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rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel B: salut
Daniel B: j'étais malade depuis 2 semaines
rich-c: we have some thawing here - how are you doing?
rich-c: wow -what laid you low for two whole weeks?
Daniel B: yes, i was sick for 2 weeks
Daniel B: it's why you didn't see me here
rich-c: what was the problem?
Daniel B: i don't know exactly...
Daniel B: I suppose it was the cold days
rich-c: did it require hospital attention?
Daniel B: I don't want to go to the hospital
rich-c: I can understand that but sometimes you have no choice
Daniel B: here, it's cold but I suppose it will rain tommorow
Daniel B: I refuse to go to the hospital by myself.... I have to be unconsciencious
rich-c: we are supposed to stay above freezing the next 72 hours
Daniel B: outside, it smells "spring"
Daniel B: but it still cold
rich-c: I have the car and truck parked out on the street so the driveway can melt
Daniel B: good idea
rich-c: finally ot the truck back last Tuesday
rich-c: I have NOT enjoyed using the car the last few months
Daniel B: i have no car
Daniel B: i use BUS
rich-c: in the weatherv we have had, that is much easier on the nerves
rich-c: unfortunately I cannot use public transit for now
rich-c: test
rich-c: had an inquiry for Colecovision gsmes in dsk format for emulator use
rich-c: sent him to look at your newcoleco website
Daniel B: but i don't have any dsk files
rich-c: refresh
rich-c: wasnt sure what you have on the site
rich-c: if he saw interesting info he can contact you
rich-c: sort of hoping he might want to buy your gamepack
Daniel B: gamepack? ...err... I have one copy here but I make the deal with GoodDealGame to let them release this game.
rich-c: well, we can send him there then
Daniel B: the GDG web site is not up-to-date too
rich-c: was the deal so exclusive you cant sell opies yourself?
Daniel B: no i didn't stop selling copies but I don't have enough material to release many many carts
rich-c: I think he wants it on disc to run on the emulator
Daniel B: I don't get it
rich-c: he is running the emulator and wants a disc image it can pick up
Daniel B: i think i already send to you a ROM file. it's all i can do because I don't know how to do a dsk file.
rich-c: that makes two of us
rich-c: I dont know how to get progrms into the emulator
rich-c: in the emulator all the discs are virtual
rich-c: it apparently cant read any physical discs
Daniel B: what is the solution?
Daniel B: nobady have already do a dsk file with rom files?
rich-c: I honestly havent a clue
rich-c: I always thought that if I could get an image file on a disc the emulator could read it in
rich-c: so how do they get the software into the emulator? I cant find out
Daniel B: the only thing I know about dsk file is the first bloc must be a software ($C800 starting address) to have a BOOT disk.
Daniel B: and this software must read a file on disk and set the bios colecovision to run the ROM
rich-c: yes, but how do you get the software into the emulaotr so the emulator can run it?
rich-c: once a dsk image is in the emulator that is on the hard disc within the emulator program, everything is fine
Daniel B: i don't know... I'm not an ADAM user at all... I know only the ColecoVision game system.
rich-c: well, same thing, really, in this context
rich-c: you can put the emulator into a DOS machine from a floppy disc
rich-c: but then how do you put the cartridge image into the emulator to run it?
Daniel B: well, if you are talking about how to use a colecovision emulator.. i think you already know the answer. "cvem -if 60 game.rom"
rich-c: sorry, that tells me nothing as I don't program
Daniel B: adamem is a coleco adam emulator, right?
rich-c: yes
Daniel B: cvem is the colecovision emulator included with the adamem packadge
rich-c: the core or kernel of the adamem is the cvem
Daniel B: i think cvem need adamem to run
Daniel B: cvem is like an interface to give the right options
rich-c: other way around is my guess
Daniel B: the right configuration
Daniel B: under DOS
Daniel B: if you write
Daniel B: cvem -if 60 game.rom
Daniel B: cvem will start with the game.rom file
rich-c: I know Marcel wrote the cv-em before he expanded it to be an adam-em
Daniel B: if game.rom is a valid colecovision rom file, the emulator starts
Daniel B: it's all i know
Daniel B: the "-if 60" option is to set to NTSC
rich-c: that implies it has something to do with the video, then
rich-c: Marcel being Dutch I guess he did the emulator firwst for PAL
rich-c: he would have to have put a switch in so North Americans could run it in NTSC
Daniel B: this is the information you wanted?
rich-c: sorry, I'm afraid not, likely because I am not asking the right question
rich-c: also I am using the laptop so my typing is very slow
Daniel B: if your question is about dsk file or using an adam floppy disk, my answer is : i don't know
rich-c: the interesting part is that none of the other users can tell me either
Daniel B: my knowledge stops for DOS, WINDOWS, BASIC, C, COLECOVISION, PC, COMMODORE 64.
Daniel B: the coleco adam is not a computer i know and i don't use very much adamem... except to test my colecovision project with cvem.
rich-c: I'm afraid I don't get much further than where to find the on/off switch
rich-c: but let us suppose that I have the colecovision up and running
rich-c: I also have a physical cartridge I would like to run on the emulator
rich-c: how do I make the cartridge contents accessible to the emulator to run?
Daniel B: you have to dump the rom first
Daniel B: i suppose adam users can dump rom by using copycart software
rich-c: dump the rom to what?
