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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
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changed username to George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: hello George
rich-c: just a sec, I have to restore my report utility
rich-c: OK, now I'm back in action
George: i downloaded kazaa
George: wished i didn't
rich-c: great, now you have one of teh more notorious pieces of spyware built into your machine
rich-c: agreed, you certainly have reason to wish you didnt
George: it's all spyware
rich-c: do you have Spybot or Ad-aware on your mach9ine?
George: whatever it is it's worthless
George: are you still there?
rich-c: yes, I'm here - and are you talking about kazaa, then?
George: YES
rich-c: well, it's great stuff - anyone running it, you can go right in and see everything on their computer, and download it
rich-c: of course they can do teh same to you, so you'd better not have stuff on your drive you'd rather people didnt see
George: that's the principal of filesharing however it doesn't work you can't download a thing for it crashing
rich-c: well, either you have a spyware removal tool running which is crashing it, or you have some sort of conflict
George: whatever winmx works better
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rich-c: well, I havent the slightest interest in file sharing, so really don't get into that stuff at all
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi Guy, you are a bit early
George: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Hi All, I'll be right with you while I'm finishing up my tax returns.
rich-c: cold as Bill Gates' soul and snow to your rmpits, no doubt?
rich-c: the weatherman claims we got eight inches overnight but with the drifting it is effectively a lot more
George: well that isn't cold at all since Gates is giving away his fortune
rich-c: actually Gatesis giving away a portioallow me to observe that he is giving it in directions that will offer certain tax advantages and also help Microsoft
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy welcome back - bet you wish you weren't
Judy: Hi,how is everyone?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back and done with 2002 income taxes.
Guy B.: HI Judy, how was your vacation?
rich-c: snow up to our armpits and zero cold, otherwise (brrr) fine
Judy: that is for sure with the weather we have been having
Guy B.: We got about 6-7 inches here last night.
rich-c: our green cones vanished into teh back yard drifts overnight
George: that doesn't mean a thing if the kids windup in the poorhouse
Judy: we got 4-8
Guy B.: We got the worst of it Judy. Heavy snow.
Judy: ours was hard to shovel
Judy: has like a crust on top
rich-c: think we got about as much as you did, Guy - that is, considerably more than we needed
Guy B.: Abby seemed to enjoy romping through it tonight.
Guy B.: Should we send all that snow to you then?
Judy: I liked the weather in Florida much better
rich-c: our gardeners keep body and soul together over teh winter by doing snow clearance
George: Why am i getting all of these animal sounds?
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rich-c: they came by just before dinner tonight, followed by the city ploughs
Guy B.: What animal sounds George?
changed username to Scott
George: pigs, dogs
Guy B.: Hi Scott. Glad you made it.
rich-c: hello Scott, where's my disc drive ;-]
Guy B.: Where from?
Scott: Hello.
Scott: Ah, yes, I have a disk drive of yours to return
Judy: we didn't get a plough thru on our street until this noon
rich-c: just didnt want you to forget, Scott
Judy: hi, Scott
Scott: Can I return it directly to you?
George: Hi Scott, Judy
Guy B.: Our village plowed the alleys this morning.
Scott: Or did you want me to send it to the owner?
rich-c: Toronto has a deal with teh paving companies, uses their graders for snow clearance
rich-c: send it to me, Scott, I'll look after it from there
Guy B.: Where's Bob, Judy?
Judy: he is right here just not on chat yet
rich-c: our ploughs run in tandem, one races along clearing teh snow, the follower scoops the windrows out of the driveways
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hi ya's
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: hello Bob, trust you enjoyed teh vacation
BobS: ya mon
BobS: me tinkin dat is da place to go
Guy B.: I got a new notebook a couple of weeks ago. A Compaq Armada 4420. Has Win95 96mb memory and Office 95.
BobS: how fast???????
Guy B.: Hi Bob. Welcome back.
Guy B.: 233 MMX.
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BobS: tank ya
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Correction 266
BobS: gOOD
BobS: or GooD
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: well the travellers are home
rich-c: they had one advertised locally here at a good price - but what you paid was even better, even allowing for exchange
George: Hi Pam
BobS: hiya Pam
Pamela: Hi, all
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: thought you got one from work Guy...........
