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rich-c: test
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi Rich
rich-c: salut, Fred
changed username to George
FredK: ca va?
rich-c: je vais tres bien, merci. Et toi?
rich-c: Hi George
George: Hi Rich, Fred
FredK: Ca va bien merci!
FredK: Hi George
rich-c: both of you arrived at once
George: oh, no
rich-c: how is the family doing, Fred? Haven't heard much lately
FredK: Surviving a bad virus
rich-c: not the Norwalk, I hope!
FredK: Fever, Sinus that stuff...
FredK: dunno
rich-c: that's worrisome - babies have good defences, so when they get sick they get really sick
FredK: I brought the crap home, then to wifey then to baby
FredK: yes I was really worried about Meganne!
FredK: but she pulled through...
rich-c: picked it up at work, did you? very common this time of year
FredK: yes
FredK: hate it
FredK: have to wash my hands all the time, but then try avoiding door handles all the time!!
rich-c: fortunately since I worked in a school I got exposed to everything and eventually built up great defences
FredK: lucky you!
rich-c: also twigged to teh uses of heavy dosing of vitamin C - worked very well for me
FredK: Vitam. pills
rich-c: when I retired I had over a year and a half of unused sick leave built up
FredK: so did it give you earlier leave?
rich-c: no, but the board bought out half a year of it, which was a nice retirement bonus
rich-c: especially as I could roll it untaxed into an RRSP and that was when interest rates were 17%
FredK: when you say half a year you mean like half a week or so right?
rich-c: no, I mean I got six months pay as a bonus
FredK: WOW
rich-c: trust me, the school board got the better of the bargain
FredK: but still you never called sick at work ever?
FredK: how did you do that!
rich-c: have you any idea if I'd used the time what they would have paid for supply teachers?
FredK: I can imagine.
rich-c: sure I was sick at times, had a couple of episodes with back spasms that had me immobile for a week
rich-c: and once took six weeks off for a hernia operation plus recovery
FredK: been there!
rich-c: but basically I earned maybe 500 leave days and used 200 over a quarter-century and more
FredK: super that it was cumulative...
rich-c: but I suspect George is trying to figure out how we do that
rich-c: it helps to have a strong union - actually not a union, a professional association
rich-c: but because of teh supply issue it helped the employer to have it cumulative
FredK: they dont just do it for fun im sure...
rich-c: well, you get sick, the company can to teh job tomorrow
rich-c: work in a school and get sick, there still has to be a body in the room
rich-c: and there are quality issues with that replacement body, too - kids need continuity
FredK: I believe that!
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rich-c: anyway, that was long ago and far away, so to speak
George: kids adapt to change quickly
changed username to BobS
rich-c: greetings Robert
BobS: HALLO all
FredK: Hi Bob
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: they do, George, but not in the first hour or so
BobS: how's everyone??????
FredK: Alright!
rich-c: still on teh right side of the grass - how 'bout you-all?
BobS: yu[
George: they do it faster than I
BobS: yup
BobS: some kind of flulike thingy is working fulltime, but so far we are on the top side of it
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changed username to WB
WB: Hello All!
rich-c: yes, Fred has been having issues with that too, Bob
rich-c: hi Willie
FredK: Hi
George: Hi WB
BobS: YOU willieB
BobS: O
BobS: YO
BobS: got it right that time
rich-c: and all of us half-frozen tonoght, right?
George: i'm still getting mailing errors
BobS: no way......we are nto too bad for cold
rich-c: you mean on the Adam list, George?
George: yes
rich-c: don't worry about it - there's always someone changing his ISP and not telling anyone
rich-c: what do you mean not too bad for cold, Bob?
BobS: about 20 degrees f here.........not cold for winter
George: we have up and down temps here in philly
rich-c: actually you are right, Bob - in Toronto Feb. 5th is on average teh coldest day of the year
George: we feel our flashes
rich-c: well, I think you're sharing in our Arctic breakout right now, George
George: for a day
rich-c: from now on the average daily temperature starts back up again
BobS: hmm.........we are "average" which means nothing......can easily get to 0 Fahrenheit or below
rich-c: anyway we're between 10 and 15F at the moment and that is cold enough for me
George: in three months we head to the beach
BobS: yes........i agree
rich-c: I am still using the Mercury and it doesn't have a block heater
WB: And then you complain about the heat!
rich-c: as I recall, Willie, Chicago knows quite a bit about heat
George: Mercury is bad stuff
WB: Yes heat and humidity
rich-c: well, I wouldn't recommend drinking much, George
George: you get it in fish
BobS: just be nice to the old Merc Richard and it won't care if it has a heater
rich-c: you have more of a continental climate but we're downwind of the lakes which moderates things
WB: Mercury also known as quicksilver is poisonous
rich-c: well, put in winter oil and had it retuned so now it starts
FredK: you mean 5W30
rich-c: yes, Fred, normally it runs on 20W50
FredK: really!
