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Daniel Bienvenu: errr... somebody home?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, maybe it's tonight! see ya!
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, you're early
rich-c: snowing there in Chicago too?
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Guy B.: Hi Rich, Happy New Year. Iowa is winning over USC in the Orange Bowl 10-7
changed username to Annus_Novus
rich-c: I thought all teh bowl games wre yesterday?
rich-c: hi Rich
Guy B.: Got a dusting. The heaviest went south.
Annus_Novus: Qui?
rich-c: ours is just starting, but I'll bet Cleveland is getting lots of lake effect
Guy B.: Oh no. Orange Bowl now. The Fiesta Bowl is tomorrow night for the National Championship. Miami vs. Ohio State.
Guy B.: HI Dr. D.
Annus_Novus: So much for Latin tonight.
Guy B.: Cleveland was the giveaway.
Annus_Novus: Looks like everyone forgot about the rescheduled chat, too.
rich-c: I'll take your word for it. Here, the Vanier Cup was the same weekend as the Grey Cup
rich-c: you're just the only one likely to use a Latin handle among the regulars
Annus_Novus: Sleet this morning, snow this afternoon. Very bad motoring.
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changed username to Princess
rich-c: Snow driving is like having arthritis - never do anything suddenly
Guy B.: We got lucky and only got a dusting. Everyone downstate, Indiana got the snow.
rich-c: hi Rin
Annus_Novus: As you wiiiiisssshhhhh.....
Princess: Happy New Year!!!!!
Guy B.: HI Rin, Happy New Year.
rich-c: and the same to you and the family
Princess: Am I becoming that obvious with the nick names?
Annus_Novus: Join the club...they find me out right away, too.
Princess: LOL
rich-c: well, since hardly anyone else uses them, yes
Princess: the price we pay for being creative
rich-c: we're used to Dr. D and Ron, who have their own pattern
Annus_Novus: Gotta try something mundane...
Princess: now I guess that would be a challenge
Annus_Novus: ...maybe NinaRox37 or tom99234
Guy B.: I'm happy to report that my Dell is here in my apartment. I set it up in the kitchen with a external fax/modem hooked up. Not yet installed the drivers. Have a 25 foot crossover cable across my floor to my Athlon for the network which I hope to have up this weekend. The Dell does work just fine.
rich-c: Rin, is there any chance you could talk your mother into emptying her email box more often?
Princess: i dunno......she's been pretty good lately.....considering
Princess: we are also not given a lot of space
rich-c: oh, this is the computer that you won in the dcdraw at work, Guy?
Guy B.: Yes, that's the one. Went up there Monday and picked it up.
rich-c: I think thre are ways of configuring the account so the spam doesnt get put in
Annus_Novus: I've been trying to back up a robot lab system prior to a trial installation of MacOS X 10.2..Apple are now selling machines that won't boot native MacOS 9.x, which currently our robot lab hardware needs to will be problematic if I can't find a work-around.
Annus_Novus: Curse them for dropping the trusty RS-232 serial port.
Guy B.: That's all you need Dr. D. A computer whose newest OS won't work with the robots.
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changed username to FredK
Annus_Novus: The software itself runs under the 9.x compatibility box, but from there it hasn't yet been able to talk to a USB-to-serial converter.
Guy B.: Hi Fred, glad you made it.
rich-c: Oh dear - my cursor crony in Arizona just got a new iMac today - 800 mhz G4, 256 RAM, 80 gig HD, 17" screen, Superdrive
Annus_Novus: Hi Fred...are you the Fred(erick) who sent me E-mail today about SmartBASIC 1.x?
FredK: Guy glad yr there too, I was made aware just shortly about the chat
FredK: Yes
rich-c: Salut, Fred! Vous avez recu mon message?
Guy B.: Dr. D. is there a way that two OS's can run on the Apple or is that impossible to do?
FredK: hope its o.k.
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FredK: Oui bien merci Rich-C
changed username to DSlopsema
Annus_Novus: E-mail is fine, Fred!
Guy B.: Hi Doug
DSlopsema: hello everyone
Guy B.: Where's Meeka?
Annus_Novus: Well, a bunch of people run Virtual PC on their Macs to do Windows stuff.
rich-c: hey Doug, welcome - where's the folks?
Annus_Novus: Not me, I don't do enough Windows stuff to be worth the $$$ of VPC.
Guy B.: I've heard of that program for the Macs.
Annus_Novus: Hello Doug.
DSlopsema: talking on the phone in the kitchen, guy. working on getting internet sharing back up, rich.
rich-c: Dr.D., the new iMacs do come with OS X 10.2 and the legacy OS, is that it?
Annus_Novus: Last time I tried to actually use it (my boss wanted to run some of my modelling code on VPC on his Powerbook), the software died because of floating-point errors. Seems the FPU emulation is not exactly the same behavior as a real x87 coprocessor unit.
Annus_Novus: My code would die because the emulated version gave "not a number" values (an illegal binary pattern for a calculation result, "this error should not occur" sort of thing), while a real x86 would crunch happily along.
Annus_Novus: MacOS X comes with 9.2.1 as a "Classic" mode--it runs as its own window, rather like a DOS box in Windows.
rich-c: OK, then he will be able to run his old software if he needs to
Guy B.: USC attempted a field goal. No good Iowa still leads 10-7. 2nd Qtr.
Annus_Novus: But there is no support for certain older Mac an RS-232 serial port, or the Apple Desktop Bus, or the floppy drive.
Annus_Novus: USB, FireWire, IDE, or nothing, now.
Annus_Novus: No SCSI support, either.
Annus_Novus: Anybody else look at Daniel's demo?
Guy B.: Figures that Apple would not support those older devices. Might come back to haunt them later.
Annus_Novus: Gives me a headache, unfortunately...
rich-c: Iguess if the older programs haven't heard of the new output methods, there could be a problem, then?
Annus_Novus: Yep, that's the problem with the robot software. It wants a Mac serial port...which is no more.
Annus_Novus: Under MacOS 9.x, a USB-to-serial converter will work (fake out the software to use the USB port as if it's a serial port).
Annus_Novus: But only if you booted under native OS 9.x.
rich-c: there are physical adapters that will change a USB port to classic serial - I gather that won't work?
Guy B.: I guess your only choice is using an older OS that will work with the serial ports.
Annus_Novus: Under X, and the compatibility 9.x box, the device remapping doesn't seem to work: it can't use the USB-to-serial converter.
Annus_Novus: At least it didn't when I first tried it with MacOS X 10.0 when we got our 3 iMacs last year.
Annus_Novus: I was hoping that 10.2 "Jaguar" might have fixed that.
rich-c: does that mean it didn't?
Annus_Novus: Won't know until I get 10.2 installed on one machine...
Annus_Novus: I have to back up 35 GB of data on the existing HD drive before wiping it and installing 10.2.
rich-c: that should keep you amused for a few minutes
Annus_Novus: Today I was having trouble finding 35 GB empty somewhere to do the backup...and then I had a disk crash.
Guy B.: Whoa, I can see how long that will take you to do.
rich-c: I doubt I will live long enough to ever have 35 gig of files
Annus_Novus: Tried a network backup to my desktop machine, which has an external 120 GB FireWire drive on it...the network died, and it trashed part of the disk. Norton recovered from it, but it was 2 hours downtime...and then it was time to go home.
Annus_Novus: If you do anything with digital video, you will.
Annus_Novus: I finished digitizing the Egg Hunt videos last week, 2 hr 15 min of VHS video tape.
rich-c: agreed, but digital video is not in my forecast
Annus_Novus: That becomes 30 GB of digital video.
Guy B.: Speaking of backups, a friend of mine today was telling me that all her files got corrupted on her computer and she didn't have a backup. Now she has to do everything she had all over again.
Annus_Novus: I shrank it down to about 5 GB of QuickTime movies, 160x120.
FredK: dido
Annus_Novus: Then ran them through RealProducer to get the RealPlayer files to stream from our RealServer...each 10 minutes ends up as about 20 MB of RealPlayer files.
rich-c: Guy, if they got corrupted, would she not have a chance of rcovering them?
