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rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: good evening Guy
rich-c: nice to see you made it on early tonight
Guy B.: HI Rich, just the person who I am looking for.
rich-c: gee- is that good or bad?
rich-c: what have I done now that I shouldnt have?
Guy B.: Actually, need your opinion here. My Dell notebook needs about $300 in replacement parts. That is a battery, A CMOS battery and a power supply adapter. I think the money should be better spent gettiing a new notebook. What do you think?
rich-c: depends on what model notebook you have
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Guy B.: It's the Dell Latitude P90. Way outdated.
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
Guy B.: HI George. Just in time for another opinion.
George: Hi Rich, Guy
rich-c: its a bit confusing, Guy, because I dont know how your market it
rich-c: in Toronto the answer would be trash the old one and get a replacement
George: huh?
Guy B.: I think this notebook is worth about $50. I bought it two years ago for $160.
rich-c: I would see your cost as being the Canadian equivalent, over $450
rich-c: that would buy a P11- 350 or 400, 64 or 128 RAM, 4 - 6 gig HD, maybe even 13+ screen here
Guy B.: That's what I'm thinking of doing. Get a better and more powerful notebook. My sister bought a Toshiba with an Intel Cereron 1.6 processor, WinXP, with rebates and all. She got it for US $600.
Guy B.: I'm thinking of a PII for me.
rich-c: that would be about $900 Canadian, but even with the weak outdated processor that's a good deal, especially if it's got a big (14") screen
George: i don't like celerons
Guy B.: That's a Celeron that my sister has. It's nice and thin.
rich-c: well, the Celeron is simply the downgraded version of teh Pentium, and 1.6 is trailing edge. but even so...
George: celeron is the bums processor
rich-c: wonder if Toshiba was making noises about adopting Lindows and squeezed Microsoft for a good deal in Windows?
George: not worth it
Guy B.: Have Tigerdirect's catalog. They have a Toshiba Portege 7020CT for $479. It's a refurbished, has Win95, 128mb, 6.4 gig HD, external drives and a docking station. 13" screen and weighs 4.2 lbs.
rich-c: come off it George, a BMW is nice to have but a Ford will get you there
George: will it?
rich-c: you dont say what processor it has, Guy
Guy B.: Intel PII 366
rich-c: George, a push bike will get you there if you're man enough
George: i've seen too many ford clunkers
George: the Pinto was a disaster
rich-c: Win95 is not even supported any longer by Microsoft - it ended Dec. 1st, I believe
Guy B.: We all know about the Pinto, George. Especially with the gas tank.
rich-c: why was teh Pinto a disaster, George?
George: crash and burn
Guy B.: The gas tank would explode if you got rear ended.
rich-c: if you bothered to check the numbers instead of listening to the paid liars
rich-c: you would know that the Pinto actually was better than most contemporary cars at resisting fires in crashes
Guy B.: Ford knew about the problem, but didn't do anything until people got killed from this.
George: too many
rich-c: as I say, gentlemen, check the numbers - you have swallowed a big lie
Guy B.: Ford did sell a number of those Pintos. But, the gas tank problem started surfacing after 1977. Ford then dropped the car the following year.
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George: no i don't know where you got your numbers from maybe Ford but they are wrong
changed username to RobertoS
RobertoS: YO brudders
RobertoS: how's da gang???????
rich-c: no, I got them from teh US government - NHTSA - not that the US government is to be trusted, of course
Guy B.: Bob, how are you tonight?
rich-c: greetings Robert
rich-c: how's the far cruiser?
RobertoS: we are good, AND healthy too
RobertoS: had a GREAT time
George: Ford was a president
rich-c: your ship managed to sail around teh Norwalk plague, did it?
RobertoS: weather super with a touch of showers that didn't bother too much, warm............warm.......
Guy B.: Bob, need your expert opinion here. I'm thinking of getting a new notebook since my Dell needs $300 in replacements parts to make it working.
rich-c: so was Lincoln, George
RobertoS: aw, they are finding out that the sickness is from people coming onbard sick already
RobertoS: YOUCH
rich-c: yes, that is usually the case
rich-c: we have our hospitals sort of closing in rotation with Norwalk outbreaks, first one, then another
Guy B.: The parts are new battery, CMOS battery and a power supply adapter.
George: ouch
RobertoS: well that's not so bad........I thought the computer was KAput
RobertoS: course,,,,,,,,,,,it hass a screen problem too yes??????
Guy B.: Right now, I can't use it since the power supply plug broke.
RobertoS: sell it on Ebay !!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Yes, that's right.
RobertoS: what is it??????
rich-c: the stoopid part is I saw a Dell power adapter, less the adapter to computer cord, for $10 last Sunday at our computer fair
George: they will buy anything
Guy B.: Dell Latitude P90
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RobertoS: oh man !!!!!!!!!!!
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
RobertoS: tain't worth that money Guy
RobertoS: you reight
Daniel Bienvenu: hello everybody!
RobertoS: right
rich-c: a new CMOS battery shouldnt cost hugely, and Radio Shack will rebuild main batteries, though not that cheaply
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Guy B.: I may have a friend at work who is interested in it. He has the same notebook as mine, except his is a P133. So, we are going to see if his power supply adapter works with mine.
