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Scott: Hello, Daniel
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Daniel B.: Tien! si ce n'est pas Scott! How are you?
Scott: Trie bien.
Scott: Como ta le vou?
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel B.: I'm fine!
Scott: Hi Rich.
rich-c: hi Scott, salut Daniel
Daniel B.: salut Rich!
Scott: Salut, salut, salut!
rich-c: it's an interesting night when I am not the first on - well done, gentlemen / tres bien fait, messiers
rich-c: farn dingers, D.
Daniel B.: Scott : I didn't understand last ime when you said someting about royalties??
Scott: Royalties?
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Scott: I just said that I'd help manufacture the games for you.
changed username to Raelian_Dr.D.
Daniel B.: ah ok!
rich-c: oh dear - space aliens!!!
Scott: If you want to sell them through Good Deal Games, you might want to give a little to them
Daniel B.: Dr.Spock?
Scott: For advertising your product
rich-c: Daniel, is your problem with the term royalties?
Raelian_Dr.D.: Dr. D. is tired and wanted to sleep, so he created me to come to the chat tonight in his stead.
Scott: I would just manufacture them for the price of the parts and a little bit for my time.
Raelian_Dr.D.: Apologies if the personality transfer is incomplete.
Daniel B.: I hope Dr.D is not sick
Raelian_Dr.D.: If Fred shows up, I finally answered his programming questions in E-mail.
rich-c: if it's to be a transfer, shouldnt it be a "Real-ian"?
Daniel B.: Scott: tell me more !
Scott: Rich - I probably won't be putting up any new content for awhile on my site.
rich-c: getting back to school, Scott?
Scott: I am planning to rewrite it in PHP, though.
Raelian_Dr.D.: Real(tm) is a tradmark of and according to the DMCA cannot be used in any form without payment of royalties.
rich-c: PHP? that's a dialect of Greek?
Scott: Converting it into a virtual archive like I originally planned.
Scott: An open source server side language.
rich-c: ah OK - by the way, did you see Mandrake has gone bust?
Raelian_Dr.D.: Wonder what RHR means in Greek...rho-eta-rho.
Scott: Yes, I'm back to school.
Scott: Mandrake down the tubes?
Daniel B.: Scott: What was the deal with Marcel de Kogel to release Cosmo Fighter 3 and I.C.E.? Maybe we can do the same thing with Gamepack...
rich-c: filed for the French equivalent of Chapter 11
Raelian_Dr.D.: Mandrake is a Linux distribution?
Scott: I don't know. I thought Mike would have contacted me by now, but I've heard nothing.
rich-c: yes, Rich, one of the big three, apparently - Ron likes it
Daniel B.: So, you suggest me to contact Mike?
Scott: Cosmo Fighter 3 is basically done, but Marcel had that car accident and hasn't been able to touch a keyboard for a while.
Scott: Your welcome to, but I think the hold up is Eduardo. He's supposed to be manufacturing the casings.
Scott: I have burned a test EPROM of your game, no problems.
rich-c: Scott, does Daniel have the option of having your group sell on commission OR your doing all production and sales and paying him a royalty per sale?
Scott: I don't really deal with that, Rich. I am just in for it for the manufacturing end of things.
Scott: To make sure the game actually gets out to the public.
Scott: And right now, it's frustrating.
Daniel B.: because of the casing?
Scott: We've got two ColecoVision games that could be out tommorrow, but because of the plastic, we're delayed again.
rich-c: so it's a three-way split, authoring, manufacturing, and distribution
Scott: I'm not really going to make any profits in manufacturing.
Daniel B.: which two games? you said I.C.E. is not done yet
Scott: Just the price of the parts and a little for my work.
Scott: Your game pack is the other.
Daniel B.: ah ok!
Scott: That is, if you want me to help you manufacture it.
Scott: You don't have to sell it through Good Deal Games, just a suggestion.
Scott: Mike is very reasonable.
Daniel B.: I didn't send you the label yet.. I suppose you want it to put on the casings
Scott: He likes to encourage game development.
Scott: He may do it for free just to encourage you to write more games.
Scott: I think Mike is planning to manufacture the labels.
Scott: He's done packing for Sega CD games.
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
Scott: And boxes for Vectrex games.
rich-c: bienvenue, Fred
Scott: He'll probably handle that.
Daniel B.: If you want to release Gamepack in a box, i have also a picture for the box.
Raelian_Dr.D.: Fred, I just sent you E-mail to answer your programming questions, at last...
FredK: Really!!
FredK: Tks so much fr taking the time
Daniel B.: Salut Fred!
FredK: I know your extreemly busy
FredK: Salut Dan
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changed username to WB
rich-c: hi Willie
WB: Hello All!
FredK: Hi
Scott: I think the idea is to find a plastic enclosure, like at BlockBuster, and print an insert
rich-c: tonight we can have a competition to see who's coldest
Daniel B.: Hello Willie!
rich-c: Scott, what's the temperature in Colorado?
Daniel B.: Scott: In that case, the picture for the box I have done could be use.
Scott: It's about 12 degrees.
Scott: Cooollld.
rich-c: for the record, Toronto is predicted for -21C (about -6F) tonight
Scott: Ahhh! -21?
Scott: You people are insane.
Scott: I draw the line at the teens.
Raelian_Dr.D.: Holding at 5 F here tonight.
FredK: i wont tell you my temperature then
rich-c: bet Fred and Daniel can beat it - gentlemen?
Scott: Yes, Daniel, I think it would work fine.
Daniel B.: The temperature here is about -20 degrees (Celcius).... about -5 degress F.
FredK: -25C Without winshield factor
Raelian_Dr.D.: Just got back from shopping for birthday presents for Joan...she will be 41 on Sunday.
Scott: You have to keep in mind, it was 70 degrees yesterday.
FredK: feels like -40+
Raelian_Dr.D.: And Elanor was 13 on Monday...