Pamela: Guy, you're early
Guy B.: Battery is very good. And this one has speakers and sound.
BobS: AH.....seventh heaven, eh???????
rich-c: he needs time to chill your Coke, Pam
Pamela: in this weather? you're kidding
Guy B.: Nope, I sold the old Dell to a friend at work. The new one I bought at a computer show.
(Scott smiles)
BobS: ok..........
rich-c: Guy, around here there are a bunch of 8.1 gig IIBM external PCMCIA drives selling for about $60 US
BobS: how's Scott???????
(Scott winks)
Pamela: brb, gotta check something
Guy B.: This notebook has a Video connection for a TV hookup.
rich-c: they are new and really very nice - you might check your surplus market for one
Scott: Hey Bob, just playing around with the chat room software
Scott: How's the monthly disks?
rich-c: Guy, might we see Aimee tonoght?
Guy B.: I hope so. We chatted last night.
rich-c: she seems very nice and interested in things here - hope she drops by
Guy B.: She told me she will try. Last week, she and her daughter went shopping and got home late. So, she didn't have time to come on.
Scott: Where's our frenchman Daniel B?
rich-c: Scott, George was complaining earlier about Kazaa crashing
Scott: Kazaa?
rich-c: Daniel? I don't know; he was looking for you - sorry, I forget if it was Saturday or last week
Scott: I was in Colorado Springs last week.
rich-c: you know, the peer-to-peer file sharing internet program
Guy B.: Read Ron's e-mail and just out of curiousity I priced airfares to Comox. I would have to connect in Vancouver and got anywhere from 511 to 605 US$.
Scott: But, I honestly just forgot to check in.
rich-c: Guy, try pricing whoever has teh best fare to Calgary, then Westjet to Comox
BobS: monthly disk still coming although maybe not the last two on my website
Pamela: How did you all get there last time? Or is this the first in Comox?
rich-c: there may be some sort of inter-lining you can do and get a better fare
Scott: Is there anything I can do to help you, Bob?
Scott: With the monthly disks
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Guy B.: Is Calgary closer to Comox than Vancouver?
rich-c: this is teh first time in Comox, Pam - our only other western ones were Seattle and Salt Lake City
BobS: nope just have to have time to put them up
Pamela: I thought that Bob and Judy were commenting on having been there before
George: no Redmond?
rich-c: they have been on Vancouver Island before, they were touristing before teh Seattle con
changed username to james
james: good morning
rich-c: good morning, james
Pamela: Ah, James - I was just wondering if that was you. Good morning
Guy B.: Hi James, How's the weather in Japan?
james: how is everyone? sorry to cut out abruptly last week
BobS: hiya James
George: Hi James
james: sunday was 15c and sunny. monday and tuesday was snowing. today it's about 10 and cloudy
rich-c: yes, we did notice you vanished rather hurriedly
Pamela: it's okay James, but now you have us all wondering what you were fighting about
George: gotta go bathroom
Scott: Ku Nichi Wa, Jamesan!
Guy B.: Speaking of snow. We got wholloped here in the Midwest last night.
james: konnichiha, scottosan, how are you?
BobS: Pam....were to AC 11 in Seatlle and onto Victoria on the island of Vancouver
Pamela: yeah, we got it this last night and this morning Guy
Pamela: now I understand, Bob
Guy B.: Got around 6 to 7 inches.
Scott: Have you done anything with your SmartLOGO project?
james: our snow was all gone sunday and what we got on monday and tuesay is all but gone now
Pamela: Dad, where was the campground on the island that had the buoy you could play on?
rich-c: count your blessings, james - snow's so deep in our back yard we lost the green cones, and it's 0F right now
Guy B.: Looks like spring is there already.
james: no, unfortunately. i've been *extremely* busy. i have 84 students now and case takes a good chunk of my morning away
Guy B.: Whoa, that's a lot of students there.
Scott: Is that spread over 3 classes?
rich-c: how many classes have you broken them into, james?
james: 0f? what is that in a modern measurement?
