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rich-c: check
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi Dad
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: I can't stay
Pamela: I forgot to tell you that tonite is haircut nite
rich-c: oh, that's why you're early?
Pamela: yeah, I didn't want you to wonder
rich-c: OK, so when must you leave
Pamela: Emily and Kimberly are here and we're waiting on Chris before starting dinner
Pamela: This is going to happen every six weeks from now on
rich-c: like,youve got company then
Pamela: yup
rich-c: say hello to your guests for me
Pamela: I will
rich-c: anyway, figure out the program yet?
Pamela: I loaded allchar
Pamela: very cute.
rich-c: OK, you can have fun when Daniel or Fred or james come on then
Pamela: I did wonder where you got the 1/2 and the cents symbol
Pamela: now I can spell things in French
rich-c: yes, that was the clue as to what it was about
Pamela: now I know.
rich-c: yes, although it depends on your font - as I found out on the Langalist tonight
Pamela: I'll have to do some experimentation first, become a little more adept.
rich-c: have changed the font in Eudora from Arial to Courier so your mother can read it more easily
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Pamela: yuck, such a pedestrian font
changed username to George
rich-c: yes - but here we have the next visitor
rich-c: hello George
Pamela: okay, then I will say hi George
Pamela: and leave you two alone
George: hi Rich,Pam
rich-c: OK enjoy your dinner, talk to you - whenever
Pamela: George, I have visitors - gotta run, but wanted to say hi
Pamela: I'll try and call soon Dad
George: hi
rich-c: OK Pam
Pamela: nite - say hi to everyone for me
George: nite Pam
rich-c: will do
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: Pam just came on long enough to explain why she wouldnt be on tonight
George: America almost went offline
rich-c: really? I didnt see any signs on anything unusual
George: you won't hear about how bad aol was hit
rich-c: oh, AOL, if someone hits a wrong key they crash - it's not like the reliable services
rich-c: AOL from all I hear has permanent perpetual built-in problems
George: that's because the people running the service are fu**ups
rich-c: no, basically just blinded by greed - highest prices in the US then cut corners on service to save pennies
rich-c: still, they never seem to run our of people ignorant enough to fall for their intro discs or lazy enough to stay with them even when they've found out the truth
George: earthlink is cutting their jobs and cutting their customer service centers too
rich-c: earthlink merged with mindspring a while back, didnt it?
George: is any isp worth their weight? I think NOT
rich-c: my ISP offers everything I am interested in having at a very fair and reasonable price
rich-c: Pamela and all my friends who have gone there are very happy with it too
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changed username to BobS
George: oh, the sun, moon, and stars
rich-c: greetings Roberto
BobS: hiya guys !!!!!!
BobS: whas sup???????
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: not a great deal - George is just bitching about AOL
BobS: wel SCREW 'EM
BobS: get somethin else
rich-c: that's what wee keep advising him to do but he's heard of hearing ;-)
BobS: far as I am concerned, they suck !!!!!
George: is that going from the fryingpan into the fire?
rich-c: I just think they should be honest and use a gun and mask...
BobS: heck, getalmost NAY isp is cheqper than they are
BobS: that's it richard
rich-c: and even MSN isnt quite as bad on service
rich-c: but then as I've observed before, I have the longest-running email address on the coladam list
George: i don't trust any service
rich-c: if you want a trustworthy service you have to go out and get it, not wait for it to come to you
BobS: tha is prolly true Geo BUT aol is expensive as long as ya dont' trust them
rich-c: the guys who really put their capital and effort into providing service dont have the big bucks for mass mailings of discs
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy, got the network up I see
Judy: hi, everyone
George: Guy has problems with netzero and I've many here gripe about their service at one time or another
BobS: this si true Richard......George, find a small company with a good prive and then go with it
BobS: is a good one for $10 a month
rich-c: yes, the secret seems to be small and local - you do give up the multiple POPs of course
BobS: had my dad in law on it and was using it myself to see how it went.....but alas....he couldn't handle anythign but aol because he liked the handholding
rich-c: but then I don't think it matters to George if he can't connect in Flyspeck, Tennesee
rich-c: one place to start looking is
BobS: the list of cheapISP's is where i found highstream richard
rich-c: another is
BobS: they use the regular IE5.5 software and outlook express, they simply supply you with a 56k dialup
rich-c: the two I mentioned have long lists but how complete they are I am uncertain
rich-c: but then, finding such lists is what Google is for
BobS: and they are nationwide
BobS: if not continent wide
George: by the way did my email to the list work?
