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rich-c: hello, "undefined" ;-)
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changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: hi Rich, it's bee3n a while
Dr. D.: Yes, a while.
rich-c: Dubya got his war going yet?
Dr. D.: I am listening to BBC World Service via RealPlayer.
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Dr. D.: No war yet from the BBC .
changed username to james
james: good morning
Dr. D.: Hi James.
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: gather that they don't have equipment that can cope with a sandstorm
rich-c: morning james
james: hi rich-c
rich-c: just waiting for Dubya to finish disgracing his country
Dr. D.: I am just very down about the situation right now...
rich-c: I am in teh midst of quite a number of discussions on the subject
james: i have some american friends here and one of them said they wish someone would come in and take out george w.
rich-c: the Autoweek chat board has a section for "anything BUT automotive" postings
james: and i've read that anti-american sentimenT HMM.. SOMEONE'S LITTLE HANDS FOUND MY CAPSLOCK KEY
Dr. D.: I have a very bad gut feeling that something unforseen is going to get out of hand, and someone is going to panic and use tactical nukes.
rich-c: you mean he's an UPPER Case? ;-)
james: anti-american sentiment in canada is at a 15 year high. 2003 will probably be a bad year for relations, but i can see that getting better next year
james: :D
james: yes, he is :D]
james: he woke up singing today
rich-c: no, there is much sympathy for the Americans here - because they are stuck with Dubya
Dr. D.: I cannot believe that 9/11 or this would be happening if the Presidency had been awarded to Gore.
james: i think next year with both chretien finally, finally gone and dubya likely gone that some mending of fences will be made
rich-c: what I am seeing is that about two-thirds of teh bulletin board is anti-Bush and anti-war, and these are Americans
Dr. D.: Bush is going out of his way to provoke outbursts that he can then respond to with bombs.
james: there's a lot of speculation about that rich - ie: gw being the cause
rich-c: well actually Dubya is the pawn -the movers can be found at
Dr. D.: Dubya is a puppet.
james: i don't even have to go there to guess it's some right-wing organization
Dr. D.: He thinks he's in command, but he is just being manipulated.
james: but i'll check it ou
james: t
Dr. D.: He's not smart enough to do this on his own.
rich-c: do, james; there's another article from Newsweek you should see
Dr. D.: I can see why people thought the likes of Nixon were evil, but they weren't stupid.
rich-c: by the way, the best case any American outfit has made against the war is at, a notoriously right-wing think tank
Dr. D.: Lots of net.lag for the BBC World Service stream...must be lots of people listening in.
james: i have to say, i find the stance of the american gov't vis-a-vis north korea compared to iraq to be somewhat hypocritical
Dr. D.: North Korea are the ones who can hit Los Angeles with a nuclear missile...
james: exactly, or for that matter, my back yard
rich-c: there was also an excellent article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune - at 484/3758290.html
Dr. D.: ...I am afraid that they might try to make a grab for South Korea now that the US is committed elsewhere.
james: they've lobbed another missile this year, they've blatantly resumed their nuclear program and threatened to use nukes yet the u.s. barely bats an eye
Dr. D.: Iraq can't hurt us directly, so they are a safe strawman to beat up on.
james: the onion (a satire paper online) put it perfectly: "us position on north korea - we must invade iraq"
rich-c: North Korea has nukes and doesnt have oil, they aare low priority
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changed username to BobS
james: hi bob
rich-c: nevertheless the PNAC doctrine does not permit the emergence of a power that could threaten US hegemony
rich-c: hello Robert
james: lol. how are you bob?
BobS: and all the other mainlanders
BobS: good and ya'll?????
james: i think case is going to wear a hole in my floor crawling around here
james: he'll be 1 on monday
rich-c: already? great heavens, how time does fly
james: indeed
rich-c: I gather by teh way that the war does not affect your travel plans
BobS: seems like it tis a mite fast don';t it........
james: oh yeah
james: i've changed a lot since becoming a father
rich-c: as long as you arent touching down in the US you should be OK
james: changed a lot of diapers at least :D
Dr. D.: It's been almost 4 years since our youngest was in diapers.
rich-c: been learning where us old farts get it from, have you, james?
james: we go through vancouver
james: lol
Dr. D.: We found a couple jars of baby food stashed away was still good.
james: not sure if bob and rich want to be included in that group just yet ;)
james: cool
BobS: we are "middle aged" thank yo very much
Dr. D.: Spaghetti in a jar, some green beans, some squash.
james: sorry guys, he left me wide open for that little jab :D
rich-c: oh, Bob's a grandpa, he's entitled
rich-c: and professors make teh grade honoris causa
james: heh heh
james: i've been told i'm middle-aged
Dr. D.: ipso facto loco parentis Jackie Onassis Dino DiLaurentis
BobS: naw, too young
Dr. D.: (MAD Magazine)
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james: fortunately i don't take too much stock in what's said by a bunch of giggling 8th graders
changed username to Scott
rich-c: hello Scott
Scott: Hello
Scott: How about that snow?
rich-c: you should have been on Saturday, Scott - Daniel and I had a great talk
Scott: Yeah, unfortunately I couldn't make it.