Annus_Novus: BTW, if you all would like to watch the most recent robot Egg Hunt (14 December 2002), then go to
Guy B.: And it wasn't her fault. Seems her work doesn't have a network drive that she can save her files to and have it backed up every night. Fortunately, my work does.
Annus_Novus: From there are also links to photos of the Fall 2002 robots.
Guy B.: Her IT dept said they couldn't.
Annus_Novus: Including one named "Dobby" :-)
rich-c: OK, I found out how to copy urls from chat - got it now
rich-c: wonder if that's a bad machine or a feeble IT department?
rich-c: bet Doug has a (tactful) speculation on that
Annus_Novus: I could E-mail everyone on coladam-list with the URLs, but the lurker types might complain that it's way off-topic.
Annus_Novus: I did get Dale to unsubscribe the 2 most recent wanters-off-the-list.
DSlopsema: actually rich, there is a 3rd choice. If the IT department is anything like ours, we do our best to back up as much as possible, but due to limited budget, we have to put a limit somewhere.
rich-c: we're hoping Dale shows up tonight so Fred can get on it
Annus_Novus: We need better list software!
rich-c: I think you're right, Rich
Annus_Novus: It has to work unattended, because the current list admin is too busy.
rich-c: Doug, I was just wondering about recovering corrupted files - that can be done
FredK: Rich-C Btw went quickly on home page to make the request
Annus_Novus: And it has to be members-only...and it ought to prohibit all attachments.
DSlopsema: depends on where they reside and how they got corrupted.
Annus_Novus: still lists Dale as; I thought went verflixt a year or more ago.
rich-c: you are right - is no more
DSlopsema: if they reside on the local hard drive and the partition is readable, you are probably out of luck.
Guy B.: My friend had her files on the hard drive.
Annus_Novus: None of Dale's pages have a current E-mail address for him.
rich-c: it has been replaced by or, depending on where you live
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changed username to Murray
Annus_Novus: Even if you know that he works at Open Graphics, his bio blurb there doesn't list his E-mail address.
Annus_Novus: Happy New Year, Murray!
Guy B.: Just as I thought. I have her asked her IT dept if they have a network drive that she can save the files to and have it backed up.
Guy B.: Murray, Happy New Year!
rich-c: well hello Murray - you home now or are we hearing from the Amazon?
Murray: Happy New Year all
Annus_Novus: :-)
Murray: Hi rich-c: i'm home on the farm
rich-c: furlough or is the research over?
Annus_Novus: Hopefully not malaria...
Murray: exactly a_n
rich-c: that's teh problem with you TTs - never enough gin and tonic ;-)
Murray: the research is over didn't catch anything got bit by an problens according to the nurse
Annus_Novus: Oops, make that never could remember how many syllables there were in that name.
Annus_Novus: yanomamo, I can type...urgh.
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changed username to Pamela
Annus_Novus: Well, more URLs that you folks might be interested in:
rich-c: hi daughter
Guy B.: HI Pam, you made it.
Princess: Pammie!!!
Pamela: Hi, yes I made it
FredK: Hi Pam!
Pamela: Rich, why are you hiding behind the new year?
rich-c: now all we need is Ron and the senior Slopsemas
Pamela: Hi, Fred
Pamela: Hi, Rin
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Princess: :)
Annus_Novus: I wasn't tired of the old one yet :-)
Pamela: Hi, Doug - it's a surprise to see you - Happy New Year
rich-c: So Murray, now that you're home, what's next up on the agenda, or have you decided?
DSlopsema: ya, been busy lately pam.
Pamela: and Murray, surprised to see you too. Welcome home - how was the rainforesta/
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changed username to Ron
Pamela: Hi, Ron
rich-c: hello Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
FredK: Hi Ron!
DSlopsema: hi ron
rich-c: finally got the wires out of the water, did they?
Annus_Novus: Ave Ronnus.
Murray: rich-c I don't plan on doing much for the time being...I may be off to Korea again though
rich-c: that is a bit of a dicey destination at present, I'd suggest
Pamela: wow, I just realized how huge this monitor is
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rich-c: oh, you've got the new 17 incher up, have you?
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Yeah, Russell installed it the other day
Pamela: it's huge!
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Murray: well the North is warming things up over there and I've heard that some ESL orgs are having trouble recruiting Americans
rich-c: Good, bet he's enjoying the games on it
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: yes, if you go put a lot of Canadian flags on your haberdashery!
Pamela: he got MechWarrior 4 and has been having a great time
Annus_Novus: Hi Judy.
rich-c: hello Judy and happy new year
Pamela: HI, Judy
Guy B.: Can see better with it now Pam?
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Judy: hi, everyone
FredK: HI Judy
changed username to BobS
changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Judy, Happy New Year. Got my Dell up.
Pamela: almost too well Guy - I'm thinking I need to take off my glasses
Meeka: Hello
Annus_Novus: Pam, seen HP2 and LOTR:TT yet?
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
DSlopsema: whoohoo wireless works at the folks house :)
BobS: AH HA we is HERE
Pamela: HI Bob, and Meeka
BobS: finally!!!!!!
Judy: Happy New Year to you, also
Meeka: yes, he I is
BobS: and son't ask how either
rich-c: hello Meeka, see the old man finally let you on :-)
Pamela: saw HP:2 on Monday - was gut!
Guy B.: And I'm about to get one up here myself.
FredK: Hi Bob
BobS: Douglas.....haven' the faintest idea why now.......
Guy B.: Hi Bob, didn't see there until now.
rich-c: whoops! hi Bob, where did you pop from
Judy: we finally got me back up and running
BobS: maybe sp0ecific card...or just got sick of us cussin at them
DSlopsema: internet connection sharing in '98 appears to have to have intranet card active when your computer boots.
Pamela: my vote would be for the cussin, Bob
Murray: Guy Are you working on anything new for 2003?
BobS: hi ALL.....too many to name ya'll IS ???????
Pamela: we're good, Bob
Annus_Novus: Swearing at computers only makes them more recalcitrant. I told this to Herman and George all the time, but they never would listen.
Pamela: hey Dad, did you notice it's snowing?
BobS: princess= Erin ???????
DSlopsema changed username to DougS
rich-c: notice Murray is back among us, Bob?
BobS: Annus......=Rich D????
Pamela: yes on all counts Bob
Princess: it's a pet name I picked up recently.....Princess Lillibet
Guy B.: Just getting a network up using a crossover cable. I'll finally get that update done for the Dcopy setup for Windows and I do plan to work on more setups this year.
BobS: see tah, and WHY mUrray have you been absent of late ?????? SHAME
Annus_Novus: Princess Lillibet...sounds like a MUSH character.
rich-c: he was down saving the rainforest, dont you remember, Bob?
Guy B.: USC kicked a field goal. All tied up at 10 approaching the end of the half.
Princess: MUSH?
Pamela: who gave you the nickname, Rin?
rich-c: well no, actually, that was the family pet name for the Queen in her youth
Princess: a friend......*blush*
Murray: Well Bob my computer has been fritzy and i'm still on slow connect here ... waiting for satellite speed???
Pamela: quit that, people will think you have something to blush about : )
BobS: are WHERE ????????
BobS: home or ???????
FredK: my arms are tied
Murray: I think things move faster, communication-wise, in Amazon
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changed username to Ron
Murray: i'm home now
Guy B.: Ron is back.
BobS: and how was the jungle???????
rich-c: welcome back, Ron
Ron: Good evening all!
Pamela: having trouble Ron?
BobS: YO Ronald, from the wetcoast
Judy: hello Ron, Happy New year
Ron: Hate it when Windows 98 is the only thing that works
Guy B.: Bob, did you get any snow?
Pamela: well, that's a switch
rich-c: bet it's all that water has shorted his phone wirees
FredK: Hi Ron!2
DougS: hey ron, are you giving all the computers you have equal attention? :)
Murray: Happy New Year Ron
Judy: not very much snow how about you
Ron: How many of me are here?
BobS: could be Guy
Judy: one Ron
rich-c: just one, Ron
Ron: Happy New Year Murray.
Guy B.: Just a dusting here. Thats it.
BobS: and Guy !!!! what are you networkign together??????