rich-c: mine is strictly local, but the I can buy Sprint or Slingshot or MaGlobe or similar anywhre access when I need it
rich-c: yes it did George
BobS: did you ever get hooked up with one at ADAMCON richard???????
rich-c: I got your original copy to me then the other through the list
George: i got a slew of errors back
rich-c: sure, I was online longer than you folks, don't you remember?
rich-c: only problem was that Slingshot - my original - was screwed up so I had to go out and buy Sprint
George: aol tech said it was too many characters in the address
rich-c: George, all those errors prove is that you arent the only one with messed-up ISPs
rich-c: those are ghosts of others who changed ISPs and didnt tell the list 'bot yet
rich-c: AOL techs sure have some inventive ways of saying "I Hvent a clue", don't they?
BobS: ANYtime you swend a message to the ADAMlist, you get a LOT of bounces
George: oh, boy did I
rich-c: there will be some wont come back for four days
rich-c: by the way, Bob, Pam was on earlier but has dinner guests so wont be with us
George: i think they sent back 20 to 1
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO EVERYBODY!
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry .. I'm late!
BobS: hiya Daniel
BobS: EARLIER !!!!!!! I was not THAT late
Daniel Bienvenu: What is going on here? we are only a few guys here?
BobS: yup, and my wife is on, but think she is emailing right now
Daniel Bienvenu: and rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: and George?
rich-c: Bonsoir, Daniel! comment ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Rich! Ca va tres bien! Et toi?
BobS: they are just quiet
rich-c: tres bien aussi, merci
BobS: or passed out !!!!! :-)
rich-c: just telling Bob Pam has already left for a dinner party
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't stay... I'm at the university right now and it's time to quit. I just have the time to say "good night to everyone!"
BobS: bummer Daniel..........
rich-c: but at least you checked in - it's appreciated, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ;)
George: boy, I go to take a couple pills and I miss everything
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok! Chow!
BobS: early bird gets a worm George
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit tout le monde! Good night George!;-)
George: nite
Judy: hello and Bye Daniel
rich-c: yes, Bob, but it's the second mouse gets the cheese
Daniel Bienvenu: *pooooooooouf*
Daniel Bienvenu: hello et bye Judy...
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: why the 2nd one?????
BobS: first one blind or stupid????
rich-c: think about it
rich-c: or maybe Judy will explain it to you
BobS: we don't ahve them stupid mice here richard
BobS: ours know what traps are
George: i got a blockbuster headache
Judy: and they just walk around them
rich-c: from no doubt watching too many blockbuster movies
George: NO, I don't rent
George: and i'm not a movie man
rich-c: more into music videos?
BobS: well then watch em on tv
rich-c: naw, tv is for sports
rich-c: hey, the Rolex 24 Hours goes at Daytona Saturday afternoon
George: NO, news
BobS: you gonan watch the whole thing?????
rich-c: newspapers are for news - there is no news on tv, juzxt event entertainment
rich-c: no, they will close down coverage around midnight and resume at 6 a.m. Sunday
BobS: AH
rich-c: but I may chat from the laptop in the living room so I can watch the race at the same time
George: you are suppose to preform sports not sit and watch it
BobS: what a novel idea.......with a wee bonnie computer?????
rich-c: watch the race on tv with the laptop on my lap
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changed username to Ronnix
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rich-c: speaking of which, have you noticed what VIA is up to lately noow they've bought Cyrix and PC Chips?
changed username to james
james: morning all
BobS: ya James
BobS: how is??????
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: good morning, james, and welcome to the wet coastals too
BobS: and Ronnix.......the mighty one?????
james: :D
Judy: hi, James and Ronnix
rich-c: see you're on the Linux box tonight
George: hi James, Ronnie
james: so what's everyone been up to? small gathering today..
