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rich-c: well, now that's a new name here
rich-c: sounds like it might be Rin
angel339: this a place to learn about adams? i found one in my grannys attic.
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changed username to Scott
rich-c: you mean we've got someone new! hey, a thousand welcomes - and yes it is
angel339: i found this chat site on google
Scott: Hello.
angel339: hi
rich-c: good for you, angel got a real name you like better (not necessary, just we do things that way here)
rich-c: hey Scott - we have a newbie - be super nice!
angel339: its all dusty, but this typewriter thing comes up when we turn it on
angel339: so i think it work ok
Scott: I have to be nice?
rich-c: right, an Adam is an old 1983 computer we love to play with
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Scott: Hey - did you own a Coleco ADAM long ago?
changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
Scott: Hi, Fred K
rich-c: as you can guess from the presence on chat, we all have more up to date computers too
rich-c: salut, Fred, comment ca va?
FredK: tres bien et vous?
angel339: my granny did, she put it in the attic. i found it Monday when i was looking for some other stuff
rich-c: Fred, angel found an Adam in her grandma's attic - and it works
angel339: she said i could bring it down and play with it, if it worked
FredK: was it the one in EBAY?
Scott: Rich - chapters 3 & 4 are almost done.
Scott: Will finish chapter 3 tonight.
rich-c: non, elle l'a trouve chez sa grandmere
FredK: ah ok merci
Scott: Chapter 4 has a few pages.
rich-c: nice work Scott - have you thought futher about asking the gang to help?
Scott: These are from the ADAM Survival Guide, Fred and Angel
angel339: is that french? I learned some of that in school
rich-c: angel, Fred is a very handsome young man who lives near Montreal
Scott: Yes, actually I have thought of that.
FredK: Well tks Rich-c fr the description
rich-c: and yes it is French - or my poor excuse for it
angel339: hey a funny message came up just now on this adam
Scott: I will have to take a low key role, due to school starting next week
rich-c: angel, tell us about it and tell us what you want to know
angel339: it says
FredK: Survival guide!
Scott: But I will target a few chapters and leave the rest to others to transcribe
angel339 changed username to Dr.D.
FredK: what, from where?
Scott: The infamous Dr.D
rich-c: seems we have been had
FredK: Hi DR.D
Scott: We've been suckered.
FredK: and punched.
Dr.D.: I'm no good playing at being Christina...though I watched her do some chatting to get the style right.
Dr.D.: So Scott, did you get my E-mails about the multicart?
Scott: So Dr. D, more of the ASG is online.
rich-c: anyway, Fred, I have suggested to Scott that he run tiffs of the Adam Survival Guide masters, post them on his website, and let us download them and edit them in OCR
Scott: Oh yes, very interesting.
Scott: It sparked a very interesting conversation on our list.
FredK: cool
Dr.D.: And after some technical corrections by Geoff et al., I see that the website for the existing (unsellable) multicart probably has an internal design similar to what I talked about.
Scott: I am also interested in your keyboard idea, too.
rich-c: Adam Survival Guide is a book we published about ten years ago
rich-c: things like the club and dealr and BBS lists are quite out of date
Scott: Possible that we can get different keyboards working on the ADAM?
FredK: yes i remember you briefly mentionning that
rich-c: but many of the items on the Adam are still useful
Dr.D.: I just have to give it some time; I think that there's some way to use the available signals reading magic addresses to set the bank-selects appropriately.
Dr.D.: Different as in how?
Scott: Say, a standard IBM keyboard.
Scott: Function keys can be used as SmartKEYS.
Dr.D.: Technically, probably...but lots of the AT keyboard keys have no sensible mapping into existing Coleco software.
rich-c: that's easy, Scott, after all the emulator is meant to use an IBM keyboard
Scott: There you go.
Scott: Problem solved.
Dr.D.: That's one of the practical things I'm pondering with reactivating the 2 "undocumented" keys on the ADAM keyboard: what key code ought they to return?
rich-c: just because a key is there doesnt mean you have to use it
Scott: Wow, undocumented keys?
Scott: Didn't know about that.
FredK: Wise!
Dr.D.: Yes...didn't you ever take apart a keyboard, Scott?
rich-c: havent you ever opened up a keyboard, Scott?
FredK: no I wont repeat also
Dr.D.: Under the beige top trim, to the right of the space bar.
Scott: Yeah, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing!
Dr.D.: There are 2 keyholes (with no white actuator posts or rubber dams) and 2 keypads on the green membrane layer.
Scott: Not a hardware guy!
Scott: Hmmm
Scott: What could it be???
Dr.D.: If you put in the dams, posts, and keycaps, they work.
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Scott: Perhaps an Alt key?
Scott: No.
Scott: Windows key...
rich-c: in another computer they would be alt and - well, anything else
Dr.D.: But currently the 6801 firmware traps them internally as $FF (which is a code for "no key pressed this scan cycle").
Dr.D.: The could be set up to return 3 different ASCII codes each: regular, control+key, or shift+key.
changed username to George
Scott: So what are you planning to do with this project, Doc?
Dr.D.: Oops, "they could be set up..."
rich-c: hello George, how's the head?
George: i'm almost gone
Scott: Very interesting...
FredK: Hi George
Dr.D.: Well, I wanted to make the keys return some real ASCII codes...and I wanted to modify the 6801 firmware to support a CAPS LOCK LED.
rich-c: having a hard time, are you?
George: my mind that is
Dr.D.: I can never tell if LOCK got pressed.
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changed username to Judy
FredK: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: So, why not use one of the 3 available unused output lines to toggle an LED when it's pressed on/pressed off.
rich-c: hi Judy
Dr.D.: Hello Judy
Scott: That's very interesting, Doc.