Dr. D.: All gone from Cleveland. The last bit of our snowman melted on Monday.
rich-c: hey, our snow is so far gone I could get the car back into the garage!
Dr. D.: He survived about a month.
Scott: We've got 30+ inches.
Scott: And still falling.
Scott: Why hasn't Daniel been able to make it to the Wednesday chats?
rich-c: well yeah but when it gets here it will have fallen a mile extra and the adiabatic heating will change it to rain
BobS: saw that on the news tonight Scott worst blizzrd in 20 yearas they said
rich-c: he's missed the last couple of chats because he has been ill
Dr. D.: Wow, there's a thermodynamic term I haven't heard for a while.
james: where are you scott ?
Dr. D.: Adiabatic.
Scott: Denver, Colorado.
Dr. D.: Last heard in 2nd-semester freshman chemistry 22 years ago...
rich-c: apparently quite sick but wont go to a doctor or go to a hospital
Dr. D.: Sick with what?
james: adiabatic.. constant pressure, was it?
rich-c: he wouldnt say - all in all his attitude baffled me
Dr. D.: IIRC yes...its opposite being isothermal (constant temperature).
rich-c: I mean, he doesn't even have to pay for doc or hospital
james: yeah, hasn't been quite as long for me, but i haven't done thermo in awhile either
Scott: Strange. He should go to the hospital if he can.
Dr. D.: Carnot cycles...adiabatic expansion, isothermal expansion, adiabatic compression, isothermal compression, for ideal gas you end up at the original starting point.
Scott: You've gotta love these snow days off.
Scott: Paid snow days, that is.
Dr. D.: I have been listening to the Columbia Accident Board hearings (via live RealPlayer, NASA TV), yesterday they had about 3 hours of thermo.
Dr. D.: Very interesting stuff.
rich-c: I am very chary of using Real Player except for stuff I can download and then play
Scott: Oh yes, Rich, thanks for that article link.
Dr. D.: Finally, an advantage to high-speed net.access in my office...also the DSL is pretty good here at home, I can watch NASA TV from KSC at 150 kbps feed, it looks/sounds good.
rich-c: they have a nasty habit of building in spyware
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Scott: I've decided that I won't be upgrading to Microsoft's Longhorn OS
changed username to Daniel B.
Scott: Or XP either.
Daniel B.: hello
Dr. D.: XP is proven spyware.
Daniel B.: oui, c'est moi!
Scott: Hello, just talking about you.
Scott: Heard you've been sick.
rich-c: bienvenue, Daniel - Scott was just asking after you
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Dr. D.: Rats, lost my BBC feed.
Daniel B.: I feel better. two weeks without chating with you was terrible.
rich-c: yes, with Rich and Scott here you can get intelligent answers to your questions instead of being stuck with mine
Scott: Heard you were at the Saturday chat.
Scott: Those are harder for me to get to.
Daniel B.: Hello Dr.D! I write a text about coleco programing and I add information about the color palette based on your web pages.
Scott: Rich - I bought SUSE 8.1 Pro after reading the article.
Dr. D.: Glad that someone besides me found them of interest...I remember lots of yawns when I first posted those articles :-)
rich-c: that is neat, Scott - I am so glad you found it useful
Scott: I have it installed and am looking to migrate all my machines.
Scott: Yes, and very scary.
james: @rich-c there's a realplayer plugin for winamp
james: don't know if it handles video though
Scott: There's no way I can accept Microsoft's terms for the Longhorn OS. No way.
rich-c: maybe so, james,but it's still spyware
Daniel B.: you may find my text interresting too. i found another color palette for the coleco emulation (in MESS emulator).
rich-c: always wants to phone home and tell them what you're listening to - and god knows what else
Scott: I really like SUSE 8.1, though.
Scott: KDE 3.0 is excellent
james: the plugin was developed by a third party. i'm pretty sure it's clean
Scott: As is the C/C++ compiler
rich-c: of course you're already well advanced in the Unix/Linux world
rich-c: but a buddy of mine says Motorola is migrating their whole operation to SUSE
james: someone's fussy. i think he might be sleepy. if i'm not back it's because i fell asleep too
Scott: I took a few Unix classes, but that's just scratching the surface.
Daniel B.: I need your e-mails to send you a copy of my coleco programming text.
Scott: Daniel, this article sounds very interesting.
rich-c: he works for Motorola and was sent to Germany to familiarize himself with SUSE
Scott: I could post it on my site if you're interested.
