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Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO!
Daniel Bienvenu: HEHEHE!
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Daniel Bienvenu: 8 minutes before chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: When you are ready, write me a message!
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rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: desole que je sui en retard
rich-c: suis
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Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO!
Daniel Bienvenu: long time no see!
rich-c: bienvenue, yourself! hi!
rich-c: got all wound up in composing an email and didnt notice the time
Daniel Bienvenu: About e-mail, what's your e-mail address? I have a picture of me (today)
rich-c: I was going to ask - do you have a dialup or high-speed internet connection?
rich-c: OK - I'm
Daniel Bienvenu: hummm... Yahoo is slow today.
rich-c: really? I am having no trouble with my ISP so it must be the Yahoo servers overloaded
Daniel Bienvenu: my internet connection is a standard modem 56K but my connection still under 44K.
rich-c: I suspect with Christmas shopping and all that the net is pretty busy today
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! check your mail!
rich-c: I was asking because the price you quoted for internet service was average for a DSL line but way expensive for dialup
rich-c: not here yet but I will look again later
Daniel Bienvenu: errr... i know but it's the only internet connect i have. i can ask for another one with sympatico (Bell) but it's the same price. Having hi-speed internet is not something i wanted too.
rich-c: are there no competitors or independent ISPs down your way? we have I believe over 400 in the Toronto area
Daniel Bienvenu: hi-speed internet means more attacks from other surfers and my familly is not ready for this kind of attack
rich-c: yes, always-on and a fixed IP address does render you vulnerable
Daniel Bienvenu: There is only Bell and Telus... Sympatico and Globetrotter... the others are from other cyberspace.
rich-c: however Zone Alarm is free and does a fine job of repelling attackers
Daniel Bienvenu: and i don't want to pay for long distance call to be connected in the internet.
Daniel Bienvenu: I installed zone alarm... about six months ago. is not perfect.
rich-c: that seems very strange to me - how far have you checked for independents?
rich-c: just as you spoke, ZA told me about a probe
Daniel Bienvenu: here? in quebec? ... there is one other option. videotron but the service is too slow.
rich-c: I have had Zone Alarm for a couple of years now and have found it apparently fireproof
rich-c: nothing in the Yellow Pages under internet service providers?
rich-c: you are in the Quebec City local calling area, aren't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! i will check that! but i'm sure there is no more options for me.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah.. Quebec city area
rich-c: I will also look and if I see anything I will let you know
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! thanks!
rich-c: when I pay $200/year for unlimited dialup and know how to get it cheaper, the rate you are paying is ridiculous
Daniel Bienvenu: My internet connection contract stop january 6.. so if i want to change internet service...
rich-c: OK, I was just away to my email
rich-c: sent one to my ISP and asked if he had any buddies down your way
rich-c: also checked the mailbox and your picture has arrived
rich-c: officially John (my ISP) works Mon-Fri 9-6 but somehow or other he always answers the phone and knows about emails
rich-c: dont be surprised if I have some sort of answer even before we shut down here
rich-c: just looked at the picture - looks like you're auditioning for Bonhomme Carnival!
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe! "bonhomme carnaval"! yeah! I still have this little hat on my head right now!
rich-c: I notice that you like nice loyal Quebec blue tones on your house and person
Daniel Bienvenu: i didn't realize that
rich-c: you have seen the Rogues Galleries on and, haven't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: want to see a picture of me one hour before the one you picture?
rich-c: hmmm - is that an invitation or a threat?
Daniel Bienvenu: I send you another picture.. check your mail!
