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FredK: Hi Scott
scott: Hi, Fred.
scott: But the question is, who is the "real" Fred K?
FredK: Do you like Shakespear?
scott: YES.
FredK: My question was, who started the hackers guide, is it your father?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
scott: The Hacker's Guide? No. My father worked on ADAM Hard Drives, etc.
FredK: OIC
scott: Hacker's Guide was done by a father/son duo.
scott: The Blenkles, maybe.
FredK: Scott you father is%?
scott: I can't remember.
scott: Hello, Daniel
FredK: Salut Dan
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Scott!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Fred!
scott: My father, Mark, created the PowerMate Hard Drive and other hardware for the ADAM.
scott: Like the MIB2.
FredK: Amazing!
scott: Last thing he worked on was an ADAMNet hard drive that worked.
scott: But he was frustrated over writing the driver software, so he stopped.
scott: Dan - I haven't heard anything from Mike.
scott: I assume that the casings are being manufactured.
scott: But when -- anyone's guess.
scott: I would like them ASAP.
scott: I have tested your game on a cartridge board.
scott: It worked great!
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changed username to rich-c
FredK: Hi Rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich!
scott: Richie, my boy!
Daniel Bienvenu: scott : i tested it myself with a friend of mine
rich-c: tabervac! tout le monde est aussi pret!
scott: Really?
FredK: lol
scott: No es justo.
rich-c: Salut and greetings, gentlemen
Daniel Bienvenu: tabervac?
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe
rich-c: n
FredK: il est plutot poli
Daniel Bienvenu: je vois bien ca
FredK: :)
rich-c: here I though
Daniel Bienvenu: scott talked to me about the casing to build a few coleco game cartridges
rich-c: here I thought I'd be first and early
scott: Nooope.
rich-c: yes, Scott has a line on a supply, if I recall
FredK: being early is the fun of the 'game' i guess....
scott: We are waiting on Brasil.
Daniel Bienvenu: scott : if i understand well, mike is the one who purchase de casings?
rich-c: right, Fred - did you get my email and was it any use?
scott: Eduardo Mello of Brazil, that is.
scott: Mike and I will buy the casings jointly.
FredK: rich, your e-mail was super!!
scott: But Eduardo is initially putting up the money for the mold.
scott: So... we're still waiting...
rich-c: if it clarified your problems, I am very happy
FredK: later on I will ask for assistance when the others get on about my main problem
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FredK: clarified some questions
scott: It's a little frustrating...
changed username to WB
FredK: not my main problem though...
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rich-c: hi Willie - two in a row!
changed username to DougS
WB: Hello all!
FredK: Hi!
rich-c: welcome, Roberto
Daniel Bienvenu: Will Berdan?
rich-c: nope, Burnside
WB: No, Willie Burnside
Daniel Bienvenu: ok!
Daniel Bienvenu: a friend of mine is named will berdan .. but he wants to be called willie!
Daniel Bienvenu: Willie Burnside... nice to meet you
WB: Willie is the name my parents gave me. I am named after Dad.
rich-c: there's a football player called Willie Burden, I believe - similar pronunciation perhaps
scott: Raiders vs. Eagles in the Super Bowl?
scott: Or Raiders vs. Tampa Bay?
rich-c: uh - what cities are those teams in these days? I never can keep track
scott: Philadelphia vs. Oakland
WB: Eagles are Phildelphia
scott: or Tampa Bay vs. Oakland.
rich-c: OK, I think I can figure out whre Tampa Bay hangs out ;-)
scott: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
scott: Philadelphia Eagles
scott: Tennessee Titans
scott: Oakland Raiders
scott: That's who's left
rich-c: Toronto ARgonauts? Montreal Alouettes?
WB: Different league
FredK: Grey cup won!Ó
rich-c: yes, teh original football, before the Yanks borrowed it and messed it up ;-)
scott: What?!
WB: rugby
scott: American football originated in Canada?
rich-c: did you know US football actually grew out of the Canadian game, when Harvard came up to play McGill in the late 1800s?
scott: Ok, rugby.
scott: Basketball originated in Canada.
scott: Or should I say, a Canadian thought up basketball.
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rich-c: rugby was an English import, football was a Canadian outgrowth from it that the Ivy League picked up
changed username to George
FredK: Hi Ge
rich-c: welcome, George
FredK: orge
WB: Hello
George: Hi Everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: allo9
rich-c: yes, I believe Naismith was resident in teh US when he developed basketball
George: don't ask me
rich-c: on the other hand, Bell invented teh telephone before he moved south of teh border
rich-c: now if only someone will invent a keyboard that can spell
scott: Damn those Americans, always stealing others inventions!!! :)
scott: But the Coleco ADAM was made in the USA
scott: Well, partly.
WB: no! no! We are like the Japanese we borrow and improve!
rich-c: well, it was likely almost totally designed in the USA
Daniel Bienvenu: this dicisussion reminds me a question i asked to my friends : "name an american game system"...
scott: Got some help from JVC of Singapore on the Digital Data Drives.
George: does a 80gb. harddrive translate to 75 binary gb.?
rich-c: there is always some "overhead" on teh drive that isn't usable for data, George, but 5 gig seems a shade rich
rich-c: I believe my 40 gig shows free space of 39 and change
scott: So, Dan. Once we have the casings, how do you want to go about manufacturing your game?
DougS: actually i have a 40gb in my laptop and it shows up as 37.2gb in xp.
Daniel Bienvenu: this is a good question... any suggestion?
George: i'm doing some disk swapping and low-level formats and rearranging
scott: I can manufacture the cartridges and we can sell them through Good Deal Games, if you'd like.
scott: Or you can sell them through your own contacts, if you'd like.
rich-c: you and Daniel going to work out a royalty deal, Scott?
Daniel Bienvenu: "we can sell" ... who is we?
scott: Right, YOU can sell your game through Good Deal Games.
Daniel Bienvenu: Me? how?
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changed username to BobS
scott: Well, you and I can talk to Mike at Good Deal Games.
FredK: Hi Bob!
BobS: hi ALL
rich-c: ah hi Bob, welcome
scott: I know that he's already interested in selling a few copies through his site.
