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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Roberto!
BobS: we un' are alone?????
rich-c: it's early days yet
BobS: hi Richard .........and Frances
rich-c: Pam will likely be along later, maybe with Erin
rich-c: James will be on if his hotel has a connection
BobS: Judy is online too
BobS: with her sister and a friend
rich-c: doesnt show because she's networked through you?
rich-c: oh, on another group, right
BobS: doesn't show because she in not here yet
rich-c: Jame3s should be in his hotel in Niagara Falls tonight
BobS: darn network cards are pretty slick
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changed username to Princess
rich-c: if all has gone well we will be joining him for lunch tomorrow
Princess: hi people
rich-c: looks like that's Rin now
BobS: them for judy's folks for Xmas BUT aol won't work right with them, so we kept them and thought up another idea
Princess: yup it's me
BobS: PRINcess
Princess: hehehe
rich-c: got all the pretty stuff for your grandmother now?
BobS: you must say......Yes my good sirs....tis I
Princess: almost....waiting on the Lieutenant Governor and the Premier
Princess: the Queen's is here though
rich-c: Eves probably found out where you work and has decided he doies like you
rich-c: doesnt
Princess: probably
Princess: the leader of the Liberal party wasn't too busy though
rich-c: though I am surprised you havent heard from Bartlesman - Tory efficiency in his office, no doubt
Princess: most likely
rich-c: Bob, Fran's mother will be 100 in eight days
rich-c: Erin has been using her connections to get congratulatory messages
Princess: *blush*
BobS: to here anyway
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BobS: and how is she????
changed username to George
rich-c: existig, little more
BobS: last we heard she was physically moving on but mentally coming shrter all the time
rich-c: hello George, we've missed you lst few chats
BobS: ys GOE
BobS: yo
George: Hi Everyone
Princess: hi George
rich-c: where have you been?
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George: I made it
changed username to Ron
rich-c: hello Ron, you're early tonight
Ron: Yo!
Ron: Well, that's the good news
BobS: GOOOLLYY,,,,,,,,tis Ronald!!!!!
Ron: The bad news is I have to split in about an hour
rich-c: you have another kind? do we want to know?
BobS: well geez
Ron: Hallo Robert
George: i had one disaster after another
BobS: did you get the cash and run the other day on your "job"????
rich-c: what happened to you, George?
Ron: yep....been paid in full for services rendered
George: Hi Ron
Ron: Hi George
BobS: cool, you are now a tecnical guru....I don't care what some say about pushpin technology
Ron: Thank God I don't do it for a living
Ron: yeah right
rich-c: were you doing Apple or DOS stuff, Ron?
Ron: I'm ok as long as I can take as much time as I need
Ron: Working in a shop without pushpins and where you have to get 'em in and get 'em out would not be for me
Ron: DOS
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: what were you doing?
Ron: a virus attack which brought down the machine
Pamela: Hi, sorry, running late
BobS: hiya pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Princess: hi pammie
Ron: basically, a re-install of Window 95
Pamela: brb
Ron: along with recovery of whatever I could first
BobS: piece of chocolate cake ron
Ron: it's ok when the ethernet card doesn't crap out on you
rich-c: ah, OK, it's the recovery bit that makes life difficult
BobS: WHOA, recover????
George: my computer fell victim cyber attack during chat a few weeks back then i ended up in the hospital so i couldn't fix it
Ron: yep....... basically, you boot the computer with the emergency disk, then pull off onto a zip drive whatever you can salvage
Ron: some of it ran afterwards, some didn't
Ron: t
George: hi Pam
BobS: f youa re going to get into this fulltime Ron, you need a "tool" a 1 gig sparq drive or a 1 or 2 gig ditto drive - both run off the paralle port
rich-c: not during this chat I hope, George
Ron: if the damned ethernet card had been ok, I could have done that
BobS: dat works too IF you got a big enough zip disk
Ron: have a 4 gig drive that I keep for such things
Pamela: sorry, making dinner
Pamela: did I miss anything?