Scott: 70 to 12 degrees, that's quite a drop...
rich-c: when it gets to -40C the streetlights go out - too cold to maintain the arc
rich-c: the rest of us, Scott, are in a big lump of extremely cold air
Scott: Ah, now I remember, that's why I don't live in Canada!
Scott: How long has it held at that temperature.
Scott: As you can tell, Colorado weather is crazy.
rich-c: it has been a very cold week but should be near freezing by Sunday
FredK: brb
rich-c: Willie, you've been having the cold snap, havent you?
Scott: Oh, that was 12 degrees Fahrenheit, BTW.
Scott: Here in Colorado.
WB: In Chicago, there are only two seasons :summer and winter
rich-c: yeah - by our standards, swimming weather
WB: And the wintwers can range from very mild to intensely cold
rich-c: and, Willie, right now you dont have summer ;-)
Daniel B.: I think cooler temperature can done cool videogames. When it's too hot outside, I can't concentrate in programming.
rich-c: you ought to be programming up a storm now, then, Daniel
Scott: So Daniel, you programming anything new?
WB: the temperature is 10 degrees F with a wind chill factor of -30 F
Scott: I am looking into the prospect of developing some online games on my website.
Daniel B.: mickey.rom is a good start
WB: And it gets colder the father from Lake Michigan
rich-c: I think, Willie, that means the peak of the high has passed and you are actually headed into a warmer air mass - relatively speaking
WB: Chicago winter temperatures can yo-yo from warm to very gold within 24 hours or less
Daniel B.: I'm still thinking about how to exploit the new "screen mode" to do new Coleco games.
WB: cold not gold
rich-c: yes, we have a similar pattern but less extreme - the alkes moderate things a bit
Scott: That would be interesting.
rich-c: lakes, that is
WB: yes the mind moves faster than the fingers
rich-c: it will not hurt my feelings if a classic January thaw shows itself next week
Scott: How about that SuperBowl matchup?
Scott: It's gonna be a pretty good one.
Scott: I'm taking Tampa Bay.
WB: unfortunately some of Chicago's worse blizzards happen in January
Daniel B.: A friend of mine wanted to go at the PhillyClassic but someone predics the trip will be cancelled. I think it could be a reality with the reality of war
rich-c: well, if they win, it will be a better place to celebrate than say Buffalo
Scott: Oakland could very much win, though.
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rich-c: in January the Bay area can get pretty chill and damp
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello
WB: It will all boil down to execution and defense
rich-c: welcome Meeka
WB: Hello Meeka!
Scott: Oakland's hurting on defense.
rich-c: dont know why, Willie, but our three heaviest snowfalls have all been Dec. 11th
Daniel B.: I wanted to go at the PhillyClassic too... to finally go out my house and see the world.
Scott: And Gruden knows Oakland inside and out.
Scott: Tampa won't be a pushover.
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rich-c: silly, because our depth of winter, when teh temperature troughs out, is Feb. 5th - go figure
changed username to FredK
rich-c: don't know whre George is this evening, but I doubt he'd advise anyone to visit Philadelphia
Scott: I really thought Philly was going to beat Tampa.
Daniel B.: And about the temperature : I visit this web site :
FredK: Dr.D, have sent new e-mail with correct address, have not rcvd yr respone as of yet.
rich-c: does that have true maps with full isobars, Daniel?
Raelian_Dr.D.: I just mailed a response not 15 minutes before the 9 PM chat, Fred.
Raelian_Dr.D.:, right Fred?
rich-c: which of his addresses did you send it to, Rich?
Scott: I gotta get off. Wife is expecting a call from Colombia.
Raelian_Dr.D.: That was the address of the most recent E-mail.
Raelian_Dr.D.: Bye Scott.
Scott: Nice seeing everyone.
Daniel B.: good night Scott
WB: Bye Scott!
rich-c: take it easy, Scott, see you again soon
Scott: Enjoy the SuperBowl.
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Raelian_Dr.D.: I saved a copy; if you want it sent to a different E-mail address, let me know now and I'll fire it off.
FredK: nope wrong address, I have sent correct address
Raelian_Dr.D.: What address do you want?
changed username to George
rich-c: ah, here's George now - George, you're late
George: Hi Everyone
WB: Hello George!
FredK: Sent e-mail to you with address
Daniel B.: hello George!
George: i'm not well. i'm out of it.
rich-c: we're having a cold competiton, George - how is your temp?
George: 10F
Daniel B.: Scott: About the temperature, I think you may find more than a maps with isobar.
Daniel B.: Sorry.. Rich
rich-c: OK, you're about on a par with Denver, warmer than most others
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changed username to DougS
changed username to Judy
WB: I have to go. I am heading home! Good night Good people!
rich-c: hey, the Slopsemas are now here - welcome all
Judy: hi, everyone
Daniel B.: Bonne nuit Willie!
Meeka: hello
Raelian_Dr.D.: Okay, I re-sent it just now, Fred.
Daniel B.: Bonsoir Judy!
FredK: tks
Raelian_Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
WB left chat session
rich-c: Daniel, do you have anything against Environment Canada's website for weather?
rich-c: night Willie
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changed username to DougS
George: Hi Judy
Daniel B.: no but meteomedia is the meteo i see on tv
rich-c: OK - likely an affiliate of the Weather Network
Judy: Doug dad is having a problem, I went to Miejer Gardens last night, got Exiper, what is it
Judy: changes his home page
George: Raelians! beam me up for a fix
Daniel B.: My town (temperature) :
rich-c: Doug, need an answer on a Windows problem
FredK: Lately its the cloning thats 'in'
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: h9i daughter
Judy: hi, Pam
FredK: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi, folks
George: HI Pam
Judy: how is Pam?
DougS: ok, mom, what is exiper? why did you get it?
Pamela: cold and hungry thanks
Daniel B.: Bonsoir Pam!
rich-c: Doug, in 98SE, the Programs menu - any way to get it to alphabetize?
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: ca va?
Daniel B.: oui ça va! et toi?
