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rich-c: verify
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rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: hi Richard
rich-c: actually made it as of a Saturday at last
BobS: looks kinda deserted here
BobS: looked at clock and DARN tis almost 3PM
BobS: so her I is
rich-c: it's early times yet; Guy won't make it but I believe Daniel may try and even Scott
BobS: next week we will be moving Mandy into an apartmenta gain and have to build a computer for the antique mall
rich-c: at the moment my computer clock is correct to 8 seconds
BobS: again
BobS: ya what isthe program you can get for free?????? Doug was talking about it for use with GPS
rich-c: we had a power failure that downed everything so it had to be reset
rich-c: I don't know - there is a piece of spyware you can get
BobS: bummer!!!!!
rich-c: but you can also just go to the website yourself
BobS: twas all white here this morning........SNAOW
rich-c: oh, we
BobS: thought we were done, it's all melted almost now, but ...............
rich-c: oh,we've been having a little rain, too warm for snow
BobS: hasd taht Thurs, Fri was only 45 F and about same today, but cool front came thru last night in darkness
rich-c: that's the url for teh clock as far as I have it
BobS: don't know had a cute little name.......
rich-c: they are telling us zero overnight (32F) but above freezing after
rich-c: well that goes direct to the clock
BobS: same cool front we had appaarently
rich-c: yes, they come down at an angle so sweep through you first
rich-c: hold on a sec till I see if I can get the program name
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rich-c: that undefined is likely me
BobS: oops
rich-c: anyway the website for Atomic Time Sync is
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rich-c: test
rich-c: ok, got rid of the undefined and I'm still on
BobS: ok
rich-c: ended up getting the truck up onto the 401 yesterday
BobS: AND?????
rich-c: it appears to have performance at least comparable to the Mercury
BobS: how big an engine did you stuff in thter
BobS: there?
rich-c: still have to try it with teh trailer but I feel grounds for optimism
rich-c: 350 V8 - 5.7 litres
BobS: should have no problems
BobS: replace the trans also?????
rich-c: the six that was in there was really 3/4ths of the small block V8 so I just put back teh two cylinders GM left out :-)
BobS: or do they feel that is sufficient to pull with?
rich-c: tranny is the same one used in teh V8 tracks anyway
BobS: ok,hat shoud work then too
rich-c: the rear end might be marginal - it's a 7" rasther than 8"
BobS: got a 350 in the good
rich-c: yes, and mine is somewhat more up to date
BobS: should have a bigger gear ratio, but too expensive to fix
rich-c: yes, I'd already changed the rear end in teh van
BobS: just don;t expect to get great gas mileage when hitting the 70 mph mark
rich-c: well, doing that in any RV you calculate in gallons per mile
rich-c: if I can eke out 10 mpg on regular I'll be doing very well
BobS: not tto bad......get about 8 if a 60mph bot only goes to 7+ when hitting IF in a hurry, just go
BobS: 10 would be GREAT
rich-c: I tend to be a bit lighter-footed than you, I suspect
rich-c: not much, but a little and in this that makes a difference
BobS: got 9 mpg on first one we had (1976 22') and hoped to gain with the 1989 with throttle body injection....HAH...lost mileage
BobS: have better performance, but the old one ran down the road jsut fine, cept it took longer to get to speed (318cid)
rich-c: then you must be hauling a bigger weight or frontal area
rich-c: also remember your cruising speed has gradually crept up over the years
BobS: has to be the 318cid over against the 350cid....but thought throttle body would help that
BobS: probably some, go around 60-62 now, probably kept it @ 60 or below then
rich-c: right, we started out at 55 mph and once got 13.2 mpg with teh Meteor pulling
rich-c: of course across the Prairies it was don't ask
rich-c: never have figured out how you can have a headwind no matter which direction you're going
BobS: when we first got this omotorhome, we went ot colonila Williamsburg, left in the rain, went 70 mph, got 8.5 mpg......could NEVER duplicate taht trip
BobS: drive in the rain and everything
rich-c: well, you were going from about 800 ft. up to sea level, so the trend was downhill
rich-c: and you wre driving with teh prevailing wind at your back, which makes a difference
BobS: whatever, it was nice.......
