron, who is the first one? Ron Collins?
BobS: get all tha on the xmas disk sir??????
james: sorry folks, was on the fone
Ron: Got the file Bob, just about to see what I can do with it
Pamela: no, he's a newcomer Rich - from Toronto
Xmascard.pp: Hi, Newcomer-From-Toronto-Ron!
BobS: tried to transfer with adam-dos also, no luck
Ronf: Hello
BobS: i can READ the disk in the ADAM but it won't work
Ron: hmmm.....
Ron: one of these years, we gonna get it right
BobS: worked last year
rich-c: no, Ron and Rich, we have a new Adam owner with us tonight
BobS: and 2 yrs ago
Pamela: Ron, not to confuse the matter but Rich C is my Dad (in Toronto) and Rich D (Xmascard.pp) is in Cleveland
Pamela: these duplicates are going to start getting confusing
Ron: yeah fer sure eh
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: dont worry, Pam, he's been warned
Xmascard.pp: Well, I could just change to the boring old regular Dr.D....
changed username to Daniel B
Pamela: yeah, but that would be boring
Daniel B: hello everybody!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Xmascard.pp: ...or bring back our turkey friend, Meleagris :-)
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Daniel B: Sorry.. I<m late
Ron: Bob, I actually did find a 5-1/4 and put it in, and got exactly the same result you did
Pamela: bonjour!
Guy B.: Dr. D
Ron: so much for DCOPY
BobS: hiya Daniel
Xmascard.pp: Hello Guy and Daniel.
George: Hi Daniel
james: bonjour daniel
BobS: I can read it fine, in the emulator AND the ADAM, but it won't run
Guy B.: What about Dcopy?
Daniel B: Who is Xmascard.pp ?
rich-c: Ron, Daniel is doing graduate studies at Laval
BobS: won't even boot BASIC
james: dr d
Daniel B: rich .. yeah
rich-c: he writes Colecovision games on the side
Ron: who is xmascard.pp?
Pamela: Dr. D
james: dr d
Guy B.: That's Dr. D
Xmascard.pp: is homage to all the PowerPaint-format Christmas cards I made for the A.N.N. Christmas Disk this weekend.
james: just in case you didn't hear ;)
BobS: tranferred good BASIC and boot block over but still same result
Ron: you got an answer Dr. D. - ?
Xmascard.pp: How many did I send you, RonM, 7?
Guy B.: Who is having trouble using Dcopy?
Pamela: there's an echo in here
james: how are things on the wet coast, ron?
BobS: all of us Guy
Ron: Bob can see my tongue flappin' but nothin's comin' out
George: oh, Hi Dr. D
Ron: whatever I send him, he can't convert
Guy B.: Ok, what are you trying to copy?
Daniel B: Dear Dr.D, I want to know IF you still have the coleco bios informations because I need to check something.
Xmascard.pp: Not sure I came in on the beginning of the discussion of the problem.
Ron: the Christmas card
Guy B.: What size disk?
BobS: I have used DCOPY many times and it works great
Ron: since I do not have (or didn't have) a 5-1/4 here, I originally sent it on a 3-1/2 inch 1.4 megger
Ronf: It was nice to join in but I must go now, bye to all
Xmascard.pp: Yes I do, Daniel, oops, I never made those photocopies...bad Dobby, bad, BAD!!! (bonk bonk bonk) <Harry Potter humor there>
Ron: He got that, and it actually worked under the emulator
Pamela: Ron F., you will come again, won't you?
rich-c: OK Ronf, thanks for dropping by
Xmascard.pp: Good-bye, Ronf.
George: huh?
BobS: see ya aagain RonF ok????????
Ronf: I have your time spot in my reminder list, hope to see you all again
George: bye Ronf
Pamela: until next week then
Guy B.: Sames here only for the standard Coleco disk. I tried the 320K, but I get read errors. What I haven't tried is convdisk. I think this will work.
Guy B.: Bye Ronf
Ronf left chat session
Pamela: I got it, Rich
BobS: convdisk........another maniacal program methinks
Xmascard.pp: It was for Daniel's benefit, not sure if he is a Potterite.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Is that the official designation?
changed username to Bella
Xmascard.pp: Go see Chamber of Secrets!!!!
Ron: then sent a 160k version by using Filemanager on the emulator to copy all the files from the 1.4 meg floppy to a 160 k floppy created on the emulator
rich-c: hello Bella, whoever you may be - do you have red hair?
Ron: that also worked here, but Bob can
Xmascard.pp: Not's better than Potty-mouth :-)
Guy B.: That program will work with the other disk sizes. That's one of my next projects I'm planning to do.
