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james: morning all
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changed username to james
james: now there are two o' me
james: ping
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: good morning, you're early
james: hi rich
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rich-c: OK, just so I dont have to look up the email, when will you be here?
james: yes, got a decent night sleep for a change
changed username to Newcoleco
james: march 27th (thurs)
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Newcoleco: salut
rich-c: OK, hold on while I put it on the calendar
Newcoleco: the calendar?
james: someone here is stinky. i'll be back.
Newcoleco changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: james will be coming through Toronto in March, I'm marking the day
rich-c: don't want to end up taking a dental appointment or something equally stupid then finding there's a conflict
rich-c: I'm sensitive about dental appointments - busted a filling today
rich-c: got lucky though - the dentist could take me in
rich-c: which was good because tomorrow he leaves for a week off
james: back
rich-c: just about given up hope
james: no need for that ;)
rich-c: you got my emails about the Hackers Helper series?
james: yes, i did. thank-you very much.
rich-c: OK, any idea whatsoever as to which you might find useful, if any?
james: as far as i know, i only have one book in the series, which is one that you didn't list.
james: i'll have to check what it's called though
rich-c: that's Learning to draw (etc.)
rich-c: OK, I will postpone any archeological digs for that one
james: i could probably use all the books but i don't think i need the basic dissasembly
rich-c: that's good, it's by far the biggest and would be quite expensive
james: yeah, and it would weigh me down on our trip bakc
rich-c: you are right - it is incredible what paper weighs
james: yeah, i was tempted to ask you if you had these books in electronic format and i could just print them here
james: i think, with permission, putting them into an electronic form would be a worthwhile undertaking
rich-c: sorry, no, and I really dont fancy scanning that many pages and shipping them on a 56K modem
james: lol.
james: i'd be your age by the time i got it all
rich-c: I cannot see the demand justifiying it
james: no, but for the sake of preservation
rich-c: I very much fear we are running short of dedicated perservers
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: greetings, Guy
james: it's something i'd be willing to do. i haven't contributed much to the community yet
rich-c: will we be favoured with teh presence of Aimee too at some point?
james: hello guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy!
rich-c: I question whether you really understand teh sheer physical volume of material, james
Guy B.: Well, I got a new notebook and it was kind of unexpected. But I couldn't pass it up.
james: i don't doubt there's a lot
james: i'm a fast typist ;)
rich-c: a new notebook? tell us about it
rich-c: all I can say, james, is that when I turn up my toes, talk to Frances and Pamela fast
Guy B.: It's a Compaq Armada 4220T with 96mb ram, Win95 and Office 95. From Access to Powerpoint. Use to be a Spacelabs notebook and got it for under $200. It's a Pentium 266MMX
rich-c: because there will be about ??? cubic feet of Adams and supporting items that are going to GO
rich-c: is that a PI or PII?
james: well i'd be interested in hearing what you've got
Guy B.: Pentium 1
rich-c: for emample, I have about 40 or more 3-ring binders stuffed with various club newsletters
james: neat
rich-c: that would be about a 12" screen also, Guy?
james: wow. my server side spam filter has caught 80 spams in the last 3 days, if you can believe that
rich-c: I could not begin to estimate how many thousdand floppy discs I have with programs on them
Guy B.: Yes, I think you are right Rich. It also has a built in trackball.
rich-c: right, Guy, a little faster than my Dell but basically quite similar
rich-c: not great, but it will do teh basics and teh price certainly wasnt painful
james: i'd probably be interested in an extra adam console. one of the units i did those power supply modifications to didn't fare so well ;)
rich-c: the the the the the the the the the
rich-c: there will that be enough corrections for the rest of this evening?
rich-c: can you find a way to stuff that in your luggage? I'd hate to think the postal price to Japan
Guy B.: At least it has a good battery and power supply. I'm using the older system right now to transfer some games and AdamEm to the system via DCC.
rich-c: those are the critical items, Guy, that and the screen
james: well it' ssomething that would have to wait
Guy B.: Oh did I mention a built in handle!
rich-c: yes, and you also have to be wary of Canada Post's volume ruling
james: yeah, i'm familiar with that
rich-c: neat Guy - how many PCMCIA slots?
james: hi dan
Guy B.: It has one PCMCIA slot. But that is enough.
james: brb
rich-c: my Dell has two, handy to run say the modem and a pair of USB ports
Guy B.: The good part is I can use all the external drives and modem that I had with the Dell for this system.
rich-c: what did you have in the external drives?
