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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hello Guy
rich-c: I had just about given up
Guy B.: HI Rich, How cold is it by you?
rich-c: oh, cold enough, about -4C - guess about25F
rich-c: how is it in Chicago?
Guy B.: That's what we've got here. It's going to get real cold later tonight.
rich-c: yes, I think they're calling us for -10C about 14F
Guy B.: We are going into the single digits for a low. Probably around 7 above.
rich-c: so, how is your network going?
Guy B.: Well, this morning I installed 64mb memory and a network card on the P133.
rich-c: I guess if it's going to work with the newer stuff extra memory will be de rigeur
rich-c: I'm vaguely wondering if it's worthwhile doing anything with my laptop
Guy B.: Anytime I was online on the P133, Netscape would just hang. I figured it must have been the memory. So, I've been using Internet Explorer to get around the bottleneck. Even just to update the antivir software which I got the latest update last night.
rich-c: there's a local outfit offering a Compaq 420 56K modem for $30 and an 8 gig IBM PCMCIA drive for $100
Guy B.: That's not bad.
rich-c: when you consider that's about $19 and $65 US, not bad at all
rich-c: oh, has antivir updated in the last few days?
Guy B.: That would be a bargain here in the U.S. I would jump at it.
rich-c: yes, the resident hard disc is only 2.1 gig and I think if Frances uses it for photo storage we could get cramped
Guy B.: And photos do take a lot of space.
rich-c: right - now she has the digital camera she is doing a fair amount of playing with it
rich-c: probably should upgrade the memory too but I don't know what kind it takes
Guy B.: That's the fun part. Trying it out.
rich-c: expensive fun is not to my taste
Guy B.: What brand is the notebook?
rich-c: even assuming I get teh right stuff I'll have nervous moments enough fitting it
rich-c: it's a Dell Latitude P166MMX
Guy B.: That would be about what my old Dell P90 would be. Small black one?
rich-c: yes, only about a 12.1" screen
rich-c: the idea was to have something to take on our trips
Guy B.: Yep, I sold that to a friend of mine at work last month. How much memory is in that now?
rich-c: but if Frances is going to take pictures we will need a place to download them to
rich-c: I think it's 64K if I recall
rich-c: that's sufficient for Win98SE but allows no margin
Guy B.: That should be sufficient. Did the camera come with cables?
rich-c: yes, it's a USB camera and I got PCMCIA USB 2.0 ports
Guy B.: Ok, that will work just fine. Now how much is the hard drive you have now?
rich-c: only 2.1 gig, and photo editing software is very space hungry
Guy B.: Oh yeah, that for sure. A bigger hard drive would definitely be good for your notebook.
rich-c: besides, Frances will want to run a spreadsheet on it too
rich-c: can't do much about the software which has to boot from C but at leasst can store images and stuff on a D drive
Guy B.: I don't know if there is bigger memory modules for your Dell. Dell's website would be a good source to find out.
rich-c: I'm a little sceptical of them - had a query a while back and they wre notably useless about it
Guy B.: That's how I found info when I had my Dell P90 and for the XPS desktop.
rich-c: well they said I had to register and when I gave them the number they said there was no such animal
rich-c: the stupid part is that I'd used it on a previous query and it worked
Guy B.: You don't have to register just to get info about your computer. There is another line where if you know your type of computer, you can get all the info just by finding the name of the computer you have.
rich-c: oh, I have the name, model number, the whole schmeer - they just dont like the flavour
Guy B.: Hmm, that's odd.
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rich-c: precisely, it's a Latitude Model PPS LXPiCDM166ST
changed username to George
rich-c: well, hello, George, you're late today
Guy B.: Hi George. Glad you made it.
George: Hi Rich,Guy
rich-c: by the way, Pamela is visiting, she says hi to both
Guy B.: You can enter Latitude Xpi if 166 isn't listed.
George: i had computer problems
rich-c: funny you should say, George...
Guy B.: Where was she Wednesday?
rich-c: she had to work late; phoned from work at 7.20 to say she wouldn't be on and tell the gang - I did before you got in
Guy B.: What kind of computer problems did you have George?
Guy B.: Tell her I have two cans of Diet Coke for her next week.
George: wouldn't boot
Guy B.: Any error messages?
rich-c: Pamela says thank you
rich-c: George, at what point did the boot operation hang?
George: just a hang no errors
Guy B.: Did you get past the memory check?
George: yes
Guy B.: Did you do anything to the CMOS settings?
George: no
rich-c: did you try booting with teh splash screen suppressed (F8 or Cntl) so you could see what was happeneing?