Ronnix left chat session
rich-c: anyway, VIA are now offering a phone book size complete desktop computer for $350
rich-c: I think they are still recovering from their Super Bore hungovers, james
rich-c: oddly enough, they build in an NIC but no modem
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rich-c: and the floppy disc is external and extra (USB)
George: boy , that was in and out
BobS: who is VIA ???
rich-c: guess Ron needed to get on another computer
rich-c: they are the ones who make the chipsets for many custom motherboards, especially those using AMD chips
George: stuck?
james: i've got an amd system now
james: mobo uses a via chipset
seems I am to remain forever undefined
rich-c: yes, I have an Athlon and so does Guy, and if I recall Pamela and Ron
George: see
james: i'm running an xp2100+. crunches a seti@home unit in about 3.5 -4 hours
rich-c: highlight it and change name from the menu, Ron
George: p4 here
left chat session
rich-c: I have the 1600XP which is more than adequate to my purposes
rich-c: I have considered teh SETI program but I turn off my computer when I am not using it
james: how does the p4 stack up?
james: i just run it when it's on
rich-c: what, in the background you mean?
james: i used to have the classroom machines running it all the time but at 23yen/kwh i stopped that pretty quick. was costing me an extra $90cdn per month
George: good
james: yes
james: it just uses spare cpu cycles
rich-c: yes, my computer draws 300 watts plus who knows what for the monitor
George: go goo goo over games
james: i had all the monitors off, s@h running in a ram disk with the hard drive spun down
james: and it was still costing me a fortune
rich-c: anyway, VIA now have this motherboard with a 933 mhz chip and sound, video, NIC and stuff all built int
rich-c: they add the Lindows OS and sell it for $350 retail
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changed username to Ron
james: i haven't heard too many good things about lindows
rich-c: finally got one that works, Ron?
George: got DIVO?
Ron: Lord grant me patience, and I want it now
Ron: Linux seems to have a Java problem- or at this particular distro anyway
rich-c: the feedback I am seeing on it tends to be pretty positive, james
Ron: Anyway- Hi all
james: hi ron
BobS: hiya WETcoaster
rich-c: that the Mandrake one, Ron?
Ron: that is a true statement today
Ron: no, Gentoo
Ron: absolutely perfect implementation - except for one thing
rich-c: just as well; Mandrake has gone bust
Ron: they never did get it right
George: freedos boot image
Ron: not on my equipment anyway
james: yeah, mandrake is gone
Ron: So it seems I have an agenda item for my Linux group meeting tomorrow night
rich-c: anyway, this new VIA computer is real cute and interesting - there is a link to it on the site
rich-c: meanwhile there is a local outfit selling a laptop variant with a 14.1" screen for $1000 Cdn ($650 US)
Ron: Howz the Slopsema's, Bob and Judy?
rich-c: that ain't bad for a new big-screen laptop
james: we put george to sleep
BobS: good ron
Ron: I am eating a muffin
Ron: w/tea
james: no bacon?
rich-c: strange, you can usually get him going on computers
BobS: like the website, got to get on the stick and link it to mine
George: i got eggs
Ron: right Bob. Still haven't made my mind where it's going to live yet. decisions, decisions
Ron: Maybe it should live at your place, when I have the blanks filled in - would that be an option?
George: XP or bust
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: yes, doug can put it up next to the room
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: only XP I want is on my chip name
BobS: hiya Guy
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Ron: James has very kindly offered to lend his HTML talents to its improvement
rich-c: hello Guy, overtime again tonight?
changed username to WB
WB: Hello all!
rich-c: hey, Willie! didn't see you come in - welcome!
George: hiya Guy
BobS: hi Willie
Ron: Hi Willie, Guy
WB: I just wanted to drop in and see how everyone is doing as I rush home
Guy B.: Yep, Going into work this Saturday. Got hit really hard with the reports this week.
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
George: Hi WB
BobS: doing good in MI
Guy B.: Thanks Rich.
rich-c: Pam can't make it tonight, Guy, so she sent her regards ;-)
Ron: Hmmm...... sounds familiar........ the more time you spend reporting on what you're doing, the less time you actually have to do it
Ron: right?
Guy B.: Gee, I can't tell her the news then.
WB: BobS did you find those newsletter
rich-c: what have you gone and done? I can pass it on
Guy B.: Well, I guess you guys will find out eventually. I'm dating a really wonderful girl.