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back...
Guy B.: HI Daniel
RobertoS: hi Daniel!!!
rich-c: anyway Guy, I agree with Bob, it isnt worth fixing
Guy B.: I would think I can get $50 for it.
RobertoS: take it and RUN
George: Hi Daniel
rich-c: I am not sure the TigerDirect deal is the world's best
RobertoS: just bought a P150 for $100 here
Guy B.: Thanks guys. That helps me alot. So, I'll start hunting for a new one.,
George: oh, is that you Bob?
RobertoS: needs battery,ut heyYO
Guy B.: I could go for a new one. Or another used one.
RobertoS: P166 mmx ones go for about $200-225 for a toshiba on ebay
rich-c: I've been pricing new laptops here and teh numbers would make my hair turn white if it weren't white already
George: i'm out of it tonight
RobertoS: dat's true....was in Sam;s Club tonight and I think they had one for about $650
RobertoS: don't know what it was, but it was new
RobertoS: depends on what ya want Rich
RobertoS: can go up to $2000 if ya want
RobertoS: BUT, comparable to using a P90 with lines on the screen, ya don't need the best..........
rich-c: yes, if you take the new VIA integrated board and one gig chip, the price stays down
Guy B.: Sam's Club?
George: i didn't even know it was Wednesday till 4pm. today
RobertoS: ya sure Guy., any around you????????
Guy B.: My sister bought a Toshiba at BestBuy last month. With rebates, it came out about $600 for her.
Guy B.: Yes, I do.
RobertoS: prolly Comp USA or even Best Buy might be comparable too
rich-c: Best Buy is in Canada now - let's say they are not especially competitive
rich-c: but then Toronto is now the most hotly competitive computer market in North America
RobertoS: hmmmmm big Box Lots will have to show them a thing or two
George: Compusa has a Pentium 4 1.8 ghz. for $499 here
RobertoS: well then the prices aught to come down
rich-c: that isnt a laptop, George
George: i hope not
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George: too big to put on your lap
RobertoS: well kinda
rich-c: problem is, Walmart and TigerDirect and Nova have all sold out of their Lindows computers
RobertoS: Daniel, did you get the deal finalized with the guy in (Montreal????) who had the ADAM ???????
George: too bad
George: so much for the crashmatic
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back...
rich-c: yes, otherwise you could get a new basic computr for $199
Guy B.: I was reading Tigerdirect's catalog about Lindows PC.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I reply to the guy teddybear but I didn't receive any news.
rich-c: I think Daniel is away for a minute - it was him, then, who bid on it?
George: oddjob has computers for $99.00 with linux
Daniel Bienvenu: burning a CD to free HD disk space...
rich-c: oh, a guy in Omaha wanted it but was told it had already been spoken for, so I guess you're going to hear something soon, Daniel
rich-c: unless of course Freddie also happened to take a run at it
RobertoS: thought it was yours Dan
RobertoS: sent you a special email about it
RobertoS: hopes ya get it
Guy B.: Just reading about a new worm that will affect PC's running Win 2000, NT and XP. Called Iraq Oil. This attacks the folders using the IP address on the Internet.
rich-c: have you checked it on the McAfee and Symantec hoax sitees, Guy?
left chat session
Guy B.: This happens to be real this time. No hoax
Daniel Bienvenu: There is no problem here with virus. I'm reading my e-mail in two ways : telnet->pine and web.
rich-c: see my question above, Guy
George: i got something on this computer it makes a dog barking sound
Daniel Bienvenu: I saved in a folder the virus by e-mail I received.
rich-c: it's called WinPatrol, George, and has a number of handy features
Daniel Bienvenu: Each time I update my antivirus software, he find a new virus in my "virus" folder.
rich-c: I'd be more upset if it didn't, Daniel - you know it's on the job
George: i never heard of it
Guy B.: I know about the sites Rich. The article mentioned McAfee and Symantec looking into it.
rich-c: I am contemplating dumping Norton Anti-Virus in favour of AVG
Daniel Bienvenu: I detected the infected e-mail months before the anti-virus is able to detect it.
rich-c: Guy, all the hoaxers CLAIM Norton and McAfee confirm it - till you look at the sites
RobertoS: gotta get off phone fr a few minutes back IN A JIFFY !!!!!
RobertoS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: For Christmas, I wanted to do a special new ColecoVision game.. but I think I will not have time to finish it in time. Sorry!
rich-c: it's like I was telling you two earlier about Fords - dont trust selfserving liars, GO TO THE AOURCE
rich-c: SOURCE
rich-c: dont care how long it takes, Daniel, writing a game is an achievement
George: ?
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hmm, sparsely populated this evening
Pamela: Hi, everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
rich-c: Symantec (Norton) and Computer Associates (McAfee) maintain public virus and hoax information sites, George
rich-c: hello daughter
George: Christmas shopping?
Daniel Bienvenu: the most commun virus hoax is sulfnbk.exe ...or something like that.