BobS: Doug........."bad" network cable at Tulip City
BobS: switched thema nd they seemded to work OK
WB: Hello Bob!
BobS: think I got "pulled"
scott: I can tell Mike that I can do the manufacturing
BobS: YOU Wille.........SHOOT, was to have figured postage foryou on NIAD nl's huh...........
scott: And you can negotiate royalties with him.
scott: Hey, Bob S.
BobS: hye Scott !!!!
BobS: farn dingers
BobS: BRB, gotta check postage for Willie
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: Doug, is XP's demand for space an absolute number or a percentage of the disc?
WB: I will await you e-mail BobS!
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott : What gooddealgames is planning? do a web page to sell the carts?
DougS: demand is based on what features are installed as part of xp.
rich-c: really? that's different from DOS and earlier Windows then, I'd gather
rich-c: that means then that you must choose your options when actually doing the original format of the disc?
scott: Mike is a professional animator, he will probably put the advertising together for you.
scott: He does this usually for free.
DougS: you looking at xp home or xp pro rich?
scott: Because he wants more people to release software for classic gaming systems.
rich-c: neither, I am not a fan of Bill Gates
DougS: no, you can add features on the fly.
scott: I'm a fan of Bill Gates.
BobS: Willie, can't find the darn things cept for the set I have of my own.......thinking back, I might have already given them away
BobS: will look some more for them though..................
DougS: from MS page: 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available hard disk space*
rich-c: I'm puzzled by the large amount of space consumed by the fixed part of XP
DougS: * Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features you choose to install. Additional available hard disk space may be required if you are installing over a network.
rich-c: like, you said you've lost 2.5 gig on your laptop after formatting, right?
DougS: that has nothing to do with windows xp.
George: i'm splitting my disk into 2
DougS: that has to do with the conversion between 40gb in base 10 to base 2 calculation.
FredK: thats a hard habbit to break
rich-c: I remeber when the biggest disc DOS would support was 512K they made them 540K because DOS could use teh rest for formatting management or something
scott: Dan, go to
scott: And e-mail Mike.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! i will look at gooddealgame web page right now
scott: Go to the "Publishing" section.
rich-c: you'e saying, then, that it's like the 1,000 vs. 1,024 conversion in 1K?
Daniel Bienvenu: ColecoVision section...
scott: Yes.
rich-c: so in base 2 40 million would be about 37.5K?
DougS: yes rich. all the hard drive manufacturers sell their drives referencing their size (unformatted) in base 10.
rich-c: George, I hope you caught this exchange!
DougS: 40,000,000,000 bytes (or HD manufacturer's 40gb) = 37.252902984619140625gb when DOS/Windows/Linux references it in base 2 representation.
scott: Dan, sorry, but I gotta go.
Daniel Bienvenu: me too!
scott: Gotta spend some time with the woman.
Daniel Bienvenu: BRB! .. in a few minutes
rich-c: Doug, I referred to when the HD limit was 512M. Then it went to about 2.1 G and later to 8.4G, then later to a very high number - is that right?
scott: E-mail me later.
scott left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! i e-mail you later
DougS: limit was actually around 528mb or so. it had to do with the maximum head/cylinder/sector translation supported by the bios.
DougS: then they hit the 2gb barrier which is a function of FAT-16 partitions.
rich-c: right, then they found a way to fake it
rich-c: FAT16 can't be used over 2.1 gig?
DougS: they got around the 2gb barrier per partition by windows 95/98/etc supporting FAT-32
DougS: the only OS that supports FAT-16 about 2gb is NT based.
rich-c: OK, and 98SE allows only FAT32, is that right?
DougS: no. win95rev0, win95revA only support FAT-16
DougS: win95revB, win95revC, win98, win98SE support both FAT-16 and FAT-32
WB: I am leaving for home. Goodnight to you all! Sleep tight!
rich-c: night Willie, come back soon
WB left chat session
rich-c: that means my 166MMX laptop running 98SE can support an external 8 gig hard disc, then
DougS: it can probably support an external 40gb drive if you wanted to spend the cash.
rich-c: I am looking at getting an 8 gig hard disc on a PCMCIA interface
DougS: no usb in the laptop?
George: my at&t will only support 6.4 gb. with win98
FredK: Does anybody know if Smartbasic on emulator can use my Compaq's RAM for a program I am making?
rich-c: no native USB, Doug, though I have a PCMCIA card with two USB 2.0 ports
DougS: well, time to go. major problem at work. guess i need to head back in. all the timeclocks and door entries are dead.
rich-c: have fun solving that, Doug! See you next week, then
FredK: Bye Doug
George: using ezbios i overcame the the 6.4 limit
George: nite Doug
rich-c: yes, limitations in the BIOS are another issue, and a pain
rich-c: Bob, can you clarify things for Fred? he needs an answer on teh emulator
George: win98 has a 64gb. limit
FredK: Bob, you still there?
BobS: as far as I understand Rich....ANd Fred......the emulator only uses or emulates like a 256k ramdisk area........
BobS: YO
DougS: dad, which cable was bad where?
rich-c: but the emulation is the same as on the Adam itself - there is a severe limit on what you can use the expanded memory for
BobS: cable to "new" cpu........switched OuAnn's \old cpu cable into it and it popped right up, then put the "bad" cable in LuAnn's and it works too
George: to get past this microsoft has a fix for fdisk on their website Q263044
BobS: left Judy anote.......get a cable IF you have troubles later
DougS: cable to "new" cpu set up where?
BobS: must have got jerked a little and not making good contact
BobS: patch cable from router..........
DougS: setup on the floor or in luann's office?
BobS: couldn't vconnect to F:///////
BobS: got them both out on the floor tonight cept for the Canon printer
BobS: mayb e problem they had w/ check program too
DougS: ok. will talk to you later. need to fix timeclocks at work before i hear about it all day tomorrow cause they don't work.
BobS: ok
DougS left chat session
BobS: crowd gewtting low here
George: ARGH! I missed my lingo
rich-c: Bob, Fredis having problems in BASIC with "out of buffers" error, I believe
BobS: I'm lost.........
rich-c: yes, but the 10 o'clockers haven't shown up yet
FredK: yes 'no more buffers available'
BobS: this is on the emulator no???????
FredK: no
BobS: on the ADAM ??????