Ron: hey!
WB: Yeah!
rich-c: dont see why this should be any secret, Guy
George: be back i got to bust my head open
rich-c: Pam will likely tell you it's bloody well about time
Guy B.: Careful George
WB: Oh no! Guy B is ashamed of us! (laugh)
Guy B.: She's online right now, so I'll go check on her.
rich-c: running ICQ or something on the side, are you?
Guy B.: Yahoo IM.
rich-c: why don't you invite her over and introduce her?
Ron: indeed
Guy B.: I might, I'll see how she feels about it.
WB: I promise not to bite!
Guy B.: By the way, she lives near Midway Airport.
rich-c: we promise not to bite
BobS: Willie....NO, i must have given them away before ....... only have my set
rich-c: not all of that far from you then, Guy
WB: Ahh! Sweet Home Chicago!
George: Midway IS.
WB: No problem BobS. The hunt continues!
rich-c: what are you looking for, Willie?
WB: old Adam newslatters! I am trying to complete my NIAD set!
WB: Newsletters
rich-c: OK, I do have a lot of them but not all, but they are not for sale
Guy B.: No, she's about a half hour from me. I got her on right now, so I'll be changing back and forth.
rich-c: as I say Guy, bring her in
Ron: Ok...still have the FCAUG newsletters (2 years worth). Wanted to see which issues I was missing, then these will be available. Was it you Willie, who talked to me aroundd Christmas?
WB: No problem! The hunt is half the fun!
WB: The reading is the other half!
Ron: right
BobS: did I give them to Zyou Willie???????? waht i had was a parital set......
rich-c: are you looking for just NIAD or ANY newsletters, Willie?
WB: Any newsletter about the Adam!
WB: Yes Ron it was me!
Ron: ok
rich-c: OK, bug me next week - I think I have a box of duplicates in the basement
Guy B.: Ok, gang I'm back. She stepped out for the moment. I'll show her the website and see how she wants to play it out.
WB: I most defintely wii rich-c
WB: will
Guy B.: I have Niad, Augment and ECN newsletters.
Ron: ok,Guy
rich-c: I will try and remember to undertake the archological dig sometime during the week
BobS: got lots of different ones too....but not complete and only 1 set of them
WB: Let me know if you are willing to part with them
Guy B.: Keeping all of them, but I can scan them and make copies available.
rich-c: if they're duplicates I will part with them, but the freight will be expensive
WB: I will pay any reasonable amount plus postage
rich-c: I sent ten years of back issues of a magazine to a dealer last week - cost me $245 in postage
Guy B.: What's Judy doing Bob?
WB: just let me know how much the postage is rich_c
WB: How heavy was the package!
Ron: will you turn a profit Rich?
rich-c: there were eight parcels and I think 120 - 130kg
rich-c: yes, the dealer offered $300 US which is $450 Canadian
WB: I have had everything from books to disk drives sent from Canda
Ron: good enough
WB: canada
rich-c: Frances would have paid the postage just to get them out of the house
WB: What kind of magazines
rich-c: like, ten cubic feet of new storage space? worth every penny
BobS: Judy is chatting with a friend here in GR right now
Ron: Have some old Mac Issues here . Not sure of the dates
rich-c: Autoweek and Road&Track
Ron: but they are old
WB: Ron how much will you need for postage for the adam newsletter!
Guy B.: I have to give her the news about me then.
rich-c: oh, Judy will pick it up - she likely has one eye on the monitor anyway
Ron: I really have no idea Willie. Will have to wrap them up and get them weighte.
Ron: 12 copies - standard 30 page newsletter
Ron: Rich would be able to guestimate
WB: Sounds like a plan Ron! Let me know!
rich-c: remember Ron and Willie the frightening price in Cdn$ is less scaring in US$
Judy: Hi, Guy
Ron: right
Judy: did you go on your date, Guy, you were asking her out last week
WB: I have to go now! My wife is holding dinner for me! Bye until next week!
rich-c: I suspect each copy is about 75g so a bit under a kg plus packing - at a guess
Ron: ya better go eat Willie
rich-c: nite Willie
WB left chat session
BobS: don't know Rich.......sent a laptop docking station to Vancouver....weighed 4 lbs 5 ozs and they charged $15/50 US
BobS: 15.50
Ron: we do not give our services away
BobS: that was US post office
Ron: Although, that battery was about what you said it would be....allowing for dollar conversion
BobS: but WHY do they have to rob poor citizens to get rich?????
rich-c: our zone 1 minimum for parcels to US is $8.75 up to 1-1/2 kg
Ron: trickle down economics
BobS: I'm gonna trickle them !!!!!