Ron: can'
Ron: cant copy it back
Bella: right on target Uncle Richard
Pamela: I will Rich - Russell and I have a date for Monday night
Pamela: Hi, Rin
Bella: howwdy Pam
Ron: sorry about my typing - I'm running a fever of about 101.8 and it's killed my fingers
Bella: Hi all!
George: Hi Red
Xmascard.pp: 101.8!!! Gack, get to bed, sir!
Pamela: Ron, you should be in bed
rich-c: got a note from your Mom tonight, Rin, but havent had time to look at it
BobS: hmmmmmmmmm.......think I can just steal, the files and slides.def and make it work??????
Ron: I know
Guy B.: Holy cow! You need rest Ron.
Ron: If it wasn't for this problem I would
rich-c: just downloaded teh email before coming on line
Xmascard.pp: Can't it wait a few days?
BobS: forget this problem GO TO BED
Ron: that's what I was thinking Bob, gonna try sending them to you as a zio
Bella: @rich-c that's cool she sent to the wrong email last night so she will be happy to know it was rec'd
Ron: zip
BobS: I got some ideas I wnat ot try yet tomorrow
Xmascard.pp: This is a non-maskable interrupt, Ron: Hie thee to thy bedstead!
Ron: when are you going on your cruise Bob?
Pamela: what was it, Rin?
BobS: Fri AM
Ron: ok
Bella: @pam- what was what?
BobS: got packed tonight so got time myself tomorrow nite
Pamela: the huge e-mail
Ron: ok
rich-c: well actually Rin I got three - duplicates of a humungous fwd and a brief test message
BobS: wnats to know if youa re packed?????????
rich-c: that
rich-c: s text, Rin
Meeka: almost, I have everyting together, but not in the suitcase yet
Xmascard.pp: Yes, I got Bellarosa's humour E-mail.
Bella: ahhh---the first was a note to Aunt Frances and Uncle Richard as well as a joke thingy
Daniel B: is it possible to receive the coleco bios informations this winter?
Bella: you like that Dr. D?
Ron: Ok guys, I'm gonna depart. Will try to get the thing t o you tomorrow Bob
Pamela: okay - I wasn't at work today so didn't know if it went to me as well
Bella: yeah it went to u too
Xmascard.pp: Daniel: yes. Soon. I promise.
Bella: nite Ron
BobS: need help???????? TOUGH
Ron: no arguement
Pamela: Good night Ron - fell better
Ron left chat session
Pamela: feel!
Xmascard.pp: Re: humour, I guess it's okay for guy-bashing type stuff :-)
Bella: LOL
George: nite Ron
Pamela: Erin, where did she send mine?
rich-c: OK Ron, get teh snooze and guard your health
Bella: to your work
Bella: i would have sent it to your home but i know how often u check that
Pamela: Okay, as long as it's not something important that I missed, I'll get it tomorrow
rich-c: Pam, why weren't you at work today?
Xmascard.pp: But if it's true that the reindeer who're pulling Santa's sleigh are female, then that just means the male reindeer are sitty cozy and warm at home in front of the TV, doing fun guy stuff, I freezing your kiester on a trans-world winter flight :-)
BobS: played hooky eh???????
Xmascard.pp: Oops, sitting cozy.
Pamela: I had a two hour dental appointment this morning for a crown involving a lot of drilling
Bella: tis true
rich-c: as in, being at work would have been a lot more fun
Xmascard.pp: So who's is the "superior" intellect, Khan? :-)
Pamela: and knew I wouldn't be in any shape to work afterwards, so I took a VACATION DAY - Bob-
Xmascard.pp: Gack, 'whose'...bad grammar today.
George: all my windows went away
rich-c: Dr. D. - ask any cat
Xmascard.pp: You chucked your Pentium out the window, George?
rich-c: hoorah! the Defenstration of Gates!
Pamela: You're right, Dad - it would have been a lot more fun. Hence, the T1's
George: they all went to min
rich-c: T1s?
Xmascard.pp: Pam at the dentist, sounds like no fun.
Pamela: Tylenol 1's with codeine
Bella: only T1's
rich-c: you on the new computer, George?
Bella: that sucks
George: no
Pamela: hence, no filter between brain and "mouth"
Xmascard.pp: Lucky you didn't get the Howard-Fine-Howard anaesthetic!
rich-c: oh, thought maybe you had unresolved configuration issues
Pamela: so if I say anytning offensive, I apologize in advance
George: i must have hit a wrong or something
Pamela: and what's that, Rich?
rich-c: what makes you think in Windows there's a right?
