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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: gather you have a fine cse of freezing rain down there
George: my computer locked up on me
George: too warm just rain
rich-c: froze up, like nothing worked?
George: yes
rich-c: how did you get out of it? 3-finger salute?
George: had to do control+alt+delete
rich-c: that's the salute - which program was not responding?
George: aol
rich-c: OK, I will refrain from commenting on that
rich-c: are you using the new computer now?
George: i have 256 mb. ram after aol starts i have 10mb.
rich-c: which operating system are you using?
George: windows 98 se
rich-c: ok, same as me.
rich-c: are you letting it run its own swap file and memory management?
George: whatever default it has
rich-c: do you use the system monitor at all?
George: no
rich-c: maybe you should consider running it long enough to see what's going on
George: don't have clue how to use it
rich-c: you will find it in accessories - system tools
rich-c: you click on it to start it and click on it to use it
rich-c: so idiot-resistant even I have no problem with it
George: system 46% user 46% GDI 72%
rich-c: sorry - I should have told you resource meter - that handles memory
rich-c: even so that is what you did get, I see
rich-c: anyway right-click on it and it tells you what's free
George: i gave you the values
rich-c: I was beginning to wonder if you had frozen up again
rich-c: anyway, your resources don't seem over-used
George: aol is just being a hog
rich-c: I don't know anything about how aol sets up its browser and spy programs so can't suggest much
George: i'm using goodmem
George: it freed up memory
rich-c: have you combed through all the options to see how much you can shut down?
rich-c: oh, you have an MSI board in teh computer, then?
George: the video card geforce 2 is MSI video
rich-c: who makes your motherboard, then?
George: asus P4S533
rich-c: so the Goodmem came with the video card, not the motherboard
George: the video card
rich-c: yes, I have an MSI motherboard and Goodmem and the companion PC Alert/ Fuzzy Logic came with it
George: oc workbench rated very good
George: i'm using asus pc probe
rich-c: not surprised - Asus has not put out many undesirable motherboards for quite a while, I gather
rich-c: anyway, do you have any programs like Process Viewer or ATM to tell you what you have running?
George: i'm thinking of upgrading to windows ME
George: no
rich-c: from everything I have heard, a lot of people do not refer to ME as an upgrade
rich-c: the internet is full of free programs like the ones I just mentioned that will let you keep tabs on what's happening under the hood
George: i know but some of my programs are calling for it
rich-c: if you're going to jump, go all teh way to XP - at least you'll get some improved parts
George: i already have ME
rich-c: I don't know what you're using or what you're using them for, but most programs I see will run in anything from 95 up
rich-c: those that call for 98SE as minimum usually are ones that need support for USB 2.0 ports
George: the ASUS update utilities are calling for windowsME
rich-c: that seems very strange to me
rich-c: I still see a lot of programs that will support 95 through ME or even 2000
rich-c: and also see some now that require XP
rich-c: but I can't recall any that suggest they require ME up
George: the ASUS manual says the mainboard was designed for windowsMe and above
rich-c: mind you it could just be that Asus' programmers were too lazy to test anything below ME
rich-c: well one hopes they know their product but it is highly unusual
rich-c: of course your motherboard is a year younger than mine and design parameters change practically hourly
George: i think it's bcause microsoft stopped supporting anything below windowsME
rich-c: havent stopped yet; they will support 98SE till next June 30th
rich-c: but yes, that suggestion sounds very credible
George: according to their own staff they stopped supporting win98 and se when they found out they didn't get all of the y2k bugs out
rich-c: I have never seen any such information on the Microsoft website
George: call REDMOND
rich-c: nor have I ever heard of anyone ever finding a Y2K bug in 98
rich-c: Redmond will not talk to you unless you send them a big bribe
rich-c: they say get your support from the shop that sold you teh program
George: they talk to me all the time
George: i even met Bill Gates
rich-c: where woukd you ever meet Bill Gates?