Ron: :)
rich-c: Ron, on newsletters if you do them in maximum mail size packs it may be cheaper
james: sorry all, i have to go.
Ron: noted Rich
rich-c: good afternoon then, james, see you soon
james: i might be back in an hour if people are still here..
Ron: g'nite James. Be well
BobS: be good James and say HI to Myuki
Ron: yes
james: ttfn
james: *poof*
Judy: bye James
james left chat session
BobS: GUY wake up son !!!!!
Ron: I have to go out in 1/2 hour or so. (Mac house call). but you guys will be all in bed anyway
rich-c: yes, you're right, Ron
BobS: prolly
Ron: Thank the Good Lord I don't do this for a living
BobS: you make computer hosue calls, eh DOC ??????
rich-c: by the way, any decision between Comox and Victoria yet?
Ron: now and then
BobS: ya, one or the other
Ron: Well.....let me say this about that. I've got one quote from Victoria - room rates $149 per night. Meeting room - $100 per day
Guy B.: I'm on the IM with my girlfriend.
Ron: up here - 2 quotes of three - looks like about $80 per night Canadian. And meeting room appears to be subject to negotiation
rich-c: that does not sound promising, Ron - unless you can wangle the world's greatest senior discount 8-)
Ron: Well, last year the rooms were $80. US (were they not Bob)
BobS: the $80 canadian fits ok I think
Ron: yeah
rich-c: yes, that's less than $50 US which sounds credible
BobS: shees Ron forget now but I think they were about $60=65 US
BobS: and the meeting room was gratus
Ron: Ok I will have to look
Ron: right. That's what I thought
Judy: good for you, Guy
BobS: thought I sent ya pricing from AC15
Ron: yes, you did. It's over on the iMac
rich-c: yes, find out how many rooms you need booked to get the free meeting room
Ron: yup
rich-c: anyway basically you have about $450 Canadian per person to play with
BobS: YES........had to have 10 on the weekend nights
BobS: here anyway
Ron: sounds about the same Bob, from what I've read so far. Anyway, I'm just waiting for one more quote..... one that I'd really like to look at because of
BobS: dont' forget the EASTS ans crispy bacon........
Ron: location and surrounding services
rich-c: four nights @$320 - leaves $130 for breakfasts. lunch. banquet - doable I'd say
Ron: ya won't get crispy bacon this side of the border, son
BobS: you CAN DO IT Ron........
Judy: we didn't have it at all last year, Ron
Ron: I think so. Just gotta sit down when I get this last quote (have been talking to the guy, he's promised this week)
Ron: that's right.
Ron: haven't heard diddley from the Dutchman. Guess they're not interested
rich-c: if you think the Canadian dollar equivalent it should work well
BobS: ;look for the list or I can email it again if you can't find it
Ron: ok...sec
BobS: they didn't have ameeting room anyway I dont' think
Ron: fire up the Great Purple iMac
BobS: and maybe someone else has it
Ron: (it's been practicing it's ADAM impression)
rich-c: rooms $320, 4x breakfast $40, 4xlunch $40, banquet $50, maybe shave some of the food to get a conference room
BobS: i thnk the catering lunch thing worked great and only heard goo d comments about it... It was mosre cost effective than restaurant
Ron: yes....have put that in my list of things I'd really like to see happen
BobS: IF you got, the hotel suggested it becasue the caterer is in there a lot
rich-c: it will depend on whether the hotel has a restaurant or not and if they wantbtrade for it
BobS: typically, the hotels without restaurants are cheaper anyway
Ron: Well, in one case, the cost of the meeting room was shown as being dependent on food consumed
Ron: not clear at this point how dependent
Ron: will have to go talk to them
Ron: but it sounded like there was room to deal
rich-c: OK, if they want to quote you the room for so much per day, breakfast and lunch for (20?) included, that could work
Guy B.: Sorry gang. I didn'
Guy B.: I didn't tell you her name. It's Aimee
rich-c: couldnt talk her into meeting your eccentric friends?
