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rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: you are early again
rich-c: pity you did not make it Thursday; Scott Gordon was on
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Daniel Bienvenu: Scott Gordon was on thursday?
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm surfing in the internet. I'm downloading a few things
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott Gordon était en ligne jeudi?
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Daniel Bienvenu: I watch old comics downloaded here :
Daniel Bienvenu: who's there?
rich-c: sorry, I was multi-tasking
Daniel Bienvenu: me too! multi-tasking
Daniel Bienvenu: surfing the web, editing a text file, chating with someone
rich-c: got bored waiting for you to respind so went for a time check
rich-c: I will get myclock right yet
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at the university and they block access to the clock
rich-c: anyway, yes, Scott came early, stayed a fair while, talked a lot
Daniel Bienvenu: talked about what?
rich-c: oh - University of Toronto have their own, based on Dominion Observatory
rich-c: he wanted to know about Adamcon, and had an exchange with Dr. D. about games
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Daniel Bienvenu: about Coleco games? bouhou! snif! :(
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I think what they have in mind is multi-game carts and how to set them up
Daniel Bienvenu: I miss something great!
hello George
Daniel Bienvenu: who is undefined username?
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George: hi Everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: Allo George!
rich-c: the first undefined was me when I came back, I started a new page instead of bringing up the old one
Daniel Bienvenu: multi-game carts... they plan to do one?
rich-c: well, they were exchanging ideas on how to structure one, which is suggestive!
rich-c: don't know if the transcript of the chat will be posted yet, but if it is it will give you all the details
George: i my endoscopy yesterday
rich-c: George, how far did you follow the discussion between Dr. D and Scott on Thursday?
Daniel Bienvenu: The only multicart I know is :
George: i don't remember
rich-c: geez, you're no help, George ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I calculated the possibility to use flickering effect to use more than 15 colors.
rich-c: you know, Daniel, I'm going to have to make up a little app to file all the URLs you give us
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry!
George: they but me out yesterday now i'm having trouble remembering everything
rich-c: way back someone, I forget who, had a technique to simulate a 256-colour screen on the Adam
Daniel Bienvenu: Number of combinaisons of 2 colors from 15 colors = 120 colors
Daniel Bienvenu: not 256
George: i can barely remember my name
rich-c: maybe say half red, half transparent yields a pale pink, etc?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah but it's 120 colors not 256
Daniel Bienvenu: there is only 15 colors and one invisible
rich-c: hold on - some jerk is probing me
George: the doctor said my crohn's is bad
Daniel Bienvenu: 16x16 = 256? wrong computing! there is no difference between "red + bleu" and "bleu + red"
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like dominos
Daniel Bienvenu: there is 2 numbers on each domino between 0-6
Daniel Bienvenu: 7 possible numbers on each side of a domino
Daniel Bienvenu: there is not 7x7= 49 dominos
rich-c: I'll take your word for it, Daniel, since I don't recall teh author or his explanation
Daniel Bienvenu: there is only 28 dominos
rich-c: anyway, I've had someone taking shots at my computer about every 20 minutes all the time I've been online yesterday and today
Daniel Bienvenu: the calcul is : N * (N+1) / 2
Daniel Bienvenu: 7 * 8 / 2 = 28
George: my doctor wants to remove 5 1/2 feet of bad small intestines
Daniel Bienvenu: with coleco colors : 15 * 16 / 2 = 120
rich-c: I'll take your word for it since you know far more about that than I do, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I calculated this today
rich-c: is your doctor looking for business or is it really that bad, George?
George: i don't know i've been very sick
rich-c: I know there is some ridiculos mileage of small intestine so 5-1/2 feet isnt much
rich-c: nevertheless it is a serious area to go poking around
rich-c: and American hospitals lag countries with public hospitals in outcomes
George: my doctor stops taking my insurance Jan. 1
rich-c: I would be inclined to get a second and third opiniion on anything that serious
Daniel Bienvenu: today i was thinking about how to do a program like BMP2PP but only to do a 120 colors logo.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's why i calculated the number of colors
George: i need to get a lot of rest
rich-c: you'd be better off talking to Frances about that project, Daniel, but she's out
rich-c: she is in the process of setting up colour palettes on her Amiga
George: colour= color for ADAM
rich-c: George, before you let anyone go poking about in your guts, check the figures on fatalities caused by medical errors in the US in one year
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm also thinking about a way to use only the bottom of the screen to do a logo with more than 120 colors (combinaisons of (15x15x15))<
George: thanks i needed that
rich-c: my inclination, Daniel, would be to get the program up and running first, then add the frills later
rich-c: it ain't good news, George, but it is something you need to know
rich-c: and you'll notice I saw look it up, don't take my word for it
Daniel Bienvenu: i finish a little rom .. a screen demo to show all the screen mode available.
rich-c: only you can assess the risk when it's your butt on the line
Daniel Bienvenu: Want it?
