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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
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rich-c: hello Ron
Ron: Hi
Ron: Finally remembered
rich-c: how's the Left Coast?
Ron: A little wet today
Ron: which of course, is to be expected
Ron: And Toronto?
rich-c: wet we don't have - even teh bright sun can't melt our snow at -14
Ron: fnope, I wouldn't thin
rich-c: they are thr4eatening us with -23 tonight
Ron: k
Ron: you are obviously caught in the clutches of winter
rich-c: yes, and those long icy fangs are biting down hard
Ron: indeed
rich-c: actually they say we might see 0 as a high by Monday
rich-c: I can tell you it was plenty cold as we came home from the Amiga meeting last night
Ron: As I recall my days from Ottawa, there could be just about anything from a spring thaw to a winter blizzard over the next couple of months
rich-c: yes, we get into teh difference between weather and climate here
Ron: nearer the lake I suspect, more moderate, but only a little
rich-c: climatically, our winter low is Feb. 5th, average temperatures rise fairly quickly after that
Ron: right
rich-c: someone forget to tell Iupiter Pluvius
Ron: need the planets lined up
rich-c: I don't know if it is the lake or the Niagara escarpment, or both, but yes, our climate is different
Ron: I'm upstairs in the living room- with one eye on golf tourney and the other on you
Ron: attached to 50 feet of ethernet cable from the basement
rich-c: the snow belt runs about 50 miles north - fine ski country when we haven't seen ought but bare ground for weeks
Ron: one of these days I shall have to get a wireless net going around here
rich-c: yes, wireless seems to be the idea
rich-c: fortunately the big race is tomorrow so I can use the desktop today
rich-c: I am having trouble getting the new 56K modem on the laptop to work
Ron: Oh? Internal?
rich-c: how do you class a PCMCIA?
Ron: hmmm.... good question
Ron: guess it would be external, and they can be snippety
rich-c: went on teh Compaq website looking for a newer driver and BIOS flasher
Ron: a good start
rich-c: I need a Win98 driver and update from v.42bis to v90
Ron: and if you check the FAQ's you might find somebody who's run up against the same thing
Ron: sec
rich-c: unfortunately, didnt have time to check teh FAQs
rich-c: but the website is so crummily designed that it doesnt even admit Compaq sells modems
Ron: phone call sorry
Ron: yeah, I have had that trouble too..... finding where to look
rich-c: and if you use the search, even "compaq 420 modem driver" yields nothig
Ron: and usually I'm in the "legacy " dept
rich-c: that is it yields 17219 answers none of which are useful and most of which apply to other modems or products
Ron: Have also had some luck (at times) doing a Google search on the specific model number
rich-c: right - Fred Langa keeps telling us that and I keep forgetting it
Ron: still - sometimes it's a needle in a haystack thing
rich-c: yes, but that's why God made search engines, didnt she?
Ron: yes
rich-c: interestingly the old 33.6 modem I had previously worked fine
rich-c: and it was installed before I upgraded the machine from Win95 to Win98
rich-c: so I suspect it was working on a fairly ancient driver too
Ron: Can appreciate that. My assorted Macintoshes do better at 33.6 than 56k
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Me again: somehow got clobbered
rich-c: seems someone pulled the plug on us
Me again: Any idea what happened Wed last?
rich-c: and I notice I'm still around from the previous
rich-c: no, I havent a clue
Me again: strange.
Me again: Tell me, how often do you talk to Dale?
rich-c: like I tell Frances when the Amiga gets shirty - "it's a computer"
Me again: exactly
rich-c: at practically every Adamcon, otherwise virtually never
Me again: oh ok.
Me again: Think we need to talk with him about update of the discussion list
Me again: need s to be done more frequently
rich-c: he's busy with his job and family and I'm loathe to bug him
Me again: well...... suppose we could raise it as an item of business
rich-c: yes, that we do, but it's hard to catch him
rich-c: the last few times Jill has been on we've asked her to push a bit, but no result
Me again: Can certainly understand that he's tied up
rich-c: yes, and he tends to get preoccupied with other things
rich-c: that may be a polite way of suggesting he's prone to biting off more than he can chew
Me again: For me those days are in the rear view mirror
Me again: indeed
rich-c: I don't know, I always have more things to do than hours to do them in
Me again: Somebody mentioned a while ago that hsec
rich-c: I winder what's with George today - he's very regular on Saturdays
Me again: was wondering
Me again: thinking that I should see at least two of you
Me again: So I had a meeting with the Travelodge last Tues.