BobS: we are NUTS ya know
BobS: spelled AIMEE???? or Amy?????
rich-c: there is a Canadian spelling Aimee
rich-c: once was a famous evangelist - Aimee Semple MacPherson
rich-c: bit hit in the 20s till she got caught in flgrante delicto
BobS: never saw it spelled that way before Richard
Ron: Bob, you're showing $80 per room plus 14% taxes per night
Ron: now.... is that double or single
Judy: that sounds about right
BobS: ok........was WRONG then .....boohoo
BobS: that was double
Ron: ok
BobS: 2 people to share that cost
Judy: I thought he was low on his thinking
rich-c: hmm - for lunch - wonder if your local Tim Hortons would cater?
BobS: inother words the ROOM cost $80...whether a asingle stayed in it or 4 stayed in it
Ron: If I get the Travelodge Rich, probably's right next door
Ron: but probably in any case
Guy B.: Aimee is her correct name.
Ron: there's three of 'em here
BobS: I DO think low...........bummer
rich-c: yes, I forgot in my calculation that the rooms wre shared
Guy B.: Ron, how's the hotels coming along? Got one in mind yet?
Ron: we also have room tax, per room, but that's a wash as well
Ron: two, Guy....decision soon
Ron: I'm really leaning to Comox....logistically
Judy: ok, Guy what is the story???
BobS: never been there..........
BobS: spit it out son !!!!!!!!
rich-c: on the other hand, I'm leaning to Comox 'cause I've not been there
BobS: or FACE the consequences
Ron: There's only one thing I'd like to wait for....we have an airport improvement referendum on Feb 15. If it passes, it's likely Westjet will stay. If not, they're making
Ron: noises about dropping us
Ron: If that happened, I have no idea when it would be so
rich-c: there is always talk, Ron, but if the route is profitable, they're staying
BobS: car from Seattle and view the contryside sir
Ron: I suspect so. Don't really want to delay this decision to Feb 15
rich-c: besides, by Augst the US may be at war and the fuel surcharge so high no one can fly anyway
Ron: yeah, Bring Lynch up with you
Ron: now there's optimism for you
BobS: AND the sky might fall henny penny...........
BobS: WE ARE COMIN mighty one !!!!!!
Ron: Thank you sir
rich-c: well, I'm gambling that my truck will do the job, that my body will hold up, and so on - no certainties
BobS: gotta thnk positive Richard
Ron: the glass is 90% full
rich-c: it isnt easy when my hip is having bad days, though it's easy on the good ones
Ron: go out at 6am, and gyrate in the front yeard
rich-c: and the wiring supplier on the truck just changed his delivery promise from January to June
Ron: oh oh
rich-c: cant find teh front yard, nothing there but snow
Judy: are you thinking a replacement, Rich
Ron: on yeah, I forgot....Toronto
rich-c: yes, I will talk to the doctor about having it done next November/December if possible
Ron: howz the 'waiting list'??
BobS: might just have to be the way to fix it Rich
rich-c: don't know but it's high demand and elective, so conventional wisdom is six months minimum
Ron: out here in lotusland, we're looking at 2 years for that kind of thing
Ron: but then we have a drunk for a Premier
Ron: (silence Ronald)
rich-c: yes, but we got rid of Harris and eves is running scared so theres more money flowing in
rich-c: besides, with the recall referendum and scandal troubles you might see some changes too
Ron: Anyway, Bob, I do have your list of income and outgo for 14, I shall now print it out whilst it's up and visible
rich-c: and Chretien is promising fedral money now as well
Ron: and with that people, I must go tend to my ailing mac
Ron: harrumph!!
rich-c: OK Ron, see you Sat or next Wed, as it works out
Judy: nite Ron talk at you next week
Ron: yup.... be well all
BobS: be goo dRon and BE HAPPY
Guy B.: Bye Ron.
Ron: suspect I'll be updating that web site.....weekends.....give or take
Ron: niters
rich-c: we will try to check
Ron: Hi Ho Big Fella....AWAY!
