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rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
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rich-c: hellov George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: wondering when you were going to turen up
George: i'm going crazy
rich-c: having a good swim these days? :-]
rich-c: you
George: yes
rich-c: re not going crazy, the world is
George: drdos is busting my nuts
rich-c: can't imagine why - also do not admit it
rich-c: it is heresy in Adam circles to complain about DR DOS
George: really
rich-c: that's because the DR stands for Digital Research
rich-c: as in, the writers of CP/M for, among others, Adam
George: so they did some programs in cp/m
rich-c: it is said that the reason you don't have DR Windows is becuase Gary Kildall wouldn't sell out his principles
George: they could care less about ADAM now
rich-c: when the first IBM PC was produced, CP/M was the operating systems of choice
rich-c: Kildall wrote it so all the proprietary operating systems would have a language in common
rich-c: you could write a program in CP/M and configure it to run on Adam or Apple or Atari or TI or just about anything else
George: anyhow DR is defunked
rich-c: yes, we know that' Gary Kildall died a couple of years back and he was teh guiding spirit
George: and the people who bought the rights are all screwed up
rich-c: anyway, IBM approached him to licence it but they wanted a set of proprietary tweaks put in so other computers couldnt use IBM programs
rich-c: Kildall told IBM he wrote his operating system to bring computers together not drive them apart
rich-c: so IBM found a nervy kid who was quite willing to sell out - name of Bill Gates
rich-c: the ironic part is that Gates was smarter about writing the "exclusive" contract than IBM was
rich-c: so he no sooner had them irrevocably committed than it turned out that it would run on "clone" machines too
George: devicelogics now own the rights to DR's stuff as well as caldera and novell
rich-c: and that these "clone" machines could be built without infringing on any IBM patents
rich-c: I think you can figure out the history from there
George: did you catch the above?
rich-c: you mean about devicelogics?
George: yes
rich-c: yes, but the name doesnt ring any bells with me
George: they run
rich-c: yes, if they have the rights, it figures they would
rich-c: but why would you bother screwing around with that particular obsolete OS anyway?
George: they are set to release dos 8.0 this spring
rich-c: all fine and good, but what use is it?
George: now mainly embedded systems
rich-c: can't see why anyone would use it even for that purpose, unless licenceing fees were a big issue
George: there is no options for keeping this on top
rich-c: what do you mean by that?
rich-c: (does it thrill you to know that our morning rain has just changed to snow?)
George: everytime I move to something chat minimizes
rich-c: well then dont try to multitask during chat
rich-c: you're lucky it doesnt crash on you completely
George: it shouldn't
rich-c: by the way, we have had the lights flicker once already today
rich-c: I am on a ups so will not go down without warning even if the power fails
rich-c: but if it does fail all I can do is say I'm going away and will come back when the lights come on again
George: i have a power back up
rich-c: the ups will only carr6y my rig for a few minutes - monitors guzzle huge gobs of power
rich-c: anyway, you know that Windows is written to be hostile to Java
George: just long enough to shutdown properly
rich-c: so when you're in a Java applet and try to multitask in Windows, don't expect it to cooperate
rich-c: my backup is a 600vA which should allow a few minutes of operation but I don't want to push my luck
George: SUN is screwing up XP service pack 1
rich-c: I mention this because our lights have been dimming slightly
rich-c: are you talking Sun Solaris or Sun Java or some other Sun?
George: java runtime enviornment
rich-c: do you have 1.1 or 1.3?
George: who knows
George: i don't play with it
rich-c: it should show inExplorer as a program, so you can look at its properties
rich-c: I believe I got 1.1 in a download with Quicktime
George: aol screws around with it too much to take a look
rich-c: right - I keep forgetting you haven't smartened up and switched to a reasonable ISP yet
George: i won't jump from the frying pan into the fire
rich-c: no, but compared to the fire you're in, even the frying pan would be an improvement
rich-c: AOL is losing users in droves right now - there are good reasons for this
George: i never met an isp i really liked
rich-c: that may be, a lot of them are a pain, but you haven't looked very hard
rich-c: me, I got lucky, did very careful comparisons so when I did sign up I never had to change
George: oh, yes i have look at the list
rich-c: looking at a list telss you nothing - the most basic starting point is to look at each website and compare rates and rules and features
rich-c: with a lot of them you never know till you try them
George: oh, one bad apple for another
rich-c: you have one advantage - when you're with AOL, anything else will be an improvement
George: no not tamcotec
rich-c: of course not tamcotec - that is only for people who live in Toronto
rich-c: I'm thinking one like Earthlink or Roadrunner, or something more regional if you don't need a national connection
George: i have an idea for 2 new games
rich-c: you mean Colecovision games?
