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rich-c: test
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changed username to james
james: good morning
rich-c: good morning james
james: how are you?
rich-c: how are things on your side of teh world?
rich-c: I'm doing fine, sort of
james: busy and a fair bit warmer than over there
rich-c: finally got my truck back yesterday
james: nnnnnnnn asd nsa 3
james: case is here
rich-c: well teh westherman seems to have noticed teh calendar; we could see 9 on the weekend
rich-c: the space bar really gets to him, eh?
james: must be bec ause i'm on my way over there
james: h hhhhhhhhhh
james: h yes
james: hyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnn
rich-c: you got pull with Iupiter Pluvius?
james: i've got a good rapport h
james: hnh
james: ng vvv.
rich-c: like, he wouldn't expose you to too much sudden climatic shock ;-)
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changed username to Scott
james: something like that ;)
rich-c: hi Scott
james: adsdasdsa asdjnnnngf
Scott: Hello
changed username to George
Scott: Ku Nichi Wa
rich-c: hello George
james: someone is cranky and fussy. i think he might be sleepy. he was up a little earlier than usual
james: i'll be back soon
George: Hi Rich,Scott,James
rich-c: he does seem to be excessive attentivde to the keyboard
Scott: Hello
rich-c: George, got to get a URL - brb
Scott: Watching Discovery - pretty interesting programming tonight
Scott: Egyptian pyramids and Roman Colliseum.
George: my DVD-rom drive almost killed me lastnight
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rich-c: ="">
changed username to Bob
Scott: Hey Bob
rich-c: George and Scott - both of you copy that URL
Bob: MATES !!!!! tis a great thing we do !!!!!!
Bob: hiya
rich-c: allo Roberto!
George: Hi Bob
Bob: howdy all
George: what url?
Scott: What is this a URL to?
rich-c: in fact Bob can too - it will lead you to a disclosure of Microsoft's plans for the next ten years
George: i think i saw it
rich-c: trust me, it is scary
Scott: Really? Interesting...
Bob: ahso, am there and loading
rich-c: you'll need to download it, Bob, it's about 50 pages long
Scott: Where did this site get the info?
Bob: should just bail out now then eh???????
George: i told you you didn't believe me
rich-c: the guy is one of teh better known tech writers - much of it is from MS public statements
rich-c: he mainly just put it together and figured out what it meant
Scott: So, Microsoft to rule the world?
rich-c: of course he also offers various counter-strategies
rich-c: and I have no doubt the US Justice Dept. will have a few things to say on the subject
Scott: Bill Gates the next Sadaam Hussein?
George: and i'm becoming a partner with Microsoft
rich-c: well, let's say it's a statement of what they will do to the extent they can get away with it
Bob: but he touts Linux quite strongly and warns that Microsoft is loosing the att4l
Bob: battle
rich-c: no, Bill will settle for money, and I suspect long-term he realizes there's more money in software than oil
Bob: same way the pritner makers dump printers and kill yo for ink carts
rich-c: well, as I said, he gives alternatives to allowing MS to have its way
Bob: darn ink carts cost 3/4 the price of the printer
George: linux=crap
rich-c: yes, although judging by my inbox there's a power of folks out there want to sell me discount cartridges
Scott: Linux = Crap? What?
rich-c: George has some strange ideas, Scott
Scott: I disagree.
rich-c: by the way, Lindows is now selling computers in Canada
Scott: Not an OS for novices, that's for sure.
Bob: am interested in Linux Scott.....BUT is it easy for us dummies to install, make work and configure???
George: thats why SUN and SCO doesn't consider linux a threat
Bob: bummer dude
Scott: No, Linux isn't for users who've never used Unix.
Bob: hiya James
rich-c: if you want to spend teh bucks, Bob, with Lindows the answer is yes, I'd say
Bob: which is really a user friendly version of Linux?????
Scott: There's a ton of power there, but could take you a long time just to use 10% of what's there.
rich-c: check out - they have a special offer going
Scott: Lindows sounds interesting. Haven't played with it yet.
George: i saw a video where linux was crapping out like crazy
Scott: I've played with Red Hat 7.2 I believe
rich-c: the whole idea of Lindows is to be so idiot-resistant even I could make it work
Scott: Whatever my college has installed.