Pamela: no, just taking a little downtime and waiting for my T3's to kick in
rich-c: your mother is totally triumphant today - she got just the right size turkey
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not a virus but a Windows file.
Pamela: I'm glad to hear that Dad
rich-c: 3.7 kilos - just right for the three of us
Pamela: Will there be some left over to bring home for Russell?
rich-c: good question - I do not know the answer
George: i'm tempted to delete kernel32.dll
Pamela: well, we'll see.
rich-c: besides, wont his main interest be teh Christmas pudding ;-)
Pamela: not till after he's had his dinner (at least it had better not be!)
rich-c: systray.exe is another good one to take out, George
Pamela: actually, my main problem is going to be feeding us on Christmas eve, everything closes by about 7:00
George: and explorer
Pamela: and he's going into midnight shifts
Pamela: I am so not ready for Christmas
rich-c: better hit teh stores a few days early then and let teh freezer earn its living for a while
Pamela: just hitting the stores would be nice, I haven't had an opportunity yet
Guy B.: Pam, since you just came in. Might as well fill you in. My Dell notebook needs $300 in replacements parts. I was asking everyone if I should get a new notebook and put the money towards the new notebook and sell the old one. Everyone agrees that I should sell it.
rich-c: yes, and dont forget the grocery stores will be closed Boxing Day too, and with no resupplies Friday wont be great shopping either
Pamela: between haircuts and dental appointments and furniture moving, it's been a busy couple of weeks
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
Pamela: how old is your computer, Guy?
rich-c: old enough he shouldnt sell it, he should junk it
Guy B.: It's a Dell P90. My guess is several. I bought it used 2 years ago.
George: i wouldn't buy it
Daniel Bienvenu: (my pc is about 2 years old but it's a computer i receive because my older one was broken and still under warranty)
Pamela: I suppose it depends on what you want to replace it with
Guy B.: My Athlon is a year and half. I've had the P133 for 5 years and still runs good.
rich-c: what type of computer are you using, Daniel?
rich-c: our local secondhand shops wont bid for anything below a PII-266
Guy B.: My sister bought a Toshiba last month at BestBuy and after rebates. She got it for $600. It's a nice notebook she has.
Daniel Bienvenu: PackardBell P2 400. I'm dreaming of a new computer lika a 1.2Ghz (3 times faster than mine).
Pamela: Guy, how much more would it cost you to get an updated laptop than to fix the one you have?
George: i'm about to dump 2 8.4gb. HD's too small
rich-c: well, if you're that heavy a hard disc user, that's it, but there are lots of folks would love to have them
Guy B.: I think it would be better for me to get a better one with a more powerful processor and larger hard drive and more memory to work with.
Pamela: is it cost effective?
rich-c: anything put into a P90 is money down teh drain.
George: in the long run it is
Guy B.: It would be. The Dell has an 810mb HD and it's almost full now. And it has 32mb memory. The newer ones have 128mb on up.
Pamela: then go for it, my friend
rich-c: even at Chicago prices, add a bit to the $300 it would take to fix the P90, and he should be able to get something useful
Guy B.: Thank you. Hang on I have something for you.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm reading a forum... about video games emulators. The users said they regret to sell their old computer for a new one because the emulators doesn't work on WinXP. hehehe!
Pamela: caffeine to go with my codeine
Guy B.: Your welcome. Well, that settles it.
rich-c: Guy, an under 1 gig hard disc was inadequate with Windows 95, and 32 MB of memory was marginal
Guy B.: Daniel, I believe the Adam Emulator does work with WinXP.
George: i just installed zoo tycoon trial
Pamela: oh, how do you like it George?
George: fun
Guy B.: That's what I thought. One thing I do have is a PCMCIA CD-Rom drive for it.
Pamela: Russell has been playing my RollerCoaster Tycoon and he loves it
rich-c: just because you have a new computer doesnt mean you have to get XP
Daniel Bienvenu: well, adam emulator is a DOS emulator and XP in NT technologie.. no more real DOS.
rich-c: use 98SE from teh old machine, or whatever
Guy B.: Zoo Tycoon now. What next, Microsoft Tycoon!
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! don't try to install WinME on old computer like mine.
George: i also installed incredible creatures demo
Pamela: what's the big deal with Windows XP?
Guy B.: WinME needs a PIII and at least 64mb memory to work.
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rich-c: on the other hand, I have an Athlon 1600XP that is very happy with Windows 98SE
changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hi, Bob
BobS: I's back
Pamela: welcome home
BobS: hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, except friends having problem with drivers, there is no big deal with WinXP! :)
rich-c: welcome back, Roberto
Guy B.: My Athlon too has Win98SE. Runs very well with an occasional hiccup. But, not too often.
BobS: si senor
Pamela: is it really that much better than 98SE?
George: it crashed my 2ghz. computer
Guy B.: Welcome back Bob. Where's Judy tonight?
BobS: when Judy and daughter Sherri get on the phone......let me tell ya........