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changed username to George W.
rich-c: hello George
Guy B.: Hi George
George W.: Hi Everyone
rich-c: little chill down there in Philadelphia?
Guy B.: George, did you get that snowstorm from last weekend?
George W.: yes, and about to be hit by snow again
Guy B.: We dodge it here in Chicago.
rich-c: ah, he got off easy, Guy, only about 18"
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Guy B.: Boy, this has been a real rough winter.
changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: hello Ron, you're early
Ronald: A good evening all
rich-c: and what is teh latest from teh Adamcon front?
Ronald: no watches around here Rich
rich-c: ?
Ronald: not much more to report other than what's on the website.
Ronald: Too much retirement living this week
james: back
George W.: We had an avalanche in upper bucks county
rich-c: haven't been there for a bit - has it got a permanent home yet?
james: hi ron, hi george
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Guy B.: There's my question answered. I updated my website last week and put in a link to yours Ron.
George W.: hi James
Ronald: no, I'm still working on it. May well be that it is where it is
changed username to Patricko
Guy B.: HI Patrick
rich-c: hello Patrick!
George W.: hi Patrick
rich-c: good t0o see you have seen fit to join us - do you know any of the folks?
Patricko: Hi all. this is my first chance to catch the chat in a few weeks.
james: how's everyone?
Guy B.: Been busy, eh!
Guy B.: How's the weather down in Japan James?
George W.: I was right about Clinton
Patricko: Yes, I travel for work quite a bit.
Ronald: well here James
james: rainy and cool
rich-c: in what way, George? good president but lousy husband?
George W.: He was impeached
james: you'd never know i had a 7' pile of snow 3 weeks ago
rich-c: I'll take rainy and cool over blizzardy and frigid, james ;-]
Guy B.: Up here in Chicago, it's cold, but a warming trend is finally coming.
rich-c: you are effectively wrong, George
Guy B.: Clinton was impeached, but wasn't removed from office.
George W.: no, the vote was 228 yea to 206 nay
rich-c: technically, I believe if any impeachment proceeding ever reraches teh floor of Congress, regardless of how idiotic the pretence, it is called impeachment
Patricko: Hey Rich, sorry about the mixup on the check, I guess I can make a mistake after all, (don't tell my wife), ha
Daniel Bienvenu: hello james... here it's very cold.
rich-c: but unless an impeachment vote passes, the president is not impeached
rich-c: as I said, don't sweat it, Patrick, we'll sort it out
james: is there talk of impeaching the president?
rich-c: the proceeding against Clinton was bogus from the get-go
George W.: later he was aquitted of both charges at the trial, but he did go to trial
james: ah, get my hopes up why don't you all. lol
rich-c: there was no trial in the ordinary sense, George, jsut a bunch of Republicans libelling him on the floor of the hoouse
rich-c: very handy for them , as they cant be sued for what they say in Congress
Patricko: Hey Rich what about the intern on the floor of the oval office, ha
rich-c: his sex life has nothing to do with his execution of his presidential duties
George W.: an American presidnet doesn't have a "normal" trial
Patricko: sorry, but any employee of mine who abuses their power and has sex in the office is fired
Ronald: Politicians
rich-c: of course he does, George, that's why Nixon had to be pardoned
George W.: He wasn't even impeached
rich-c: that's quite true, Patrick, I'm not defending Clinton's morals
Patricko: OK, just a sore subject of mine
Ronald: But there was never an answer to one question about Bill Clinton
rich-c: the fact remains some folks with sleazy personal lives have made outstanding public contributions
George W.: so there was no pardon ness asery
Ronald: If he used the cigar in the manner described, did he then inhale?
rich-c: you really don't have a clue about history, do you, George?
james: ron, how is the web page going?
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think scott will be online tonight? i didn't have news from him. I sent an e-mail last week and I received no answer.
George W.: yes, I do straight and offical
Ronald: been updating it weekly James, but still have some detail to finish in a couple of the sections
rich-c: Nixon resigned because he would be impeached if he didnt, and teh impeadchment would be successful
Ronald: Maybe this week.....(sigh)
james: can you throw the url my way again?
rich-c: but if he resigned he would not have office immunity from teh criminal charges he faced
Patricko: so anyway, I hate to change the subject but I have a question about downloading CP/M programs and transferring them to my ADAM. any takers?
rich-c: that's why he needed a pardon to resign
George W.: you proved my point He never got THERE
james: lol. any subject change back to adam is ok with me ;) fraid i can't answer your question though..
james: thanks ron
Patricko: ha, ok, well at least I gave it a shot!