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FredK: yes
changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> changed username to Ron
FredK: that is why I am asking if the Basic on emulator uses Compaq RAM?Ó
rich-c: like, there's Ron now
George: Hi Ron
Ron: speak of the devil
BobS: I have no exprerience with BASIC cept for trying and failing to redo some programs
rich-c: hi Ron, how's the construction of the Ark coming?
BobS: HIYA ron
FredK: Hi Ron
BobS: Fred needs ya ron
Ron: The Ark?
Ron: Hi Fred
FredK: Hi Ron
rich-c: figured you'd be needing one about now, Ron
rich-c: at least judging by the weather reports we're hearing here
Ron: not yet
Ron: Do you know something I don't
Ron: ??
George: i'm poping in and out
rich-c: seems every time I look at the map, there's another storm coming in on the coast, Ron
Ron: hasn't been too bad here
Ron: oh that
Ron: yes, but right at the moment, I guess we're in the calm before the storm
BobS: most of the weather is south of you isn't Ron??????
rich-c: we are under a huge northern high - very cold but clear and sunny
Ron: In which case it's blowin'
Ron: the hell out of Zonker
Ron: We will get it
Ron: only a matter of time
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George: remove all partitions
changed username to james
FredK: Hey James!
james: hello
rich-c: good morning james
james: been awhile
Ron: James - Hi!
james: hi ron
George: Hi James
rich-c: yes, we have missed you
james: i was in canada for a bit, then recovering from jetlag and last week i was sick
Ron: not good
rich-c: right - forgot about your trip
james: i'm not even feeling all that great today
Ron: Drink hot rums until you can't see the end of the bed
rich-c: jetlag can get to you and your adjustment would be extreme
BobS: Hi James
james: some nasty bugs going around here
james: hi bobs, hi george
james: hi fred
rich-c: Ron, any nibbles on the Amiga parts?
rich-c: remember Jack Pines got the working ones; the package arrived today
james: anyone know if dr. d will be on today?
rich-c: he's unpredictable, james, but usually if he's coming he's on by now - but not always
rich-c: since he has to get up around 6 a/m/ his proper bedtime is about 10
Ron: haven't had a chance to talk to my guy yet Rich.
Ron: will do so shortly
George: we had major scene here today
FredK: Ron, can you help with a Basic problem...
rich-c: OK no big deal but if there is no interest I want to trash them
Ron: depends on the problem Fred
FredK: 'no more buffers available'
FredK: is the error message on my Adam
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changed username to Pamela
james: does anyone know if he's seen the latest trek movie?
james: hi pam
rich-c: hello daughter, you're late
BobS: hiya Pam
Pamela: Hi, I know I'm late, I'm sorry
rich-c: West Wing really good tonight?
George: Hi Pam
FredK: Can the BAsic in emulator use my Compaqs RAM ?
Pamela: yes it was
Pamela: has who seen the latest trek movie, James?
james: dr. d
Pamela: yes he has
Ron: Ok what program are you running Fred?
james: was he as upset as i am?
FredK: Smartbasic
FredK: a program i made
Pamela: dunno, we haven't had a chance to discuss it. Why are you upset (remembering that Ihaven't seen it yet)?
Ron: no, but is this a SmartBasic program you've written yourself, or one written by somebody else?
rich-c: I do know that Rich was very unhappy with Star Wars II
FredK: written myself
james: at pam - if you haven't seen it, i can't discuss it
Pamela: well, that's no fun : )
FredK: and this error is stopping me no way to continue'no more buffers available'
Ron: Ok then, I'd have to see the listing. That particular error message can come from a variety of causes, including a bug in SmartBasic itself
Pamela: hopefully by the next couple of weeks I'll have something to discuss
james: ok
rich-c: how many buffers will SB support, Ron?
Pamela: so where is everyone tonite? Short list of attendees
Ron: There's a fix that Solomon Swift devised way back that fixes most occurences, but it depends on what you're trying to do when it happens
rich-c: Scott, Willie and Doug had to leave - and Daniel
Ron: I have no idea, but I know that the Christmas Card program will produce that message if I don't run the FixBsave program before running the
FredK: Ron, trying to simply continue enterring printable information, the least action....
Ron: Card program
Pamela: no Erin, Judy or Jillian? What about Meeka?
Ron: Sec... gotta go get my book
rich-c: so far this is definitely NOT ladies night
rich-c: but then Guy hasnt shown up wither
Pamela: James, how's the family?
james: sorry to disappoint, pam ;)
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changed username to Guy B.
james: everyone's been fighting off nasty bugs
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: it's not a disappoint, just a surprise
rich-c: just wondering whre you were, Guy
Pamela: speaking of whom . . .
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Pamela: oh dear, James - is it a version of Norwalk?
FredK: Hi Guy
rich-c: we're trying to figure out why Fred is gettin a "no more Buffers" error in SB on his Adam
BobS: hiya Guy
Guy B.: Watched The Bachelorette tonight
BobS: judy is coming
Pamela: why?
james: no, but i had a fever of 39.3 for two days and just wasn't feeling pleasant. i still haven't shaken the cough and last night my stomach wasn't so great
FredK: Ron, aside of this, do you know if Basic can use my Compaq'a RAM?
Guy B.: Does he have more that one file opened?
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FredK: nope
FredK: just running one program
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Ron
james: there ya go, pam
Pamela: I mean, why the Bachelorette, not why is Judy coming. Hi Judy!
rich-c: hello Judy, Pam was getting lonesome
Judy: hi, everyone
FredK: Hi
Pamela: I'm glad you're here Judy, the testosterone was getting thick
Judy: James are heard you have been sick,too
FredK: I feel like Tim the tool man
james: yes
Guy B.: This time the girl chooses the guys. Trista Rehn is The Bachelorette. Tonight she picked 8 guys out of 15.
FredK: HP!
rich-c: just because wee were talking about programminging, daughter, an on an Adam in SmartBASIC at that....
Judy: I was sick too, but no fever
james: i was burning up
Guy B.: Fred, what version of Smartbasic are you running?
FredK: original
Pamela: so far, (knock lots of wood) I have managed to avoid whatever is going around
james: had to cancel my classes last thursday and friday. i hardly ever cancel classes.
