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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
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rich-c: hello George, feeling better now?
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: how is the medical history going?
George: I just got out of the hospital
rich-c: suspected as much, since you were missing a while
rich-c: what happened?
George: they admitted me monday night with another stroke
rich-c: great - any sign of what might be causing these?
George: no, i have to go to physical therapy for my left side
rich-c: that suggests the strokes are happening in the same place, on the right-hand side of the brain
rich-c: is that damage staying the same but getting more severe, or is it easing but other things are getting damaged?
George: at times it sems like i'm not here
rich-c: well yes, but that's subjective, so to speak - it's a matter of what's functioning and what isn't and any changes in that situation
George: they said much more damage
rich-c: in effeect, I'm wondering if you are getting repeated clogs in the same location or a number of strokes spread out in area
rich-c: that sounds on the surface like the strokes are hitting repeatedly in the same place
George: they are spreading
rich-c: are they using clot-busting drugs, or blood thinners, or are they talking surgery?
George: they put me on four new medicines i don't know what they do
rich-c: with respect, George, it can be a capital offence not to know that name of your medicines, the purpose, and teh proper does
rich-c: sorry, the proper dose
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi Rich-c and George
rich-c: hospitals are very prone to error; you should have everything written down when you go in and ask every time what they are giving you and why
George: sorry i need time to remember
rich-c: bon apres-midi, Fred
FredK: Merci et vous aussi
FredK: have just a few min. must leave soon
George: Hi Fred
rich-c: George is just telling me he has had another stroke
FredK: Hi George
FredK: Are you doing ok George now?
George: i hope so
rich-c: so, Fred, how is the BASIC programming going?
FredK: not good
FredK: is the buffer located in RAM?
rich-c: what seems to be the problem
FredK: error message no more buffers available
rich-c: has to be, no other place for it
FredK: 64k ram will do the trick?
FredK: extended
FredK: i mean
rich-c: for the record Adam divides the 64K into two 32K portions
FredK: hi and lo
rich-c: one portion houses the operating system and is otherwise mostly inaccessible
FredK: ok
rich-c: the other is whre all the program operation takes place
rich-c: so once BASIC is loaded you only have what - about 6K of programming space?
FredK: AHHH thats why
rich-c: you need someone a whole lot more expert than me to explain it
rich-c: what do you have in the way of resources about programming?
FredK: you are helping already
FredK: ADAM original book and KEnt Porter book
FredK: All very basic
rich-c: what's teh title of the Porter book?
FredK: I brb
George: and now i can't get windows to respond to 768 mb. of ram
FredK: mastering the coleco adam
rich-c: OK, I think I have a copy of that, along with a great many others
FredK: I read up constantly to learn more
rich-c: anyway, Fred, get one of the experts on Wednesday to recommend a good book so you can get it
rich-c: George, did you just add some extra RAM t one of your computers?
FredK: Yes sent e-mail to Dr.D maybe in the meantime he will respond otherwise will ask on Chat if 64K mem expander will be the solution
George: yes, i added a 512 mb. module
FredK: Tks very much and hav a great afternoon to both of you.
FredK: George take care ay?
rich-c: you didnt add a 256 MB chip onto a board with a 512 MB chip, did you, George?
rich-c: Fred, see you Wednesday
FredK: Tks again Rich-c
FredK left chat session
rich-c: OK - have you read the manual for your motherboard, George?
George: yes , just added the 512 to the 256 i had already had, the shop said it would work
rich-c: and is it now recognizing the 512M or the 256M SIMM now?
George: the bios sees it and windows olny comes up in safe mode and sees it
rich-c: I've noticed that when someone wants to sell me something he is always very confident it will work
rich-c: sees all 768 or either the 512 or 256?
George: it totals 768mb.
rich-c: OK, so the machine (not necessarily Windows; it's fundamentally a hardware function) does know it has 768 then
rich-c: is Windows coming up in safe mode on its own or after you have done something?
George: windows will only boot into safe mode every 1 out of 3 tries, the other times it hangs
rich-c: I would bet you still have the splash screen enabled, don't you?
George: yes, but it goes away before it hangs
rich-c: first, George, disable teh splash screen so you can see what is really going on
George: how do you do that?
rich-c: it is somewhere in the Control Panel - not sure whre, have to look - I've already checked Display and System
rich-c: sorry George - it's in TweakUI - do you have that?