Ronald: Patrick, there are at least two programs that will make the transfer for you
Patricko: Cool, go ahead
Ronald: only trouble is, they both transfer to EOS, not CP/M
Ronald: however.... there's IBMto ADAM by Chris Braymen
Ronald: and the ADAM Connection by David White
Ronald: so then, you would have to use FC.COM from TDOS or CP/M to transfer the files from the EOS disk to a CP/M or TDOS disk
Ronald: it's quite a process
rich-c: that's OK, just if it can be done at all
james: page looks nice ron. i'm still debating if i can make it or not.
George W.: what is TDOS like?
Patricko: Actually I was looking at the 22disk program. I contacted them and they said their program might work as a direct transfer. I run it on my IBM machine and it can read the ADAM 720K cp/m disks and vise a versa
Ronald: FC.COM will read an EOS formatted disk and provide a directory of the files on it
Ronald: Then you tag the ones you want transferred, and they're all done in one mass copy
rich-c: David White left teh Adam community in a snit, I'm told - any copies of Adam Connection to be had?
Ronald: But you need a system with 2 disk drives
james: what's the story behind that?
Ronald: I have one
rich-c: TDOS is a rewrite of CP/M
rich-c: do you know how the Linux server programme got its name, George?
Ronald: piracy
Patricko: I'm getting a copy of TDOS from Rich, I'm looking forward to messing with it
james: ah
George W.: has anyone thougt of putting up screenshots on any web sites?
Ronald: there are some distinct advantages to TDOS over "Vanilla" CP/M
james: were people copying his software?
rich-c: do you know about flippy discs, Patrick?
Daniel Bienvenu: for me... i still have problem with my Adam disk drive
Patricko: are those the 160k disks that are written on both sides?
rich-c: yes, sort of two for one deal
rich-c: you'll get one disc, side 1 TDOS, side 2 docs
james: i thought flippy disks were the 3.5" disks. 8" are flexi, 5.25" are floppy, 3.5" flippy.. no?
rich-c: no, james, they're flippy because you can flip them over and use both sides separately, if you follow
George W.: at least you have an ADAN disk drive I don't
Patricko: cool, I can't wait to check it out
George W.: ADAM
james: yes, i follow
Ronald: do you have any CP/M experience at all Patrick?
rich-c: nice because Adam programs are so small, you waste over half a 320 disc usually
Patricko: I used it and TDOS many years ago, but I remember most of the commands, ha
rich-c: with flippies you only wasste the balance up to 160
Ronald: good
Ronald: The Docs that Rich refers to should help. Pretty complete.
George W.: HUH?
Patricko: It's kinda weird the things you remember. I can still do stuff pretty fast from the C:\ prompt, ha
rich-c: it's about splitting a double-sided disc into two single sides, George
George W.: too deep for me
Ronald: yeah, like 17059 and 17115
Ronald: two pokes for screen and background colour in Smartbasic
Ronald: emblazoned in my skull
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Patricko: thanks Ronald, I'm rebuilding my ADAM collection after a 10 year hyatis, ha
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: Hi everyone
rich-c: great, Ron, but even I know SmartBASIC doesnt use a C prompt
Ronald: Pamela, my son
George W.: i thought disks only had a capacity of 160k
Patricko: Hi Pam
rich-c: welcome, daughter
George W.: hi Pam
james: hi pam
Pamela: sorry, didn't mean to interrupt : )
Pamela: James, you got my last reply?
rich-c: Coleco floppy drives were single-sided, 160K - but you could modify the discs, turn them over, and use teh back side too
Ronald: rich, you could cause smartbasic to use a C prompt if you wanted.
Ronald: but it would look a little wierd
George W.: oh
Ronald: without the colon behind
rich-c: I got confused enough with teh cursor
Ronald: right
Patricko: Rich, I used to have the punch that you use to convert the disks but I threw it out last summer, (bummer)
rich-c: and I think one thing that kept me away from MSDOS for so long was having a starting drive as C
Ronald: still got one. It has been unused for some time
Pamela: isn't it a standard one hole punch?
