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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: got your new machine all partitioned and working now?
George: i'm having a bad day
rich-c: computer bad, weather bad, or body bad?
George: my father is giving me grief beyond endurance and my computer is giving me fits
rich-c: lets deal with the easy one first - what's with the computer?
rich-c: and by the way, which computer are we talking about?
George: my father said if I don't kill myself he will kill me
rich-c: any particular reason or just on principle?
George: he said i'm too much of a burden for everyone
rich-c: let me guess - he caught you disobeying doctors orders
George: i can't go food shopping on my own
rich-c: is that because you cant be trusted to buy teh right types of groceries?
George: no, the nearest store is too far for me to go to
rich-c: OK, I know that feeling - I can't go to the store on foot, or take public transit
George: he says i'm helpless
rich-c: my hip will not allow me to walk any distance, and I can't risk standing or being jostled on the bus or subway
rich-c: fortunately I have my car and can drive, and use disability parking
George: my doctor won't let me drive
rich-c: but if you have limitations, you have to think out ways to get around them
rich-c: that's awkwrd - maybe you should look into an electric scooter?
rich-c: or a bicycle or adult tricycle (which can carry a load of groceries easily)
George: he says i can't take public transit either
rich-c: why does your doctor not want you to take transit?
George: i'm too prone to emergencies and too vounerable
rich-c: vulnerable should not be an issue on public transit in daylight
rich-c: you might have to restrict whre you get on and off, but should be OK
George: here it is they shoot people on busses
rich-c: oh, here they shoot each other in after-hours clubs - and teh odd bouncer and stuff
George: i got mugged twice and the drivers are no help they just watch
rich-c: generally our crooks mostly shoot each other and leave the rest alone
rich-c: you mean your buses dont have distress signals and direct radio contact to dispatch?
George: the drivers won't do anything to help or get involved
rich-c: neither will ours - on the subway teh alarm strip stops the train with doors closed in teh next station and holds it there till the cops arrive
rich-c: on a bus the driver activates a special flasher, radios central, and parks till the cruiser shows up
George: they have the ability to contact police by radio but when i asked them too they refused
rich-c: here we'd take teh badge number, report it to head office, and they'd be fired on the spot
George: i did, here the union backs them up
rich-c: oh - here the union would tell them they were not suitable members
rich-c: of course if teh uniion fought, they know the newspapers would be all over them
George: it's like a war zone here on public transit
rich-c: we have people who would like that to happen here, but they get slapped down - hardd
George: here the drivers are ripoff artist and get away with murder
rich-c: obviously the city needs a cleanup - maybe you should see what Guiliani is doing these days
George: he is out
rich-c: that's the point - he's free to take on a new job in another city
George: bloomberge is the mayor
rich-c: yes and it will be interesting to see how he does - he hasnt started that well, I gather
rich-c: by the way, that rampage you were telling us about produced a picture in the local papers here
George: john street is going to have a big fight here
rich-c: john street is the mayor of Philly?
George: for reelection that is
George: yes
rich-c: well, if the city's going downhill, you should toss him
rich-c: of course that means you need to have a better answer in the running
rich-c: our mayor will not be running for reelection in November
George: he said "the city is being run by the BROTHERS"
rich-c: he served 25 years in North York and 9 years for all Toronto after amalgamation
rich-c: is that a slap at the unions, the local Establishment, or organized crime?
George: lot of people here said it was directed at whites
rich-c: right - Philly is pretty well split racially these days, isnt it?
George: yes
rich-c: still, they had that sort of problem in D.C. and managed to get it under control
George: how?
rich-c: elected reasonably honest politicians who built up a corps of honest cops
rich-c: remember the feds have a big say in DC government and Congressmen get upset when they're mugged on the steps of the Capitol
George: they are talking about the racial divide in D.C. and the nation now on the news
rich-c: it's hardly news, it's been there since before 1776
George: SUBJECT affirmative actiom
George: action
rich-c: yes, that is still a sore point down there, isnt it
George: Bush wants to stop it
rich-c: we have something similar, but it's based on language, French vs. English
rich-c: more proof that he is unfit to be president
George: We are not a nation of racists he says
rich-c: he is a glib bastard well accustomed to twisting phrases
rich-c: we had one like that here as premier of Ontario but he got so hated he had to resign
rich-c: he called the bill to abolish rent controls "The tenant protection act"
George: more of a reason to kill myself or defect
rich-c: two problems: Shrub ain't worth killing yourself over, and whre would you defect to?
George: sme where warm
rich-c: what makes you think they'd take you in? Americans are not popular elsewhere
George: who has to know?
rich-c: to start with, the immigration officer at the airport/border
rich-c: you dont go anywhere without a passport and most places require visas, too
George: we are popular than iraq
rich-c: Dubya is doing his best to change that, but I do think Saddam is still too much of a bastard for Shrub to catch him
George: i thought you said Canada doesn't require one
rich-c: true but Canada is not warm, and you can't stay forever
George: and i would think Mexicans like the money
rich-c: just for context, by the way - most Canadians hate the US government but a fond of the American people
rich-c: the Mexicans treat gringos like US whites treat blacks, or usually worse
George: the government is the people
rich-c: you mean Geroge Bush is your kind of people?