FredK: 1,0 i think
Pamela: that wasn't it DAd, just a plethora of men around.
rich-c: what's the peek for teh revision number, Ron? I've forgotten
Judy: it is awful, got sick Sunday morning and am just getting back in the swing of things
Guy B.: I figured 1.0. What was the address to find out what revision he has?
Pamela: what got you Judy?
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: thanks Guy
Judy: flu, both ends at the same time,yuk
Guy B.: That's the cold one.
Pamela: oooh, that sounds like Norwalk.
Pamela: nothing worse than warm Coke
Judy: and a sinus infection, got that first
james: was just reading that if you have the flu, there's no vomiting involved
Judy: really, what is it than
Pamela: yuck, Judy
Guy B.: Boy, next week I'm starting overtime. Got socked with semi annual reports today.
George: Hi Guy,Judy
james: the flu is apparently strictly a respiratory infection
Guy B.: Hi George
Judy: hi, George
james: but there are a plethora of other virii that can make you feel horrible
Pamela: I hope you get paid for all this o/t, Guy
George: i was away
Guy B.: Yep, I do. Even might go in this Saturday.
rich-c: it's OK George, just our virus victims discussing symptoms
Pamela: Don't do it, man - save your weekends!
Judy: I would rather not vomit, ever
james: me too
Pamela: I'm with you Judy
Guy B.: Got those holiday bills to pay off.
Pamela: altho I must admit that sometimes it makes you feel better
FredK: Ron, you back?
George: we all do
Pamela: please do not mention bills, Guy - mine are listening
rich-c: I think he still has his nose in the book, Fred
Judy: not this time, spent the day in bed, missed Ryan's birthday party
rich-c: oh, that's a bummer, Judy
Guy B.: It's bad enough that the Super K-Mart right across the street from me is going to close. K-Mart is closing 6 stores here in Chicago.
Pamela: that's too bad Judy. How are things going for him and Mandy?
BobS: ANd a bunch more in Detroit area....but no more here
Judy: was supposed to be here, but nobody wanted to come they went to Sherri's without me
rich-c: hear the total is in the high 300s - over 35000 people out of work
Guy B.: 326 are closing and 37000 Rich.
BobS: but only got 1 K mart in south GR and one in Holland 40 miles west
Judy: a little bit better, the tension is down around here, it really a lot better
rich-c: well, out there in teh sticks, Bob, what do you expect?
Pamela: how much farther west can you go without being either in the river or in WI?
BobS: not much bout a mile or two to the beaches
BobS: on Lake Michigan
Guy B.: The closing sales will probably start on the 29th and go to about March. There is one Big K-Mart close to me and would you believe it's in the same area as Wal-Mart!
rich-c: sure - that is why it's closing
Pamela: you took the words out of my mouth, Dad
rich-c: now if you're lucky Target will come in and take over their lease
Pamela: We don't have K-Mart here any more, Guy - they were bought out by Zellers
Judy: our K-mart is just standing empty
Pamela: they went belly up in Canada about three years ago
rich-c: actually, Pam, most of their stores wre picked up by Wal-Mart; Zellers got some of the others
Judy: the radio said they would be done here by the end of the year
Guy B.: My Super K-Mart is in Broadview and it opened up 9 years ago along with Target, Home Depot and PetsMart. But, the store is not doing so well. Especially with Target in the same shopping center.
Pamela: no Dad, Zellers got them - Walmart got Woolco
james: zellers is a subsidiary of the bay, isn't it?
Pamela: yes it is James - division of HBC Inc.
rich-c: Wal-Mart didnt necessarily pick the best, either; the one they passed up in East York is making a mint for Zellers
james: that's what i thought
Ron: back.
Ron: unfortunately I'm unable to find the answer
FredK: Million tks fr trying Ron!
Guy B.: Wal-Mart is thinking about opening a Wal-Mart super center here in Chicago. They haven't decided where yet.
Ron: will keep looking - what's your e-mail?
rich-c: Ron, Fred is really asking if in the emulator the available memory becomes whatever teh host computer has
BobS: told him I thought it was limited to like 256k or so
Pamela: I wish they'd start opening SuperCentres here - they usually have good quality groceries
Ron: not even that, so far as I know. It's 64k only
Pamela: I know they're planning to , but not here in the GTA - somewhere out west I think
Ron: unless there's something in the emulator docs- an adjustment
james: there's a big wal-mart in barrhaven, where my parents live (southwest ottawa)
rich-c: the only time we bought groceries in a WalMart the food was so bad we have never bought there again
Pamela: was that in the US DAd?
Ron: We have a Mal Wart in Courtenay even
FredK: Bob, do you think there is an adjustment
rich-c: yes, it was down near Cape Canaveral
Pamela: well, try a Cdn one - you should have a much better experience
BobS: don't know Fred
FredK: ok, tks
BobS: Marcek would know if anyone
rich-c: it would depend on how the emulator was written - I know Mark Gordon at one point had 2 meg of memory in his centre clot
Pamela: I must admit that some of the US grocery stores I've been in seem to have strange layouts
rich-c: it was two stacks of 4 256K modules each
rich-c: said it got so hot he could fry his morning bacon over it
George: that's because we are nuts
Ron: Fred, how long is your BASIC program?
Pamela: well that goes without saying, George! : )
FredK: about 12 was 14 at one point.
rich-c: my expereience has been no US store we have been in can compete with what we have here in price or quality
Ron: ok..... so much for that theory
George: put a bed with the dairy
Ron: are you adjusting :himem or :lomem anywhere?
FredK: nope
Ron: ok. Are you reading DATA from the program?
rich-c: have you set up any arrays, Fred?
Ron: into an array?
Pamela: are you talking fresh or dry goods Dad?
FredK: yes
rich-c: Ron, I think you're on the track
Ron: how much - like how many data lines are there?
Pamela: Judy, what was the grocery store we were in in GR?
