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rich-c: salut, Daniel
daniel bienvenu: salut
rich-c: assez froid, aujourd'hui?
daniel bienvenu: oui
rich-c: c'est l'hiver bien sur ce semaine
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changed username to Roberto WARM
Roberto WARM: howdy ya'll
Roberto WARM: am heading to FL and warm weather!!!!
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Roberto WARM: Y(O)
rich-c: this is not the day to rub it in
changed username to Judy
Roberto WARM: tis true, what did ya get??????
Roberto WARM: had blizzard here last night
Roberto WARM: Judy was driving in it
Judy: hello, Daniel and Rich
Roberto WARM: said it sucked
daniel bienvenu: hello
rich-c: hi Judy
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rich-c: yes we had heavy flurries and about -10C last night
Roberto WARM: this morning there was a LO%T of snow to clean up
rich-c: car started OK this morning but the road was slippy
changed username to George
George: Hi Everyone
rich-c: they are calling for -20C (about -4F) tonight - BRRR
rich-c: hi George, didnt see you arrive
Roberto WARM: said it was "thundersnow" kind of like a tornado picked up moisture over the lake and then made snow and dumped over the lakeshore here
Roberto WARM: even had lightning and thinder some places I guess
Judy: it was awful last night and I was out in the worst of it
George: Boy!!!, what a day
rich-c: sounds like you had a little warm pocket did you in
Roberto WARM: think we are staying above 0 F tonight
Roberto WARM: something, it snowed liek heck
daniel bienvenu: i'm waiting for scott ... i need to talk to him
Judy: had a meeting at church and when I got out there was about 6 inches of snow on my car
Roberto WARM: hi Geo
Roberto WARM: IF scott shows up daniel
Judy: hi george
rich-c: Scott said he would be irregular here for a while - now back at school
rich-c: also said something about letting his website coast, no time to update
George: whiteout conditions caused over 500 accidents in PHILLY AREA this morning
rich-c: hey, sounds like you folks had a real fun time down there
Judy: I wouldn't say that
rich-c: we had whiteouts all over southern Ontario all day, but our folks are more used to them
Judy: you couldn't get used to this mess
George: repair and body shops in crisis
Roberto WARM: same od weather front out of the artic I think
Roberto WARM: old
rich-c: yes, today's weather map shows a big bulge of really cold air
Judy: you should keep that Canadian air up there
rich-c: anyway, Bob, when are you folks going to Florida and for how long?
George: we only got a dusting of snow
Roberto WARM: leaving Fri AM and coming home Mar 1
Judy: we got 11inchess
Roberto WARM: so will prolly miss a couple weeks
George: just a sort burst
rich-c: yes, you'll miss the 19th and 26th unless you log on from Florida
rich-c: maybe you should take a laptop along - does netzero have a POP whre you'll be?
Judy: we will be taking two laptops
rich-c: George, sometimes it isnt how much snow that matters
rich-c: we barely got a fraction of an inch today but it was nasty
Judy: we set up with aol for the time we will be down there
Roberto WARM: yep they do and we have a freebie AOL account too!!!!!
rich-c: the temperature was very low - -10C as the high (about +12F)
Roberto WARM: expires the end of April
rich-c: the salt truck made two passes along our street but almost no impact
Roberto WARM: was that temp here today and got a few dr=egrees warmer and now on thea wya down again
Roberto WARM: salt???????/
Judy: the plow didn't even get to our street today
George: i didn't think i was going to make it tonight, i spent 1,271 min. download 2 disks of redhat linux 8.0
Roberto WARM: haven't even seen a plow on our street
rich-c: yes, the snow half-melts then re-freezes and slides out from under your tires
rich-c: Toronto has a bare roads policy - we use so much salt I'm expecting sharks i Lake Ontario any day now
Judy: it wasn't too bad out there today but all the schools around were closed
rich-c: any snowfall under four inches they use salt - more, out come the ploughs
George: i'll have to leave by 10:00pm tonight
Roberto WARM: and the salt EATS your cars, polutes the lake and makes a genereal mess
rich-c: you noticed!!!
Judy: they do both here all the time but they were doing the main drags today only
Roberto WARM: under 4" salt only???????
rich-c: generally, yes; seems to do the job most days
Judy: we use salt and dirt makes a real mess
rich-c: though today even with maybe 1/4" it didnt - too cold
George: hi Daniel
daniel bienvenu: hi george
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daniel bienvenu: i'm quiet... i'm waiting...
