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rich-c: test
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changed username to Georgy Porgy
rich-c: hello
rich-c: george
Georgy Porgy: Hi Rich
rich-c: decided to play teh name game, have you?
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changed username to Dr.D.
Georgy Porgy: kind of
rich-c: greetings, Dr. D
Georgy Porgy: Hi Dr.D
rich-c: interesting, you do teh day Dr. D plays it straight
Georgy Porgy: Hee Hee
Dr.D.: Yeah, I'm myself tonight.
rich-c: quite, it's George who decided on a new tack
rich-c: so Rich, did you get Daniel his program yet?
Dr.D.: Not feeling too funny after Jerry Vrancks' news from yesterday...
rich-c: PJ phoned me this morning - she was just on her way out to start chemotherapy
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hi all!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Georgy Porgy: Hi Daniel
Dr.D.: Hello Danie../
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't stay... I'm at the university right now and i will go home soon.
Dr.D.: oops, Daniel...
rich-c: oh, is your home computer still hors de combat?
Georgy Porgy: Huh?
Daniel Bienvenu: not now, it's simply because I record something from computer to VHS.. 6 hours of japanese animations
rich-c: Daniel had some hard disc problems, George
Dr.D.: Re: PJ and chemo, I fear it's too little, too late.
rich-c: to each his own - I'm afraid that's not the way I use my computer
Georgy Porgy: too much VHS on his hdd
rich-c: but then you likely get more overall satisfaction out of yours
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Daniel Bienvenu: it's not movies it's like many little animations (30minutes each animation)
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: Daniel and George: Patricia Herrington, long-term Adam figure and organizer of Adamcon 01, is gravely ill
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: evening, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: gravely ill?
rich-c: brain cancer
Georgy Porgy: Hi Guy
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
rich-c: until this year, she and Dale were the only people to attend every Adamcon
Daniel Bienvenu: i don't know what to say... it's not my fault!
Guy B.: I heard about PJ. How is everyone taking it?
rich-c: hard and harder, Guy - as Daniel observes, we don't know what to say
Dr.D.: Christina and Elanor are rather glum (I told them last night).
Dr.D.: I asked them to make some Christmas cards to mail out ASAP.
Guy B.: I was in complete shock.
rich-c: yes, Pamela is pretty shook too - I told her this evening
Dr.D.: Breast cancer metastasized to brain...very very bad. She doesn't have much time left, I am afraid.
rich-c: of course we knew about her battle with breast cancer last summer, and there is always teh risk of metastasis
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go now... like i said, i can't stay... bye! take care! bonne nuit!
rich-c: you're right Rich - I lost one of my aunts that way many years ago
Dr.D.: IIRC she waited a long time before deciding to have the surgery, and then refused all chemo as followup.
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
Guy B.: And she really was fighting to beat it.
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - a la prochaine
Guy B.: Bye Daniel.
Georgy Porgy: bye Dan
rich-c: I think there was a lot of denial
Daniel Bienvenu: goodbye everyone! *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu: denial... it's like my name...
rich-c: a sort of anagram...
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: anyway, she has apparently finished a course of radiation therapy and started chemo today
rich-c: she already has hearing, vision and balance problems
Georgy Porgy: i'm at a loss for words
Dr.D.: If it were me, I would be putting my affairs in order, and arranging for morphine 24/7 ad libitum. That's what I decided after watching my mom's sister fight with breast cancer metastasized to bone.
rich-c: we all are, GeorgAdam people are special, and PJ is among the most special of all
Dr.D.: Hope is one thing, but some things are just "Game Over".
Dr.D.: And the expense of dragging it out is not worth it to those left behind IMHO.
Dr.D.: I guess I sound cold and callous, but I really have thought this one through for myself, long ago.
rich-c: I've known Pat almost since I started with the Adam - edging on towards 20 years
rich-c: yes, there is a time to stop fighting
Dr.D.: I think I will send her color printouts of my PowerPaint Xmas cards, since I don't think she has a system together to view them otherwise.
Georgy Porgy: it hurts, i've had too many loved ones die on me
rich-c: Pat remarked that the one consolation is now she can do whatever she pleases
rich-c: she didnt say anything about the constraints of physical limits - but that we need not ask
rich-c: I regret to tell you, George, that it never gets any easier
Georgy Porgy: boy, that's just what i needed
rich-c: so far we havent lost too many from our community - Tom Keene is one I can think of, but that was a while back
rich-c: David Cobley wont last much longer, but then he's well on in years anyway
Dr.D.: One of the Bobs from Florida I thought was killed in a car wreck...can't remember the last name, but I think his wife was named Dottie.
