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rich-c: salut, Daniel; good morning james
rich-c: methinks you are both early, which is good
Daniel Bienvenu: salut!
rich-c: we may have a more quiet one tonight with the Slopsemas away
Daniel Bienvenu: james... james who? i don't remember!
Daniel Bienvenu: Slopsemas?
rich-c: james decarlo, in Japan, but of Ottawa
rich-c: Robert, Judy, Doug and Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm chatting with Cedric in Japan... but from Europe
rich-c: really? is Cedric interested in the Adam, or Colecovision, or eight-bit games vin general?
Daniel Bienvenu: i don't kjnow
rich-c: OK, because of course if he cared about any of those things he might want to join us here
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changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D? hello! :D
rich-c: hi, Rich - did you get my email?
Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D?
rich-c: guess he fell off - lost his connection
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changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Trying it again...
rich-c: welcome back Rich - what happened?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D! Hello! :D
Dr.D.: I couldn't see any typed text in the entry window.
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
Dr.D.: I am only logged in briefly to let everyone know that I'm still alive.
rich-c: for some reason Dale's site has been a little erratic lately - we have ended up on yours a couple of times of late
Dr.D.: But ton ight I am pretty sick (bad cold, went home from work early today).
Daniel Bienvenu: you are sick? :(
Dr.D.: I just woke up with all the noise of the younger 2 girls going to bed.
rich-c: if you went home early, that means you're standing on Death's doormat
Dr.D.: I've missed the last n chats due to not being near a computer at the chat time, with various errands or school events.
rich-c: unfortunately, you aen't given to admitting it when you're sick
Dr.D.: It started Saturday, haven't really been able to shake it off.
Dr.D.: Today was just coughing so much I was nauseated.
rich-c: well, if it's a standard-issue cold, they last seven days, don't they?
Dr.D.: In any case...tell the regulars that I am still around, just in bed tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: good sleep!
rich-c: OK - check your mailbox - sent you an interesting srticle
Dr.D.: And I did see you sent me an E-mail tonight, Richard...I'll look it over and see if the robot class are interested.
rich-c: assume your cold isnt following the Norwalk pattern
Daniel Bienvenu: je te souhaite un bon et rapide rétablissement.
Dr.D.: If you promise to keep the URL private, here are some readings I recently put up for our robot course, that you might find of interest:
rich-c: I can stay quiet
Dr.D.: The main ones of interest are the ones about John Glenn and the Apollo space program.
Dr.D.: The others are PDFs of various research articles, not of so much interest to you guys...but the first two have some good debugging stories in them (which is why they are up there).
rich-c: OK, I now have a notepad file to accumulate useful urls - it has been added
Dr.D.: The URLs are private to avoid copyright police, even though for class purposes I am sure it is fair use...but I don't want to take any chances these days.
Dr.D.: There are no links from the outside world to that page; I have to tell the class in class how to reach it.
Daniel Bienvenu: oh! i forgot... i writed a text about coleco programming. i started to explain what is the VDP, how to use the joystick, etc.
rich-c: quite understandable - for teh record teh article I sent you has "email this article" on the website so I guess it's OK!
Dr.D.: That would be an interesting book, Daniel.
Dr.D.: And hi to James in the Orient.
Dr.D.: Unless he is over here visiting...
Daniel Bienvenu: i write the text in a forum.. so everyone can write remarks and ask questions.
rich-c: it seems james joined the page then went off elsewhere, but no doubt he'll return in due course
Dr.D.: Sounds very interesting.
Dr.D.: Well, I am going back to bed...but I am indeed still around.
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
rich-c: way back when, Rich, sojmeone wrote a descritpion of the VDP and how it worked, and published it
rich-c: OK Rich take care
Dr.D.: Let me know if there are any problems with the chat site; everything was still running last time I looked.
Dr.D.: Good night.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: it's been OK so far so should stay that way
Daniel Bienvenu: what is "Slopsemas"?
rich-c: the family name for Robert and teh others in Michigan - it's Dutch
Daniel Bienvenu: So we are only two tonight?