George: is it tweak? i still have to get that
rich-c: well, that should have been one of your first moves - right after Zone Alarm
rich-c: now give me a second to look at something
rich-c: nope, nothing in Help
rich-c: another minute
rich-c: sorry, my Windows98 book is no help - let me check the Win95 one
rich-c: you still thre?
George: yes
rich-c: I was beginning to wonder
George: sometimes i pop out
rich-c: OK, it isnt the easy answer, but you can get to the boot menu
George: that's F8
rich-c: when you boot, in Win95 press F8, I think in Win98SE you just hold down control
rich-c: unfortunately I don't know what the deal is in later Windows
George: it't still works with F8 with me
rich-c: which version of Windows are you using?
George: win 98 se
rich-c: OK same as me
rich-c: get yourself to that screen then and use the arrow keys to move the highlight down from "normal"
rich-c: you want the one that lets you see and confirm each load individually
George: ok
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changed username to Scott
rich-c: later when you get TweakUI you can set teh delay on this screen to 30 sec., and omit the splash screen
Scott: Hello
rich-c: hello Scott, George has been having problems with his computer
George: Hi Scott
George: and my brain
Scott: Rich, I am working on chapter IV of the ADAM Survival Guide.
rich-c: that is grat news, Scott
Scott: But you would be crazy to think that I alone will have the time and energy to scan/type in the entire book.
rich-c: right
Scott: The letters are very difficult to scan
Scott: I just gave up on trying to scan this chapter and decided to try to improve my typing skills.
rich-c: that is why I suggested you do the scans and hang them up as raw tiffs
Scott: With that many pages???
rich-c: well, they are single sheets, and if you are doing just single-sheet scans they should take less than a minute each
Scott: Maybe if we go a chapter at a time...
rich-c: remeber I am not usggesting you editb them
Scott: No, but typos do abound in the original text...
Scott: And one can't help but fix them as they come across them.
rich-c: that is the problem of whoever volunteers to download a page and edit it in an OCR program
Scott: Chapter 4 is strange.
rich-c: the one on teh base Adam by Dean Roades?
Scott: There's multiple articles within the chapter, but not within the Table of Contents
Scott: I will probrably change the Table of Contents so that one can link directly to it.
Scott: Maybe you could choose a small article to convert over, since you have the original text...
rich-c: hey, before we set it up as a help file, let's just get the raw job done! ;-)
Scott: Before we waste our time scanning each individual page, let's find out who has copies of the ASG.
rich-c: what I am getting at, Scott, is that you have the printer's originals, as single shets
Scott: Sure.
Scott: But OCR isn't gonna help with these.
rich-c: I would hope that simply scanning them and saving them as tiffs would not be too onerous a job
Scott: OmniPage doesn't like them.
rich-c: then if you could post them for downloading on your website, you could drop the actual editing job into the hands of the rest of us
Scott: I don't have a document feeder, so that would be 200 scan jobs.
George: I have to go my head is killing me
Scott: Bye, George.
Scott: Anyone else come to your meeting place?
rich-c: OK George, take it easy, see you Wednesday
Scott: Today?
rich-c: yes, Fred was here earlier
George: bye see you Wed.
Scott: Yes, one could print out the scans and translate them from the page, but good luck OCRing them.
George left chat session
Scott: We should probrably test this out with a few chapters.
rich-c: anyway, Scott, I have a simple single-sheet scanner
Scott: Picking chapters that we think are important.
rich-c: I agree that OCRing them would be a rotsa ruck proposition
rich-c: that is why I suggest the work has to be spread over the whole gang - and then it wont be done quickly
Scott: Too bad we don't have any of the original files :(
Scott: I'm not aware that anyone is interested.
Scott: It was like pulling teeth the last time.
Scott: And besides, after we are done, what will we have?
rich-c: you underestimate the regulars, I think - I suspect many would do it "for the good of the cause"
Scott: Something that needs to be updated.
rich-c: OK, there is a fair amount in there that has become irrelevant with the passage of time, I agree
Scott: Chapters should be added, such as a chapter on emulators.
rich-c: wouldn't recommend the list of vendors or clubs, for instance
Scott: I would gladly write a chapter about that.
Scott: Well, we could change the format a little.
Scott: To reflect clubs that have come and gone and currently active clubs.
rich-c: but you reminded me of something - Mel Ostler was on chat a few weeks ago
Scott: We definitely have new vendors of ColecoVision software.