Pamela: so Erin, where did you land on Tues evening - at the party?
DougS: just 1 that i see. wondered if that's why you left, the imac needed attention?
Judy: the storm has missed us
Guy B.: The Athlon and my Dell I won from work.
Princess: i went to the quiet get together
Ron: May we all be well in 2003
BobS: hope so
Annus_Novus: MUSH is a form of online Dungeons & Dragons game; it's an acronym for Multi-User Shared Hallucination.
Judy: and we were glad had a white Christmas that is all we needed
BobS: and what was the Dell again??????
Princess: ahhh
Pamela: I'm not going to ask how quiet
BobS: and DID you sell the old laptop????
Annus_Novus: It's a descendant of MUD (Multi-User Dungeon).
Guy B.: Dell XPS/400 Pentium II
rich-c: just looked out the window, -8C and a junior grade blizzard
Murray: Sorry I have to run I'm losing my connection NAPPY NEW YEAR'S to all
Princess: it wasn't that quiet....i met some of his friends and....parents
Judy: bye Murrey
Pamela: Daddy, SNOWING! Make it stop
Annus_Novus: Bye Murray.
Meeka: lol@Pam
Murray left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Murray, glad you came.
Pamela: thanks, Meeka
Ron: all the best Murray
BobS: no snow here
FredK: bye Murray
BobS: missed us also!!!!!!
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rich-c: good to see you Murray come back oon
Pamela: For once we're getting dumped on and you guys are in the clear
BobS: missed it the other night and now tonight WE ARE ON A ROLL
Annus_Novus: Snow a-plenty on the North Coast tonight...I hope not too much more, or I will be a-shovelling.
Ron: Here there's nothing but a continuous procession of Pacific disturbances approaching from ...... (you got it)
Ron: the Pacific
BobS: you canadians can have it ALL, we don't need it
Pamela: take two, Bob - they're cheap
Ron: Weather here most frequently approaches from the west
Ron: We send it east
rich-c: well, normally we send it about 40 miles north for the ski resorts, but I guess they have their quota tonight
Annus_Novus: Nice alliteration there, Ron, all those bilabials: "procession of Pacific Disturbances approaching".
BobS: tha's what you get for living on the very edge of the continent
Ron: I know. Gotta do something about that
Guy B.: We might get another one on Saturday. Might be a 1 to 3 incher. Will know more later.
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rich-c: fortunately, I dont have to go out again till next Tuesday that I know of
BobS: why, it is a NICE island
changed username to Scott
FredK: Hollywood stars pay 5grand for snow lasts few hours...
Pamela: well, now that you mention it . . .
Pamela: Hey, Scott
Guy B.: Hi Scott.
Scott: Wow!
Judy: you are going to have a hard time changing that Ron
rich-c: well hello Scott
Scott: Look at all these people!
Ron: only when the wind isn't blowing. Otherwise it's NOT a very nice Island
BobS: hi Scott
Annus_Novus: Gee, everyone has turned up tonight...guess we need James and Daniel to round it all out.
Judy: hi, Scott
rich-c: hey, you should have been a few minutes earlier - Murray just left
Scott: Bob - The ADAM Resource is back up.
FredK: Hi Scott
BobS: SCOTT website plwease
Scott: Hi
Annus_Novus: And Dale/Jillian.
Pamela: we're missing Jillian too
Guy B.: We have 12 of us tonight
Scott: Hi all.
Ron: Scott, my son!
Scott: Yo, Ron.
rich-c: and, you should pardon teh expression, George
Pamela: you are not pardoned
Ron: May the Force be with you
Scott: Ron, awhile back didn't you say you needed a new power supply for your harddisk?
Pamela: maybe I scared him off last week : )
Ron: Finally got to seeing Attack of the Clones whilst in Edmonton
BobS: but correct anyway Richard
Judy: why what did you do to him, Pam?
Guy B.: Halftime at the Orange Bowl. USC and Iowa tied at 10.
Scott: My dad gave me two boxes of brand new power supplies.
Ron: yes Scott, but Doug fixed that for me at ADAMCON last
Ron: Thanks to Mr. Slopsema Jr. All is now well
BobS: well, we took a small computer ps and rewired it to fit his disk drive
Scott: Good. My mind obviously was elsewhere. My apologies.
Pamela: ooo, Judy - it was great - I got down and dirty with him - he made a remark that fell into my soapbox, and I was off and running.
Ron: yup
Annus_Novus: Yeah, the chat log from last week after everyone but me and Pam and George had left is an interesting read (if it ever gets posted).
Ron: not a problem sir
BobS: was there.......dont' member what you did...........
Annus_Novus: George was a bit, shall we say, out there...
Ron: you've been learning great things
Judy: sorry I missed it!!!
BobS: so, i had done left eh?????
Pamela: problem was, he wasn't thinking about what he was saying to me
BobS: WHOOPS ??????
Pamela: if he'd thought about what I asked him, and answered appropriately, I would have left him alone.
Judy: what did he say to you?
FredK: lolà
rich-c: you didnt tell me about this, daughter
Ron: On an item of serious concern folks.......
Annus_Novus: No, it was a train wreck, not pretty.
Pamela: you were there, Dad
Ron: Is there any way we can do something about updating the ADAM list more frequently?
Ron: Need Dale here
BobS: ya jump all OVER Dale
Annus_Novus: I mentioned earlier, Ron, that I'd gotten Dale to remove the 2 most recent folks who wanted off.
Scott: Is Dale still alive?
BobS: I am assuming that you are gettign the list Ron.......still through my forwarding ??????
Ron: good
BobS: OR did dale get you on????
rich-c: there are rumours to that effect, Scott
Annus_Novus: Yes, I had confirming E-mail from him today, about the 2 unsubscribes.
Guy B.: I've ended up telling Luke and Nick to which address to get them unsubscribed. Now, they are telling us about the viruses.
Ron: No, I'm back on. Dale did fix me after last AC
Annus_Novus: The unsubscribe address apparently was bouncing.
BobS: love taht boy, but he is TOO busy
Ron: take it it's not the standard majordomo thing
rich-c: no it wasnt they wre using list instead of admin
rich-c: thats why we got to see the emails
BobS: now, this virus thigy.................
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Annus_Novus: *I* can't remember what the stupid unsubscribe address is.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: I think we should have someone else to handle the list when Dale can't do it.
Daniel Bienvenu: YES! I'M ONLINE!
rich-c: hello Daniel, we wre missing you
Scott: Daniel! Thanks for the ROM
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Scott: and extras!
Pamela: Daniel - my beardless friend - bienvenu!
BobS: I haven't bee caught by any I don't think.......and no cheker 'cept that no messages are opened unless I do it and I deltet all I don't know
Daniel Bienvenu: soory my computer crash so i didn't know if i will be able to connect
Scott: Any new games in development?
Judy: hello Daniel
Ron: nope
Annus_Novus: The list is small, it wouldn't be a problem even for the "unsubscribes" to go out to the list, if Dale just read/kept up with the list traffic every day.
FredK: Salut Dan Bonne et heureuse année!
Annus_Novus: But he told me at ADAMcon that he gets 500 E-mails per day...
Daniel Bienvenu: Oh! c'est vrai! mes souhaits du nouvel an...
Ron: that would explain a few things
Scott: Ugghh... Can't read French...
Daniel Bienvenu: Je souhaite à tous santé, paix, amour, bonheur, prospérité en cette nouvelle année 2003.
Pamela: merci beaucoup, Daniel
Princess: thx Daniel
rich-c: nous vous remerci, Daniel
Ron: merci Daniel et la meme a toi
Ron: sans accents
Scott: Daniel - Estas escribiendo un juego nuevo?
Daniel Bienvenu: merci!
FredK: Merci Dan!
Pamela: how can you tell the Canucks in the bunch?
Ron: eh?
rich-c: there are ways to achieve that too, Ron - get Daniel into one of the side rooms and he cqan explain it to you
Pamela: lol, Ron
BobS: be da weight dey speek french
Ron: I know. Chalk it up to pure laziness
rich-c: Bob, did you say you don't run an anti-virus? Why not?