Pamela: so, how was the trip?
rich-c: Daniel, you could always install more memory and/or bigger hard disc in your machine
BobS: she is wrapping presents and we have problems with the networking so it is not workin right now
Pamela: well, tell her we said hey
BobS: she say HI back
Daniel Bienvenu: not really... I think my computer cannot be upgraded... except if I use another BIOS and I don't want to.
BobS: but she says she has to get her blinking presents wrapped
Pamela: is that a quote?
BobS: yu[
BobS: yup
rich-c: Daniel, maybe you should subscribe to the LangaList newsletter - it's free and no spam
Pamela: tee hee
Daniel Bienvenu: The only information I have : the new bios by intel for my computer allow me to put a Pentium3 450Mhz... Wow! 50Mhz more! too bad!
George: has anyone heard of FireNet?
Pamela: hey people, it's been pointed out that next Wednesday is Christmas day - are we going to cancel chat, or reschedule it, or what?
rich-c: well, your manual will tell you, but a BIOS that will support a 400 mhz CPU should support at least 1.5 gig of memory and more hard disc than you can afford
rich-c: George - do you mean IEEE1394 (Firewire)?
George: i'm doing nothing Christmas day
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George: yes
changed username to Bella
rich-c: greetings, Bella
Pamela: Hey, Rin, how's the lighthouse?
Guy B.: Hi Bella
Bella: pretty good
Bella: season's greetings everyone
Pamela: cool. We (Mom and Dad and I) got your Christmas card and the pictures - they're great
George: soundblasters audiology firewire port
rich-c: anyway, Firewire is earlier than, better than, and similar to USB2.0, and is popular with the graphics crowd
Bella: cool...yeah they turned out pretty well
Pamela: I've been showing them off to everyone
rich-c: you can buy a PCI card that will give you a Firewire port or two if you dont have one
Bella: oh dear
George: Hi Bella
Pamela: All my friends think the guys are really cute : )
Bella: hi George
Bella: yeah they're not bad
Bella: for brothers
Pamela: you never told me - what was the result of Sabrina's ultrasound?
George: i have one on audiology
Daniel Bienvenu: By the way, I have just enough cash to pay internet service for the next four months.
Bella: oh.....boy
Bella: name is picked too
rich-c: who is your provider, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok .. and enough to pay for the Coleco Adam too
Pamela: I think you might be a bit prejudiced on the subject of brothers, my dear
Pamela: it's another boy?
Bella: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: My provider is Globetrotter (Telus)
Pamela: what about timing - is she farther along than they thought?
rich-c: does your area have access through a freenet, or can you get privileges at the Universite?
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Bella: she had another one today b/c he wouldn't stay still
changed username to New Driver
Pamela: Jillian?
rich-c: hello Gillian, got the ticket, did you?
George: Bobs back
New Driver: Hello all!
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Pamela: is that you?
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: what happened, Guy, fall off?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Browser got hung.
New Driver: Yes it is. I was just searching for a cool way to make my announcement
BobS: Hi Jill
New Driver changed username to Jillian
George: hello new people and ones rejoining us
Jillian: Thanks. :)
Bella: so you're you're right up there with the Prime Minister eh Jillian?
Pamela: and I'm shouting because that's such wonderful news
BobS: CORNgradulations
rich-c: what does Telus charge for your connection, Daniel?
Jillian: I didn't even have to parrell park.
Daniel Bienvenu: Globetrotter and my university share a few services so I don't pay the full price.
Pamela: I know what an accomplishment it is - I was 27 before I got mine
Daniel Bienvenu: it's about 120$ / 4months
Pamela: you didn't? How did you get away with that?
Guy B.: Hi Jill. Didn't see you come in.
rich-c: sheesh! I pay $100 for six months
Jillian: Tester didn't ask me to. He just asked me to back into a parking space in the parking lot.
George: don't ask me
rich-c: or do you have a DSL connection?
Jillian: The silly thing is that before I went, I figured out how to nail it every time.
Pamela: now i'm jealous. However, I didn't have to back in so I suppose we're square
Jillian: When he told me to go back to the testing centre with out doing the parralel, I thought I had failed again.
Pamela: I remember the day before my test - I put 150 kms on Katherines car and parallel parked about 50 times. Drove all over the city
Jillian: He asked me if that was my best driving on my best day and I said no and I think that's why he passed me.
George: i have a powerball ticket
Jillian: I was only practicing at night on our street, but I did it at least three times every night for about 10 days.
rich-c: bet of getting struck by lightning, George - the odds are much better
Jillian: In other news, I'm back to work as well.
George: i need a dream
Pamela: Okay Erin, it's your turn to get your licence now
Bella: i know the PM just got his so it is now my time
Pamela: Has it really been a year?
Jillian: Dream for world peace, George.
Pamela: Wow, time flies
Jillian: One year and two days.
rich-c: like one of my buddies - when asked why she bought lottery tickets, she asked where else she could get such nice dreams for a buck
Pamela: I'm serious Erin, you need to get going on this
BobS: a nice sentament for undoubtably throwing good money after bad
George: thats right
Bella: i know, i know.......if i don't get it by August I have to start again
Jillian: BRB Jeffrey alarm.