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi there
rich-c: did you see the Future Shop ad today?
Pamela: Dr D, you made it!
Pamela: no, what ad?
rich-c: they wre offering a CD-RW for $69
Pamela: installed?
Dr. D.: Hi Pam, I am here trying to forget world events...
Pamela: as are we all, Rich
rich-c: that's after a $100 rebate so I assume includes fairly good software
Dr. D.:'s not working so well, I am getting George disease or something.
Scott: Isn't ADAMEm available in a Unix version. Just thinking about that...
Pamela: ouch, Dad. Besides, I'm not a big fan of Future Shop - too many bad experiences
Pamela: well so far, all's quiet on the eastern front Rich
rich-c: OK - I've had reasonable success with them, but - your results may differ
rich-c: yeah, Dubya's choppers won't run in a sandstorm
Pamela: I prefer Business Depot
rich-c: hold the war, the wind is blowing
Dr. D.: Only out of Washington.
Pamela: where is our resident raincloud this evening?
Dr. D.: ?George
rich-c: it will be along lateer
Pamela: yup
rich-c: right now it's giving Scott the worst blizzard Denver's seen in 20 years
BobS: new NBC news on now, stuff hitting the fan seems like
Pamela: are you watching Bob
Scott: Daniel I received a phone call from Mike a few weeks ago about the cartridge.
Pamela: Hey James, you're very quiet
Scott: He said the boxes are driving up the price by $10?
Scott: Are you sure that you want to go with these boxes?
Pamela: what are you doing, packing?
Scott: Sounds like they'll be nice, but very pricey.
Scott: Rich - do you have Linux installed on any of your machines.
Daniel B.: yeah! nice and not cheap. I'm not sure it's a good idea but Mike seems to have the last word anyway.
Dr. D.: Me? No.
rich-c: I'd be careful in that area, Scott - I think CV game buyers are very price sensitive
Dr. D.: Mostly MacOS.
Scott: And are you keen to upgrading to the Longhorn OS?
rich-c: no, I don't Scott, or did you mean Dr. D.?
Pamela: Bob, what's happening?
Dr. D.: 2 NT 4.0 machines, 1 2K or XP machines, and probably not eer.
Dr. D.: oops, ever.
Scott: So you're not planning to upgrade anytime soon?
rich-c: nothing on CBC Newsworld yet, Pam
Pamela: does everyone have a TV iin the room but me?
Pamela: someone check CNN
Dr. D.: Christina needs to use this computer for some school work (attached scanner).
rich-c: no, I snuck out to the living room
Dr. D.: So I am going to sign off for tonight.
james: back
Scott: Daniel, from the sound of it, that's where the profits are getting sucked out of.
Pamela: well, glad I got to see you Rich
Dr. D.: Let's hope that the world is still in operation at this time next week...I have been having my doubts.
rich-c: Dr. D., do come back soon - will see you
Scott: Too bad we can't use something like those blockbuster plastic casings.
Pamela: even if only briefly
Dr. D.: Bye all.
Pamela: come back soon
Pamela: nite
Scott: And print the insert on a Color Laser printer.
Pamela: Hey James
Daniel B.: Dr.D. don't forget the coleco bios documentation!
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Daniel B.: shit.. too late
rich-c: have to send him an email, Daniel
Pamela: James, are you packing yet?
Scott: So Rich - you're not going to install Linux?
rich-c: where's Bob got to? off watching the telly?
Pamela: think so
rich-c: I don't see any urgency to it, though I have a disc of Corel Linux
Scott: Wow! Corel Linux.
Pamela: brb
Scott: SUSE is nice. Haven't played around with Red Hat a whole lot, though.
rich-c: more laziness than anything else, coupled with the fact that Win98 has behaved well for me - mostly - lately
Scott: Linux has plenty of bugginess, but no more so than some of my Windows OSs.
james: sorry. give me a sec.
rich-c: forget which distribution is the basis for Corel, but it was taken over as the basis for Lindows in turn
Scott: The machine I'm using right now is Windows Me. One of the worst OSs Microsoft came out with.
BobS: no emailinf the mighty one about convention hotel arrangements
rich-c: do you know where the name Apache for the Linux server came from?
Scott: No.
Scott: Tell me, oh wise one.
james: a "patchy" web server
rich-c: it was so buggy it became "a patchy" server - honest!
james: yeah, it's true, i've read that too
Scott: I've heard it's extremely stable now.
james: hi pam. everything is ready to go for the trip but i still need to pack
rich-c: there was a joke going round that it was distributed on a blank CD, you just downloaded all the patches
Scott: Linux is the premiere servers on the market
Pamela: I'm back
Pamela: when do you leave James?
Scott: So Daniel, what is going on with your game?
james: tuesday morning here.. monday evening over there
rich-c: oh yes, that's the great joy of open source - it gets hammered at till it works
Daniel B.: my games?