Pamela: pas mal - c'est tres froid ce soir
Judy: don't know, type in an address wrong and see what you get
Raelian_Dr.D.: glarn hiro hrish-nakh echorbathaid
Daniel B.: oui! c'est froid! on en parlait justement!
Pamela: Hi, Rich
DougS: ya, you do it manually rich. grab the folder and drag it up to where it should be alphabetically.
Judy: that is what I did
Raelian_Dr.D.: I am standing in for Rich tonight. He is tired and created me to let him rest.
Pamela: nifty trick
DougS: what address did you type in wrong?
rich-c: like, bring up the menu and sort of park it between two existing ones?
Judy: meijer garden
Raelian_Dr.D.: Pam, you like science fiction movies, right?
Pamela: some, Rich - why?
Raelian_Dr.D.: This weekend past was the CWRU Film Society's 28th Science Fiction Marathon.
Judy: went ot
Raelian_Dr.D.: 8 PM Friday to 2:30 AM Sunday.
DougS: yes rich.
Judy: it is
George: is this the rerun of a bad movie?
Pamela: did you get any sleep?
Raelian_Dr.D.: Elanor and I went.
rich-c: also the thing is a column so long only about a third shows at any one time - any way to get it to tile out?
Raelian_Dr.D.: We slept through 2 R-rated movies Saturday night (by design). But were otherwise up the whole time.
DougS: is just some registered site in japanese or something.
Raelian_Dr.D.: If you want to see more about it, look at my photo webpage:
Raelian_Dr.D.: Be patient, it will take awhile to load over 56K dialup.
Judy: dad went to meijergarden in Google
Judy: and it was the first thing on the list
Pamela: I have nothing to write that down with Rich - remind me towards the end and i'll go get something
Daniel B.: Dr.D. ... nice prictures!
Raelian_Dr.D.: One of the photos is of me dressed as Captain Kirk.
rich-c: Judy, it is very common for rogues - usually porno pedlars - to grab the cognate (.net, .org. .biz, etc) of a popular website
DougS: first thing i see in the google search is
rich-c: Pam - highlight it then hit Control-C - that will copy it to your clipboard
Pamela: there - got clever and opened my word processing program and wrote it there.
rich-c: they will also often have scripts or stuff to try to grab control of your computer away from you
Raelian_Dr.D.: I didn't want to spam it to coladam-list.
Judy: go to that and membership there are other related gardems and that will put you in
Pamela: so if you were dressed as Captain Kirk, what did Elanor dress as? Or did she dress up?
Daniel B.: Ha! I finally see the picture of you dressed as Captain James T. Kirk
Raelian_Dr.D.: Elanor didn't dress up. Only one other person did, that I saw: a complete _Ghostbusters!_ outfit with working proton pack.
Pamela: oh, very cool.
Pamela: did you get a picture?
Raelian_Dr.D.: Yes :-)
Pamela: is it posted?
rich-c: Judy, do you need a program to fight off the rogue sites?
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Raelian_Dr.D.: Two, in fact (front and back). Yes, they're posted.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: good - I have to show them to Russell
rich-c: hello Robert
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Pamela: Where have you been?
BobS: YO boys and girls........
Daniel B.: Bonsoir Bob!
George: Hi Bob
Raelian_Dr.D.: I thought only Judy could ask that :-) :-) :-)
BobS: and NO Richard, I just kick them in the A$$
Pamela: note to self: toasted PB &J gets cold very quickly in this weather
rich-c: yes, that's what the program I have is for...
BobS: they just tick me off.........darn thing changed my home page and everything
Raelian_Dr.D.: Identity theft...
(BobS quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
(BobS throws a hot potato at Pamela.)
Pamela: mmm, thank you - that's better
Judy: why do you want it toasted, Pam
rich-c: Bob, you need Internet Organizer Pro - naturally, it's a freebie
BobS: there , that will keep the BP&J warm
Pamela: now I have something to warm my hands and my tummy
Judy: ok
Raelian_Dr.D.: Gloves for hands, cat for lap?
Pamela: what, the sandwich? PB gets runny and warm and is gut!
BobS: Richard, got enough slow down crap with windoews already
BobS: dont' need more
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Pamela: can't type with gloves on and the cat doesn't fit in my lap when I'm sitting at the 'puter
Judy: why are you so cold, Pam?
Daniel B.: Dr.D. : I like TRON. it's a very inspiring fiction film for a young programmer like me.
rich-c: it isnt a TSR unless you want it to be
Judy: turn up the heatt
Pamela: back room where the computer is is always cold in the winter, especially with the temps we're running
Pamela: don't have control of the heat - it's an old building
Judy: bummer
Pamela: tell me about it.
Judy: who controls it?
Daniel B.: Dr.D. : may i ask you something?
Pamela: the landlord - and it's working as hard as it can.
Pamela: ask who what Rich?
Raelian_Dr.D.: TRON is a great movie...sure Daniel, ask away!
rich-c: Bob, I believe teh website is or such = you can Google it
rich-c: it stops popups and home page siezure and all sorts of nasties
Raelian_Dr.D.: Pam, you said you needed something to warm hands and tummy...I was making a leeeeetle joke.
Pamela: old building, hot water rads for heat, single glazed windows (usually) and facing northwest all combine to make for a chilly evening
Pamela: and I say usually because right now they have a second glazing of ice.
Daniel B.: Dr.D. : Do you remember I asked about the Coleco BIOS documentation you have ? We are 3 Coleco programmers here who like to have this doc.
Pamela: I'm gonna have a river when it melts!
Pamela: oh yes, and three out of four outside walls.
Raelian_Dr.D.: (blush) yes, I remember...the docs are still on my office worktable, waiting to get photocopied.
Judy: how cold is it by you?
Daniel B.: Sorry to bother you with that
Pamela: minus 20 C last time I checked and that was during the day, and not including windchill
rich-c: you have three Coleco programmers in your group, Daniel?
Raelian_Dr.D.: I will do it Saturday, I's not a bother, I just need about an hour of photocopy time.