Pamela: well, get practicing, kiddo
Bella: i would
rich-c: and dont worry if you dont feel you're driving very well
Pamela: once you have the basics of how to drive a car, it's just a matter of practice
George: yikes!
rich-c: no one else on the road is either, and some will even admit it to themselves (if not publicly)
Bella: if practice was available I would do it
Pamela: after all, I was 17 when Dad taught me to drive
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rich-c: leaning on various brothers (you should pardon teh expression) might be useful
Pamela: I never took formal lessons, just got lots of practice
moved to room Meeting Place
George: i ran over my first tree when i was 17
changed username to Ron
Pamela: did it jump out in front of you George?
Pamela: Hi, Ron
BobS: ronald!!!!!!!!
Bella: hi Ron
Ron: hi all
George: boy did it jump
rich-c: aha, the wet coast reports in - thought you'd be flooded out
Ron: Blown out was more like it
Guy B.: HI Ron
Ron: only just got full power back last night
Pamela: I must admit, I haven't encountered any suicidal trees yet (or posts, or guard rails . . .)
rich-c: I can guess about teh feet, but are you growing finger webs yet, Ron?
George: Hi Ron
Ron: We were out for several hours Sunday night, then when it returned we had a phase missing
Pamela: the waiting is killing me
Ron: Quite a light show on the pole in front of the house
Ron: trees down all over the place
rich-c: yes, I've seen a couple go down, and they really light things up
George: the dogs are barking again
Ron: indeed
Pamela: Erin, if you can't get your Mom to go out with you, why not ask your friend when he's in town?
rich-c: oh, i'll ask here - does anyone have Jack Pines" email address?
Ron: Bob
Pamela: ooo, bad pun
Bella: i couldn't do that....i'd have to drive Ari Forse one or the caddy anyway
Pamela: well, if you drove AF1, you would at least be high off the ground and able to see over the other traffic
BobS: yes Ronald ...........
Bella: it's true but if I break it the prov will come after me
Pamela: and if you learn on a large vehicle, afterwards you can drive anything
Ron: Between the flu and the wind storms, I've had my mind on other things, and didn't get that disk mailed to you
Ron: Are you desparate?
BobS: oh well........
Pamela: know what Rin? They're so insured, it's not funny. Don't worry much about that
Bella: LOL
rich-c: speaking of which, Pam, should you do some practice on the Behemoth?
BobS: NO, I sent out my version and put your version on the internet site as a ADAMEM version.....which it is
George: here we are dealing with smallpox
Ron: ok Sounds cool
Pamela: do you want me to? I thought you didn't want me driving it?
BobS: have NOT had time to figure out WHY the darn thing don't work
Ron: Have just acquired a 486/66 with a 5-1/4 inch floppy - hoping it will provide me with an answer to all this
Ron: No, I hear ya..... neither have I
BobS: should
Ron: yup
George: i have a 486 50
Ron: did you get the battery?
George: dx2 50
Bella: hey Pam...I got my pic taken with Brian Tobin
BobS: I thikn that one or more files is corrupted.......I ppu the files onto a good basic and progam disk and it bombed also
rich-c: is that a matter for bragging or complaining, Rin?
BobS: yes got it
Bella: i'm not sure.....i think he's cute though
Pamela: neat - where did this happen?
Bella: PM Xmas party in OTT
Ron: no doubt. See, the problem was that the original came from a 1.4 meg floppy produced on the ADAM
Pamela: so you did end up going to that . . . I wondered
Pamela: did you like the flight better this time?
Bella: oh yeah...i went
Ron: the journey into IBM-land seemed to be somewhat traumatic, although it DID work on the emulator
Bella: i loved the flight......i made sure i had window seats whenever possible and I've decided I prefer the Turboprops
Pamela: well that's a switch, most people prefer the jets. I'm glad you liked it though. I love flying and I was hoping you would come to appreciate it
rich-c: you catch on quick, girl - always much more reassuring to see the fans turning
Bella: i'm a pro now
Bella: jetsetter if you will
Bella: LOL
Pamela: groan!
rich-c: besides, teh Dash-8 has a high wing so you get a better view
Pamela: Ron, is that undefined your twin?
Bella: the Turboprop is much more fun and "realistic" albeit louder
Ron: tomorrow morning we fly cross the Rockies
Bella: i got to see the wheels come down this time too
rich-c: you're off to Edmonchuck for teh holidays, as usual?
Ron: ya
Bella: cross the Rockies would freak me out a bit
rich-c: yes, and the Dash-8s land so much more smoothly
Bella: they do
Pamela: Know what Rin, you're so high it's not real
Ron: going Westjet via Calgary
Pamela: however, it is beautiful
rich-c: not really Rin, you're three miles above them - does make for a nice geology lesson though
Bella: that's true......feels like that now so it wouldn't be much different ...except mountains of course
Bella: i'm sure it's beautiful
rich-c requested to ban <undefined>
George confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Bella confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela: I'll pose this question again now that there are more people here - are we going to reschedule for next week? And if so, what day?
George: why are dogs barking on my computer?