George: in general
rich-c: well, cartridge/arcade, or text/rpg sort of thing?
George: pin the tail on the French
George: and target practice on the French
rich-c: why, what's the matter with the French that hasn't been the matter with the for the last 200 years?
George: they are pouring out french wine in the streets for turning against us
rich-c: first, no one has turned against you - though the whole world is against Bush, including most Americans
George: and higher tarriffs are to come
rich-c: possibly - America has never cared about keeping its signed agreements since Bush got in
rich-c: but then, I guess you have heard of things like the World Trade Organization
George: why should he?
rich-c: right - only a gentleman keeps his given word, and no one ever called Shrub a gentleman
rich-c: but believe it or not, George, I can remember when the United States was a nation that could be trusted
George: the UN resolutions clearly spell out military action if Saddam doesn't comply he hasn't
rich-c: you need to turn off CNN and seek out some real news for a change
rich-c: There is no proof yet that Saddam is not complying
rich-c: we have to give him a fair trial, then hang him
George: and the UN went backon it now another resolution is being made
rich-c: the UN has not "gone back" on anything - as I say, screw Fox and CNN and look up some real news
George: Hans Blix stated twice he hasn't fully complied
rich-c: you are missing a critical word - "yet"
George: who the French?
George: this is not a time game
rich-c: that is why the rest of teh world is saying hold your fire, it isnt decision time yet
rich-c: though they're getting ready - do you know where teh French Navy has its aircraft carrier positioned?
George: either he complys or he doesn't
rich-c: dodged teh question again, I see
George: in their home?
rich-c: no - the Charles de Gaulle has been fully armed in striking distance of Iraq for the last week
rich-c: it was sent out into the eastern Mediterranean a couple of weeks back
George: they are about as effective as a Jamacian bobsled team
rich-c: you are exposing your ignorance of what constitutes military power
George: that's why we had to bail them out in two world wars
George: let them speak German
rich-c: let's correct that - America sat on the sidelines and let everyone bleed till it was clear which was teh winning side
rich-c: World War 1 started in August 1914 - by the time the Yanks arrived, the Krauts wre beaten
rich-c: World War 2 started Sept. 1, 1939 - by the time the Yanks arrived, Hitler had been stymied
rich-c: you've been watching too many Hollywood movies and studying too little history
George: I wouldn't commit troops to a counrty that waited ti;; they were overrun to defend themselves either
rich-c: just be glad England isnt supporting you the way you supported her in 1915 and 1940
rich-c: you sure are ignorant of your history, aren't you?
rich-c: I'll bet you don't even know what the cause of teh war was in 1939
George: my father was there
rich-c: what do you mean, was there?
George: he was a marine who fought them
rich-c: he was a marine who fought who?
George: forget it
rich-c: right - as I recall, he's ten years younger than I am
George: he put his life on the line for the ingraets
George: are you 98?
rich-c: dont look at me to diss the Marines - anyone who serves his country deserves more respect than he gets
George: you didn't answer the question
rich-c: my younger brother is a U.S. resident and served in the 82nd Airborne during the Cold War
rich-c: no, I'm not, and your father isnt 88 either
rich-c: given your age, even 68 would be barely credible
George: so are you 88?
rich-c: no, I'm well into my eighth decade, take it from there
George: he was born april 23, 1924
rich-c: so in 1941 he would have been barely 18 years old - barely of age to enlist
George: which he did
rich-c: yes, same thing in my family - I missed draft registrationby a couple of weeks
rich-c: the war ended just a few days before I would have had to register
rich-c: but since I was teh offspring of the youngest sibling, all my cousins wre old enough to enlist and serve
George: i was registered
rich-c: yes, you had a draft during Vietnam, didn't you?
rich-c: we have had no draft since the end of WW2
George: i was one of the first when they restarted the registration
rich-c: so how did you avoid finding yourself in Vietnam?
