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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: hows life down in Philly today?
George: crazy
rich-c: in short, as usual, you mean?
George: i guess
rich-c: how is the weather treating you?
George: achy
rich-c: that sounds like cold and damp with precip coming
George: mus b
George: must be
rich-c: we have it fairly sunny at teh moment and temp up to almost 40
George: fingers skipping out on me
rich-c: it happens to all of us - you'll notice mine can't spell the
George: it just did
rich-c: that's because I distracted their attention and slipped it by them
George: my birds went crazy and woke me at 3:00am.
rich-c: tomorrow should be decent but for Monday they are quoting high 12F and low -8F
George: i don't know what spooked them
rich-c: you have some budgies or something, don't you?
George: yes 3
George: 2 born here
George: the mom died
rich-c: your budgies breed, then - interesting
rich-c: maybe you should trade the offspring for an unrelated pair
George: i didn't think both babies would survive
rich-c: are you going to credit good luck or your good care?
George: their happiness
rich-c: I guess that adds up to good care
rich-c: I am extremely worried about our wild birds here
rich-c: normally my feeder is a playground and needs refilling every 48 hours
rich-c: this winter one filling is lasting three weeks and more
George: they have strong vibrant personalities
rich-c: never had a cage bird myself but I gather they do show individuality
George: very much so
rich-c: since many at our feeder are regulars, even in teh normal crowd some stand out
rich-c: we have had some sort of disaster with teh local chickadees
rich-c: usually there is a steady relay all day long between our neighbour's crabapple tree and our feeder
George: our complex installed guads to keep the wild birds from nesting now we have no wild birds
rich-c: I havent seen or heard a chickadee since late October
rich-c: the city's Christmas bird count only turned up 29 - in 200 square miles of city
George: not good
rich-c: we should have English sparrows, house finches, chickadees, cardinals as regulars in quantity
rich-c: irregulars are bluejays, nuthatches, woodpeckers, the odd robin, goldfinches and some others
George: abundant wildlife is sign of a healthy area
rich-c: you are right and I am very concerned about our environmental health
rich-c: right now teh crows should be so noisy you can't avoid them anywhere - instead none to be seen or heard
George: lack of wildlife scares me
rich-c: even teh flocks of pigeons seem to have taken a big hit
rich-c: yes, it is getting me increasingly worried too
rich-c: we are seeing our squirrels but not as often, and havent seen the racoons for months
George: it was nice to see some hawks a few years ago
rich-c: I have a growing suspicion that teh West Nile virus is far more fearsome than we have noticed so far
rich-c: Wesst Nile is supposed to be especially deadly to crows and bluejays, but it looks like we're losing everything
George: well with the human population it was bound to be spread sooner or later
rich-c: I gather birds, not humans, are teh vector for West Nile
George: no, humans bring the stowaway mosquitos
rich-c: nevertheless we have had a lot of human cases (known) including fatalities that are now into triple digits
George: just as they brought the zebra mussels on ships
rich-c: likely right, since few if any birds migrate across the Atlantic
rich-c: we have a big stink here now as the confirmed fatality figures are getting totalled up
rich-c: the greenies are dead set against spraying against mosquitos
rich-c: and teh local board of health has a number of left-wing greenies on it
rich-c: there is a suspicion they have been downplaying teh risk instead of owning up to the hazard
George: had a big flap about letting Brits in over mad cow
rich-c: yes, until they had it cleared, every one coming here from England had to walk through a dish of disinfectant
rich-c: there were all sorts of rules about clothing and how it had to be handled
rich-c: didnt matter when it just affected cows, but when they found it could jump to humans, that was something else
George: i went and got the Canadian food service
rich-c: I can't guess how that might have happen3ed
rich-c: the Canadian one should be or something similar
George: the pages must be crosslinked
rich-c: yes, maybe you accidentally hit a link while the page was loading
rich-c: all Canadian government sites are basically
George: how can you tell? the way the US government sets up their webpages
rich-c: well, gc. of course is teh equivalent of your gov.