rich-c: well, he is in quite serious ill health
rich-c: not all of his medical crises are in his imagination
rich-c: he may overstate them a little but the conditions are definitely there
Me again: You know, I've often wondered about that. How much is real,
Me again: i see
Me again: have a tendency to ignore him when he goes there
rich-c: he made a break the other week that gave me a clue and it's not good
rich-c: I forget what he said but I happened to stumble across a discussion of the condition the next day and it wasnt nice reading
Me again: really
rich-c: well George desperately wants attention (this aint news) and so comes over as a bit of a crybaby
Me again: sometimes, yes, that is my impression....then I wonder...welll what if 1/2 of what he describes is really happening
rich-c: generally I think the underlying facts are true; it's just as if Dubya were trying to use them to justify a war
Me again: we switched subjects..... I was talking about George.... however, same statement could apply to Dubya
rich-c: you there or did you get bumped again?
Me again: think I'm here
Me again: are you there?
rich-c: I was thinking of teh way Dubya's spin doctors work
Me again: oh..... amazing eh?
rich-c: yes, they actually have managed to apparently convince themselves Saddam is a threat
Me again: You know, if I could rest assurred that dumping military hardware on Saddam would change anything..... I might change my mind
Me again: But as it is, you know what they say, the first casualty of war is the truth
rich-c: well, fundamentally I am still upset that Bush the First didnt go in and finish the job in 1991
Me again: yes...... when he had the chance
rich-c: and now I'd be very happy indeed if Saddam would give us any reasonable excuse to whack him
Me again: but have we seen such an excuse yet?
Me again: I don't know, I just don't know
rich-c: unfortunately he still is managing to skate along just on the safe edge of the line
Me again: And I don't think war is a very good way of settling differences
rich-c: I get a kick out of teh French - they keep saying they arent in favour of war
Me again: And then I get this horrible thought.
rich-c: meanwhile they are carefully positioning their aircraft carrier into the eastern Mediterranean
Me again: What if Dubya is right. What if there's a dust cloud of some horrible poison headed our way
rich-c: there very well might be, it's just that Saddam won't have anything to do with it
Me again: They really do hate us over there you know
rich-c: Muslims have hated Christians as long as Christians have hated Muslims
Me again: yes, we are infidels
Me again: I don't know.... I have days where I want to write directly to Dubya and tell him to stop being such a Cowboy....the image wears thin
rich-c: they even hate each other - Sunnis think killing Shiites is as virtuous as killing Hindus
Me again: the muslims hate the christians, the yugoslavs hate the dutch...... and I don't like anybody very much
Me again: :)
rich-c: not that say Irish Catholics get along with Irish Protestants that well in Christian circles
Me again: Meanwhile, I had an e-mail from my sister last night. She and her boyfriend are over on an Island in the south China sea (Hainan)....and there
Me again: nobody speaks english
rich-c: what on earth is she doing on Hainan?
Me again: Because they chose not to go to Bali
rich-c: these days, that seems prudent
Me again: my sister has to find the hottest part of the world to get away from Edmonton Winter
Me again: So they went to Beging (spell) and spent a week checking out the Great Well
Me again: then south
rich-c: see you've got a sensible strain in your family, then
Me again: except for me yes
Me again: I don't do well in hot weather, as you've no doubt observed
rich-c: I know, anyone gets sensible, we have to drum them out of the Adam community
Me again: Steph says her boyfriend, Floyd, has learned the Chineese word for beer
Me again: that's all they know
rich-c: anyway you were saying something about talking to Travelodge
Me again: yes, that's our place. Centrally located...within walking distance of our only mall, and 5 restaurants of various levels of classiness
rich-c: do they have their own restaurant and/or snack bar?
Me again: no, but they have a breakfast included similar to what Bob arranged last year
Me again: And there's a family restaurant right out the front door, adjacent to Tim Horton's
rich-c: would you believe I barely remember what that was, except that it was quite adequate to our needs?