Annus_Novus: I can piece out most of what Daniel said via etymologies...but it's "decipherment" rather than "translation".
Pamela: Scott, pienso que Daniel no habla Espanol
Daniel Bienvenu: jeugo nuevo? ... no new coleco game project for now.. just doing screen tests and also continuing the Jeepers Creepers project.
BobS: too lazy to buy it and update it
Pamela: or I could be wrong
Scott: Pamela, pero possiblimente puede entender unas palabras...
FredK: Dast ist Wahr!
Ron: Ok. So is it possible to load a ROM file into a real ADAM?
BobS: haven't had a problem cept for a Klez instance on 1 laptop only
Annus_Novus: I'm actually running head-first into the difference between those 2 terms as I am digging around in the ADAMnet keyboard firmware.
rich-c: don't buy, download -
Pamela: si, es posible
Ron: like....doing GameCopy in reverse?
Daniel Bienvenu: good question... i don't know if the rom works
Scott: Possiblemente necesito aprender un poco de Frances!
Ron: well I shall have to have a go
Scott: Daniel - I am working on a ColecoVision cartridge
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Daniel Bienvenu: i only test with a few emulators and the best effect is done by adamem
Scott: Along with Good Deal Games.
Guy B.: BRB
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: bye Ron
left chat session
Pamela: okay Scott, I'm at the limit of my vocab now
Ron: do ROM files boot from block 0?
Scott: We are manufacturing plastic casings for new games.
Annus_Novus: Ron, if you have XRAM and the software to load the ROM image into the high 32K of XRAM, then swap in the OS-7 ROM in the low 32K, it will work. Just like all the games Herman used to have run off his hard drive system.
Pamela: It's been a long time since I've spoken that much spanish
Daniel Bienvenu: Colecovision games start address is 8000 : but the bios OS7 start at 0000
Scott: True, you need the OS-7 in the lower 32K bank. The game starts at $8000
Pamela: but you're right
Ron: hmmmm....(that's easy for you to say) .... but I might have the required software
Scott: Programmers only have 1K of RAM to play with :(
Annus_Novus: People wrote ADAM software, Daniel, that could save a bunch of ROM images on disk, then load them into expansion RAM (if you had a 64K expander) and run them, all from a boot-loaded menu program.
Ron: there used to be a time when that was more than adequate Scott
Scott: But there's a little over 2K of VRAM that can be utilized for these purposes...
Daniel Bienvenu: And it's not a full 1K RAM because coleco bios use this RAM too
Pamela: Okay, I don't speak this language!
Princess: LOL
Pamela: it's all geek to me
Meeka: lol Pam, I don't either
Judy: the computer talk, Pam
rich-c: problems with Academic Geek?
Pamela: si, senor
Annus_Novus: Ash nazg durbatulžk...
FredK: Rom image needs a Bsave correct?
Pamela: bless you
Judy: me too!!!!!!!
Ron: I understand in theory only
Annus_Novus: Ash nazg gimbatul...
Pamela: gesundheit
Annus_Novus: Ash nazg thrakatulžk
Scott: I am rediscovering all about compact programming.
Annus_Novus: Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!
Pamela: is that elvish, Rich?
Ron: Like I said, I'm transferring RAM from my head to the Duron
Ron: pretty soon the Duron will have it all
Scott: Estoy viendo los Espedientes Equis!
Pamela: you need a Remembrall, Ron
Annus_Novus: "None has ever dared to utter that tongue here in our chat!" said Elrond.
Scott: X Files!
Daniel Bienvenu: "compact programming" it's funny! i was thinking it's optimizing!
Princess: Mordor
Annus_Novus: It's the Black Speech of Mordor.
Scott: Or doing more with less...
Guy B.: I'm back
Pamela: I have to see these movies
Annus_Novus: Yes you must.
Judy: welcome, Guy
Guy B.: Lost the rest of the text. I'll be back.
Guy B. left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: guess what? I actually bought a movie on VHS this week
Pamela: lotsa people having problems tonite
Guy B.: I have returned.
Pamela: you did WHAT?????
Scott: Too bad you're not interested in releasing a new Coleco game.
Scott: Dan
Annus_Novus: "This Is CINERAMA!"
Pamela: sorry, I'm a little shocked. What did you buy?
rich-c: Tora Tora Tora
Scott: We are almost ready to start manufacturing new games.
Ron: Understand about half - between the geek and the mythology
Scott: :(
Pamela: whazzat?
Guy B.: Boy, I would love to see new games for the Adam again.
rich-c: remembered it was interesting when I saw it first, and it was cheap - under $5
Annus_Novus: I should give you the image of my Win2K for ColecoVision ROM, Scott.
Annus_Novus: Ask Ron about that one :-)
Scott: Sorry, new ColecoVision games.
Pamela: got it at the cash converters?
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : it's not because i'm not interested but gooddealgame promise to release the new games made by marcelde kogel and it didn't happend
Scott: Hmmm, sounds interesting Annus
Ron: yeah
Scott: Not true
rich-c: no, Zellers
Meeka: ok, gonna go make som etea, be back in a bit
Scott: Actually Marcel got into a car accident
Judy: you are making it hard on me tonight, can't tell if it is the new glasses or the foreign languages
rich-c: he WHAT?
Scott: We lost contact with him for several months
Pamela: mmm, some for me too please (send heat!)
Ron: etea?
Annus_Novus: What you always wanted for your ColecoVision, a genuine Blue Screen of Death, complete with Z80 register dump.
BobS: OUCH and he is alright??????
Scott: He's been in physical therapy for awhile.
Judy: make me some too, will you
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott: That's terrible!
Scott: Couldn't even touch a keyboard.
Ron: right...... a true touch of genius it was
rich-c: that is a disaster
Meeka: ok will do :-)
Annus_Novus: Marcel, this is?
Scott: I have a near complete ROM of Cosmo Fighter 3
Pamela: ty
Scott: But this was before his accident.
Daniel Bienvenu: But he didn't give you the rom to burn during all the "FIND A NAME FOR THIS GAME" contest?
Judy: I am warm, have the fireplace going and the computer on my lap
Pamela: that will do it Judy
Ron: sounds cool Judy
Pamela: 'specially the laptop
Scott: But the game for the "Name the Game" contest was early.
Scott: It wasn't very far along at all.
Guy B.: And I have a warm floor that my feet are feeling right now.
Scott: Cosmo Fighter is near complete.
Pamela: Rin, while I think of it, go to the Stratford website and check out this year's offerings
Scott: We also ran into trouble on the manufacturing end.
Pamela: Let me know what you think
Princess: okie dokie
Ron: my sub-basement heating device functions normally
Princess: what's the website?
Scott: But now the casings will be manufactured in Brazil by Eduardo Mello.
Ron: producing heat around my knees. The rest of me needs a sweater
Pamela: (I think) - hang on, I'll check
Scott: He's the guy who's just finished porting Space Invaders I&II for the ColecoVision
rich-c: electric fan heater, Ron?
Judy: better than a couple of weeks ago, you were really cold, Guy
Ron: ya
Pamela: yup, that's right
Ron: My dear father (God rest his soul) saw no need for heating ducts in the basement
Scott: So, all we need is the final ROM from Marcel.
Ron: Will speak to him about that some day
rich-c: better get in the habit of long johns, Ron
Pamela: not too soon, Ron
Scott: However, he may just tell us to go ahead with what we have.
Princess: It won't let me go there right now
rich-c: the help keep old bones from complaining too much
Scott: Still there, Dan?
Guy B.: Right around Thanksgiving is when the furnace went out. Much better when the new one came on and no problems since.
Ron: Oh no, when I get there - if'n I get there
Pamela: just wanted to mention it while I thought of it
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : And you will release the carts at the next PC, I'm right?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here!
Scott: At the next PC? Do you mean next convention?
Pamela: Daniel, what prompted your shearing?
Judy: was more than a couple of weeks than
Scott: Like Classic Gaming Expo?
Scott: Or ADAMCon?
Annus_Novus: I will have to grab you some screen shots of Win2K/ColecoVision.
Guy B.: A month ago actually.
rich-c: Scott, you got my email about the website?