George: where can one find an AT motherboard these days?
rich-c: it's a trailer hauler so gets really hot on a summer haul
BobS: heck, 2002 Mercury specifies 5W20 all year long.....BAD idea, I go along with Rich on 20W50 for summer
rich-c: in the dump, George; why do you ask?
BobS: Ebay George
FredK: ok summer but winter gives it rough start thats forsure!
BobS: naw, you gott to check Ebay, there is almost EVERYTNIGN there
rich-c: unless you've got heat breakdown issues, Bob, I'd say 50 is overmuch for most use
George: i need one that supports a P233 or higher processor
rich-c: hell, Geroge, any old used computer will have that
rich-c: our secondhand shops are full of P233 computers dirt cheap
FredK: me no less than 10:30 summer 5:30 winter, but climate is not the same...
George: but i still want to use my case
rich-c: depending on what you're driving, Fred, you might be able to get away with 5W30 year round
FredK: true
George: i did a google search all i could find is ATX
rich-c: so buy a junker and toss the case, George - it's no big deal
BobS: oh, the ford 460 love to drink oil and 20W50 cuts that way down
rich-c: ATX is the form factor, that is the size and location of screws
rich-c: yeah, but your 2002 Mercury ain't no 460, for sure
George: and different power supply connector
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changed username to DougS
BobS: right, it has a 260 something engine I think
FredK: that must haul.
BobS: works swell for pulling the boat
George: Hi Doug
rich-c: hello Doug, just in time to take over George's problem
DougS: hi all.
FredK: Hi
FredK: rich I copied my program on the basic in emulator
rich-c: if you have the full-size Mercury (don't know the model, it isnt sold here) it's a 4.6 litre engine - about 280 CID
rich-c: way to go Fred
FredK: it took a bit more info. then my original one, but soon came No more Room error....
rich-c: oh dear - still with you?
George: there is even a difference between the amd k6-2 500 and the p2ghz cases
rich-c: of course it would be - in emulation it thinks it's an Adam and doesnt see the memory really there
George: both ATX
FredK: yup, but I tried...
rich-c: well George, ATX simply defines the dimensions of the board
rich-c: I'm not sure it even describes where teh connetors are placed
George: and power supplies
DougS: actually ATX specifies 2 things. the direction in which the board resides and the power connector used from the power supply.
George: it does
DougS: normally an ATX case is wider than an AT case because the motherboard actually resides next to the power supply instead of under it.
rich-c: OK Doug - what is the difference in teh power supply connectors?
DougS: AT power supply uses a p8 and p9 connector. each with i think 7 pins.
DougS: an ATX power supply uses a single power connected with like 14 pins. normally an AT power supply does not supply 3.3 volts to the motherboard.
DougS: that was one of the big reasons to jump to ATX.
WB: Well Gentleman I have to be running. I am at work and I am heading home. Do not forget to e-mail me about those old newsletters.
DougS: the number of pins i would have to go down the basement to verify.
WB: Reach me at
BobS: be good Willie, and be careful out there!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: OK Willie, good to have you by, see you next week
WB: Good Knight!
FredK: bye Willie
WB left chat session
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm late....
rich-c: salut Daniel!
FredK: Salut Dan!
DougS: and now you have a new variation to ATX power supplies. the Pentium 4 rated power supplies also have a 4 pin square connector for the P4 chip.
George: the newer ATX power supply connectors are different from the first ATX connections too
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut
Daniel Bienvenu: i tried to chat with you saturday... but the web page doesn't work
rich-c: Daniel, I found a program called allchars that does more or less what you were telling me about
George: Hi Daniel
rich-c: yes, I tried to get on and it made my laptop go all weird
FredK: I must get going, have a good night all, take care!!
BobS: hiya Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Fred!
rich-c: went and tried the backup site but no one was there
George: nit Fred
BobS: nite Fred
rich-c: bonsoir, Fred - take it easy
Daniel Bienvenu: the backup site?
FredK left chat session
rich-c: yes, Rich Drushel has a chat site we use when Dale's isnt working
George: no one was at the backup site when i made it there
Daniel Bienvenu: i didn't find the link... it's in the web site?
rich-c: no, just one of those things we've gradually shared among ourselves, but sometimes forbet to pass on
George: there is a newer site that has the link
rich-c: but now you have it (see above)
rich-c: newer, George? that one was working Saturday
George: i think it's the new convention site
rich-c: well, yes, Ron has the convention site up, but it doesn't have a chat room
rich-c: Daniel: look at the program at - think it will interest you
BobS: bookmark this.......