Scott: Linux was used in Titanic and Monsters, Inc.
Daniel B.: which one?
Pamela: cool. I did tell you I've got that day off, right?
Scott: Toy Story too, I believe.
rich-c: no, why do you have the day off?
Scott: Your release with Mike - the game pack.
Pamela: I have Thursday off so I can go play with James and his students, and Friday off to recover
james: :D
Daniel B.: Mike is enthousiate. It's up to him to release the game.
Scott: So the final ROM was sent to Mike and we're ready to manufacture?
Pamela: I'm still using up last year's vacation time
james: you mentioned that you did pam
Pamela: so James when you're ready, call my place first then try the cell
Daniel B.: The rom was done a month ago
james: ok, i'll likely give you a call from out hotel in niagara on wednesday i think it is
Pamela: Thursday, James
rich-c: \yes. the 27th is a Thursday
Pamela: it had better be or I booked the wrong day
Scott: What other games are you working on?
Scott: Anything new?
james: yes, i was thinking i could call the day before
james: but whatever works
rich-c: I am going to have to get cracking on those Adam books for you, james
Pamela: oh, okay then during the day call me at work and in the evening call me at home - but before 9:00 : )
Daniel B.: a game to use with the roller or the driving module
Scott: Interesting.
Pamela: you sound like me and the back room, Dad
Daniel B.: I was thinking about a game to use with 2 driving module
Pamela: "I really have to find that cross stitch pattern"
Daniel B.: but maybe next year
Scott: So, a driving game?
rich-c: well, oddly enough I have been fairly busy teh last little while
Pamela: oh?
Scott: One of my favorite games was Destructor.
james: ok pam.
rich-c: I am sort of hoping to get over to Staples tomorrow or Friday
Pamela: ooooh, shopping - can I help?
rich-c: well, part was also reluctance to use teh car on the snowy roads
Pamela: you mean you STILL don't have the van back?
james: "Weapons fire, explosions heard in Baghdad"
rich-c: not shopping, Pam, photocopying for james
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Pamela: ahhhh
james: i hope it's not too much trouble, rich
changed username to meeka
Scott: Really? We're attacking already?
rich-c: brb - will look at the CBC
Scott: Oh boy...
meeka: hello
james: "Reports say U.S. has begun attacking Irag. President will speak shortly."
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Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Scott: I will turn on the TV
Pamela: your timing is impeccable
Daniel B.: ho! I have done a board game based on arcade games. you have to create a new company in '70, a video game company, and makes games. my friends here like it. (in french only)
BobS: welcome O Meeka One
meeka: lol, yes.....thats me
rich-c: hi meeka
james: is it just me or is the quality of proofreading taken a nosedive lately?
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rich-c: lights are still on in Baghdad but there has been firing
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: proofreading? what's that?
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: hi guy
james: a couple of days ago, one of the online papers used "dessert" instead of "desert"
rich-c: hi Guy
Guy B.: Guess you all heard that the president is coming on at 9:15
Daniel B.: james... what was your e-mail address? my yahoo crashed before I finish my coleco programing text.
Pamela: guess no one there has tried to eat sand
Scott: Oh boy...
james: and now this: Liberal MPs warned to toe line on gun registry or face expulsion
Guy B.: Bob, is it raining up by you?
james: james at folkwolf dot net
Daniel B.: ok
james: "toe" the line? hello!
Pamela: actually, I think either tow or toe is acceptable, James
BobS: just spitting a bit guy
Pamela: however, I do know that the original quote was "tow"
rich-c: toe the line is correct, james; it comes from military drill
Pamela: and Dad immediately contradicts me
rich-c: and no, historically "tow" is not acceptable
Guy B.: Had some lightning here.
Pamela: tow the line - from towing the barge
james: i still wouldn't call a "toe"-truck
BobS: bad deal Guy
rich-c: it's tote dat barge - Old Man River
james: interesting
BobS: talked about storms here tonight, but nothing yet
Guy B.: That was about 8:00. Now it has stopped raining for the time being.
Pamela: lightning = bad, Guy
Pamela: and why am I arguing quotes with a librarian???
james: lol
Pamela: I should know better
james: english orthography. what a mess.
james: 42 sounds but only 26 letters. solution seems rather obvious
rich-c: seems the attack on Baghdad was "a target of opportunity" - that's suggestive
Daniel B.: "les premiers bombardements en irak auront lieu 22h15"
Pamela: phonetics
rich-c: that's what little diphthongs are made for
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james: yes, and said dipthongs are very inconsistent
changed username to Judy
rich-c: tell me about it!