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hallo
Judy: hi Pam
Roberto WARM: HALLO Pamela
Pamela: Hi Bob - why are you warm?
Judy: we are leaving Friday for Florida
George: a good place for downloads is
Pamela: ah, anticipated warmth - got it
Roberto WARM: NOT colder than a welldiggers auger here
Roberto WARM: GONNA be warm
Roberto WARM: FL here we come
Judy: and after last night we need it
Pamela: how cold?
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi, George
Roberto WARM: bout what you got and 11" of snow last night
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
Pamela: oh, lovely
Roberto WARM: NOT
Pamela: DON'T send it here
Roberto WARM: aw shucks
Judy: with 50 mile a hour winds
Roberto WARM: had a special valentine's order in for ya]
rich-c: the winds we got
Pamela: gee, thanks for the thought - can I return it and get something else?
Judy: was awful I was out driving in it
Pamela: why were you out driving in it?
Pamela: ???
rich-c: you should arrive just in time for teh Daytona 500, Bob
Roberto WARM: sure, you can pick what you want for winter weather
Judy: had a meeting last night at church
Roberto WARM: now, now, no peeking and no war requests
Roberto WARM: warm
Pamela: well, that's just no fun Bob
Roberto WARM: nope bypassing that Richard
Judy: were in the basement and was it a supprise when we came out
rich-c: you're likely right, George, but you folks elected teh guy
Pamela: yeah, I'll bet it was
Roberto WARM: weather forecasters were surprised also
Pamela: I love it when that happens - they're so smug
Judy: 6'' of snow on my car and you couldn't see anything
rich-c: well then if you go over to St. Pete's you can catch the CART race on the 23rd ;-)
Pamela: face it Bob, you're not going to get away from the races
Roberto WARM: get this.......predicted warm snowless type winter....last night we got to within 2 " or normal winter and it is only Feb 12
rich-c: it's easy, Judy, just take your brush and sweep it off
Roberto WARM: heck Geo, they are already panicking.......stupidly
Pamela: Dad doesn't approve of driving by the braille system
rich-c: no it won't, George, they haven't got over the 2001 panic yet - no room for more
Pamela: now I know where I got it from
Judy: it was adding up on the side you weren't on
Roberto WARM: drive by the carnival "bumper car" system
Pamela: I'd rather keep all my fenders intact, thank you
Judy: me too!!!
Pamela: speaking of cars, have you got the van back yet Dad?
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changed username to Scott
Pamela: Hi, Scott
Scott: Hello
rich-c: use caution, care, and courtesy - and when all else fails, HIT SOMETHING CHEAP
Judy: hi Scott
Roberto WARM: hi Scott
George: don't forget the plastic and duct tape
Scott: Hello, hello...
daniel bienvenu: heelo scott
rich-c: ah, Scott, welcome - Daniel's been looking for you
Pamela: It's already plastic, or parts of it are anyway
daniel bienvenu: i'm waiting for you
daniel bienvenu: we need to talk
Pamela: however, so far have avoided the duct tape
Scott: Hi Daniel, I see that you've talked to Mike
Scott: Oh yeah -- Big News
daniel bienvenu: yeah ... but i want to talk to you
Pamela: ooo, that sounds ominous Daniel
George: Hi Scott
Pamela: Dad - the van?
daniel bienvenu changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Scott: I was told 4 weeks ago that I would need to look for another job within TRW
rich-c: not yet, Pam - have to needle John tomorrow
Pamela: oh now what?
Roberto WARM: gonna have it for 2005 Xmas season Pam
Scott: I will be taking a Networking job on the other side of Denver in the Lakewood area.
Scott: At least it's big news for me :)
Roberto WARM: good for yo Scott
Roberto WARM: an administrator, eh?
Pamela: at this rate, you're right Bob - he's had it for quite a while
Pamela: congrats, Scott
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah.. good for you
George: there will be no 2005
rich-c: I thought the idea of networking was to allow you to do the job while staying put
Scott: I will be working on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) project under the Dept of the Interior
Roberto WARM: we will all be there Geo, too bad you won't make it....... :-(
Scott: So what's going on?