Scott: Wow!
rich-c: and I think I got his email address, if only I could find it
Scott: The Mel Ostler?
rich-c: he was the editor and if anyone has the original files, he would
Scott: Could we get permission to put his work online?
Scott: The Hackers Helper series?
rich-c: T>HE Mel Ostler - now living in Utah not far from the Golden Spike memorial
Scott: I am actually using one of his books, on occasion.
Scott: Wow. He's close.
Scott: I could even drive to see him.
rich-c: all I can say is get in touch with him and ask - at worst he will say no
Scott: It would be great to have that technical info up online.
rich-c: well, Denver to Salt Lake City then well up north is not that casual a drive - especially not in the Rockies in winter
Scott: It would encourage these homebrewers to make ColecoVision/ADAM games.
Scott: It's closer than you are.
Scott: By far...
Scott: Actually, he's the closest to me that I am aware of...
Scott: Cleveland/Canada's a little ways.
Scott: But you're right, it would be nice to have everyone involved.
rich-c: I get the feeling you havent done much travelling in North America, Scott
Scott: We should discuss which chapters are worth scanning.
Scott: If necessary.
Scott: Actually, I drove from Washington, DC to Denver, CO.
rich-c: sorry, I am frantically looking through a million small sheets of paper to see if I can find Mel's email address
Scott: People drive up to Las Vegas, Nevada from Colorado all the time.
Scott: I would have to look at a map, but I was under the impression Utah's not very far away.
Scott: That's ok. Send it the the list later.
Scott: I bet Geoff Oltman would love to chat with him as well.
rich-c: you have to realize I have pulled a trailer through 44 different states and 9 provinces over the years - it affects one's point of view
Scott: Any luck finding the Hinkles?
Scott: Ok, so a short plane trip.
rich-c: dont thnk anyone has tried for years
Scott: Terrorists and all...
Scott: Ok, so next chat we'll bring this up.
Scott: And ask who wants to help, what chapter are important, etc.
Scott: chapters, that is.
rich-c: right, and I will try and find Mel's email and get it to you
Scott: I would love to add to chapter 3
rich-c: you can then ask him about any disc files or even cleared masters for the ASG and Hackers Helper
Scott: From my POV, as a customer buying an ADAM at Kaybee toys.
Scott: And Toys R Us.
rich-c: that was a couple of years ago, I'd say
rich-c: like a good Canadian, I got mine at Canadian Tire
Scott: I remember selling all of my GI JOE figures to buy ColecoVision software as it was dying.
Scott: Canadian Tire?
Scott: Wow, never heard of it.
Scott: From the retail perspecitve would be interesting, wouldn't it?
rich-c: It's a Canadian institution - everyone shops there
Scott: Rich, didn't you say you're close to U of Waterloo?
Scott: I know Dale was.
rich-c: they started out like UAP or Pep Boys or whatever in the 1920s
rich-c: but over the years became a huge coast to coast chain carrying hardware, housewares, various other stuff as well
Scott: BTW, have you visited the site?
rich-c: Toronto is about a 90 minute drive from Kitchener/Waterloo
rich-c: your site, you mean?
Scott: Yes.
Scott: Just to see that it's still alive.
Scott: I added some PD ROM files.
rich-c: peeked at it briefly a week or two ago
Scott: And a few other small extras.
Scott: I removed the homepage and made the new homepage the article index.
rich-c: I hope they really are PD - I get very upset when software that is still commercial is posted
Scott: Take a look.
Scott: Lots of Homebrew stuff.
rich-c: will do - and if you've transgressed expect to get your ear bent!
Scott: Video Hustler and Tunnels & Trolls demo are the closest thing to Coleco carts that I've put up.
rich-c: has there been any exchange between you and Shawn Rapp, as I suggested?
Scott: No, none.
Scott: Problems with these ROMs is that Telegames still owns the rights.
Scott: And they don't like seeing ROMs up either.
Scott: My purpose is for NEW software development.
rich-c: I hope you two will get together to discuss things at some point; I think you could help each other towards similar objectives
Scott: The emulator is the most important tool for this.
Scott: So you need something to play on your emulator.
Scott: Can't remember, who is he?
rich-c: I get upset when something like Addictus turns up
Scott: Actually, if you have any PD disks for the emulator, I can put them up.
rich-c: Shawn is our software expert in Anchorage, Alaska
Scott: Like SmartBASIC, etc.