George: ther was only 7.1 and 7.3
rich-c: it is actuallu a descendant of Corel Linux
Scott: Didn't Microsoft buy Corel?
George: try it
rich-c: it's a schtick for making money out of something you can get for free
Scott: I heard RH 8.0 is out.
rich-c: Microsoft bought 20% of Corel and it fact sold it earlier this week
Scott: Wow. Interesting.
rich-c: anyway, the Lindows disc(CD) does all teh installation for you
Scott: Great. I'll have to try it out.
rich-c: it also has a good bit of basic freeware - OpenOffice, Netscape, etc,
Scott: I need both my Windows and Linux
George: it isn't worth even a $ 1.00 license i have 8.0 it's call sir crash a lot
rich-c: then for $99/yr they sell access to a seerver with 1700 programs on it all configured to install and run painlessly
Scott: Well, I have reservations of installing a .0 version of anything.
Scott: Yeah, I read about that. Interesting concept.
rich-c: anyway, go to for teh current word
Scott: Well, there are stable versions out there.
Scott: Systems are cheap too.
rich-c: the stability of any program ultimately depends on who is using it
George: the start bar even crashes on 8.0
Scott: George, are you a Unix guy?
George: as much
rich-c: I think you mean "as if", George
George: no asmuch as a free system can be used
Scott: Well, if I was depending totally on the XWindows environment, I wouldn't like it either.
Scott: XWindows is buggy.
Scott: Always has been.
George: GA. tech's site was messed up on their linux server
Scott: Command line functions work fine, though.
Scott: RH 7.0 had a bug with VI, which was a pain.
rich-c: just as, when Windows crashes again, you can always salvage things through DOS
George: someone showed them linux could be screwed with
Scott: Yeah, there's a lot of power there -- but you practically have to be an expert to take advantage of it.
rich-c: right - that's where Lindows plan to make their bucks - Linux for putzers
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, I'm pleased to report I got my truck back yesterday
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Bob: AND??????
changed username to Guy B.
Bob: 0-60 in 4.5 secs
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Bob: hiGuy
rich-c: hello Guy, just mentioning I have my truck back
Guy B.: All fixed?
rich-c: no, it's for pulling stumps, not quarter times : = )
Scott: Oh, by the way, I was surprised to see that more and more people are visiting the ADAM Resource site.
rich-c: had a small issue turned up with an interfence between the fan and shroud - cured this afternoon
Bob: that the van you had here for ADAMCON???
rich-c: anyway, now on teh emissions tests I only have to meet 1980- standards
Bob: the fan will take care of that little slpt real quick
rich-c: yes, the blue Safari
Bob: adn you junked the old engine...or kept it for later?????
Bob: or soldf it off
rich-c: only now it should haul as well as the Meteor and allow air conditioning too
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rich-c: sold it off
changed username to Judy
Bob: jolly good show......
Judy: hello all
rich-c: hello Judy, joined the network I see
Guy B.: Hi Judy
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changed username to meeka
meeka: hello
rich-c: hi meeka
Bob: hi meeka.....and sweetie
rich-c: Pamela wont be by tonight; it is her haircut night
Guy B.: Hi Meeka, missed you. What's been going on with you?
meeka: not much
Bob: oh man!!!!!!!
Judy: hi, meeka
rich-c: Scott, are you just counting hits on the Adam Resource or are you recording length of visit and pages viewed?
Bob: snowing here bout Chicago?????
Scott: Looking at page views.
Scott: Not necessarily hits.
Scott: For no advertising, I'm surprised anyone knows where it is.
Guy B.: No snow here. Did have a few sprinkles, but that was it.
rich-c: kinda hard to have a page view without a hit :-]
Judy: lucky you Guy
Scott: Hits aren't as significant as page views.
rich-c: well, you have links with Dale and Bob and Rich D., don't you?
Scott: Don't know. I don't think so.