Georgy Porgy: i already miss my Mom this time of year, now i'll be alone for Christmas
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rich-c: yes, I lost my mother some few years back, to ALS, on Pearl Harbour Day
changed username to BAIR
rich-c: greetings to the Bir
rich-c: that's Bair
Dr.D.: Bob Bair, hello!
Georgy Porgy: Hi Bair
BAIR: Hi every one
rich-c: regret to say that with the news on PJ this hasnt been our most cheerful night
BAIR: what happen
rich-c: didn't you see Jerry's post on the list? she has brain cancer
Georgy Porgy: i think i'll get drunk as a skunk
Guy B.: It's the Bair. How are you Bob?
BAIR: no did not know that
rich-c: it is a temptation, George
BAIR: Hey we are diong find
rich-c: unfortunately alcohol is contra'd with my medication - I figure I'm pushing things hard enough with my weekend wine
BAIR: hey be carfull
Dr.D.: I'm a T-totaller, so not an option for me...just Ye Olde Starke Realitie.
rich-c: anyhow, how's things in darkest Indiana?
Georgy Porgy: booze is poison to me too
BAIR: hey we finly got every thing back in the house
rich-c: just in time for the first snow?
Georgy Porgy: maybe some hard eggnog
Dr.D.: Lots of snow here in cold Cleveland tonight...good snowball fight snow, though.
BAIR: yea we worked hard
Dr.D.: I pelted the girls some :-)
rich-c: that's interesting - we were high 4C today, 0 now with light rain
BAIR: it has warmed up here
Georgy Porgy: we are very wet in philly
BAIR: it may rain or snow fri
rich-c: yes, you folks on the coast have been getting really dumped on lately
Georgy Porgy: flash flood warnings are out
rich-c: well, up the Susquehana, they're so flood-prone the natives don't dare spit
Dr.D.: got our 1st baseman/slugger Jim Thome, you rascals...
Georgy Porgy: we have the Delaware and what i call the surekill
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rich-c: yes, I can remember years ago driving through the Delaware Water Gap a few months after one of the floods
rich-c: there was still furniture stuck in trees up above the road
Georgy Porgy: you never you'll find after the floods
rich-c: the Strassburg Railroad Museum has some fascinating flood photos
rich-c: they were trying to bring a locomotive down the valley when the flood satruck
rich-c: it ended up still on the track with water pouring down its smokestack
Georgy Porgy: that must have been a sight
rich-c: if you are over in Penn Dutch country go visit their train - it's neat
It is me (ron) but I don't like this browser, so I'll be back
left chat session
rich-c: ok Ron see you
Georgy Porgy: i rode the train a few years back
rich-c: there is quite a complex over that way with the State Railway Museum and all
Georgy Porgy: i want to visit steamtown
rich-c: very nice part of teh country but that Penn Dutch cooking is too hard on my waistline
rich-c: I've heard of Steamtown but can't place it
Georgy Porgy: it's in scranton
rich-c: oh, up there in the northeast - OK
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Georgy Porgy: a train trip through the mountains
rich-c: well, what ranks at mountains by eastern standardds
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Dr.D.: Ron needs to give up that TDOS web browser...
rich-c: now, taking the CPR through the Rockies, through the Spiral Tunnels - them's mountains!
Georgy Porgy: in coal mining area
BAIR: old habits are hard to break
rich-c: yes, they have had some underground coal fires burning there for almost a century
Georgy Porgy: ever hear of Centralia?
rich-c: yes, but not necessarily the one you're thinking of
rich-c: I assume you don't mean the Canadian air base
Georgy Porgy: no
BAIR: my phone is ringing have only one line marry chirstmas to every one
rich-c: ditto Bob, take care
BAIR left chat session
rich-c: guess Bob has one of those thingies from Radio Shack that tells you when there's an incoming call
Dr.D.: Bye Bob.
Georgy Porgy: a town in PA that was evacuated because a coal mine caught fire
Dr.D.: I have to go, too; gotta pick up Christina from a concert at the high school. Back in a bit.
rich-c: c u later, Rich, say hello to Christina for us
Georgy Porgy: see you later
rich-c: our mines dont catch fire, they are more prone to explosions and caveins
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: well Ron you finally made it
Ron: Send a man todo a boy's job
Ron: hah
Guy B.: HI Ron. What computer are you on tonight?