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Daniel Bienvenu: oh
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO!
rich-c: since james seems to have vanished abruptly, yes for now
Pamela: Allo : )
rich-c: but there is always the likelihood of others turning up
Pamela: I seem to be early for a change
rich-c: like my daughter, for instance - hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: no, you miss everything ;)
Pamela: Hi, Dad
rich-c: no West Wing tonight or are you taping?
Pamela: I'm taping.
Pamela: and thank you for last week's tape
rich-c: glad to see you've got your priorities straight then ;-)
Pamela: now I'm all caught up
Pamela: I just hope they don't screw around with the schedule again
rich-c: oh well, if they do I still owe you a few tapings to even the score, I think
Pamela: still I don't want to bug you if I don't have to
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changed username to james
james: morning ladies and gents
rich-c: welcome back james and good morning
Pamela: It's nice to know my fingers work again
Pamela: Hi, James
james: hi pam
james: bonjour dan
rich-c: hey, big deal for us today, james
james: oh yeah? what's the scoop?
rich-c: got over freezing today - first time this month
james: lol. we got over 10 on the weekend :)
Pamela: darn, there's that green haze again
james: but that's a nice break
Pamela: I must admit today was very pleasant
james: pam - i thought toronto was perpetually covered in a green haze :P
rich-c: I dunno - how does an old Ottawa-acclimatized boy cope with that?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir james...
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry i was away
Pamela: that's yellow, and only in the summer James
james: it's not too rough :D
james: he heh
Pamela: something about smog, I think
Pamela: the green is strictly jealousy
rich-c: yes, it's nice to know that the plus end of teh thermometer still works
james: no problem dan
Pamela: I'm looking forward to a couple of days of sustained plus weather so I can wash my car
Pamela: rumour has it it used to be blue
rich-c: yes, you have basement parking so the locks shouldnt freeze before it dries
james: is it brown now?
Pamela: it's salt grey right up to the roof
james: so my guess is that i'm not the only one displeased with the latest federal "budget"
rich-c: no, grime grey with salt trim - standard Toronto issue for everyone at present
Daniel Bienvenu: I finnaly found the URL i'm looking for
james: lol
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: I started a text about coleco programming
Pamela: problem is my car hasn't had a bath since the temp dipped back in December
rich-c: OK Daniel got it copied
Pamela: I'm starting to wonder if the dirt is what's holding it together
rich-c: hardly, Pam, it's been running OK, hasnt it?
Pamela: yes it has
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rich-c: you don't fancy Mr. Manley's efforts, james?
Daniel Bienvenu: oh! who is it?
changed username to George
Pamela: but then it likes the cold weather better anyway
Pamela: Hi, George
rich-c: likely GUy but I'm hoping Fred
rich-c: but it's neither, it's George
rich-c: finally got yourself dug out of the snowbank, did you, George?
George: hi Everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir George!
james: no, i don't. not in the least. i don't appreciate having my tax money "given back" in that way
Pamela: I haven't even had time to review the reports - what are the highlights?
George: i'll be swimming this weekend
rich-c: since I haven't paid into EI for a dozen yers, it's immaterial to me, but it may help Pam
james: the highlights are basically ottawa had a $9b surplus so they decided to spend it
George: when the snow all melts
rich-c: where are you going swimming, George?
Pamela: how many inches of snow George?
james: they paid another measly $3b on the debt which i guess my kids will get to pay
rich-c: right - and teh swimming may not be voluntary if it's a quick melt ;=)
George: in my apartment when it floods
George: 18"
Pamela: just think of it as a good insulator : )
rich-c: you really got off easy then, George - in western Maryland they had four feet
james: dan - that url, is that your page
rich-c: that would be a respectable fall even by Daniel's standardds
George: i'm a cd burner tonight
rich-c: why, did you finally get those Linux distributions downloaded?