FredK: BRB
rich-c: Pam, we are better on fresh, on dry they have more but its the same goods usually
Judy: Forest Hills Foods
Pamela: I liked that one. It's not a chain, is it?
rich-c: the inteesting part is that allowing for exchange our prices are lower
Judy: that is the store I always shop in
Judy: not really
Pamela: not like A&P or Safeway or such
BobS: no
james: i still think the canadian dollar is undervalued
Pamela: maybe that's why I liked it so much - it's an independent, more or less
rich-c: not even as big as Meijer
George: now I need a 2000Ghz. computer
Judy: no, they advertise with two other stores
BobS: nope.......localized conglomerate of maybe 6 different stores
Judy: so they have some connection
rich-c: why so fast, George?
Pamela: maybe I liked it because it was layed out more like a Canadian grocery store - more logical
Ron: because it's there
George: to get the job done today
BobS: George, ti would just crash faster !!!!!!
Judy: yes, that is why I like to shop there and they have some good deals
rich-c: I am sure any job you're likely to undertake wouldn't overtax a 1 gig computer, George
Judy: like a free cake for your birthday, flowers now and than for free
Ron: I can't even overtax a Z80
Pamela: they were really well stocked, Judy. I have trouble finding some American products at the bigger stores
George: it does it really does
Pamela: such as Cherry 7-Up
Judy: there are a few things that they don't have but if you ask for them they usually get them
rich-c: George, home users just don't demand that much of computers
Ron: well, I do wish they would learn to dust themselves
George: i really do
FredK: Ron, Print out I have is not exactly accurate but DATA is only used in 1menu with 3options only.
Pamela: like so many other things, you can only get it in the States
rich-c: not that you can't mess them up, not that they cant mess themselves up
Ron: ok... are you reading from disk or data pack file anywhere?
Judy: there are good reasons to live here
rich-c: I got an alarm yesterday that I was down to 17 meg of memory - but when I used the auto-adjuest, it jumped back to 100
Pamela: the clothes are a big one
FredK: Back up is on both
FredK: mainly disk
FredK: I use
Pamela: we are down to two chains that carry plus size clothing, aside from places like Walmart and Zellers
Ron: But within the program do you open /read/write to any files on media at at all?
George: 30gb of data
Judy: not cool
Pamela: I'm just waiting for CJ Banks and Lane Bryant to expand into Canada
Ron: We have a Premier and 3 Catamaran ferries available for sale to the highest bidder
FredK: No, only my opening graphics program inside would have a command to open my initial program by itself but....
Pamela: actually, I take that back - there are four chains, but two of them carry really high-priced stuff and designer stuff
rich-c: ok George, 29,9 gigs of MP3s and what's the rest?
FredK: I am not using it
Pamela: Love it, but can't afford it
Judy: I like the Chistifer Banks, got a few things there for Christmas
George: soon to be 600 gb. of data
Pamela: oh, and I found an Elizabeth (Liz Claiborne woman) store too - now that was heaven
FredK: basically i just open and run
Ron: ok..... then you're not doing anything that should fill up buffers. According to what I just read here, there are two buffers
rich-c: rumour has it, Ron, you may be out of premiers any minute now
Pamela: dangerous though
Judy: they have great sales here in those stores
Ron: area in memory for storing data from a tape or disk
Pamela: I know - I found the black shorts I was looking for at the Elizabeth store. Here, they would have been $60.00. There, I got them for $20.00
Judy: you can get a sweater for 20 dollars or less,
rich-c: you dont have storage capacity for 600 gig of data, George
Ron: Only think I can figure is that somehow you're over writing some critical data in higher memory with your program. Given what you've told me, I'm not sure
Ron: what.
Ron: What is the purpose of your program?
George: next year i will
Pamela: even with the exchange, I got "such a deal"
rich-c: why, are you planning to invest in a DVD burner?
FredK: Its a challange I gave myself, its related to my work, and so far is very sucessfull
FredK: just I cant continue anymore that is frustrating to say the least
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: tha what lomem and himem are all about ron ???????
rich-c: why don't you email Ron a printout of the program and maybe he can see where the problem is, Fred?
changed username to Daniel B
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: Hello again!
Pamela: you're back, Daniel - hi!
Daniel B: hello Pam!
Pamela: how are you?
Ron: Well, lomem sets a value below which the user's program cannot go, and is normally set at 27414.
Daniel B: rich .. check your capslock
Daniel B: i'm fine!
FredK: rich-c your right, Ron did ask
Ron: Himem sets a value above which the users program cannot go, and is usually around 49000... give or take
rich-c: I did Daniel; every once in a while my finger strays
FredK: Ron
BobS: thsoe munbers being ?????????
Pamela: don't let him kid you Daniel, normally he's an excellent typist
BobS: line numbers ????
Ron: So if the users program is between those two programs, it won't hit anything critical
BobS: numbers.......
rich-c: memory addresses in SB, Bob
FredK: I would love to know how to efficiently write into memory
Ron: no, these are actual memory addresses: in otherwords, ADAM's EOS needs all memory between 0 and 27414 for it's own purposes, and all the memory
Pamela: the next time I come to see you Judy, I'm bringing a trunkload of cash to spend on clothes
Daniel B: i think everyone here know about "mickey.rom"
Ron: from 49000 or 50000 to 65535 for the operating system
BobS: ahso
Judy: come any time, I love to shop
Ron: if your program uses any of these areas for data it will kill something
Pamela: gee, I didn't know that : )
BobS: I remember some trick to reset the lomem a little lower to get programs to work
FredK: Ron, you got my address noted?
Pamela: the three of us can go out and have a blast - no men allowed
Judy: when Mandy was little she told me it was my job
Ron: for example....with the Christmas card if I try to load a song file longer that about 6k, I overwrite above 49000, and I get a crash
Pamela: smart girl!
rich-c: videotron finally came through for you, did they, fred?
Daniel B: "mickey.rom" : Show Mickey Mouse on screen.. by using a flickering effect so the color palette seems to be more than 16 colors.
Ron: the Christmas card program reads the song and pic files into memory and then reads them from there
Judy: sounds like a plan!!!!
FredK: Yes, Sylvie so gratiously took care of that...
Pamela: now, all I need is the trunkload of cash.
George: back to windows setup
Judy: that could be the problem
Pamela: just a minor one
Ron: Bob, the trick you're probably thinking of is a poke to upper memory to allow users to play about up there and fix bugs
Daniel B: I dreamed last night about this "new screen mode" and i've got an idea...