Scott: Alaska?
Scott: Wow!
rich-c: you'll see him on the Adam list on certain issues
Scott: Already sounds interesting.
Scott: Let's see, I do have Tic Tac Toe up
rich-c: he isnt too temperate and his English grammar skills are dubious, but he gets his point across
Scott: But it's listed as a PD game.
rich-c: and when you can figure out just what he is saying, it's usually worthwhile and right on
Scott: I really don't think you'll have a problem with my ROMs section.
Scott: There's only 31 in all.
Scott: Mostly Daniel Bienvenu's stuff
Scott: And Coleco Testing stuff.
rich-c: I'm a little unhappy since a couple of non-PD items turned up in the Adamcon ROM package
Scott: What is the ADAMCon ROM package?
rich-c: you know - things like Adam Bomb that are still commercial
Scott: Hadn't heard of it.
Scott: Gotcha.
Scott: I noticed Guy Cousineau's Book is on the ADAMCon page.
rich-c: within the group it hardly matters, but I would not want to see it go further
Scott: Thought you still had a few copies of this.
rich-c: I do, I handled the occasional publications for ANN (Cousineau, ASG, etc.)
Scott: So what's the story?
Scott: Why does Dale have it on his site?
Scott: Actually, I think I also noticed a version on Geoff's site.
rich-c: didnt know he did, but I'm disinclined to fuss it
Scott: I'll have to check that out again.
rich-c: though since the revenue goes to ANN maybe I should chide him a little
Scott: How many copies do you still have left to sell?
rich-c: not sure, maybe eight or a dozen
rich-c: been so long since anyone has shown any interest I've all but forgotten they're there
Scott: What about Mel Ostler's books, do you have any of those to sell?
rich-c: I have my own set and may have a duplicate of one or two I would part with
Scott: Do you know if he ever published "Making Games for the ADAM"?
Scott: I have some of his works, not all.
rich-c: if he did I never saw it or heard about it
Scott: Would this be something you would mind seeing on the Internet?
rich-c: I don't think he exactly made a killing on the first four books...
Scott: Hmmm
Scott: I know that he started it.
Scott: There's references in his other works.
rich-c: with Mel's books, I would be happy to see all of them on the 'net
Scott: That would be another worthy project after the ASG
Scott: Also, we should just go ahead and publish "The Hacker's Guide" series.
Scott: Maybe that would put us in contact with the Hinkles.
rich-c: that
Scott: It appears that they're not involved in the community at all.
rich-c: s a place where I would make every honest effort to find the Hinkles first
Scott: Whatever happened to Barry Wilson?
rich-c: your country is getting exceedingly bloody-minded about copyright issues these days
Scott: He spearheaded lots of projects.
Scott: My "country"?
Scott: And only my "country"?
rich-c: Barry just vanished from the scene, to where and why I do not know - just sort of faded away
Scott: Barry probrably wouldn't have any copies of the ASG on his computers, mind you.
Scott: Strange.
Scott: He was so involved.
Scott: Then "poof", gone.
rich-c: well, other countries haven't passed a "Disney law" lately
Scott: What is that?
Scott: Disney law???
Scott: Well, there a company that's in a lot of trouble as it is.
rich-c: not that the music lobbyists arent very active everywhere - they buy off your Congressmen and our bureaucrats
Scott: Sure.
Scott: But they're struggling.
Scott: Their releases aren't doing anything at the box office.
Scott: They've compromised all of their values.
Scott: Attendance is down at their parks.
rich-c: Disney got the Copyright Act hugely revised in their favour, removing vast quantities of stuff from the public domain
Scott: They lack direction.
Scott: And they're getting their butts kicked by Dreamworks.
Scott: Wow.
Scott: Hadn't read about that.
Scott: I will look into that.
Scott: Conservative religious groups are also angry with Disney over their pro-gay stance.
rich-c: do a Google on Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan, to name a couple of hot current derivative fights
Scott: I know that Disney's getting ready to pay out a huge sum of money over Winnie the Pooh
Scott: To the estate of the original creator.
rich-c: you have to realize, Scott, that Canadians have a very differnt view of things than Americans
rich-c: for instance, did you see the Pew Institute report?