Georgy Porgy: Hi Ron
rich-c: what browser did it take to buffalo you? something in Unix?
Ron: Seems's Java under Linux needs a little least here, tonight, on this box
Ron: anyway.....eveningall
Ron: the Duron, Guy
rich-c: thought there was a nice tidy version of NN that was seriously stable under Linux
Georgy Porgy: can you put OS X on a PC?
Ron: don't think so
rich-c: no, it is built for Motorola architecture and command set
Georgy Porgy: joking
Ron: I 'm not sure I want OS X anywhere
Ron: but it currently lives on my iMac
rich-c: I suspect you could emulate a PC under OS X though
Ron: Every OS sucks
Ron: true Rich
rich-c: have you upgraded to 10.2 yet, Ron?
Ron: and a fine Win 98 imitation it is
Guy B.: Ok, so we have one Duran, Two Athlon's, one 486 and Georgy, what type of PC you have?
Ron: or Linux
Ron: that's DURON, Guy
Georgy Porgy: isn't there softwindows for MAC?
Ron: Duran is half a rock group
rich-c: well, OS-X is on a Linux kernel, and Linux can support PC emulation
Guy B.: Sorry Ron. Guess everyone can have spelling errors. Duron.
Ron: not quite Rich. BSD Unix
Ron: How did I get so damn smart
Ron: for a guy who a week ago couldn't think straight
rich-c: ah so - OK - but then so can Unix, it's all in the family
Ron: more or less, yeah
Georgy Porgy: now let's build something completely different
Guy B.: That's me included Ron. I had those days too! Especially this week at work.
Ron: Oh?
rich-c: dont tell us some bug has gone and bit you, Guy
Ron: I have two LC II's here (mac's to the uninitiated)
Ron: think they should be made to run the emulator
Ron: the would make a cute pair of ADAMs
Guy B.: Seems when I don't remember what I've done things all the time. I forget to the obvious when it comes to changing things.
rich-c: run that by again, Guy?
Ron: um....... ?? ? ?
Ron: sounds normal Guy
Guy B.: Like when I know when to change information. This week, my mind went elsewhere.
Ron: Rich, our weather man is showing a snow icon right over your head....tell me it itsn't so
rich-c: I dont think there is an Aplle version of the Adam Emulator, is there?
Ron: No, but there is an M68K version of Linux, and a Linux version of the emulator
Ron: soo we shall see
rich-c: OK Ron, it ain't so. Last time we looked it was raining and )C, down from 4
Ron: ah
Ron: He was talking about Southern Ontario and northern Michican
Ron: Michigan
Guy B.: On our database at work. When we have two of the same records and I deleted one and brought in the old record. I forgot I had to change the information to reflect the older record that was on the one that I deleted.
Georgy Porgy: row row row my boat gently out my door
rich-c: Dr. D. was observing that they had a good dollop of snow in Cleveland this evening
Ron: ok, so that's northern Ohio
Guy B.: No snow here. But we are in a warming trend at least through the weekend.
rich-c: yeah Ron, the east coast is going into competition with you guys for December rainfall
Ron: we're getting that too
Ron: our storm tracks are on track
Ron: right overhead
rich-c: I can tell you that our ski lodge operators are not complaining, and they're only 50 miles north
Ron: suspect not
rich-c: seems they have already had a few nice big fat dumps pf snow
Ron: So you'll all be happy to know that tonight I feel more human
rich-c: can't tell about track; the Globe & Mail finked today and didnt show the jet stream
Ron: tut-tut
Georgy Porgy: quick cash crop
Ron: More of the same for the next 7 days here
rich-c: around here, George, that's something folks grow in their basements
Ron: indeed...... a veritable industry it is
rich-c: the cops have a new trick now to find them - a chopper with an infrared sensor
Georgy Porgy: is Pam going to join us tonight?
rich-c: a grow house shows up as if someone had lifted up the roof and let all the lights show through
Ron: Seems like they uncover several a week in Vancouver
rich-c: maybe so, maybe no, George - she's off doing teh bridesmaid thing with Kimberly
rich-c: if she finishes up and gets home in time, she will join us
Ron: you guys all got the word from Jerry Vrancks?
Ron: re PJ
rich-c: here it's the fire department discovers them - bypassing the hydro meter can lead to overheating problems
Guy B.: We are still in shock
Ron: right
rich-c: we were discussing it earlier, Ron; I also had a call this morning
Guy B.: Been a rough year for her.