Ronald: Actually, I got to detest flippies
Patricko: actually it's square
Pamela: oh
Ronald: you had to have a label on the front, and a label on the back
rich-c: that was a serious, major mistake, Patrick, because those things are not replaceable
Ronald: difficult to see both at once
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Patricko: I never thought I'd use it again, ha
Pamela: thanks Guy
George W.: if i ever make it to one of these conventios I need someone to show me these things about ADAM
james: i have a punch
rich-c: I just put teh conventional label on teh front and specify front and back contents on it
Guy B.: Your welcome. Aimee hasn't come on yet. Probably is tired from working today.
Ronald: glad it's only a few things George, that's about all any of us can remember
Pamela: If you come George, you'll have so many teachers you won't know what to do with yourself
Pamela: Were you expecting her Guy?
George W.: spend all my time learning
Guy B.: I was hoping she be on by now.
Pamela: no George, you have to do some socializing too - it
Pamela: 's in the job description
Patricko: How's this for weird, I told my daughter the other day that life is good because I can write data to a digital data pack again, ha
Ronald: good for you Patrick
Pamela: did she ask you what a DDP was?
rich-c: how old is your daughter, Patrick?
Guy B.: Pam, I have a new notebook. Picked it up at a computer show along with a 128mb board for my Athlon.
Patricko: No, my kids grew up with the ADAM, they missed it
Patricko: my daughter is 24 now
Ronald: Time marches on
Pamela: If you keep this up Guy, you're going to start rivalling Ron and my Dad for computer collections
rich-c: Guy, don't rub it in
james: speaking of time marching on, case will be 1 next month :D
Ronald: would that I could stop it and reverse its course
rich-c: Pam wants to upgrade her computer, but it's an Aptiva
Guy B.: You might be right there. But, I'm using them at least.
Pamela: James, that kid is sooooooo seriously cute!
George W.: i couldn't for a wfile my floppies were writing bad blocks
Ronald: aha
james: lol. he wasn't so cute at 3 a.m. last night
Pamela: I'll bet
james: he's crawling around on the floor, babbling and exploring now
Pamela: but even the : (( face is cute when they're that age
Ronald: it's all good James
Ronald: soon he'll be asking you for money
Patricko: My first Grandkid is on the way, due in July
Pamela: Congratulations, Patrick
Guy B.: Bet you are looking for that Patrick.
Ronald: yes
rich-c: good show, Patrick
Patricko: Yep, pretty exciting!
Guy B.: How many kids you have Patrick?
james: @ron, he'll have to take a number
Ronald: rotfl
Patricko: 2 girls 24 and 28, the grandchild is with the 28 year old
George W.: any cures for writing bad blocks?
Ronald: ddp or disk George?
Guy B.: Is your oldest one her first child?
George W.: IBM floppies
Patricko: Yes it is Rich, she's been married for 3 years now, her husband is an air force pilot in Mississippi
rich-c: I refuse to ahve anything to do with IBM problems ;-]
Ronald: on an IBM?
George W.: format command leaves data too
Pamela: where are you, Patrick?
Pamela: and if I'm redundant, I apologize
Patricko: I'm in Minneapolis, Pam
rich-c: give it teh AOL answer "you have to get new hardware, and install the operating system again"
Pamela: wow, Minnesota - that's a new one for us
Guy B.: Must be cold up there? How much snow have you had this winter Patrick?
George W.: on,no i don't
Patricko: Well Guy, It's been a dissappointing winter, only a few inches of snow, we didn't get any until the first week of February
Pamela: you want some of ours? We have lots to spare
rich-c: your farmers are ot going to be happy about that, Patrick
Pamela: have had since the first week of December or so
Guy B.: Been like this in Chicago too. Not much snow, but it;s been awfully cold.
George W.: my P100 freaked out on me
Patricko: Very funny Pam, my Siberian Husky just loves the snow and cold and I love to see him play in it, ha
Guy B.: What happened George?
Pamela: sheesh, we can't get rid of the stuff
Patricko: you are right Rich, we need some moisture
Pamela: at least we'll have less chance of a drought this summer
Guy B.: Seems the storms either have been going south or north. My niece down in southern Illinois have too much down there.