Bob: oh oh......we are to get 1-3" tonight with 2-4" south od us to the state line
Bob: should be in your area too
rich-c: you may be getting a very localized lake effect, Bob
Scott: I think all of the links on other people's sites are incorrect.
rich-c: we are having teh odd flake waved at us but nothing serious in teh probs
rich-c: you amy want to check, Scott
Bob: mine's correct Scott
Bob: just followed it
rich-c: otherwise I guess you are being found through search engines
rich-c: believe it or not, we had a new voice on chat Saturday - found us through Delphi!
Scott: I checked Google and it was pointed to my pages at my AOL accoun.t.
rich-c: they could still have picked up your new one and not deleted teh old
rich-c: your new one would have fewer links so would be ranked lower for display
rich-c: but maybe you should have a re-direct at AOL if you can?
Scott: Sure.
Scott: There's a few things I need to bring over from the AOL site.
Scott: One is the hard drive board layout.
rich-c: web pages being a complete mystery to me, I'll refrain from comment
Bob: Doug hacked into Corrcomm after I left and rerouted the link to the present site and it worked fro at aleast a year or so
rich-c: it does help to have your own in-house pro, doesn't it?
Bob: yes!!!!
Bob: course I can't bug hi TOO much
meeka: yes, quite handy LOL
rich-c: does Dr. D. have the hard disc data on his site, Scott?
rich-c: that was a suggestive laugh, meeka
Scott: No. It was given to me by my father. He shouldn't.
meeka: all I have to do is look at him and he asks"what did I screw up now?" and then comes to fix it
Guy B.: No snow here. But, I'll find out later on.
rich-c: your father doesn't want it widely available, then?
Scott: Not necessarily.
rich-c: I appreciate it's his baby and represents a lot of work
Scott: Just that no one ever asked to put them on their site -- not that I'd have a problem with it, though.
Bob: why not?????? IF you can't get the program chip you are S.O.L.
rich-c: but surely he has no further ambitions for it?
meeka: yes Rich, LOL=Laugh Out Loud :)
Scott: Actually we've talked several times of taking that design and adapting it for CD-ROM
Bob: sounds good
rich-c: I thought he'd given up teh idea of anything commercial for teh Adam
Scott: He hinted that he might help Dale and I adapting the board for CD-ROM.
rich-c: that would be great, though who would produce it?
Bob: would it take hardware changes OR simp0ly software changes?????
Scott: Dale and I talked about sharing some of the costs - try to manufacture 50-100 boards.
Bob: seems like botha re ide just raed different maybe?????
rich-c: somehow or other I can't see that sort of demand - ever
Scott: Dale said he had commands to manipulate the CD-ROM.
rich-c: surely do wish I could, but I can't
Scott: That was surely a consideration.
Bob: maybe 25 to 50 whatever keeps the price down
Scott: CD-ROMs are cheap.
Bob: but ADAM owners are gettgin far and few between
james: apologies. i fell asleep with case\
Scott: But the project would be difficult to pay back the price to manufacture the boards.
rich-c: oh, stock MSDOS hordware they are almost giving away now
Bob: wondered what hppened James, kinda quiet ya were
james: case was cranky so i lied down with him to comfort him and ended up falling asleep myself
Scott: If we designed it through the side port, perhaps it could work with ColecoVision as well.
Bob: well...what would the costs be apprx??????
Scott: It was a thought, but we didn't do anything with it.
Bob: would't it be better to use the hd board???
Bob: it is already set for ide interfacing
james: can someone clue me in as to basically what we're talking about?
rich-c: some stuff I've seen suggests that teh side bus port is very flexible
Scott: Yeah, all of the signals are there.
rich-c: a CDRON for teh Adam, james
Scott: Dale got it working at one of the ADAMCons, I'm told.
james: interesting idea
rich-c: Scott's father has given him teh data for the MI hard disc
james: so basically an ide interface to the drive?
Scott: Yes.
Scott: 1X or 2X drives are so cheap, that wouldn't be a factor.
james: interesting. but uhh.. why?
Scott: Software support is a different matter, though.
rich-c: but don't CDROMs use an ATAPI interface?
rich-c: around here, anything up to 24x they just about pay you to haul them away
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changed username to james
james: oops
Bob: right you can even buy new for about 10-15 US after rebates sometimes
james: closed the wrong window
Bob: hi james...WELCOME
rich-c: that's what I mean, Bob
james: hi again, everyone
rich-c: yes, james, now you're twins but don't let it fuss you - one will go away
Bob: cdrom would be awesome.....specially to write to it
Bob: too good an idea, eh?
rich-c: ha! - they can't even make software that writes well to CDROMs in Windows
Scott: Well, it was an idea kicked around, but we didn't do anything with it.