Pamela: hang on, let's see what the Weather Network has to say for itself
Judy: we have been cold also but I have been in except for today, been sick
rich-c: our forecast is for -21C tonioght, about -6F
Daniel B.: No, not really... We are members of a video games collectors group named CCJVQ.
Daniel B.: Because of my ColecoVision games, some members of the CCJVQ wants to do the same.
Judy: we have not been that cold
rich-c: Pam, try
Pamela: okay, it's currently minus 17 with a windchill of -26
Pamela: I just turned on the TV Dad
Daniel B.: CCJVQ homepage :
rich-c: that's likely out of date and is downtown not outer city
Pamela: nope, 10:00 forecast from Pearson
Daniel B.: Steve Begin is very good in Z80 asm
Pamela: you're such a pessimist, Dad
Daniel B.: and Yannick Proulx started a few months ago a project named Stubby but never continue it
rich-c: you're right, Pam, we are reading -17C on our thermometer now
Pamela: isn't minus 18 C equal to 0 F?
Pamela: thank you. hmph
Judy: brb have to find something to eat
Pamela: see, I made Judy hungry
rich-c: yes, Pam, it is
Daniel B.: C = (F - 32) * 5 / 9
DougS left chat session
Pamela: I can never remember that Daniel
Raelian_Dr.D.: All I know is that, right now in the basement, where I'm typing, the hair on my arms is standing straight is *cold*.
Daniel B.: 32F = 0C
Daniel B.: -40F = -40C
Raelian_Dr.D.: -40F = -40 C
Daniel B.: hey!
Pamela: *that* I remember
rich-c: it's very crude, Daniel, but my rule of thumb is c>F double +30
Raelian_Dr.D.: 37C = 98.6 F
Raelian_Dr.D.: 212F = 100C
rich-c: or F>C, take 30 and split
Pamela: Hey Rich, there's this new invention called a sweater - you might have heard of it? It's supposed to help keep you warm
Raelian_Dr.D.: -273C = -459F absolute zero.......
rich-c: doesnt work out exactly but gets you pretty close in common ranges
Raelian_Dr.D.: No sweater is warm enough for down here...
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George: 0K
Pamela: Me, I'm wearing a turtleneck, a denim shirt and a polar fleece sweater. top half of me is cozy - the bottom half needs some work
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greeting!!!!!
Pamela: Hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, more overtime tonight?
Raelian_Dr.D.: My feet are cold, too...
Guy B.: Wow, full house tonight.
Pamela: I've discovered that as long as my top is warm, my fingers don't get cold and it's easier to type
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: hey, you should have been here before Scott and Willie left
Daniel B.: full house?
Daniel B.: bonsoir Guy!
George: Hi Guy
BobS: hi Guy
Pamela: ie lots of people here, Daniel
Judy: Meeka did Doug leave?
rich-c: Doug, did you answer my question about tiling? If so I missed it
Guy B.: Yep, even going in on Satuday for 5 hours.
Pamela: sounds like you worked a day like mine (8:30 to 6:30)
Daniel B.: full house means lots of people here... in french we have another expression
rich-c: qu'est-ce que c'est en francais?
BobS: translate please
rich-c: I asked him what it is in French
Daniel B.: Bob: rich asked me what is the french expression for "full house"
BobS: ah so
BobS: i thought it was an exprression which translated as a funny expression
Daniel B.: I don't know the oriogine of the expression but we said here "c'est noir de monde"
rich-c: qu'est-ce que c'est is a generic what is it
Pamela: interesting
rich-c: so many folks the sky is blacked out, so to speak?
Raelian_Dr.D.: monde = moon?
Daniel B.: i think you're right !
rich-c: world
Daniel B.: monde = people
Pamela: monde = world
Daniel B.: world
Raelian_Dr.D.: Ah, from Latin mundi, root in English mundane.
rich-c: tout le monde = everyone
Daniel B.: your latin is very good
Raelian_Dr.D.: Moon in French is probably lune, luna, or something like that, then.
Guy B.: Is everyone keeping warm tonight?
Daniel B.: you are right again
Pamela: correct Rich - lune
Daniel B.: moon = lune
rich-c: yes, if you know Latin and English you can take a reasonable guess at most Romance languages
Raelian_Dr.D.: Mond is German for moon, I got messed up.
BobS: Pam is cold Guy
Judy: yes, we are, how about you?
Raelian_Dr.D.: I always liked etymologies.
BobS: furnace working ok now??????
rich-c: Au clair de la lune... - didnt you ever sing that at camp?
Daniel B.: but i never learn latin.
Pamela: there's a certain romance to them, Rich
Daniel B.: Au clair de la lune! Mon ami Pierrot! (yes! of course!)
Raelian_Dr.D.: When I invented 2 languages, I had fun with the etymologies.
Raelian_Dr.D.: Inside jokes known only to the linguist.
rich-c: I remember once when I was a teenager I was on a bus in New York
Pamela: that's why the HP books are so much fun
George: Does anyone have a cyanide pill?
Raelian_Dr.D.: Did you see HP2 yet?!?!?
rich-c: a man nearby opened a newspaper in front of me - it was in Spanish
Pamela: sorry, fresh out George
Daniel B.: George! don't be upset!
George: i need to take 2
Pamela: yes, we saw it a couple of weeks ago
Pamela: I told you that
rich-c: I've never studied Soanish, but I could get the drift from English/French/Latin cognates
Raelian_Dr.D.: And your opinion...?
Pamela: good, but not as good as the first one
Raelian_Dr.D.: Interesting...our take was the opposite.