Ron: right
rich-c: Dr. D suggests the prognosis is short and negative - I believe he is right
Ron: yup
rich-c: keep the T-shirt and spare chair for Adamcon, Ron
Ron: I still have it yes
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changed username to james
Ron: she had asked me to hang on to it
Guy B.: Hi James
rich-c: morning, james
Georgy Porgy: Hi James
Ron: James, good sir
james: apologies to all those who were awaiting my presence on bated breath..
rich-c: how's the spam diet doing?
james: :D
Guy B.: How are things over there?
james: not bad.
Ron: Oh, but we were, we were
james: lol
james: very rough night last night
rich-c: like a cat that ate cheese and sat by the mousehole, we wre
Ron: nice visual Rich
Guy B.: Speaking of diets. I've finally did it. Lost 30 pounds this year.
james: congratulations guy!
rich-c: hey, Guy, that is just absolutely terrific
Guy B.: Now my dress pants are coming loose.
rich-c: should have saved you a recent column from the Toronto Star
james: can i interest anyone in buying a slightly used human male?
james: it's a 2002 model
Ron: nicely done Guy, congrats
rich-c: one of their columnists just finished losing 100 lbs.
james: 100? wow
james: they lost the equivalent weight of my mother
Ron: I've thinking this past week that there must be something in your average fever that could be applied to weight loss strategy
rich-c: do I get the feeling that your son and heir is being a bit difficult at the moment?
Ron: a mere increase of 2 degrees in my body temp, and presto
james: yeah
Ron: I don't want to eat
Guy B.: I'm going to try for 35 by Christmas.
james: i guess he thought we were bored last night at 2 a.m. so he kept us entertained from 2 until about 5
rich-c: teething?
james: he is teething but i really don't think that was the problem last night
james: small group today
rich-c: unfortunately, he is not yet at the stage that he can tell you where it hurts
Ron: the Slopsema's are off travellin'
Georgy Porgy: he just wanted to keep you awake
james: no. all he can do is cry blue murder for two hours straight till we figure it out
rich-c: the Slopsemas are all off cruising, Dr. D. is on a break, Daniel has left and Pamela is yet to arrive
Guy B.: Wonder where they are at today!
james: i could sense you guys getting lonely
Ron: nobody here but is 'wegulars'
rich-c: well, Bair dropped in but had to leave
james: i'm afraid i can't stay all that long myself, but maybe i can hang around for the next 30 mins or so
Guy B.: Anyone interested in a used Zip 100 drive? I bought a Zip 250 drive and it came today. It's part of the Rinaldi settlement that I received.
Ron: me too...gotta take off in 20 or so
james: how are things on the wet coast, ron?
Ron: wet windy wonderful
rich-c: is it internal or external, Guy?
Guy B.: External, parellel port.
Ron: the "grapefruit express" is alive and well
james: an internal one is still worth about $35 us i think
james: ron, when is the big con again?
rich-c: really? that surprises me
james: @rich - for a new one, yes
Ron: This will not become official until end of the month James ...but
Guy B.: I originally bought the Zip 100 drive when Montgomery Ward was still iun business for $99. I would probably get about $40 for it.
Ron: July 24 25 26 27
james: ok.. it looks like the easiest way to renew my licence will be just to fly in and do it.
Guy B.: July. Might as well write the dates down now.
Ron: and would you be able to stop the plane over Comox for 4 days, and jump out?
rich-c: I am surprised anyone would want a Zip drive now - CD-RWs are so cheap and so much higher capacity
james: i might. looking into it
Guy B.: Well, Iomega is making a pretty good pitch that Zip disks are better than CD-RW's. One point is they don't scratch.