Judy: just rob a bank or something
rich-c: that's if they'll let you across the border at all, Pam
Pamela: I keep trying to appease the lottery gods, but so far no luck
FredK: Ron, can I have yours as to e-mail you my list?
Pamela: are you kidding Dad? the border guards love us!
Ron: think it's poke 16449,255 and 16450, 255
Ron: yup
Pamela: problem with that Judy, it's hard to shop from a jail cell
George: powerball is 47 M.
Pamela: doesn't help me across the border George
Daniel B: ... i think i will send you a rom file... trying to explain is not a good idea....
Pamela: but if you want to win and share, I'm all for that plan
rich-c: yeah, today all teh lotteries are at minimum - had winners last week
Judy: that could b e a problem
Pamela: and none of them were us
George: i'll give you some if I win
Ron: I did not win
Ron: Gordon Campbell did not win
Pamela: thank you - all I need is enough to pay my bills and do some clothes shopping
BobS: I WON'T win so I don't play
rich-c: no, and took a few drinks too many to console himself
Daniel B: it was very cold today!
BobS: I figure when I get hit by lightning I can start playing
Ron: :)
Judy: I could never win, don't want to throw money away
FredK: Ron, I will do a print of the most recent one, then scan it at the office and will e-mail you after, this may take some time...
Pamela: problem is, I keep using up all my luck on company Christmas parties
Ron: super Fred. I'll try it here and see what it does
FredK: Thank Ron, everybody, have a great night
Ron: be well Fred - gnite
rich-c: OK Fred, gather you're going, see you Sat or next week
Judy: night Fred
BobS: nite Frd
FredK: Goodnite
Pamela: oh Dad - while I think of it (don't ask about how that train of thought got derailed) can you give me the name of your computer guy, the one who built your computer?
FredK left chat session
Daniel B: I'm not lucky... i never win a lottery.... except one day... 10$
Pamela: nite, Fred
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Pamela: one thing about lotteries - if you never play, you will never win
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run myself. I probably will not make it for Saturday if I go into work. Otherwise 9PM next week. Bye
Pamela: g'nite Guy
rich-c: bye Guy, c u whenever
Judy: very true, but you are not losing either
Daniel B: what is the meaning of these words : "kudos to you" ?
rich-c: congratulations, Daniel
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: it means congratulations and honours, Daniel
Daniel B: ok! yeah! that's explain
Daniel B: the e-mails i received after the mickey.rom
Daniel B: screen demo
rich-c: guess someone thought they were pretty neat
Pamela: the way I see lotteries Judy is this: even if I never win, the money is going to a good cause. the Ontario Lottery Corporation is a big supporter of all kinds of charities
Pamela: and, unlike some people I know, I never spend more than a buck or two on them in a month
George: now lets see, what did i name this computer?
Judy: here it was supposed to go to the schools but they take it for everything and complain that the schools are losing out
Daniel B: which computer?
Judy: so we just don't play
George: the one i'm on now
Pamela: is that the big ones like Powerball as well?
Judy: I don't know for sure
Daniel B: you are on a new computer?
George: no
Daniel B: sorry but i miss all the discussion...
George: just forgot the name
Ron: Think I'll become a Luddite
Pamela: time was, there was only one lottery in town - Lottario. Everyone thought that the prizes for it were large at $100K or so. Then along came Lotto 6/49 and Super 7, and now we're used to seeing jackpots of $10, $15 or $20 million
Daniel B: ?
rich-c: OK Ron, just log on to
Ron: I name the dustballs in this room, but not the computers
rich-c: you will find exactly what you want there
Ron: hmm...
Pamela: but you're supposed to name live things Ron
Pamela: what's a Luddite?
rich-c: you know, like your car
BobS: WHO'S a luddite
rich-c: a follower of General Ludd
Pamela: not you, obviously
rich-c: for more, you go to too, Pam
BobS: happy "ludding"
Pamela: thanks Dad, that was illuminating
rich-c: the website is very illuminatijng, that's why I'm pushing you
Ron: are there 2 '
Pamela: Dad, this is not junior high. Can't you just answer the question?
Ron: d's or 1 in Luddite?
Ron: I'm getting "specified server could not be found"
rich-c: Daniel, George has bought a new computer recently, but is reformatting it so is on an old one tonight
rich-c: two d's - i'll check
Pamela: Dad, did you get or miss my request for the name of your computer guy?
Daniel B: ok... but what is luddite?
Pamela: thank you Daniel!
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: a person who distrusts machinery
Ron: I am such a person
changed username to rich-c
Ron: brb
Pamela: Dad, you're twins
rich-c: I went to check out luddite and had a problem
Pamela: shall we oust one of you?
rich-c: Pam, it's KV Computers, but we should discuss it first
BobS: si........double your fun !!!!!!
Pamela: why?
rich-c: no, leave the duplication, I don't want to get inadvertantly bounced
rich-c: because they are not always the best choice - depends on what you want to do
Daniel B: ok.. you win... i'm lost!
Pamela: new CD ROM, upgrade RAM and video card
rich-c: the right place to buy a computer depends on who is buying and for what purpose
Pamela: oh, and btw thanks for the lesson, I found my USB ports - I have two
Pamela: I'm not buying, just upgrading some parts
BobS: and you are going to get these parts for free??????
rich-c: in that case, hold on - BRB
Pamela: ok
Pamela: I wish, Bob
BobS: got to "buy" parts to get them hon
Daniel B: BTW ... just a word to say i tried a new image with the "screen effect" and I think i've a good idea of title screen for a new coleco game
Pamela: yeah, but it's a lot cheaper to replace some parts than buy a whole new computer
BobS: cool Daniel
Pamela: gotta replace our CDROM, it's making some verrrry strange sounds
BobS: IF you can get a good outfit to work onit for a reasonable price compareed to new
rich-c: call KV, talk to Derek - 253-9594 - and get him to quote
Daniel B: want a clue?
rich-c: if Simon answers, he's the tech who will actually do the work and can maybe quote you
Pamela: hang on, no one move - I gotta get a pencil
George: we had a highrise rampage
rich-c: tell them your father sent you
Ron: back
BobS: front
rich-c: what happened, George?
BobS: Oh sorry ron. that meant somethin eh?????