George: who will be the first to show up at my grave?
rich-c: let's see, Daniel - that's an image I can import directly into the Emulator file and run from there, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! it's a simple colecovision rom file
George: all i know of is GR, HGR, AND HGR2
rich-c: oddly enough, I have yet to try running any of teh CV game roms though I have lots
Daniel Bienvenu: and text mode (40 columns)
rich-c: well George, those are derivatives of a high level language - Daniel's ROMs are assembly/binary level work
George: of course text mode you can't get anything done without that
rich-c: you write in C and compile to binary, don't you, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: in C and ASM
Daniel Bienvenu: I used both for this demo
Daniel Bienvenu: ASM to set the vdp register
rich-c: if it's convenient, do email me a copy and maybe I can figure out how to run it
Daniel Bienvenu: C to use the ASM code
George: what is C? ADAM didn't release it
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a free C compiler for CP/M computer
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi-Tech C compiler
rich-c: yes, there was a version of C usable on the Adam under CP/M or TDOS
George: never heard of it
Daniel Bienvenu: err. George! what is your e-mail address to post you my little screen demo?
rich-c: I only know of its existence, but maybe Daniel can expand on the subject
George: i thought it was that thing windows is made up of
Daniel Bienvenu: homepage hi-tech
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: no, C is like BASIC, a platform-independent high-level programming language
Daniel Bienvenu: hi-tech c compiler for cp/m
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: you may receive a new e-mail in a few seconds
rich-c: you do have the Adam emulator, don't you, George?
George: guess i'll have to go to
Daniel Bienvenu: or any other colecovision emulator will work too!
rich-c: what do you mean by that, George?
rich-c: what is puzzling you?
George: they have tutorials
rich-c: what do you need a tutorial about?
George: many things
rich-c: like? (relevant to the discussion here)
George: right now C
rich-c: what do you need to know about it?
George: as much as i can
rich-c: once you know it's a programming language, what more do you need to know?
George: i can't understand basic without command number lines
rich-c: Daniel, did you get my email about ISSP alternatives?
rich-c: right, C uses indention and punctuation
George: i want in on my own programs too
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, i still have your e-mail about ISP
rich-c: I do hope you'll follow up and save yourself a vew bucks
Daniel Bienvenu: And I send you also my source code in ASM and C.. so george will see what is a program in C language
rich-c: you need the money a lot more than Telus does
rich-c: how about that, George? you'll not only get Daniel's demo, you'll see how it's written
Daniel Bienvenu: I will do my best to find a better ISP service for a lower price.
George: GOD help me
rich-c: La Ville de Quebec is not Toronto, but even so I'll bet you will find better srevice cheaper
Daniel Bienvenu: i hope ...
rich-c: sorry to say my ISP didnt know anyone in your area he could recommend
rich-c: a lot of the independent ISPs are organized but I dont think mine participats much
rich-c: George, you havent answered - do you have the Adam emulator?
George: somewhere
rich-c: well, install it - doesnt matter on which machine really, its requirements are small
rich-c: it will allow you to do a certain amount of playing around
Daniel Bienvenu: There still a possibility with 3web. Canadapost offering internet service for free by using 3web a few years ago. I was unhappy when the service with canadapost stoped.
rich-c: if you can't find it, go back to and download fresh binaries
George: it won't work with my pci sound cards
Daniel Bienvenu: my demo don't need sound
rich-c: you have some sort of oddball set for your music?
rich-c: just had another poke, but Verisign claims they dont have a listing on the Whois
George: maybe i can set it up to use my PC speaker if it doesn't auto probe for a soundcard
rich-c: I think the emulator wants Soundblaster compatibility, doesnt it?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you are talking about adamem, pc speaker will sork too
Daniel Bienvenu: work... not sork
Daniel Bienvenu: wrong typing
George: samething with my dos games everytime i run setsound the computer reboots
rich-c: my computer has the Avance AC97 soundcard
Daniel Bienvenu: adamem will try to pitch only one sound channel on the pc speaker
rich-c: I have never tried running a DOS game but might soon - just downloaded one
rich-c: do you run your games from the DOS prompt in Windows or reboot into MS-DOS mode?