Pamela: Hi, Judy
james: check, chemistry, charade
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Judy: Hi, All
james: and the vowel combinations are even worse
james: read, tread, break
Judy: starting a little late tonight just got home
james: paid, said, aisle
Pamela: and where were you young lady?
rich-c: yes- someone once pointed out to G. B. Shaw only sugar and sumach got an SH sound out of su
rich-c: Shaw said, sure
james: :D
james: i've played with the writing system he devised
Pamela: say that three times fast!
Judy: at church at a meeting
rich-c: at the moment you sound like an English teacher, james
Guy B.: Well, you guys won't believe this. But, I inherited two more PC's over the weekend. They are in the trunk of my car at the moment.
james: what are they, guy?
Scott: Wow, information is very sketchy
rich-c: what did you do to deserve that?
james: ha ha :D
Pamela: Guy, what are they, breeding? How many does this make?
Scott: Bush to address us in 10 minutes.
Guy B.: Both slow pokes. P100 and P166
james: bad karma i suppose. must have squished a bug or something
Scott: It's all over the airwaves.
james: i like the shavian writing but i think it would be hell on someone who's dyslexic
rich-c: well, the P166 can be made to do light duty work successfully
Guy B.: That one has Windows 98 and it's a Gateway.
james: since all the voiced consonants are mirror images of their unvoiced counterparts
james: w98 on a p166.. i can hear your hard drive chugging from here :D
rich-c: well, if tou can put enough memory in it it should be fine
rich-c: and heaven knows memory is cheap enough these days
james: p166 - would that take the old edo 72 pin ?
Pamela: which reminds me, I have to check teh laptop to see if it's upgradeable
james: or do you have to go lower and use fpm?
Guy B.: You're right about that James. It was my co-worker's PC. She got a new Gateway which I helped her setup this past weekend, except the monitor she wanted to use with it, would not work with WinXP. She had to buy a new one.
james: ouch
james: wonder why the monitor of all things would cause grief
rich-c: the later 166s at least used 168-pin SDRAM
Pamela: monitors have minds of their own - believe me, I know
Guy B.: Easy, an old 14" legacy. I heard that WinXP has a very difficult time with legacy hardware.
james: ah, yeah, that might do it
Guy B.: Boy, it showed it. Overlapping graphics.
james: the edo stuff is easier to get ahold of than the old 60 or 70ns fpm now
Pamela: oh yes Dad, I have your 14" to return to you
rich-c: I havent looked that closely but I think it's the 168-pin that's common here
Pamela: the box is currently serving as a side table in the LR
Guy B.: Now, the software is asking her to register or else it won't run. That's Microsoft for you.
Scott: I'm back
Pamela: know anyone who might be interested in attempting to bring my 15" back to life?
rich-c: not only that, if she changes the configuration of teh computer significantly, she'll have to re-register
Pamela: free to a good home . . .
rich-c: monitors are so cheap it isnt worth it, Pam
Judy: not this one we have enough of our own
Scott: Rich, I was able to verify some of the major pieces of info from that article that you sent me
Pamela: see above comment
james: they're still doing that activation crap?
Guy B.: Right now. She's not using the Internet. So, she has to call them to register Office XP and WinXP.
james: wow
rich-c: yes, he did cite sources, as I recall
Scott: A friend of mine had XP installed with a copy of Office on more than one machine
Scott: Microsoft told him to take it off the second machine.
rich-c: Dubya is about to speak now
james: my next setup in the classroom (not buying any new equipment until the mortgage is paid in a few more years) will likely be macs
Guy B.: The president speaks
Pamela: I hope he told them to go jump, Scott
meeka: the prez is on
james: apparently with osx you get a site licence for 5 machines included
Daniel B.: someone else here wants a copy of my text about coleco programming?
Judy: yes, we are watching
james: did you send it to me dan? i just checked my e-mail with no sign of it..
Scott: Yes, Daniel, I'd like to see it.
Daniel B.: no... i want to know if someone else want a copy so I will sens only one e-mail
james: ok
rich-c: I though it was SctGordon...?
Scott: Oops.
rich-c: gotcha!
rich-c: ;-)
Daniel B.: ok... i corrected the e-mail address.
Daniel B.: someone else?
Pamela: brb, gotta go rinse my bowl
Scott: Daniel -- you're welcome to mirror your resources on my site, if you are interested.
meeka: ok
Scott: I have plenty of space.
rich-c: james, go to Lindows - you can licence the whole school for $50
Guy B.: He's done.
james: to be honest, i've not heard much that's good about lindows
Judy: he didn't talk very long
Daniel B.: scott, i keep your offer... maybe when i finish my text.
james: he's done? that was fast.
Pamela: so, what did he say?
rich-c: the usual tissue of lies
Daniel B.: ok, no one else want a copy of my text?
Judy: war is started
Daniel B.: 1...
Daniel B.: 2...
Daniel B.: 3...
Guy B.: Lindows is kind of a new OS. Microsoft sued them and lost.
Daniel B.: ok, I send the e-mail
Daniel B.: it's done!