Me again: continental type....muffins, cereal, toast, coffee, yada yada
Me again: those of us who crave crispy bacon can wander across the street to McSwiggins
rich-c: right - but my breakfast anyway is one grapefruit, two pieces of raisin toast (with honey) and two mugs of coffee (no sugar)
Me again: that should not be a won't even have to leave the building
rich-c: McSwiggins?
Me again: local breakfeast nook....come truck stop. They're good if you like bacon and eggs
rich-c: sure and it has a bit of an Irish sound, that does
Me again: couldn't confirm that, but could be
rich-c: oddly enough, I can take or leave bacon and eggs - I hope my arteries are duly appreciative
rich-c: but if I can resist the donuts I can cope with lunching at Tim Hortons
Me again: lately, I have not been addicted to same as I was
rich-c: what are teh dinner options, besides McSwiggins?
Me again: White Spot, Players Family Restaurant, Joey's Only (best fish and chips in the world) ..... a 5 minute drive away...the Old House (upscale) - Plates, 5 min south -
Me again: um let's see...what else
Me again: Tiwaneese Village -
rich-c: OK, although I will not eat fish nor will Pamela
rich-c: anyway lots within easy driving distance
rich-c: the plot for us is if at all possible to drive out
Me again: There are others.... yes, we're certainly well served with all levels of eating
Me again: For the banquet I'm eyeing a place by the wharf here in comox..... great view, and just enough upscale
rich-c: so we will have the van and 4/5 passenger capacity
Me again: I'll have my car, (5) and Cobley will have his Caddy
rich-c: as long as they don't offer fish, except maybe as an option - and don't smell of it too much, as I get nauseous
Me again: Think from the sounds of it, Bob and Judy will be renting a vehicle in Seattle
rich-c: well, John hopes to get my truck done (at last) next week
Me again: nope, no problem with fish
rich-c: we found a guy at the trailer show who will refurbish our trailer, if necessary
rich-c: so it's really how my health holds up - if departure day wre today, I'd be coming
Me again: Let's hope and pray for such an outcome sir
rich-c: yes, I'm thinking of pushing the doctor to get me joint replacement surgery in Nov/Dec
rich-c: but until then the hip joint will be sore and uncooperative
Me again: Not something you want to deal with on the road
rich-c: I'll just hope warm weather and much rest will keep it in a good move, as in Michigan
Me again: yes
rich-c: well, I can wiggle a bit in the van seat, and move my feet and legs as I have cruise control
Me again: It's a long drive though Rich
Me again: been there, done that
Me again: and that was with 'ex' driving some
rich-c: we have too, a couple of times, so it holds no terrors for us
rich-c: we have to attend Kim's wedding June 28th but can leave anytime after
Me again: the only part of that trip that I'm honestly scared sh**less of is the bit between Canmore and Revelstoke
rich-c: we are thinking in terms of 60 days on the road and more wont bother us
Me again: have avoided it mostly by taking the Yellowhead
Me again: yes....take it easy
rich-c: I want to have lots of time in hand when I hit the coast
Me again: right
rich-c: who knows, maybe I'll arrive early in Van and take in the Molson Indy race July 27th ;-)
Me again: Have they moved from Labour Day?
rich-c: yes, they have juggled teh schedule a bit to accomodate teh new race in Montreal
Me again: I know it was being talked about..... ah ok
rich-c: hold on a second and I'll confirm
Me again: just got your last......seem to recall discussion on that
rich-c: sorry, thought I saw it in the latest Autoweek but it must have been elsewhere
Me again: No, I think you might be right
rich-c: anyway, CART (now ChampCar, by teh way) is undergoing massive change at the moment
Me again: I know there was some discussion last Sept about the whole thing going souch
Me again: south
rich-c: yes, but they've got teh guaranteed number of cars, they have a tv schedule
Me again: yup
rich-c: they have a lot of new racetracks and I suspect some under teh table help
rich-c: first race is next weekend in St,Petersburg, FL, a new road circuit
Me again: The whole question of the Indy came up, just as Air Canada announced it was pulling sponsorship of the Air Canada open (golf).