George: it felt funny asking him questions
George: at microsoft extreme event
rich-c: depends on where and why you might have met him
rich-c: at Microsoft events he is there to be asked questions
George: they have me as a VIP
rich-c: and you do not plan to disillusion them, right?
rich-c: actually they are very nice to people who come to their special events
rich-c: they had one here a while ago and Michael went
George: i've got some very nice things over the past few years from microsoft
rich-c: oh yes, if you're on teh good side that can happen
rich-c: I went to a Corel event which is why I have Corel Linux
George: i got my train simulator free
George: and office
rich-c: train sim is a poorly selling game - but MS is not going to give out Office free
George: tee shirts
George: wined and dined for free
rich-c: yes, that sort of thing is standard PR fare
George: all because i wanted to learn as much as i can
rich-c: I gather teh key is to ask some flunky questions about something he is interesteed in and wants to talk about
rich-c: I'll be cynical and say if you're going to use MS products you'd better learn all you can
George: it helps
rich-c: which is why last Sunday at the Computer Fair I bought a book on Windows 98
rich-c: but yes, that is why I read our three freebie computer papers every month and go to the computer fairs
rich-c: and as you know I subscibe to a newsletter and have a lot of information websites bookmarked
George: have you read about all of the security flaws in IE they were in ZDNET CNET and PC WORLD
rich-c: yes, Internet Tourbus and Langalist pick them up quite well, as does teh Bigfix program
rich-c: in fact Bigfix has taken me to the MS website for patches that weren't dated for release till the next day
George: the next big project is longhorn
rich-c: I've seen references to it but don't recall the details
rich-c: that I think I got out of the daily newspapers; their business sections have good computer industry coverage
George: it's a desktop only system blackhorn is for servers
rich-c: what's it supposed to do (besides make MS even bigger piles of money)?
George: it may not be ready till 2005
rich-c: wait a minute - that's Gates' way of taking a swipe at Sun Microsystems, isnt it?
rich-c: sort of an underground (and underhanded) attasck on Java?
George: my lawer friend ran into problems when she tried to put XP home on her office servers the net crashed
rich-c: sounds like she tried to use the wrong version, should have got XP Professional
George: i wonder how XP home can work on home networks
rich-c: or maybe she just tried using the same copy on two different computers
rich-c: I suspect that as long as you buy a copy for each of teh networked computers there is no problem at all
George: i was thinking of putting in a home network so i can use my DSL in the bedroom
rich-c: just stay with 98SE and you should be fine
rich-c: my ISP is trying to talk me into taking DSL but it's too expensive
George: what about linking different operating systems
rich-c: not sure how far you can stretch tolerance of OS differences on a network - there is some
George: i only went out today to pickup some medicine now i'm tired
rich-c: in fact, I believe Ron has some sort of networking with his Apple and Linux machines
George: i'm on doctor samples
rich-c: right - you have to understand that Canadians just shake their heads at that
George: what?
rich-c: for most folks, it's a matter of there's insurance at work
rich-c: but for seniors and the disbled, all costs (less a token) are covered by the government
rich-c: I pay $100 per year plus a dispensing fee of $6.12 per prescription - period - no matter how much I use
rich-c: same of course for Frances, but Pamela has to get her inhalers covered by insurance from work
George: as of Jan. 1 2003 my G.I. doctor will not take my insurance
George: the meds. i do get on my plan are 100% covered no copays no insurance fees
rich-c: my doctor is paid directly by the government; this is the case for all Canadian citizens in Canada
rich-c: we just get the treatment and he sends teh government the bill
George: my primary doctor will have to pick a new G.I. specialist
rich-c: again, a situation Canadians would never see
George: and i have to get another endoscopy Dec. 27
rich-c: great - just what you always needed, right?
George: i dread it
rich-c: it occurs to me that there are rather more comfortable ways to spend your time
George: just impale me on a stake
rich-c: well, it isn't REALLY quite that bad, but I do get your point
rich-c: even if what you really get is a rounded end
George: good
rich-c: anyway, had a bit of an adventure Tuesday night
George: oh
rich-c: you have heard me mention that I very much like a freebie program called Easy Office
George: yes
rich-c: anyway, I was on their website last week and discovered they have developed it a LOT further
rich-c: if you have the freebie edition you cant have the upgrade patches - you have to download the new current version and erase the old
George: what do they have now?