George: reanan restarted it
George: reagan
rich-c: after all, you didn't have any big-wheel Texas oilmen to pull strings for you
George: i was 7
rich-c: OK, and Vietnam didnt last THAT long
George: do yyou draft kids?
rich-c: we don't draft anybody - our armed services are all volunteers
rich-c: and they keep raising the requirements for enlistment which raises the age effectively as well
George: they won't take me anyway
rich-c: now you are too old in any case
George: they don't want to collect body parts on the way
rich-c: yes, even if you wre of prime age, you'd be 4F for medical reeasons
George: LOL
rich-c: anyway I don't think you'll be geting any "greetings from the President" any time soon
George: all i can do is is plunk a grenade down in front of me
rich-c: though given the likelihood of his plans going catastophically wrong, you never know
rich-c: well, get Saddam to sit on your lap while you do!
George: NO! thanks
rich-c: do you know why Bush the First didn't push on to Baghdad last time?
rich-c: you mean you wouldn't make the sacrifice even to get Saddam?
George: he gave it up for lent?
rich-c: nope - Dick Cheyney asked him "when we get it, what are we going to do with it"
rich-c: nobody in the White House had an answer for that
George: make it the next state
rich-c: hte Iraqui people would love that, but their neighbours might get a little upset
George: yes the arabs on foodstamps
rich-c: I'm not sure the kind of American who voted for Bush wuold care to pay for that
rich-c: after all, look what they did in Afghanistan - big promises, then hand them back to the warlords
George: they'll swallow anything
rich-c: who, Bush voters, you mean? or Americans in general?
George: the voterfor Bush
rich-c: yes, that seems to be the case, unfortunately
rich-c: wonder how long it will take him to totally bankrupt the country?
George: and he'll win the next election
rich-c: at the moment I doubt that - Iraq is a real tar baby
George: not here
rich-c: you mean not yet
George: everyone here says Bush is unbeatable
rich-c: you have to realize that despite the hatemongering in your media, the whole world is hoping Saddam will do something - anything - to justify whacking him
rich-c: that by the way includes the French, Germans and Russians
rich-c: their only insistence is that there has to be credible legal reason for it
George: yes, they'll jump on the bandwagon afterwards
rich-c: there is no bandwagon jumping involved - you have a very short memory for who fought at your side as recently as Afghanistan
George: everyone is around when therei s money to give out
rich-c: but then, American media never let on that the country actually had any help from allies, do they?
rich-c: oh, and how much did America pay the British for their help in Desert Storm?
George: enough
rich-c: they did, though, send a bill to Kuwait for their services in liberating them
rich-c: yes, to true friends nothing is enough - they don't fight for money
George: make it COD
rich-c: in case you're interested, the U.S. did cover some of Canada's costs
rich-c: our air force out there ran short of bombs and had to borrow a few to keep helping
George: was it the one we dropped on them
rich-c: also, they needed troops there faster than our airlift capacity could move them, so we hitched a fw rides on USAF Starlifters
rich-c: anyway, assuming Saddam is dumb enough to provide an excuse for war, what then?
George: it was the the military tinkering around that gave us pc's
rich-c: no, actually, it wasn't
rich-c: the biggest military contribution was in funding the first mainframe, to do ballistics calculations for teh navy
George: they were tinkering on them back in the 70's big mothers with tubes
George: i saw one
rich-c: actually they had tehm in teh 60s - one of my buddies used the Ferranti at the University of Toronto to earn his PhD
George: when i saw it i said what the HELL is this
rich-c: they developed very fast - he went to work as vice-president of Univac in Canada - experts wre rare then
George: at fort dix
rich-c: yes, for computers to become usable Bell Labs had to invent and develop the transistor
George: i'm an old baby
rich-c: not sure whre the military ballistics computer ended up - I know the Army was using it too (obviously)
rich-c: so, who was president when you were born?
George: i was born just before pampers
rich-c: yes, they wre just coming in when Pamela was born and she is a couple of years younger than you
George: nixon?
rich-c: you mean you don't know?
George: i was too young
rich-c: don't they teach you anything is your schools anymore?
George: do you think i came out of my mother and said "Hi Mr. President?"
rich-c: I can tell you who was president when I was born, and prime minister of Canada
rich-c: and I didn't sit up and ask that first thing
George: they had em back then?
rich-c: yes, believe it or not, ever since George Washingot (if you've heard of him)
rich-c: or in Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald, who was later, and a legendary drunk
George: oh, another George
rich-c: yes, before that there wre a couple of kings by that name
George: too common
rich-c: you said it, I didnt
George: not as common as Chins though
rich-c: sorry, that one got by me
George: look in a chinese phonebook
rich-c: oh, just for the record - I think I have my laptop back in action
George: i just got beeped
rich-c: right, the Chinese only have a handful of family names, as I recall
rich-c: imminent power failure?