Scott: Wow. Microsoft losing in court?
rich-c: no, it's just one of many distrivutions of Linux, made especially user friendly
Pamela: Dad, totally off topic but did Mom remember to call Aunt Cynthia and wish her happy birthday?
rich-c: she sent a card
Pamela: oh, okay
Daniel B.: If it's possible, I want a feedback. I writed my text in english so you may find many errors.
Guy B.: They sued since they said it looks much like Windows. The judge said that Lindows was different, that it didn't look anywhere near Windows. So, it was dismissed.
rich-c: anyway yes Scott, MS did lose the round over the name
Guy B.: There's gunfire in the skies over Baghdad now.
Pamela: what are you watching, Guy, CNN?
rich-c: I think it will take a while for the fog of war to dissapte and show if it means anything, Guy
Guy B.: ABC
Pamela: I find it interesting that CTV and NBC didn't run West Wing tonite
rich-c: the discussion here is whether that first strike potted any of the Iraqui leadership
Guy B.: Well, I was watching The Bachelor where are they now until they broke in at 8:45.
rich-c: I think they wanted to be ready to go to war at the ultimatum expiry, Pam
Pamela: guess they didn't want teh president pre-empted by the President
Pamela: I got all of Survivor and that
Pamela: s all I was worried about
james: ok, i need to shower and get some stuff done today. was nice talking to you all. pam and rich, i'm going to do my best to send you both an e-mail tonight.
rich-c: I still havent reset our vcr from teh last power failure
rich-c: but with teh F1 race this weekend I will have to
james: lol
Pamela: okay James. Think you're going to make chat next week?
Guy B.: I managed to get 45 minutes of The Bachelor special until they broke in. The next show was canceled as well now.
rich-c: for some reason we have been having an unusual number of outages lately
james: not likely at all :P
rich-c: night, james
Pamela: okay, then we'll talk to you Wednesday or Thursday and see you Thursday
BobS: nite james
Pamela: have a great flight and keep us posted
james: considering wednesday night i'll be in niagara falls. maybe, maybe not. if they have access, i'll try and check in
Guy B.: Nite James
Pamela: 'kay
james: ttys! bye bob, guy, dan
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Judy: night james
rich-c: pam, to answer your earlier question, we got teh truck back on teh 14th
Pamela: but?
rich-c: the driveway was too icy for us to move the car into the garage
Pamela: oh, Friday - so didn't want to drive the car before that in the snow - gotcha
Pamela: and it's running okay?
Judy: are you having snow yet ?
rich-c: yes, the car and truck are both running OK
Pamela: nope - the forecast is for rain, Judy
rich-c: the car is guzzling gas incredibly even for teh temperature and use
Pamela: cool, Dad. Have you taken the truck on the highway yet?
Judy: we have had some beautiful weather here 60's to 70
Pamela: the car guzzles gas regardless, Dad
rich-c: no, just around teh city. it seems pretty nice though
Pamela: bet you're glad to have it back
Guy B.: Looks like my dog Abby is keeping a watchful eye out tonight. She's looking out the balcony door right now.
Judy: that is for sure
rich-c: very much so, and I want to make sure it's running right
Pamela: yeah, we did too Judy - up to 18 the other day
rich-c: I do know I have to get a winter front for it
Pamela: a shield?
Guy B.: Boy, this past weekend was beautiful. Even Abby loved it. Took me for a long walk.
rich-c: yes - put in a winter thermostat and still cant get it up to operating temp
Judy: yes, I laid in the sun Sunday
Pamela: oh yeah, Sunday was gorgeous
Pamela: LOL, Judy - you come back from Florida and lay in your own backyard
rich-c: by the way, the Pentagon is hinting they may have potted Saddam
Pamela: noooo.... really?
Judy: didn't lay out the whole time I was in Florida
Daniel B.: I got it!
Daniel B.: I finally got it
Judy: too busy doing nothing
rich-c: they don't expect any serious word for several hours but that seems to be what they were shooting at
Pamela: got what, Daniel?
Daniel B.: I remember an old tv show with the predictions of Nostramus
Pamela: and?
Daniel B.: About the 3rd "bad guy" of the history
Daniel B.: the name
Daniel B.: MOBBUS
Daniel B.: reversed
Daniel B.: SUBBOM
Daniel B.: sounds like
Daniel B.: saddam
rich-c: little too much of a stretch for me, I'm afraid
Pamela: where did you dig that out from?
Daniel B.: look! reverse a b letter.. you will have a d
Daniel B.: from my head
Pamela: boy, what an archive!
Pamela: Guy, where is Aimee this evening?
Guy B.: Good question? Maybe she's tired from working today. I did send her an e-mail today.
Pamela: I hope she hasn't gotten shy on us
Pamela: and Judy, what's up with Mandy and Ryan?