BobS: got it all there
rich-c: you mean the links to the chat sites?
George: yes
George: i have it bookmarked
BobS: yes, AND MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: A.D.A.M. Svcs catalog, ADAM websites......ANN nl's...........
George: aol makes the bookmarks permanent
rich-c: by the way, did you notice that AOL is now losing customers, at last?
George: i've tried to get rid of a few bookmarks but they keep coming back like a bad habbit
rich-c: well, those of us who use reasonable ISPs have no problems with deletions at all
George: losing steve case did it
BobS: dat's right richard
DougS: george, you can use internet explorer with AOL, just minimize the AOL client and run IE.
rich-c: no, AOL was a disaster from the get-go
DougS: then you should have full control of your favorites.
George: at least he knew something about computers now the people in charge don't know squat
Daniel Bienvenu: i tried the allchars program... that's good
Daniel Bienvenu: but i already have a keyboard with accents
rich-c: judging by what you say you've been getting from AOL tech support, no one there never knew nothing never
Daniel Bienvenu: :p
rich-c: right, nevertheless thought you'd find it interesting since it applied your ideas
George: they knew how to screw up a computer
rich-c: and how to lie to the customers, yes
rich-c: Bob. go look at and see if they have this week's story on the Kenny Brown Mercury Marauder there - you'll like it
Daniel Bienvenu: yep! it's a good program there are many symbols i can't do with my kwyboard
rich-c: it is likely to be in the road tests - first look section
Daniel Bienvenu: oops... keyboards
BobS: have seen the Marauder .....we never change we want to race ont he streets
rich-c: I have it but it works erratically - I guess it's a case of RYFM
rich-c: this one's a bit special
rich-c: like, would you believe 460 bhp and rather more torque?
George: Ford is getting sued again this time by the police over Crown Vic
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: hi all
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DougS: hi pam
rich-c: that, George, is one of those blackmail suits based on nothing
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi daughter
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
George: hi Pam
Pamela: hi Guy
DougS: hi guy
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: Hi Pam
BobS: hi Guyu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Pamela: mmpph
BobS: Richard, somehow I do NOT think the cop would have backed off and let the Marauder go free
rich-c: remember. George, it doesnt matter what you are driving
George: the police get their way here
Guy B.: Gotten pretty cold again.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at the university and I think it's time to go.... I can stay a few minutes more.
rich-c: if you're hit by something big enough going fast enough, your gas tank will go
Pamela: brrr
BobS: turjn UP the heat Panm
BobS: Pam
Pamela: had this discussion Bob
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: right, Daniel, we'll try and be on one or the other site Saturday
Pamela: no control over the heat
Guy B.: You got two tonight from me.
George: some icecream?
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: be good Can
changed username to Aimee
Pamela: very funny George
rich-c: gee, everyone's arriving at once - hi Aimee
Guy B.: There she is.
Aimee: hi Rich
Aimee: Hi all
Daniel Bienvenu: and the other chat link (in the adamcon web site) or e-mail me.
BobS: YO Aimee
Daniel Bienvenu: add...
rich-c: Guy got you networked in with him?
George: Who? Who? who?
Aimee: YO BobS
Guy B.: While I'm chatting with all of you. I'm putting my printer on overtime.
Pamela: hullo Aimee
rich-c: what are you up to Guy?
Pamela: who are you?
George: hi Guy
BobS: are you going to pay it time and a half???????
Aimee: hullo Pamela
Guy B.: Pam, Aimee and I met online.
BobS: Mandy says HI
BobS: Judy is coming
Pamela: oh yes I remember now
rich-c: Daniel:,html
Guy B.: How is she doing Bob?
George: do I know Aimee?
BobS: ok I guess
Pamela: nice to meet you
Aimee: nice to meet you also
George: hi
Guy B.: How's Ryan doing?
Aimee: hi
rich-c: depends on whether you were paying attention last week, George
Pamela: sorry I'm slow, I'm trying to finish my bagel
BobS: Ryan is good !!!!
Pamela: Hi Mandy
Guy B.: Yeah Goerge. Do you remember who Aimee is????
BobS: 2 years old and showing it
rich-c: that's very encouraging, Bob
Guy B.: Great to hear that.
George: i was away for a while last week
Guy B.: Ok, I'll let you pass on that. Aimee and I met online.
George: my crohn's got the best of me
Aimee: how long have you had it?
Guy B.: Unless the weather's got to you.
George: since 1978
Aimee: wow
rich-c: no, Crohns is chronic, weather isnt a trigger
Guy B.: Oh George, Aimee's a nurse.
Aimee: long time
moved to room Meeting Place
George: yes i was 17
Pamela: there now I have faster fingers
rich-c: but still sticky?
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: How did you get it George?