George: yes thats why i was off abruptly
Ron: but this time I couldn't use it
Ron: yeah, me Pam
BobS: what's for din din ?????????
Pamela: aw, that's sweet
rich-c: what sort of attack got through to you? I thought you had full firewall
Pamela: chicken fingers, Bob
Ron: wan't my machine that had the virus. Something called ptsnoop
Ron: goes around your drive erasing things at a time of its own choosing
BobS: ahso.....had stuffed pork chops here we did
rich-c: not you Ron, George
Ron: oh
Ron: sorry
Pamela: that sounds much better Bob - care to trade?
BobS: heard of ptsnoop, didn't know it was a BAD thingy
BobS: nope done ATE the things
Pamela: well, darn
Ron: I had yesterday's warmed up pizza and part of Mother's warmed up stir fry that we brough home in a doggy bag
BobS: how's mum doing????????
Pamela: left over leftovers?
George: the first thing my compter was thrown into suspend even though i disabled it
Ron: she's been better, thanks, Bob. A bit of shortness of breath these days. Have a Doc appointment Fri
Pamela: Rin, have you heard back from your friend since we spoke?
BobS: that's good
Ron: she's a survivor of tripple bypass since 1987....but endurance these days can be a problem
Princess: nope he was paged....he's on the job
Princess: i'll send him an email
Pamela: y'know, I'm really glad I don't have his job
Princess: so am i
George: second virusscan turned up W32/Elkern.c virus
Pamela: I put in a 10 hour day and I'm pooped.
Princess: especially now
rich-c: what wre you doing that let the hacker in, George?
Princess: he barely gets his w/e's
Princess: no free time really
rich-c: aha - you havent been keeping your antivirus up to date, then
Princess: privacy out the window
Ron: free time, what's that?
Pamela: BTW the Liberal campaign office going in next to our office is for George Smitherman - ever heard of him?
Princess: nope
Princess: makes me wanna do some research perhaps
Pamela: free time is that time in which you don't have anything to do Ron - most people use it to sleep
George: who is Princess?
Pamela: that's Erin, George
rich-c: never mind, you'll end up needing the NDP guy anyway, Pam
George: ok
Princess: hi George
Pamela: why Dad?
Ron: On another topic
Princess: no Ndippers
rich-c: public power - it's the wedge issue
Ron: Somebody gave me today a Toshiba T3200SX laptop
Ron: 386/20 with all of 4 meg or RAM and 40 meg hard drive
rich-c: sorry, Rin, McGinty has waffled once too often
Pamela: will depend on who's running in our riding - I want someone who will work on the issues that concern me
George: i don't think anyone missed me
rich-c: if keeping Hydro public doesnt concern you, what does?
Pamela: George, are you feeling sorry for yourself?
BobS: won't run 95 then em thinks
BobS: OR it will be RREAL clsoe
Ron: nope... Win 3.1.1
George: hell no
BobS: close
Ron: damn thing is built like a tank
Pamela: how about the desparate need for improved public transportation, and health care?
BobS: is it a laptop OR a portable?
Ron: wouldn't have wanted to lug it very far
rich-c: hey, if we hadnt missed you we wouldnt have asked where you'd been
Pamela: brb, my fingers are ready for pluckin
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Ron: Luggab.le
Ron: It's a laptop, but you'd have to have one heck of a lap
BobS: had one like that and sold it to a guya t Winnepeg university
Ron: aha
Ron: amber screen?
rich-c: actually it would be University of Manitoba in Winnipeg
BobS: sounds about right
rich-c: or green screen?
BobS: darn thing cost about $25 us to send and then he claimed the screen got broken
Ron: Actually, Winnipeg is a city surrounded by an unpopulated expance of nothing known as Manitoba
Ron: expanse
changed username to Judy
BobS: I figured he was full of BS, but made a deal witrh him.....basically he got it for nuthing and paid the shipping
Ron: aw
rich-c: I know, that's where my ancestors settled out at the end of steel in 1885
BobS: red screen
George: Hi Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, joining us now I see
Ron: yeah, I wouldn't call it amber actually, It's redder than that
Judy: hi, everyone how is all?