Pamela: will definitely add to the collection though
FredK: back
rich-c: de gustibus non disputandum est (that's Latin)
Raelian_Dr.D.: haha
Daniel B.: the only latin i know was because of a film i see
Daniel B.: I think it's "Carpe Diem" who means take the day
rich-c: oddly enough, Daniel, I'd expect Rich to do better than you on that one
George: DA DA that's bable
Pamela: really Rich? The problem I found was, they had to leave so much more out, and they changed more
rich-c: there are sort of cognates in English for that, but I'm not sure if there are in French
Pamela: Daniel, it means "seize the day" and it's from Dead Poets Society
Raelian_Dr.D.: I've seen it thrice, at full prices, and not sorry :-)
Daniel B.: Dead Poets Society... yes!
rich-c: more precisely, Pam, it was a very old expression that may have been used in the movie
Guy B.: I'll be jumping back and forth here. I'm chatting with a girl near me.
George: i fell asleep
Pamela: Daddy, you are so picky sometimes. I meant that's the film he got it from
Raelian_Dr.D.: Vox populi, vox Dei
Daniel B.: in french it was "Société des poètes disparus"
rich-c: and as French so often is, likely more accurate
Pamela: okay, try this one: scientia omnia possumus
Daniel B.: "seize the day"... in french : "saisir le jour" ... it's very close!
rich-c: the Latin line, roughly, was there's no accounting for taste
rich-c: all is possibly with knowledge
rich-c: possible
Pamela: close Dad
FredK: Must go, goodnite all
Pamela: nite Freddy
Daniel B.: Bonne nuit Fred!
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred
FredK left chat session
BobS: nite Fred
Judy: nite Fred
Raelian_Dr.D.: No, it means "Pogo reads _Omni_" :-)
BobS: and BAM he was laready gone
Pamela: It was the school motto - "All things are possible through knowledge"
rich-c: You're old enough to remember Pogo, Rich?
Judy: sounds good
Raelian_Dr.D.: Yes :-)
Raelian_Dr.D.: I have some softbound collections, too.
George: pao pago?
rich-c: I thought maybe you'd found it in an archological dig ;-)
Raelian_Dr.D.: Pogo Possum
Daniel B.: For me a pogo is something to eat
Raelian_Dr.D.: Simple J. Malarkey...looks like he's in the White House now.
Pamela: for me it's a game room
rich-c: how on earth did you get those? the last must have been published when you wer5e in three-cornerd pants
Pamela: "we have seen the enemy and they is us" - isn't that from Pogo?
George: oops i thought you were talking about Pago Pago
rich-c: yes Pam
Raelian_Dr.D.: Got them when I was a teenager, early 1970s. Walt Kelly hadn't died too long before.
Pamela: see, not so dumb
rich-c: I have a couple of them bought when they came out
Pamela: they must be collectors items by now Dad
rich-c: havent checked them on Amazon or eBay but you may well be right
George: i'd rather be in American Samoa now
Raelian_Dr.D.: For me, Pogo was a million times funnier (and more clever) than Doonesbury or Bloom County.
rich-c: now that's a sentiment we can share, George
rich-c: you noticed, Rich!!!
Raelian_Dr.D.: Li'l Abner could have some subversive stuff in it, too.
rich-c: could and did
rich-c: I think I may have a book of that somewhere, not sure
Raelian_Dr.D.: Now it's all "See my Social Commentary!"
Raelian_Dr.D.: "I am making a Grand Statement!"
Daniel B.: i remember... i played a videogame where i use a pogo to jump... commander keen
Pamela: Bloom County was only funny when the artist was working with Opus
George: set off a few nuclear bombs that will warm us up
rich-c: on the oither hand, "Non sequitur" can have quite an edge
Pamela: I think that's overkill George
Judy: that is not funny George
rich-c: unfortunately our local papers dropped it - likely too edgy for them
Daniel B.: George... I don't like talking about nuclear bomb
George: it's better than wasting them on Iraq
rich-c: the Star sill runs teh weekend strip, though
Pamela: ok Dad - memory time - fill in the blank: "If the ----- doesn't get you the monoxide will"
rich-c: hoods - Tom Lehrer - "Pollution"
Pamela: thank you
George: ?
rich-c: and it's "hoods don't"
Pamela: remembered the who and the song, couldn't remember the word
Pamela: sorry
Pamela: so go to the city, see the crazy people there - like lambs to the slaughter, they're drinking the water and breathing . . . the air!
rich-c: refers, George, to a very populat song by a Harvard math professor who moonlighted as a satirist
George: whatever
rich-c: sounds like you've missed some neat stuff in your young life, George
Pamela: Dad, do you have that on tape?
George: i always do
rich-c: I have a number of Tom Lehrer records, Pam - 33-1/3 vinyl
Pamela: you have to have parents with a taste for the obscure, George - it helps : )
Pamela: I have Uncle Gordon's tape - do you want a copy?
rich-c: there was nothing obscure about TW3 - it was one of the most popular shows on TV
George: like i don't get any either
Pamela: It was obscure by the time I came along
rich-c: no need, Pam, I can dupe my own if necessary
Pamela: 'kay.
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: brr Guy -thanks but isn't it a bit cold for DC?
Judy: she needs hot chocolate
Daniel B.: hehehe Diet Coke!
Pamela: absolutely
George: hot Cocoa
rich-c: my computer runs so hot I'm sweating
(Daniel B. smiles)
Pamela: I'm jealous
Raelian_Dr.D.: Diet of WŸrms?
rich-c: 300 watts of computer plus a 17" monitor - that cooks
rich-c: by the way Pam did you get your upgrades yet
George: my computer just klunk klunk klunks
Pamela: a small room helps, too
Pamela: not yet Dad - spent today pricing them
Raelian_Dr.D.: Bionic implants, Pam?
Raelian_Dr.D.: 0-60 in 2 sec?
Pamela: only for the computer Rich
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: 64K to 256K RAM in 20 minutes
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Hi Ron
rich-c: think you should look at a CD burner rather than just player, maybe even DVD player/CD burner
Raelian_Dr.D.: That's pretty good.