Daniel B: dump to a floppy disk by using you adam
Daniel B: your coleco adam
rich-c: OK I think I can do that, maybe even in TDOS
Daniel B: you need to extract the rom from the cartrdige because you can't put anywhere the cartridge into your PC
rich-c: right so I must work with the ROM image
rich-c: but the emluator will not address the disc I have it on
Daniel B: you will probably have to find a way to extract again the ROM from your ADAM to your computer.
Daniel B: like using a PC with a 5"1/4 disk drive and the dcopy programs
Daniel B: it's all i can see to extract a rom from a cartridge
rich-c: OK now we are getting somewhere
Daniel B: but if you only want to use a colecovision emulator to run a ROM, I think I have most of the colecovision ROMs who exist
rich-c: I think I can use 22-disc to create an Adam disc readable for a PC
Daniel B: but if you find a way to extract a rom from a cartrdige, i want the rom file from a CBS VICTORY cartridge
rich-c: so do I I just can't admit to it - though actually almost all of mine are legitimate, copies of my own cart collection
Daniel B: I have the CBS Victory cartridge but I don't have the rom file of it
rich-c: I think I have Victory but not the CBS edition - that was only sold in Europe
rich-c: in fact, is there a difference between the North American and Euro edition?
Daniel B: the american/canadian version of Victory is not the same as the CBS version... if I read well the Coleco FAQ
Daniel B: the CBS version seems to be more complet
rich-c: perhaps it's a matter of PAL vs NTSC video output rather than any game play
Daniel B: probably
rich-c: but even if I have a ROM image on a DOS-readable disc in a floppy drive on my DOS machine, how do I tell the emulator to play it?
Daniel B: if your DOS floppy disk has enough space to have the emulator and the roms, all you need is to boot under DOS and use the command line to run the emulator. the best idea is to do a booting disk to run a DOS v5+ and a batch file (.bat) to help you running the emulator
Daniel B: I found a web site where you can found how to easyly create a boot disk... with the DOS version you want.
rich-c: that would imply making a new disc every time I wanted to run a game
Daniel B: doing a new disc? not necessary
rich-c: well if the emulator and the rom you want to run must be on the same physical disc, how else?
Daniel B: put more than one rom on the disk and add a menu software or a ".bat" file to let you select the game you want.
Daniel B: or learn the command-line commands DOS
rich-c: a batch file would load the whole lot, wouldnt it?
Daniel B: and do DIR *.ROM then CVEM -IF 60 GAME1.ROM
Daniel B: you can do a batch file to be simply an interface
Daniel B: not a real batch file
rich-c: that's a bit complex for me
rich-c: I can use DOS commands in tht I can look them up and understand them
Daniel B: Tell me wath you want and i will try to do for you a 3"1/2 bootable floppy disk with the cvem emulator and the roms you want with a nice menu
rich-c: I just don't have the familiarity of everyday use
rich-c: I very much appreciate the offer but actually that is not what I am after
rich-c: what I really want to do is take some files created in Smartwriter and make the transmissible on the internet
Daniel B: if your computer can start with a boot disk, what's the problem? you can also don't boot with the boot disk and explore the files in the disk to learn how you can do one.
rich-c: also I need some way for the person who receives the files to reead them
Daniel B: ok... i think i understand now
rich-c: oh, I have emergency boot discs coming out the wazoo - partition type, antivirus recovery, the whole nine yards
Daniel B: smartwriter.... i suppose it use is own text file format... so the other person must have smartwriter too to read the file or you want to convert the smartwriter files into an other text file format to be easyly read by the other person on his PC?
rich-c: either one, though the preference would be to have it readable in the emulator Smartwriter
Daniel B: smartwriter... it's a software not included in the adam hardware
Daniel B: if so, you need the image dsk (or tape) of this software
rich-c: it's firmware, included as a ROM in the Adam
Daniel B: it's into the ROM?
rich-c: and a ROM image of Smartwriter is included in the Adam emulator
Daniel B: so you must read the adamem text file to know how you can use smartwriter with adamem. it's the problem?
rich-c: I gather you don't have a copy of the Adam emulator, just the Colecovision
Daniel B: i don't use adamem... all I can do is the printer interface by typing text on screen
Daniel B: and my coleco projects are based on the colecovision hardware so i don't need to use the adam part of the emulator
rich-c: no, what they tell me is that the emulator does not see anything "outside itself" on the host computer
rich-c: like, even if you have 256 meg of memory, the emulator will see only 64K plus an emulated 64K expander
rich-c: similarly it sets up a virtual disc but does not see the physical discs of its host, soft or hard
Daniel B: yes, it's true.. the only thing he can see is what you add in options
rich-c: I can put a readable file on a physical disc, I can't get it onto the emulator's virtual disc
Daniel B: if there is no option to see the physical discs, you have no choice to create a dsk file
rich-c: it's a you cant get there from here type problem
rich-c: yet there are usable programs come within the emulator; how did they get there?
Daniel B: like i said, if it's not doccumented in the adam text file included with adamem emulator, i have no idea what is the solution
rich-c: guess I will just have to bug the other guys to see who does know
rich-c: I think Bob or his son Doug likely know
rich-c: Bob is not good at explaining things, though
rich-c: but if we can find the answer it could be useful for your games, too
Daniel B: i suppose...
Daniel B: i have to go now... it was a pleasure to talk to you after all this "silence"
rich-c: maybe the answer is as simple as opening the emulator file in Explorer and copying new stuff into the ROM or dsk files
Daniel B: see you later
Daniel B: bye
rich-c: we have missed you considerably, Daniel
rich-c: bye, come back soon
Daniel B: i will try this wednesday
rich-c: terrific - the gang wiill be pleased
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