Me again: and Vancouver's paranoia was setting in big time
rich-c: Molson apparently are very pleased indeed with their sponsorship of the Indy races - hence the addition of Montreal last year
Me again: aha
rich-c: the big worry about Vancouver is that redevelopment may make the road circuit unusable
Me again: indeed
rich-c: yes, the city races are CART's best crowd draws
Me again: All the time I've been living in or near Vancouver, this has been going on....thay have no idea of what they want to be down there
rich-c: if you want to see enthusiasm, watch the Mexican races, Monterrey and Mexico City
Me again: Takes 20 years to make a 20 year plan
Me again: really
rich-c: if you think the tifosi at Monza are something, you should see 300,000 Mexicans get wound up
Me again: I shudder to imagine what emoting will get let loose if Vancouver does not get the 2010 Olympics
rich-c: the feedback out here is that an awful lot of Vancouver folk don't want any part of the Olympics
Me again: that's true
rich-c: in fact, the word here is that if they try a plebiscite, they'll lose - badly
Me again: the newly elected mayor (whose name is also Campbell) has been on both sides of the issue in the past few months. He campaigned as a "no" then
Me again: when he got elected, reality got to hime
Me again: him
Me again: there is going to be a plebescite......end of this month...but it won't be binding
Me again: so they say
rich-c: no, but it will give the political weathervanes an alibi to change their minds
Me again: it will indeed
Me again: would imagine the Olympic committee is watching closely
Me again: At any rate, Vancouver has a collective inferiority complex...... has had for years
rich-c: yes - privately I think it would be best if they don't get it
Me again: We're not Toronto, and we're not Montreal
rich-c: on that, count your blessings ;-)
Me again: yup
rich-c: but there are some awfully serious questions about adequate access to Whistler
Me again: Oh Lord Yes....
Me again: that is one of the most dangerous chunks of highway in the province
Me again: our Premier just imposed a hefty 3cent per litre gas tax for upgrading roads in the province
rich-c: so many Olypics lately have been fast skids to the edge of bankruptcy
Me again: most are saying that most of it will go on the Sea to Sky highway
rich-c: some places you just can't build roads, so to speak
Me again: well, on one side is the water, straight down by 1000 feet or so, and on the other vertical rock face
Me again: they were lucky to build what is there now
rich-c: the only reason Pennsylvania got its Turnpike was because it started out as a railroad railbed
rich-c: then the railroads stopped competing and the roadbed got abandoned
Me again: aha
rich-c: they're still working on the Interstate from Rochester to Washington via Harrisburg
rich-c: and the Pennsylvania part is still barely half complete
rich-c: meanwhile, they've even managed to four-lane I-70 through Colorado
Me again: I was on the Pensylvania part I think...going from Trenton NJ to Scranton one time
rich-c: no, that would be up the northeast extension of teh Penn Turnpike
Me again: oh ok.
Me again: my geography is askew
rich-c: well, it's not exactly your most familiar turf
Me again: went down to the CP/M meeting with Ian Cottrell, and Guy Cousineau
rich-c: we drive the area all the time, so to speak, and still can get a bit shaky
rich-c: those wre the days
Me again: All's I know is I didn't follow Ian's instructions coming back, missed the turnoff and ended up on the outskirts of Philadelphia
Me again: before I knew something was wrong
rich-c: Robert Mallon phoned to chat yesterday, he was mentioning the Z-group
Me again: as in Z-Systems?
rich-c: Frances would sympathize, Trenton is one of the few places her navigation has ever failed her
rich-c: I think it was a group dealing with Z80 computers
Me again: yes.... there was a bunch of CP/Mers who took the CP/M system into uncharted territory. Cousineau and Morehen incorporated a lot
Me again: of the improvements into TDOS
Me again: it was called ZCPR
Me again: on other computers, and it was a commercial item at one point
rich-c: that must have been it, then
Me again: probably
rich-c: we didnt pursue the point, as it is pretty much ancient history
Me again: I had it running on an old Osbourne at one time
Me again: made it almost a useable machine
rich-c: OK - I get the message
Me again: Anyway my son, I'lm starting to lose circulation in my lower limbs.....think I'm gonna get up and walk about a bit
Me again: before surgery is required
rich-c: you too, eh? - ditto and likewise
rich-c: see you on Wednesday, then
Me again: so we'll see ya Wed......I'll probably not get in till about 7:15 or so
Me again: meetings, bloody meetings
rich-c: OK, we'll expect you late. Take care
Me again: have a good afternoon/evening
Me again: see ya
rich-c: bye now
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