George: i got devastating news from my doctor today
Dr.D.: Some constraints:
rich-c: where's the rest of the folks, Judy?
Dr.D.: Without further optimization of the firmware, I have 13 bytes free to make any code changes.
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Judy: hi, everyone, didn't think I was going to be able to get on, having trouble with this thing
changed username to BobS
FredK: Hi Bob
rich-c: ah, there's Bob now
Scott: Not much to work with
Dr.D.: The code *must* not exceed 2048 bytes, or it won't fit into the EPROM space of a 68701.
BobS: hiya ALL
Judy: had to ping to get in
BobS: this is the keybaord thingy?????
George: hi Bob
BobS: hi geo
Judy: don't know where Doug or Meeka are but Bob is right here
Scott: Bob - got more of the ASG online.
Scott: Maybe you could include it in the ANN disks, that is if you are still doing the ANN disks.
BobS: wandered over there the other day Scott....IMPRESSED
Dr.D.: Also, using more than the internal ROM means that some of the I/O lines currently being used for the keyboard scan matrix have to be used as address/data lines for the extra ROM. That means no simple drop-in replacement of a new 68701 for the existing keyboard controller circuit board.
Scott: Are we still doing the ANN disks?
BobS: yup, they are on my website monthly
Dr.D.: Now, looking at the code...there are some rearrangements and optimizations I could do to free up a few more bytes, maybe 10.
rich-c: Bob, give me your website URL again?
Dr.D.: And I *think* I can put in the LOCK LED toggle code in the space available.
Scott: 23 bytes in all? That's just enough to do something dangerous.
George: my doctor told me this stroke almost killed me another one will kill me and it is most likely to happen again
Scott: Thanks, BoB.
Dr.D.: What I *can't* do, however, is something fancy with the 2 undocumented keys, like make them programmable for storing macro strings or something.
Scott: I didn't realize that you were still doing them.
Dr.D.: Just not enough room (at my current understanding of the existing firmware; I would ideally like to change as little as possible!).
Scott: Bob - perhaps we could add a section in ANN
Scott: An ADAM Resource section that describes all of the updates to the site.
Dr.D.: It would've been great in the BBS days to store passwords, for instance.
BobS: did start putting them online in ADAMEM format........
George: test
Dr.D.: Or for the CI$ folks, a bunch of "GO ____" for favorite destinations.
Scott: Mostly these are older articles that have been scanned in, but some people still enjoy reading them.
Dr.D.: I see your typing clearly, George.
Scott: Macro capability would have been great!
Scott: So there's no way to use larger ROMs?
Scott: Due to the mapping constraints...
BobS: open to ideas Scott
Dr.D.: Nope.
rich-c: the tough part, George, is that nothing can be done about it
rich-c: it is all the luck of the draw
Dr.D.: In the operating mode of the current design, almost all possible I/O lines are tied up in the x-y scan matrix.
Scott: Bob, for instance, we could mention that the site is back up, chapters 3&4 of ASG are up, along with several other articles.
Dr.D.: The modes that allow 64K address space steal them all back for external address and data bus.
Scott: Sorry to hear that, George.
George: i don't know if i have much time left
BobS: I have a link to the ADAM Resource on the site already
Dr.D.: You'd need a totally new keyboard controller board design, with an external I/O controller chip.
Scott: I think my link to you is old.
BobS: prolly, but it will still forward I think
Scott: So, what are you waiting for, Doc?
rich-c: well, you don't know as you say, so do the best with what you get
Scott: You've got time, right???
Dr.D.: New keyboard controller design? ha
Scott: Just ask my dad to do it.
Dr.D.: I'll be lucky to find the right 10 bytes to patch into the existing firmware so it fits, before ADAMcon 15.
Scott: If I knew what I was doing with hardware, I think I would be tempted.
Dr.D.: Also, I have to dig out Chris Braymen's 68701 programmer homebrew project and see if it still works.
Scott: ADAMCon, yes.
Dr.D.: He built it from a 1982 Byte article...he used it to make the 68701s for the ADAMnet clock and his 256K ADAMnet SRAM disk.
Scott: When I take a summer off from school, perhaps we can host it here.
Scott: Wow, fascinating.
Scott: Doc, you've got all types of interesting information.
Dr.D.: He sent it to me, along with all his other hardware stuff, including v1.0 Powermate system (with Powermate floppy drives!), when he decided to get out of the ADAM world for good.
rich-c: Denver would be kind of nice - you can always go up US40 to get cool
Scott: I remember those!
Dr.D.: IIRC it needs a wacko power supply to get the programming voltage, something like 21 volts? Of course, he didn't send me the power supply...
rich-c: what were Powermate floppy drives?
Scott: I remember when my dad was asking for suggestions on what to call his company.
BobS: I got one! 720k & 320k floppy along with a 20m meg hd
Dr.D.: Not ADAMnet.
Scott: Powermate floppy drives were built into the hard drive enclosure.
Dr.D.: Really accessed as parallel devices through an internal I/O port on a center-slot card.
Scott: Cool stuff.
Scott: He did some good work, that dad of mine!
rich-c: who built them?
Dr.D.: A big ribbon cable from the center-slot card to an external box.
BobS: check the EXACT power requirements rich.....I have I believe a 21 volt ps.....small one and maybe not lpowerful enoug.....
Dr.D.: He surely did, Scott.
Scott: I only built some of the hard drive boards.
Dr.D.: I gotta find my Xerox copy of the 1982 Byte article :-)
Scott: Could we put that article on my site?