Bob: anyway, a cdrom or two with ADAM prigrmming on it would take awaya lot of disk mess
Guy B.: I got the P133 up and the notebook. Copying the emulator over to it via DCC.
rich-c: yes, the number of Adam programs you could get on one CDROM sort of staggers the imagination
Bob: maybe ALL
Scott: Yeah, 650 MB of ADAM programs.
Scott: That would be everything.
Guy B.: Especially since there was alot produced.
james: quite a few, i've also thought it would be neat to hook up a memory card reader
rich-c: yes, when you're dealing with 700 MB and a very big Adam program is 100 KB, it's lots of room
rich-c: still, I've got drawers of PD collections at 145KB each - but I could fill two CDs easy
Scott: Great Sphinx: Lord of the Pyramids is on Discovery.
Scott: Should we put Linux on the ADAM?
Guy B.: Boy I would love to have all the disks I have put on CD-Rom.
james: a cdrom image would be very easy to distribute too
rich-c: Sure and let's not be chintzy about it - burn it into an EPROM
james: you wouldn't even need the physical media
rich-c: pull out the OS7 ROM and put in Linux instead
rich-c: of course there might be a small problem with memory...
Scott: Yeah, a little small.
Scott: Well guys, I gotta go.
Scott: If you see Daniel B, tell him I was here.
james: i actually gotta go too. time to get off my duff and get some work done
Scott: See ya.
Guy B.: See you James.
Scott left chat session
james: bye scott
Bob: b ye james
rich-c: bye james
Guy B.: Bye Scott.
james: bye guy and rich, i'll be on next week so we can talk about my upcoming visit
rich-c: c u Scott
james: *poof*
Guy B.: Boy, hea disappears fast doens't he?
rich-c: OK
rich-c: yes, I guess that's the "ghost" james that's still showing
Guy B.: Guess he will disappear eventually.
rich-c: yes, I'm surprised it hasnt gone already - guess he hasn't shut down IE yet
Bob requested to ban james
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: wonder whre Ron is tonight?
Bob: ya know, I don't really need a cdrom but it would sure be a neat toy to have........
rich-c: yes, that would be great, wouldn't it?
Bob: probably some volunteer thing OR he is heavily planning the convention
rich-c: he'd usually be on to talk about convention planning
rich-c: you are flying to the convention, aren't you?
Bob: southwest air seems to be our best bet Guy
Bob: $100 each way
rich-c: that's to Seattle?
Bob: then rent a car to th eisland and spend a few extra days
meeka confirmed ban
Bob: yu[
Bob: p
rich-c: what would they charge to Calgary if they fly there?
Bob: don't know
Bob: haven't looked
Bob: how far is Calgary form Vancouver??????
rich-c: you might want to check -from Calgary you could gt Westjet to Comox. likely cheap
Guy B.: I don't know if I might come this year. Kind of worrying about security.
rich-c: don't know - when you drive it through the mountains it's a lot farther than by air
Bob: not come to AC????? shame guy
rich-c: figure that US Immigration will give you a hard time?
Bob: why worried about security??????
Bob: long as you have your birth certificate and drivers license, you are IN
Bob: no problems
rich-c: he shouldnt have any trouble getting into Canada, but US Immigration may be a source of worry
Bob: not with birth certificate
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Bob: just the usual bullshit
changed username to Ron
Judy: hi, ron
Bob: hiya ronald!!!!!!!
Ron: hi
rich-c: don't bet on it - they seem to have some psychos they've hired who dont care much about teh law
Ron: Seem to be having difficulty showing up on time anywhere these days
rich-c: hi Ron, we wre just discussing Adamcon
Bob: its that retirement thing, it is ruining your time schedules
Ron: yes..... fill me in
Bob: we are coming to visit YOU
Ron: could be
Ron: with any luck I'll be here, yes
rich-c: Guy is afraid to come because of security issues
Ron: Well, what can I say about that. It's a very real concern
Ron: I experienced the difference first hand last Aug
rich-c: yes, but Canada Immigration isn't being too looney these days
Judy: we flew in Dec didn't have any more trouble than normal
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
Bob: first thing yo need to look normal
rich-c: you have to pack carefully to get on any airplane, but what beyond that?