BobS: don't know what to do hon
Pamela: you let the dogs out, George : )
Ron: good question, I'll probably try to make it in - s'long as it's not Christmas nite
BobS: don't rightly know just WHAT I will be doing xmas night
rich-c: you introduced a new program - knowingly or unknowingly, George
BobS: tis xmas night ron
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Pamela: well, I'll be at Mom and Dads and there's only one phone line there
Ron: right, so I see
George: what is it ?
rich-c: Boxing Day a better bet?
Pamela: 18+7=25
George: where can i find it?
Pamela: my vote would be for Thursday
Bella: wow Pam ...math?
Ron: If sis runs true to form there will be at least 12 for Christmas dinner, and it'll be difficult to leave the crowd - much as I might want to
Pamela: that's the codeine talking
rich-c: what programs have you downloaded and installed recently, George?
BobS: could prolly make it on 'Thurs
George: nothing to my knowlage
BobS: proabably that stinking AOl stuff
rich-c: anything that might affect the registry - a music player, for instance?
Ron: thur would be ok
Pamela: Guy, what do you think?
George: no
rich-c: are we all agreed, then - Thursday Dec 26 at 9?
rich-c: OK, consider it done
Pamela: Is someone going to post that to the list so everyone knows?
Ron: I'll vote for that
rich-c: I guess one of those spy programs from AOL is trying to do something, then, George
George: i have to get ready for endoscopy for Fri.
Pamela: whazzat, George? Is it as unpleasant as it sounds?
George: 27th
George: i dread it
Pamela: oh by the way, I think I'm proving the redhead / pain meds theory
rich-c: OK I will post now - brb
rich-c: the list has now been notified of the chat schedule
Pamela: shall have to tell Dr. D.
George: med time for me
Ron: West Edmonto Mall Dec 24
Ron: Just like last year
Pamela: are you actually going to attempt that Ron?
Ron: I am a sucker for punishment
Ron: probably
Pamela: I'll say!
Pamela: Rin, is your shopping done?
Bella: are u joking?
Ron: Last year I found it neat. Had coffee and a doughnut next to the skating rink and did some first class people watching
Pamela: just checking to make suer I'm not alone
Bella: oh no not at all
Pamela: thank goodness
Pamela: I think it's safe to say I am not my mother's daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: off topic subject : Bioscopia, Syberia.. which one is the better puzzle game?
Pamela: BTW Rin, I need a list from your end of the province
rich-c: no, in that you take much more after your old man
Ron: Message received and acknowledged Mr. Clee
Bella: what do you mean?
rich-c: Pam, you should be able to answer Daniel on that
Pamela: I have no Christmas list for any of you
Bella: oh...i dunno
Daniel Bienvenu: Which game is more like Myst 1?
Ron: We don't have any Mac people int he crowd eh?
rich-c: your mother and I can be dealt with at any LCBO, Pam
George: turn up the heat it's cold in here
moved to room Meeting Place
George: test
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Darn, I just got dumped
Pamela: there, that's better
rich-c: where you been, daughter?
Pamela: I got das boot
rich-c: I noticed a sudden bump in the server
Pamela: did anyone else get dumped?
BobS: not I said the michigander
George: i got stuck
Pamela: for once, I actually got a disconnect message
Ron: there was a disturbance in the Force
rich-c: George, do you have Norton Utilities on your computer?
George: no
Pamela: Erin, you there?
Bella: yuppers
Bella: did u get the mesg i sent re:list?
rich-c: do you have anything that tracks changes in the registry?
BobS: must ahve been the alignment of the moon and stars as adjusted for daylight savings time effedted by El Nino........
Pamela: okay - I was saying when I was so rudely kicked out that I need a Christmas list for you guys
George: no
Pamela: nope
Bella: and I said I dunno
Pamela: well that's no help
Jillian confirmed ban
rich-c: then I guess you'll have to stay ignorant as to why Scotty was barking, unless he puts up a message
Ron: must away good people. I have miles to go before I sleep
Bella: well.....I'll have to ask
Ron: see ya's next thurs
BobS: have a good vacation Ron
BobS: see ya later
Pamela: please do. I have it in mind to do the same thing we did last year - deliver them in person
Bella: nite Ron Merry Xmas
Ron: tks sir. Will probably talk at ya's from the East side of the Rocks
rich-c: OK Ron, enjoy the flight, happy landings, merry Christmas and see you Boxing Day (whew!)
Ron: 'nite
Bella: oooo that would be cool
Pamela: Alright Ron - merry Christmas and good travelling
George: who is leaving/
Ron left chat session
George: nite Ron
Pamela: well, I haven't discussed it with R or K at any length but that's what I'd like to do
Pamela: Kimberly is for it in theory, it's just finding the time that's the problem for her
Bella: i see
Daniel Bienvenu: if i'm asking about syberia and bioscopia it's because a friend of have these game and I want a new puzzle game for the christmas holliday
Bella: well it'll all work out
Daniel Bienvenu: bye ron!