Ron: Anyway, it'll probably show up at ADAMCON just as a conversation piece
Ron: Hi Judy
Pamela: hi Judy. Someone pass the plum sauce
rich-c: I shudder to think at the language it might inspire...
Ron: we shall see
Pamela: at least you won't have to lug it very far Ron : )
George: can you change the background screen color in dos?
rich-c: George, I want to work further on your crash
Princess: hey Pam
rich-c: how would you have got the virus? did you open an email attachment?
Pamela: ya?
Judy: are we having a dinner?
Princess: what time does Russell have to be off for work on Sat?
Ron: what at 9:30 at night?
George: i reformatted all HDD
Pamela: huh? do you mean leave for work or get home?
Pamela: and yes Judy, I am eating chicken fingers - bob refused to share his stuffed pork chops
Princess: leave
rich-c: well, there are ways to deal with teh virus without reformatting, but that's not relevant right now
BobS: dont' chew TOO far down and get YOUR fingers Pam
rich-c: I just want to know how you got infected in the first place
Pamela: before you arrive - figure I'll drop him at the station, then go and do a couple of errands, then come meet you at Wilson
Judy: they were gone
Pamela: am using a fork Bob
Pamela: just to avoid that
Ron: Rich...... whilst we're on the topic, what virus program are ya using?
George: no i don't think unformat will help now
Princess: well I'm just thinking maybe we can do dinner on per our discussion earlier
rich-c: AVG oin teh laptop and AntiVir on the desktop
BobS: dat's a velly gUt thing me lady
Ron: ok....that's the one I downloaded for my customer. It runs on Win 95, (when others don't) and it seems like quite a nice package
Pamela: now i'm lost - what are you talking about?
George: i have antivir AVG on now
Ron: and certainly, the price is right
rich-c: no, once you've formatted, you might as well forget it - just that you didnt have to
Princess: well you said my Aunt and Uncle might want to see me
Pamela: they might - you could ask them : )
Ron: first time I've used it
rich-c: yes, I am happy with both AVG and Anti-Vir
Pamela: Hey Dad, how would Mom feel about feeding her favourite daughter and her favourite niece on Saturday evening?
Princess: hey Uncle Richard, what do you think about Pam and I coming over for dinner on Saturday evening?
George: Zoo Tycoon bogs my computer down
rich-c: the only downside is that the updates tend to be very cumbersome to download
rich-c: this Saturday?
Pamela: yup
Ron: ok...that's a good thing to know. I'll probably get a question.
rich-c: I'll ask - what time did you have in mind?
Ron: Maybe I should use it myself on something around here just to get used to it
Pamela: normal dinner time, I guess
Princess: after 4
rich-c: your mama says she can do that
Princess: Hey Pam r u able to sign on to MSN while here? Marie wants to say hi
Pamela: I think so - give me a minute. Everyone else, brb
rich-c: yes, I had Norton but they wanted me to pay a subscription
Ron: right
rich-c: when I took off Norton AVG for some reason wouldnt install so I put in AntiVir
Ron: most of the users I'm involved with around here have Win 95, and have been more or less left behind by Norton and McAfee
Ron: although I do have Norton's version 5 on a CD
rich-c: both AVG and AntiVir have some claim from benchmark tests to outperform Norton and McAfee
Ron: interesting
Ron: tell me more about the update process. You say it's cumbersome?
rich-c: first - you know about
Ron: ummm no....
Ron: ??
rich-c: re cumbersome: just that they update both database and engine, and it seems to run about three megs a round
Ron: I see.
rich-c: has old (like, Win3.1, Win 95) versions of programs only available new for more recent OSs
Ron: thank you
Ron: that sounds useful
rich-c: I'll bet you havent even tried
George: i thougt AVG was part of AnitVir
Ron: people come to me after the local tech shops have stopped laughing
rich-c: no, George, though they are both German companies
George: well my antivir has AVg
rich-c: AV is the abbreviation for Anti-Virus so both companies use it
rich-c: but if you got it from it's AVG
George: i have the umbrella it also has the guard
rich-c: but the one you get from calls its engine AVGuard - confused enough yet?