Ron: This business of being in two places at once is challenging
rich-c: hi Ron, bout time you got here
Pamela: yeah, but it costs more than I can spend right now
Pamela: so, I'll have to wait just a little longer
George: 0.0025mph.
rich-c: a slowr burner is cheap - give me a call tomorrow
Ron: thought when I retired the words "priority" and "deadline" would be forever in the rear view mirror
Pamela: cloning Ron - think about it
Judy: hi, Ron
rich-c: yeah, that's another of the illusions one loses pretty quick, isnt it, Ron?
Ron: hi all
Ron: before anyone leaves - an announcement
Pamela: so where else are you supposed to be?
rich-c: ta-da!
Daniel B.: ta-da?
Pamela: dum dum da dum!
Judy: life just seems to get busier and busier
Ron: August 7 - 10
Pamela: same weekend as last year
Pamela: cool
Ron: place - either Comox or Victoria BC - to be announced prior to month end
rich-c: honest for sure?
Raelian_Dr.D.: Okay Ron, hope it's not too late for Joan to request it...
Ron: on the date, yes
BobS: FUR SURE mighty one????
Ron: so do I Dr D.
Raelian_Dr.D.: ...she may have lost her window to put in summer vacation requests.
Ron: you heard it here first
Daniel B.: ADAMCON15? you have done an official picture for the event?
rich-c: make it Comox, we've been to Victoria ;-)
Raelian_Dr.D.: I will call her at work ASAP, right now in fact. BRB.
Pamela: go, go, go Dr. D
George: HDTV?
Ron: web site will go up later tonight, and I'll send a msg on the Adam list
Guy B.: Ron, are those dates in August definite?
Ron: yes
Ron: why do they cause a problem?
BobS: them's FINE Ronald
Guy B.: Ok, great I'll write them down and I can plan my vacation schedule for this year, thanks.
Ron: make it so, number 1
Ron: everybody ok with that?
Daniel B.: I don't know where I will be in August 7-10
Ron: Comox BC, Daniel
rich-c: looks pretty good from here - Frances was looking over my shoulder and didnt gripe
Pamela: Now, if I can just convince Russell to get on a plane, we'll be all set
Daniel B.: i don't know... i don't have money for the trip
Judy: Amanda says hi to all
Ron: Hi Amanda
BobS: drug the boy Pam]
Pamela: Hi, Mandy
rich-c: tell Mandy we're pulling for her
Judy: she says thanks
Ron: yes
Judy: she needs it today
Pamela: consider what you're saying here Bob - you've seen the man. How the heck am I supposed to manouver him if he's stoned?
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: yeah, medevac service tends to get a bit pricvey...
Pamela: and do you really think they'd let him on the plane that way?
Judy: wheel chair
Pamela: well, we're working on the problem
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel B.: Excuse me but who is Russell? I can't remember...
Pamela: My husband, Daniel
rich-c: that's Pams husband'
Daniel B.: ok
rich-c: that James coming in?
Pamela: that's okay, he can't type very quickly so never gets on chat
Ron: Oh that's right, Russel hates flying
Pamela: no, he just hates heights Ron
changed username to james
Pamela: Hi, James
Ron: 37,000 feet qualiries
james: good afternoon
Pamela: you're telling me
Judy: hi, James
Ron: Hey James
BobS: hiya James
rich-c: I was right - good morning to teh empire of teh rising sun
james: sorry to be so late. didn't sleep well last night
Pamela: it wouldn't be the first time he's flown, but the last time, he was really young - under 10, I think
Daniel B.: ok! james! hello! how are you!
rich-c: oh dear - problems with the young'un?
Daniel B.: james : what is the temperature?
BobS: then this time would be apiece of cake
BobS: !!!!
George: super size it !!!!!!
Pamela: warning James, so far Toronto is winning the temp stakes
rich-c: no, Fred trumped us with -25C in suburban Montreal
Pamela: darn
Raelian_Dr.D.: I'm back...Joan had to pick vacation date requests last week, and she guessed the 3rd week in July.
james: didn't fall asleep until 4
Pamela: maybe she can swap with someone Rich
Ron: damn
james: a m inor bout of insomnia
rich-c: maybe she should tell them she plans to get sick in second week August
Raelian_Dr.D.: Well, it's not an issue of her coming to the convention, it's merely arranging for child care.
Ron: Unfortunately, Dr. D.. there's a big air show here that weekend, and I can't get hotel rooms
Pamela: maybe she shouldn't tell them
Raelian_Dr.D.: If neither Christina nor Elanor have any activities that weekend, it would work out.
Ron: and I do apologize for not finding out about that sooner
George: 10F tomorrows high
Pamela: Is Elanor not coming this time?
rich-c: I would think that any hospital these days is very flexible with nurses' requests - or very, very short of nurses
Pamela: BRR, George
Raelian_Dr.D.: Given that the air fare will likely be 3x the convention delegate cost...not an option.
George: no shorts
Pamela: too bad
Guy B.: Well, folks I have someone on Yahoo Instant messenger and were making a date. So, I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: not unless you're into courting frostbite
Pamela: cool Guy - details to follow please
Raelian_Dr.D.: Joan's problem is that after 15 years, she *still* is only halfway up the seniority ladder on her floor.
Guy B.: Yes, its' a girl and close to me.
rich-c: Rich, look into airfares using Westjet for Calgary/Comox - how you get to Calgary will take some research
Pamela: we want to hear all about it next week : )
Raelian_Dr.D.: Will do.
Guy B.: Ok, will do. See you all next week.
Pamela: Nite
George: how about a speedo?
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: bye Guy
Raelian_Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Pamela: definitely not George
rich-c: but Westjet do fly from Hamilton to Calgary too, it's an easy drive, and you get a big dollar advantage
Ron: Westjet definately recommended
Pamela: current rates?
james: bye guy
Pamela: James, you're still coming over in April?
james: dr d. - you've seen star trek nemesis, right?
Pamela: James, don't give it away - I sstill haven't seen it
james: ok pam
Pamela: ty
james: we are, but our stopover through toronto will be very, very brief
Pamela: one day, right?