George: yes and more
rich-c: and james, with respect, we need an awful lot more in medicare and defence
rich-c: what other neat stuff have you got, George?
George: freedos and freeBSD and seal
rich-c: (james) though if you want to bitch about the Kyoto farce, be my guest
George: and game files
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: this URL is where i writed my text about coleco programming
rich-c: got that already, Daniel, or is that for james?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's in a forum
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not my web page
james: @rich, i have no problem with healthcare and defence spending.
George: redhat linux 8.0 seems to be more functional than other releases
james: but some of the other stuff is questionable
rich-c: I'll have to start nosing around those pages - I have an awful lot of game stuff I want to sell
james: what are you looking to sell, rich?
rich-c: I have stronger words than questionable for much of it, but this is polite company
George: but it has limited soundcard support
james: yeah, i was refraining too
rich-c: bunch of game carts, Coleco and other, Colecovisions, some working, Atari adapters, some expansion modules
rich-c: you'd have to pay for it, George, but Lindows seems to come with very useful support
james: @rich, you sent me an e-mail, quite awhile ago listing some programming manuals you had, i think
rich-c: I think they have a $50 special now, which covers the CDs and I think download rights
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: could well be james, I still have them
Pamela: sorry, I got dumped - what did I miss?
Pamela: and which one of me is the older twin?
james: we were bitching about the federal budget
rich-c: also in BASIC Mel Ostler has given me the OK to photocopy his Hackers Helper series
james: and talking about some coleco stuff :D
james: @rich - that would be great!
Pamela: last line I got was what dad wanted to sell
james: rich&pam - will you guys be meeting us in t.o?
rich-c: then you missed hardly anything, Pam
Pamela: gonna try, James
rich-c: we will give it our best shot, james
james: maybe what i should do is get your phone number and give you a call from niagra falls. our arrival time in toronto isn't carved in stone
Pamela: right now I'm looking at taking that as a vacation day but if I can't manage the full day will try for half
james: depends on how tired we are etc
rich-c: OK, mine is 416-783-0316 and you must use all ten digits - we have an overlay now
james: ok. i'm going to write that down. sec.
Pamela: I will email mine to you James
rich-c: james, Daniel showed me a good trick to pick up notes from chat
rich-c: create a file, say "notes from chat", in Notepad
Pamela: once we get closer to the date I'll know whether i have a full day or a half day and can plan accordingly
George: i'll be back i need to switch computers
rich-c: open it before chat and minimize it to the system tray
George left chat session
Pamela: you mean the taskbar Dad?
james: sounds good pam. we'll be taking the greyhound from niagara which puts us at union station if i'm not horribly mistaken
rich-c: then when something (phone #, URL, etc. comes up, highlight it
Pamela: no, puts you at teh bus station at Dundas and Bay
james: oh yeha
rich-c: once it's highlighted, press Control-C
rich-c: bring up the Notepad file, put the cursor on teh first clear line, and press Control-V
Pamela: will it stay highlighted as the screen scrolls?
Daniel Bienvenu: Control+C it's the shortcut to do a COPY
Daniel Bienvenu: Control+V it's the shortcut to PASTE
rich-c: and bingo, you've got it - I've used it twice in this chat already
rich-c: yes, possibly because it's so fast the screen will scroll little if at all
rich-c: yes, I missed teh old DOS comands because I didnt move to Wintel till Windows 3.1
Pamela: I see I'm twins - I'm going to go back out, close both and come back in - BRB
rich-c: by the way, does anyone remember the syntax for teh copy command in TDOS?
Pamela requested to ban Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Pamela: or perhaps I don't have to
rich-c: yes, you got rid of one of them and that's enough, Pam
Pamela: I just wasn't sure which was the old and which was the new and didn't want to dump myself
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Pamela: problem the first time round was the modem disconnected on me
changed username to George
Pamela: is that better George?
George: that's better
rich-c: you've been quiet tonight, George
George: now my main line is free
rich-c: what inspired you to start downloading Linux?