Scott: Could be useful...
Dr.D.: need your own regular EPROM burner to make it work.
Scott: BTW, do you visit my site at all, DOC?
Scott: I happen to have one, hahahahha...
rich-c: Right - we are talking about Mark's sort of early cognate of the TI peripherals box, then?
Dr.D.: I haven't since it came back up, I sheepishly admit...
Dr.D.: Yes, Richard.
Scott: That's ok. I need to put up more content that you would find interesting...
rich-c: OK, now I have some idea what's going on - been a LONG time
Dr.D.: A dedicated 68701 burner add-on for a commercial-grade EPROM burner is super expensive...but this project is a neat Motorola-approved hack.
Dr.D.: You burn a 2K EPROM with the program you want to burn into the 68701.
Scott: We will be burning lots of EPROMs when we release the new ColecoVision games...
Dr.D.: Put the 2K EPROM into a socket on this project.
Dr.D.: Put in a blank 68701 in another socket.
Scott: We should republish it.
Scott: Anyone else have articles that they would like to see up?
Scott: I personally would like to see more Digital Express content up.
Dr.D.: Turn it on...and magically the 68701 goes into a self-programming mode, using the external 2K EPROM as the source code.
rich-c: If as and when I find a way to move them from Adam to DOS I will have some for you
Scott: There's a lot of good stuff .
Dr.D.: Gads, I got entire boxes of the DE stuff from Pat Williams and Jean Davies and Sandy Schwering when they all got out and were going to dump it.
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Dr.D.: I've never even opened the boxes, I just brought it home when they wanted to get rid of it.
changed username to Meeka
Scott: So, is anyone interested in helping me transcribe the ADAM Survival Guide?
Dr.D.: But I know they got all of Sol's newsletters.
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
Judy: hi, again meeka
Dr.D.: Does ASG SmartWriter source exist anywhere?
FredK: Hi Meeka
Dr.D.: Holla Meeka
Scott: We have chapters 1-4 almost done, but there's 32-33 chapters in all.
rich-c: copy typing is not my thing, but I'm willing to tackle OCR from a raw tiff
George: Hi Meeka
Scott: That's what I would like to know.
Dr.D.: It would be soooooo easy to just run the SW files into a conversion's just ASCII after some format header junk.
Scott: Ok, what chapters interest you, Rich?
FredK: Dr.D have you comments about my buffer problem?
Scott: Sure, Doc, but who has them???
rich-c: I cant find whre I wrote down Mel Ostler's email address when he was on the other night
Dr.D.: That was what I was asking, if someone actually did have them...or did people just mail Mel printouts that he cut/pasted/Xeroxed to make the final copy masters?
Dr.D.: Arggh Fred, I have to go reread your E-mail to remind myself of what your problem was...
FredK: no problem Dr.
rich-c: no, if I recall we sent Mel floppy discs - not sure what he did from there
Scott: I am planning to tackle chapter 21 "z80 machine language programming" and 6 "SmartBASIC 1.0"
rich-c: not even certain that the masters were actually prodiced on an Adam
Scott: I believe the SmartBASIC chapter is a bunch of stuff that I already OCRed.
FredK: its just in basic programming the 'no more buffers available' was the error message
Scott: I have a nice hard copy that Rich graciously sent me.
FredK: could not save or catalog nothing...
rich-c: what you have, Scott, is the one and only surviving original - guard it accordingly
Dr.D.: Speaking of other OCRable stuff...what about the Hacker's Guide books? Those were MacWrite 4.5 source text, printed on a genuine ImageWriter II (I can tell from the printouts, gotta love Helvetica and Chicago in 24-pin dot matrix).
Scott: Rich - interested in tackling "Chapter 5: SmartWRITER"?
Scott: Yes, Hacker's Guide II wouldn't be too difficult.
Scott: But Hacker's Guide I, an utter mess...
Dr.D.: My set had various errors that I corrected in longhand...some simple typos, others quite egregious misinformation/misinterpretation.
rich-c: willing to try, Scott - as I say, post it up and let us download it
Scott: Ok, I will scan chapter 5 and put them up on my site for you to peruse.
Dr.D.: Well, there's the technical problems for the HG stuff, but I was more interested actually in copyright issues...anyone know where the Hinkles are these days?
rich-c: who knows, some one may even beat me to them, but that's OK
Scott: We could always take their content down if they get upset.
Dr.D.: Ben would be about Dale Wick's age, now...I think older than Scott.
rich-c: maybe they're still in Ithica - has anyone ever looked?
Scott: Dr. D - I know you're busy, but would you be willing to tackle a chapter of the ASG?
Scott: Like Chapter 18 "Handy information + Peeks and Pokes" by Guy Cousineau
Dr.D.: Which one? I have about 4 copies of ASG lying around here fact, I just pulled down 2 from the shelf to my above left.
rich-c: Scott, you will do better I think if you dont ask for specific chapters from individuals, just put up all the pages for general grabs
rich-c: tell everyone on the Adam list to come get a page
Scott: or "ADAM, Apple and IBM Relationships" by Ron Mitchell.
Scott: If each of us did a few chapters that we were interested it, we could get it done fairly quick.
Dr.D.: Oooh, these are 2 different editions!
rich-c: maybe you should ask the original writers to do their chapters - it would be familiar, maybe easier
Scott: And the... 2 editions?
Scott: I believe it's the most current.
Scott: Rich?
rich-c: no way, Rich, there was only ever one edition
Dr.D.: Two printings, then.
FredK: Rich-c do you mind if I keep ctc with you, can assist Scott with the work.
Dr.D.: One has a pale blue cover, the other is bright teal.