Ron: we won't talk about middle
Ron: that's the final frontier
BobS: got AC date nailed down yet?????????
rich-c: Pam, if you dont have one and need to upgrade, consider a CD burner
Ron: Bob, at the moment I'm waiting to hear from 2 hotels. One of the weekends I had my eye on,
BobS: good man
BobS: call them again
Pamela: okay, got it 0- you may recommence communicating
Ron: (last one of July) it turns out CFB Comox is having an Airshow. Means there won't be any rooms in the entire valley
BobS: opps
BobS: oops
Ron: should have thought of that earlier. The airshow is on Sunday Jul 27
George: a man threw the contents of his apartment out of the 25th floor and set the highrise on fire
Pamela: nice neighbours you have there George
rich-c: hey, that sounds pretty exciting, George
Ron: so - the alternate was Auugst 8 - 11
Pamela: that would be a better date for me Ron
BobS: we'uns is free.....or at least cheap ron
Daniel B: what was the biggest step the mankind have done? .. go in Space? the title screen will show the Earth (a part of) ... i used a real picture of the earth.
rich-c: may be a bit sticky for Dr. D., though
Ron: Don't want to say anything yet that people will use to make airline reservations on - but hopefully by this time next week, it'll all be published
George: he fell 23 floors to his death
Pamela: like I said, nice neighbourhood
BobS: what a guy !!!!!!
BobS: Organization Central.........
George: over a girl
Pamela: what's your weather like at that time of year Ron?
rich-c: usually when they do that here they are trying to cover up a murder
Ron: Hope to hear back from 5 hotels this week. 3 here in the valley and 2 in Victoria - will have a better idea when that info is in
BobS: women, the source of all trobles.......
Pamela: I resemble that remark, Bob
BobS: :-)
Ron: Pam, it could be anything between 15 deg C. and 30 deg C. Last year it was hot and sunny
Ron: But the weekend prior was the pits
(BobS gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: of course, if you ask a woman . . . : )
Pamela: thank you
Daniel B: ... any reaction about my title screen idea ? ...
BobS: and as I recall for AC11, it was cold and damp in July.........
Ron: I dunno Bob.. You do this kind of thing far better than I do
Judy: he better be carefull
BobS: froze our buns waiting to cross to Victoria
Ron: Yup. could be either one, only colder and damper
BobS: you are doing good my man
rich-c: I think most of us just take game title screens as they come, Daniel
BobS: eat the elephant one bite ata time
Ron: have a website prepared.... just waiting for some firm info to put on it
Judy: doesn't matter the convention is inside anyway
Pamela: Ron, wouldn't that be August 7th to 10th?
rich-c: which doesnt mean that an outstanding one wont be appreciated because outstanding ones are rally rare
Daniel B: hey! it's very cold here too!
Ron: You're right Aug 7 to 10
Pamela: ty
Judy: would be nice if the weather is nice for site-seeing but you can't plan on the weather
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: we're at about - you are?
Ron: Usually, August is better than July, but in these parts....ya never know
changed username to NEWCOLECO
BobS: planned on warm weather for sightseeing last time and got a little chilled in the evenings
Pamela: now now Daniel
BobS: sayWHAT??????
rich-c: 10 Daniel, what's it down to up north whrehello Michael'
Ron: Michael, watch your language....there are ladies present
NEWCOLECO: the applet freeze then quit...
Judy: have to take some clothes for cool weather this time, didn't the last time
Pamela: that's Daniel I think
Ron: ah
NEWCOLECO changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: anyway Daniel, we're about -10, what's it in Quebec?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah it's me!
Daniel Bienvenu: -15
BobS: thought you would fool us eh????
Ron: La conference d'ADAM quinze
Pamela: sounds like you have our weather from yesterday Daniel
BobS: got ahta part on my website Ron........
BobS: and the picture of the mountains too
Pamela: t'was really cold yesterday
rich-c: looks like Michael has fallen off
Ron: aha
Pamela: that was Daniel, Dad
Ron: dans les deux langues officielles
BobS: say what ???????
BobS: in spanish please
Ron: :)
BobS: does numero uno??????
rich-c: you gotta remember, Bob, we're bilingual - have to have everything in both languages
Pamela: est j'espere que je peux reconnait ma Francais
BobS: wish I could speak multiple languages
Ron: Actually, the other thing that happened - was
rich-c: think you're looking for se souvenir, Pam
Pamela: entre los dos lenguas official, Bob
Ron: that I found out the motel I originally had my eye on - is now undergoing construction. No meeting room any more, and the rates have gone up
Ron: $15 a night
Judy: bummer, Ron
BobS: yikes, no problem though, they dont' have a conference room anyway
Pamela: Daniel - to recall or remember a language - reconnait or souviens?
Ron: not to worry -- we will announce something SOON
Ron: just that I hate making promises I can't keep
Daniel Bienvenu: remember = se souvenir
Judy: better sooner than later
rich-c: as long as you keep the SOON bit, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember .. je me souviens
Ron: yeah
Pamela: et reconnait? Qu'est que c'est ca?
rich-c: funny, saw that on a licence plate once, Daniel ;-)
BobS: like the little engine that could........YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: reconnait .. it's like identify
Pamela: d'accord
Ron: encouragement appreciated all
Ron: Voyons donc!
rich-c: gotta get Bob in practice so he can read his corn flakes box
Daniel Bienvenu: you remember me? yeah! I remember you! = Tu me reconnais? oui! je te reconnais!
Judy: wind chill is -3
Pamela: ok, now I understand
Judy: right now
Ron: je ne reconnais rien
Pamela: brr
rich-c: -# F is some really srious wind chill
Daniel Bienvenu: ??? "je ne reconnais rien" .. i think it's not a good formulation!
rich-c: no, doesnt even sound right to my anglophone ear
Ron: nope. the moment I typed it, I saw it was wrong
BobS: gonna be subzero F tonight, tha is coming your way rich a;nd daniel
Ron: je ne reconnais jamais?
Pamela: I;'ve forgotten how to conjugate! help
Judy: you are making it very hard on my hight school French class, don't remember much
rich-c: still off, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: what do you want to say ? "je ne reconnais rien"... it's like you have a black hole in your mind and you can't figure out who you are.