Ron left chat session
rich-c: occurs to me us old folks are about due for a bit of shuteye, too
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changed username to aimee
aimee: hi all
Guy B.: Guy's meet Aimee.
rich-c: Aimee! Guy finally got you to say hello! Welcome!
aimee: Hi there
aimee: and thank you
rich-c: sorry our French contingent isnt here to say bonsoir
Guy B.: Rich C is from Toronto.
rich-c: no, in Toronto - from elsewhere, though many years ago
Judy: hi, Aimee, welcome
aimee: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Ok, but I'm close.
aimee: and thank you also
rich-c: my daughter is also in Toronto, but she has a dinner party tonight
Guy B.: I give her the Diet Cokes.
aimee: where are you from rich,,,form many years ago?
BobS: welcome and hello
rich-c: New Jersey, same as George
aimee: Hi BOBS
rich-c: George, if he's still awake, is in Philadelphia
BobS: HEY Jusy and I are Michigan
BobS: Judy
Guy B.: Bob and Judy are from Kentwood MI. Near Grand Rapids.
BobS: you just missed the japanese and the vancouver canada contingents
aimee: Wow, too bad
BobS: BTW, Judy and I are a pair here
aimee: So do you like MI?
rich-c: not Vancouver, Bob, Vancouver Island - there is a BIG difference
BobS: NO, the snow is nasty
Judy: not in the winter
BobS: tis WAY out west Richard
aimee: there a long time?
Guy B.: They get all the lake effect snow there.
BobS: all our lives
BobS: same town same SIDe of town
Judy: all our lives
BobS: bummer right????
aimee: :)
aimee: Well I like snow sometimes
rich-c: a well rooted bed of Dutch tulips
BobS: then again. our kids and grandkids are here so we can't leave
BobS: yup richard
Judy: the President was here today, in GR
BobS: snow is pretty, but COLD
BobS: yea. we are privaledged.........i think
rich-c: depends on whether you're playing in it or commuting in it
aimee: True
BobS: watching snow form INSIDE is the best Rich
aimee: Priviledge huh?
BobS: with a hot chocolate
rich-c: trust me, Bob, I know
aimee: Did you go to see him?
rich-c: I spent over a quarter century commuting over the second-busiest piece of road in North America in winter
Judy: no,couldn't, tickets only
aimee: Ahhhh
BobS: heck would have been way to busy
aimee: You probably would have been searched anyhow
BobS: besides, we are only the little people, not the party bigshots who sucked up the tickets
Judy: it just messed up the roads, closed them off, even the expressway
aimee: Wow, well good thing you did not go
rich-c: must have been great fun around the airport
BobS: probably was a zoo there, heard they had helicopters patroling and everything
Judy: I wouldn't want to have to use the airport today, that is for sure
BobS: came in to the freight area probably because it is off to the side and more secure
BobS: then came on in right near here and the hotel where we had conventnion last summer
BobS: on the way to downtown
rich-c: last time I saw Air Force One was I think at Idlewilde, likely about 1964
BobS: did you go downtown to the Ford museum last summer Rich????
BobS: jsut a 747 on the outsidfe Rich
aimee: I never saw Air Force One
Judy: they did show it on TV, I watched it land
rich-c: the Ford museum is in Detroit, not GR, but I've been there though not recently
Guy B.: Neither have I.
aimee: Saw the movie, does that count?
BobS: no, no......the ford museum is here for President Ford.....the HENRY FORD museum is in Detroit ...with old cars, etc
Judy: Ford Museum is in GR his birth place
Guy B.: I have the movie.
rich-c: it's an airplane, in air force blue, with the presidential crest
BobS: jsut like the movie i thik
aimee: okay
rich-c: oh, Gerry Ford - no, I didnt
Judy: we do too, Guy
rich-c: actually we shouldnt have been so quick in and out - you held out on us about your local attractions
Judy: you can always come back, Rich
rich-c: we've been to teh Frank Lloyd Wright house, but didnt know about the gardens - Meijer Gardens?
aimee: Where is that?
rich-c: yes, should be your turn again around Adamcon 18
BobS: yup
BobS: nationally renowned too
Judy: I joined the garden this last week, went to an orcid show
BobS: although not very big....
rich-c: beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Aimee
aimee: I know we have alot of Wright Homes in Oak Park Ill.
aimee: Ahhhhhhh...thank you
BobS: Bouchard Gardens on the island are aLOT nicer
BobS: probably
rich-c: yes, we have visited Frank Llyod Wright's home in Chicago, and did a walking tour of the area
Guy B.: She's right that. My mom grew up in Oak Park.