rich-c: the brolly is Anti-Vir
George: whatever?
rich-c: right click on it, click on help, when that comes up click on about - it's all there
George: not while i'm online
rich-c: anyway if you had it up to date and running that virus would not have got to you
rich-c: why not? I just did so. Windows will multitask that far without messing up the chat applet
rich-c: Ron, if it's ever a question, I have a fine collection of freeware sites and many have offerings even back to 3.1
George: it's always updated i only had it active when the the computer was idle so it wouldn't be strained for resources
rich-c: even on that antique computer of yours AntiVir shouldnt overuse the resources
Ron: good Rich. getting to the point where I hate paying the annual company software tax...... prefer freeware wherever I can get it
George: with aol it does
Ron: Of course with Linux, I do not have that problem
George: georgia tech did have virus trouble with linux
Ron: oh it's been known to happen
rich-c: since I'm still too lazy to master Linux I get all my freebies in Win98 - you would not believe how many
Ron: Oh yes, I know
George: i found out the hard way
George: i'm running Valhalla
Ron: I have help with Linux
Ron: for that they made me President of the Club
Ron: my job is to get people together, then pick their minds
Princess: Well everyone just popped back to say g'night and Ciao
Ron: Ciao Princess. Be wild
BobS: ok Erin.........sleep tight
Pamela: we're (I'm?) back
Princess: thanks Bob
Princess: and you can expect nothing less Ron
Pamela: Rin, I'm going over right now to send that number - stay on till you get it
rich-c: OK Rin, see you Sat afternoon
Ron: :)\
George: like using zapping
Princess: ok Uncle Richard, G'night
Princess: ok pammie
George: nite Ron
George: nite Princess
Ron: One thing about this new luggable
Princess: nitey nite George
Ron: It has a carrying case that's worth more to me than the computer itself
Ron: sturdy piece of work
Pamela: Erin, I just sent it - should come through anytime
rich-c: George, I just checked my cpu usage on AntiVir - it uses less than 3/10 of 1%
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Princess: ok I will wait for the MSN pop up
Pamela: and do you know what Rie just sent me?
Princess: no what?
Ron: shudder to think
changed username to Firestone
Pamela: dunno, that 's why I asked
Princess: oh
Princess: ok
rich-c: hello Firestone, whoever you may be - welcome
Princess: ok got the email
George: i think i use aol too much
Pamela: good. Call me tomorrow night
Firestone: Guess who I am?
Princess: okie dokie
Pamela: clues, please
rich-c: if you use it at all it's too much
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BobS: a tire manufacturer
Ron: an old ADAm TYPE?
changed username to Meeka
Firestone: Too many PC's
rich-c: hi Meeka
Princess left chat session
Pamela: Hi, meeka
Meeka: hello everyone
Pamela: oops - Meeka
Ron: Hi Meeka
BobS: hi Meeka
rich-c: tell us about you, Firestone
Firestone: HI Meeka
Ron: Dr D
Firestone changed username to Guy B.
George: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
BobS: HEY, did Doug get any parts for Tulip city yet???
Ron: in one of his many disguises
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Fooled you Rich.
Pamela: why Firestone?
Meeka: no
BobS: ok
Guy B.: The newest Bachelor. Andrew Firestone
George: Hi Guy
BobS: you kidder you
Pamela: well that helps - I don't watch it!
rich-c: I don't get the allusion
George: no Butt
Ron: is where the rubber hits the road
Pamela: ya gotta watch tv Dad
Meeka: he is on his way, you can talk to him in a sec :)
Guy B.: The guy is a heir to the tire fortune.
rich-c: troubles enough I got already, why should I watch tv?
Guy B.: Well, how is everyone tonight?
Pamela: oh him - gotcha
Ron: overweight and hungry Guy. How about you
rich-c: actually the Firestone family is long gone from tires - they build rvs now
George: try Splenda
Guy B.: Overweight? I'm still trying to get that down. This week is my last week of overtime for now.