George: trouble is i don't have a beeper
rich-c: this can make for major complications
rich-c: I do know when our lights blink my ups beeps
George: everything is steady here since i changed the bulbs
rich-c: anyway, I went up and exchanged the wonky modem for a new one that works
rich-c: so now I can do chats even when there's a race on Saturday afternoon
George: can't miss those crashes
George: cars or computers
rich-c: oh, they usually get them out of the way fairly quickly so the serious stuff can resume
rich-c: tomorrow the Champ Car race will likely end in time for me to pick up the last third of the NASCAR run
George: well when my father is gone there will always be archie bunker
rich-c: nothing like re-runs
rich-c: I gather from that your relationship isnt all it might be
George: for the 10,000th time
rich-c: I have my hands too full with today's demands to look back much at what I've seen and done before
rich-c: never know what is going to suddenly come up
rich-c: like yesterday, didnt know we'd get a call saying come fetch mother-in-law's hearing aid
George: Mr. Perfect died
rich-c: and didn't know I'd find the answer to the modem problems and would get to deal with them
George: i thought he was younger than me
rich-c: that's why I am predictable in that I will schedule and be present at chat
rich-c: and because I can do it on an open schedule, I'm good about email
rich-c: but where it comes to say talking on the phone, even if I answr I often cant stay on
rich-c: I gather you're talking about some tv character
George: yes, WWF
rich-c: I only turn on the tv for racing and football, and only selected events in that category
George: or should i say WWE
rich-c: and the lasst movie I went to was Gone with the wind
rich-c: but ask me what was in the papers, or on the 'net, and I'll bend your ear for quite a while
George: you are an antique
rich-c: not yet, though I'm working on it
rich-c: still have a few years to go to make the 100
George: disco is antique
rich-c: no, it isnt even old - just passe
George: i need a real dos driver for soundblaser 16
rich-c: that shouldn't be hardd to find - just do a search on Google if the Soundblaster site doesnt offer it
George: isa and they ask what is that?
rich-c: doesnt matter what bus connection you're using as long as it's appropriate to the card
George: they also say what is DOS?
rich-c: anyway, even some of the newest motherboards retain at leasst one shared ISA/PCI slot for legacy equipment
George: not mine
rich-c: you must be dealing with Walmart or something
rich-c: that's OK there's a new laptop on the market here that doesnt even have a PCMCIA slot
George: ASUS p4s533 doesn't have even one ISA
rich-c: good board but they cant put everything on it and meet the form factor requirements
George: dos out
rich-c: well, it's gone from Windows in XP, and Linux and Apple are their own worlds
rich-c: I gather it still underlies WinME, Win2000 and WinNT4
rich-c: anyhow, I think I smell dinner starting to get ready
George: oh, microsoft bought connectix virtual pc
rich-c: right, saw that on the business pages
George: boy, they are getting even more aggresive
rich-c: just from curiosity, how long would it take to download 250MB on your line?
George: about 4 hours
rich-c: Microsoft will be increasingly anxious to widen their product base
rich-c: apparently Linux is starting to take significant chunks out of the desktop pc OS market
George: they always wanted to kill mac from the beginning
rich-c: pretty hard to compete when the competition is giving the product aay free
rich-c: well now the Mac is not nearly the threat Linux is
George: they say the microsoft operating systems used to be free
rich-c: no, right from the start they have been grossly overpriced - that's how Gates made his billions
rich-c: eventually he will have to give Windows away free, or get out of the business
George: i don't know i only got into it in 1997
rich-c: as you'll realize us Adam oldtimers have been into computers since 1983, but most went to Windows much later
George: ADAM actually kind of put me off computers for a while
rich-c: cant imagine why, it's still about the easiest and friendliest evr built
George: ADAM supplies dried up shortly after i got my ADAM and it was too limited
rich-c: Adam is very limited compared to even a 386 - but the supplies are there, they are just hard to find
George: there was no one to relate to
rich-c: not until you could get on the internet to find them, though there used to be a strong group in your area
George: i never heard of them
rich-c: no, there was no way to get the word out until the internet was established
rich-c: or more to the point, the world wide web
rich-c: anyway, the Cherry Hill crew packed it in some while back, and havent heard from Rich Cossaboon and his group for some time
George: there were bulletin boards but i couldn't get a modem
rich-c: anyhow, I have to go set the table for dinner now
rich-c: so I shall have to "pull the plug" till Wednesday night
George: ok see you then
rich-c: OK bye now
George: bye
rich-c: poof
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