George: they are closing our post office
rich-c: it's also not the best time of year for drives through the snowstream, either
Pamela: you know Dad, every time we've travelled down there, we've been incredibly lucky with the weather
Pamela: nice dry conditions and not a lot of people on the road
rich-c: sorry Daniel, I don't play games (except Freecell) - maybe Pamela will know since Russell plays a lot
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run myself. So, if I don't see you all on Saturday. Have A Merry Christmas. I might not make it either on Christmas, depends what time I get home. Christmas is on Wednesday.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ok!
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Jillian: I'm back!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye guy!
Bella: Merry Xmas Guy!
Pamela: Guy, reschedule to Thursday at nine
Daniel Bienvenu: JOYEUX NOL!
Jillian: Merry Xmas Guy.
Guy B.: Ok, Thursday I'll be there.
BobS: bye Guy
George: nite Guy
Pamela: Merry Christmas to you and Jeanene and Abby
rich-c: Right, Guy, Merry Christmas if we dont see you before, otherwise Thursday next week
Pamela: Is Jeffy ok, Jillian?
Jillian: Oh yeah, just hungry.
rich-c: welcome back, Jill
Guy B.: Thanks. Oh, I should scan the photo of the two with Santa and put it up on my website.
rich-c: do that Guy, we'll enjoy it
Jillian: He slurped down a whole bottle of milk and went back to dream land
Guy B.: Ok, bye everyone.
Pamela: please do Guy - I want to see that
George: Merry Christmas Happy New Year
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Jillian, we have taken a vote and decided to move chat to Thursday next week
Jillian: I was trying to read what I had missed, but you all talk too much.
Pamela: je m'excuse!
rich-c: that's the idea of chat, Jill ;-)
George: oh my
Jillian: Good idea. Although if anyone is on on Christmas, maybe I could convince Neil to get on.
Jillian: We'll be in Brooklin.
rich-c: Pam, can you suggest a good puzzle or RPG game to Daniel?
Pamela: okay Rin, here's the scoop - if the weather is decent while we're down there, you and I are going driving, okay?
Jillian: Simple puzzle or complex puzzle.
Bella: sounds good
rich-c: sorry Jill, everyone else needs Boxing Day to make it
Pamela: I don't have any suggestions unfortunately
rich-c: I'd say decently challenging, Jill
George: ?
Jillian: Computer or real life?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ok! i will choose one (random)
Pamela: try them both and give us a review Daniel: )
Pamela: Rin, think you can handle a Taurus?
Jillian: I've been working on two puzzles recently.
Jillian: One called Picture Logic and the other Block puzzle.
rich-c: you mean computer game puzzles?
Bella: i'm sure i could
Pamela: okay. Done.
Jillian: On my palm pilot actually.
George: Can you handle a Y-Rex
Daniel Bienvenu: ooooh! a review? i will try to!
George: T-Rex
Pamela: The nice thing about your neck of hte woods is there are lots of open roads and not a lot of traffic.
Jillian: Picture Logic is nonograms to solve and has 900+ pictures to choose from. I've done about 600
Pamela: What;s a t-rex, George?
Bella: exactly
rich-c: yes, drive down to Cilento and bring back a bottle or two for dinner
George: the dinosaur
Pamela: not a lot of places to hit things : )
Daniel Bienvenu: the lastest "puzzle game" for PC I played was Clue Chronicle.
rich-c: oh, that's what I'm driving now - the Behemoth
Pamela: I was talking about the car George
Pamela: so Dad do you want me to get some practice on Behemoth?
George: everything is going dark
rich-c: Danile, there are likely game reviews on the Toronto Computes!/ Computr Paper website - I think it is
Jillian: Breathe George, In and Out.
George: i can't
rich-c: well, Pam, you wre talking about needing practice on large vehicles - it's pretty large
Jillian: Asthama?
Jillian: Concentrate on breathing out slowly.
Pamela: what I was referring to was for Erin, Dad - if she gets her practice on large vehicles ie minivan or the Caddy, she'll be able to handle anything
Jillian: The Behemoth is definitly large.
Pamela: no argument there!
Pamela: damn thing has a hood a mile long
rich-c: and his ribs are of copper, and he drinketh up the river....
Pamela: trunk, too
BobS: gotta go kids......
BobS: will plan on next Thurs
Jillian: Ok Bob. Nite, Nite. Tell Judy hello.
BobS: amigos
rich-c: the description in teh Book of Job is quite accurate - but then, it was contemporary
Pamela: Okay Bob - Merry Christmas to all of you
BobS: Merry Xmas to ya'll also !!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: very funny, Daddyh
BobS left chat session
rich-c: Merry Christmas to all Slopsemas, and see you Boxing Day!
George: oh no i'm going out
Jillian: On boxing day?
Pamela: BREATHE, George
Jillian: We'll be going out, but all of the stores are closed by 9.
Jillian: so we'll be home.
Jillian: Can any one tell me if Ron has announced dates?
Pamela: you're going to brave a mall on Boxing Day Jillian? You're a braver soul than I.
rich-c: ah, youth - once I was masochistic enough to shop on Boxing Day, too
rich-c: but I learned my lesson on that point long ago
Pamela: not as far as I know, Jillian
Jillian: It's a tradition in the Wick family. Shopping on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.