Scott: Blue cover.
rich-c: probably means the printer ran short of cover stock
Dr.D.: The pale one has the Greetings from ANN on the back cover, the teal one has it on white regular paper inside, and the back cover is blank.
rich-c: let's see - that was Ken Tilley - did it in his basement shop, I believe
Scott: Also, once we've scanned in the entire document, it would be great to write some new content.
Scott: I would like to include a chapter on the ADAMEm.
Scott: And new games that are being released for ColecoVision.
rich-c: in this day and age, Scott, we don't write books as such like that any more
rich-c: that's why Bill Gates made little websites
Dr.D.: The pale-blue one also has a yellow regular page between the cover (Reedy Software ad is on the inside back cover) and the ADAM's House ad on white paper page 231.
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Dr.D.: So is this being done as scans-to-PDF, or as a content conversion/retyping to ASCII-->HTML?
rich-c: yes, Ken made some minor goofs and did running corrections
changed username to judy
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Scott: Rich, says who?
Scott: No one writes books any more?
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changed username to BAIR
changed username to Princess
Dr.D.: Nobody will probably write a comprehensive ADAM book anymore...
BobS: BAIR !!!!! welcome to FUNland
Scott: No one would be interested in having an online book that they can print out of an updated ADAM Survival Guide?
rich-c: didnt say no one writes books, said they dont do that type of books, that's all
Dr.D.: ...unless it's a History of Science and Technology Ph.D. student in 2083 :-)
rich-c: Aha - the Bair
rich-c: and Rin, I gather
judy: hi, Bair
Princess: yup it's me....hi Uncle Richard
Dr.D.: angel339 says hi, princess
Scott: Well, I guess a better question would be, if it was written, would anyone read it?
judy: hi, Erin
Princess: hi Dr. D
Princess: Hi Judy
rich-c: hi Rin - Pam phoned from wrok at 7.20 and said dont expect her on
BobS: Hi Erin
BAIR: I have got a call from James
FredK: HI
rich-c: even after she gets home and eats she will likely be too tired
Princess: Hi Bob
Dr.D.: Hello Bob
Princess: Hi Fred
George: hi Erin
BAIR: Hi ever one
Scott: Because if no one is going to bother reading it, then no point in putting the effort into putting it on the web.
Princess: hi George
rich-c: a call from James, you say, Bob?
Dr.D.: Good night, John-Boy
Dr.D.: :-)
Princess: lol
rich-c: the whole point of putting it on the web, Scott, is that the people will read it
BAIR: I have got a call from James Sammons
rich-c: they might or might not find it as print on retail sale
Scott: Is it a worthy project, Rich?
rich-c: but a search engine should pick it up quite neatly
Scott: Worthy of the hard work putting into online form?
BobS: don't recognize the name..........
Princess left chat session
Scott: I think so, but that's just me.
Dr.D.: I agree, Scott.
BAIR: His phone is 1-773 -685-8742
George: i have to reposition my screen i had to change it for DR-DOS
Dr.D.: There's so much paper docs lying around, anyone who digitizes any of it is doing posterity a service.
rich-c: ah, the long descendant of CP/m, George
Scott: I've already scanned hundreds of pages of ADAM Content.
BAIR: He has been looking for Adam people for a while
BobS: did ya tell him to get on the web???????
Scott: So, I would like to know would make a bigger impact.
rich-c: Scott, information on the internet is found and used
rich-c: information lying around on paper is hidden and lost these days
Scott: Bob - all content should be on the site.
George: i found a link on the web and wanted to try it i never used it before
rich-c: the more information you can post the more useful your site will be
Scott: Would the ADAM Survival Guide, Hacker's Guide to ADAM Vol. II, or Digital Express newsletters be a better choice?
BAIR: He only has the basic Adam I have sent him some tapes
Scott: As in, which would be the best use of time?
BobS: got his address too ??????
rich-c: the ASG is for teh casual, novice user - Hackers Guide and Nibbles & Bits are more advanced
Scott: There's a lot of outdated info in the ASG, and it should be updated after we finish the translation.
Dr.D.: ASG was the last great "community" effort, so I would say, it ought to be done first.
Scott: And we should go into the project with that in mind.
rich-c: yes, I'd hope we'd have learned a thing or two in the last 15 years!
Scott: That the ASG is being reprinted for what it was intended to do -
BAIR: 6048N Keeler Ave Chicago IL 60646-5222
Scott: to bring users, vendors and other ADAM-related individuals together.
rich-c: strictly speaking, selections from the ASG - just the useful parts
Scott: Rich - but you're saying to scan the whole thing. We need to choose what's worth putting up - It's a big document!
Scott: That's why I started with the History of ADAM and some general stuff.
BobS: Bob,,,,,,how did he get ahold of you ???????
Dr.D.: Oh what I meant by "scan" was "digitize in whatever way is convenient".
Scott: Obviously the vendor section doesn't need to be included, etc.
rich-c: well, we can leave out all the clubs and BBSs and vendors and stuff
Scott: Absolutely.
BAIR: He has ask some things I can't answer so I sent some names for him to write to
Scott: And we should replace them with URLs to websites.
Dr.D.: It's history, leave it in...mark it as historical.
rich-c: but put our effort into setting up more useful stuff first
Scott: Let an archiver scan all the extra stuff in later.
Dr.D.: My Procomm Plus install disks came with textfile listings of hundreds of BBSes that were active in the 1988.
Meeka: ok, gonna get going, Bandit wants to play :-P
Scott: Like what I did with the Digital Express newsletter.