Ron: I was the victim of a random check
Bob: like us ADAMites do.......
Ron: and it wasn't that bad really
Ron: Once I got rid of the scissors
Bob: that IS a problem
Guy B.: But, I guess you all heard about what the airlines are saying if this war happens with Iraq.
Bob: no scissors, no guns
Judy: I even took that, Ron
rich-c: I got teh truck back yesterday, Ron
rich-c: now if only my hip will hold up I can contemplate driving
Ron: good news. Does it run?
Bob: they are just crying about their revenue bottom line
Judy: and dropped it on the plane and the flight attendent helped me find it
rich-c: yes, runs fine
Bob: they are trying to tell us how they are dropping fares. BULL !!!!!! checked to night and they are still right up there
rich-c: first feel is it should have performance about teh same as the Meteor
Ron: hah - Judy. hows that for service
Ron: Well.... so far as I can tell, Herman and George are coming
Bob: and the stewardess NEVER said a word
Ron: via Seattle
Bob: and the slopsema's FOUR
meeka: yup
Bob: unless Meeka can't get off work
Ron: You guys ought get together down there and rope Zonker too....he'll be here I think
Guy B.: I have to wait until May to request my vacation dates. But, I'll let you know for sure in a couple of weeks. If you guys think I should come, then I will.
rich-c: Pamela is dubious - there are issues
Ron: oh
Ron: re flying?
Bob: oh oh.......she is worried about crossing territorial borders too eh?????
rich-c: I gather she is thinking possible career change, plus Russell's fear of heights
(Bob smiles)
Guy B.: My only choice will be to fly. But, looks like a connection in Vancouver.
Ron: right
Judy: yes,Guy you need to be there
Ron: yeah, between Ontario and BC
rich-c: Ron, would any of these folks benefit by flying a US carrier to Calgary, then Westjet to Comox?
Ron: That's ok Guy, you can do it that way
Ron: and still get here from there
Guy B.: Especially if I decided to write more emulator utility setups like I did last summer.
Bob: you are interent savvy Guy.......haunt thsoe airline schedules and rates and figure it out to Ron's door
rich-c: I suspect Westjet want to build up teh Comox-Calgary traffic and may have some good fares
Ron: that's certainly a possibility Rich, not sure what services go directly into Calgary, but there must be some
rich-c: if Southwest Air flies up there they'd have it made in teh shade
Ron: Did you talk to Pam about my last message Rich. That fare seemed awful low that she quoted
Guy B.: I would have to fly Air Canada from Chicago O'Hare to get there. Any alternative routes?
rich-c: no, have barely talked to her at all
rich-c: she phoned this evening but I was in the middle of negotiations with teh dentist - broke a filling
Ron: we only have one airline up here Guy......national anyway....... and I will stop short of reserving my recommendation
Guy B.: Wasn't it Pacific Coastal?
Ron: oh oh sounds expensive
rich-c: he gave me an appointment for 10 a.m. Friday - gods, do days HAVE a 10 a.m. still?
Ron: Pacific Coastal Flies between Vancouver and Comox, as well as other points up and down the coast
Ron: they probably have the most number of flights per day. It's a 35 minute flight
rich-c: you really need to know which airlines fly the Chicago-Calgary route
Ron: yeah, that way youl could avoid Vancouver
Guy B.: quoted me $511 from Chicago to Vancouver then I take another plane to Comox.
rich-c: I can't believe that Air Canada would be the only service available
Ron: I have always tried to avoid Vancouver whenever I can
Guy B.: Rich, is Calgary shorter or longer that Vancouver?
Ron: Well Westjet comes from Vancouver as well
rich-c: maybe even some sort of Westjet connection in Winnipeg would work, but it could mean a layover in Calgary
Ron: but you're talking Calgary / Comox right?
rich-c: Calgary is teh toher side of teh Rockies from Vancouver - prairies, not ocean
Guy B.: Well, here's one thing. There's only one flight for the return trip home on August 11th and I would have to be at the airport before 6 AM that day.