Pamela: James, is your website still up? I lost the URL
james: 84 students over three classes?! i should hope not. i teach in small groups of 2-4
james: sure pam
rich-c: -18 :-)
Scott: James, I put my website back up, in case you need it.
Pamela: gimme, please
Pamela: thanks
james: sounds good, scott
Scott: It's at
james: dan won't be on tonight, he informs me that he's sick
Guy B.: Ok, for a minute there. Thought it was all in one classroom. Would have drove you bonkers.
james: but if you haven't contacted him yet scott, he would really like to hear from you
james: @guy - i go bonkers teaching small groups of 8th grade girls as it is. i can't imagine teaching a larger group without my hair going white
Scott: Sure, I will respond to one of the e-mails between him and Mike
Pamela: James, good news - I have the 27th off so am very flexible time-wise
james: great pam! we look forward to seeing you
Pamela: I'm getting really excited
Guy B.: Boy, I wonder how you are at the end of the day.
rich-c: james, you havent told me which ones you'll need copies of
james: i was thinking - i have money allocated for our bus tickets to leave niagara but that time isn't set in stone. how would it be if i were to give you a call right before we leave?
Pamela: it's long distance, but sure
Pamela: call me at home first
james: @rich - uhh.. i'll have to double check the one i have, but basically everything minus the basic disassembly
james: @pam - i meant from niagara ;)
rich-c: that's all three that I have, then
Pamela: yeah I know, but it's still long distance : )
rich-c: niagara to Toronto is long distance still, james
james: yeah, for you guys maybe ;)
Pamela: guess it seems like small potatoes to you James
james: but i will keep that in mind
Pamela: you might want to get a calling card or call collect
james: if anything, i'd call from the hotel. my experience with calling cards has been .. less than favourable
rich-c: even just buy a long distance prepaid at any smoke shop
Pamela: yeah, but hotel calls are expensive too
rich-c: likely in a tourist area like Niagara they'll even have phone that work on credit cards
james: perfect
Pamela: oh yeah, that would work!
rich-c: we just cancelled our Bell long distance plan
james: my credit card will be getting a lot of use. i'm going to pay all our restaurant bills with it and settle up with the students while we're on trains and buses etc
james: rather than fussing with pennies after a meal
james: wasn't working out, rich?
Pamela: Dad, I was just talking to Aunt Cynthia - she told me about that
rich-c: makes considerable sense, james
Pamela: how come?
rich-c: got tired of paying $100/yr just to have it there vefore we even used it
Guy B.: I don't have long distance, but I have calling cards in case I do need to make a call.
james: plus, i get aeroplan points, 1 point for $1. i've had this card for maybe 3 months and i've already got 20,000 points
BobS: with today's long distance cards, it it CHEAPER to have the card and punch the numbers
Pamela: well at least you won't need to worry about your airfare : )
BobS: we got one never expires for 3 1/2 cewnts per minute
james: yeah, and air canada sent me these cool upgrade certificates to go from economy to first class
George: Boy, did i let off a load
BobS: pain in the butt to punch numbers, but cheap
rich-c: I'm using a 10-10 number that charges 5 cents a minute, but that's Canadian
Guy B.: And that's true. MCI Worldcom is raising rates again. This time up 29%
james: mci worldcom? they're still around?
BobS: rate sounds good a minimum charge too????
George: not for me
Guy B.: Blaming it on. Lower than expected revenue.
rich-c: no, no minimum, just 5 cents per minute
Scott: Well guys, I'm gonna run and do a little homework.
Guy B.: Yep, even though they are in backruptcy.
George: i switched to Verizon
james: ok scott. good luck
Scott: Are you meeting on Saturday?
rich-c: there's another one that offers 15 minute units even cheaper per minute
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Guy B.: Good to hear from you Scott. See you again soon.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: yes, I expect to be on line Saturday, and George is usually here
Guy B.: Ok, we have twin Pams.
BobS: be goo dScott
Pamela: dammit, I just got disconnected
Guy B.: Aimee is online. She will be here shortly.
rich-c: night Scott, see you Sat
Pamela requested to ban Pamela
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS confirmed ban
changed username to Pamela
Scott left chat session
rich-c: OK daughter, have we got you successfully untwinned?