Scott: The Oct 86
rich-c: nite, Meeka
FredK: cya Meeka
Dr.D.: Bye Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
Scott: For now, let's get ads of vendors who presently support the ADAM, such as ADAM Services.
Scott: Heh, or eColeco.
Scott: Terry Fowler.
Dr.D.: eColeco?
rich-c: I'd favour more a heading: these people sometimes have Adam materials available
rich-c: that would cover me, He Who Must Not be Named, and Bob - is there anyone else?
BAIR: judy do you now if Adam Bomb can be copied to tape
Scott: Didn't Terry make our guy in Japan angry?
judy: yes, we have it Bob says
Dr.D.: Gawd, ADAM has its own Lord Voldemort :-)
BobS: got ADAM-BOMB2 on tape ???????
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Scott: Well, anyways, I could be a vendor in this section as well since I have some power supplies to sell.
judy: he thinks it is the same game
Dr.D.: Where did Princess Rin go?
BobS: or ADAM-BOMB ?????
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: I believe it's available on your choice, Bob
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
judy: did you ever play Adam Bomb 1
Scott: Here's another idea.
BobS: GUY, got an ADAMite infCHicago for ya !!!!!!
BAIR: no
rich-c: hi Guy, didnt see you come in
BAIR: never bought it
Dr.D.: You ought to be able to block-copy it to a tape, it comes on 160K floppy, so it will fit.
Scott: What if we had a yearly CD-ROM that all of us put together.
judy: I did and finished it
BobS: you need to play Abomb 1 on the ADAMemulator
Scott: That included the latest and greatest ADAM Survival Guide.
George: hi Guy
rich-c: anyway, my master of AB2 is on disc, which means it should copy to tape
Scott: And also the ANN disks, and all of the updates to The ADAM Resource.
FredK: Gotta go gang, take care and Good night.
judy: you should try it
Guy B.: Judy, you finish Adambomb One?
Dr.D.: Probably everything ever written/coded for ADAM could fit on a single CD-R.
BobS: see ya Fred
judy: Hi, Guy
Scott: Exactly.
Guy B.: Bye Fred
Dr.D.: So long, Fred.
rich-c: bon soir, Fred, a la prochaine
judy: yes, I did
FredK left chat session
Scott: You could include the ADAMEmulator as well as PD Roms
Scott: My entire website on a CD, etc.
Guy B.: Wow, I know I haven't gotten past the 2nd stage.
Scott: And the ADAM Survival Guide would be up to date.
rich-c: Bob, you do know Adam Bomb is not PD, don't you?
Guy B.: I got my network up on Sunday and it wasn't easy. But, I got it working.
Scott: What say you, Doc and Rich?
BAIR: we have 1622
rich-c: sorry Scott, I lost the thread
Dr.D.: Works for me...all the TWWMCAs are there, the ATM, the ColecoVision Technical Manual if I ever finish scanning it in...
Dr.D.: plus the schematics.
judy: I ended up making notes to finish it, Guy
rich-c: but if we're talking CD ROM, Dale has had such a project in mind for years
Dr.D.: Have you seen my schematics on-line, Scott?
Scott: A yearly CD includin the latest and greatest of everything.
Scott: But Dale hasn't implemented it.
Guy B.: I figured you would, like you did for Adambomb 2
BAIR: Yes do you have any to sell
Scott: And it's not such an original idea, either.
Scott: My idea is to create a yearly product for the community.
Scott: With the latest of everything.
rich-c: again, all you would need is a downloadable master so we could burn our own
Scott: Dr. D's stuff, the ANN disks, my entire site, Dale's site, everything.
Scott: Heh, right! A downloadable master!
rich-c: not that I am too sanguine about how long a 700 MB download would take at 56K
Scott: That's a laugh!
Scott: 650 MB over a dial up line!
Scott: That's a good one, Rich!
BobS: YES Bair.....Richard has the MASTER to copy from
Dr.D.: Laughable now, maybe not so in 5 years.
Scott: Sure, anyone got a spare 650MB?
Scott: Actually, Dale does
Dr.D.: 650 MB over my ADSL connection wouldn't be too bad, a couple hours maybe.
Dr.D.: I remember doing a 3-hour download of WinNT 4.0 SP 6a over 56K modem...
rich-c: maybe post it in 10 MB chunks, or somethihng?
Scott: Then none of the money can be funnelled back into ANN.
Dr.D.: that was 32 MB.
Scott: This revenue could support future ANN projects.
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changed username to DougS
Dr.D.: Bob Bair is our treasurer...isn't ANN still making money? Even after donations to ADAMcons in need?
judy: hi, Doug
Scott: I sure as heck wouldn't want to have to supply the bandwidth for such a thing.
rich-c: hello Doug
DougS: hi all
BAIR: I told James to write or call Dr. D for some of his questions
Guy B.: 3 Hours? I have Windows NT SP6 on my Dell now. I read about the latest service pack update. Wow that must be a big one.
BobS: hi son
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Hi Doug
George: hi Doug
changed username to Ronald
rich-c: Scott, maybe Shawn Rapp would want to play on a project like that
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Scott: Perhaps it could be availabe for purchase only at ADAMCon.
judy: hi, Ron
Ronald: allo
Dr.D.: This was a few years ago...back when NT 4.0 was still getting service packs.
rich-c: he seems to be itching to get into some Adam activity
BobS: ANN is making money..........a very little at a time
George: Hi Ron
rich-c: another province heard from - hello Ron
Ronald: top o' the evenin'
BobS: Ronald !!!!!!!
BAIR: I got only one check this year
Dr.D.: I knew it was a pittance...but better positive than negative, even at pittance levels...