George: no he is Saddams people frick and frack
rich-c: that's the point I was making earlier
rich-c: so many Americans now hold Bush and his crinies in utter contempt - they do not say so but the reason they hate him is because he is at core un-American
George: neither is right and always wrong
rich-c: that is why I say he is ufit to be president - he does not understand who Americans are or what America is
George: the U
George: the UN won't do anything agains US and they must to make change
rich-c: the UN has meaningless physical means of enforcing its rules, but huge moral power
rich-c: by the way, however hugely desirable it would be to whack Saddam, it isnt strictly necessary
George: they sent troops to the balkins it was effective
rich-c: the troops that went into Kosovo went in as a NATO contingent
rich-c: there was no formal UN backing but clear tqacit agreement
rich-c: how eager do you think the US is for another Somalia?
George: the US can't fight the whole world and we won't even fight North Korea
rich-c: North Korea has nukes and doesnt have oil
George: that's my point
rich-c: but if the enemy is weak enough and there's lots of oil to be stolen...
George: we won't make waves in China either
rich-c: right - their nukes can reach North America (unlike Korea's) nad they have lots and lots of them
George: india and pakistan can turn anytime also
rich-c: yes, I am somewhat surprised the Pakistanis havent turned already
rich-c: I think that like Russia and China they consider the US less dangerous than terrorists
George: for now they won't bite the hand that feeds them
rich-c: oh, there is a great deal more to it than that
rich-c: including the fact that India and Pakistan are less than friendly neighbours
George: oh, are Bush and Musharoff bed buddies?
rich-c: Musharoff?
George: from pakistan?
rich-c: forget the name of their dictator but Musharoff it ain't
George: it's close
rich-c: in any case, Pakistan mostly hates the US almost as much as it hates India
George: i thought you knew something that i didn't
George: farn dingers
rich-c: maybe I do: we do get more news of better quality here
George: all i need is another stroke
George: that will finnish me off
rich-c: well, that will or will not happen - since there is nothing you can do about it, forget about it
rich-c: "what can't be cured must be endured" - so bitching doesnt help
rich-c: by the way, been meaning to ask - how is your weather this week?
George: i can't get my computer to work right
George: cold
rich-c: what is it doing that is not right?
George: 20 F
rich-c: how do you define cold?
rich-c: daytime high or nightime low?
rich-c: like, we are about 20F this afternoon, but are looking at -3F overnight next few nights
George: the hard drive keeps changing modes UDMA2, UDMA4, Udma5
rich-c: OK, I admit that that is surpassingly weird
rich-c: far as I know Diect Memory Addressing is set hard in the BIOS
George: our daytime high is 20F tonight it will be 0F
rich-c: OK, you may now officially complain you are as cold as Canada
George: the data keeps getting corrupted
rich-c: and at the moment that is plenty cold
rich-c: yes, if your memory addressing is getting shredded, the data are unlikely to survive
rich-c: is there anything in your BIOS setup panels that might suggest why that is happening?
George: the cmos bios always says udma5 but the post screen changes
rich-c: but the POST operation should just read what's there - cant imagine why it would be reading it wrong
rich-c: you arent trying to run partitions with the wrong file systems, are you? like FAT16 on too large a partition?
George: i don't know which is the accurate one but the performance changes noticably
George: no , FAT32
rich-c: and you are still using Win98SE, right?
George: yes i tried to upgrade to windowsme but it couldn't read the the windows directory
rich-c: you are not trying to use the LS120 drive as a bootable A, are you?
George: noo, i took it off
rich-c: everyone I talk to George, says that ME does not represent an upgrade, more a retreat
rich-c: were you trying to use it as a bootable drive at any point?
George: no, i just disconnected it
rich-c: that might have thrown your drive lettering for a loop, then
rich-c: when you connected it it should have bumped the CR drive down a notch
rich-c: and when you pulled the plug, the CD would move back up
George: no, because i fomated the hard drive and reinstalled windows after i took off the drive
rich-c: hmmm - drive formatted and windows installed using the current configuration
rich-c: that makes it even harder to guess at clues
rich-c: did you do any fiddling with the memory and is it all there and working?