Daniel Bienvenu: so, if you know how to use a DOS env, put the screenm.rom file into the adamem directory and type this command line to not emulate sound
Daniel Bienvenu: cvem -if 60 -so 0 screenm.rom
George: i shutdown in dos mode
Daniel Bienvenu: you can use a command line window
rich-c: sorry, not sure what you two are telling me the lst two lines
Daniel Bienvenu: to quit the emulation you will need to press F10
George: a dos window runs even funkier
rich-c: Daniel, are you recommending not booting into windows, just starting from the DOS prompt on games?
Daniel Bienvenu: using a DOS command line in a window will work too
rich-c: yes, I'm wondering which is better, if either
Daniel Bienvenu: stay in windows if it's working for you
rich-c: also if there is any difference booting into Windows then using Shut down -> restart in MSDOS mode?
George: start shutdown shutdown in dos
rich-c: run that by again, George?
Daniel Bienvenu: but for this little demo with adamem you don't need to use real DOS, you can use the emulated DOS under windows (or even linux)
George: i can't make it any clearer
rich-c: I'm on Windows 98SE so my DOS is real DOS under there
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! win98 is like a big graphic user interface under DOS
rich-c: although I notice that when I installed the 98SE upgrade the DOS went from 6.22 to 7.0
Daniel Bienvenu: win nt, 2000, xp... don't boot DOS.. it's emulated DOS only
George: se takes it to 7.10
rich-c: OK George, your meaning was, you recommend using the shutdown to MSDOS method, is that right?
George: yes
rich-c: am I guessing directly that it's better to enter Windows first, to get all your drivers up and running?
rich-c: Daniel, a little puzzle for you for next time
George: either that or press the F8 key before the windows splash when booting and select command promt only
rich-c: there's an swf game - you can Google it as Bilbana - on which your download instructions don't work
Daniel Bienvenu: what is the url?
rich-c: if you can offer any further capture advice, I would welcome it
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
rich-c: there's dozens of them Daniel, mostly in Swedish and some easier to download than others
George: epic pinball you can run from a dos window
rich-c: that I think is the original but some seem to be slight variations that might be easier to handle
George: some you can't
Daniel Bienvenu: rich - it's shockwave application
rich-c: I don't allow the splash screen in Windows; I always have the DOS option screen when I boot in
rich-c: yes, isnt that what swf files are? but it doesnt appear in the temp files
Daniel Bienvenu: theer is a difference between flash games and shockwave games
rich-c: ah so - that would explain the problem
Daniel Bienvenu:
George: windows splash comes from logow.sys when you first boot
rich-c: by the way, did you know that you can get a shockwave player plugin for Irfanview?
rich-c: I dont care where it comes from, just that I could disable it and did
rich-c: dates back to when I was busy screwing up my 386 and needed to see what was going on before the Windows boot sequence started
George: you can setup your own custom splash
rich-c: that I haven't done - though my Windows chimes are now a cavalry bugle call - Charge!!!
George: my shutdown is "i'll kill you for this"
Daniel Bienvenu: you can change this in control panel - sounds
Daniel Bienvenu: it's what you are talking about?
rich-c: yes, that's where I made the change, I just got bored with the chimes and had the other sound file
Daniel Bienvenu: i turn off most of the sounds
George: you can set it to none i think
rich-c: yes, there are a certain number I use for cues, but I have about half turned off
George: in teh schemes setting
rich-c: Frances is unhappy about the cue for you have mail in Eudora, but I havent found the handle for that yet
rich-c: not to say that I have tried very hard
rich-c: well, the easy way is just through sounds in the Control Panel, but if you have Plus you can do schemes too
rich-c: in fact I have one of those cheapo junk CDs with 5000 sounds on it
George: i'm weak from the endoscopy
Daniel Bienvenu: Plus! ? it's the new environments for windows with new icons and sounds?
Daniel Bienvenu: a companion ?