Pamela: George, why are you such a pessimist?
Scott: Possible war with Iraq?
Scott: Etc, etc...
rich-c: you mean you're going to be a dreaded Government Bureaucrat?
Scott: No, just working for them
Pamela: or worse, a Civil Servant?
Scott: I will still be TRW, er, Northrop Grumman
George: not after N. Korea bombs the west coast
rich-c: glad you didnt say "with" them - I've heard it's - uh, challenging
Scott: And I get to stay within the company awhile longer.
Scott: Very challenging.
Scott: I will be shielded, to some extent.
Pamela: well, you have the language down pat at least : )
Scott: I'm working on it.
Scott: So Dan -- let's talk
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott, we need to talk about Coleco Gamepack.
Scott: Sure.
rich-c: yes, a good dose of Advanced Bureaucratic Mandarin
Pamela: tee hee
Scott: I know Mike wants to put his GDG name on your gamepack
Scott: Probably only doable as a text string.
Scott: As "Published by"
George: i got freedos
Pamela: huh?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, i send the manual, the label and the cover... and Mike asked for a modified ROM with "publishing by GDG" (i tried).
Scott: Sure.
rich-c: thought you said you got Linux, George?
Scott: Copy Mike on the e-mail.
Scott: He's looking into printing the labels.
Scott: It will be exciting to see your cartridge made
Daniel Bienvenu: But I don't understand why my cut will be only 4$ or 5$ /cartridge.
Scott: It's a pretty good collection of games.
George: the OS FREEDOS. I also have 2 disks of redhat linux 8.0
Scott: You'll have to talk to Mike about that.
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Scott: I am the one providing the manufacturing
changed username to james
Pamela: good morning, James
rich-c: I have heard teh name FreeDOS but must admit I know nothing about it
james: morning all
Scott: But 4-5 does sound low.
Pamela: boy, you're chipper this morning
rich-c: morning, james, how's tomorrow?
james: sunny
james: for once
Scott: The part that's killing us is the plastic
Roberto WARM: hiya james
George: Hi James
james: hi :)
Scott: I've got all the other parts.
Daniel Bienvenu: Mike said to me : He wants to sell Gamepack ... about 29.99$
Roberto WARM: how are Myuki and the little people?????
Scott: Ok, $30
Pamela: send us some of your sunny please - we could use it
rich-c: sunny we have here too, now and then, just lack the warm to go with it
Judy: hi James
james: lol
james: we're reaching 10c on a sunny day now
George: i found some iso images
Daniel Bienvenu: I have done the game, the label, the cover, the manual... to finally have 4$ or 5$?
james: miyuki and his little royal highness are gooc
Pamela: gee, why is everything green all of a sudden?
james: good
rich-c: we reached -10C in teh sunny breaks today
james: green contacts pam? lol
Roberto WARM: like that analogy James
Scott: What is Mike's take on the cartridge
Scott: And what will he be providing you?
Pamela: couldn't because I'm JEALOUS, could it? Nahhh
james: lol
Daniel Bienvenu: what is your e-mail address... i will forward the e-mail to you
Pamela: I must admit to being tired of freezing all the time
Scott: Remember, I'm just trying to support you w/the manufacturing - I'd like to see the game be made.
Roberto WARM: tis OK Pamela, you are entiitled you wocl little baby you
Scott: Er, the game be manufactured.
Roberto WARM: cold
rich-c: well, the depth of winter passed a week ago - from now on it only improves (it says here)
Pamela: oh yeah, and I believe that
Pamela: even my car has started shivering
rich-c: well, that's the word on our climate
Scott: Is that James DeCarlo?
Pamela: but (knock wood) it never refuses to start
james: the depths of winter reach about -10 here for a week or so, but when you don' t have central heating and the house is basically uninsulated, it's cold inside
rich-c: what is being demonstrated is the difference between weather and climate
james: @scott - it certainly is
james: :D
Scott: How's Japan?
Roberto WARM: japanese mon !!!!!!