rich-c: at least when paired with teh ca. national domain
rich-c: then major ministries get a division, eg ec = environment canada, thus gets it
George: you go to the US site for nutrition labels and you get a page on car tires
rich-c: well, they would likely be in the same administration
rich-c: you likely just clicked on a link adjacent to the one you wanted
George: HUH?
rich-c: where it comes to rules about labelling, they may all get lumped together in one department'
George: they aren't even related
rich-c: rules is rules, doesnt matter what they govern
rich-c: if there's an agency charged with administering all rules, they will have links adjacent on their website, most likely
George: how many people eat tires?
rich-c: probably some agency essentially responsible for consumer protection
rich-c: means regardless of product, you complain to one place when someone breaks the rules or things go wrong
George: FDA only deals with food and drugs solely
rich-c: that would be my expectation; maybe they have ads for other services on their site?
George: we are supposed to have separation of agencies
rich-c: just because they can't poach on one another's turf doesnt mean they can't talk to each other
rich-c: it isnt a constitutional thing like teh separation of church and state, after all
George: that comes under the heading duplication of services which is forbidden under US law
rich-c: it's likely a principle of administrative law and may relate to states rights, but I dont think it is applied too rigidly
George: that was phased in under Reagan
rich-c: the states have teh right to tell the feds to butt out if they try to take on a duty reserved to teh states
rich-c: yeah, sounds like some stupid Republican doctrinaire thing
George: it has nothing to do with states
rich-c: as I mentioned, it may also restrict turf wars between federal agencies
rich-c: but it does not mean that agencies with parallel duties cant cooperate in areas of common interest
rich-c: for instance, separate agencies set teh safety and emission standards for cars
rich-c: but they liase on certification methods and standards and documentation
George: Colorado enacted an antigay law the US supreme court stck it down saying the State had no right to enact laws that dimish the US constitution.
rich-c: yes, the Bill of Rights is a part of teh Constitutiion and so federal authority
rich-c: you have two areas of conflict - peer to peer and subordinate to superior
George: that's why i can't get liheap because i get SSI and that would be a duplication of service
rich-c: what is liheap?
George: it is an energy assistane program
George: assistance
rich-c: is it a state or federal program - assume it helps with your heating bills
George: yes
rich-c: in short, you can't get a bonus since it's already rolled into your SSI
George: i got several rejection letters
rich-c: well, SSI is assumed to give you all you need to live under reasonable expenses
rich-c: the liheap is for people who have problems but don't get help like you do
George: even though i comes from the State of PA. Yet i can still get rent rebate
rich-c: you expect politicians and bureaucrats to be consistent, even make sense?
George: even when i have rent assistance
rich-c: you probably shouldnt be getting that, either - I'll bet that's what Bush and his buddies would say
rich-c: I'm surprised if you get rental assistance they don't cut back on your SSI to match
George: they sent it having full disclosure of the rent assistance as i declared it.
rich-c: no doubt eighteen months down teh line some burteaucrat will discover he's made a mistake
George: this is now 12 years
rich-c: then he'll demand a refund, all at once, with interest - and your SSI will be stopped till the "debt" is repaid
George: they were fully informed
rich-c: guess then all that you can do is cross your fingers and hope no one notices
rich-c: maybe they were informed; you think they'll admit that?