Daniel Bienvenu: err... ok.. now, i send the picture
rich-c: OK will check now - brb
rich-c: nope, internet is slow at the moment, not here yet
Daniel Bienvenu: check again in a minute
rich-c: but Frances just looked at the first one - she likes your wall colour and decorations
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks!
rich-c: anyway, you do know what the usual chat crowd looks like, don't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: the usual chat crowd? what is it?
rich-c: the Slopsemas, Ron, Dr.D and family, Dale and Jill, Frances and I, the regular members
rich-c: there are Adamcon pictures on Dales website (the one we're using now) of all of us
rich-c: there are more and other people on, which is Meeka's web page
Daniel Bienvenu: do you remerber that day when I was looking on pictures during a chat session?
rich-c: wait - that was quite a while ago, wasnt it?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah!.. maybe this summer?
rich-c: could well have been - think I do vaguely recall it
Daniel Bienvenu: no it was before this summer
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact it was a few days after the first day i chat here.
rich-c: right, because newcomers are always interested in seeing the people they are talking with - very natural reaction
Daniel Bienvenu: I checked pictures each time i see a new name in the list.
rich-c: that would give you a good handle then on what each of us is like
Daniel Bienvenu: i suppose you receive the second picture
rich-c: actually I'm usually off to the side in most photos and hard to see
rich-c: I'll check again
rich-c: wow, you stood a little too close to the razor in the interval, didn't you 8=)
rich-c: and that sweater - wow - where do you turn it off?
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
Daniel Bienvenu: someone cut my hair and .... i changed my sweater because there was some hair inside.
Daniel Bienvenu: a few more days ... and a spray of white paint ... hey looks! i'm santa clauss
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
rich-c: or more properly, Pere Noel?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! Pre Nol!
rich-c: you have teh advantage of me, with those extra keys on the keyboard
Daniel Bienvenu: humm.. i'm not sure you can't do that.
rich-c: actually I believe I can but it involves a lot of fiddling around with key mapping and some rather exotic key combinations
Daniel Bienvenu: at least, you can do COPY-PASTE
rich-c: no, copy-paste wont work because my keyboard has the American key mapping
rich-c: now that Frances has her digital camera, maybe I should get a file photo or two of myself to hold on my hard disc and distribute as appropriate
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: see that?
rich-c: yep
Daniel Bienvenu: this symbol is not mapping on my keayboard
rich-c: I see it as the division sign and that isnt on my keyboard
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! it's the division sign .. and that isn't in my keyboard too.
rich-c: yes, but you can do a character and then backspace and add to it
Daniel Bienvenu: I simply go to a web site like this one and copy the caracter. then I do CTRL+V to paste here in the textbox.
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: at least that's how manual typewriters and early keyboards I've seen handled accents
rich-c: neat - pity we can't cut and paste out of the chat box
Daniel Bienvenu: java use unicode so you can put some extra character here without a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: if you use CTRL+C to COPY and CTRL+V to PASTE.. I think you can do a copy-paste here without a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: rich-c: neat - pity we can't cut and paste out of the chat box
Daniel Bienvenu: see?
rich-c: OK, I will have to experiment with that
Daniel Bienvenu: = 3.1416 ?
Daniel Bienvenu: 2002 Daniel Bienvenu ... hehehe!
rich-c: OK, I just cut that website address out of chat here and pasted it into Notepad
Daniel Bienvenu: shortcut CTRL+C and CTRL+V is almost standard in all Windows environment
rich-c: yes, they are familiar to those who came up through DOS or even CP/M
rich-c: but I have always been stuck in the GUI stuff, so to speak
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's not true for one of the DOS software i use : CTRL+INS and CTRL+DEL ... BTW, it's one exception
rich-c: it's silly, because every once in a while the mouse or cursor gets awkward and you have to use the key codes
rich-c: but when that happens I have to go dig out the manuals and refresh my memory
rich-c: if I remember keys can get me out of difficulty at all, that is
Daniel Bienvenu: beleive me, it takes me one year to start using PC and C64 at the same time. the idea behind them is not the same, the keyboard is not the same... difficult
rich-c: yes, I find it increasingly difficult to switch back to the Adam, now, though after a few minutes it all comes back to me
Daniel Bienvenu: Now with Coleco programming in C on my PC ... is more easy for me than programming directly on the ADAM.
Daniel Bienvenu: i didn't program on the adam but i programmed something on a mac and on an old atari 400 (or 800?)
Daniel Bienvenu: so i can imagine
rich-c: hte limit of my Adam programming was to write a lottery number picking program in BASIC
rich-c: still use the numbers and still havent won squat
Daniel Bienvenu: hey! that means you can program a ColecoVision game too! :-)
rich-c: you may be right, but I suspect I would use Logo
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe! ok!
rich-c: SmartLogo has lots of sprites, and deamons, and all sorts of neat stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: how old is Frances?
