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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: going to be a bit slow today - using the laptop
George: what a sunny warm beautiful day
rich-c: really? what temp ahve you got?
George: 48 F
rich-c: we have about 42 at the moment but the call is for 8 overnight
George: down right balmy
rich-c: it is cloudy slated to rain then award 7s a lfash freeze
rich-c: us
George: monday it goes downhill here
rich-c: yes we are called for highs about 25 into the first half of the week
George: snow by tues and wed.
rich-c: right -and if you run short we have lots to spare
George: we had 90" this winter
rich-c: thats about 270 cm - pretty hefty for the banana belt
George: i wish i was in the banana belt
George: i love bananas
rich-c: well, be prepared to give them up
George: all monkeys get disappointed
rich-c: there is a fungus disease destroying the banana crop worldwide
George: by the way i heard the world leaders are calling each other monkeys
rich-c: no, just one Arab to another
George: so much for humankind
rich-c: in the west it's cowboys, poodles, morons, and a few other things
rich-c: Dubya has a number of choice words for teh Europeans and they are glad to reciprocate
George: and the fur flies
George: or flys as the case may be
rich-c: yes, America is sure running out of friends very fsst
George: F the world
rich-c: right, the US can do it all itself
George: people of the earth deserve that grade
rich-c: of course, when teh Chinese take exception, they do have a lot of nuclear bombs
rich-c: just like the Russians
George: F means failure
rich-c: speaking of which, do you agree with the columnist who says Bush is teh worst president the US has had?
George: no Hoover, he invented the depression
rich-c: actally he didnt, he inherited it and didnt know how to cope
rich-c: but then no one knew how back then
rich-c: but Hoover did not dso as much damage in his four years as Dubya has done
George: i smell something burning
rich-c: what kind of burny smell?
George: like wires
rich-c: that is not a good smell to have around a computer
rich-c: which computer are you using today?
George: i know i'm nervous
George: amd k6-2 500 mhz.
rich-c: blue smoke is BAD news
George: i don't see anything
rich-c: a fully adequate computer but should be settled in by now
George: seems to be more toward TV
rich-c: sometimes when older ones smell funny it means you havent dusted them out recently enough
George: power supply on P100 was making noise
rich-c: you wouldnt believe how fast how much dust can accumulate inside electronic stuff
rich-c: power suuly or fan?
rich-c: a P100 would be too old to have a heat sensor on the motherboard
George: i pulled the cover off a 486 it was like sparkeling new inside
rich-c: the means it was likely not used since last cleaned
George: too slow other wise perfect in every other way
rich-c: too slow is a relative statement - it's more than fast enough for most work
George: 16 mb. ram
rich-c: more than adequate for 16-bit programs
rich-c: just use it under Windows 3.1 and it will be elegantly satisfactory
George: all you can run on 40mhz.
rich-c: I dont remember there ever being a 486/40
George: dlc processor
rich-c: thought they went 25-33-50-75-100
George: by TI
rich-c: sorry, add a 66 in there
rich-c: OK, not a real 486 then
George: and amd 486 dx4 133
rich-c: again, don't remember that, it may not have been sold here
George: an unusual processor and coveted
rich-c: at the time I can see why that would have been the case
George: they remain keepers
rich-c: depending on what you have in mind, almost any compuer is a keeper
rich-c: there is a gap though between those that can support 32 bits and those as can't
rich-c: also how much hard disc the BIOS can address is an increasing issue
George: what is Itanium?
rich-c: it is a trademarkable name, like Pentium
rich-c: that is why there was never a 586 computer chip
George: but describe it
George: it's under intel
rich-c: I believe it is the latest iteration of the Pentium 4 but with some significant changes in its internal architecture
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rich-c: essentially it's their first application of a nw thinner circuit technology
rich-c: hello marauder
marauder: hello rich
George: Hi who is this?
rich-c: who's hiding behind that handle?
marauder: I'm new i've never been here before but i do own a few adams
rich-c: then it's about time we heardd from you, sir! ;-)
rich-c: we are very much in favour of folks who own Adams
marauder: I mostly use adamem now
rich-c: yes, that is fairly common in the Adam community
George: i'm the dummy of the group i can't get it to work
rich-c: in fact I have it both on the laptop I am using now and on my main computer
rich-c: where did you find out about the chat, M?