Ron: Thank God we only do this once every 5 years
Ron: It really makes no sense at all. But I'm more than happy, needless to say, that you guys are considering it
Judy: someone always has the problem of flying somewhere, Ron
rich-c: Guy, amybe you should check a few more websites, even a search engine
Ron: We can arrange that Guy
Ron: Actually, the flight leaves at 6 am. You'd have to be there about 5 am
Guy B.: I'll keep checking. Should I consider Calgary?
rich-c: my observation has been that travelocity and others never offer optional routings
Ron: yes I'd recommend tyat
Ron: that
Ron: Sec.... be right back. My sister paging me from Edmonton.,,, and she just got back from China
rich-c: input Cicago-Calgary then go to westjet,com (?) for Calgary/Comox
Guy B.: OK, I'll try that and I'll see what it comes up with.
rich-c: you could even see what Westjet offers in teh way of Winnipeg/Comox and see Chicago/Winnipeg for the other link
rich-c: there might even be some sort of routing through Victoria but I get teh feeling it's sort of a dead-end spur line
Bob: Air Canad flies from Midway in Chicago to Comox....don't know pricing. but
Ron: Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, any of those will do
Guy B.: My goal is not to come in too late and try to get back home at a decent time.
rich-c: Air Canada pricing will almost certainly be the most expensive available
Judy: that is asking a lot, Guy
Guy B.: I'm going to bring the notebook, although I just found out the floppy drive won't read anything.
rich-c: maybe you can get an external floppy for it, Guy
Guy B.: Well, I did get home late one time from Europe due to severe weather in Chicago.
rich-c: does it have USB ports?
Guy B.: I'm looking at one. Might be the best way to go.
Guy B.: No USB. I'm looking eithter PCMCIA or parrelel.
Bob: parallel works
rich-c: for that matter if it's running Win98 or higher you can get a PCMCIA card with a pair of USB ports on it
Guy B.: Otherwise, the rest of the system works great. Found where the battery is, it's in the handle.
rich-c: I have one we got so Frances could use her digital camera with the laptop
Bob: say WHAT
Bob: they work slick, eh Richard????????
Bob: love them PCMCIA slots
rich-c: laptops? mine's only a P166, so it's deadly slow
Bob: now, goes fast enough
rich-c: but yes, the slots are neat - just went up from 33.6 to 56K modem
Bob: only have one faster than 166 and that is 266.....don't seem that much faster
rich-c: on bootup mine is sort of turn it on, go have lunch, come back it's almost done
Guy B.: I did finally use my modem for the notebook and had to download a new version of Antivir.
Bob: that sounds a mite slow there
Ron: Hey, what's with you guys. My P166 (Meeks's) is just fine
rich-c: reminds me - new month - time for me to check my Antivir
rich-c: I have AVG on my laptop and downloaded an update for that fairly recently
Bob: po richard don't have a tOshiba Ron
rich-c: yeah, I'm stuck with one of those cheap Yankee jobs, a Dell
Ron: exactly
Bob: see??????? SHOULDA got a toshiba
Ron: If I seem a little distracted here, I'm still talking to sis...... $1500 apiece to go Edmonton/Beging, Hainan and return
Ron: go figure
rich-c: anyway, I assume any war is going to be over long before it's time for Adamcon
Bob: DUDe, you're gettin a DELL.........well maybe not a great puter????
rich-c: it has its nice touches and is generally satisfactory, just slow
Bob: WHO CARES????? got to be an ADAMCON war or no !!!!!!
Bob: they are all slow............
Bob: not like turnign on the ADAM.......BUT, it is a different age
rich-c: yes, but once things are sorted out gas ought to be a LOT cheaper
Bob: true
Ron: Ok I'm back. Sent Sister Steph to go unpack her suitcase
Bob: but IF the gas companies can gouge you, they WILL
rich-c: the big thing is, if they knock off Saddam, how is DUbya going to justify continued security hysterics?