Daniel Bienvenu: (i can't remember)
rich-c: she's about a year and a half younger than I am - her birthday will be in about four weeks or less
Daniel Bienvenu: I purchased a new game for young kids. It's an adventure game (cartoon) but you can decide to use sub-titles or not, and it's in french and english. So it's perfect to strat learning and having fun. It takes me 2 hours to finish the game.
Daniel Bienvenu: i know, i was looking for an adventure game.. between bioscopia and antoher one but i changed my mind in the shoping center.
rich-c: I am really not much into games, often play Free Cell
rich-c: have a mini-golf game I play occasionally, and Taipei (a mah-jongg variant)
Daniel Bienvenu: did you play a QBASIC game named gorilla?
Daniel Bienvenu: it cames with win95
Daniel Bienvenu: and dos 6
rich-c: if it did, I never discovered it, and I thought I got fairly familiar with DOS 6.22 and Win95B
rich-c: still, as I keep poking around, I do find the most amazing things on my computer
Daniel Bienvenu: i found a macromedia flash version of this game.
rich-c: there's a neat slot car racing game done in Flash but no way to download it
rich-c: it's on a number of online gaming sites
Daniel Bienvenu: it's two gorillas on top of buldings and they shoot explosive bananas. it's like the old classic game artillery duel but with other graphics
rich-c: artillery duel I have on CV cart - Frances and I used to play it at rare intervals
Daniel Bienvenu: but you can keep some flash games if you don't want to download them again and again.
rich-c: I am sure you can, I just don't know how to capture them
Daniel Bienvenu: simply look in your temporary internet folder and copy the big swf files you found.
rich-c: right - do that when I'm still online, right?
rich-c: I have my Paranoia settings set up to wipe everything when I drop the connection and close IE
Daniel Bienvenu: do that after the game was totally loading. if you limit the space for the temporary internet folder you must copy the file before your browser erase the file
Daniel Bienvenu: you can go into the internet option of the internet explorer and click to see the folder of temporary internet files.
rich-c: I don't think I've got a tight limit on the temporary space, I just automatically delete everything in the folder
Daniel Bienvenu: you have time? you try it! open the temporary internet folder and use your browser to download a flash game
rich-c: yes, every time I close down I delete all cookies, history and temp files, so I know that panel well
rich-c: don't worry, now I know, I'll give it a try
Daniel Bienvenu: when the game will be downloaded, copy the swf file.
Daniel Bienvenu: as quick as possible
rich-c: right, before it starts, then?
Daniel Bienvenu: the file will be in the internet folder a few seconds before it starts
Daniel Bienvenu: the flash application may start before the download is done.
rich-c: try for a really neat Flash mini-golf game
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: you can play it online and maybe you'll like it enough to download
Daniel Bienvenu: and if you have problem to copy the file, i can send it to you by e-mail
rich-c: I have a whole lineup of sites with all sorts of "10-minute" online games, mostly Flash
Daniel Bienvenu: there are 2 miniputts games?
rich-c: oh, now that I know the approach, I will want to try it myself till I master it
Daniel Bienvenu: ok!
rich-c: if I recall psych has two or three variants itself, plus a bunch of other games and links to lots more
rich-c: there's one on a European site that lets you build a slot car track and race around it
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
rich-c: it's some sort of Scandanavian, I think likely Swedish
Daniel Bienvenu: my prefered flash application are animations (like little video clips)
rich-c: try also
Daniel Bienvenu: well, i don't know why but i can't access to these games
Daniel Bienvenu: i will try the second url right now
rich-c: what, have you been trying the goldfish site?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah.. goldfish didn't work : error 404
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rich-c: OK, I just went to it and while it was slow to load, I got on to it enough to know it's there
rich-c: it is a www. and there is no punctuation - psychogoldfish is all one word
rich-c: by the way, ignore the undefined; after I went away it tried to give me a second connection when I came back
Daniel Bienvenu: for the second URL : some games using java .. not macromedia flash
rich-c: right, there are a number of sites with a lot of games, some java, some Flash
rich-c: I think you'll find that there is a mix
rich-c: you might also like to look at, though I'm not sure whether they are Flash, Java, or both
Daniel Bienvenu: ahahaha! i found the swf in another site than goldenfish but it's the same games.