marauder: delphi forms
George: Huh?
rich-c: really? I didnt know we still had a presence there
rich-c: guess Michael has been up to stuff on teh side
marauder: you ever see reedy soft libary?
rich-c: do you know about the "core" Adam sites on the 'net?
rich-c: I havent just seen it, I sell it
marauder: no! whats "core"
rich-c: the real activists. like which you are on now
marauder: rick how much for reedy libary?
rich-c: there's also but it's not www., it's http://
rich-c: M I am (as a retirement hobby a sort of Adam dealer
marauder: i had it when i was a kid but all my datapacks have been long dead
rich-c: send me your email address and I'll send you a price list
rich-c: my email is:
rich-c: OK brb
marauder: If i buy something is there any way you will convert to dsk image?
rich-c: OK I have created a text file of chat captures and have your email on it
marauder: I got your email I'll write and request price list.
rich-c: with few exceptions everything is available on either data pack or disc; ddp version is $2 more expensive
rich-c: note if you buy disc you are allowed a tape backup under copyright law
rich-c: and this will be made for you on request for a small charge
marauder: Thanks
rich-c: obviously if you order a tape version disc backup is available
rich-c: adam folks specialize in being easy to get along with - except George, of course ;-)
George: ok, bye
rich-c: cmon George, I'm just teasing
rich-c: didnt you see the smkley?
George: it ran by me
rich-c: just didnt want you to feel left out
marauder: rich are you in texas?
George: HA
rich-c: no, please do not confuse me with any Texas Adam vendor
rich-c: what part of the country are you in, John?
marauder: sorry! back in the 80's a i got a lot of stuff from pearland? texas
marauder: alabama
George: not in US
rich-c: Texas - just outside Houston, as it happens
rich-c: I sell at vendor recommended price but my delivered price is lower than his
rich-c: and, I do not sell pirated work - the creator has been paid for what I offer
marauder: I go thru houston about 2 times a year! wife has family down in mexico
marauder: I sent email for price list
rich-c: OK I will get it off to you sometime this eening
rich-c: I don't have it on the laptop so cant send it now
rich-c: anyway, if in doubt, just shoot me an email anytime
marauder: Thanks rick
marauder: well any new hw for adam?
rich-c: I have been using an Adam since 1983
rich-c: I started dealing
rich-c: adam materials in 1990
marauder: lol my dad spent 799.99 for my frist adam backin 83/84
rich-c: I didnt want to but the only supplier in Canada quit and I wasnt willing to let my fellow Adam users down
rich-c: at that time I was president of teh Metro Toronto Adam Group
rich-c: you're on now - for what I look like, go back to the home page and look at Adamcon pictures
rich-c: or, you can go to aa
rich-c: or you can go to for Adamcon pictures
rich-c: for technical stuff try dru
rich-c: for techbnical stuff try
rich-c: anyway the sites I mentioned will have links to all the main activity left
marauder: any where for free pd software? for adamem
rich-c: I have discs of PD software which I offer on a cost-plus basis
marauder: are they in the price list?
rich-c: like, I'm very reasonabe but want something for my time and materials
rich-c: no, but if you have any PD lists frtom any of the old Adam dealers, I likely have those discs
rich-c: among other things I bought up the remaining stock of a couple of dealers
rich-c: I also amassed my own collection from other independent sources
marauder: I'll have to clean out my closets and start looking thru my adam stuff
rich-c: if it will all fit in a closet you have hardly any
rich-c: lets put it this way - for Adamcon 07 I loaned MTAG a bunch of demo Adams
rich-c: I later figured out I'd hauled over 1000 lbs of them up the basement stairs and there were plenty left
George: what i have fits in a drawer
rich-c: by the way, did the info on Delphi tell you that there is another chat Wednesday evenings at 9 eastern?
marauder: I've been buying adam stuff from ever junk store in south east usa for the past 10 years I have a old house where a keep my collections
marauder: yes i seen that rich
rich-c: for some reason it's the more popular one, up to 15 people on at a time
marauder: I'll have to come check it out
rich-c: you will be very welcome and will find lots of folks there
marauder: I like writing programs in smart basic
rich-c: if youhave any Adam questions I can't help with thte guys who know something often show up
rich-c: good for you, we have a young man in Montreal also learning SmartBASIC programming
rich-c: should warn you, to help our Quebec regulars, we sometimes lapse into French for a line or two
marauder: no problem i can read and understand a little french
rich-c: then you may have a chance to knock a little rust off it once in a while
George: i think i'm going to be ill
rich-c: stomach acting up again, George?