BobS: or should we call it XOOXO.......or wahtever 18 is in zero's and one's
Guy B.: She knows where a lot of homes are that he designed.
rich-c: it would be 13h, I think
BobS: that's be hex
rich-c: Frances is a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan, Guy, and we have visited many of his buildings
BobS: we need some neat new kind of number here..........
Guy B.: Yes, I figured you did. My mom grew up in Oak Park, IL and she knows a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright.
BobS: like the square of convention 4.a or something
rich-c: give me a minute, working it out in binary is not my area of instant expertise
BobS: it is not ANY area of my expertise
BobS: and what is it you work with Aimee and how did guy and you meet?????
BobS: he is kind of elusive.......
aimee: Guy, why don't you tell them
BobS: e types too slow
Judy: he isn't telling me anything
(BobS reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
aimee: Well I am a nurse
BobS: cool!!!!!!
aimee: We met online
rich-c: what kind of nursing do you do, Aimee?
Guy B.: Ok, I wlll then. We met online thru Yahoo. We met last weekend.
rich-c: one of our regulars is a professor at Case Western
Guy B.: You had to that Bob.
BobS: I told ya Guy types too slow !!!!!!
aimee: I work on a GI liver, General Surgery floor
rich-c: his wife is a nurse - one of the only PhDs in pediatric nursing in the US
aimee: In Ohio?
aimee: Case Western?
BobS: yup.....Cleveland
rich-c: Cleveland, yes
aimee: Ahhhh
BobS: it is right near the Cleveland Clinc
aimee: I lived in Akron for a while
aimee: close to Cleveland
BobS: yup
rich-c: right, you would know that area then
aimee: Yes sir
rich-c: we have held a couple of conventions in Cleveland
BobS: 3 to be exact
aimee: Did you go to the Rock in Roll Hall of Fasme?
BobS: in Mentor, one is ????? and one near th airport in Clevaland
aimee: Fame even
rich-c: I even once attended teh race at Burke Lakefront Airport
BobS: nope never made that, didn't spend extra time whilest in town
rich-c: I didnt but I believe my daughter did
rich-c: she took an afternoon off to go exploring
Guy B.: We're going above freezing tomorrow.
aimee: I haven't been there, I was just wondering
aimee: Exploring is nice!
rich-c: yes, we have an optimistic forecast for the weekend
rich-c: there seems to be a bit of an upward bulge in the jet stream
BobS: snow late FRI and rain later ?????? not nice, but warmere than it has been
BobS: hope so Richard.....going to Florida last 2 weeks of Feb
rich-c: we get warm, I'll take a bit of wet
Guy B.: That's what were expecting here for the weekend.
BobS: want to wear SHORTS
Judy: I think I am going to call it a nite, I am getting very tired, talk to you next week and nice meeting you Aimee, hope you come back
BobS: been COLD down there. Judy's folks been freezing
aimee: Is it warm in Fla in Feb?
rich-c: depends on how far south you go in Florida, Bob
aimee: Nice meeting you also
Guy B.: I'm next foks. Aimee I'll meet you back on the IM.
aimee: Good Night
BobS: ok so I have to leave know how marriage is........
rich-c: I remember a Christmas Day in Ft. Lauderdale when it was 95 in the breeze on the beah
BobS: nice meetign you Aimee
aimee: Okay, well I guess that is my cue too
aimee: Nice meeting you all.
rich-c: good night Aimee, glad you came by
BobS: see you Geo and Rich an guy and......
aimee: :)
BobS: aimee and.......
BobS: poof !!!!!!!
aimee: Nite all
BobS left chat session
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Guy B.: I'll see you all next week then. Can't make it Saturday going into work.
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rich-c: well, looks like that's it
rich-c: you there, George?
George: yes
rich-c: ok, just wanted to say goodnight, maybe see you Saturday
George: nite Rich
rich-c: nite
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