Annus_Novus: It's just a silly hack.
Annus_Novus: But entertaining.
Daniel Bienvenu: GoodDealGame was at the phillyclassic last year so i suppose you want to release new coleco game at the phillyclassic.. it's in march i think
Scott: Yes, Rich. But my pricing guide is older than I thought.
Judy: time flys doesn't it?
Ron: (Ron breaks open a fresh Diet Coke)
rich-c: that's OK it hasnt changed since 1990
Scott: I think that Mike wants to go into manufacturing this month.
Scott: So it's ok to use the old pricing guide?
Guy B.: Yep, I've added a humidfier which helps a lot.
rich-c: I was more concerned with the other stuff, actually
Scott: Just to be safe, why don't you send me docs of your latest and greatest.
Annus_Novus: (Rich pulls a bottle of New Coke from the temperature-controlled vault)
rich-c: yes sure, and do you want the additions?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no NEW game ready but John Donzila stoped to distribute my dacman game.
Ron: :) (slurp)
rich-c: I can even provide photos if they're any use
Scott: Didn't you write Star Fortress?
Daniel Bienvenu: John write Star Fortress
Scott: Or was that another guy?
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Scott: Oh, I remember!
Scott: You did the Halloween demo.
Scott: I really liked it.
Scott: I would love to see a full length game from this.
Ron: In a parallel universe, ADAM prevailed over all other hardware
Daniel Bienvenu: Oh! I remember.. i still have a new game to release : Gamepack. I release only 14 carts because i didn't have enough materials to build more.
Scott: A "Haunted House" style games.
Ron: we are the only ones who can see it
Daniel Bienvenu: Halloween.. : Jeepers Creepers is the FULL version and it's not ready yet
Scott: I have a version and it looked like the only game scenario is the graveyard game.
Scott: Can't remember, wasn't this less than 16K?
Scott: We could help you get your works manufactured.
Annus_Novus: Has anyone ever made sprite/graphics changes to existing games? It seems that lots of people have done that to Atari 2600 games.
Scott: If you are interested.
Daniel Bienvenu: like i said Jeepers Creepers is not ready yet. still have things to do. I started this project in 2001 and I fixed a bug last year.. and now i have to modify the end
Scott: Yes.
Scott: Someone did a hack of Venture.
Scott: Released Venture II.
Scott: But really only a hack.
Daniel Bienvenu: it was an atari game i think
Annus_Novus: I always wanted to do something to "Smurf Rescue", the sprites are big.
Scott: Sounds great, Annus.
Scott: Except we don't have the rights to Smurfs.
Annus_Novus: If anyone wants to do it to Pitfall...I have complete re-assemblable code for it.
Scott: But it would be a heck of a lot of fun, wouldn't it?
Scott: I think I came across that too.
Annus_Novus: Some of my TWWMCA articles talk about it.
Scott: Hmmm.
Annus_Novus: I found some unused sound effects.
Scott: That would be useful for me.
Scott: Any way that you could send me the source code?
Scott: I wonder if this would be suitable to put on The ADAM Resource website.
Ron: When you guys get into a project like this, do you actually disassemble the original, or do you kinda eyeball what you see and attempt to duplicate it?
Annus_Novus: The code is fully resolved, i.e., you can insert a NOP after the first executable statement (shifting everything else down by one byte) and it assembles and runs just fine.
rich-c: Scott, appropriate docs are on the way to you now
Daniel Bienvenu: Ha-Ah! Annus-Nurvus is ... ok ok
Daniel Bienvenu: 11
Daniel Bienvenu: i got a timeout!
Daniel Bienvenu: i still here
Annus_Novus: Yes, I can send you the code...might even be on my server space. Let me look.
Scott: Annus - are you the one and only doc?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: sorry folks, I blew a fuse
BobS: get hurt???????
Ron: Pamela, you have to watch that kind of thing
BobS: I mean when the thing blew up
Pamela: nope, nothing 'cept my pride
Scott: What a bummer.
Pamela: was stupid - I know better than to try and run the heater on this circuit
rich-c: is your new monitor drawing that much?
Pamela: scared the heck out of me at first - thought it was a power failure
Annus_Novus: It's Rich Drushel, Scott, yes :-)
Scott: Didn't know that until a few seconds ago.
Pamela: no, it's not the monitor Dad - I was running the space heater on the wrong circuit
Daniel Bienvenu: So i have something to say
Annus_Novus: haha fooled someone tonight, at last.
Annus_Novus: Everyone else spotted me right away.
Ron: space heaters will do that to ya
Daniel Bienvenu: Annus Novus : coleco bios, did you .... ?
rich-c: Scott, the docs should be in your mailbox now
Scott: Ron, yes, I disassemble existing code to see how it works, but I mostly write original code
Scott: Thanks, Rich.
Pamela: the way our apartment is wired is weird Ron - all the plugs and lights for the two bedrooms, bathroom, two walk in closets, vanity and one wall of the living room are all on one circuit
rich-c: just let me know about the other topics so I can get moving on them if necessary
Pamela: one of our plugs has it's own circuit - nothing on it but that plug
Ron: Tried that several times years ago..... only in a few instances did I have any idea what I was looking at
Ron: but then I'm a little shy on training
Scott: It's exciting stuff.
Pamela: is it just me or is it getting colder in here?
Scott: I have been disassembling OS-7 routines.
Scott: It's really fascinating.
rich-c: well, it's cold and windy out, Pam
Scott: But I am also still learning as I am going...
Pamela: aw, I'm just missing the heater Dad
rich-c: and if I recall your windows arent models of insulating value
Scott: Dan knows much more than I...
Ron: needed to spend more time at it
Pamela: you can say that again
BobS: tha's what ya get for living in the "cold zone"
Scott: Remember my ADAM demo at ADAMCon 4?
Ron: only know a few of the nmemonics
Daniel Bienvenu: Me?
Meeka: ok, back agian, took a while to heat ALL that water, but have hot tea for all
Annus_Novus: Scott, here's the URL for the Pitfall source code:
Daniel Bienvenu: knowing more than you?
Scott: I have most of that code working in ColecoVision format.
Daniel Bienvenu: in coleco bios?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not true!
Pamela: ah, heat - thanks Meeka - now I really need it!
Judy: what kind of tea is it?
Meeka: spiced
Pamela: yum
Annus_Novus: It's *NOT* the Pitfall II game (despite the name); I just called it -2 to distinguish it.
Scott: Dan, I've seen your work, very impressive!
Scott: Thanks, doc.
Scott: Another who knows far more than I.
Annus_Novus: It's *NOT* the version that I modified to give infinite lives (though it's commented where to make the change to make yourself immortal).
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! but i simply use my imagination, my programming sklii and the coleco library by marcel de kogel. i didn't read the coleco bios informations.
Annus_Novus: The source code is for the Z80ASM+ may have to tweak it to support whatever assembler you're using.
Daniel Bienvenu: sklii ? ..skill!
Scott: I use TASM for assembly. Any recommendations on other compilers?
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. What's up Doc? do you think i will have the coleco bios information this year?
Scott: Dan - still dificult to figure out how the VDP works!
Annus_Novus: I just unzipped it to take a, the date is 1997.01.27...can it be 6 years ago already?!?
Daniel Bienvenu: still difficult to figure out how the VDP works... for me too
Scott: I had problems figuring out how exactly VDP registers 3 & 4 worked in Graphics Mode 2.
Pamela: Erin, I started to say that Stratford has Taming of the Shrew, The King and I, Gigi, Electra, Agamemnon, Troilus and Cressida, Love's Labour's Lost and a few I've never heard of on the play list
Princess: hmmmm
Scott: Came across the answer on the web.
Pamela: My vote is for Taming of the Shrew
Scott: I couldn't have figured it out on my own.
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : i can't remember without reading a text file ... where is this text file?
Scott: The TMS9918 manual is kind of lame in this respect.
Princess: i dunno.....I have to look....but Shakepeeare is an absolute must
Annus_Novus: SLR's Z80ASM+ is what I used, because that was what Tony Morehen had used for all his TDOS and HARDDISK source code...which has so many changes of local ORG for included code that gets LDIRed to other addresses, that there was no other way...I paid $150 to Jay Sage for a full registered copy waaayyy back when.