George: yes, i think it's the french
rich-c: I've noticed it seems to give you indigestion
George: ok
George: so i'm rejecting part of me
rich-c: yes, that may be teh case
George: true
rich-c: meanwhile I don't know where John is coming from, but Jones is a fine old Welsh name
marauder: wheres welsh?
rich-c: welsh, adj. - relating to Wales
marauder: Thanks maybe i need to go there to see if i have any rich uncles,aunts
rich-c: according to my family, it's a great place to live but no place to advance yourself in the world
rich-c: that's why they came out and homesteaded at the end of steel in 1885
rich-c: Clee is an extremely common name in teh severn valley in Radnor and Shropshire
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rich-c: and virtually unheard of anywhere else
changed username to marauder
rich-c: wwelcome back, John
George: the surmames in our family are Wahl, Coombs, Strable, Booth, Rousseau, Guy, Hems, Albright, Giberson, and Arnstrong
marauder: sorry isp died
rich-c: that's quite a collection, George
George: oops Armstrong
rich-c: yes, my isp has been having some small connection problems the lst two days
rich-c: npt sure if he was upgrading or got hit by a virus and had to clean up
marauder: I have cable 250 ft from my house but cable modems won't work that far away
rich-c: I am running on dialup, my ISP keeps trying to sell me dsl
rich-c: I take my tv off the satellite so dont have cable
rich-c: right now I'm watching Speed Channel
George: i may switch to b'cast TV
rich-c: getting teed off with Comcast, George?
marauder: i bet your friends from canada got you hooked up to free sat?
George: they are fouling up the picture something awlfull
rich-c: no, the satellite costs an arm and a leg, but it's a better deal than cable
marauder: you got dish or direct?
rich-c: Star Choice
rich-c: the American companies don
George: i think the picture quality is criminal here
rich-c: t have transmission rights to Canada
rich-c: tonight when I watch the Grand Prix Speed Channel will be blacked out
marauder: is that the same as bell xpress?
rich-c: that's because TSN has the Canadian rights - so I'll see it on TSN
rich-c: no, Star Choice relates to Shaw Cable, Bell's offering is Expressvu
rich-c: we can in effect subscribe for any American channel for which there isn't a Canadian partner
rich-c: but if there's a Canadian partner we get the local signal
marauder: cool! some canadian guy sold me hw to get free us satallite tv
rich-c: you still havent let on what part of the country you live in, John
rich-c: yes, there are pirate cards available all over, US and Canada
marauder: sorry, Alabama
rich-c: there are a bunch of Canadians pirate teh US network signals
rich-c: good place - I am a fan of Gulf Shorews National Park
rich-c: and we still have a fairly active Adam user in Alabama, see him often on the mailing list
marauder: maybe i'll take my kids there one week end. we always go to florida (to get lotto tickets) and take kids to beach
rich-c: you must be over more towards teh Pensacola area, then
rich-c: they call it the Redneck Riviera, but that's fine with me
rich-c: I find the Florida panhandle and adjacent 'bama nice country
marauder: birmingham, about the center of alabama 3.5 hrs from panama city
rich-c: right, and not that far from Talladega
rich-c: only been into that area a couple of times, but very much enjoyed it
marauder: yea can't get a hotel room or food when theres a race
rich-c: yes, for the NASCAR folks the Talladega race is a big deal
rich-c: I'm happy to watch it on tv but have no urge to attend
rich-c: anyway, I see time is getting on - going to have to start doing pre-dinner things
rich-c: shall we shut it down, gentlemen, and meet again Wednesday?
George: ok
marauder: see you guys later
rich-c: very go od, see you then - bye now
marauder: don't forget price list
George: bye, for now
rich-c: will do John
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