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
George: a family cluster
Judy: hi, everyone
Pamela: Aimee, are you networked with Guy, or in a separate place?
Pamela: Hi, Judy
rich-c: looks like we've got everyone but Meeka tonight, Bob
Aimee: seperate
Guy B.: And Ron's not yet here either.
Pamela: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: may I ask a technical question about this chat?
Aimee: Hi Judy
rich-c: by all means
George: my mother and uncle had it
rich-c: go for it, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: why I didn't find the text of some of our chat session?
BobS: she is prolly lookign over Doug's shoulder
Guy B.: We'er waiting!
Judy: how is everyone?
George: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Oh Boy! Dale hasn't put any up for the past two years.
rich-c: essentially because Dale has been very lazy about posting it lately
Aimee: I am okay
DougS: actually she is on the other side of the room in some cross-stitch chat i think :) time to yell at her to get in chat.
George: i broke my windows 98 cd by mistake
Guy B.: If I'm right Daniel. The last log file Dale put up was around OCtober 2000.
Pamela: good one George - how did you manage that?
rich-c: how on earth did you manage to do that, George?
Guy B.: How did you do that George?
George: i sat on it
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: OOPs
changed username to Meeka
BobS: why break them?????? just "sail" them into the trach can
Meeka: ok,ok, I heard you was calling me :)
rich-c: hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Pamela: there she is - Hi, Meeka
Guy B.: You should always, ALWAYS, put your CD-Roms in their cases.
BobS: SAT ON IT, it si NOT a seast cushion you know
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Aimee: Hi Meeka
George: i didn't know it was there
Daniel Bienvenu: where is the one who talked to me in january about gooddealgame?
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
BobS: got eyes George??????
rich-c: we arent into tossing Windows 98 yet - if you know anyone who is, tell them to toss 'em my way!
moved to room Meeting Place
George: not always
changed username to <undefined>
Guy B.: Well now. You have to get a new one.
<undefined>: Mac-Ron
BobS: or live without the CD
BobS: HEY Geo,,,,GLUE it
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: Ron, hi - what
rich-c: Daniel, that was Scott Gordon in Colorado -, I think
Pamela: s going on?
BobS: hi mighty one !!!!!
<undefined>: yo !!
Daniel Bienvenu: undefined ? who you are?
Guy B.: Now, what if he makes changes to his system and it asks for the Win98 CD? Then he's in trouble.
<undefined> changed username to Mac=Ron
Pamela: not yet materialized Ron
rich-c: I think it's Ron - must be sunny out in BC so he doesnt recognize who he is ;-)
Pamela: ah, that's better
Mac=Ron: me
Guy B.: There he is. Mac-Ron
George: i still have the second edition updates cd though
Mac=Ron: large as life, twice as miserable
George: hi Ron
Pamela: what's causing you misery Ron?
Mac=Ron: just an expression Pamela...... happier than heck really
Judy: are you sick too Ron?
Pamela: okay, just checking
rich-c: well, if you have an original Win95 and the 98 update, you're all set
Pamela: Ron, have you found a hotel yet?
rich-c: what makes you so happy, Ron - seeing the sun?
Mac=Ron: nah..... I'm able to sit up and take nourishment - which I seem to do quite often
Guy B.: How is Win95 going to help him when he has Win98?
Aimee: 95 with 98 updates
Mac=Ron: sun..... actually, that was yesterday
rich-c: you need a 95 disc to use teh 98 update disc
Guy B.: Oh, wait a minute. George do you have the Win98 upgrade?
BobS: si senor
George: the only thing my second edition cd is good for is the upgrade to windows ME
rich-c: that's on a re-installation I'm talking about, of course
Mac=Ron: I see we have the full Slopsema contingent aboard this evening
Mac=Ron: And that's a good thing
Judy: yes, we are all here
George: hi Meeka
rich-c: you should have come earlier; you missed Willie and Fred
Guy B.: I have Win95 upgrade. An original Win95 AND Win98 SE. The Win95 original was to be for my old notebook which I sold. So, I now have an original Win95 CD.
Pamela: BTW, Erin sends greetings and hopes to be back on line next week
Mac=Ron: yeah, sorry about that - another of these evenings where I'm 6 places at once
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: I wonder what happened to her tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
Pamela: she is w/o wire at the moment
Mac=Ron: Whilst we are duly assembled
Pamela: Marie moved out and took her computer with her
rich-c: pray proceed
Guy B.: You have an annoucement Ron?
Pamela: (drumrolllllllll)
Mac=Ron: Who do I need to contact to make sure there is an afghan I can win at ADAMCON?
rich-c: Jean Stone
Judy: what is she up to tonight, Pam
Guy B.: Well, Jean Stone is the gal you looking for.