rich-c: and even if it was their mistake, that wont let you off the hook
George: welfare did the same thing and tried to collcet but the judge said i made full disclosure and welfare could not have the money back
rich-c: you actually beat teh government on a money matter? I'm impressed
George: sometimes it works if you keep your nose clean and honest
rich-c: it should work that way but my experience is that it rarely does
George: i alway make it a policy to stay in strict accordance with regulations
rich-c: don't we all, but unfortunately political people respect what serves their interests, not the law or what's right
George: the welfare queen didn't
George: she took the system to the cleaners
rich-c: politicians hate anyone who is on welfare for any reason, however legitimate
George: and she got hardtime for it
rich-c: I am surprised they didnt try to frame you - or maybe your beating them in court stopped it
rich-c: doesnt mean I dont knw about welfare cheats - I've met a couple
rich-c: and yes we have them and prosecute them, sometimes viciously
George: my fater told welfare to go to hell and got thrown out of the program permanently
rich-c: guess he didnt know how to fight the system
George: it messed up his medicare
rich-c: bureaucrats dont make mistakes, its all your fault
rich-c: if you dont believe it just ask them
George: olny when the judge tells them then they do admit mistakes
rich-c: you're getting the message
George: at least they have to me
rich-c: of course if teh bureaucrats were trustworthy and conscientious, you wouldnt have to go to court
George: just having they admit they were wrong is good enough for me
rich-c: I am not about to suggest this was merely a small victory
George: at least then they come clean
rich-c: but you need citizens and lawyers and courts that will stand up to them
rich-c: "for evil to triumph it is only necessary that good men do nothing"
George: and Nixon must have had a guilty reactive mind to resign or he would have fought it as Clinton did. And i think he may have prevailed
rich-c: you obviously have no idea whatsoever as to teh nature of their misbehaviour
rich-c: Mixon was a crook and essentially a traitor to the Constitution and his oath of office
rich-c: Clinton was simply a guy who got caught doing what most politicians and many other men do in their private lives
George: oh, so you have some juicy morsels
rich-c: what do you mean? everyone knows Clinton had zipper troubles, but so what?
George: no, he was just getting it stuck
rich-c: oh - I see what you're getting adid you know there was an academic study done of "A sexual profile of men in power"?
rich-c: i5t wasp ublished some time ago; you can find it in teh Library of Congress catalog
George: send me the vidoes
rich-c: anyway, the findings were simply that top dogs in business and politics are generally sexual rogues, often with kinky tastes
rich-c: if you want that sort of video, George, just boot up Google and search "sex"
George: i could only think of what Bush is doing in the Whitehouse
George: i got to take the filter off
rich-c: the point is, the so-called "impeachment" of Clinton was a cheap political trick based on a perversion of the US justice system
rich-c: you don't know what Bush is doing and would likely be shocked if you did
George: i'm filtered
rich-c: so turn the stupid filter off - I don't know why you stand for it in the first place
George: just like what they are doing to the public library
rich-c: given teh number of kids using teh library computers, they likely need "Net nanny" or something
rich-c: not that the kids would be shocked, they'd just nevr getbthe work done the computer was provided to do
George: grand dadies use them too
rich-c: yes, they should really provide unfiltered computers for adults
rich-c: but there would have to be some awfully severe time rationing then
George: how do you think they got to be grand dadies?
rich-c: not by sitting staring at a computer screen, I reckon
George: no putting pics into practice
rich-c: I suspect it was just a matter of doin' what comes naturally
George: that too
rich-c: especially since when grandparents wre busy starting teh process, there wre no computers
George: no but they weren't far behind
rich-c: oh yes they wre - I doubt if there are many if any porn sites that started before 1993 on the 'net
George: and older people were some of the first people i saw using computers
George: not kids
rich-c: the general rule until teh last year or two has been that the elderly don't use computers
rich-c: that hass changed very drastically over teh past 36 months, but I was a freak in my age group for years
rich-c: when I retired in 1990 the Board still hadnt decided my library needed a computer even for administration
rich-c: and few teachers had computers of their ow and hardly any students had home access
rich-c: general access to computers is strictly a phenomenon of the last very few years
George: i think my great aunt at age 90 was the first person in our family to use a computer
rich-c: seriously good for her, but hugely unusual
rich-c: most friends and neighbours my age still dont have them
George: she took to it fast
rich-c: probably found it did good things for her
rich-c: anyway I see it is getting late and I can smell dinner cooking
George: and my father won't look at a computer
rich-c: got to go down and choose the wine to go with it
rich-c: its white meat so white wine which will need chilling
George: ok, have a good dinner
rich-c: you too - see you on Wednesday, I trust?
George: yes, bye for now
rich-c: OK, bye
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