George: i found ISO files
rich-c: care to expand on that, George?
George: i also had to download new cd burning software to burn the images
rich-c: Pam, I gather Erin still doesnt have a computer
rich-c: what software did you download, George?
Pamela: no, as far as I know she's still disconnected - they were working on that I believe
rich-c: I would hope among the lot of them they could manage something reasonable
George: the HP software my cd wouldn't work, so i downloaded recordnow from the HP site
rich-c: like, a fully capable computer can be had for $300 without looking hard
james: sorry gang, i spaced out for a bit
Daniel Bienvenu: What is the name of Scott.... Scott who?
rich-c: Scott Gordon is his name, Daniel
Pamela: I'm not sure they have $300 to spend on a computer right now
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott Gordon... ok! it's the son of Flash Gordon?
rich-c: his father is Mark Gordon, who ran Micro Innovations, and his mother is romance novelist Anita Gordon
Daniel Bienvenu: i tried to write a joke...
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks for the answer,rich!
rich-c: his father works for TRW in air traffic control
rich-c: they lived until recently in Reston, VA but have now moved to Denver
rich-c: when are you going down to Windsor next, Pam?
Pamela: not for some time Dad - time is at a premium right now. Erin will be here the weekend of March 7th though
rich-c: and visiting with you or too busy with party affairds?
rich-c: james, fyi Erin works in Susan Whelan's constituency office
Pamela: some visiting with us and some partying I expect - her friend Patricia is coming with her
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changed username to ron_forestieri
Pamela: we have plans to see Mamma Mia on the Sunday
rich-c: hi ron, good to have you aboard
George: hi Ron
rich-c: you are not our most frequent visitor
George: who is?
rich-c: while I remember, Ron, can your contacts use any old Windows 95 keyboards?
ron_forestieri: Sorry, I have art classes on wednesdays from 6 to 9 pm. I am not always up for a chat.
ron_forestieri: What is a windows 95 keyboard?
james: hi ron
ron_forestieri: hello everyone:)
Pamela: Hello Ron, I'm Pam - have we met?
rich-c: essentially it's a DOS keyboard,may or may not have the Windows key, usually PS2 or serial cable
rich-c: Ron lives downtown, Pam, and I'm not sure you wre here last time he was on
ron_forestieri: Is that one of the keyboards with the larger ports?
james: oh, this isn't ron from out west?
ron_forestieri: To my knowledge I have only mect Rich in person
rich-c: no, you're thinking of Ron Mitchell, james
Pamela: oh that's right Ron - you live in the west end, correct?
james: ok
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
ron_forestieri: Parkdale area near High Park
Pamela: right, now I remember. Welcome back
ron_forestieri: Thanks Pam
Pamela: art classes?
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ron_forestieri: Yse I am working on a cartoon for a monthly newslatter ifI can get it right
rich-c: anyway, Ron, if they are using 386 or v486 computers this keyboard should work
changed username to Guy B
Pamela: are the classes through the city, night school, college or what?
ron_forestieri: I think they were looking for some a while back but I guess they found what they wanted
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, about time you got here ;-)
Pamela: o/t again Guy?
rich-c: with the Slopsemas away soaking up the Florida sun, we need all the attendance we can get
ron_forestieri: Art classes are free through the Parkdale Activity and Recreation centre
Guy B: Well, watched the season finale of the Bacholorette.
Pamela: so, who did Trista pick? Did she propose?
rich-c: Guy, even if you wre, don't admit it
Pamela: Ah yes Ron, I forgot about Parks and Rec.
Guy B: She chose Ryan and he proposed. She said Yes
Pamela: he proposed? Nice twist. I'm sure we'll get all the dirt in the paper tomorrow
rich-c: which will be all over teh papers in teh morning in place of news
ron_forestieri: Mostly I go there just to relax and have a coffee but I also take art lessons, submit writings and if the body is up to it I play hockey
Guy B: Yes, as well as Aaron and Helene will be there too.