Pamela: I just disconnected myself - really bright
BobS: nope just got another Pamela
james: not on my screen. there are still two of her
Pamela: it's the top one I need to ditch, I think
BobS: but which one is REAL??????
Pamela: that would be me
George: i see two
Pamela: gonna try this again
Pamela requested to ban Pamela
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: bet you have two active screensfor teh chat too, one behind teh other
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Ok, there's one.
james confirmed ban
George: you keep popping back
BobS requested to ban Pamela
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
George confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, back to one again.
james: some ghots just can't be busted, eh?
BobS: Pame, you stil here??????
rich-c: likely she's still on the front screen and thinks she's been disconnected
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: you have to check your system tray when this happens and play with teh minimized screens
Pamela: okay, I'm back
BobS: oh heck just be twins
George: here she comes again
Pamela: don't anyone touch me, just in case
Guy B.: Eventually, the duplicate will disappear.
rich-c: when you get removed, your ghost remains
Pamela: five times in as many minutes is enough
Pamela: I don't have any minimized screens, dad
rich-c: Pam, check your system tray and see if you have another chat screen in behind
Pamela: and I don't know why i got disconnected in the first place
BobS: don't think yo did Pam
BobS: you just thought so
BobS: so what did I miss in two weeks????????
Pamela: I did, Bob - my connection with Tamco was terminated
rich-c: it didn't look as if you had left - you wre still recorded as being here
Pamela: !@#$%^^&* computer
rich-c: I think it was some sort of bump in the chat program
Guy B.: Pam, don't cus the computer.
Pamela: sorry Guy, had to be done
BobS: just because they are dumb creatures........
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: I am frustrated
Pamela: thanks, but do you think caffeine is going to help here?
rich-c: yeah, but you can't clout 'em like they need, so all that's left is to cuss them instead
Guy B.: I gave you the caffeine free one.
(BobS groans loudly)
Pamela: exactly
George: WAR is a day away
Guy B.: No WAR.
rich-c: no, Dubya isnt ready yet
George: he's itching at it
rich-c: oh, Dubya is going to do it, even if no one will join him
Guy B.: He knows the resolution will fail. But, that's not going to stop him.
George: ithcy trigger finger
Guy B.: There's already 300,000 troups there now.
rich-c: my bet is that even Britain will back off
Pamela: anyway James - both Russell and I will be home that morning, so either way you should get an answer
james: i see we're back to geopolitics again
james: ok, thanks pam
rich-c: no, Guy, 220,000 and 60,000 of those are still on ships waiting to see if Turkey will take them
Pamela: it's actually too bad he's working that day - I know he'd love to come along
Pamela: oh well
james: yeah, that is too bad.
rich-c: Pam, you and I have to liase on this, remember
Pamela: we will Dad
Pamela: just before I got dumped I started to ask you what time you got online on Monday - I tried to call
rich-c: probably let you relay to us, since we won't be up when james phones
Guy B.: I guess it will be that many when they get there.
George: give up WAR for LENT
Pamela: that works for me, Dad
rich-c: dont remember Pam, my online hours havent been too regular this week
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: have been on quite extensively after dinner though
Pamela: Friday was a non-starter for me - I was pooped by the time I got home
Pamela: Hey, Judy - how's your tan?
rich-c: pity, because I stayed offline to leave it clear for you - I was a bit miffed
Pamela: Sorry about that Dad - I really wanted some privacy to talk to you but Russell was home
Judy: didn't get much sun, no time to lay out and too hot to lay in it
George: freeze or fry
Judy: but it sure was nicer than the weather we are getting now
rich-c: if you cant talk, it's better to phone and say so, just for future reference
BobS: went to Fl for vacation not to get fried like a burger
Pamela: okay - sorry about that
Pamela: but Bob, red is such a nice colour on you
Judy: we did have a good time so relaxing
james: sec
james: catching up. case is here
Pamela: nice to hear. Where did you end up?
Guy B.: Aimee has to install Virtual Machine on her new PC and it's slowing her down. She will be on when it's installed.
BobS: naw RED sucks
rich-c: ah, she doesnt have Java yet? by the way, 1.1 will do for this chat module
Judy: in Fort Lauderdale by my parents
Guy B.: If you use Internet Explorer. It will ask you to install Virtual Machine.