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: OK; are the games credited to Josh Tuttle or Psychogoldfish? if so, that's the ones
Daniel Bienvenu: i know coffee break web site
Daniel Bienvenu: Psychogoldfish
rich-c: then you've got it - on the PG site, there's a box in the top left corner with options, one of which you click to go to games
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah i tried the psychogoldfish.. but when i click on miniputt or miniput II link i receive a 404 error
rich-c: OK, I didnt wait out the loading long enough toget that far, just to see that it was there
rich-c: by the way, I havent heard back from John - guess I'll have to wait to find you an ISP
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm loading a miniputt2 game :
rich-c: OK, is it easy to save from the Harvard site?
Daniel Bienvenu: i think i have already played this game before
Daniel Bienvenu: from the Harvard Site?... oh ok! err.. i think the answer is : YES!
rich-c: there is a portal I found that leads to a lot of nice freebie stuff -
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! now i have miniputt 1 and 2 .. about 750K and 850K
rich-c: I am continually astonished at the quality of many of the programs people put up on the Web for free
rich-c: once we go offline I'll have to download them - they were rather fun though they get a little easy after a while
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, i was found many good things in FLASH by checking for the winners contests.
rich-c: now that is a devious but brilliant approach!
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: i can't remember which one but i see an incredible intro in 3d made in FLASH.
rich-c: anyway, Norton Anti-Virus informed me that my subscription had run out
Daniel Bienvenu: really?
rich-c: so I went looking for other antivirus programs and found three, two at leasst recommended as better than Norton
Daniel Bienvenu: i didn't have any credit card to pay for an "extended play" with my norton antivirus software.
rich-c: not only that, an automatic updating program updates the Norton anyway and doesnt ask about subscriptions
rich-c: well, I have had AVG anti-virus from on my laptop for a long time
rich-c: and have just installed Anti-Vir from on my desktop
Daniel Bienvenu: i pay two times for Norton System Works because of a time limit.
rich-c: I tried to install AVG but something in the Norton legacy apparently doesnt like it
Daniel Bienvenu: Norton don't like competition! :)
rich-c: I kept getting to the wallpaper on boot then the cursor would freeze just before the chimes
rich-c: what do you have on your computer now, then?
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have my packardbell P2 400Mhz
Daniel Bienvenu: win98
rich-c: no, I mean in place of the Norton System Works?
Daniel Bienvenu: about 320 ram
Daniel Bienvenu: i still have Norton System Works... the time limit will be in january
rich-c: OK, I would say leave the utilities and stuff in place, you wont be eligible for updates, but who cares?
rich-c: delete the Norton Anti-Virus when it expires - it's under Uninstall Norton System Works
rich-c: then put in AVG or Anti-Vir or Avast, which ever of the freebies is well reputed and works well with your machine
rich-c: I assume if you get into a hang situation like I did you know how to deal with such matters
Daniel Bienvenu: If i don't update my norton system works i hope i will be able to purchase a new antivirus software.
rich-c: why? the utilities are fine as they are and will keep working, just delete the antivirus part to avoid conflicts
rich-c: then get one of the three free anti-virus programs I mentioned
Daniel Bienvenu: when it will be the time... now i still have norton for a month
rich-c: or track down the program called Big Fix and get it established with your software
Daniel Bienvenu: look for games, there is a funny christmas game.
rich-c: it appears that with NAV BigFix goes to a different part of teh Symantec website for updates
rich-c: and I think that part is for folks who bought NAV back when updates were free frever
Daniel Bienvenu: humm.. that's to complicated for me! i think it's time for me to go now!
Daniel Bienvenu: merry chirstmas to you and frances!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
rich-c: OK, but I hate to see you paying for something when you can get better free!
rich-c: but you're right - time to go
rich-c: joyeux noel, and see you Thursday!
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