George W.: for a while i couldn't even get the BIOS to flash on the screen
Patricko: you are right Guy, the storms have all gone south of us
Pamela: well, at least we don't live in Newfoundland
rich-c: well, they've swung back up, because the Michigan and Ohio members wre getting lots of snow
Guy B.: Back on Valentines Day. We were suppose to get 6-8 inches of snow. The storm went south and we got about 1 and half out of it.
rich-c: you've heard our report from Toronto, and Fredin Dorval and Daniel in Quebec have got their big winter quotas
George W.: had to remove all hardware to get it working again
Pamela: why do you sound so disappointed Guy?
Ronald: brb
Guy B.: Why Pam. They told us a mild winter. Ha!
rich-c: yes, that's what they told us too. Double ha!
George W.: he he he he he he he he he
rich-c: we did see one day with a temperature over freezing this month - just one, and no moe predeicted
Guy B.: Look what happens. It's been colder than usual this winter and very little snow. The last one was about an inch.
Pamela: I don't mind the cold - I can dress for it. I'll be remembering this in July when it's 90 degrees plus humidity
Pamela: and only one day above freezing in January too
rich-c: yes, someone was remarking there's no such thing as too much cold, just too little clothing
Patricko: I just had Manitoba and Saskatchewan added to my territory Rich, when will it be warm enough to visit, ha?
George W.: how about 110+?
Guy B.: Two years agi\o. We broke record highs here in Chicago. 60 degrees in February.
Pamela: just check the mosquito report Patrick : )
rich-c: well, I think you'll find their climate not too different from Minnesota's, Patrick
Patricko: that's what I was afraid of......
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a cartridge of my Coleco game Ms Space Fury on TV ... 18-february this year
Pamela: nope, don't want that either George. Too hot.
Guy B.: Ms Space Fury?
rich-c: hey, that is neat, Daniel - where was it shown?
George W.: we get that here
Daniel Bienvenu: tv show ... like M.TV (or Much Music) but in french here in quebec.
Pamela: and you're wondering why I don't live there?
rich-c: how come they picked it up, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: in a special show for gamers... I saw great old game system like Atari 2600, Coleco, Intellivision, etc...
Pamela: Daniel, do you have a CHOM radio station?
George W.: everyplace has its disadvantages
Guy B.: How can we forget about all those classic game systems.
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone I know was at this show and talked about his cartridge
Pamela: That's why I live in Toronto - fewer disadvantages.
rich-c: terric- encourage him, especially whre Colecovision is concerned
Daniel Bienvenu: CHOM ? only in Montreal... not in Quebec
George W.: even there
rich-c: is it a regular show, Daniel?
George W.: did it crash?
Pamela: brb folks
George W.: whooly cow is 10:21 already?
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a regular show named M.Net... normally to show new video games for Ps2 and XBOX.
Daniel Bienvenu: it was a special old game system
rich-c: but they do talk about teh classic 8-bitters; do they do so on a regular basis?
Guy B.: Time flys doesn't it?
rich-c: does when you're having fun
George W.: boy does it
Guy B.: I'm still transfering files from the P133 to the Compaq.
rich-c: well, DCC is fast, but there are limits and some files are long
Ronald: two computers, two different times, neither of which is correct
Daniel Bienvenu: no, it was a special 8bits game system... but I digitailized the show :)
Guy B.: I got the bps to 115000. So, it is going a little faster than I had it before.
rich-c: I have a program checks teh atomic time and sometimes I use it
Ronald: good idea Rich.I should get that going here. Apple, it seems cannot make a reliable clock chip
rich-c: had a serious problem with a Compaq 420 56K modem I bought for my laptop
George W.: i thought we were talking about the Clinton impeachement just today
rich-c: took it back last week and exchanged it for a Xircom which seems fine - 115000 as Guy says
Patricko: Hey I was thinking about the BC convention this year. Is there quite a bit to do in the area sight seeing /attraction wise? I need to sell my wife on the idea.
rich-c: you mean you don't know about Beautiful B.C. - Super Natural?
Guy B.: Ron, what do you have for us this year?
rich-c: would you want to drive or fly, Patrick?
Patricko: Fly for sure!
Ronald: Patrick, you'll be coming to an area of Vancouvere Island that is rich with scenery (water and mountains). There is a lot to do here for those who don't
Ronald: want to sit glued to an ADAM for 4 days. About the only thing I'd say is a tad sparse would be shopping facilities. Basically, you've got one of everything here, but
Ronald: not much more than that.
rich-c: it is a bit dodgy, but check out teh cost of driving to Winnipeg then booking Westjet from Winnipeg to Calgary and on to Comox
George W.: does anyone know about DHEA?