Pamela: I will refrain from retirement jokes
rich-c: I'm fully up to date on my IE so I assme I have teh VM, but I got Java with Quicktime
Judy: it was better than by Bob's parents, his mom ended up in the hospital down there
Pamela: oh dear, what happened?
George: IE is dropping VM
Pamela: (hi to cutie Case)
james: thanks pam
james: he can stand for a second or two on his own now
Judy: not really sure, but she is fine now they ended up flying home
james: in fact, he'll be turning 1 the day before i leave with my troop
Pamela: Has anyone talked to Dale and Jillian or Dr. D recently? Where have they disappeared to?
rich-c: hoo boy - he'll be up and cruising soon, then
Guy B.: Any problems with security at the airport?
Pamela: hard to believe he's a year old already
rich-c: dont know what's with Dale and Jill, they havent been by for weeks
Judy: no, but their plane was delayed
Guy B.: Seems they fell off the face of the earth.
Pamela: neat trick - it's a big earth!
rich-c: well, Dr. D does have his diversions, so he is pretty intermittent
Guy B.: And he does have a family to take care of.
Pamela: yeah, but Rich is usually more regular than this - we haven't seen him in weeks
rich-c: with a full-time working wife, four daughters and his university duties, Dr. D. doesn't have much loose time
rich-c: well he was on I think last week but had to quit - had a bad cold
Pamela: just thought of something - brb
Guy B.: At least one of those daughters has been helping him out and that is Christina.
rich-c: yes, she's getting up to teh age where she can lend a helping hand around teh house
james: yeah, the time has gone by fast
Pamela: Man, I have to do something about the spaghetti on our computer desk
james: lol
Guy B.: Aimee's back on. I'll see if she's all set.
rich-c: I dont think I want to know what that's about
Pamela: have you seen our back room lately? there's so much stuff on the desk that there's hardly room for the computer
Pamela: considering the size of this desk, that's an accomplishment
rich-c: no, I'm still waiting for that invite to see HPO ;-)
Pamela: Gotta get cleaned up first Dad so we have seating for everyone. I'm on cleanup detail this weekend
rich-c: I'll make a note - after all, soon our roads will be drivable
james: case is playing with the phone. hope he doesn't call australia
Pamela: was looking for something earlier and found paperwork from 1999 - I REALLY need to shovel out this room
Guy B.: Aimee still cannot download VM. She's going to try again.
rich-c: they're busy in Oz, got the GP in Melbourne this weekend
Pamela: hope he doesn't call Canada James - it's farther away
rich-c: fortunately teh race is 10 p.m. our time Saturday, no conflict with chat
Pamela: are you gonna stay up and watch it?
james: lol
rich-c: of course, it's only two hours, no big deal
Pamela: George, who are you pooping on?
rich-c: I don't go to bed that early
George: it all comes out
Pamela: oh, to be retired and stay up until the wee hours
rich-c: yes, when we get up in teh morning depends on when we go to bed in teh morning
George: CROHN'S
Pamela: I can get with that program
rich-c: actually I have been trying to hit teh sack around midnight
BobS: ya sure.....gonna be later tomorrow morning here, got up early because of 7" of snow this morning
rich-c: we saw teh weather forecast so did our grocery shopping last night - and wre very glad when we looked out this morning
rich-c: normall we shop a bit before lunch on Wednesdays
Pamela: I left at 6:45 this morning - it took me until 7:30 to get to the subway. Half an hour just to get from the Keele / 401 exit around the corner onto Wilson
rich-c: do I get teh impression the ramp was a bit slippery?
Pamela: no, I was coming up Keele to Wilson - we were averaging about one person turning right onto Wilson per light. Grrrr.
rich-c: too many red light r8unners, or teh pedestrians?
George: my freezer is full, unfortunately it isn't working right so everything thaws and refreezes
rich-c: that's a recipe for food poisoning, George
Pamela: neither - I think some people were having trouble negotiating the turn onto Wilson
Pamela: don't know why - when I finally got there, it wasn't that bad
Pamela: Bob, you'll know what corner I'm talking about - right at the hotel you stayed at for AC12
rich-c: depends, wherever cars have to accelerate from a stop, the snow gets polished into ice
Pamela: it wasn't ice, Dad
Pamela: you too, Guy
rich-c: trying to turn under power in deep snow, then?
