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George: hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi George!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm too earlier this time?
George: where is Rich?
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Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know
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Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich
George: i was first
rich-c: Hi George, salut Daniel
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: sorry I'm late, but the laptop needs reconfiguration
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem!
rich-c: not once I figure out what's wrong, but until I do, it's a problem
George: we got 7" of new snow
rich-c: hey, you did better than we did - we've had only tiny flurries
rich-c: it was supposed to be cloudy with flurries today but so far we've had bright sunshine
George: we are sunny too
rich-c: the difference is, George, soon your will be melting
George: not at 24F
rich-c: our forecast is high -6C for the next few days - low about -14C
Daniel Bienvenu: Here... it's cloudy too... and cold
rich-c: well, you're into Winter Carnival season now, n'est-ce pas?
Daniel Bienvenu: I received an answer from someone who build a multicart. he asked me to do a menu for his maulticart and the result still in WIP.
Daniel Bienvenu: rich : Yeah! it's the "Carnaval de Québec"
rich-c: you mean, he can do teh hardware but needs help with the software programming?
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: how long dow the carnaval last, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: rich : yeah! he needed help because he can't produce the software menu himself
George: i wish they would ship my neighbor that lives above me to IRAQ
Daniel Bienvenu: I will search this information in the carnaval web site
rich-c: interesting - there is a SmartBASIC program around, Multicart backup, that should work on firmware too I would guess
rich-c: cheaper to ship a rug for him from Iraq, George
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! the carnaval started in january 31... and will stop after Valentine's day
George: no, i want to get rid of them
rich-c: just the two weeks - I had thought it ran longer
rich-c: like, the Ice Hotel runs what - mid-December to mid-March or such?
Daniel Bienvenu: the Ice Hotel... I have no information about that.
George: oops
rich-c: it gets a lot of publicity from the Tourist Bureau, but doesnt expect much local trade, I suspect
rich-c: feeling a bit pleased with myself today
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw the ice hotel two times during the news in january.
George: it's lost on me
rich-c: so it is getting some local attention, then
rich-c: it's simple, George: each winter they build a hotel out of ice
George: not for me
Daniel Bienvenu: About the multicart , There still problem with the multicart. to access again the menu, we can't do a reset... we have to do a "POWER OFF".
rich-c: you sit on ice=block seats to drink at the ice-block bar
rich-c: a full power-off, not just a soft reboot?
George: i don't even like the idea of an igloo
rich-c: hate to admit it but it's so long since I played with a multicart tape I've forgotten how it works
Daniel Bienvenu: web page for the ice hotel :
rich-c: there you are, George, you can get pictures and see how it works
Daniel Bienvenu: but I'm talking about a cartridge "multicart" not a tape.
George: NO!
rich-c: to pick up the url, highlight it and press control-c to copy it to the clipboard
rich-c: my guess, Daniel, would be that it would work the same on tape, disc or cartridge ROM
rich-c: George: then clear you address bar, put the cursor full left, and press control-v
rich-c: after all basically what you are doing is burning the contents of a disc or tape into firmware
Daniel Bienvenu: the software I have done seems to not reset well to start the selected game. Exemple : With Mr Do! there are ramdom characters on the titlte screen and a noise came out the sound chip.
rich-c: that sounds like it is not loading quite properly - it can happen with a defective cart I know
George: i don't understand a word of it
rich-c: you play games on the Adam, don't you, George?
George: not now
George: i forget
rich-c: don't you remember plugging in a cartridge and pulling reset to get going?
George: its been a long time
Daniel Bienvenu: Or, maybe the NMI interupt could interfer during the process to select the game. But I change the reg values to stop the NMI calls.
rich-c: I wonder, Daniel, if any of your problem comes from the interposition of the management layer between the bus and the individual games
George: pci sound stinks
rich-c: all the original games wr4e one to a cartridge - if you wanted two, you got a double-ended cartridge
Daniel Bienvenu: I kown you have disk images with a loader with ColecoVision games. If only I can look at the "loader".
rich-c: am I right that games plug into the bus directly and use only part of the operating system?
rich-c: the loader I use is Multicart Backup, part of the Practical Utilities suite
Daniel Bienvenu: I have dsk files with a loader and CV games. But I can't read well the binary code.
rich-c: at one time I think Guy LaForest, from down a bit easst of you somewhere, did a multi-boot program for BASIC
rich-c: you're saying you need the BASIC code or at least assembler; a higher level
rich-c: do you have an Adam up and running, Daniel? and does it have disc or tape drive?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have two adam standalone with one tape. the disk drive still not working. but I tested the dsk files with an emulator.
rich-c: I am not clear on that - can you use physical disc files with the emulator?
Daniel Bienvenu: no I can'T
Daniel Bienvenu: my disk drive for the adam doesn't work
rich-c: that's what I had thought - and more's the pity
rich-c: it is possible to persuade the floppy drive in a DOSbox to read and write in the Adam format - that's how Dr.D's program works
Daniel Bienvenu: programs lie dcopy?
Daniel Bienvenu: lie?.. like
rich-c: I was thinking more about Adamserve, where you use an old DOSbox as an Adam server
rich-c: I'm not knowledgable enough about DCOPY to say anything
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose we will have a big discussion next time with dr.d
rich-c: yes, or you could fire him an email and see if he has time to answer
rich-c: Guy I believe wrote DCOPY and some of the other utilities so maybe you could ask him too
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer an instant reply by using a chat room like this one
rich-c: I sympathize with that - but then, I'm old enough to remember when letter was fastest because telegram and phone were too expensive
rich-c: I still think email is the greatest thing since sliced bread
Daniel Bienvenu: with all the spam, someone can erase your e-mail without reading it.
George: its not so great with spam
rich-c: well, I have a spam filter that isn't the owrld's greatest, but keeps things managable
George: phooey
rich-c: of course I do not post to newsgroups so there's nothing for the 'bots to pick up
rich-c: and I have a couple of expendable addresses I can use if I'm suspicious of someonne
George: TV stinks now
rich-c: I wouldn't say that; I plan to ring off in about ten minutes to go watch the first event of SpeedWeek
George: i'd rather watch a XXX video
rich-c: to each his own
George: which is about the last thing
George: i'll play zoo tycoon
rich-c: well, the really big event is next weekend, the Daytona 500
rich-c: I don't have the patience for long games; Freecell is about my limit
rich-c: anyway, I'm going to have to go get the satellite and tv set up, so I must leave now
rich-c: see you two on Wednesday, I trust
George: yes, i'm about to go
rich-c: OK, to both, au revoir
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George: bye Rich, Daniel
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