Scott: No.
rich-c: you might find it startling - it's a very well researched world public opinion summary
rich-c: like, they found out that most Islamic states have a positive dislike of the United States
rich-c: it was much more extensive, revealing and surprising than that, of course
Scott: I don't care what Islamic states' views are.
rich-c: it's a very independent Washington think tank
Scott: Just look at the laws that they live under... primitive.
Scott: The Saudis don't even have freedom of religion in their country.
rich-c: since at least one of them has a stash of nuclear weapons and an unstable government, I would worry
Scott: What could they possibly gain by blowing up Washington?
Scott: We have decentralized command.
Scott: They would be history before I could finish writing this sentence.
Scott: And they know that.
rich-c: Does it surprise you to know that Canadians love your people, enjoy your culture, but on a list of rogue states would put George Bush ahead of Saddam Hussein?
Scott: Hussein's not the real problem.
Scott: Don't care.
Scott: Don't care that Canadians dislike our govenment.
Scott: There are times I don't like my Government.
Scott: So what are you getting at?
Scott: Should the US be blown off the map?
Scott: Would it be a better world without the US?
rich-c: at the moment at least 40% of Americans dont like their government, so it isnt unusual
Scott: No.
rich-c: after all, more than half voted against it
Scott: Can you say that you like your government 100%?
Scott: From a report I read, your military's in mothballs.
rich-c: why are you so defensive, Scott? Do you know whre I was born?
Scott: Not being defensive.
rich-c: why would Canada want a military anyway?
Scott: There's just so much anti-US sentiment, that I simply don't care.
Scott: Err... the same reason the US has a military.
rich-c: but you should care when it is deserved, Scott
Scott: You should always have a decent military just in case it needs to be called upon.
Scott: What is well deserved?
rich-c: the question is, do you want Americans to live up to their own vision of what America should bge?
Scott: Your saying all this while Bush is trying to hunt down Osama and oust Hussein, two worthy goals.
rich-c: We have a general (ret) who observes every country has an army in it - if not their own, then someone else's
Scott: I do not doubt that our foreign policy needs improvement, but those two guys gotta go.
rich-c: I think that most of the world will be happy to see Osama's head on a pike
rich-c: and as for Saddam, no one will weep when he gets his
Scott: Why would you want the US to use its military to defend Canada, if that's what you're implying?
rich-c: the only problem is that the rest of the world (except maybe North Korea) respects international law
Scott: Canada does need to be able to protect its borders, that's all I'm saying.
Scott: Yeah, as in NATO, and look how much they've done in the wake of Sadaam breaking the rules of the sanctions.
rich-c: we have too many smartass politicians who cheat on our military budget because you cant afford an unfrindly state on your northern border and they know it
Scott: His whole country is slowly dying while he installs new antiaircraft weapons.
rich-c: the problem, Scott, is that no one has been able to show any evidence yet that he has broken the rules
Scott: Well, I like Canada, and I like Canadians, as well as New Zealand, UK, Europe, etc.
rich-c: besides, any country is entitled to anti-aircraft weapons, or any other defensive weeaponry - that is never an issue
Scott: They already have done that with the rods that were purchased to enrich uranium or plutonium.
Scott: And mustard gas that was said to have been destroyed was found in shells by the inspectors.
rich-c: then why havent the UN inspectors, with maps from US intelligence, been totally unable to find any evidence of that?
Scott: But if the US has something good on them, why show their hand?
Scott: We haven't seen their report.
Scott: So I assume they're being hush, hush.
rich-c: because the court of world opinion will not convict on hearsay - they want evidence
Scott: But Blix mentioned that there were lots of holes in the declaration that was turned in.
Scott: Which is why we have to wait for the report.
rich-c: what you dont seem to realize is that most of the world is hoping Blix will find the evidence to justify hammering Saddam
Scott: But ultimately Sadaam's gotta go, evidence or no.
Scott: But from what I've read, they've got evidence, so it's a moot point.
rich-c: but until clear, incontrovertible evidence is presented there is no basis in international law for war
Scott: Why not? Sadaam broke the rules of the embargo. He's using money from the Food Program to rearm himself?
rich-c: I suspect what most are hoping is that if a disaffected local doesnt get him first, the CIA will find a way to whack Hussein
Scott: He's illegally selling oil on the black market for fiber optic cable, better computers, etc.?
Scott: So we should do nothing, like the rest of the world, no.