Ron: I don't remember anything
rich-c: yes Bob, your 0 is our -18 and that is cold
Ron: Je laisse ca a mon ordinateur
Daniel Bienvenu: you know "amnÚsie
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
Pamela: amnesia
Ron: no accents
BobS: that's what YOU'RE going to get like tomorrow night
Pamela: oui, Daniel
rich-c: I can wait. Till July if necessary, Bob
Ron: the older I get the more memory I put in my computer
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: reconnaitre the anglo cognate should be recognize, I think
BobS: does it help Ron ?????
Ron: no
Pamela: derivative: reconnaissance
rich-c: that too, yes, I'd say
BobS: well gang.........we are both yawning here
Pamela: well stop
Daniel Bienvenu: finally.. you are better in french than me?
BobS: and it is late an time for bed
Ron: yes, in your part of the world it's bed time
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe! maybe!
rich-c: not surprised - we've been on 2-1/2 hours
Ron: Here, I have miles to go
BobS: for us unretired and not so young set
Pamela: je ne pense pas, Daniel
Ron: or is it hours
Ron: ??
BobS: hours sir
Ron: ok
rich-c: that's je pense que non, Pam
Judy: well, better call it a night, need my rest even though that is all i have been doing the last couple of days, talk at you next week
Pamela: if y ou're quoting the poem, it's miles - if not, you can use anything you want
Ron: be well all, in whatever language you choose
rich-c: or were you not thinking?
BobS: SO hang in there Ron and keep up the good work, eh ????
Ron: Well, I need to GET to work...
Pamela: at this time of night, no one is thinking : )
rich-c: anyway good night to you all and those who dont turn up Saturday, see you next week
BobS: auf wiedersehen
Pamela: good night Bob and Judy
Ron: hasta-la-vista
BobS left chat session
Ron: baby
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob et Judy!
Pamela: at least that one we all have down pat!
George: i have to get going
Ron: say goodnight, George
rich-c: OK George, see you Sat or Wed
Pamela: since it's past my bedtime, I suppose I had better go too
George: goodnight George
Pamela: Goodnite, George
Pamela: very good!
Ron: well..... even my best friends won't tell me
rich-c: sleep tight daughter, let me know how you get on with Derek
Pamela: tell you what Ron?
Ron: leaving me
George: see you later
Ron: never mind.... just kidding
George: night all
Ron: niters
Pamela: it's too late for brain teasers
rich-c: nite
Ron left chat session
George: poof
Pamela: nite Ron, nite Dad - I will call you Dad and let you know about KV
George left chat session
rich-c: OK sleep tight
Pamela: you too. I'm outta here. Bonne nuit, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Pam!
rich-c: Daniel, I think that sort of winds things up
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: but but but....
rich-c: guess we might as well pack it in too
rich-c: or did you have some other things you wanted to cover?
Daniel Bienvenu: no one talks to me about my game title idea?
Daniel Bienvenu: did you see "mickey.rom" ?
rich-c: I don't think they quite realize what is going on there, Daniel
rich-c: no, and I mean to check it becuase there's two other 256-colur ideas for Adam
rich-c: the fact that you impressed Rich D. and Geoff is highly significant
Daniel Bienvenu: my idea is simply show at the bottom of the screen... the Earth.. a part of the Earth. I used a real picture taken from space. it looks very good!
Daniel Bienvenu: We can recognize the Affrica
rich-c: that sounds like an achievement and more interesting than regular game screens I have seen
rich-c: the problem is, most in our group are not game players
rich-c: and they are not sophisticated programmers - they do not realize what an achievement some of these thigs are
Daniel Bienvenu: With this screen... I want to do a game based on space and Egypt... probably based on a few UFO... you know
rich-c: we really judge by the reaction you get from the experts- Dale, Dr.D., Geoff, Shawn,
Daniel Bienvenu: By using only the 32K rom space i will do a great Coleco game.
rich-c: it will not surprise me if you get a very admiring reaction in the gaming community
rich-c: well, 32K was the biggest game the original Coleco cartridge would support
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! Seeing the Earth in a ColecoVision game .. in more colors than Sega Master System or NES...
rich-c: most were around 8K though there wre a fair few larger
Daniel Bienvenu: humans dreaming of space... every day
rich-c: now that sounds like it would be rally impressive
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try to do a new rom file as soon as possible... I already tried a demo like mickey.rom and it's working very well.
rich-c: yes, if teh demo works you are well on teh way
Daniel Bienvenu: and i wanted to talk to you about multicart... i know that Rich have done a few schematics (ideas) about multicart.
rich-c: about all I could tell from discussions on that with you, Rich, and Scott was that the whole thing is over my head
Daniel Bienvenu: A guy in Germany wants to do a multicart and i accept to do a software menu for it
Daniel Bienvenu: for him
rich-c: I can tell you that I have a program that allows me to set up a menu then read rom images of carts onto it
rich-c: in fact I think it is called multicart backup
rich-c: such things are very common in the Adam community
rich-c: I have seen about half the games Coleco ever published crammed onto a 720K disc!
rich-c: I have all of my carts backed up onto 160 or320K floppies
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! but this guy wanted a multicart like the one Sean Kelly have done. So he decided to look into an Atari game cartridge (more than 8k) to see the hardware with the bankswith and the way he could do a multicart
rich-c: the main difference, I think, is that a multiboot menu would demand a fair bit of space
rich-c: by using physical bank switching I assume he would avoid that overhead
Daniel Bienvenu: not really.. he simply want a generic menu : typing the numbers to select the rom.. no text.
rich-c: well, wouldnt he want to show which game each number represents?
Daniel Bienvenu: i think he will do a manual or printing them on the cart... i don't know
rich-c: essentially a title is a text file, it doesnt use huge numbers of kilobytes!
rich-c: anyway I would think if multicart backup can take images from cartridges (ROMs) and group them into a file on tape or dics
rich-c: and have them usable, that file could be burned back into another rom
rich-c: or am I missing sonething here?
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, I can hardly keep my eyes open -I'm going to have to throw in the towel
rich-c: us old folks tnd to need out shut-eye, you know
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm sorry... I'm sleepy too! good night Rich!
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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