Xmascard.pp: The big hammer that goes BONK! on the head...(Moe) Howard, (Larry) Fine, (Curly) Howard...
George: up or down
Guy B.: Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk
rich-c: who's them?
Xmascard.pp: Woo-hooooo
Xmascard.pp: ?!?!?!?Richard?!?!?!
Pamela: gotcha. Yeah, there's something to be said for topical anaesthetics
Xmascard.pp: I prefer going to Bermuda for tropical anaesthetics!
George: ho ho ho
rich-c: they comedians or something?
Pamela: a little known group called the Three Stooges, Dad
Xmascard.pp: There are three of them...does that help?
rich-c: oh, I think I heard someone mention them once'
George: no
Guy B.: That's Curly's famous line.
rich-c: no?
George: too old for me
Xmascard.pp: My favorite lowbrow knockabout comedians.
rich-c: oh, I quit after Jack Benny and Fred Allen left radio
Pamela: I've noticed something - either you love them or you hate them and it's usually divided along gender lines
BobS changed username to Judy
Daniel B:
Judy: Hi, all
George: WHO?
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: hello, Judy, when did you slip in?
Bella: Hi Judy
Judy: Bob is taking a break and let me have the computer
Xmascard.pp: Elanor loves 'em, Diana and Gretchen too. I think Christina can take 'em or leave 'em.
George: Hi Judy
rich-c: or are you taking over from Meeka?
Meeka: lol, hello Mom
Pamela: nope, Meeka is still here - but she's very quiet!
Judy: no, she doesn't live here
Meeka: nope, I am here
Daniel B: hello judy
George: hee hee hee
Pamela: Erin, did K explain what she was talking about in her email?
Bella: yup
Pamela: 'kay
Pamela: just wanted to check
Bella: i need to get her address from u as well
Guy B.: HI Judy
Pamela: physical address?
moved to room Meeting Place
Bella: well where she will be for Xmas
left chat session
Judy: hi, Guy how is your life?
Bella: want her to get her card
Xmascard.pp: Oh the heat, I had forgotten!!!
Pamela: I'm not sure I know it - hang on, i'll check
Xmascard.pp: Well, Guy clearly hasn't frozen to death yet.
rich-c: Pam, your Ma wants to know what happened with the oven
Bella: hi Aunt Frances!!!
Judy: did you get your heat back?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, there I'm am.
Xmascard.pp: "Aunt Frances"...reminds me, I got to talk to my 98-year-old great aunt tonight, for the first time in about 10 years.
Bella: oh wow 10 years?
Xmascard.pp: We're going to visit her on Monday; Christina wants to interview her for a class project.
Guy B.: The new furnace was installed on Friday. The guy had to be called back out since no heat was coming out of it. So, finally came back on Saturday.
Pamela: Okay, I'm back. Erin, I do have it - will email it shortly. Dad, tell Mom that the lower element is the one that's for heating and it's working fine as far as I can tell
Bella: cool -- thanks
Daniel B: did i miss something (I am not in the adamcon mailing list)
rich-c: OK will pass it on Pam
Guy B.: I spent the Thursday and Friday nights at Jeanene's while she was down south at her sisters.
Judy: at least you had a place to stay
rich-c: no Daniel, these are just sort of family mattersr
Guy B.: I brought Abby with me too and she chased Zoe, Jeanene's cat behind the sofa.
rich-c: Pamela has her own place and Erin is in Windsor
Judy: must have gotten really cold in there if the weather is anything like it is here
Pamela: Erin, just sent the address off to you. That's good until the wedding.
Guy B.: The temp in my apartment on Saturday was 60 degrees and boy did I feel it.
james left chat session
Bella: awesome it just popped up
Bella: thanks
Pamela: Did they get the furnace fixed eventually, Guy?
Pamela: You're welcome Rin
Guy B.: A new one was installed Pam.
Pamela: cool - or should I say warm?
Daniel B: somebody here use a PC with Windows 2000 or XP (english of course)
Guy B.: I use Win2000 at work.
rich-c: sorry, I'm still on 98SE
George: test
Pamela: as am I
Pamela: you're here George
Guy B.: Win98 SE at home.
Daniel B: I need someone to test my CCI under Windows 2000,nt or XP in english version.
George: i goy sticky keys
Guy B.: CCI?
Xmascard.pp: WinEOS for me :-)
Pamela: is that from the pumpkin pie George?