Ron: that would be extremely super James
james: thing is the last time i went to canada it had been a year and a half but now
Guy B.: They came out with a 750mb Zip drive.
james: we just went in september, we're going again next week and then i'll have my troop in march
Ron: just move here
james: so to go again in july is a lot
james: i have to close the school and make up the classes every time i go
Georgy Porgy: pillz pillz pillz and more pillz
rich-c: the real killer is price, Guy - blank CDs ar about teh price of plain old floppies
james: but if i have to go anyways, i might as well make it worthwhile
Ron: Yes, James, can certainly see where that might be a major set of arrangements
Ron: we will hope that it falls into place
james: when we went in sept, we weren't really planning on going again so soon
rich-c: absolutely - when will you be in Toronto, james, in March?
james: rich, i'll have to double check our itinerary (finished everything awhile ago) but i think it was march 27th
james: we'll just be going through, not staying.
rich-c: as soon as you can confirm, do let us know, just to mark it on the calendar
Guy B.: True Rich. Prices have dropped dramtically over the past 3 years. And yet, floppy disks are still being sold. But, that LS120 drive. Completely bombed out.
rich-c: maybe we can meet long enough to do lunch, or something
Georgy Porgy: how about a 60 gb. rewritable disk drive
james: we'll be arriving shortly after noon for lunch at osf, then going up the cn tower for a couple of hours then off to catch our train to ottawa
rich-c: OSF?
james: old spagetti factory
james: sorry
james: spaghetti that is
rich-c: yes, I have an LS120 drive but don't use it, and Sony canned their LS200 before it got to market
james: brb
rich-c: but until burners and blank discs got reasonable, I was glad to have the LS120
rich-c: used it to back up all my Win3.1 and Win95 downloads
Ron: Still have a SCSI Zip 100 I use with the older Macs for backup
Georgy Porgy: i heard of ls-250 drives
Guy B.: I remember when Tigerdirect was touting it as the drive of the future to compete against the Zip 100. Then Iomega comes out with the 250 Zip drive and I believe the LS 120 just fell off the face of the earth. I know you can still get disks for them.
rich-c: well, like the Zip 100, you can get discs but who wants them?
rich-c: The only reason I could use a Zip 100 is because Pam has one and I could use it to give her programs
Guy B.: One thing about the Zip 250. I can use the Zip 100 disks as well as the 250mb disks.
Ron: Use my burner more
rich-c: but I can do that more easily and handle bigger programs cheaper with the CD
Georgy Porgy: just get a dvd burner
james: i sold my zip drive off with some other parts when i put together a machine for a guy
james: i've got a cdrw/dvdram drive now that i'll put in my new machine once we get back after xmas
Guy B.: I only got the CD-RW drive for the Athlon just for backing up the hard drive. I still use the Zip drive on the P133 and that's where the new drive is going.
rich-c: no, the DVD burners have najor format programs - there is no standard and not all work together
james: i'm going to stick with cdr for awhile yet
rich-c: besides, teh dvd burners still cost about half a kilobuck - too much
Guy B.: And I heard not all DVD players will work with the discs you burn with it.
james: sounds like where cdrs were about 6 years ago
rich-c: right, Guy, and none will do the big format (20 gigs or something?)
Georgy Porgy: HP had a rewritable dvd standard
rich-c: at least four different industry groups all have their won standards, George - that's the problem
james: that's the nice thing about standards. so many of them
rich-c: they cant even agree on whether to use a red or blue laser for burning - and that matters
Guy B.: The article I read didn't specifically say why. Something with the format headers I think.
james: hey ron, i meant to ask you, any luck with those amiga ethernet cards
Georgy Porgy: ?
rich-c: which reminds me, Ron, I got a box of Amiga 2000 keyboaards, or pieces thereof, which might or might not work or be useful for salvage
Ron: Think My buddy found one in Montreal, but I'm not sure. Haven't talked to him about it in a few days
james: cool
james: they seem to be rarer than dragon's dingle
Ron: exactly
Ron: LOL (dragon's dingle)
rich-c: when I find out if I have anything, I'll let you know and you can pass the word on
Ron: please Rich
rich-c: Jack Pines will have first refusal, of course, if he's still interested
Ron: agreed
james: what price range were you looking at ron? were those cards on e-bay overpriced?
Dr.D.: Back from my away mission.
rich-c: you could also ask him if an Amiga 2000 with Video Toaster and (I think) 040 accelerator card is of interest
james: welcome back
Ron: I think this guy would pay just about any damn thing. Not sure James
james: hmm
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: welcome back, Rich
Dr.D.: I see Ron managed to get SmartWWW working on his ADAM :-)
Ron: ok
james: i'm very good at getting stuff off of ebay if you want me to try
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
rich-c: hi daughter, Geroge was asking about you earlier
Pamela: Hi, I made it
Georgy Porgy: Hi Pam
Dr.D.: Hello Pamela.
james: hi pam
Pamela: Greetings, all
Guy B.: Pam, thought I let you know that I finally lost 30 pounds this year.
rich-c: I hope the roads weren't too icy, Pam
Pamela: Congrats, Guy - well done!