Scott: You have to understand that hosting a download that is a total of 650 MBs will make your service provider scream!
Dr.D.: haha
Ronald: mine wouldn't accept it
Scott: If two people download it a day, that 1.3 GBs of traffic.
Dr.D.: Unless you are buying at commercial rates, yes.
rich-c: Ron, any idea if your amiga buddy could use any keyboardd pats - not necessarily working, maybe cannibalize-able?
BobS: probably most ip's won't put up with thAT
Scott: They would freak!
George: i want my VDSL
Ronald: will check Rich
Dr.D.: I'm not suggesting that Joe AOL on his cable modem dialup try to host it.
Scott: If anyone could host it, it's Dale.
Scott: But why not make this something exclusive to ADAMCon?
Dr.D.: Or me, hiding behind CWRUnet...
rich-c: again, or Shawn - I believe he has capacity and bandwidth
Scott: Or included with the price of ADAMCon?
Dr.D.: An ADAMcon event is okay with me.
Scott: Sorry, Rich, you were saying that Shawn is itching to do some programming...
Ronald: Have I missed something here?
rich-c: he's itching to make a contribution, and he has a lot of server space and bandwidth available
Dr.D.: We're planning your ADAMcon, Ron :-)
Scott: Ron - a yearly CD-ROM with all the latest & greatest including the updated ADAM Survival Guide.
Ronald: I'm glad somebody is
Dr.D.: Go back to your toys and we'll call you when we're done :-)
Dr.D.: Speaking of there a set-in-stone date?
Scott: I think that this is a total waste of space and bandwidth.
rich-c: Ron, the chap who gave you the Amiga magazines - are you still in touch?
Dr.D.: What's a waste, Scott?
Scott: Unless, like you said, we offered a few small 10 MB downloads, but nothing approaching 650+ MBs.
Ronald: shouldn't be too far away now from a date folks. Been procrastinating, as usual. I need to talk to local hotels and will do so very soon
Dr.D.: Oh the download, yeah it's pretty unreasonable.
Scott: My site is about that size.
Ronald: Have page one of my web site done, and will probably put it up as a work in progress
Scott: That would be a good download.
rich-c: yeah, 10 meg a week, it wouldnt be done in a year
Dr.D.: I only ask because of travel arrangements...I am saving my pennies.
Scott: Or a small collection of PD software.
Guy B.: Is it still a July date Ron or could it be August?
Ronald: yes, I'm very much aware of that, and will GET WITH IT
rich-c: tell me how to make it transmissible on the net and you'll have a large collection if you want, Scott
Dr.D.: And passport stuff...never had one before.
Scott: It seems that the only way I will be able to attend an ADAMCon is if I host one.
Ronald: right. there are arrangements to be made
Dr.D.: I don't want to be an easy mark for some Bush-zealot border guard...
rich-c: dont think Canada requires it of Americans, Rich - but you might need it to get back into the States'
Ronald: certainly not
Scott: I'm all for getting hard to find content on the web, but at least ANN should profit from this type of project.
judy: just a birth certifiate will do Dr D
Scott: Am I wrong here?
Dr.D.: Unless they say "Oooh, WASP well-fed American with a passport! Clearly he's trying to avoid detection by playing it safe! He must be hiding something! Step this way to the Anal Probe Room..."
BobS: AND p[icture id on driver's license
Guy B.: That's what I did when I went to Toronto 3 years ago.
Ronald: Alls I know is that never again will I cross the border with the carload of stuff I took to Seattle
Ronald: they' d hang me from the space needle now
BobS: aw took a lot of stuff last year to AC14
Dr.D.: Me too...but people I know who've gone to Canada recently have had problems of mindless sorts...and advise that a passport is just a Good Idea Now.
rich-c: just dont try to sneak in any South African apples
Ronald: a mere fraction
BobS: OR you would spend a day playign ADAM with the border guards
Dr.D.: Or my open vanload of equipment to 007.
Guy B.: Probably will loolk at a new notebook for me pretty soon. I sold the old one just before Christmas.
Scott: Well, guys, I gotta go. Gotta stop arguing with Rich, or he's gonna clobber me!
Ronald: right. Dr.D you had a fair amount there
BAIR: that would work
Guy B.: Bye Scott.
Scott: Talk to you later,
rich-c: night Scott
Scott left chat session
Ronald: niters Scott
Dr.D.: And besides, my birth certificate is my original one, with my footprints on it...I'm getting leery of taking that away from home.
Dr.D.: Bye Scott.
judy: bye Scott
BAIR: from 60 years
rich-c: you think you have troubles - New Jersey still doesnt offer backup cards!
BobS: get adupe Dr D
Guy B.: You can here in Illinois.
Dr.D.: I *am* a dupe, BobS :-)
Dr.D.: A Raelian clone from 1962...
Dr.D.: ...proof that aliens live among us.
George: how the hell did i get here?
rich-c: I don't think New Jersey allows them, nor does New York
Dr.D.: No aliens allowed in New Jersey?
Ronald: aliens - Hell, they've been here for longer than we have
Guy B.: Most counties will give you a duplicate for a fee and that way you can keep the original at home.
BAIR: just ohio
rich-c: that's insecure - wait till Rumsfort finds out - that'll end it in a hurry
judy: we have several copies for each of us
Ronald: Rumsfort? Shouldn't it be Rumsfeld?
rich-c: you are right Ron - senior mokmjent
Dr.D.: After enough Rum, fort or feld is irrelevant/
Ronald: :)
rich-c: naw, Saddam doesnt have any bombs
Ronald: Well then he sure as heck has a lot of people fooled
rich-c: you have words one and three transposed, Rich
Ronald: Edmonton's final ADAM now has one of DR. D.'s servers attached to it
rich-c: no, if he has bombs he has the UN inspectors fooled, cause they cant find any
Dr.D.: "Hicks nix sticks pics", right?