Daniel B: Coleco Compiler Interface : it is a frontend
George: or whipped cream
Guy B.: Yikes! I know for sure work won't allow it. So, that's out.
Pamela: ah.
Pamela: Erin, I never heard from your Mom - is Sabrina farther along than we thought or is she having twins, or what?\
Bella: tomorrow is her ultra sound
Xmascard.pp: Wide screen stereo!
Pamela: I thought that was supposed to be a couple of weeks ago?
George: yuk
rich-c: hey,when did we lose james?
Pamela: George, use rubbing alcohol to clean your keys - it works well to dissolve the stickies and dries quickly
Bella: no that was just her first app't
Pamela: oh - I must have misunderstood
Bella: that's ok
Bella: we'll know tomorrow though so that will be cool
Pamela: now I'm dying to know
Daniel B: if someone here want to test CCI, URL :
Daniel B: it will takes a couple of minutes
George: i just heard a funeral director dumped bodies in a ditch
Pamela: old news George - they're trying that case now, I think
rich-c: that's old news, George, they got him in jail already
Pamela: wasn't that in Georgia or something?
George: here
George: today
Xmascard.pp: bleh, charming news
rich-c: Guy, even in 98, isnt Daniel's compiler your sort of thing?
Judy: Dr D what is with the Xmascard.pp?
Pamela: Rin, you'll have to call me tomorrow night and let me know the results (but call between eight and nine if you can).
Bella: okie dokie
Meeka: ok, I better run. I have a few thing to do yet tonight. see ya all in a few weeks
Bella: nite Meeka
Pamela: Have fun Meeka - how long are you all gone for?
rich-c: OK Meeka, enjoy the cruise
Judy: bye Meeka, if you need anything just call
rich-c: and be careful if you go ashore in Jamaica
Judy: we will, have been there before, a beautiful island
Xmascard.pp: Bye Meeka.
Meeka: night all, Pam it is a week long
rich-c: beautiful island, population can be a problem
Pamela: enjoy, enjoy and come home with a great tan
Meeka left chat session
Judy: need to have a good driver there, alot of drug problems
Daniel B: I have done only the frontend for windows... the compiler is hi-tech c compiler for cp/m... and running under 22nice (cp/m emulator for dos)
Daniel B: all you have to do is to follow the steps (click-click here, click-click there)
rich-c: 22nice seems like a related program to 22disc
Daniel B: it s relates
Daniel B: related
rich-c: Sydekm or whatever?
Pamela: Judy, did you get this year's Snowbabies ornament yet?
Judy: no, I haven't bought any this year
Judy: they have some really cute new ones though
Pamela: There's one in the Avon brochure holding a star with a CZ in the center
Judy: I haven't seen the Avon brochure
Pamela: or is it a letter? I can't remember exactly
Pamela: You might not see this one anyway - it's in the Canadian version
rich-c: other than the internet code for teh Czech Republic, what is CZ?
Daniel B: The idea of my CCI it's "you don't have to know how to use the compiler"
Judy: I have on hol;
Pamela: cubic zirconia
rich-c: I should have known better than to ask
Judy: sorry, the one holding a letter, it is a bell
George: oh boy, they are talking about smallpox again
Xmascard.pp: Bleh, I'm wondering if Ron gave me his bug...I am starting to feel not so well...
Pamela: this one was definitely an ornament
Pamela: gives new meaning to bug in the system, Rich
rich-c: I suspect your sleeping hours may have some relationship, Rich
Xmascard.pp: I was fine before, getting shivery all of a sudden, bleh.
Xmascard.pp: House is warm enough.
Judy: I don't think you can get something though the internet Dr D
Daniel B: The result of the little test I ask you to do with my CCI : result.rom
George: i have a sore throat
rich-c: any suncruisers back recently with Norwalk virus attached?
Xmascard.pp: Tomorrow is the last robot class of the semester, then the Egg Hunt is Saturday 14.12.
Pamela: I'm a bit queasy, but that's related to the Tylenol
Xmascard.pp: I'll send out an E-mail reminder so you can all watch the live webcast.
Pamela: you can get sick on the 15th then Rich
Judy: yes, on the Disney ship
rich-c: please do, those can be fun and this one wont conflict with a race or football game
Guy B.: Well folks. Got to check the e-mail. Won't be on this Saturday. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Xmascard.pp: I should also have the webcam live again in the robot lab by sometime tomorrow morning (EST -0500),
Bella: nite Guy
Daniel B: bonne nuit Guy!
rich-c: OK Guy, next week t'will be - see you then
Xmascard.pp: Bye Guy, stay warm.