Princess: Shakespeare
Pamela: Graham Abbey is playing Petruchio
Princess: there that's better
Princess: ooooooooooooooooo
Scott: Ouch! $150!
Annus_Novus: Tony gave me his code, Z80ASM+ was the only way to deal with it.
Princess: you know what I'm looking for
Pamela: sorry, no sign of him this time
Scott: I am thinking of writing my own assembler.
Scott: Specifically for the ColecoVision.
Princess: Graham Abbey works for me
Scott: If I find some time to do it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott: doing your own assembler?
Pamela: we're going to have to work around the wedding and the convention though
BobS: time??????? there is NO such least to spare..............
Scott: TASM is ok, but I need to integrate it into my developement environment that is written in Visual Basic.
Princess: NP
Annus_Novus: Yep...but it's super-fast and has lots of power.
Daniel Bienvenu: I wanted to do a little basic compiler to do colecovision games but i stoped thinking about it.
Scott: Dan - if I have time.
Pamela: have you all started saving your pennies?
Scott: It would be extremely useful.
Princess: i'm trying to pay my bills...never mind save
Annus_Novus: Well, take a look at the source listing and see how far off it is from the Z80 assembler you have.
Ron: Should send you Dale's Express BASIC Compiler
Daniel Bienvenu: doing a compiler gives me a headache
Scott: Would like to also make it easy to port to the MSX and other z80 based systems.
Ron: fits on a floppy
Pamela: well, pay enough of them that you all can afford to come down and stay overnight
rich-c: Bob, if you want the antivirus Guy uses, try - the price is right
Princess: that should be np...i hope
Scott: Ron - need something in the Windows environment.
Annus_Novus: Z80ASP+ is a CP/M program, so I run it under 22NICE (or Z80EMU) and then I have a DOS binary.
Ron: understand
Annus_Novus: Since I never burned it back to ROM, just played with it under the emulator, the binary file was enough.
Pamela: give your $ to your Mom - mine seems to have rubbed off on her
Guy B.: That is free and it's good. It caught a worm virus on my P133 back in November.
Daniel Bienvenu: the only think i have done was a disassembler for CHIP-8. I didn't do the assembler. :(
Scott: Will be working more in the C environment for game development later.
Guy B.: USC is now leading 17-10 in the 3rd qtr.
Pamela: Guy, what are you watching?
Scott: I have developed a font design program using Visual Basic for 8X8 images, but am rewriting it from the ground up.
Guy B.: The Orange Bowl.
Annus_Novus: I just rediscovered the 6801 disassembler I wrote back in 1996, in QuickBASIC 4.5!
Pamela: oh, okay
rich-c: Guy, I have AVG on my laptop but for some reason it would not install on my Athlon
Daniel Bienvenu: someone here can tell me if the result of the mickey.rom file is terrible or ok on a real coleco
Guy B.: The Fiesta Bowl is tomorrow night.
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
Scott: It will be including the ability to draw Sprites, etc. and allow you to cut & paste the code into your programs.
rich-c: so I put on Anti-Vir instead - how often do they update, any idea?
Scott: Dan - I can try running it on my ADAMEm emulator and burn it to EEPROM later to see if it truly works.
Annus_Novus: And of course I have the Z80 disassembler I wrote in SmartBASIC back in 1988 (and included on the SB1.x disk as 'unasmhex').
Guy B.: I would check every now and then. The last update was last week.
Daniel Bienvenu: QuickBASIC 4.5 : the full version of QBASIC (with the compiler) I bought my copy in french version. not compatible with QLIBRARY made in english :(
Ron: Will have to try it Daniel. I can transfer the ROM file onto a floppy and load it to the ADAM, but I'm not sure what I'm going to see - Unless I can figure out
Annus_Novus: Arrgh, that is too bad, Daniel.
Annus_Novus: QB4.5 is one of my very favorite development environments.
Ron: what Annus_Novus told me further up.... re switching into a bank
Annus_Novus: It's too bad that it is stuck inside 640K.
Scott: Doc - too bad you have no interest in developing a MS-DOS or Unix based z80 compiler.
Annus_Novus: They never made a version for Windows and extended memory.
Judy: ok, now my water is hot
Ron: I do have an ADAM here up and running with 3-1/2 inch floppy
Annus_Novus: What do you mean, SmartBASIC-to-Z80?
Daniel Bienvenu: QB4.5 .. i have done my first game in 256 colors : mystery .. it was simply a gme like the one it Tapper with all the rootbeer
Pamela: everyone is drinking something hot - why am I drinking cranberry soda?
Princess: i got Cola
Annus_Novus: I'm sitting in a freeeezzzing basement....send me something hot, Pam.
Ron: DietCoke
Pamela: oh good, I feel better
Guy B.: I have cold water.
Pamela: something hot
Pamela: sorry Rich, couldn't resist
rich-c: I'm not drinking anything - and feeling I should be
BobS: need an electric heater rich
Ron: brb
Scott: Like a freeware z80 assembler for any system with enhancements specifically for Coleco and ADAM.
Daniel Bienvenu: They stoped doing the quickbasic to do another basic (i can't remeber the name). The Visual Basic project started a few months after QuickBasic was released.
Scott: Is there any interest that these cartridge releases are also made available for Coleco ADAM owners on disk/DDP?
Daniel Bienvenu: freeware z80 assembler?
Daniel Bienvenu: TASM
Scott: I think there would be too much piracy.
Daniel Bienvenu: ZAS in hi-tech c compiler
Annus_Novus: With the proper boot loader (and assuming that the purchaser has XRAM), it certainly would work.
Scott: Yes, TASM is ok, and it is what I use, but I would like it to do a lot more.
Pamela: Erin, have you got snow?
Princess: Tonnes
Annus_Novus: But that would make it easier to dupe to a disk image for ADAMem.
Pamela: more to the point, are you getting snow?
Princess: it took me 45 minutes to get home
rich-c: that's metric - 10% bigger than tons!
Annus_Novus: Of course, it is trivial to dump the contents of a cart from an ADAM...I even have an SB1.x utility program to do it.
Pamela: I noticed that too, Dad
Ron: I would be interested, Daniel, in acquiring whatever you create. What I actually use is another matter
Scott: I'd like TASM to have a disassembler built in and recognize ColecoVision/ADAM function calls if a certain switch is included.
Scott: Not that I don't like TASM.
Ron: not really a gamesman
Guy B.: I just got my weather forecast. You Candians in Ontario should be getting some snow and now that storm is heading to the northeast. Going to dump a lot there.
Pamela: how long does it usually take, Rin?
Annus_Novus: TASM=Turbo Assembler, from Borland? I have a TASM from them that is x86.
Scott: Not at all. But there's a lot I would extend in it.
Princess: 15-20
Pamela: ah
Princess: Lou drove me.....didn't wanna make G take the trip
Judy: glad it isn't us getting that stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron sayd "I would be interested, Daniel, in acquiring whatever you create" : :D
Annus_Novus: What *I* would buy, Scott, in addition to anything new...
Ron: I mean, if you're selling it, I'll buy it
Ron: If you're giving it away, I'll take it
Pamela: the less you're out in it, the better i'm thinking
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron : do you have a Gamepack cartridge?
Annus_Novus: ...would be a universal blank cartridge, board in a plastic shell, a single 32K EPROM socket.
Princess: exactly
Ron: no sir
Annus_Novus: I would buy about 10 of these, at least, to burn my own EPROMs of stuff that I have disk images of, but not the carts.
Pamela: gonna have to go to work in it in the morning - I'm not looking forward to this
Pamela: however, at least I don't have to get up and shovel it
Ron: like as in burning ROM filers into EPROMs??
Annus_Novus: Presumably, this would be identical to any new game cart you would be selling, just not with the ROM of the new game in it.
Pamela: Now that Kimberly is living at her parents, she's been elected to shovel
Annus_Novus: Yes, exactly.