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rich-c: for sure, you do not throw any advantage back these days
changed username to Ron
BobS: oh "products" are not specifically meant to be "cost friendly"
Ron: hey!
rich-c: all hail the Mighty Mitchell
Ron: how is one and all?
BobS: oh well ya know what I maen
Ron: large as life, twice as ugly
rich-c: still on teh right side of teh grass, so can't complain
Ron: likewise
Ron: poor mother has caught something
BobS: printed out the lodging reservation form...........prices look great!!!!
rich-c: telling Bob had the van up on 401 yesterday, it ran very well
Ron: so I'm chief cook and bottlewasher
BobS: you have to commit by June 30th I presume
Ron: good... glad to hear it
rich-c: now all I have to do is persuade my hip to behave tolerably
Ron: Well, we shall see. Still gotta set up an appointment with the dude at the hotel
Ron: drink hot rums Rich
rich-c: sorry, it's contra'd with my pain medication
BobS: yucky meds
rich-c: I tell you, Ron, I am SUFFERING
Ron: yes Bob. June 30, and actually, that was negotiated. He wanted it about a month earlier than that
Ron: this is not good to hear Rich...... for your sake I mean
rich-c: yes, I am not a born TT
rich-c: hey, I still have dreams about smoking
BobS: good lord!!!!! what dies the guy want///////
Ron: oh well..... wouldn't do me much good either
Ron: normal
BobS: on the other hand......could prolly reserve and then add if needed
Ron: So anyway, I think the financial picture will fit
rich-c: actually told teh doctor he said ok but don't go beyond my weekend glasses of wine
BobS: weekDAY ???????
Ron: i cee
BobS: :-)
Ron: Bob, I'm going to get a local estimate on the banner and on the T-shirts, and if I don't like what I see, I'll have some work for ya
rich-c: I figure since I'll likely be spending four+ large on gas and campgrounds, the convention will be a minor expense
BobS: ok
Ron: That's significant change Rich
rich-c: by the way, Ron, do make sure the guy has a place to stash my trailer if he wants to sell us a room
Ron: Actually, the guy who did the ADAMCON 11 banner for us charged $100. It's in the realm
Ron: and he did a good job
Ron: by $100, I really mean to say $67 US
BobS: we could use the trailer for say.......ah......a med center or something
rich-c: if the leg means I have to fly I will save some very significant bucks
BobS: that is a good him
Ron: yeah.... alls I have to do is figure out what we want on it. Don't really have a logo yet
BobS: think IF memory serves, shirts are in the neighborhood of $6.50-7 US from here
rich-c: pity Daniel isn't on - I think he had ambitions on that
Ron: ok....willl keep that in the back of my head -(re T-shirts)
Ron: what, the logo?
rich-c: yes
Ron: maybe I'll ask him. Art work is one thing I'm fully prepared to delegate and disappear on
Ron: Only requirements are that there be a US and Canadian Flag, the date and the place, and some picture of the local Glacier
rich-c: right - it's not something I'd care to volunteer for either
rich-c: well, put up a few postcard views of teh glacier on the website
Ron: yup
rich-c: maybe you can inspire some creative talent
Ron: The local glacier is melting. in 20 years it won't be there according to the experts
BobS: tis not hard o mighty one!!!!!
Ron: So everything named Glacier View, Glacier Way, etc etc will have to be renamed
rich-c: not necessarily
Ron: oh?