Judy: it can't get much worse here that is for sure
james: well the economy is stagnated, grape juice is still grossly overpriced and the government is corrupt
Scott: Oh no!
james: lol. but otherwise, things are good
rich-c: sounds like teh good ol USA
Pamela: we'll have to send you some Welchs, James
Scott: And to top that off, Sega can't manage a 7-11, let alone their own company!
rich-c: except Kim Jong-Il can get you with an easier reqach
rich-c: reach
Scott: Hey, is there a scare that North Korea will test another missile over your fine country?
james: yeah, thanks. you know the thought of building an underground bunker isn't so crazy anymore
George: yeah he'll nuke us
Daniel Bienvenu: ok scott! check you mail
rich-c: yes, when you come over here in March, remember to take a case of Welch's back as hand luggage
Pamela: maybe it'll be warmer, James : )
Scott: Dan, I'll have to check the e-mail after I leave the chat.
Roberto WARM: you are a lot closer James
james: north korea is just weird. the whole place is like one giant cult
Scott: My computer likes to freeze up, for some reason after leaving AOL mail and rejoining this applet.
Scott: I have no idea why.
james: well the letters AOL might be the reason there
Scott: Guess it's time to upgrade.
Pamela: you have to speak to it firmly, Scott
Scott: Ahh!
Pamela: a couple of trips down the elevator shaft ought to convince it
rich-c: that's OK, Bush will leave them alone, they don't have any oil
Daniel Bienvenu: but I want to talk to you about this e-mail
George: next thing is aol BOMBS
Scott: Ok, Dan. Let me give it a try.
Scott: Hang on.
rich-c: that's what most users tell me - AOL always keeps bombing out on them
rich-c: Scott, if you and Daniel want a private chat, just move to another room (see menu)
Pamela: I'll stick with my Tamco, thanks
Pamela: three years with them and no problems
Roberto WARM: heck I installed AOL 8.0 on mine here to go to FL and ti bombed before it even got installed !!!!!
Roberto WARM: wacked it and said forget it
Pamela: good call Bob
Roberto WARM: got another laptop will bring that one
Roberto WARM: with older version aol on it
Daniel Bienvenu: no.. i have no secret
james: i'm just curious, why does anyone even use aol?
Roberto WARM: took me on a P2 266mhz laptop almost 40 minutes to install it and then it bombed
Roberto WARM: FEAR James....FEAR, dont' want ot change to a cheaper isp
Daniel Bienvenu: there is no problem for me to talk with scott here.
Pamela: elevator shaft therapy is recommended, Bob
Roberto WARM: can agree with that Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact, i prefer talking here because you can see informations about this coleco project too.
Pamela: I've been tempted with the work 'puter very often
George: my keyboard stopped working
james: what is said project?
rich-c: yes, we're nosy but Scott sounded sensitive
Roberto WARM: ok Daniel can get info on buying it then too
Pamela: however, 12 flights is a long way down, and they might get a tad peeved with me in the IT department
rich-c: Bob, doesnt netzero have a POP where you will be staying?
Roberto WARM: well yea..........think about this would get all messy and smashed and they WOULD ask how it got that way
Roberto WARM: yup
Scott: Ok
Roberto WARM: got a netzero, but they are slow hooking on. AOL might be faster
rich-c: so why not just use your netzero account?
Pamela: it's their job, unfortunately and since right now I'm on their good side, I'd like to keep it that way
Scott: I'm back.
Roberto WARM: wil have both available
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Scott
Scott: Surprisingly, AOL hasn't crashed.
Roberto WARM: probably will Richard, then I can pop right into mail from netzero
Pamela: give it time, Scott
Scott: Of course, I haven't closed the app.
Pamela: so how long are you two gone for?
Scott: Anyways...
Roberto WARM: till Mar 1th
Judy: 2 weeks
Pamela: hmm, things are getting green again
Roberto WARM: so will not see your bright shinign smiley face for 2 weeks Pam
Pamela: : (
Scott: From the e-mail it sounds as if Mike's willing to do a lot of extra stuff to make your cartridge a success.
George changed username to
Scott: But a cut of $4 / cartridge -- he's got to do better than that.
Scott: To me, that's unacceptable.
Judy: would be nice if all this snow would melt by then
rich-c: depends on what his markup has to be, Scott
Daniel Bienvenu: it's why i wanted to talk to you
Pamela: boy, I like your dreams Judy
Scott: I am also planning to release a game and there's no way I'd take only $4 from it.
rich-c: in retail a 100% markup is pretty usual
Scott: Don't get me wrong, I like Mike.
rich-c: so if he gives Daniel $5 he has $10 to buy the prom, board and package - is that enough?