BobS: ok
Pamela: who knows. All I know is that it was really, really slow
BobS: I know it, shouldn't have been a problem
rich-c: when you have eight inches of snow, mysterious traffic problems do pop up
Pamela: people who don't know how to drive in the snow should take the TTC
rich-c: lot of folks dont know what to do with their cars when the road turns white
BobS: and they never learn either
BobS: seems like they just LIE to live in the snow belt
rich-c: they buy front wheel drive cars because everyone says they are better in snow
Pamela: mind you, I got to the parking lot and watched someone jump the concrete barrier (buried in 8 inches of snow) because he couldn't figure out how to line up with the machine to swipe his pass
rich-c: they dont realize better is only a comparative term, and if you don't know what you're doing, it's meaningless
BobS: overload shocks and a trunk full of tools is a great equalizer for front wheel drive
(BobS laughs heartily)
Pamela: hey, I like my FWD car, and I've been grateful to have it on many an occasion
Pamela: that's front, not four
BobS: 8" curb kinda negates the bottom on the car yes?????
rich-c: me, I found a 50/50 weight distribution, rear winter treads, a low power engine and soft sutomatic made for fine control
Pamela: 8 " of snow negates that problem handily
rich-c: that and a stiff suspension with high clearance worked wonders
BobS: ya
Guy B.: Now we are due for a warming trend.
BobS: not much though Guy
rich-c: I still remember at a stop pulling up and out and around three front-drive cars that couldnt get traction
Pamela: so how did you end up with the LTD, the Crown Vic and the van then?
Guy B.: 40's by the weekend here.
BobS: not here, talking snow......OR if it warms, then rain
rich-c: I'll tell you about it sometime, Pam - but teh LTD was better balanced and higher than you think
BobS: but not out of the 30's I thought
Pamela: they say that these quick temp changes are a harbinger of spring - they say
Guy B.: That's what we might get for the weekend.
BobS: ya right!!!! two warming......BAH HUMBUG
BobS: might is the key word Guy
rich-c: in the paper today they were saying there's a Siberian high pressure cell is doing this to us, and it isnt fading
Pamela: well, it says something that I wouldn't take it out the night Russell broke his arm - I got Lin to take us to the hospital. I wouldn't drive that thing in snow and ice
rich-c: well, our March 3rd low was teh coldest for that date since 1868
Guy B.: Well, this winter season has been too COLD and we need spring now.
Pamela: rear end kept going out on me
BobS: we didn't getthe record, but close
james: i hope it warms up by march 25th
BobS: was -5 F here
rich-c: sorry Pam I was mixing up the LTD with teh Crown Vic
Pamela: I don't mind the cold - I can dress for it -it's all the snow I mind
BobS: with this wintere James......who knows!!!!!
rich-c: you'll be past teh equinox, james, so the odds are in your favour
Pamela: I can't comment on the Crown Vic - I never drove it in bad weather
BobS: lovely car Pam.......had one till last year
rich-c: but then, that means you'll miss the ice bridge at Niagara
BobS: get any full size car, put a little weight in the trunk and it will go
Pamela: the newer ones are nice Bob - but Dad's was an '87
BobS: same thung,,,,,had an 89
Pamela: just a little too long for me - I prefer my Taurus
BobS: just as big as the newer ones, just liiked smaller
BobS: looked
Pamela: I must admit to liking the van though : )
rich-c: by the way, Chrysler are showing a new concept car at Geneva today and guess what?
BobS: what????
Pamela: what?