Pamela: I've never taken a Parks and Rec class - how do you like them?
ron_forestieri: It is not parks and rec, this is a drop-in centre called Parkdale Activity and recreation centre. PARC for short
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose Scott will not be online tonight
Pamela: oh, okay - I stand (sit) corrected
ron_forestieri: It is a drop-in for people with various handi-cpas and/or socially isolated people
rich-c: with Scott you never can tell but his presence will be rare for teh next few months I think
rich-c: among other things, Ron sometimes gives assistance there on computr questions
Daniel Bienvenu: Mike rewrite me an email and he presume i accepted the deal... deal of 4$ per cart. Scott was supposed to write an email to Mike and I wanted some news from him.
rich-c: I guess you'll have to email Scott directly and hope for an answere
ron_forestieri: I also help with repairs and replacement of their sports equipment, usually the hockey stuff
rich-c: when he is taking classes he is not always good at answering
Pamela: sounds like it keeps you busy Ron - what's your day job?
ron_forestieri: (PRIVATE) Rich do you still want that last Adam I have
rich-c: yes Ron but have to wait till I get my truck back
ron_forestieri: I am on disabilty, my last job was driving buses, before that I worked as a production support analyst for Guaranty Trust
ron_forestieri: (PRIVATE) What if I dropped it off when you are home?
Pamela: wow, you've been busy! Driving for the TTC? Did you get injured on the job?
Pamela: You can tell me to butt out anytime : )
rich-c: (PRIVATE) might be dicey right now, Ron
ron_forestieri: I worked for PMCL and too much work cost me my health and employment, I am listed as permanently unemployable for health reasosn
ron_forestieri: (PRIVATE) Ok
Daniel Bienvenu: I forgot the e-mail... I don't know how to write to scott
rich-c:, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: i hope it will works!
rich-c: this time, give it the old Cntl-C, Cntl-V treatment, Daniel ;-)
Pamela: I'm sorry to hear that. I've heard that PMCL puts a lot of strain on their drivers. But aren't PMCL drivers owner/operators?
ron_forestieri: No. PMCL drivers are listed as permanent part time. But they are forced to work illegal hours and have no medical benefits when their health goes.
Guy B: Ok, my new updated webpage has been uploaded and ready for viewing. Hopefully next weekend. I'll put up the new Dcopy32 update.
rich-c: OK Guy, how about giving us all the URL again?
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks again rich
Guy B:
Pamela: I'll remember that the next time I'm tempted to take PMCL somewhere : )
Pamela: what was your route ?
rich-c: I was telling teh group earlier how to record URLs and stuff from chat
ron_forestieri: I haven't worked for PMCL since 1995 they may have changed but that is unlikely, profits are more important to them
Pamela: how are they convincing people to stay with them? Is there always someone willing to take a run if a driver refuses?
james: i'm going to break for lunch. i'll leave the chat up and catch up when i get back
rich-c: wonder whre Ron Mitchell is tonight? he's very close to finalizing the Adamcon details
rich-c: OK james, if you eat fast we'll likely still be here
(Guy B gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: ron, james is having lunch because he lives in Japan
Pamela: thank you Guy. Where is the lovely Aimee this evening?
Pamela: and here is Inky, come to complain because I'm not paying him any attention
Guy B: That's what I'm wondering myself. Maybe she decided to turn in tonight. She did send me an e-mail earlier today asking if I'm working this Saturday. Yes, for this Saturday. But not next Saturday March 1st.
Pamela: anyone want a cat? Cheap?
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Pamela: and how was your Valentines Day, Guy?
changed username to ron_forestieri
Guy B: It was short.
Pamela: hey Ron, did you get dumped?
ron_forestieri: I am back, sorry my server kicked me off
rich-c: have connection problems, ron?