Mac=Ron: ok. anybody got an e-mail for Jean
rich-c: (vast amounts of silence)
Pamela: I spent a loooong time on the phone with my aunt tonite and only got Rin at the tail end so not much but she sends her love
Guy B.: Wish I knew myself.
Judy: Bob does
Mac=Ron: I had it I know.... but that was at least several computers ago
Guy B.: Fork it over José.
BobS: think it is OR com
(Guy B. gives Aimee a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: trouble is, she never seems to get most of the emails....or she ignores them
Aimee: thanks
Mac=Ron: ok - will try that
Guy B.: You welcome.
DougS: guessing it is
Guy B.: Darn fingers tonight.
DougS: does not have a website defined.
rich-c: while we are on teh topiMel Ostler gave us his email address when he was on a few weeks back
Mac=Ron: AC Website was updated over last weekend, in case anyone hasn't looked yet
Guy B.: Been typing too much at work this week.
rich-c: I wrote it down then lost it - can anyone help?
BobS: send email to jstone@ AND also AND
Pamela: 123 etc
BobS: somewthing will bounce
Guy B.: I have to update my website. Besides, I'll have that Dcopy32 update done shortly. Been doing alot of things around here.
Aimee: Good Night all!
Aimee left chat session
Pamela: Aimee, going so soon?
rich-c: nite Aimee, come back soon
Mac=Ron: was it something I said Aimee?
Pamela: wow, she left in a hurry
Judy: night Aimee
Mac=Ron: too late
Pamela: nice lady, Guy
BobS: READY ???????????
Pamela: 123456 etc
BobS: Mell Ostler's email taht is
Judy: did you go out with her yet Guy?
Guy B.: Thanks. We have had two dates already. She's probably tired from working today.
rich-c: that's Mel? OK, got it
Pamela: : (
Judy: good for you
BobS: in person Guy ????? or onthe puter?????
Guy B.: Bob, what do you think?
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm back...
BobS: don't know....computers a real neat ya know
Mac=Ron: Hi Daniel, ca va bien?
Guy B.: Of course, in person.
George: zoo tycoon is good
BobS: well Guy......if she has met you in person and talked to your nutty friends online and still is talkign to you, she must be alright
Pamela: hey, we resemble that remark
Mac=Ron: Right On Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Mac=Ron, ça va et toi?
Mac=Ron: bien monsieur, merci
Pamela: someone pass the backscratcher please
George: CUT the French Please
Daniel Bienvenu: monsieur? ... je me sens vieux ...
Guy B.: Gee Bob, Thanks.
Mac=Ron: ok.
rich-c: just call up a kitty - they're real good at scratching
Judy: yes, I could use it tooo pam
Pamela: there's a spot just under my right shoulder that's been driving me nuts
George: after today we don't need any French
Daniel Bienvenu: George doesn't like french language?
rich-c: sorry, George, all cultured people will use foreign phrases often
Mac=Ron: I was out all day killing off dead blackberry bushes...... them critters fight back, I may yet bleed to death
Pamela: remember there's a difference between the French and the Quebecois, George
Daniel Bienvenu: George didn't know this : 80% of english words came from french language.
rich-c: George is an American, doesnt want to know agbout anyone else
Mac=Ron: We anglais tend to borrow a lot
Daniel Bienvenu: so George hates 80% of english language? hehehe
George: i'm not too keen on english either
Pamela: Ron, did you forget your armour?
Guy B.: Even though I don't speak or read French. I have to read letters from France every now and then and sometimes I can figure out what they are telling me.
Mac=Ron: every time Pamela. I should be wearing the armour, but never remember it
rich-c: lessee - blackberry, that's like raspberry with longer thorns?
Pamela: what would your mother say?
Mac=Ron: she's still laughing
Daniel Bienvenu: George talks spannish?
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: these days, Guy, you can even get a crude "instant translation" on the 'net
George: got brandy?
Mac=Ron: "told ya," said she, "you must listen to your mother," said she
Pamela: she who must be obeyed?
Guy B.: I use one at work. Actually I know of two of them. and there's one on Lycos.
Mac=Ron: :)
Guy B.: German is the hard one.
Pamela: i want a sweatshirt that says that
rich-c: I believe Alta Vista has one or a link too
Mac=Ron: this is the same one who constantly barks her shins on the dishwasher door
Daniel Bienvenu: AltaVista? .. Babelfish?
Pamela: Babelfish is the one I've heard of
Judy: doesn't everyone do that, Ron
George: huh?
Pamela: not me (no dishwasher)
Judy: they are killers
Mac=Ron: (Mac=Ron opens a can of Diet Pepsi)
rich-c: Babelfish is the one I've heard of though I've had no cause to use it
Pamela: poor me
(S enjoys the flowers.)