Princess: best thing about an apartment
Princess: sucks to be her
Daniel Bienvenu: My Gamepack project : 13-in-1 games cartridge programmed in C by me with a nice box and manual (french/english)
Pamela: absolutely.
Annus_Novus: I've toyed with making one for myself, with a ZIF socket.
Annus_Novus: But then you have to swap in the ROM each time.
Scott: Dan, which games?
Pamela: I don't mind shovelling snow as a rule, but I'd rather not do it at 6:30 am
Ron: cost Daniel?
Scott: Doc - That would be fairly easy.
Princess: Pam you'll never guess what I am listening to
Pamela: what?
Princess: Metallica
FredK: cool
Scott: You're talking about soldering a board w/a socket so that EPROMs can be interchanged.
Daniel Bienvenu: Cost the same price has the other new colecovision games
Judy: the best time to shovell is at night
Pamela: where's one of those icons with the eyebrows raised when you need it?
Pamela: why?
Princess: LOL
Ron: 50 bux, give or take?
Princess: i was enlightened to it's poetry
Annus_Novus: Yes. A ZIF socket (Zero-Insertion Force), with a lever that opens/closes, for easy insertion/removal.
Princess: my friend made me a tape
Pamela: ooookkkkaaayyyy
Scott: The plastic would be the only problem, since the internals will interfere with the height of the socket.
Annus_Novus: That's if I make *one*, by hand, point-to-point wiring.
Princess: and i had to go out and buy the CD
Guy B.: Touchdown USC
Daniel Bienvenu: 50 bux? it's too much.. it's only 25-30$ in US dollars (about 35$-45$ CND)
Princess: it's very very deep
Scott: Dan - which games were included.
Pamela: how about I'll take your word for it?
Princess: you'd be surprised
Princess: believe me
Scott: These are computer games on other systems?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not a multicart .. it's all new games programmed in C.
Guy B.: It's now USC 24 Iowa 10
Scott: That's what I thought.
Pamela: I like my music a little more mellow than that
Scott: Not copies of existing ROMs
Daniel Bienvenu:
Princess: my preconceptions were wrong
Scott: Like Sean Kelley's multicart.
Princess: the one i have is pretty mellow
Daniel Bienvenu: the public release of Gamepack have only 4 games
Princess: doesn't even seem like metal
Pamela: Got the new Shania CD for Christmas
Pamela: haven't listened to all of it yet
Annus_Novus: I think that there's space inside the clamshell to accommodate 1 32K ROM socketed, without interference.
Daniel Bienvenu: i repete, gamepack is NOT a multicart
Princess: right on...i gots that
Princess: not for Xmas though
Scott: Gotcha.
Princess: any GBS?
Scott: Cool
Annus_Novus: Do you have a stock of unused cart shells? Or are you going to make new ones (injection molding etc.)?
Pamela: got the new Phil Collins CD too
Scott: Any interest in rereleasing this?
Scott: New cartridge shells.
Annus_Novus: Or are you going to scavenge shells from ultra-common games and rebadge them.
Pamela: what I don't have is something portable to listen to them on
Scott: They will have Good Deal Games' logo on them.
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : I don't have the new boards to continue but i still have cases, eeprom, etc..
Pamela: I don't have all my Christmas presents yet
rich-c: Scott, what's your relationship with GDG? Don't see you listed on the site biogs
Scott: No, we will not scavenge old casings.
Guy B.: Well folks, getting close to qutting time for me. I'll see how Saturday goes, otherwise I'll see you all next week at 9PM Central time.
Annus_Novus: G'nite, Guy. Happy New Year!
Scott: Look under publishing, then ColecoVision.
FredK: Same here gotta go!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : you want gooddealgame release Gamepack? do you think you can do the manual and the box too?
FredK: chiao Guy and all
Scott: There you will find my name.
BobS: nite Guy
Pamela: G'nite Guy, Gnite Fred - Seasons Greetings to you both
Judy: bye Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye guy!
rich-c: OK Guy, hope to see you on the weekend - take it easy
Guy B.: Happy New Year to ALL!
Scott: See ya Guy.
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: nite Fred
Scott: Dan - if it's good stuff, why not.
Judy: bye to you Fred
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred, a la prochaine!
Pamela: Erin just got dumped
FredK left chat session
Scott: Our first release is going to be Cosmo Fighter 3, but why not release a Game Pack afterward?
Scott: Do you have the ROM that I could play with?
Annus_Novus: Aristocracy, beware!
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : ok! gives me the e-mail to send you all the files to release Gamepack correctly.
Ron: damn telephone
Annus_Novus left chat session
Pamela: wonder what happened to her?
Scott: Copy
Pamela: Rich just got dumped too
Pamela: what's going on?
rich-c: and Scott, hang onto those power supplies - I suspect there will be some folks needing them
Scott: I would love for you to release some game content.
moved to room Meeting Place
Scott: New and old.
changed username to Annus_Novus
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: What happened, Rich?
Scott: I could bring some Power Supplies to ADAMCon.
changed username to Princess
Princess: back
Scott: I suspect I better come to this next one.
Pamela: What happened, Rin?
Annus_Novus: Typed in the wrong window...I wanted to look up something, and I forgot to open a new browser window.
BobS: ya...........
rich-c: well, wait and see what may be needed - hard to tell
Judy: nice trip, Erin??
Annus_Novus: Typing in it made it kill the chat.
Princess: well my MSN has been acting screwy so i have to reboot to get it to work
Scott: Dan, I should warn you that I'm still waiting on Eduardo to manufacture the casings.
Annus_Novus: I was just commenting that it was dangerous to be among the aristocracy, Your Highness :-)
Pamela: isn't that annoying
Scott: But I suspect he's going to manufacture them shortly.
Scott: He had some preorders.
Princess: LOLOLOL
Pamela: and then boot, off he fell
Scott: And his customers were driving him crazy.
Scott: That's why he came to us.
Annus_Novus: She dragged me down with her!
Pamela: sorry, still think I have the best excuse of the evening
Scott: But GDG can't release his game through the site because Space Invaders is property of Taito.
Ron: you mean the fuse?
Pamela: yeah yeah, that's what they all say
rich-c: remind me, daughter, to tell you about the virtues of my ups...
Scott: Our initial manufacturing is of 1000 casings.
Annus_Novus: She put a spell on me! She's in league with You-Know-Who!
Scott: We will wind up with 800-900 of these.
Princess: Pam I gotta send u an email with updates
Scott: My wife and I will be doing most of the manufacuring here.
Pamela: you mean He-Who-Must-Not-Be_Named?
Scott: With occassional help from my father.
Princess: LOLOLOL
Daniel Bienvenu: That's enough casings for about 10-16 games
Princess: something like that
Pamela: is there gossip involved Erin?
Princess: la la la
Scott: Well, GDG feels confident they'll sell 100 of Cosmo Fighter.
Princess: gossip?
Pamela: gossip updates
Annus_Novus: It's humiliating being under the Imperius Curse!
Scott: They sold many more of a Sega CD game that was recently released.
Ron: Is there any profit margin on those carts?
Scott: Can't tell you the actual numbers.
Pamela: you can throw it off if you try Rich
Princess: well updates...i'm not sure about gossip
Annus_Novus: What is the projected cost per cart, retail?
Scott: Ron - oh yes, but it's not a heck of a lot.
DougS left chat session
Ron: right
Scott: Parts are fairly cheap.
Annus_Novus: "I'm not a bad man, I'm just a bad wizard"--Oz.
Pamela: that ought to make for interesting reading Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: Writing the e-mail will take more time... i don't know which file is the good one for the manual. :(
Pamela: are you going to send one to K as well?
Princess: :-)
Scott: We should be able to keep parts costs to less than $5
Scott: per cartridge.
Princess: prolly
BobS: that's pretty cheap
Annus_Novus: But you can't sell for cost; what would be the retail price?
Pamela: oh, good - we can discuss it together
Princess: LOL
Pamela: that's fun
Daniel Bienvenu: "We should be able to keep parts costs to less than $5" ehat this means?
Scott: For Cosmo Fighter, about $25.
Ron: That's the question, Dr. Novus
Pamela: that's what happened to the last one - we were so busy dissecting it, we forgot to respond!