George: take the concorde
james: half a day if that
Pamela: oooh, yuck
Raelian_Dr.D.: All my pals called it "Emesis" after they saw I am not going to see it. Trek is now dead, for me...
james: lunch and the cn tower, then we catch our train out to ottawa
Pamela: well, at least you don't have far to go to get the train : )
Pamela: lunch where?
rich-c: you on the 4 p.m. train, then?
james: yeah, me too. i assume you know what happens. don't want to give it away to pam, but i was very, very upset
james: rich - let me check the schedule
james: 17.30
Pamela: when do you get in? and how?
rich-c: guess with teh faster trains they've changed it a bit
james: we get into toronto at about noon on march 27th (a thursday)
Daniel B.: "Trek is now dead for me..." i think they badly introduce another the next generation...
james: arriving from niagara via greyhound
Pamela: ok. lunch where?
rich-c: arrive about noon - you will have cleared Customs in Vancouver?
Raelian_Dr.D.: I'm no longer part of the audience the makers of Star Trek want to I am just going to accept that.
Raelian_Dr.D.: And I'm also too I'm going upstairs to bed. Good night, all.
Pamela: g'nite Rich
rich-c: night Rich, see you Sat or next week
BobS: be good Dr D
james: i should hope so ;) we're arriving in toronto a couple of nights previous and going directly to niagara, then working our way up to toronto and ottawa
Daniel B.: bonne nuit Dr.D! And don't forgot to start photocopies...
james: bye dr. d
Raelian_Dr.D.: <poof>
Raelian_Dr.D. left chat session
Ron: Night Dr. D.
Judy: nite Rich
Daniel B.: i think he doesn't read my last message
rich-c: oh, so really you'll be coming into the bus terminal from Niagara
james: yes
james: i arranged a private transfer for us to get from toronto to niagara the first night we arrive
George: I don't want to take a shower
rich-c: and I would guess, going up the Tower first, eating later? or vice versa?
Pamela: it doesn't get any better than this George
james: so after a day and a half or so in niagara, we're heading into toronto
james: eating then the tower. i'll have a hungry bunch by the time we get in i think
George: yes it does Hawii
james: the kids will be fine. i'm the only one that needs a second pair of underwear to go up the tower
Pamela: not if you're planning to shower sometime in the next 24 hours
rich-c: maybe something will be workable - have to see how far I can walk then
Pamela: You did fine last time James
james: lol
Pamela: or is there something you're not telling me?
james: so i have us at osf around 12.30 on thursday march 27th
james: and have us at the tower shortly after lunch, for around 14.00 to about 16.30
George: CODE BLUE!!!!
rich-c: OK there is parking near there as I recall
Pamela: next to the OSF there's a lot Dad
Pamela: pay lot, I think
Pamela: Green P, perhaps?
james: then we catch our train to ottawa from union station at 17.30. i think an hour should be enough time to get from the tower to the station
rich-c: yes but it is likely to be full and a disability permit will take you only so far
Pamela: should be plenty James
Pamela: maybe we should do some advance scouting
rich-c: how many in your group this time, james?
Pamela: speaking of which, I gather you still don't have the van back
rich-c: no, John is taking a holiday this week, but the part is on the way
George: Philadelphia just called a CODE BLUE
Pamela: wow, this is getting nuts
rich-c: with luck may get the truck back early as Monday
Pamela: what's that George
james: what's a code blue?
Pamela: too cold to breathe?
james: @rich - including myself, we're 6
George: everyone stays shut inside
Pamela: small group this time James
Pamela: too cold to breathe.
james: yes. i don't particularly mind. a somewhat more subdued group too.
Pamela: no giggly teenage girls?
Ron: Will that be your only trip this year James?
rich-c: still with three more somewhat over the capacity of my vehicle, and Pam I guess will be using transit from work
George: everyone ordered inside
james: well they're giggly but let's just say not as ... bold as a few members of the last group i had
Pamela: if I work that day. I may take it as a vacation day.
Pamela: give them time : )
james: gee, thanks pam.
Pamela: you're welcome
Pamela: anytime
Pamela: with pleasure
rich-c: I gather that is a cold alert, George
james: you know on the last trip, i carried pizza to the hotel and my keys were in my pocket. i asked one of the girls to hold the pizza and she made me a counter-offer to get my keys
Ron: hmm
rich-c: we wont pursue that, james
james: lol.
Pamela: 'scuse me, I'm scraping my eyebrows off the ceiling
james: the offer was duly refused
Ron: youth has changed
Pamela: just a tad!
james: anyways, i don't have any like that in this group
George: they are arresting the homeless to get them off the streets
rich-c: yeah, we've had that going on for the last three or four days
james: arresting?
Pamela: well they don't go that far here, but they do make a concerted effort to get them all into shelters.
George: yes
james: couldn't they at least *offer* them shelter first?
rich-c: well, in Toronto there are volunteer workers who go around and collect them
BobS: gonna have to go now kids........
Pamela: there are still some who refuse to go to a shelter
james: ok bob
BobS: see ya all later!!!!!
Ron: Ok Bob. nite
rich-c: see you Bob
Pamela: okay Bob - nitey nite
George: the shelters are all full so the police are taking them
BobS left chat session
Judy: most of them won't go in the shelters, don't like the rules
james: that's really sad
Judy: nite all
rich-c: oh, we have churches run a program called "Out of the cold"
Judy left chat session
rich-c: but yes, we also have the independents who will sleep on the street at -25C
Ron: Vancouver, the problem isn't quite so urgent, but there is still a problem - downtown east side
Pamela: one of the homeless relief groups is based in our office tower. I have spoken to them on many occasions and they do have some people who refuse to go to a shelter
james: at ron - isn't that where the addicts hang out?
Ron: yup
james: robinson street, right?
Ron: not sure of the exact streets, but somewhere around East Hastings and Cambie
james: i've read about it
rich-c: that's around the Gastown area?