BobS: nicht wahr, Guy
Judy: too cold needed something hot, tea
rich-c: right now I'm looking for one that will do me a Latin translation
Pamela: into or out of latin?
George: what is bablefish?
Mac=Ron: I do - the diswasher door when open is right at shin level
rich-c: jnto Latin
Judy: can cause a bad word
Pamela: why?
Daniel Bienvenu: babelfish is the name of an automatic translater in the internet. Go to the Altavista web site
Pamela: there's a good example of cause and effect, Judy
rich-c: I'm having a problem; I need force as a verb
George: oh
Judy: and the bruise comes later
Pamela: oh yes, there's always a bruise
Mac=Ron: exactly, Judy
Pamela: I have a collection of those myself
Pamela: most of the time I don't know where I get them
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go now... bye! aurevoir!
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: good night! bonne nuit!
Pamela: a bientot
George: bye Dan
Daniel Bienvenu: see you soon! a bientôt!
Judy: it is also the right height for Ryan to sit on to watch
Mac=Ron: stay well sir
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Judy: bye Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: *pouf* *poof*
Mac=Ron: hadn't thought of that.... been too long since we had a little person around
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BobS: bye again Dan
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: is it safe for him to sit on Judy?
Judy: Bob didn't think it was a good idea
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: sorry folks hit the wrong key and killed my display
Mac=Ron: probably would strain the hinge if it happened to often
Judy: no, we didn't think so but he did
Guy B.: Doug, got a question for you. I have WinNT on my Dell. Would it be worth upgrading to Win2000?
DougS: depends on the speed, amount of memory, and hd space of the dell
DougS: i prefer win2k or winxp to nt4 primarily due to the plug and play support of devices.
Guy B.: The Dell is a P II at 400 with 128mb.
Mac=Ron: Plug and Pray
DougS: win2k would be good. would not recommend winxp on a 400 unless it has 192mb or more of RAM
Guy B.: I use Win2000 at work and I like it.
DougS: the usb support is pretty good.
DougS: some devices work better than others. scanners seem to suck generally all around.
Guy B.: That's why I was thinking of. The Dell has USB ports and I may want to use them.
DougS: i use a usb optical mouse almost all the time.
DougS: got a usb keyboard at work that is cool too.
Pamela: as opposed to the traditional PS2 connection?
Guy B.: I won the Dell from work and it came with WinNT and some software they threw including a free office suite.
DougS: win2k is much more stable than win98 so if you are planning on a reload i would recommend win2k if possible.
rich-c: I prefer to use teh PS2 ports for mouse and keyboard and leave teh USB ports open
George: i have a usb mouse i put ps/2 adapter on it
Mac=Ron: Is there not a problem with Win 2k and "legacy "software?
Mac=Ron: Tried it once here, and it was fine for a while, then started giving me "Stop" messages -- my Mac Networking software, it didn't like
DougS: depends on the "legacy" software you are referring to.
Guy B.: I have a network connection between the Athlon with Win98 and the Dell. I'm able to access the drives thru the Dell, but trying it from the Dell to the Athlon has been a headache.
rich-c: yes, the Logitech optical mice come with a USB->PS2 adapter
DougS: hehe mixing the work microsoft and macintosh is a bad idea anyway ron.
Pamela: Doug, have you tried teh wireless mice or keyboards?
Mac=Ron: turns out the Win 2k version of my PCMac Lan software would cost another $100 or so us to Upgrade. Haven't done it yet
Judy: Meeka, Katelynn had a bloody nose that was her problem this morning
Mac=Ron: that should be US, not us
Meeka: thats good, it was nothing serious then
Mac=Ron: goes with my scratched up arms
Judy: no, guess not
George: usb is nice cause i can get easy extender cables and the ps/2 adapter gives me DOS functionality
rich-c: Ron, go to Lindows - they have a special $50 this week
DougS: played around with a wireless keyboard/mouse combo called a surfboard. worked relatively well, but not really needed when i use a laptop most of the time.
Mac=Ron: meanwhile - back in the museum
Guy B.: Well folks, I might as well check the e-mail. I might be able come on Saturday. I'm working on Saturday, but only for about 3 1/2 hours then I have an appointment with my hair stylist. Otherwise, if I'm not there, see you all next week.
Mac=Ron: This week I was given a 386/40
rich-c: OK Guy, hope you can make it
BobS: ok Guy see ya later
Judy: bye Guy
Mac=Ron: and told the word 'no' was not an option
Meeka: night
Mac=Ron: niters Guy
BobS: WOW a real smoker
George: nite Guy
DougS: depending on the bios, you can have legacy usb support for keyboards and mice.
Mac=Ron: yeah eh?
rich-c: hey Ron, that's the real hot-rod version of the 386 - can you handle such power?