Guy B.: Hit it last week and holding.
Pamela: Not icy, just wet and cold Dad
Pamela: Plus, I took the main streets home rather than trying the highway
rich-c: we noticed it's just about 0 - real verglas time
Ron: Have duly noted that Rich, will ship him an e-mail
james: ron, did you bother to get in touch with your nabu friend?
Ron: Rich.... is this something you have for sale, or for cost of shipping?
Georgy Porgy: i lost 15 pounds
rich-c: OK, it's in a secondhand computer shop I've dealt with; I can give him name and URL
Pamela: Really George? That's great!
Guy B.: Well folks. Time to check the e-mail. Probably won't be here this Saturday. Having the pets photos taken with Santa and Christmas shopping wrapup. Plus my birthday is Monday.
Ron: haven't been able to locate him James. Was trying that just the other night. Phone number I have is no longer good, and whowhere turned up same info
Georgy Porgy: i lost it from barfing
Ron: search continues
rich-c: many happy returns then, Guy, if you dont make it this weekend
Pamela: Happy birthday Guy and good luck with Santa
Guy B.: Thank Rich, I'll see you all next week.
Ron: retoins Guy
Ron: another year older?
rich-c: night Guy
Guy B.: Yep!
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: bewell
Pamela: so, did I miss anyone?
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Ron: I too must take my leave, good people. Have a place to be by 8
Ron: We'll talk to you next week......
james: bye ron!
Dr.D.: Bye Ron...I'll probably be heading out soon too myself.
Pamela: aw, Ron, I didn't even get a chance to say more than hi
Pamela: take care
Ron: Hi Pam, bye Pam
Georgy Porgy: nite Ron
Pamela: g'nite
Ron: Nite all
rich-c: see you, Ron
Ron left chat session
Pamela: Rich, before you ask I still haven't seen HP
james: hewlett packard?
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Pamela: Harry Potter
james: oh. nevermind
Dr.D.: The girls were playing games trying to guess the title of the (overdue) 5th HP book.
Pamela: Sorry - we'll go see it soon but it's only playing at Yorkdale at 12:00 and 4:00, and I couldn't make either of those shows
Dr.D.: They came up with a fun title.
Pamela: we'll have to wait until over the Christmas holidays.
Pamela: which is?
Dr.D.: "Harry Potter and the Mysterious Meat"
james: how about "harry potter and the mulitimillionaire adventure"?
Pamela: so what's the mystery meat?
Dr.D.: What is the *only* mystery meat?
Pamela: roadkill?
Georgy Porgy: how about Harry Potter Dies?
Dr.D.: SPAM.
Pamela: ah.
james: lol
james: @george.
rich-c: I notice no one seems to talk about Star Wars - AOTC - is it that bad?
Pamela: according to everything I've heard Dad, yes.
Dr.D.: El Stinko IMHO.
james: if you ask me, and no one has, they never should have made the prequel series with george lucas calling the shots
james: he really should have let someone else direct
Georgy Porgy: wasn't star wars in the 70's?
rich-c: that is going to make life awkward for teh completists, then, espeically if II is good
james: II is bad from what i've heard
Dr.D.: If George had been hit by a bus in 1984, he would be hailed today as one of the greatest filmmakers ever, and everyone would be lamenting that his career had been cut so short...
james: and if 1 is anything to go by, i can definitely see that happening
Dr.D.: Unfortunately he lived long enough to destroy his own handiwork.
Pamela: I haven't seen either 1 or 2
james: don't bother
james: i'm not even going to bother seing 2
james: seeing
Dr.D.: SFX without heart or soul, that's all they are.
james: three words: jar jar binks
james: that totally ruined it for me
Pamela: I want to wait until all 1, 2 and 3 are out, then watch the whole series in order
rich-c: three more: OH OH NO!!!
james: if i want cute and cuddly, i'll go watcht he care bears movie
Dr.D.: "The Care Bears Meet Mr. Chipper-Shredder"
james: lol
Pamela: try Barney instead, James
james: i'm stuck in the 80s
Georgy Porgy: more rain on the way
Georgy Porgy: instant indoor pool
rich-c: just teh Great American Style - Bad Guys getting whacked (preferably messily) and Things Blowing Up
Pamela: James, how can you be a child of the '80s if you're only in your 20's?