BobS: judging by our winter this year, it WILL be there unless the wet coast gets warmer that normal OR the warm jset stream goesnorth by you
rich-c: the prediction assumes a steady-state climate and that's a very dangerous assumption
Ron: yeah, suppose that's so
rich-c: 20 years from now you could find it submerged under a new Ice Age glacier
Ron: They take a look at ours every year, and apparently this year it's showing fissures that weren't there last year
rich-c: well, if teh current warming trend continues, they could well be right
Ron: 60 million years ago, our island was under water
Ron: and our tectonic plates are active now
rich-c: one good earthquake and it could happen again
rich-c: just arrange to defer it until we've left for home
Ron: they say it's not a question of if...
Ron: but when...
Ron: will see if I can set that up Rich
rich-c: right, I don't like earthquakes, they make me nervous
Ron: I can relate to that
rich-c: by the way, had a quicky note from james today
Ron: yea
rich-c: seems all four of teh girls who wsere to travel with him have cancelled
Ron: oh oh
rich-c: he didnt say why but I am guessing the war
Ron: wouldn't surprise me at all
rich-c: just him and one male student now
rich-c: it must have cost them a pretty penny to scrub at this late date
BobS: will be a smallparty
Ron: hmmm.....kinda small group
rich-c: oh well, easier for him to handle, and more flexible
BobS: was jsut lokkin at the AC15 webstie and reading your travels with the MIni Winnie Ronald........
BobS: bummer
BobS: better give back to the Heramn/George team for repair
Ron: Yeah, don't suppose the airlines are in the habit of giving any leeway for outbreak of hostilities
Ron: Yeah Bob....... I'm not sure what happened there
BobS: the US lines well let you reschedule
Ron: The ribbon cables are still hangin out one side
rich-c: especially not this close to departure
Ron: they will eh?
BobS: they are planning on em and tell em to start think about it
Ron: yes, I know - Herman left me an e-mail. Maybe they'll have an idea or two.
Ron: It almost seems like the printer power supply to me....kept cutting out
BobS: burns them right on up, eh?????
Ron: b ut that hasn't happened since I disconnected the hard drive
BobS: sure it is not the pwer supply you have?
BobS: how is yours powered????
Ron: And there isn't a push pin anywhere in that setup
Ron: A regular ADAM printer
BobS: hmmmm.....we got one hooked up and powered by its own power supply in the case
Ron: I do have a couple of spares..... haven't got round to trying another one
BobS: course.......HLM/GMK put them suckers inside and used it like the ide's of later origin didn't they.....
BobS: like you say, they are gettign hard to find
Ron: That's the same machine that needs the monitor modification.
BobS: everybody threw them away
Ron: yes they are indeed. Think I still have one that works.
Ron: By the Way, Bob, feel free to put any of that stuff I put on the site in the ANN news disks
rich-c: threw what away?
Ron: MFM drive
BobS: hows come I can't find any glacier pics on the site??????
BobS: OK
BobS: ya had some nice ones, but that lonk doesn't work now
Ron: took em all off. Will have to start a little photo gallery...... hang on a day or two
BobS: since ya put TDOS and stuff on the front page
rich-c: much time ago there was an outfit here offering them but it's now long gone
Ron: right....we'll go back to the others this weekend
BobS: jsut gotta fiddle don'tya????
Ron: that was just an experiment
Ron: I know.....can't leave well enough alone
(BobS smiles)
BobS: as long as I am complainin'..........the red on the blue is hard on my eyes also
Ron: Anyway guys, I have to go do a DOS Box house call....and the guy is going to pay me,
rich-c: btw, I got the copies made of Mel Ostler's books for james
Ron: so I better not be late
Ron: good Rich
Ron: Dr. Ron at your service
BobS: cool !!!!!!! money, gelt, greenbacks........
rich-c: nice work, Ron - see you Wednesday then
BobS: yessuir!@!!!!
Ron: see ya's later (Wed)
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BobS: gonna go to oRich, looks like it is only us...........say HI to Frances and Pam (if ya see her)
BobS: see ya
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rich-c: OK Bob, will. pass on the word, see you Wednesday
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