Jillian: I have to work on 24 so can't miss 26
Pamela: I won't have any money left
rich-c: well, as long as you do it in Brooklin - just dont try in Toronto!
Jillian: Are you kidding? The Eaton's centre is the best.
Pamela: I finish Friday at 4:30 and am not back until the 27th. 1.5 days vacation, six days off - not too shabby
Jillian: I totally forgot to request vacation days, before I went back to work.
Pamela: oops
Jillian: So now I've got to work.
Pamela: Erin, when are you off?
Bella: Friday
Bella: have to go back on the 2nd
Pamela: the 20th or 27th?
Jillian: It's kindof frustrating because I'm still in re-training until the 30th so have to go in and just read
Pamela: Rin, are you working the 23rd and 24th?
Pamela: hello?
Jillian: I'm still here but things have slowed waay down.
rich-c: well, some of us are here
Pamela: things just suddenly stopped so I wondered
rich-c: yes, there was a similar slowdown when you got dumped
Pamela: anyway, I think my meds just kicked in, so I'd better take advantage of that and go to bed
Jillian: Supper arrived on this side and distracted me.
rich-c: Jill, has Dale shown you how to keep the mailing list going yet?
George: oh god i passed out
Jillian: No not yet. but I haven't forgotten to keep bugging him.
rich-c: OK Pam, if not before see you Christmas afternoon
Pamela: you were supposed to be breathing George - are you okay?
Daniel Bienvenu: JOYEUX NOL!
Jillian: Nite Pam. Hope Santa treats you good.
George: no, i was out
Daniel Bienvenu: merry chirstmas <-> joyeux noel!
Pamela: Dad, will call before then probably but won't get over there before Christmas day
rich-c: sounds like you need some rest, George
Daniel Bienvenu: but you allready know that by viewing waltdisney cartoons.
George: i have to go
Pamela: 8 years of school french - that's one of theonly things I remember
Jillian: WD? Where is it in WD?
Pamela: george, go to bed
rich-c: actually, Daniel, right now George is the only one here without at least a little French
Jillian: Nite George. Have a good Christmas.
George: nite all
Pamela: Merry Christmas to all
George left chat session
rich-c: merry christmas, George, see you Saturday or next Thursday
Pamela: Jillian, give Jeffy a special Christmas hug for us
Pamela: and one for yourself
rich-c: night, daughter
Jillian: Will do. He's still incredibly huggable.
Pamela: I love the built - in models!
Pamela: See you next Thursday. I'm outta here.
Pamela: poof!
Daniel Bienvenu: i saw many times christmas cartoons in english with words "JOYEUX NOEL".
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: really? I cant recall that, but then it is a long time since I saw any cartoons
Jillian: oh ok. I tend not to notice such things as my brain just interprets them and moves on.
Daniel Bienvenu: the one i remember is with mickey, donald and dingo... the words are on the house
Jillian: I can also read upside down without realizing I'm doing it.
Daniel Bienvenu: dingo = goofy
rich-c: I have never seen a Disney film en francais
Bella left chat session
Jillian: I would have thought WD would be more likely to have "Feliz Navidad" (sp)
rich-c: yes, there has always been a fair bit of Spanish or Mexican allusion in Disney work
Jillian: Lots of Disney stuff comes in French though. They did a really amazing history of math film that I saw in french in gr10 or so.
rich-c: oh yes, I doubt they'd have built Euro-Disney if they weren't very aware of the potential market
rich-c: that's not to say they understood the market, of course
Jillian: Is Euro-Disney still around? I thought it flopped.
rich-c: anyway, folks, tile for us old folks to pack it in
rich-c: Jillian, merry Christmas to you and Dale and Jeffy, and teh family
Jillian: I had better go as well. My days start early now that Jeffy's in day care.
Jillian: Have a good Christmas and say hello to Frances for me please.
rich-c: Daniel, joyeux noel, and see you next Thursday (or Saturday?)
Jillian: Is that how to spell her name? I can never remember.
Jillian: Sorry if it's incorrect.
rich-c: right Jill, men are -is, women -es
Daniel Bienvenu: probably Saturday!
rich-c: so merry christmas, joyeux noel, and see you next week
Jillian: Do you have lots of snow Daniel?
rich-c: hope for it, Daniel. A la prochaine, then
Daniel Bienvenu: so there is no chat session this wed. ok!
Daniel Bienvenu: lot of snow? one feet?
rich-c: no, it's Thursday instead
Jillian: We have none. That's one thing that I miss from living in Toronto.
rich-c: see you there
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's your turn to quit....
Daniel Bienvenu: what's new?
Jillian: I have been back at work since Monday.
Jillian: It's hard to get back into the groove.
Daniel Bienvenu: and your Coleco projects?
Jillian: I'm still working on the plan for my game.
Jillian: I have most of the dependencies worked out, but none of the graphics and only a bare minimum of the map.
Jillian: It's going slower than I thought it would.
Jillian: What are you working on?
Jillian: Are you still there?
Jillian: oh well. It seems that the connection has died or something.
Jillian: Good night and merry Christmas.
Jillian left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit! joyeux noel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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