Dr.D.: Time travel.
james: i'm in my late 20s
Pamela: nevertheless . . .
james: the 80s were my formative years
Georgy Porgy: i'm 17
Pamela: with how many years experience, George?
rich-c: I think I'm still in the 90s, but that's just time going so fast I can't keep up
james: i was six in 1980
Dr.D.: I stopped watching TV regularly when I went to CWRU, Fall 1980.
Pamela: I was 15 in 1980
james: i'd already formed most of my opinions by 15. few of them have changed
Dr.D.: I pretty much stopped watching TV at all after about Season 4 of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.
Georgy Porgy: i wasn't in 1980
Pamela: didn't you watch Voyageur, Rich?
Dr.D.: Everything that I liked got cancelled, or moved around so much that I couldn't find it on the dial anymore.
rich-c: gee, I couldnt live without my tv
james: i can live without mine
Pamela: Horseradish, Dad
rich-c: at least as far as auto races and CFL football are concerned
Dr.D.: We slogged through Season 1 of Voyager, then pretty much gave up completely on the Star Trek universe.
Georgy Porgy: hdtv
Dr.D.: The only Voyager episode we liked was the one with the Q who wanted to die.
james: what do you think of st:enterprise?
Pamela: sorry Dad, I thought you said you could live without it
Dr.D.: Watched only the pilot episode...after the infamous decontamination scene, it was clear what demographic the show was after, and I wasn't it.
rich-c: well, without everything except the aforementioned - in fact I do
Pamela: Enterprise is really good so far, but it does have some anomalies in it
Dr.D.: Haven't watched any Enterprise since...and the new Trek movie looks awful from the trailers.
Georgy Porgy: the mondaynight footballers have their HDTV
james: the pilot wasn't great. they're still only showing 1st season here
james: it's rough around the edges but seems to have improved
Dr.D.: Trek is now a cash cow...the current writers are burned out...the current stewards don't care about continuity or logic or anything.
Dr.D.: It is easier for me to just declare it "not Star Trek" and not watch it, so I don'
Dr.D.: don't get aggravated by it.
james: my favourite sci-fi is still hitchhikers
Pamela: I disagree Rich
Dr.D.: Trek needs to go to sleep for about 100 years.
Georgy Porgy: i thought it did
james: i wish i could sleep for about 100 years
Georgy Porgy: me too
Dr.D.: But I bet, Pam, that you never had memorized all the TOS episodes and could follow along with TNG and see how hard they were trying (at first) to get all the continuity right.
rich-c: we all know the feeling well, james
james: lol
james: i don't mean that i'm tired (i am though) just that i feel i was born about 100 years too early
rich-c: in fact, I spent part of this afternoon dozing off intermittently - Frances spent most of it doing so
Dr.D.: Me, I feel that I was born 100 years too late! I'm a 19th-century guy trapped in the 21st century.
Georgy Porgy: i'll go in hibernation
Pamela: No, I was never a TOS fan. However, I have seen all but one of TNG episodes, all the Voyageur episodes and most of the DS9 and all the Enterprise episodes
Dr.D.: My values and attitudes and interests and motivations are all wrong for today.
Dr.D.: People who started Trek with TNG have had a different experience.
rich-c: well, yes, Rich, but eventually society will catch up to you
james: i started with TOS
james: every sunday at 10 a.m. for the longest time when i was a kid
rich-c: though I do fear the process of doing so might end up being rather messy
Georgy Porgy: TOS?
Pamela: I'm sure I've seen all the TOS episodes - but I saw them with Mom first back in the sixties
james: the original series
Dr.D.: "The Original Series"
Georgy Porgy: did that
Pamela: Like everyone, I have my favourites but my favourite series was Voyageur
james: anyways, i need to shower, eat lunch and run some errands. will see you all in the new year as i'm leaving for canada next wednesday
Dr.D.: My sisters and I and friends played TOS. I drew comics of TOS. I wrote computer games of TOS. I collected all the TOS books and plastic model kits. Joan did, too.
rich-c: OK james, wave as you fly over!!!
Dr.D.: Travel safely, James.
james: i shall
james: thanks dr. d
rich-c: happy landings, and happy new year - see you there
Pamela: Have a wonderful holiday James - and enjoy your time here at home
james: best holidays to everyone and see you all soon. *poof*
Dr.D.: TOS was (for me as a kid) a believable, optimistic extension of the American space program.
james left chat session
rich-c: I fear I am going to begin nodding off soon too
Georgy Porgy: i did
Pamela: unfortunately, I was too young to enjoy them the first time around. They made a lot more sense the second time, when I was old enough to understand them
rich-c: think I had better pull the plug for the evening
rich-c: George, see you Saturday?