Guy B.: How many times did this happened?
George: 2 times i used F8 to get in safemode ran scandisk now everything is ok
rich-c: OK, you were successful in booting to teh DOS prompt then so your problem is software
Guy B.: You did get the Win98 splashscreen both times?
rich-c: what you need to do now is use - I think it's option 5 - safe boot with confirmation
George: the last time i had ti reinstall my modem
George: 3 windows safemode
rich-c: not saurprising, the problem is almost certainly with a driver, and that would make the modem suspect #1
Guy B.: Rich, I'm wondering if he has a virus in his PC?
rich-c: hard to tell - George, do you have Guy or me or teh Adam mailing list in your address book?
George: i ran antivir it reported no viruses
rich-c: how long since you updated antivir, George?
Guy B.: OK, viruses have been ruled out. Have you updated it recently?
George: No, i dont use address book
George: last week
rich-c: OK, I think we can agree - you are virus proof
Guy B.: Ok, what about problems with your hardware?
rich-c: now, what waws the last piece of hardware you installed that needed a driver?
George: superdisk drive parallel port
George: that was 1 month ago
rich-c: describe superdisc for us in more detail - Iomeage Zip? Syquest? LS-120?
rich-c: and by teh way which computer are we talking about, the old PII 400?
George: imation superdisk drive parallel port drive LS-120 iI used the 1.43 driver for win9.x from the imation website
Guy B.: George, does this drive work?
rich-c: OK that is likely your problem - I have an LS120 and those things are cranky
George: very well
Guy B.: Go to Control Panel and click on the System Icon and see if there are any yellow icons.
rich-c: yes, but they seem to confuse teh CMOS over what drive letter they should have, especially if they are a later installation
rich-c: there can also be issues develop in the write cache
George: this drive has nothing to do with cmos it's not even recognised by cmos
rich-c: if it has a drive letter the CMOS recognizes it
George: no it does not
rich-c: if it doesnt have a drive letter you know where your problem is
Guy B.: Is the parellel port set at ECP?
George: yes
Guy B.: What is your CD-Rom drive letter set at?
George: it uses drive F
George: fixed at F
Guy B.: F is your CD-Rom drive?
rich-c: what do you have as drive B, George?
George: D: and E: are dcrom drives
George: no drive
Guy B.: D for CD-Rom and E for your CD-RW? Correct?
George: drive needs to be on FDD cable
rich-c: if D and E are your CD drives, what is F?
George: superdisk drive is F
George: a B drive needs to be on FDD cable
George: i a conventional setup
Guy B.: That's right. Drive B would be a floppy drive. So, you should be able to set a drive letter to the superdrive.
rich-c: my LS120 is on the hard disc controller, IDE cable
rich-c: theoretically the LS120s can be set to B as they also have a 1.44 meg mode, can act as regular floppies in R/W
George: my LS-120 is set to drive F: fixed
rich-c: if they are configured as A they are bootable but not as B
Guy B.: Did Win98 assign that drive letter?
rich-c: that shouldnt be, George; the drive is removable
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rich-c: George, you still havent told us which computer we're talking about
George: no, assigned it start letter F: END letter F: to give cdroms piority
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George: 2.0 ghz.
changed username to HLM
rich-c: oh, this problem is with your new one, then
Guy B.: Hi Herman, long time no see.
rich-c: hello Hummon, long time no see
HLM: Hello All
George: hi HLM
rich-c: George is having problems with his new computer, we're trying to help
Guy B.: We are trying to help George with his computer.
George: it seems to be fixed
HLM: What seems to be the problem
rich-c: the guessing is that his installation of an LS120 drive on the parallel port ain't what it ought to be
George: it works now
rich-c: George, why would you install the drive to a parallel port anyway?
Guy B.: My Zip drive on the P133 is drive H, then my CD-Rom drive is I and I have no problems with it.
HLM: I can't talk I got a seagate backup to a parallel port
George: because it the only one compusa had
rich-c: OK, you got an external with a parallel interface, is that it?
Guy B.: George, I think I know what the problem might be. I bet you didn't assign the drive to the hardware list.