Guy B. left chat session
Mac=Ron: gonna be tough
Mac=Ron: 8 meg of RAM
Mac=Ron: Think I'll put Jeff's OS/2 Warp on it
rich-c: well, as long as you have a copy of Win 3.1 around, you're laughing
Pamela: oooh, I'm jealous
Mac=Ron: been lookin for a place to hang that
Mac=Ron: Thinkin' it's time for another recycle day around here
Pamela: Dad, I installed Belarc Advisor and now I have a question. Should my graphics card not show up under multimedia?
George: with the usb my mouse wouldnt work in Dos when i added the ps/2 adapter it worked
rich-c: hold on, I'll look
Mac=Ron: Anyway good people, I must away
Pamela: already Ron, you just got here
Mac=Ron: time for my next slice of retirement
George: nite Ron
Judy: night Ron
BobS: well keep us up on matters Ron
DougS: need to go in the bios of your machine george. but not all bios versions allow legacy usb mouse support.
Mac=Ron: be well all -
Pamela: whoops, Dad dumped himself
Mac=Ron: yup, Bob
Pamela: Nite Ron
DougS: later ron.
Mac=Ron: :)
Mac=Ron left chat session
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George: mine won't allow it
changed username to rich-c
DougS: looked for a new bios for your pc?
Pamela: any luck Dad?
rich-c: must be getting senile - second time I've made that error tonoght
rich-c: Pam, it should show in "Display" just above "multimedia"
Pamela: ok, hold on a sec - lemme check
George: i got the most recent but it's 2000 bios date
DougS: that would explain it. i think they started adding that around mid 2001.
Pamela: It says SiS 530 Display adapter. Is that upgradeable?
rich-c: can't tell, Pam, I've never been inside your machine
George: epox doesn't have one after that for this board
rich-c: maybe Doug can tell you; he may know what an IBM looks like inside
Pamela: Doug, any thoughts?
DougS: big blue? i try to stay away from name brand pc's myself.
Judy: cute, Doug
DougS: about half the name brand pc's on the market allow you to disable the internal video card and add a newer, better one.
rich-c: does IBM run towards video cards on-board or in slots, do you know?
BobS: oh heck theya re all pink inside, just like people, aren't they???????
DougS: most of the name brands like to build video cards into the board.
George: it has some quirks with pci sound cards too
Pamela: so in order to upgrade, I need a new motherboard?
rich-c: so it will be a question whether the existing unit can be disabled and a card installed
DougS: probably can't just do that. name brands normally don't use generic cases either.
Meeka: ok, I am outta here, talk to you all next week :):)
Pamela: nite Meeka - have a good one
BobS: bye Meeka
rich-c: nite Meeka
George: nite Meeka
Judy: bye meeka, did you get any good buys tonight
BobS: Pam, just drop it from the window to the sidewalk and then get a newer one
rich-c: Pam, did you get any sort of manual with that thing?
Meeka: ya, Sherri found a pattern
Meeka: no floss on sale though
Judy: bummer
Pamela: can't afford to do that Bob (not that I'm not tempted from time to time)
DougS: hmm. 110volt ac hooked to telephone jack of modem would be just like lightning right?
Pamela: yeah, I got a manual Dad but haven't seen it recently
Pamela: why?
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: well, you could bring it over and maybe we could work out what you can and cant do
Pamela: first I have to find it - which means I have to clean out the back room -which means it'll be about six months
DougS: give rich the model and machine number and he should be able to get spec's from ibm's site.
Judy: how much stuff do you have in the back room
Pamela: waaay too much
rich-c: judy, she's my daughter - do you have to ask?
Pamela: theres' a path from the door to teh computer and the window
Judy: oh, the computer room that explains it
BobS: well there must be some truth in that Rich
BobS: puter has it's OWN room ?????????
Pamela: computer/library/dumping ground/storage
rich-c: but yes, Pam, if you can give me the exact model number maybe I can find answers
Judy: one computer begets another and on and on
BobS: I think they ahve baby
rich-c: except around our place they tend to be twins - or triplets - or quads - or...
Pamela: IBM 2170275
Pamela: Aptiva
Judy: at least that is what happened around here
Pamela: I only have one
Pamela: but wait, I lie - I still have the 486, just don't know if it survived Y2K
Judy: well, you need to get with the program
rich-c: Pam, CPU is P? 450
Pamela: oh, and the laptop from work (blush)
rich-c: it likely did, Pam
Pamela: AMD K6-2 466 mhz
Judy: see what i mean
BobS: course it did...OR I can give you a simple year patch, OR you can simply put it back to 1975 and it won't know the difference
BobS: computers are DUMB
rich-c: any other prefixes, suffixes, etc. that might give me an extra clue, Pam?