George: FREE OIL!
BAIR: free gas
Ronald: I got gas
George: me to
BAIR: how much
BobS: i HAD gas....but it is gone now.........
judy: wrong kind, Ron
Ronald: Mighty Methane
BAIR: hold your nose
rich-c: No, Sticks nix hicks pix - the idea was that unflattering protrayals of farmers wouldnt sell outside the cities
Guy B.: Rich C, don't know if you saw my message. But, I sucessfully got my network up between my Athlon and the Dell. It wasn't easy though.
George: you got it
Dr.D.: Tonight's Slopsema Flatulence Update was sponsored by Shell.
Ronald: sorry Judy. That was crude
judy: that is noise here
BobS: AND rude Ron..... ;-)
BAIR: but true
Ronald: ROTFL
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
rich-c: didnt get it, Guy but not surprised it was tricky
George: a lot of wind
judy: that is what Ryan calls it
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dr.D.: Ahh, the smell of burning Pentiums.
BobS moved to room diaper change
Ronald: yeah
rich-c: very much appreciated by us Athlon fans, Dr. D
Dr.D.: I had a SCSI HD die in the robot lab yesterday with the magic smoke smell from one of its chips.
BobS moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: It was tricky. The workgroup names had to match and had a dandy time with the password. Finally decided to leave it blank for both and finally was able to map the drive.
Ronald: how can you enter a room when you're already in it?
Dr.D.: Classes start Monday...sigh.
George: i have a high velocity fan on my CPU
DougS: what protocol are you using to talk between them, Guy?
Ronald: back to work eh? Rich
George: one of the Pattons
Guy B.: Netbeui
Ronald: not Toronto Rich.....he doesn't work. Dr. D does have to though
(BobS quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Dr.D.: I've been back since last Thursday, but classes don't resume until Monday.
Ronald: I see
DougS: and you picked Netbeui why?
Dr.D.: That's a blocked protocol on our CWRUnet.
Dr.D.: Along with anything IPX.
DougS: so dr.d all you allow is appletalk and ip then?
Dr.D.: (Rich quaffs a warm slice of fresh cow.)
Guy B.: It was the easiest. I got some info from a website on the protocols.
Dr.D.: Yep, that's it...and also AppleTalk over IP.
George: huh?
DougS: you should ban appletalk :)
Ronald: My PC MAC Lan software does that
Dr.D.: I still have too many Macs running MacOS <=9.x to ban AppleTalk.
Ronald: Hey Doug, what about those of us who have to THINK DIFFERENT?
George: does it really talk?
Ronald: When we think at all
Dr.D.: "Macintalk Pro English Victoria, High Quality"
rich-c: Ron, you'll be amused to know my cursor crony just got a new iMac
Ronald: Appletalk works for me
DougS: you telling me that Imac knows how to think Ron?
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: man of judgment is he
changed username to WB
Dr.D.: I'd rather have Jason Fox's iFruit :-)
George: my new PC speaks
Ronald: galaxy will he explore
WB: Hello All!!!
Guy B.: Hi Willie, been a long time.
BobS: welcome Wille
Ronald: Willie, my son
rich-c: lessee - WB -that's Willie?
Dr.D.: Warner Bros.
WB: Yes I am Willie!
George: i don't know
Dr.D.: Hello Willie.
rich-c: got a real Chicago presence tonoght, then
WB: I am glad that everyone seems to be doing well!
George: oops
Ronald: Give 'em a couple of reps, they'll take over the world
judy: hi, Willie
WB: Hello Judy
BobS: the midwest is kickin
Dr.D.: Time to tune in WBBM, then.
Guy B.: And our weather is about to change. A cold snap is coming in for the weekend.
BobS: butt tonight
rich-c: anyway Ron he is having a fine time configuring it
Ronald: aha
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: Doug- did you ever get Linux running on your RAID screamer?
rich-c: yes, they are talking -10C for us Friday night and I suspect worse
George: Where's Pam?
Dr.D.: For you in Chicagoland...when did WBBM-AM change from calling themselves "Newsradio 78" to "Newsradio 780"?
judy: the weather was beautiful here today, but is supposed to change tomorrow night
DougS: I think so. don't member that was so long ago. been doing alot of reloading and testing of software on that box.
rich-c: yes, we had +5 and a bit of sun. lost much of our snow
Ronald: progress
Ronald: sorta
changed username to Patricko
Guy B.: HI Patrick
rich-c: have we a McQ here?
BobS: Hi Patrick !!!!!
DougS: ended up mirroring the Suse linux ftp site to my laptop so i could install suse. takes like 5.2gb on my laptop :)
judy: hi, Patrick
Ronald: Installed Red Hat 8 on your laptop. Works good. Had to get a new PCMCIA ethernet card tho
Dr.D.: I used to listen to WBBM as a boy...they carried the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre at 10:07 PM local I would listen to WKBN in Youngstown to the Mystery Theatre show, then tune in WBBM (an hour behind us) to hear it again.
Patricko: Hi all, just dropping by for my first chat
George: some newbies to me?
BobS: welocme then !!!!!
DougS: what was wrong with the ethernet card? no linux driver?
Ronald: Hi Patricko
Dr.D.: And back then it was WBBM Newsradio 78.
rich-c: I like that "first" phrasing - it has optimistic implications
BAIR: night every one got to get to bed
Ronald: that's it Doug. E-mailed Intel, and they said-- nope...sorry
BAIR left chat session
BobS: be good Bair !!!! say HI to virginia, eh??????