Patricko: good, the less shopping the BETTER!
Ronald: Depends on what kinds of activities you like
Pamela: gee Patrick, you sound like my husband : )
Patricko: Hiking, sightseeing, tours, that kind of thing
Guy B.: Hey, we have a go getter here.
Ronald: ok....well then you're coming to the right place
Ronald: yes.
Patricko: thanks, pam, I've had 31 years of practice, ha
rich-c: is yours one of teh hot areas for whale watching, Ron?
Ronald: about 45 minutes away and 5300 feet up is a breathtaking view from Mount Washington of the east coast of the island
james: i gotta go. nothing like an argument to start the day
james left chat session
Ronald: one only needs blue skies to enjoy it
rich-c: hear you, james. let me know what you need.
Guy B.: He left fast didn't he?
Pamela: unless it's a book, a computer game or a joystick, he's not interested
Ronald: better 30 miles north at Campbell River for whale watching
Ronald: but that's about a 50 minute drive, so it's do-able in 1/2 a day
rich-c: do they specialize in killer whales or grey whales?
Ronald: I have no idea. Will have to find out
Ronald: I've never watched a whale in my life
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: Ron, have you found a hotel yet?
Patricko: it sounds great!
Ronald: yes
Pamela: and?
Ronald: detail at
Ronald: Courtenay Travelodge
Pamela: gonna make me work for it, aren't you?
Ronald: well certainly.
Pamela: gee thanks
Ronald: adjacent to Tim Hortons and Wendy's
rich-c: Patrick, if you could somehow find the time, the drive is magnificent
Ronald: or for those who need more healthy fare, there are other places withing walking distance
George W.: Lipitor Time
rich-c: we hope to be able to do it from Toronto - 4000 miles each way
Patricko: It really sounds nice, I'll see if we can work it in. It would be fun.
Pamela: if you ever get the van back, that is
Ronald: But please - everybody, please do check out the website. Otherwise, you'll get behind on Backslash Bytehacker
Guy B.: Travelodge. Sounds like a good hotel. Have you set the rates yet?
Pamela: I guess that means I'm housesitting again
Ronald: $69 Canadian per night
Pamela: awesome rate, Ron
rich-c: well, all we need now is an air cleaner and an explanation of an odd engine fault code
Ronald: plus 7% plus 1.50 per day
Pamela: that's double occupancy, I assume
rich-c: you mean The Slash is there? You dodn't tell us that! SHAME!!!
Ronald: either
Ronald: they don't care
Patricko: that is very reasonable
Pamela: translates to about $40/nite US Patrick
Ronald: against that, you're all going to spend more in air fare
rich-c: yes, it's about $46 US
Patricko: wow, that's beyond reasonable, that downright cheap!
Pamela: Hey, I checked Westjet - $278.50 return per person from Hamilton to Comox
Ronald: ok......that ain't half bad
George W.: dollar doesn't go far anymore
Pamela: brb
Ronald: it'll go farther here George
rich-c: Patrick, I've driven the Yellowhead, the TransCanada, the Crowsnest, I-80 and !70 to teh Pacific and they are all fantstic
Ronald: Subject to mathematical analysis, I expect the cost to be same as last year
rich-c: in short, about $300 US per person, or $450 Canadian
Ronald: yo
Pamela: back
Pamela: ow, I think I burned my fingers
Pamela: fork, gotta remember to use a fork
Ronald: what, to light a cigarette?
rich-c: what are you cooking, dinner?
Pamela: no, to turn my chicken fingers over
Ronald: oh
Ronald: Well folks, I must away
Guy B.: Ok, great Ron. You will have registration info up at your website shortly?
Patricko: g'nite Ron
Ronald: hopefully see ya's next week.....albeit a tad later
rich-c: remind us to nag Dr. D. to check out that Westjet fare - it is dynamite
Ronald: love ya's all!!
Pamela: nite Mama Ron
Guy B.: We'll see you next week. Bye Ron
rich-c: I am sure he cannot do that well on any American routing
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: see you Ron
Pamela: only catch is, the flight leaves at 6:30 am from Hamilton
Patricko: I better turn in too, I have an early meeting tomorrow. Nice talking to you all. Hopefully see you next week.