BobS: so's Bill G
Pamela: checking - hang on
Pamela: such as? I have advisor open
BobS: computers are like babies, when they need a diaper change, jsut dump 'em unsode down
BobS: upside
Pamela: this puter's a strange one anyway - it's an american PC, reconditioned I think, and then imported and sold in Canada
rich-c: it's OK, Pam, with the URL Doug just gave me wed should be OK
Pamela: well let me know if you have any success
Pamela: I wouldn't know what to look for
Pamela: BTW, thanks Doug
George: there is no such thing as an American pc
rich-c: well, we just need to know if you have a removable or built-in video card
DougS: isn't that when an american assembles the parts? :)
Pamela: wanna bet? Just try to get this beast warrantied
George: take a look at where the parts came from
Pamela: when I first got it, the CD ROM didn't work. Called IBM Canada - they said it's an American model
Pamela: Called IBM in the States, they said - oh no, we can't warranty it - it was purchased in Canada. GRRRRRR.
rich-c: that's OK, in the first few months the dealer does the warranty stuff anyway
Pamela: irrelevant now anyway, it's out of warranty
Pamela: problem was Dad, I couldn't find the !@#$ receipt
Judy: you could keep your snow up there they are saying we are getting snow from Canada
rich-c: anyway, daughter, I'm not sure you realize just how cheap new 'puters are these days
Pamela: I'm not sure you realize how little disposable cash I have, Dad
rich-c: let's say I am aware that it is an issue
DougS: well, time to say goodnight guys.
rich-c: Comox won't come cheap and will come soon
rich-c: nite Doug and thanks for the advice
Judy: night Doug
Pamela: well, until I pay off you, the dentist, & the endodontist I can't do anything
Pamela: nite Doug -thanks for your assistance
DougS left chat session
George: now our utilities are going to charge us extra for paying our bills on time
rich-c: maybe we need to talk about your options - plan for the time when
Pamela: huh?
Pamela: you mean re the computer?
Judy: well, time to call it a night, talk to you all next week
rich-c: that sounds like my car insurance - it's cheaper on monthly pay than single annual cheque
George: surcharge mania
rich-c: night Judy
Pamela: g'nite Judy
rich-c: you're right, George - it's disgraceful
BobS: time to go here to guys and gals
Pamela: Nite, Bob
Judy left chat session
George: nite Judy
rich-c: right Bob, nite then
BobS: see ya next week UNLESS I can remember on Sat and talk doug into it
BobS: Auf Wiedersehen !!!!!!
rich-c: OK, maybe we'll get lucky
BobS left chat session
George: i'm going too nite all
Pamela: g'nite George
Pamela: take care
rich-c: nite George, see you Saturday
George: poof
George left chat session
Pamela: what did you mean, Dad?
rich-c: guess that just leaves us, daughter
rich-c: anyway yes, I meant talk about your computer options
Pamela: oh. I want to do that and soon. I miss you guys.
rich-c: by the way, does your laptop have a modem?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: OK, I got a 56AK so my 33.6 is now surplus
Pamela: well, it's not mine anyway don't forget
Pamela: it belongs to the company
rich-c: true, though why the company wants it I'm not at all sure
Pamela: besides, for some reason I prefer the desktop
Pamela: mine is not to reason why
rich-c: wait six months more and they'll have to pay you to remove it
Pamela: if I can pry it out of Russell's hot little fist
rich-c: fortunately, your mother has her own desktop, so I can have mine most of the time
Pamela: a two computer household would be nice - I'm sure we'll get there eventually.
rich-c: for the record, our plans: tomorrow, your mother has a dentist appointment
rich-c: Friday we may go up to the RV show and even have dinner out
Pamela: don't think it will be till next week anyway - Russell is off this weekend
rich-c: Saturday I will be home, your mother will be at a library school do
rich-c: Sunday, haven't seen the racing schedule yet so plans unknown
Pamela: where's the RV show?
rich-c: up at teh Congress Centre on Dixon Road - admission free, it's a dealr show
Pamela: well, if you decide you want to try Le Bifteque, I recommend patience and reservations
rich-c: even quite early in teh evening?
Pamela: even with a reservation on a Tuesday night, we ended up waiting almost an hour
Pamela: was worth it, but you have to have the patience for it
Pamela: don't know about early, we didn't get there till 8:00
rich-c: I will take teh warning to heart - and likely end up at Tuckers
Pamela: can't go wrong with that.
rich-c: we've been there before and found it worthy
Pamela: yes, it's one of our many regular haunts
Pamela: anyway Dad, it's past my bedtime so I'd better go
rich-c: OK see you then whenever
rich-c: take care meantime
Pamela: I'll get my head out of the clouds and call you soon
rich-c: right - nite now
Pamela: nite - sweet dreams.
Pamela: poof
rich-c left chat session
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