Georgy Porgy: ok
Georgy Porgy: i'm going too
rich-c: OK - good night then. all
Pamela: Rich, we'll have to continue this conversation next week
Georgy Porgy: nite alll
Pamela: Good night Dad, will call tomorrow - or you call me
rich-c: OK Pam
Pamela: Sweet dreams Daddy
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Georgy Porgy: poof
Pamela: I've always wondered what colour that was
Pamela: Night George
Georgy Porgy left chat session
Pamela: Are you for bed then Rich?
Dr.D.: Nobody watches Enterprise today thinking that they can be an astronaut.
Dr.D.: Got distracted by Christina, had to find something for her.
Dr.D.: But I watched TOS thinking that I could, or my kids could.
Dr.D.: Now, ha, even my grandkids won't be in space...
Pamela: 'salright. I don't know if the space program is the focus anyway
Pamela: interesting - Russell thinks that we'll see a Mars landing in our lifetime
Dr.D.: There's always would be TV I'd watch 24/7.
Pamela: A lot will depend on whether we can develop technology . . .
Pamela: capable of going the distance, or somehow "folding" space
Pamela: because otherwise a one way trip will be up to a year in length
Dr.D.: We could go right now, today...if we just chose not to spend $$$ on the Enrons of the world, or sabre-rattling at Saddam.
Pamela: but the key is being able to land on the planet, do the research and be able to get back
Pamela: I don't think we're capable of that just yet
Pamela: IMHO, spending is going to the wrong things anyway
Dr.D.: I'm all morose over PJ tonight, I'm not making much sense in conversation.
Pamela: and why are we spending $ on space programs when we can't feed teh people we have?
Pamela: I know - Dad actually told me about PJ tonite on the phone
Dr.D.: I say why are we spending money on people who can't stop having people they can't feed...
Pamela: well that's part of it, but that's where religion comes into it
Pamela: or at least some religions
Dr.D.: God has better things to worry about than the things that religious people (self-proclaimed) seem to want to worry about.
Pamela: how do you convince them that the Church teachings are wrong?
Pamela: well you know that, and I know that - but we are not being led around by our Gods
Dr.D.: I'm an elitist, I think that there are some people who can't be taught :-)
Pamela: I can't argue with that statment
Pamela: the world would be a better place if people could only be taught to think fo rthem selves
Dr.D.: Humans in aggregate still seem to be pretty dumb.
Dr.D.: Even if individual humans show promise.
Pamela: tell me about it. There are examples all over the place, all the time
Pamela: The older I get, the less tolerant I am of general stupidity
Pamela: it's sad, but it's tru
Pamela: e
Pamela: but that leads into all sorts of side issues
Dr.D.: Things that were survival skills in the past are not survival skills now for the long term.
Dr.D.: Humans act as if resources and space are unlimited, and growth can solve all problems.
Dr.D.: There now are no new valleys over the horizon, so we're stuck with what we have.
Pamela: disassociation is a large part of it too - "it's not my problem"
Dr.D.: Continued growth will just use everything up, even if a particular person doesn't live long enough to see it.
Dr.D.: Sigh.
Dr.D.: I'm thinking that I'll be one of the ones to live long enough to see it.
Pamela: How does one convince people of that though>
Dr.D.: Not until it's actually gone.
Dr.D.: People won't believe until they have to live it.
Pamela: And then they'll run around saying "why did n't you tell us?"
Pamela: and they'll wonder why we're laughing
Dr.D.: No laughs from me...getting too tired tonight. I think I should go to bed.
Pamela: Probably a good idea - I'm starting to lose it too. I want to pursue this though - it's one of my soapboxes
Dr.D.: Maybe next time?
Pamela: oh, absolutely
Pamela: I want to see what comments pop from other quarters
Dr.D.: Okay, next Wednesday, then. My grading should be done by then...
Dr.D.: So, good night!
Pamela: will you get some sleep between now and then?
Dr.D.: Yes...though Egg Hunt is this Saturday, and lab notebooks to grade starting Tuesday afternoon.
Pamela: sleep Sunday - all day Sunday. Have a great time on Saturday. I'll see you next week.
Dr.D.: beckons...
Dr.D.: Good night, Pam.
Pamela: g'nite
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: poof!
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