Pamela: short, Guy?
ron_forestieri: I have a 20 miniut limit, if I do not change rooms I am gone after 20 minutes
Pamela: who's your ISP Ron?
rich-c: sometimes, Ron, after you click the "applett disconnected" box if you click refresh it brings you bac k
Guy B: Yes, I had her here at my place and it was snowing that day. And she had to leave 45 minutes later because her daughter called and something came up with her.
ron_forestieri: I am using a dial up with Outer-Net Technology,
Pamela: that's too bad Guy.
rich-c: though you might be on teh Toronto Freenet
Pamela: however, at least you got to spend some time with her. Russell had to work
Guy B: We were going to watch a movie until her fearless daughter called.
Pamela: got a killer card though - it made me cry. He's good.
Guy B: Oh Pam, I got Harry Potter. Haven't watched it yet.
Pamela: Outer-Net Technology - that's a new one. Decent pricing Ron?
Pamela: Which HP - Sorcerers Stone or Chamber of Secrets?
Guy B: The first one. The second one is coming out next month I believe.
ron_forestieri: I have been with them for almost 2 years after 3web pulled the plug on their "Absolutely Free For Life".
Pamela: that's what I thought. Once you've watched it, you'll have to let me know what you think of it.
ron_forestieri: I pay 21.40/month
Pamela: unlimited Ron?
rich-c: ye gods, ron! Pam and I pay $100/ 6 months which is 1666/mo for unlimited
ron_forestieri: Yes but 20 minutes of inactivity and I get bumped out, so if I stay in one place for 20 minutes it assumes I am idle
Pamela: and in the three years we've been with Tamco, the price has never increased
rich-c: oh right, all ISPs are like that to some extent, but if you transmit or receive in that time it resets the clock
rich-c: I would have thought that you sent something in the previous 20 minutes and you certainly received a fair bit
ron_forestieri: I will look into Tamco later, thanks
ron_forestieri: Inactivit seems to be staying in the same room regardless of activity there, seems a bit unfair and user unfriendly
rich-c: OK - it's or 416-222-6018 - John will answer, say I sent you
Pamela: we highly recommend it.
Pamela: I agree Ron
rich-c: I think Pam and I are teh only ones on this chat who have never changed ISPs
ron_forestieri: Thanks Rich, I will
Pamela: probably very true, Dad
rich-c: tamco's office is in a plaza on the east side of Yonge between Finch and Steeles
ron_forestieri: That part of Yonge street has one of my favorite chicken places, Popeye's
Pamela: I did my set up over the phone with John - he walked me through it and explained all the steps. Was fantastic.
rich-c: when I first joined I needed software, so I went to the office and picked it up
Pamela: There is a Popeye's at Jane and Wilson - North York Sheridan Mall , around beside the Zellers
ron_forestieri: I will probably be bumped again and I have some scanning to do with my artwork so I better start saying goodby now
rich-c: ron, it has been great having you by
Pamela: thanks for coming
ron_forestieri: Thanks, goodnight everyone
Pamela: g'nite
rich-c: if you decide to join tamco, send me an email with your new email address
George: nite Ron
rich-c: night for now
ron_forestieri: ok Rich see you next week, I hope
rich-c: ditto
ron_forestieri left chat session
Guy B: Bye Ron
rich-c: he's gone but his ghost remains
Pamela: actually, I should probably depart as well - I have some things to do before bedtime
Daniel Bienvenu: bye ron
Pamela requested to ban ron_forestieri
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
Pamela: see everyone next week?
rich-c: early for you, daughter, but then you were early on, so there's a price
Pamela: there you go Dad
Pamela: I will leave you all to talk tech
rich-c: anyway, take care and sleep tight
Pamela: Dad, will try and call Friday
rich-c: OK
james: i'm back
rich-c: and welcome back, james - Pam is just leaving
Guy B: Bye Pam
Pamela: James, I'm outta here - have a good one
james: bye pam!