HLM: most of the older ones has Parallel and not usb or via the floppy controler
George: and i wanted a ls-120 at the time i didn't think they would go bust
rich-c: hope you didnt pay too much for it; the LS120 to my regret seems dead as a doornail
HLM: could be the assignment of port in my case it had to be a epp or ecp designation for it to recoginize the drive
rich-c: all the internals were on the floppy controller or IDE, Herman
George: ecp port
HLM: ok
George: it's working now
rich-c: apparently he was getting a boot hang - got to the DOS prompt but not beyond
rich-c: it may be working now, George, but you also want it working tomorrow
George: my modem had all the trouble
HLM: they are funny now also... I had to take my modem OUT install the software FIRST so it could find the modem then put modem back in
Guy B.: That's what I had to do with my modem and I got a Zip 250 drive to install and it says the same thing.
rich-c: on my old computer I took the modem and its software out, put it back in and it still wouldnt work
George: i have a viking rfm 56 KISPB
rich-c: it will still work just fine with the old 33.6K modem though
HLM: gotta do software first rich in some of the plug and play deals all are not recoginzied... I had a Zoom and that is what it wanted
rich-c: well, the old 166 is in the basement so its pretty much a dead issue
rich-c: if I need an extra computer now the laptop is more accessible and teh battery needs the work
George: i need a hospital computer
HLM: I should be shot.. I don't think I used my laptop but ONCE since the convention
Guy B.: My ever faithful dog Abby. Is asking me to take her out for a walk and it will be feeding time for her soon. So, I'll be going. I'll see you all on Wednesday night.
rich-c: see you Guy, glad you came by
HLM: bye Guy
rich-c: Herman, your battery WILL be shot, with that layoff
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George: bye GUY
rich-c: mine goes down to below 50% charge just sitting two weeks
HLM: I Know just ain't had a lot of time... I will have to start making time I guess
George: darn! i hit the wrong button
rich-c: if push comes to shove, plug it in and walk away
rich-c: it doesnt have to be in use to charge, just plugged in
HLM: that is just as bad I am told to leave it charging... can't win for loosing... I will probably start using it
rich-c: well, don't leave it on charge after it's topped up, just bring it back up
rich-c: lime, plug it in maybe an hour a week and that would likely do it
HLM: I think I will set it up in my living room upstairs and that way I will press a key every now and then. my basic systems are up, but we live down mostly
HLM: got a 2 family converted to a large one family
rich-c: that's what we need is a decent size house
George: i gather too many things
rich-c: but rebuilding the one we have to local size would cost 400-500K after tearing down the one we have now
HLM: at times this is too large... but we need space we are BOTH JUNK HUSTLERS, or KEEPERS whatever
rich-c: as you may have heard, we know teh feeling!
George: me too
HLM: why tear down just add on
rich-c: know anyone who can use about 30 defunct Exp. 3 add-on cases with motherboards?
HLM: 30 hell that is more than I seen in 20 years of ADAM not off hand rich...
George: i'm trying to get my landlord to add a furnace
rich-c: Frances won't go fpor a second floor, says we're too old to start climbing stairs
HLM: she is right Rich... I was origionally on 2nd floor, when my sister passed, I just took the whole house...
rich-c: can't see any use for the cases ever, wondering if any of teh chips might be worth salvaging
HLM: toss it by Dr D and a few others they could tell you in a heart beat
rich-c: tried on one of teh chats but folks got diverted - didnt make him prick up his ears, though
rich-c: BTW, Herman, Pam is visiting and says hi
HLM: just try direct email that way he will see it and address it one way or the other that is what I have learned to do. In chats a lot get lost he could of made a pop run at that time or anything
rich-c: George, what was CompUSA selling those LS120s for?
George: i had it for 3 years
rich-c: Oh OK, that explains the interface, then
George: i payed $99.00 US
rich-c: I could use something like that to transfer stuff to Frances' Amiga
HLM: I guess in my case also, I had my sony for about that time or longer, but it still works fine. the iomega's I refused to try
rich-c: right, I paid about the Canadian equivalent for mine
rich-c: I'm moving files to the Amiga now on CDs but there is something about the way Adaptec burns them that means some don't work
George: i'm looking for a second one
rich-c: my advice would be to forget it, George, you will never find discs for them
rich-c: maybe if you can prowl around the secondhand computer shops you might find somethihng
George: i want to use it for the disks i already have
George: has it
HLM: there is a new Shareware program out called CDdata extract that deals with that problem rich
rich-c: reaaly? I assume they're a remainder outfit
rich-c: got a URL for that, Herman?