Ronald: And it wasn't supported on any of the distro's I had
George: ??????????????
rich-c: night Bon, best to Ginny
DougS: figured you wouldn't get it out of intel. would have thought linux devs would have had a driver for it though.
Patricko: Thanks Rich, it is optimism
Guy B.: He left mighty quick.
rich-c: we encourage it here - always a little something for everyone
Ronald: so far as I can tell, Doug, that was about the ONLY PCMCIA card in the world that wasn't supported
George: my eyes are going
DougS: that's weird, cause that was one of the best cards i ever had. was supported under dos with no special card services!
Dr.D.: Ah, that's probably why they killed it, then.
Ronald: well, it's still here, just in case. Worked fine with Win 98
DougS: it will work great in any MS operating system.
Ronald: yup
DougS: we use them at work and have XP on the laptops.
Dr.D.: "DOS? There was never DOS. There has only every been Windows. Bill Gates invented computers."
Dr.D.: "We have always been at war with Oceania."
Ronald: Oh yeah, I can believe it. Went to the site, and they had drivers for it for just about every damn thing, including OS2. But not Linux
Dr.D.: That just means nobody has bothered to reverse-engineer a driver.
DougS: does intel actually post drivers for linux?
BobS: AND Gore invented the internet, eh??????
Dr.D.: Or else for some reason it's too hard to reverse-engineer it.
Ronald: NO.....and they made quite a point of telling me so
Dr.D.: Intel is a pawn of the Redmond Hegemony...there, now I sound like a Political Scientist.
DougS: hehe....that's cause they are one of the big guys in the industry and hate the words 'open source'
Ronald: However, there's a Linux site Sourceforge, where the Linux Guru's display their additions to the community
DougS: sourceforge is much more than linux ron.
Ronald: there are drivers for PCMCIA there for all sorts of cards,, except
Ronald: guess so.... that's all I've been looking for when I go there. Don't get out much
rich-c: why do we feel no need to completete that sentence?
Dr.D.: We need to write a new open-source ADAM operating system...let's call it Ronix.
Ronald: HA !!
rich-c: thought we had one called TDOS
Guy B.: Well folks, might as well check the e-mail. I'll see how Saturday goes, otherwise I'll see you all next week.
Ronald: yup
George: not me
Ronald: nite Guy
DougS: i think dr.d is talking about one that is structured and commented :)
Dr.D.: Chief design requirement is, Ronix must be fully interoperable with any other computer that Ron may bring home.
DougS: night guy
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Guy B.: Tell Meeka I said Hi
Ronald: I have to depart too..... another of these "out at 8pm " nites
George: no TDOS here
rich-c: night Guy see you Sat
judy: night Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Patricko: I've resurrected my Adam after a 10 year hiatus, it's good to know there is still interest, I'll stop by earlier next week, see you then!!
Ronald: exactly DR. D.
Ronald: I like that
Dr.D.: Great, Patricko.
rich-c: nite, Patricko
Ronald: Good to hear from you Patrick. As you can see, we don't keep to only one topic here
Ronald: Ecclectic are we
BobS: bye Patrick
judy: night Patrick
Dr.D.: Well, I too will join the list of departers...time for bed, 6:00 AM will be here soon. And tomorrow is Christina's 16th birthday.
Patricko left chat session
Ronald: carry on all
BobS: WELL tell her HAPPY B'DAY from the all of us
rich-c: offer her many happy returns from us, Rich, and a good night to you
Dr.D.: I shall.
judy: night Dr D
Ronald left chat session
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: seems the crowd is thinning early tonight
George: nite all, my eyes died
WB: In my pursuit of old Adam Newletters, Does anyone know the last issue number of NIAD. Do you have any copies or photocopies of back issues?
rich-c: OK George, hang in there, maybe c u Sat
WB: I am trying to complete my set!
George left chat session
judy: I think I will call it a night also, talk to you next week
rich-c: I have a very extensive run of NIAD but not complete
BobS: have an extra set of NIAD's Willie
judy left chat session
rich-c: all you need to do is locate Jim Notini, I suspect
BobS: don't recall if it is a full set, or which end mught be missing
WB: BobS, are you willing to part with them!
DougS: night guys. see ya tomorrow Dad.
BobS: yup, for you Willie, FREE for shipping
BobS: yup see you tomorrow afternoon
rich-c: night Doug
DougS left chat session
WB: Let me know how much you need for shipping my e-mail is still
WB: and any other newsletters you wish to part with!
BobS: Wille, let me look and ................ok Willie
rich-c: looks like time to pack it in - see you next Wed or Sat if that works
WB: Rich-c, do you have a program called Dungeons and Dragons I & II and the Mage Construction set
rich-c: Willie, I'd have to check my inventory but I believe the answr is yes to all three
BobS: will get to ya
WB: Excellent!
rich-c: I'd go further and suspect D&D is on tapes and Mage is on disc
rich-c: the Mage construction set is one of Jack Reedy's efforts, isn't it?
BobS: ok, you guys figure this out and I am heading for SLEEP..........Willie, got a zip for shipping estimate??????
WB: Good let me know please and the cost. Well good night all. See you next week!
WB: The zip code is 60603
rich-c: night Bob
BobS: GOT IT, bye ya'll
WB left chat session
rich-c: willie, hold on a minute while I check
BobS left chat session
rich-c: sorry - I have a title Demons & Dragons 1 & 2 from Fast Ed's software - that right?
rich-c left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to David Cobley
David Cobley left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2003-01-08
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