Scott: CIA hasn't done squat yet.
rich-c: Says who? seems that when these claims are investigated, they vanish into thin air
Scott: On Sadaam, that is.
rich-c: I am sure that Saddam is selling oil on the black market and trying to buy embargoed stuff
Scott: What do you mean "claims", how did he buy weapons to shoot on aircraft in the no fly zone?
rich-c: in the first place, he had them because the US gave them to him - the US supported him for years
Scott: Yeah, let's wait for proof until after he sends a Scud packed with anthrax into Israel.
Scott: I know all about that.
rich-c: that's why he was willing to go into Kuwait - he thought he had US permission
Scott: You can't always trust the people that you ally yourself with.
Scott: Interesting.
rich-c: sure, but you can't complain because they have and use what you gave them!
Scott: But crazy. Why would he think the US supported him going into Kuwait?
Scott: My friend - destroyed at the end of the Gulf War that was.
rich-c: because he announced his intention to your ambassador and she gave an ambiguous answer which he misinterpreted
Scott: Why are we arguing? Sadaam's going down, and whether you like it or not, it's a good thing.
Scott: But it also sounds like you haven't researched the other side of the argument well enough.
rich-c: A good thing, certainly - that is why it is so important that the good work not be devalued
Scott: But I agree with a lot of what you say.
Scott: Our foreign policy is crap.
Scott: And there's much resentment that goes along with being #1.
rich-c: once you think about it, I'm not surprised - Americans are good people
Scott: Not to mention how our policians wield the power blindly.
rich-c: and if you're curious, I was born in Jersey City, NJ; Frances was born in Brooklyn
Scott: So what?
Scott: Your Canadian now.
Scott: And I would hope that you support the Canadians.
Scott: And you feel as if you are one of them.
rich-c: when it comes to offering an opiniion on Americans, I am offering an opinion on myself, in many ways
Scott: The people who live across the border aren't all that different.
rich-c: but yes, I am very glad to be a Canadian
Scott: I myself would rather be living in New Zealand.
rich-c: for instance, I was just reading the latest issue of Consumer Reports, which is all about hospitals and medical care
Scott: Away from all the calamity that the US is causing.
Scott: Really?
rich-c: yes, I take about 30 magazines a month, most of them American
rich-c: at any rate I cannot understand how Americans can possibly tolerate your medical situation
Scott: Curious, why don't you go & retire in New Zealand?
Scott: Not difficult for a Canadian.
rich-c: why would I want to go to New zealnd? I don't have a thing for sheep
Scott: Beautiful country, great people, Middle Earth fanfare, etc, etc...
Scott: But, the mountains, educational system, etc.
Scott: Nice.
rich-c: true, but economically shaky, expensive, earthquake prone, simmering aboriginal issues
Scott: I would like to get a degree from the University of Canterbury if I ever get the change.
Scott: chance, that is.
rich-c: if you want to I am sure you will be able to do so
Scott: Aboriginal issues can't be any worse than the racial problems we have here.
Scott: I don't think so.
Scott: More difficult for an American to live in New Zealand.
rich-c: if you're half as good as your confidence suggests you are, you arent going to be hurting for jobs or money
Scott: Perhaps I could teach at the college one day.
Scott: Any interest in going back to school yourself, Rich?
rich-c: well, I think you'd find Americans get teased but are basically pretty well liked
Scott: I don't mind.
Scott: I love their accents.
rich-c: at my age. Scott?
Scott: Why not?
Scott: But I have a love of being in school, so that's just me.
rich-c: one graduate degree is enough by this time
Scott: I'd like to get a doctorate in the Computer Science one day.
Scott: At least a Masters.
rich-c: you seem to be pointing in that direction and progressing well
Scott: Well, we got totally sidetracked by politics.
Scott: So, it sounds like next chat we'll set the wheels in motion on the ASG.
rich-c: so what? if friends cant chat and exchange ideas among themselves, what's the net for?
Scott: There's some content that I've enjoyed reading, but some of it does need to be updated.
rich-c: OK and I'll try and find Mel's email
Scott: I should better get off the phone line.
rich-c: hey, go with the winners and don't worry about the rest
Scott: My wife may be trying to call me.
rich-c: ditto and likewise - see you Wednesday, then
Scott: Nice talking with you and perhaps we can argue again later.
rich-c: anytime, Scott
Scott: Bye.
Scott left chat session
rich-c: bye
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