HLM: I will look through some old email GK sent me the link awhile back I will hunt it up for you
rich-c: OK, just fire it to me in an email if you would, Herman
HLM: ok
rich-c: there is supposed to be an Amiga program that will help with it too
rich-c: it's rally wierd - the Amiga will read maybe 2/3 of teh directories, not the others
rich-c: in fact the Amiga will say "File is empty" yet I can show each item in DOS
HLM: getting better it is in your mailbox or soon will be rich
rich-c: much appreciated, Herman, I'll grab it when I get off chat
HLM: ok
George: try to burn a new one
rich-c: I do know there are two different formats Adaptec and Nero use
rich-c: and sometimes switching between them will allow some more files to be reqad, but still not all
HLM: I use Nero but I also use the Nero RW feature for a drive. I like it better than adaptec
rich-c: I dont have Nero but saw it once at Videoling where we go for teh Amiga meetings
rich-c: since I haven't teh slightest interest in XP or anything related to it, that isnt an issue for me
HLM: so the old don;'t support new drives and the new is crappy
rich-c: I guess that's why the shops tell me all the makers of CD writers are switching to Nero, then
rich-c: though it would not surprise me if excessive greed by Roxio was also a motive
HLM: basically yes I bought 2 lighton's and a sanyo and all had Nero in it
George: if i ever use XP it will be with win98 as dual boot
rich-c: don't know what it takes to set up X in a dual-boot environment - can System Commander handle it?
HLM: unless forced to I don't see using XP I love ME, and 2nd edition is the runner up for me.
HLM: GK tried it
rich-c: all my sources claim ME is a disaster, and 2000 isnt for the home user
HLM: was crappy finally he deleted XP and went with ME
HLM: wait no 2000 NT I thenk he is using
rich-c: everyone has their pets; I'm very happy with 98SE but know several people who like XP
HLM: we have full versions of all of them but I think he finally choose nt
HLM: I LOVE SE rich should of stayed with it
George: microsoft will tell you how to do it . they have webcasts to help you at they have an archive of their pasts webcasts
rich-c: with XP even with full versions you would have problems iwth the validation code on more than one machine
HLM: only if it is the home edition I am told the Pro or corporate edition which we got is no prob I just hate XP
rich-c: odd, I'd heard that the home editon cut a bit more slack than the Pro version
rich-c: anyway I am not about to ask Bill Gates' permission if I want to change the configuration on my machine
HLM: no the other way around I have the corporate edition and read the docs, and I have heard the complaints of the nome users
George: you can buy out of that
HLM: how much
rich-c: let's say, I think Gates has worked out a really effective way to sell folks on Lindows
George: 5 copies
HLM: SHIT that is more that the price of the Corporate
George: a 5 copy license buy you out of authentication
HLM: that is bad
rich-c: knowing Microsoft there will be traps in it - like having to buy a "maintenance subscription" or something
HLM: ok Rich buy 4 more copies of AL5 and we will allow you to configure it the way you sish... :)
George: tee hee
George: 5 copies is swat to me
rich-c: since I need one copy like I need a hole in the head, I dont think five is particularly attrractive
HLM: oh well he can get away with it
George: do you know how many machines i have win98 on?
rich-c: I wonder for how much longer - there's trouble brewing on both the Linux and Java fronts
HLM: He will give you a senior's discount
rich-c: probably, George, about six more than is legal ;-)
George: everything but the 386's and 8088's
rich-c: I gather that MS is offering big fat discounts to any OEMs who show any signs of trying Lindows
HLM: I will not lie.. I own totally 4 desktops and 2 lap tops and I PRAY nobody really waits til I buy 6 copies of any one software title
rich-c: buy software? you BUY software? hey, the best stuff is free!
George: i look for freebies too
HLM: some I do buy Rich... I kinda like some commercial but I DO USE a lot of share ware or pd stuff
rich-c: I have the biggest list of freeware sites in my bookmarks you ever did see
HLM: THAT I can believe Rich
rich-c: I find Fred Lnga is very good at highlighting really terrific PD programs
HLM: I am not familiar with him
George: i got a nvidia geforce 4 ti4200 video card
rich-c: just go to and subscribe to his free newsletter
HLM: OH Crap... gotta go... we have a newborn here now 7 days old, and wife is gone, and baby is starting to cry for something
rich-c: once you have had a chance to look at it for a few months, you will buy the Plus edition
HLM: will cstay connected and check back if still here
rich-c: OK Herman, terrific to have you by, hope you can make it Wed
HLM: will try bye 4 now bye George
George: bye Herman
rich-c: bye now
rich-c: anyway, George, looks like things are winding down a bit
rich-c: think we ought to pack it in?
George: i guess so
rich-c: OK, see you Saturday tehn - hope you'll have your boot problems beaten by then
George: see you Wed.
rich-c: sorry, see you Wednesday
rich-c: night now
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George: bye for now
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