Pamela: George, stop shouting. You appear to have erased your name somehow
Scott: But what is the incentive to write more games, at that, exclusively for GDG?
Roberto WARM: yes Richard, but WHERE and HOW is it going to be marketed. and is that cost absorbed in Mikes cut?????
everything is getting messed up
Scott: In my opinion, Mike should find a way to get manufacturing costs and his take to equal half of the price - $15.
Scott: The author should collect the other $15
rich-c: well, if royalty [lus materials are $15 then that gives him $15 for mrketing - which may be fair or excessive
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Roberto WARM: or at least $10.....a one third of selling price
Scott: The cardboard boxes would be nice, but unnecessary.
Pamela: George, go into Edit and change your user name back
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Daniel Bienvenu: a suggestion : can you talk to mike to raise a bit because 4$ or 5$ ... :(
james: i know, it's none of my business but can i just ask - is it absolutely necessary for the game to be on a cartridge?
Scott: We could probably use plastic Blockbuster casings for a small price.
changed username to George W.
George W.: now i'm back
Pamela: that's better George
Scott: Yes, James, it's gotta be on cart.
Roberto WARM: some guy named Geo W is here...........
Roberto WARM: :-)
Scott: It's for ColecoVision enthusiasts.
james: ah, ok.
Scott: Here's what I see.
rich-c: well you don't need teh plastic casing - Jim Walters sold his on the bare board
Roberto WARM: wan't you two guys just manufacture this thing???????
Scott: Mike knows that you've developed a few games for ColecoVision
Roberto WARM: can't
Daniel Bienvenu:
Scott: And since there aren't a lot of Coleco programmers, he should try to get you on board as an exclusive developer.
George W.: now, I have to go
Scott: So he should offer to advertise your product for free, throw in any design work for free,
Scott: and take a smaller cut of profits so that you will be encouraged to develop more games.
George W.: nite all
Pamela: must you George?
Scott: Good night.
Pamela: Okay, good night
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit George
George W.: i have big downloads to do
rich-c: nite George, see you Saturday
George W.: ok, nite for now
rich-c: hope to get the laptop working by then
George W. left chat session
Scott: BTW, I disagree with the news reports that there's this growing anti-French resentment in the US.
Roberto WARM: who and what is BigDeal Games???????
Scott: I believe that the newspapers are trying to create some headlines here.
Scott: Good Deal Games.
rich-c: Scott, don't tempt us furriners to say things about teh US you wont appreciate
rich-c: actually we very much like Americans; we just have humungous problems with some of the people you elect
Scott: Rich - don't tempt me to say bad things about Canada unless I have to.
Roberto WARM: and that is different form Canada....HOW??????????
Pamela: sigh - can't we all just get along?
Roberto WARM: ya sure hon
james: lol
Roberto WARM: now if WE were runninghtings, dammit they'
rich-c: well, most of us are willing to try - outside teh Beltway
Roberto WARM: d be different !!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello? can we continue talking about Gamepack?
Scott: Actually, it was the Canadians who jumped in WW2 before the Americans, so how can I say anything bad about my fellow Canadians?
Roberto WARM: YES Daniel go on
Pamela: oh that Emperor of the World fantasy is wonderful, isn't it?
rich-c: yes, it's hard for this New Jersey native to be too hard on my compatriots, too
Scott: So, Dan, what do you want to do?
Pamela: at the time, we were British subjects Scott - we had not choice
Scott: I originally introduced you to Mike.
Scott: You don't neccessarily have to sell your game through GDG.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I suppose I will be able to add the words "publishing by Good Deal Games" somewhere on the title scree. But I have to be very careful.. the ROM is already 32K.
rich-c: wrong, Pam, we not only had choice, we waited a week to declare war just to make the point
Scott: I originally thought it would be a good idea.
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Scott: Dan, there's nothing stopping you from marketing the game yourself.
Daniel Bienvenu: my first question is... when you will sell Gamepack. I suppose you will go to the PhillyClassic in march.
changed username to Ron's Tosh
Pamela: Hi Ron
rich-c: you're a tad late, Ron
Ron's Tosh: Hi !
Ron's Tosh: always
Scott: Dan, I'm just waiting for plastic.
Scott: Everything else is in place.
Scott: We're still not sure if Eduardo is reliable.