Ron: yeah, right
Ron: anyway....good people, I must take my leave of this fine and erudite group
Guy B.: Well, the Firestone family is now in the wine business.
BobS: well be good ronald
Ron: Thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for
Guy B.: Leaving already Ron? We'll see you next week then.
BobS: and be safe out there int he dark
Pamela: you just missed Erin, Guy - I was just telling her that life's pretty good - I have two consecutive vacation days, a date with a guy from Japan and just moved farther from my boss - now if I could just win a lottery . . .
Ron: niters all
George: wine in tires? NOT
Pamela: must you leave Ron?
rich-c: OK Ron, take it easy, see you Sat or next week
Guy B.: How is she Pam?
Pamela: she's doing alright - will be here Sat. morning
Ron: 'fraid so.....another computer class/workshop/thingie
Ron: and I'm supposed to be an expert
Pamela: this is me, pouting. Well if you must then you must. Go not gently . . .
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: gently as the wafting breeze in the dead of night, my dear
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Pamela: ahh, caffeine
Ron: bye
Pamela: nite
Ron left chat session
Guy B.: Bob gets the hot potato, Pam gets the cold one.
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changed username to Scott
rich-c: make salad, Pam, goes great with chicken fingers
Pamela: where were you when I was eating lonely chicken fingers, Guy?
rich-c: hello Scott!
Scott: Hello
Pamela: hi Scott
rich-c: Ron goes out, Scott comes in
Scott: Late, but made it.
Guy B.: Hi Scott. How's school coming?
Scott: Has Dan B stopped by?
George: i can't even take my green tea
Meeka: hello
BobS: hi Scott
Guy B.: Chicken Fingers? Where at Pam?
rich-c: nope, havent seen him tonight
Scott: Have you heard anything new w/Iraq?
Pamela: all gone, Guy - they were dinner. They're not stuffed pork chops, but oh well.
Scott: Just Curious
rich-c: he's been in and out a bit, has some illness, won't see a doctor
George: they're gone now
BobS: Iraq= sand, sand, sand
Guy B.: Well, mine was half a peppercorn burger from TGI Friday's. Along with a baked potato which I gave Abby the skin. She loves them.
Pamela: that's not new, Bob
rich-c: the Iraquis refuse to roll over and die, but they won't last long
Pamela: oh, that sounds good too. We only get Friday's when we're in the States.
Pamela: So about once every two or three years
George: i said it would happen
Guy B.: Then we should make a date when you're here then.
Pamela: you're on, sir
Scott: I've never seen so much news coverage and received so little information.
Scott: It's very distracting.
Pamela: watching CNN, are you Scott?
rich-c: try the Canadian media, Scott - in all seriousness they do well
Scott: A little of everything
Scott: Actually, I have been watching Canadian news.
Scott: The CBC, I believe
rich-c: I am regularly in an American forum and half teh discussion point to urls of articles in Canaidna papers
Guy B.: Especially when you're expecting the TV show you want to watch. Only to find the entire hour has been devoted to Iraq.
Scott: It's on CSPAN
George: our millitary is involved in too much disinformation
rich-c: if you can get theBBC news it is usually the best of all
Scott: Yes, I get that too.
Scott: They have a fantastic website too.
George: it's all unbelievable
rich-c: you can see if the site is up for teh Islamic viewpoint
Pamela: problem is George, if you tell the Americans watching CNN exactly what's happening, the Iraqis watching get the info too
Scott: I went to their website when I was doing research into genetics.
Scott: I tried to visit al-jazeera, but it was down.
Scott: Too many hacker attacks, I've heard.
rich-c: we are getting good coverage in the Toronto Star but you need to know which columnists to look at when
Scott: They just launched an English version of their site.
George: so was iraqi tv
Scott: I'd be interested to get their point of view.
rich-c: seems they have the news and have it first, and tend to be a lot less biassed than you'd expect
Scott: Be right back...
George: read the national inquirer
Pamela: no, they're biased : )
rich-c: they are biased, just edited to attract the nut cases
rich-c: sorry, arent
Pamela: they manage to be both
George: what better foor a nut?