james: take it easy
Pamela: goodnite to all
Pamela: I will James
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
james: she forgot the *'s
james: :D
rich-c: james, a point of curiosity about things in Japan
rich-c: had a columnist here claim Japan didnt want North Korea sat upon because it gave the government an excuse to allow a US tropp presence in the country
rich-c: he also said China wanted status quo becuase they didnt want a US-friendly power on their border
rich-c: and that South Korea didnt want an upset because they couldnt cope with the flood of refugees
james: that's an interesting devlopment. japan as a whole is rather ambivalent to the presence of u.s. troops, except for okinawa, where they are stationed
rich-c: the reports we are getting is that their money is popular, their bodies are not
james: since they're few and far between on the mainland and mostly in okinawa, it's not much of an issue for the populace at large. okinawa being small doesn't get heard as much as they should
rich-c: also that they are welcomed by the government but not welcomed by the people
james: in okinawa however, there is a lot of anti-us sentiment since us marines tend to commit a lot of crimes and then get off scott free because of an intergovernmental agreement which puts them outside of the jurisdiction of the japanese authorities
rich-c: Okinawa is almost more a colony tyhan a prefecture of Japan, isnt it?
james: while they are "officially" a prefecture, yes they were once a colony and before then a proper country. the culture is very different from the mainland
rich-c: that was teh feeling I had
rich-c: of course Okinawa was the only part of Japan the US fought its way onto and held
james: yes, and for all intents and purposes are still holding
james: it's a double-edged sword. a sudden withdrawal of all u.s. troops would basically destroy the economy. economically they are necessary but the relation can be very strained
james: particularly when things like an 8-year old girl being raped by three marines happens
rich-c: yes, rowdy Yanks in a quiet cultural backwater can be very destructive, even when they don't intend to be
rich-c: they got the Marines, tried and convicted them, but the sentences wre not what they shoud have been
james: yes, and without undue prejudice, u.s. marines don't typically occupy the upper eschelons of the intellecual scale
james: not to paint all with the same brush, but the admissions requirements aren't particularly stringent
rich-c: more to the point, the crime did not draw the sentence it would have in the US
Guy B: Well, folks. I'm going to go. I'll be back at 8 next Wednesday night. See you all then.
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week
james: buy guy
George: nite Guy
Guy B left chat session
james: that's the problem. these crimes are commited against japanese on japanese soil but tried in a military court where more often than not they're given a slap on the wrist
rich-c: and it doesnt help that the US will not agree to work with the International Court, either
james: my guess is that much of the anti-american sentiment around the globe can be directly attributed to the behaviour of it's forces
james: no, that certainly doesn't help either
rich-c: I doubt it, james - their government has much to answer for as to their major corporations
james: true
rich-c: but I must say Shrub is doing his damndest to undo all teh goodwill generated by every president since FDR
james: it's something of an irony that americans have this tendance to being insular but are involved in so many global affairs
james: shrub? you mean gw?
rich-c: yup
james: he does come across as hawkish and the american policy towards iraq, when viewed in contrast to north korea come across as more than a little hypocritical
rich-c: I liked a sign at one of teh peace demonstrations last weekend - "a village in Texas has lost its idiot"
james: lol
rich-c: if you want to know what drives American policy, go to the US Geological Survey website
rich-c: there they have annual surveys of world known oil resources, and probability ranges for expected discoveries
james: not that canada is squeaky clean by any stretch of the imagination. we just don't have the clout being 9 times smaller in population and 12 times smaller economically
james: this may surprise you but canada is a rather proliferous arms dealer
rich-c: well, we havent gone and picked any fights with anyone - save the disgrace of our aboriginal population, of course
rich-c: yes, we do buiild and sell munitions, that is true enough
rich-c: of course maybe that is because we have had to do so much in the way of design and production from time to time
james: i think canada has a lot of potential for growth if the asshats in ottawa could get it right
rich-c: absolutely, but that if is the problem
rich-c: funny sidelights: did you know that 90% of the world's mustard is grown in Manitoba?
james: well the populace who elected them has to shoulder some of the blame
james: didn't know that
james: is that of all mustards or one particular breed?
rich-c: "bad politicians are elected by good citizens who don't vote"
rich-c: all, just as the largest single jurisdiction in lentil production is Saskatchewan
rich-c: and by next year, we should be #3 and gaining in diamond production
George: oh, boy here we go again
james: lol
rich-c: oh, we collect these little factoids, George - they're kind of fun
james: what's wrong, george?
rich-c: after, doesn't everyone play trivia games of one sort or another?