Judy: hi, Ron
Ron's Tosh: have no sense of time
Ron's Tosh: Hi Judy
Pamela: are you like me - going to be late for your own funeral?
Scott: That's why Mike's saying that he will try to find old carts.
Ron's Tosh: may not go
james: hi ron
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Daniel Bienvenu: Mike talked about re-use old cartridges...
Ron's Tosh: Hi James
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: good call
Pamela: Hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy
rich-c: another late arrival - overtime again?
Ron's Tosh: was Jeff in here earlier?
Guy B.: Looks like Roberto's back.
Pamela: nope - not that i saw, Ron
Scott: Yes, and old carts won't be a fun avenue to go.
Roberto WARM: YO
Scott: But unless we hear something from Eduardo, we might be stuck.
Roberto WARM: went to TGDG site, kinda pricey for old carts he ie
Ron's Tosh: He was having a little trouble getting emulator running undere XP, but he might have solved the problem
Roberto WARM: is
Guy B.: We need warm.
Pamela: well don't come to us - we don't have any
Daniel Bienvenu: BTW, my second question is "would you please talk to mike? because 4$.. is not enough."
rich-c: yeah, I'll go with that, Guy
Pamela: in fact, we have a distinct lack of warm
rich-c: in fact if you find any, send the leftovers by here
Ron's Tosh: We're in the fog
Guy B.: It's been too cold here. And it's even getting to me.
Scott: Yes, I will shoot Mike an e-mail.
Pamela: not as much insulation Guy : )
rich-c: Aimee going to join us tonight, or did we scare her off?
Scott: I don't think any developer would agree to that - 1/6 of the gross, no way!
Ron's Tosh: Judy, what did you do with Robert this evening?
Roberto WARM: I's here mighty one !!!!!!!
Pamela: traded him in for the Mexican model
rich-c: he's off to Florida and he's gloating, Ron
Ron's Tosh: aha! Slow am I
Roberto WARM: am in disguise
Ron's Tosh: :0
Guy B.: Well, the heat's fine. It's me, been battling some chest congestion.
Daniel Bienvenu: This week-end I will optimize the source code to take the words "publishing...." the title screen is a "bitmap" screen so it takes more than a few bytes.
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: ah, the winter cold - a lovely pastime
Roberto WARM: EVERYONE is battling that Guy
Ron's Tosh: you two are not in the same place?
rich-c: if its a bitmap you'll be changing bytes not adding them, wont you?
Roberto WARM: going to Fl on Fri Ron
Roberto WARM: until the 1st of March
Judy: i have had that for a month, Guy
Ron's Tosh: good for you
Scott: Ok, Dan. I'll e-mail Mike.
Ron's Tosh: you's deserve it, both of you's
Roberto WARM: gotta practise being retired ya know
Scott: And we'll meet here next week.
Pamela: don't need practice, just more time - just ask Ron!
Ron's Tosh: ya got that right Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! it's a rendez-vous... here next week
Pamela: I'm just going on the evidence Ron
Ron's Tosh: right
Scott: Hopefully we'll have some more answers by then.
Guy B.: But never this bad before, Judy.
Judy: had to go to the doctor last week, put me on medicine
Ron's Tosh: Jeff just bought himself a Toshiba laptop 1.8 gig screamer
Ron's Tosh: I'm jealous
Ron's Tosh: am I dead?
Ron's Tosh: not getting any
Ron's Tosh: thing..... from you guys
Ron's Tosh left chat session
rich-c: that cold or flu you're battling, Guy?
Judy: now I am finally getting better but now Ryan is sick
Scott: Daniel - any chance you'll be making any new games?
Pamela: y'know, one of these days I'm going to come in disguise just to confuse everyone
rich-c: that cold or flu you're battling, Guiy?
Judy: now Ryan is sick
Scott left chat session
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Judy: is any one there
Pamela: I think I got dumped
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Guy B.: I was on antibiotics last week.
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Roberto WARM: ......
james left chat session
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Pamela: shoot
Judy left chat session
Roberto WARM: hey
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Pamela: BRB
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Daniel Bienvenu: scott : thanks
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changed username to Pamela
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BobS: hi
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BobS: jioljlkk
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Pamela: folks, if you can see me, I got dumped and can't get back on. Am giving up for now. g'nite
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