Judy: bye Guy, talk to you in a couple of weeks
George: nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Bella: i think my pillow is calling me
Pamela: what is it calling you?
Xmascard.pp: I had to take it down to for the move to the Science Center on Tuesday for the dress rehearsal, and haven't put it back up yet.
Bella: my pillow
rich-c: little hint, Rin, about one of your constituent/ suppliers
Xmascard.pp: Don't know how to say pillow in Italian, Bella.
rich-c: if Pelee Island offers you some Late Harvest Riesling - take it; you'll like it
Xmascard.pp: Bellapillo has a certain alliteration.
Daniel B: it's a wonderful sensation to create a rom file for ColecoVision. :)
Xmascard.pp: Belladonna (a bad poison)
Bella: i know how to say Merry Christmas....that's about it
Xmascard.pp: Bela Lugosi :-)
Xmascard.pp: Belarus :-)
Pamela: If you insist on going to bed, then don't forget to call me tomorrow with the results okay?
Bella: Buon Natale
Pamela: Belasarius
Bella: hehehe
rich-c: try joyeux noel
Pamela: nope, that's french Dad
Daniel B: yep it s french
Xmascard.pp: fršhliche Weihnachten
rich-c: oh, italian is buono natale, I think
Pamela: Feliz Navidad
Xmascard.pp: Rats, it ate my o-umlaut
Bella: :oD
Xmascard.pp: Bono Natalie, Sonny & Cher's secret kid...
rich-c: you gotta get Daniel to send you a French-Canaidan keyboard!!!
Bella: LOL
Pamela: tee hee
Pamela: first keyboards that can't spell, now hungry keyboards - what's next?
Bella: y'all have a wonderfully, extra-specially cozy evening!!!
Xmascard.pp: "tehe sayd she, and klepte the window to"
rich-c: nite Rin
Pamela: Gnite Rin, sweet dreams
George: here it comes!
Xmascard.pp: Good night Bella Hibernia.
Bella: Ciao
Judy: night Erin talk to you later
George: Nite Balla
Bella left chat session
Pamela: So Judy, you all iwll be back here on the 18th, right?
Pamela: farn dingers
Xmascard.pp: Meesa gettin' really chilly, so meesa thinks meesa gon' go to sleep...
Judy: do you have any snowbabies, Pam?
Pamela: nope - but ever since you brought them up, I have started noticing them around
Xmascard.pp: Wrong time of year to get sick, indeed.
rich-c: right, Rich, take it easy and get a good sleep - yu seem to need one
Xmascard.pp: Hope you like my Xmas cards when you finally get them on the A.N.N. disk.
Judy: they make a great looking tree
Pamela: Take our advice to Ron and go to bed, Rich
rich-c: we will be looking forward to it
Xmascard.pp: I can also put them up as GIFs somewhere, if that wouldn't make BobS mad :-)
Xmascard.pp: Good night, all.
rich-c: nite now
Pamela: that's be nice Rich
Pamela: G'nite
Judy: we will be back on the 14th
Xmascard.pp: <zzzzzzzz>
Xmascard.pp left chat session
Pamela: I'll bet they do Judy. Now that I've seen more of them I'm starting to notice how cute they are.
rich-c: getting about time for me to shut it down
George: now they say we are getting a foot of snow
Pamela: I'm thinking I'd better haul my stoned carcass to bed too. I hate this feeling.
Judy: I don't like some of the new ones, the farm ones, they are painted red and have a barn to go with them
Pamela: I haven't seen those.
rich-c: I'll be interested to hear the final figure Saturday, George
Pamela: Just the white ones so far.
rich-c: anyway think I'd best leave you till then
George: probably squat
Judy: night , Pam I think I will call it a nite too
rich-c: goodnight, everyone
Pamela: okay then I guess it's goodnite to all
Pamela: Nite Daddy
George: nite all i'm going
Pamela: Judy, hope you all have a wonderful time
Pamela: we want all the details when you return
Judy changed username to BobS
rich-c: geronimo!
rich-c left chat session
George left chat session
BobS: WOW, I must have bad breath !!!!!!
Pamela: No, just bad timing Bob. Have a great tripk, okay?
BobS: so we will talk at ya in 2 weeks all tanned, full of good food, salty from the water........
BobS: be good and STAY SAFE !!!!!
Pamela: enjoy it for us all.
BobS: OK. will do
Pamela: you too. I'm outta here.
BobS left chat session
Daniel B: bonne nuit
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel.
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela: Bonne nuit, Daniel
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