George: my a: floppy is first c: harddrive is next and the cdrom drives are next the last was the ls-120
rich-c: that's as it should be with a removable drive
rich-c: on my desktop the LS120 comes before the CDROM drive but that's because it's internal and fized
rich-c: on the laptop I got the 8 gig external drive I was talking about and it comes up as the last drive as it's removable
George: there was no cmos to deal with because only windows sees it
rich-c: that sounds strange to me, George, but I haven't reviewed a CMOS with a removable drive in place
George: mine has a ls-120 option
rich-c: by the way, I also upgraded my laptop modem to 56K
rich-c: you mean in the boot sequence? doubt it would be available if the drive is removable
George: as well as scsi and network raid and so forth
rich-c: mine doesnt have a SCSI card though a slot is available, but I do have raid o and 1 mode connectors
George: it also allows bootable cdroms
rich-c: I have a real old SCSI 1 card that supports mirroring, raid 0, and all sorts of neat stuff if I want it
rich-c: yes, my boot sequence is a-c-cdrom
George: i used it to boot my redhat linux cdrom
rich-c: I havent installed linux yet, though I have the Corel disc and a CD of Star Office
rich-c: by the way, Michael Robertson is really sticking it to Bill Gates now with Lindows
George: you can also press the escape key before the post and it allows you to select boot drive from a list for more flexability
rich-c: havent tried that trick yet, but must keep it in mind
rich-c: anyway, Lindows has a new eductional package
George: i don't know if its specific to the asus motherboard
rich-c: right - everyone uses the "same" BIOS nominally but I think every board maker has its customizations
George: it is nice
rich-c: anyway a Lindows site licence is now $500/yr - no matter how many computers you put it on
rich-c: and it includes an office suite, likely Open Office (the continuation of Star Office)
rich-c: now that's the way to establish your user base in one big fat hurry
George: the bios has boot menu next to save and exit
rich-c: havent been into mine for so long I've forgotten what's there
rich-c: touch wood, but for some reason my version of 98SE seems to be reasonably stable
George: i had to download a fdisk patch for win98 for my 80gb. drive
rich-c: anyway, before you "upgrade" to ME go to and read teh Langalist newsletter archive about ME
rich-c: don't know what the size limitations and workarounds are when you get up to that size, George
rich-c: at the moment I am using all of 3 gigs out of 40
rich-c: still, good thing you got the patch with 98SE support being discontinued June 30
George: if you get to over 100 gb. the give you a special pci card and you have to use the overlay software
rich-c: sounds like more trouble than its worth - but then I doubt I could ever use that much space
rich-c: if I did need it I could add a second physical disc and use the striping mode in raid
George: i can't believe i'm up to 80 gb
rich-c: it's semi-standardd in the kilobuck package these days, it seems
rich-c: you'll notice computer prices never change; what's offered at the price does
George: and what about the older machines?
rich-c: at the retail level they are simply discontinued - the prices drop of course at the secondhand shops
rich-c: like someone in the paper today is offering Pentium desktops from $39 up
George: there are people here trying to put windowsxp on 486's
rich-c: not enough memory
George: no bandwidth
George: you need at least a pentium 300
rich-c: shop where I bought the harddisc offers a PII-350 - 64mb-10gb-17" monior for $269
George: and windowsxp wants at least 128mb of ram
rich-c: without the monitor, a PII-400 128mb - 6 gb - cd - network card is $199
rich-c: but as you know I am very much opposed to XP anyway
George: thats why the going computer has 512mb of ram
rich-c: well, I'm sneaking by with 256 mb on 98SE but was down to 17 free yesterday
George: thats all the new compters have
George: brand new
rich-c: that's an enrichment to justify the price, like I mentioned before
rich-c: they never chage teh price, just upgrade the content
George: they have to
rich-c: well no, they could drop the price and stick with the same content
rich-c: actually there are independent "white box" shops that do that
George: this stuff doesn't run on the machines of last year
rich-c: they will sell you a new minimal computer for about $400
rich-c: I havent read the requirements on the XP box
rich-c: but there is a big difference between what it will run on and what it will run on well
George: half of the hardward on my new won't run on anything less than windowsme
rich-c: I doubt that, George, though you may have to go looking for drivers
George: hardware on my new computer
rich-c: MS wants to sell you XP, they arent going to provide new drivers in 95, 98, even ME
George: and it will tell you if you try to install anyting else
rich-c: but some of the independent websites or manufacturers will likely have them
rich-c: frankly, I can't think of any hardware on my computer that wouldnt work under Win 3.1 with teh right drivers
George: what about usb 2.0
rich-c: sorry - FAT16 would put a limit on the size of hard drive!
George: see
rich-c: I just got a PCMCIA card with two USB 2.0 ports for my laptop, which is a P166MMX on Win98SE
rich-c: and that by the way is an upgrade from the Win95 on it when I bought it
rich-c: but with teh driver supplied with the card, the ports work just fine
George: didn't say you had a problem with it
rich-c: now Frances can download pictures from her digital camera to the removable hard disc to her heart's content
rich-c: and neither the ports nor the disc space wre there when the laptop was built
rich-c: hey! have you looked at the time lately?
George: i recall sending an email from microsoft saying they don't support it
rich-c: so MS arent going to write the driver - doesnt mean someone else cant - especially a manufacturer who wants to sell to ALL users
rich-c: I also have a 2.0 driver from VIA for my desktop, just can't get teh damn thing to install
rich-c: but that is a story for another day
rich-c: time that we closed down now - will you be on Wednesday?
George: but if you encounter problems with the operating system and other apps don't go to microsoft
rich-c: right
George: i think so
rich-c: OK, I will look for you then - night now
George: see you Wed. bye
rich-c: bye
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