George: big flood
rich-c: right - is any of the Delaware watershed up there in western Maryland?
rich-c: james - if you didnt catch it, up there they had over four flippin' feet of snow in one fall - 1.29 metres, in fact
George: huge rainstorm on top of 18+" of snow
rich-c: George, you are definitely going to be ending up swimming - hope you live on the high ground
George: average
james: holy crap
rich-c: yes, we've had troubles enough when we've got two feet in 24 hours
George: and 50+F temps
rich-c: I'm used to laughing at American "snow emergencies" but this one would get anyone's attention
james: they get a lot of snow in the northeast rich
rich-c: ouch- that means it wont even get down to freezing overnight, George
james: probably a lot more than toronto
George: they better not scream drought this summer
rich-c: oh, Toronto gets very little snow, nothing like Ottawa
james: is daniel still with us or is that his ghost?
rich-c: it's 50 miles north that the snow comes, on the Bruce Peninsula and easst side of Georgian Bay
rich-c: up there they have some of the highest annual snowfall rates in Canada
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm here
Daniel Bienvenu: but i don't see any message for me
rich-c: the bad snow in NY State is Buffalo where it blows in off Lake Erie, and the eastern end of Lake Ontario around Watertown
rich-c: so? you can join it too - complain about your snow, or lack of it, or something
Daniel Bienvenu: about the snow here?
rich-c: we'd all be talking about snow in Quebec except it appears you've had a pretty normal winter
Daniel Bienvenu: i think in Quebec you must like snow
rich-c: well, it does make life awfully difficult if you dont
rich-c: Frances says the nice thing about snow is that it reflects the light and makes the short days seem brighter
james: it also reduces the effect of global warming, even if marginally, as more light gets reflected back instead of absorbed
George: goto
rich-c: by the way, do you realize we're now only 30 days from teh equinox?
rich-c: what's that, George?
George: take a look and see
rich-c: cant seem to multitask in IE without crashing but I've made a note to look at it later
rich-c: if your folks havent mentioned it, james, we are having a very traditional Canadian winter this year
rich-c: in fact I suspect the annual Levis-Quebec boat race was more on foot than on float this year
George: holy sh--
rich-c: hey, I just noticed teh time - we should have packed it in 20 minutes ago
George: i just looked
rich-c: looked at what, George?
rich-c: and?
George: and they say we are not paniced
rich-c: that's not my impression, but we'll have to leave that for Saturday
George: ok
George: can I call you?
rich-c: right. I'm packing it in, then. Goodnight, gentlemen, including bonsoir, Daniel
rich-c: you mean phone or email, George?
George: nite all, for now
George: phone
rich-c: at the moment, prefer not - my schedule is too erratic
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir ŕ vous!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
George: later in the week
james: bonsoir!
rich-c: that's what I mean, George - I do not know when I will be in or out, can't suggest a time and inconvenient calls do not get done justice
George: ok what about saturday chat?
rich-c: ask me again in teh Saturday chat when I may have a better handle on my obligations
rich-c: I do plan to be on line on time Saturday
George: ok
james: rich, if we happen to meet up in toronto, would a month be enough time for you to copy the hacker's helper series for me?
George: nite, for now
rich-c: very well, see you then. Encore une fois, bonsior tout le monde
rich-c left chat session
George: poof
George left chat session
james: alors il y reste seulement nous deux
james: or maybe not..
james: *poof*
james left chat session
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