Pamela: brb
Meeka: ok
rich-c: since I never see anything except the front page at the supermarket I cant tell whats inside
rich-c: but then the front page tells anyone all they need to know as to what it's about
Judy: hello, Meeka, are we on for tomorrow night?
Meeka: yup :))
George: you missed the best parts
Judy: what time is good for you?
Meeka: 6-6:30 ??
George: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
Pamela: I hope that's p.m. Judy
rich-c: anyway, Scott, you may want to check out, maybe also
Meeka: lol@Pam
Meeka: yes, it is
Judy: can you make it any early, like 5:30, less busy?
Pamela: whew, I feel better
Pamela: especially since I can sleep in tomorrow - woohoo
rich-c: at the Star, columnists worth looking at are Richard Gwyn, Gwynne Dyer, Haroon Siddiqui
Judy: are going out to dinner
Pamela: that's so nice
Pamela: where?
Meeka: Doug says as long as I call him so he leaves on time, thats ok too
George: when you update antivir do they keep a database for older viruses?
Judy: Sam's Joint, they have roll back pricing
rich-c: yes, George, in effect each update is all the old plus the latest added in
Judy: ok lets plan on that
Meeka: ok
Pamela: there are restaurants now too? Good lord, teh man is taking over
rich-c: that's how they all do it, George - AVG, AntiVir, Norton, McAfee
George: good stoned crops up
Judy: no, they do that every year in March and Noverber
Meeka: lol, its not related to Sams club and walmart Pam
Pamela: I thought it was a good guess : )
rich-c: yes, I'm getting about four emails a week with one of the Klez viruses
rich-c: I use Mailwasher so don't even download them, just delete them from the mailbox
Pamela: since you didn't show up on my doorstep last weekend, i guess Mandy's move went okay?
Meeka: thats THIS weekend
Pamela: oh
Meeka: the move I mean
Pamela: sorry
Judy: see hasn't moved yet, this coming week-end
George: i'm not opening many email anymore
rich-c: in fact I can recognize the virus ones so dont even need teh AntiVirus to tell me
Judy: I do think I am going to miss little Ryan
rich-c: no danger in opening email, just dont open suspicious attachments
Pamela: hark, I hear a Grandma talking
Judy: the kisses before bed and first thing in the morning
Judy: ok, I confess
Pamela: the pitter patter of little feet . . .
rich-c: long as you have AntiVir up to dte and running you have really nothing to fear
Judy: poor little guy got bit again in daycare today
Judy: that too, Pam
Pamela: that poor child just doesn't get any breaks, does he?
Judy: no, he doesn't
Pamela: bit by whom?
rich-c: well, he drew a pretty fair set of grandparents, Pam, and that counts for a lot
Scott: Sorry, I've gotten myself sucked into something
Judy: one of the little boys in daycare
Scott: Will be back shortly
BobS: some warmonger at daycar4e
Pamela: obviously one who doesn't have Slopsema in his blood
Judy: he can even tell the kids name
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to DougS
Judy: oh, he has bit in his little life also, he did it to his cousin Michael
Guy B.: Hi Doug]
Meeka: hi dear :)
rich-c: hi Doug, you havent been on for a while
DougS: work is BUSY
Pamela: I hope someone reported the kid and Ryan got thoroughly washed
Pamela: Hi, Doug
BobS: yea he says Joey bit hime and when asked about his eye scratches, he says conner did that
Judy: hi, Doug
DougS: think i need to put in vacation for convention SOON :)
Judy: yes, please do
BobS: ANd decide on flights and times too
rich-c: well, have at it, Doug, we need you to keep things going!
rich-c: how are you doing on finding flights, Bob?
rich-c: I gather you want to fly to Seattle and rent a car to enjoy the drive
BobS: got flights from GR to SEATTLE for $301 US
Judy: didn't break the skin, so don't have to worry but Mandy was mad because they didn't write a report on it
BobS: IF still available. should be
Pamela: it sounds like Mandy needs to find another daycare for him
Pamela: is that one way Bob?