Guy B.: I don't think so. She's not on Yahoo IM either.
Guy B.: Yes, how are they doing?
Judy: they are doing good, she got an apartment today and will be moving in next week-end
Pamela: wow, that's good news
Guy B.: That's great. Things are looking up for her.
Judy: yes, she can again take care of Ryan by order of the court so she is allowed to move
Pamela: thank goodness for that
meeka: ok Mom, told Doug we are busy next weeekend (winking)
Judy: and he pleaded no contest to 2 counts of child abuse 2nd degree
Pamela: Hey Meeka, want to come for a visit next weekend? I'm sure i could find a piece of floor for you : )
Pamela: I hope he got life, Judy
Judy: no, way she has to help move this stuff
meeka: sure Pam :)
Pamela: Just trying to give her an out : )
Guy B.: Ah, so has judge decided his punishment yet?
Judy: will be sentented April 23
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Pamela: does he stay in a cage till then?
changed username to Ron
Ron: late
Pamela: Hallo, Ron
Guy B.: There he is. Hi Ron
Ron: evening all
rich-c: hello Ron, 'bout time
Pamela: better than never, Ron
Ron: yeah
Guy B.: Guess you heard our forces are bombing Baghbad.
Judy: we were in court last week and now he has lost his kids until he proves he is different
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: good work
Ron: Hi
rich-c: seems the forces arent moving, Guy
Judy: don't know how he will prove that
rich-c: just attacked the one "target of opportunity"
Guy B.: Not much activity going on.
Pamela: that is suggestive, isn't it?
BobS: get my return message about the hotel?????
Ron: back in CNN Junkie mode
rich-c: well, if they did get Saddam, a little pause for things to settle would be useful
Ron: no...haven't looked....just a sec
BobS: how ya gonna tell if they got saddam.........sand makes deep holes when hit by bombs
rich-c: well, no one has said for sure - just dropping hints
Ron: Ok. Just read your message Bob. Good points. Will make sure I take that up with our man down there
Daniel B.: "they got saddam?" it's too easy... i think it's not true!
Scott: Sorry guys, I'm gonna get offline to watch more of the news. I will try to join you Saturday.
Scott: What time?
Scott: What time do you meet Sat?
Pamela: 3:00 EST
Scott: Ok, so 1 pm my time.
rich-c: As usual, 3 p.m. eastern, that's 1 p.m. yours I think
Pamela: or EDT, I forget which
Ron: Bob, do you think I should try for 10 rooms instead of 15?
Guy B.: Bye Scott.
Scott: Alright. I will talk to you later.
Scott left chat session
Pamela: nite Scott
BobS: bye Scott
rich-c: nite Scott
Ron: nite Scott
Pamela: man, that guy can move
BobS: dont' thikn you are going to fill any more than 10 less you know a lot mire thatn I can count
Daniel B.: nite scott
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to check my e-mail. I won't make it this Saturday. Have to work again. I'll see you all next week.
Daniel B.: read my text about coleco
Judy: didn't even start to type goodbye
Pamela: okay, nite Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week then
Judy: bye Guy
Ron: Well, only two extra's I know about are Bart Lynch, and David Cobley, and David may just do the day thing
rich-c: Ron, I now have the truck back and initial results look good
Pamela: we were 19 last year, right?
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: good to hear Rich
rich-c: we plan to be there, the only question is how
BobS: better to scramble for a room or two than have to pay for 4 nights for each empty one
Ron: ok
Ron: agreed
rich-c: flying would be an awful lot cheaper, I must admit
BobS: but not as much fun richard........
Ron: By the way....there will be a new service from Seattle to Campbell River in effect but the fare is about 530 Canadian return
rich-c: for sure, Bob, the joy is in the journey
rich-c: we havent driven to teh left coast for years now
Ron: Campbell River is only a 45 minute drive north of here, and we could arrange for pickup
Pamela: Dad if you drive, I'll have to housesit - please take that into consideration
Judy: not from here would take way too long
rich-c: just depoends on how much you want to save on laundry costs, Pam ;-)
Judy: why would you have to house sit, Pam?
Pamela: I've pretty much given that up Dad - it's too much of a hassle to haul it over there all the time
rich-c: we would be away likely all of July and August, maybe more
Pamela: yeah - if they drive, they'll leave early and take their time - min two weeks either way, likely more
Judy: that sounds good, Richard
Pamela: which means i'll have to run two households for a couple of months.
rich-c: well, with my hip I'm not going to rush things, that's for sure
Pamela: Just remember Dad, you can't leave before June 30th.
rich-c: it has been acting up the last few days
Judy: how is the hip doing, Rich?
rich-c: I thought the wedding wass the 28th?
Pamela: and the weather according to Richard is . . .
rich-c: making appointments now to arrange a replacement, Judy, but will be a while
Pamela: it is Dad, but do you really think that your going to the wedding on Saturday and leaving on the Sunday?