Annus_Novus: I would buy a new cart like that for $25.
Ron: yup. Count me in
Scott: So I believe Marcel and GDG will split the profits.
Scott: But that's not much considering how much work they put into it.
Pamela: you gotta send it tomorrow though, so we can talk about it Saturday evening - we're going to the bridal show
Scott: Now that's just the cartridge.
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm not sure i understand ...
Ron: More for me because Scott is talking $25 US right?
Princess: ahhhh
Annus_Novus: I would strongly suggest, though, that for any new games (CF included), there be a 1-screen demo that people can play under the emulator, to verify that they are happy with it.
Scott: I believe he will be printing cartridge manuals.
Princess: hopefully I will be able to
Princess: the minister will be in for part of the day
Scott: Boxes may be too expensive to manufacture, I don't know.
Pamela: in search of decent invitations, cake, flowers and d.j's
Ron: overhead, bloody overhead
Scott: But there's an opportunity to make a little money.
Pamela: tell the minister to . . . oops, can't say that here
Ron: Cousineau used to tell me he worked for about a dollar an hour
Annus_Novus: Especially if you get, say, 10 new games to sell...I wouldn't have $250 to spend all at once, I would have to pick and choose.
Princess: LOLOLOL
rich-c: right, especially when you are dealing with a limited market
Princess: well I could say it....but only if i wanna get fired
Scott: We shouldn't have any problem selling 100.
Pamela: compose at lunch Erin
Princess: hmmmmm
Annus_Novus: Princess getting married?!?
Scott: These would be a limited run of 100, most likely anyway.
Meeka: ok, well I am gonna get going
Pamela: no, Kimberly is getting married - Erin works for the Minister of International Cooperation
Meeka: I will see ya all later
Ron: nite Meeka. Be good
Pamela: night Meeka
BobS: bye Meeka
rich-c: nite, Meeka, take care
Annus_Novus: Ministry of International Magical Cooperation...planning the next TriWizard Tournament, eh?
Pamela: take care and HNY
Annus_Novus: Bye Meeka.
Scott: ROMs are already available for Cosmo Fighter 3
Judy: nite meeka see you Saturday
Meeka: bye bye
Princess: lololol
Meeka: ok Mom
Meeka left chat session
Scott: But yes, preview ROMs need to be available.
Pamela: nothing so interesting, I'm afraid
Pamela: I'd settle for a Quidditch match
Scott: Dan, sorry, I missed your questions.
Annus_Novus: Easy enough to do, from source: just make a 1-screen version, *being sure to not include code from any of the rest of the game*, or someone will disassemble it and get it running.
Princess left chat session
Scott: Sure. It would be like 8K of the 32K ROM or something like that.
Annus_Novus: Quidditch...I wonder if there's an existing ColecoVision game whose sprites could be modified to make a Quidditch match...
Pamela: Hey Dad - (oops, we just lost Erin again) - was George on chat Saturday?
Scott: One level of the game
Pamela: oh, oh, oh that would be sooooo cool!
rich-c: no, just Daniel and I - and it was most illuminating
Judy: think it is time to say good night to all, talk to you next week
Scott: Why hack an existing game when you can write a new one from scratch.
Annus_Novus: Bye Judy.
Scott: Much more fun and time consuming that way.
rich-c: OK Judy, you take care and we'll see you
Ron: nite Judy
Pamela: Night Judy - Happy New Year
Ron: time marches onward
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy!
Judy left chat session
Scott: Dan, what were you asking me?
Annus_Novus: Depends on how able you are to write a new game :-) I don't know enough to write a CV game from scratch...especially music programming.
Scott: Yeah, I'm gonna run into problem with music programming.
Scott: My one and only weakness.
Annus_Novus: How will you do music and sound effects? No development software for sound has ever surfaced from Coleco R&D.
Scott: Perhaps Dale could help us with that.
BobS: hey Ron !!!!! about time for an official like logo for AC15....w/ mountains, webpage is kinda plain with only AC15 is coming........
Scott: There are public domain libraries.
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : the question is about the cosmo fighter 3 example you give
Annus_Novus: If it's just simple 3-part harmony melodies, I can write the music.
rich-c: what are your chances of disassembling SmartLogo and seeing how it works?
Scott: I have several ROMs that are just music demoes.
rich-c: Logo has good sound routines
Ron: Did you ever see an early effort by Sol Swift called SmartTrix?
Annus_Novus: Sound could crib from existing games...but you'd have to disassemble them to find the sound data.
Scott: Rich, that would take a lot of time.
Scott: Yes, I think I have it on disk.
Ron: it had some pretty saleable sound effects
Scott: I have all of his old newsletters.
Scott: Hmmm
Annus_Novus: F'rinstance, there are sounds ripe for the taking from the Pitfall disassembly.
Ron: and would generate, I think, machine code to embed in Smart BASIC
BobS: got to go now too lads ........... and lassie
Scott: Dan, yes, we could manufacture everything, but we haven't checked into costs for manufacturing boxes.
rich-c: yes, there is that ROM of tunes from a bunch of the Coleco games
BobS: have a FUn week and be good !!!!!!
Pamela: okay Bob - good nite and Happy New Year
Ron: sleep well Bob
rich-c: nite Bob, see you next week
Annus_Novus: There's probably not enough space in a 32K ROM to do the sound as MIDI and have a MIDI-to-sound chip interpreter like Chris Braymen wrote...those routines alone are about 4K, right, Ron?
Pamela: aw, do we have to?
Scott: Night Bob.
BobS: yup next week........
BobS left chat session
Ron: if that Dr. Novus..... they're not very long at all
Scott: My game probrably won't have much music.
Ron: you guys should have all that stuff
Annus_Novus: But 4K is big compared to 32K.
Daniel Bienvenu: My question is about this "We should be able to keep parts costs to less than $5". What it means?
Scott: Mostly sound effects anyway.
Annus_Novus: If you need to pack in lots of screens...
Scott: Costs to $5
Pamela: well, since you all are embedded in programming info, I think I shall go catch up on my sleep.
Ron: Chris' drivers convert midi files to ADAM sound chip useable code
Annus_Novus: *could* make a cart that is ADAM-only and take advantage of bank-switching capabilities.
rich-c: goodnight, daughter, enjoy your new monitor
Scott: This means the plastic, the cartridge board, the EEPROM, and the time it takes to solder it together.
Pamela: thanks, I already am. good nite to all - will see you next week
Annus_Novus: Bye, Pam...sorry we are actually talking ADAM shop tonight :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
Scott: Boards are roughly $1.50 - 2.00
changed username to Princess
Scott: Chips are around $1
Pamela: Erin, I'm heading to bed. Are you going to send me that email tomorrow?
Scott: Plastic is probrably gonna be around $1
Princess: i'll try
Princess: maybe if I can't sleep I will send it tonight
Scott: Cost of Time to build each unit???
Scott: Shipping of completed carts?
Pamela: 'kay. Since everyone else is reprogramming things, I'm heading out. If you send it tonite, remember to send it to work
Scott: Cost of printing manuals?
Princess: okie dokie
Daniel Bienvenu: and the cost of time do a new coleco game?
Ron: add it all up.....there won't be much left of the $25
Pamela: luv you
Scott: And probrably other things I have forgotten.
Annus_Novus: 28 solder joints for the ROM, plus 2 for the filter cap...PROM burning time...screw it together...30 minutes, tops.
Princess: i suppose i shall bid you all adieu as well
Princess: luv you too
Annus_Novus: Princess, we beseech thee, leave us not!
rich-c: OK Rin, goodnight and you-all drive carefully in that snow
Princess: thanks Uncle Richard
Pamela: we'll be careful, Daddy
Scott: Almost forgot, the 7408 chip also costs .75 in quantity
Princess: and thank Dr. D
Ron: Princess will depart when Princess departs
Scott: Knew I was forgetting something.
Princess: LOL
Scott: So the parts are roughly $5.
Annus_Novus: Oh yeah, you need to OR together all the 4 chip selects.
Annus_Novus: Forgot about that.
Pamela: Night Dad
rich-c: nite Pam > chat > Thu 2003-01-02
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