Pamela: Hope so Patrick. Gnite!
rich-c: be looking for you, Patrick
Guy B.: Bye Patrick
Daniel Bienvenu: bye patrick
Patricko left chat session
Pamela: this is where you find out who your friends are. Who's willing to drive you to the airport at 4:30 am?
rich-c: so with early checkin, you'd have to be at the airport about 4 a.m. - hmmm
Pamela: makes you wonder if it's worth going to bed
rich-c: still you could kill boredom by sleeping on the flight and still ariive about breakfast time
Pamela: and you have to depart from Hamilton - there's no flight from Toronto during the week
Pamela: figures - the one time it would be convenient to live 10 minutes from the airport, and I can't use it
Pamela: would that be before or after I peel Russell's fingers off my arm?
rich-c: I guess that's what that terrific fare is all about - wild departure time from minor airport
Pamela: yeah, I suppose so.
Pamela: at least it won't be as crowded : )
rich-c: Westjet is standardized on Boeing 737s, aren't they?
Pamela: guess I'll have to check into short term parking out there
Pamela: No idea - they don't tell you.
Pamela: brb - going to get my fingers
rich-c: they don't? most airlines tell you teh type of aircraft for every flight
rich-c: though I suppose if they only fly one type they figure evryone knows
Guy B.: I'm going to go too. I'll see how Saturday looks. Don't have to go into work that day. Otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: OK Guy, hope you can make it on the weekend
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: night, Guy - hi to Aimee
rich-c: anyway, Pam, I think at airports anything over 24 hours is long-term parking at much better rates
rich-c: but at a less convenient location
Pamela: well there's long term - a week to a month, then there's short term - up to a week I think, then there's your average Joe parking lot
rich-c: I believe there is a shuttle runs from Toronto to Hamilton airport
rich-c: one of those 15-passenger vans, don't know rates or schedule
Pamela: maybe I'll just rely on airport limos and be done with it. Can you see me trying to find Hamilton airport at 4:30 am?
rich-c: you'll have to see how Hamilton classifies it; they are eager for business
George W.: big snow
Pamela: think they'd picv us up for free? ; )
rich-c: maybe you should go down the afternoon before and grab a motel room for a while
Pamela: yeahj, thought about that too
George W.: have fun
rich-c: depends on how far you can recline teh seats in the Taurus
Pamela: (this one finger typing sucks) I still have a lot of options to explore
rich-c: put a sign in the window - "just snoozing - please wake us at 4 a.m."
Pamela: I'm not even sure we're going yet
rich-c: ye$ - there are certain con$ideration$
Pamela: well ye$, but also whether I can talk Russell into flying
Pamela: he's not too keen on the idea right now
George W.: in the $now?
Pamela: also, if I get a new job, I may not be able to get away
rich-c: yeah, even at 6.a/m/ in July it will be bright so it will be hard to sneak him into the aircraft
rich-c: if you get a new job? seems I have been missing something here
Pamela: I've decided to start looking
Pamela: I'm tired of having my ego beat upon on a regular basis
rich-c: I will save further discussion of that for a phone call - make it soon, eh?
Pamela: 'kay
Pamela: you have meeting on Friday, right?
rich-c: not that I know of - has your mother been hiding things from me?
Pamela: is that every other week or once a month?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sleepy... I think it's all for me tonight.. good night!
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
rich-c: oh, the Am,iga meeting - it's teh second Friday of each month
Pamela: ah, I thought it was every second Friday
rich-c: night, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich!
Pamela: I'm not going yet Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight George!
George W.: nite all
Pamela: George, are you going too?
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*<
rich-c: you closing out, George?
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
George W.: yes
Pamela: okay, goodnight and good luck with your disks : )
rich-c: OK, 'nite, maybe see you Saturday
George W.: ok, bye for now
George W. left chat session
rich-c: anyway, daughter, guess that's it
Pamela: okay - do you want me to call you Friday?
rich-c: whenever it suits, though I'm online a lot in the later evenings
rich-c: anyway, give it a shot
Pamela: it won't be too late, probably around 8:00 ish - will that work?
rich-c: I would think so - if I know, I can leave things clear
Pamela: okay. If I forget, call me - I'm getting really bad at remembering things
rich-c: know the feeling. Goodnight now
Pamela: nitey nite. Sleep tight.
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: hugs to Mom
Pamela left chat session
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