Judy: that is good, should be much better when replaced
rich-c: well, I can't drink while I'm taking the arthrotec
Pamela: besides, Erin and Cynthia will probably be here and Mom will want to visit with them
Pamela: oh sure Dad, I can just see you two getting home from the wedding and going right to bed, then getting up early to finish loading and leave. I'm not placing any bets.
rich-c: neither am I, I am just not ruling out any possibilities
Judy: Pam, you are not coming to convention this year?
rich-c: Ron, how do the ferry rates compare between the Schwartz Bay and North Vancouver routes?
Pamela: I want to come Judy but there are various factors that might prevent it, first and foremost Russell.
Pamela: He's afraid of heights, and not too keen on the idea of flying
Judy: why?
Ron: Same on both routes Rich
Judy: drugs will take care of that
Pamela: oh sure, can you see me steering him around the airport stoned?
rich-c: so I'd be better off going via North Vancouver, then?
Judy: wheelchair
Judy: they can meet you
rich-c: security would love that, Judy
Pamela: I'd have to knock him out completely
Ron: yes if you're coming in from the east. You do not have to go through the city to get onto the Upper Levels highway....although you'll go through some
Judy: that would be difficult
Ron: pretty well built up area. The road remains divided highway right through.
Pamela: only time I got him in the wheelchair was leaving the hospital after "pulverizing" (the medical term) his wrist on Easter Sunday a few years ago
Ron: My recommendation to those coming from Seattle would be to go via Tswwassen
Ron: Tsawwassen
Ron: ??
rich-c: Swartz Bay is north of Victoria but quite a way south of Comox, isnt it?
Ron: I don't know I only live here
Ron: yes, if you take Horshoe Bay to Nanaimo, you'll be closer to us by 70 miles
BobS: many KILLometers
Pamela: and boy, is he funny when he's impaired
BobS: ya sit on the inside Pam and don't look out!!!!
Judy: well, Pam I hope you can work it out we would miss you if you don't come
Ron: Schwartz Bay is about 20 miles from Victoria, and you actually have to go to the north side of Victoria first to pick up the Island highway
rich-c: lessee, that should be about 50 lires of gas, at 80 cents a ltre...
Pamela: we're trying - we'll see
Judy: try hard real hard
Pamela: I've actually thought about coming alone too but that hasn't been discussed
Ron: like I say...... Thank the good Lord we only do this every 5 years
Pamela: It depends if I still have vacation time, too
Ron: I'm aware that it's going to be expensive for you guys
Pamela: I've been thinking about changing jobs and if I do, I won't have any vacation time
Judy: we do hope you can make it, I repeat
rich-c: yes, we figure with campground fees and gas we're looking at about five large
Pamela: keep your fingers toew and eyeballs crossed : )
BobS: Ronald done reserved ya a room !!!!!!!!
Judy: it isn't that hard is it, Ron?
Ron: Pulllleeeezeee Pamela
Pamela: Ron is aware of the difficulties
Judy: will do!!!!!!
Pamela: we'll do everything possible to ensure that it happens
Ron: that's about all we can ask
Pamela: boy, didn't that sound official
Pamela: how come I never sound like that at work?
Pamela: darn, got my days and nights mixed up again
BobS: well get anight job!!!
BobS: then you can be forceful
Pamela: yuck - both of us on shift work? No thanks
Pamela: one is bad enough
Pamela: although i hear it's one of the keys to a good marriage
Pamela: the other one being separate bathrooms
Pamela: what, no comment?
Judy: better go or I may fall asleep on my computer, so night all talk at you next week
rich-c: anyway, folks, maybe it's time to see what's going on in Iraq
Pamela: g'nite Judy
rich-c: night Judy
Pamela: It's time I went to bed too, I suppose
rich-c: and I know that means we're losing Meeka and Bob too
Judy: I am getting sleepy missed the chance at that one Pam
BobS: well gang me too got to go.......mama says........
BobS: nitey nite
rich-c: OK, goodnight Judy, Bob, Meeka, Pam
Ron: say good night Bob
Judy left chat session
BobS: good night............]'
Pamela: Nite Dad, bob, Judy, Meeka
BobS: :-)
rich-c: Ron, Dan, time for me to pack it in
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Nite Daniel, Nite Ron
rich-c: so goodnight to you two too
Ron: nite all -be good all
Pamela: Ron will keep you posted
Pamela: until next week, all
Ron: yup
Pamela: I'm outta here
rich-c: nite then
Ron: hasta-la-vista
Pamela: Nite, DAddy
Pamela: poof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
Ron: I go too....nite all
Ron left chat session
Daniel B.: I suppose i miss all the discussion
meeka left chat session
Daniel B.: I writed a message in a forum
Daniel B. left chat session
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