Ron: exactly
Ron: they just had a big dustup - the oldWoodwards building got invaded by some of the homeless folk, and they refused to move
Ron: believe they've sorted it out now, but it was tense for a while
George: Ed Rendell sworn in as governor already breaking promisses
rich-c: yes, it made the papers here, but you're right, it's resolved
Ron: s'ok George, at least he hasn't been charged with impaired driving yet
james: governor? is that like a premier?
james: campbell is an idiot
rich-c: dont be arch, james
Ron: agreed James
james: arch?
rich-c: how long do you figure it will take to can him, Ron?
Pamela: we had a similar situation not too long ago - Home Depot had some land down by the lake that was empty and the homeless took it over and built a tent city. There was much ado when they were asked to leave.
Ron: dunno Rich. He's carrying on as usual this week, but the rumblings are still out there
Pamela: let's see - what's the average lifespan of a premier's career in BC?
Ron: people don't like it, not one bit
rich-c: looks like we are going to get our shot at dumping the Tories this spring sometime
Ron: 2 years
Ron: not a day more
Pamela: yeah, but look at the alternatives
Ron: We had one charged with accepting a benefit, another with insider trading, another with conflict of interest
rich-c: well, the NDP has actually been sounding pretty sensible of late
Pamela: do you really want Dalton McGuinty as your premier?
Ron: and the NDP guy was just plain in the wrong place at the wrong time
Ron: he was also stupid
George: our gorvernor is in for 4 years
Ron: yes, then we know we're in trouble
rich-c: our premiers serve at the pleasure of the legislature, for a maximum of five years
Pamela: when the NDP starts to sound sensible again, we''re in trouble
Ron: right at the moment, I've had it with politicians in general
rich-c: a mighty amen to that, Ron
Ron: :)
james: i've certainly had my fill of chretien
Ron: yeah
George: lets switch to Native American rule
rich-c: we heard from our MLA for the first time in four years, so there must be an election coming
james: i'd say 11 years by the time he steps down is more than long enough
Pamela: he'll be gone soon James - hang in there
rich-c: the hell of it is he has an excuse - he HAS been constructively busy
Pamela: MLA - where do you live?
james: japan has the reverse problem - 10 prime ministers in the last 12 years
james: no one is in long enough to get anything done
Ron: Word has now come out the our Premier Campbell was weaving all over the road, almost fell on his butt when getting out of the car, and couldn't speak right
rich-c: now that's a sensible idea, George
Ron: he was also driving at twice the posted limit
james: i think in turkey, they would have shot him on the spot
Pamela: who is your MPP Dad?
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changed username to Ron
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changed username to <undefined>
changed username to Pamela
Ron: was dumped
Pamela: whoops
<undefined>: sorry, I got dumped
Ron: the force is not with me
Pamela: the force was forceful!
Ron: right
<undefined> changed username to <rich-c
George: i've been getting bumped today too
<rich-c: anyway. Pam, my MLA is Mike Colle
Ron: James...... ADAMCON 15 = aug 7 - 10
Pamela: means nothing to me, sorry
Pamela: why do you keep saying MLA Dad?
<rich-c: he's likely the most intelligent member of the Ontario Liberal caucua - not that that says much
james: aug 7-10.. hmm might be able to do that
<rich-c: the building in Queens Park says "Legislative Assembly" on it
james: by when dost thou needst mine confirmation?
Ron: would be really neat James if you could. Place will be either here or in Victoria. Still negotiating hotels
<rich-c: and if you look at official documents that is the correct title
Ron: about 60 days prior James - from what I'm reading in the fine print
Pamela: last time I checke, they were Members of Provincial Parliament
james: ok. i might make a quick trip over in august to renew my licence. haven't decided yet
Pamela: what kind of licence, James?
Ron: wouldn't that be neat
<rich-c: no, that is a popular bit of puffery but it is not their official status
james: my ontario drivers licence expires on my birthday (aug 21) this year
Ron: timing sounds about right
<rich-c: gee, mine expires the day after
<rich-c: hi, Leo
james: and rather than dip around with paper work etc, it might just be easier to make a visit of things and fly in for a week or so in the summer
Pamela: forgive me, but isn't it a bit extreme to come a gazillion miles just to renew your licence?
George: oh, boy where did this part come from?
james: well i'd make it a visit
Pamela: still . . . :)
james: i know, but i don't want it to lapse
Pamela: why do you not want a Japanese licence, or is this in addition to your Japanese licence?
<rich-c: no, and they likely want a new mug shot this time, right?
Ron: James, I'll be putting up my website later tonite - announce the address by e-mail to Col-Adam
james: also, if it's in the summer i can make up the classes much more easily than in september
james: sounds good ron
Pamela: not that I'm complaining - we want to have you there
Pamela: just curious
james: thanks pam ;)
Pamela: any time
james: i really wish i knew more about programming the adam so i'd have something to present
Ron: everyone is sooooo agreeable
<rich-c: anyway, think it's time I checked out the email before bed
Pamela: you have six months to practice
james: true
<rich-c: so see any of you who turn up on Saturday
Ron: ya.... I go too
<rich-c: for the rest, see you next week
james: my macadam disk seems to have gone phooey
Pamela: and me
Ron: one of these days Rich.... ya never know
Pamela: Nite Dad
james: bye rich! see you in march, maybe!
Ron: be good all
Pamela: nite Ron
Ron: :)
Pamela: Dad, will call fri - Kimberly is over tomorrow
<rich-c: night all - colour me gone
Ron left chat session
james: you going ron?
<rich-c: ok pam
<rich-c left chat session
Pamela: guess it's bedtime for me too
Pamela: see everyone next week?
Daniel B.: bonne nuit!
Pamela: James, if you can swing AC, that would be great. It gives me more incentive to get Russell out there too.
Pamela: Nite Daniel -bonne nuit
james: i hope to make it
Pamela: G'nite George
Pamela: good. keep me posted.
George: nite
Pamela: I'm outta here, all. Until next week.
james: bye all!
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B.: bye!
james: *poof*
james left chat session
George: nite all
George left chat session
Daniel B. left chat session
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