rich-c: oh, a really neat new image viewer/editor, upgrade to the zip program, better help, all sorts of stuff
George: what happens if tou just use the old version alone
rich-c: anyway, the latest edition is a 58 MB download which with a dial-up modem is a bit of a challenge
rich-c: if you keep the old version you dont get the benefit of the neat new stuff
George: you mean a glutton for punishment
rich-c: no, I could just set it up at midnight and let it run itself all night
George: and next week
rich-c: however, Bruce at Videoling where we have our Amiga meetings has a cable network
rich-c: and at night when we meet most of the computers are idle
rich-c: so I took over a blank CD and asked permission to download teh program over his cable connection
rich-c: he said OK so I did, then burned the CD - took about an hour
George: tell me it won't burn to CD
rich-c: would have been less except he was using a computer online and that cut the cable speed
rich-c: oh it burned to CD just fine
rich-c: in fact that was a bit of an adventure too because his CD burning software is Nero which I had never used
George: which i need to download some MS trial games and burn them to CD
rich-c: but it's sufficiently straightforward that I just booted it up and followed the directions and bingo - success first try
rich-c: I do my downloads to a file on my hard disc, then every once in a while back them up en masse to a CR
George: i have HP software powered by roxio
rich-c: yes, that is what is on my computer too - Adaptec (Roxio) Easy CD Creator
rich-c: I found it a big awkward pain in teh ass, very crash prone
rich-c: to the extent that I uninstalled it and reinstalled it
George: it works well except for mp3 to CD audio
rich-c: at which point I found that there had been a module left out that I should have been using
rich-c: since I started using that module everything has gone just fine
George: yes
rich-c: of course I only do data CDs, I do not download music
George: i convert mp3 to audio CD's
George: and data CD's
rich-c: would it go any better if you downloaded to hard disc first, converted them on the hard disc, then burned the CD?
George: that's the way i do it
rich-c: and, I assume, that gets around your problems, then
George: i have special directories for mp3's on my HD
rich-c: if you want to add a command "print directory" to Windows Explorer it can be done
George: i just click on the folders
rich-c: yes, but it wont print the file names within the folders
George: i remember them well
rich-c: anyway, I found in Easy CD data unit there was no way to label the CD or establish a file name
rich-c: and after a burn, it always wanted to save the directory under the same file name, rewriting the existing file
rich-c: given time, one can generate a lot of coasters that way
George: i'm not sure i understand
rich-c: each CD must have its own unique directory - Easy CD did not provide for that to happen
rich-c: in Direct CD (the othr module) you get to label the disc and the directory isnt saved into CD Creator
rich-c: if you still dont understand, dont worry - it is really wonky and very confusing
George: i've always had to select the file it kept its name and didn't rewrite anything and it always worked
rich-c: right, and I'll bet your copy didnt crash (illegal operation) on exit either
George: no
rich-c: anyway, after removal and reinstallation it is now much better behaved
rich-c: oh yes, I kept forgetting to disable Norton Anti-Virus when using it, which may have added to the troubles
George: well you must have done what you needed to
rich-c: apparently the anti-virus battle is the reason most folks are switching to Nero now for their CD burning
rich-c: anyway, if you would like to look at the office program, it's Easy Office at
rich-c: with a DSL connection and big empty hard disc, you might want to give it a look
rich-c: after all, if you dont like it, you can uninstallit
George: i disable as many programs as i can when i'm burning cd's. just the cpu bandwith it takes to burn a cd tells how much memory you'll need
rich-c: I tend to shut down programs only when I am doing a program installation, though your method might help
rich-c: in any case toher than the idiosyncrasies I've mentioned, I've had no problems with bandwidth on CD burning
rich-c: of course, you never miss the water till the well runs dry ;-)
George: after i burn the cd i restart the computer and read the cd
rich-c: given all the tsr programs we all have nowadays, a restart is usually the easy way out
George: they all want 500mhz or higher
rich-c: well, I have triple that so I have bandwidth to spare
George: that wasn't the case a few years ago
rich-c: it wasnt' my computer now represents a jump up from a 166MMX
George: see
rich-c: the 166MMX would burn CDs too, but back then the burn speed was about 2X
George: i wouldn't even have bothered
rich-c: I didnt have a burned then so the question is moot
rich-c: but then, a burned and USB ports were main drivers towards getting the new computer
rich-c: that's burner, of course
George: add 3d graphics and that's an extra reason for me
rich-c: I dont care much about graphics - a 32MB board is quite adequate for me
George: my p180mmx only had 2mb 2d graphics
rich-c: so you have made quite a step up, but then you play a fair number of games
George: yes very intensive graphics
rich-c: anyway, I see time is getting on; I know you're tired, and I have stuff to do
rich-c: shall we hang it up till Wednesday?
George: ok, see you Wed.
rich-c: good-oh. See you then. Bye now.
George: bye for now
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