George: several minor addons
rich-c: I think Windows 95 or 98 Plus! has optional sounds
George: i have it not much to write about
Daniel Bienvenu: i will have go to in a few minutes... just a last word to ask you "can someone forward my demo with source code to the adamcon mailing list?"
rich-c: yes, plus has a bunch of sound groupings and I believe screen savers - no big deal but fun sometimes
rich-c: you can send it yourself now, Daniel -
rich-c: Dale has apparently reconfigured it so you dont have to be a subscriber to post
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, i will try to but i don't like the 4 e-mails i receive because someone have a firewall
rich-c: only four? I've been getting at least eight, I'm sure
rich-c: but then I pick them up in Mail Washer so I can delete them without downloading
Daniel Bienvenu: (unknow)
rich-c: by the way, you two remember that we agreed Thursday next week too, to avoid New Year's Day?
Daniel Bienvenu: (unknow)
rich-c: he's a cop in Las Vegas, recently went through a divorce and faded from the scene
Daniel Bienvenu: JEUDI? le 1er janvier? ou le 2 janvier?
George: huh?
rich-c: le 2 janvier - jeudi
Daniel Bienvenu: (unknow)
George: HUH? HUH? HUH?
rich-c: yes, there are people who drop or change ISPs and never bother to send corrections to hte list
rich-c: just talking about chat times and mailing list error messages, George
Daniel Bienvenu: (unknow)
Daniel Bienvenu: ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
rich-c: gerry stpeter wasa a very active member of the Calgary group, back when
Daniel Bienvenu: <>
Daniel Bienvenu: <>
Daniel Bienvenu: <>
Daniel Bienvenu: <>
rich-c: abrasive was a guy in New Hampshire, on chat for some time, then vanished, reasons unknown
Daniel Bienvenu: ok now, e-mail to the mailing master and tell him about all these e-mail errors
George: they must have quit
rich-c: sawseb was the Maine Adam Library - had family problems
George: aol that is
rich-c: oh Dale knows, he sees all the returns when he sends out a message, but he is lazy about editing the list
Daniel Bienvenu: lazy... i see this word before... lazy jones - a weird game
Daniel Bienvenu: so he's lazy... i understand
rich-c: lazy jones or lazy bones? - the latter would relate to a song allusion from before your time
George: mine too
rich-c: yes George - do you know who was president when I was born?
George: no
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: if you like I'll challenge Daniel to name the Prime Minister then
George: i wasn't there
George: test
Daniel Bienvenu: test
rich-c: we're here, just waiting for you two chickens to test your knowledge of history
Daniel Bienvenu: The actual prime minister of canada is Jean Chrétien
Daniel Bienvenu: i don't know when you was born
rich-c: now, but who was when I was born?
rich-c: OK, I'll tell you - R.B. Bennett
George: i can't remember yesterday
rich-c: does that let you tell George who his president was then?
Daniel Bienvenu: Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chrétien... I can't remeber before
George: is Bush still in?
rich-c: geez, what are they teaching kids in school these days? Thursday, Scott couldnt even figure out where British Columbia was
Daniel Bienvenu: ho i forgot Trudeau
rich-c: hoe about Billy King, Uncle Louis St. Laurent, Lester Pearson, John Diefenbaker...?
Daniel Bienvenu: Trudeau :( the one who makes the Quebec under military laws
George: isn't it in the UK?
rich-c: no George, we are not going to Britain for the next Adamcon
rich-c: though come to think of it, the distance would be about the same and the flight cheaper
George: :-)
rich-c: I believe that Toronto is slightly closer to London than it is to Vancouver - we have a BIG country
George: tee hee
rich-c: oh yes, Daniel, John Turner
George: most of you live south in the country
rich-c: yes, more than nine of ten Canadians live within 100 miles of the border
rich-c: and the gratest number live in southern Ontario, the lowest part of which is on a parallel with northern California
George: don't like the perma frost?
rich-c: some do, some don't - I'm a sun-lover, myself
rich-c: but my younger brother died in Yellowknife after living there by choice for many years
George: never heard of it
rich-c: city built on gold and now a booming centre for diamonds
George: i'm on my way
rich-c: OK George, happy new year and see you next Thursday
George: gold and diamonds
rich-c: it's so cold up there now george that the street lights wont light
Daniel Bienvenu: happy new year! bonne et heureuse année!
George: Happy New Year!
rich-c: et meme pour vous aussi, Danile
Daniel Bienvenu: merci!
George: oh, no that again?
rich-c: see you both next year, then
George: bye fir now
rich-c: bye George, bonsoir Daniel, till Thursday / a jeudi
George: poof
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