Bob: heck, it's Osamma we are worried about
Ron: what are you guys paying in the east Rich . for a litre of gasogold
rich-c: apparently he actually has Americans believeing that al-Queda and Saddam are on speaking terms
Bob: ya know......IF he and Yassar Arifat could get together in a picture, they would via for the ugliest pair in the world.......
rich-c: in fact, Osama has setn assassins to get Saddam at least twice
rich-c: those Arabs pick the damndest assignments to bungle
Bob: well, he can't get that right, eh?????
Bob: darn camel jockeys, anyway
rich-c: anyway this week our gas is about 80 cents a litre
Ron: 81.9 cents here
Ron: they have to cart it to the Island you know
Bob: bout right and in line with our increases also
rich-c: on mondays it's about 75 cents then rises to 85 by Friday before going down again
Ron: and our gov't just slapped 3 cents per litre onto the stuff
Ron: a transportation tax
Bob: HAVE to get the weekend traveler
Ron: on the war thing...... quite honestly, I'm at the stage now where I just don't know who to believe any more
Ron: Still have visions of 9/11 in my head, and they're difficult to dispell
Ron: If I was south of the border, I'd want to know that some yoho with a vile of anthrax wasn't out to get me
Bob: Iraq DOES have the stuff that the UN told them to get rid of.........
Ron: and I think I'd be willing to give up some freedom for that
rich-c: even worse, everyone wants to see Saddam popped, but they can't find a method that has the colour of right
Ron: yes exactly
Ron: On the other hand.....
rich-c: anyway, there is a total disconnect between the Iraqi oil grab and teh war against terrorism
Ron: surely as a civilization, haven't we got past the point where banging the hell out of one another is tha only way to settle differences
Ron: if not, we haven't made much progress in 2000 years
Bob: I say SCREW EM both and spend the $$$$$ on hydrogen cell technology
rich-c: you know that, Ron, and I know that, but there's too many others out there that don;'t believe a word of it
Ron: sure
rich-c: I am having great fun these days
rich-c: Autoweek has a bulletin board with almost all topic areas being, surprise, cars
Ron: NO!!!
rich-c: but they have one section that is for postings about anything EXCEPT cars
Bob: GUY......Air Canada from Midway Airport to Comox ...$476 US
Ron: one way?
rich-c: that's one way and excludes all surcharges I'll bet, Bob
Bob: both ways.....leazve @ 8am
Ron: let see, 476 x 1.58
rich-c: some of teh discussions in that section are very illuminating
Ron: 752
Bob: 1020am to chiv=cago
Ron: hell, I paid just over $900 last year return
rich-c: our dollar is up now, Ron, your multiplier is about 1.5 even
Ron: aha
Ron: I don't get out much. I live on an island
Bob: stops in "YVR" whatever taht airport is
Bob: GUY llstenein
rich-c: also there may be surprises like fuel and security and NavCanada surcharges
Ron: ah yes, my former employer doing it's thing
Bob: what the heck. stay with whateve gets ya there whether it is in VCancouver or not
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. Won't be there this Saturday have a haircut appt. So, I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: still be via Calgary will come out better costwise
Ron: right Guy...... I do certainly hope you can come..... wouldn't be the same without ya
rich-c: of course if you want custom flight times you go with who's got them and pay the premium price
Judy: bye Guy
rich-c: see you Guy
Guy B.: Let me see what the fares are for the alternate cities, Ok.
Guy B.: Bye!
Ron: I must also away..... keep up the good work, ladies and gents
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: Bytehacker Lives
Ron: !!
rich-c: so soon, Ron? very well then, take care and sleep tight
Judy: bye Ron
Bob: be good guys
Ron: yeah... have an 8 pm
Ron: niters
Ron left chat session
meeka: ok, nighty night all
rich-c: looks like that about runs us out of participantnight, meeka
rich-c: night, meeka
meeka left chat session
rich-c: well folks, guess we might as well close down, then
Bob: well rich we are headed for bed also.......
Bob: see ya next week OR Sat if free and can remember
rich-c: OK, see you Saturday if that works, if not next week
Bob: \say HI to Frances
rich-c: take care then - night to both
Judy: bye Rich
rich-c: will do
Bob left chat session
rich-c: bye now
Judy left chat session
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