BobS: van sits higher so you see more
rich-c: it's on a new corporate chassis - that's rear wheel drive
BobS: AHA......and the Cadillac's are returning to rear whell too
BobS: wheel
rich-c: seems they have finally got Detroit to see the light
Pamela: there is that Bob, but the Safari sits so high, it's a little disconcerting at times
BobS: naw, then you fell like a trucker in an 18 wheeler
BobS: feel
Pamela: especially when one is coming out of our underground parking - the ramp to the street is so steep that sometimes it feels like you're going to tip over
BobS: no way
rich-c: prolem is, everyone on teh road hates you because they cant see round you
rich-c: so they make all sorts of kamikaze moves trying to get by
Pamela: well, there is that
BobS: tis true and I feel the same when I am behind one
BobS: even the newer 1/2 ton pickups are so big you can't see around them
Pamela: I'm just impressed that I got the van into and out of our underground, and parked it, without taking out any corners
james: ok gang, i'm going to get off my duff here and get some things done
BobS: like?????
rich-c: OK james, glad to have you by, see you next week I hope
BobS: meaning you are leaving us good people
james: well i have to prepare some lessons, shower, eat, etc.
Pamela: if you must, James. Have a good night. Kiss Case for me.
james: looking forward to seeing both of you, pam and rich in a couple of weeks
BobS: IF you must leave, be good thsi week and have FUN
james: will do
Pamela: me too James
George: nite James
rich-c: we'll be there, james
Pamela: hark, I hear a plow
rich-c: only now, Pam? we had ours four hours ago
Pamela: second or third pass, Dad - or possibly a sidewalk plow
George: back to bathroom
james: *poof*
rich-c: since we have no sidewalk, we don't hear sidewalk ploughs
james left chat session
Pamela: speaking of which, did you two get shovelled today?
rich-c: yes, Clive came by about 5.30 and dug us out very neatly
Pamela: good.
rich-c: yes, we have to go over to CPL tomorrow
Pamela: thought about that on the way home
Pamela: you didn't go yesterday?
rich-c: we didnt go Tuesday as there was a bed rail on order and it didnt come in till today
Pamela: for Grammy?
rich-c: yes, she apparently fell out of bed a few weeks ago
Pamela: oh, that kind of rail. I thought you were talking about part of the frame
rich-c: your mother has been trying to find and order a suitable bed rail since and finally did
Pamela: good, I'm glad
rich-c: we are just hoping that it will fit and be useful
Pamela: I'll drink to that
Pamela: mmm, cranberry
Guy B.: Ok, folks. I'm going to go. Won't be here this Saturday. Aimee apologizes that she couldn't come here tonight. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: greetings to Aimee anyway. Good night, Guy.
rich-c: OK Guy, look for both of you next Wednesday then
BobS: bye Guy, tell Aimee HI for us ok??????
rich-c: meanwhile good night, sleep tight
Guy B.: I will
Guy B.: See you next week. Bye
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: well gang time for us to tattle on too
BobS: at tleast mineself
Pamela: Yes, I guess it's getting on towards bedtime
rich-c: right, gotta go nurse that sunburn
rich-c: guess you'll be around next few weeks, though?
BobS: gtlad to be home but sad that we left warmer weather behind
Pamela: I can understand that Bob
BobS: be around for while here
rich-c: dont worry, it will, come find you soon
Pamela: we're glad you're back though
BobS: oh......snow cleaned off roads now Pam??????
Pamela: dunno, haven't looked outside
BobS: well how 's about on the way home from work????
Pamela: I'll find out in the morning. I suspect that it's a sidewalk plow
BobS: should have got a darn good start on it
Pamela: we're on a bus route here, so we always get plowed right away.
rich-c: yes, the main roads are clear, because they have done ours and they don't start side streets till teh mains are finished
BobS: ok, see ya then!!!!!
Pamela: the trip home was a breeze
BobS left chat session
Pamela: gnite
rich-c: nite, Bob and Judy
Judy: nite all
rich-c: brb
Pamela: nite Judy
rich-c: guess it is getting to be that time
Pamela: guess so - I need to catch up from last nigh
Pamela: t
rich-c: right -see you Saturday, George?
Pamela: since R is working this weekend, will try to call
George: I have to go, Nite all
rich-c: good thouight
Pamela: Nite, George
rich-c: nite George
George: poof
Judy left chat session
Pamela: okay Dad, until the weekend. Sleep tight
George left chat session
rich-c: remember I will be chatting at 3 p.m. Sat
rich-c: OK nite now
Pamela: will remember.
Pamela: g'nite. Poof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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