BobS: all daycare's got the biters
rich-c: gather flying direct to Comox does not appeal to you
BobS: nope both ways
Meeka: but it is easy cuz its right next to her work
Judy: they are so good to him there most of the time, he sometimes spends the day in the infant room because he likes the helpers better there
DougS: flying into comox is much more expensive, and we were talking about checking out some sights in seattle.
rich-c: I assume you get a feeder flight to OHare and the Seattle flight from there
Judy: they really are good to him
rich-c: what routing were you looking at for teh flight to Comox?
BobS: don't member if we flew into Chicago or not
BobS: think we bypassed it
Pamela: I know good daycares are hard to find, and getting into them can be a challenge
Judy: and he can't change both homes and daycare, would not be good for him
BobS: or it was into Ch midway
rich-c: you mean Grand Rapids has flights to anywhre but Chicago and Detroit? ;-)
Pamela: too tru
BobS: si senor
rich-c: be curious to know what (GR-CHI) to Calgary = Westjet Calgary-Comox might come out to
Pamela: this is ridiculous, but I'm falling asleep. Must be all the exercise I got earlier
Meeka: lol
rich-c: well, time is getting on, Pam
BobS: well look it up with CanadAir
Pamela: i'm moving offices and finished packing the last of my stuff at 6:25 this evening
Judy: what did you do, Pam?
rich-c: oh, Air Canada to Comox is likely to be hopeless
Judy: I was washing windows and mini blinds today
Pamela: the guys moving me are going to get a laugh - I left Post-Its everywhere
rich-c: like looking at United when Siouthwest flies the route
BobS: actually, we coudl go west for 99 bucks but coming back was 249 using southweat
BobS: crazy
rich-c: you'd have to find a US carrier to Calgary then pick up the Hamilton-Comox flight when it stops there
rich-c: we have some great prices - till you add in teh security and fuel and navigational and airport improvement surcharges, and taxes
Pamela: that's it for me I think folks - I don't want to snore in your ears
Meeka: ok, nighty night Pam
rich-c: OK Pam, see you for dinner of Saturday - don't try to phone, I'll likely be on chat
George: i need to go tend to my crohn's
Judy: nite Pam, sweet dreams
DougS: night pam
Pamela: Dad, I'm talking to Rin tomorrow evening - will try to call afterwards and firm things up.
rich-c: OK George, come back Saturday and we'll discuss how to deal with viruses
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to head off. Working this Saturday. But, I'm off overtime after this week.
George: nite all
Pamela: Goodnight to all - will bring news of James next week
rich-c: nite George and Guy
rich-c: nite Pam
Judy: nite, Guy
Pamela: Nite Dad - tell Mom thanks too
BobS: nite Pammy
DougS: night george and guy
BobS: nite geo
rich-c: will do, daughter
George left chat session
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: bye Guy
Judy: night George
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
BobS: shees like the plague aroudn here
Meeka: yup
rich-c: yes. Scott's off looking at something else, otherwise all we have is Slopsemas
DougS: i can leave if that makes you feel less surrounded :)
rich-c: as you may have noticed, Doug, I can hold my own at the keyboard anytime
BobS: and i am jumping off to bid on a gps and check some flights
Judy: we don't bite
rich-c: after all, I don't let a little thing like total ignorance stop me
BobS: see ya next time around all
Meeka: night
rich-c: nite Bob, see you
rich-c: actually I have another online diversion now - as if I needed more
Judy: I will be going soon also, I am fading fast and I have to rest up for tomorrow busy day
BobS left chat session
Meeka: lol, ya, boys to atch
rich-c: Autoweek magazine has a chat/bulletin board with various sections of interest
rich-c: OK Judy, take it easy, see you next week
Judy: talk to you next week, Rich and see you two tomorrow, bye
Judy left chat session
rich-c: I find I am spending rather more hours a day on it than is prudent
Meeka: ok, bye bye
Scott: Almost everyone gone.
Scott: Oh no!
rich-c: ah, you're back, Scott
Meeka: lol, they dropping like flys
rich-c: yes, this tends to fold up around 11
Scott: Rich - Can't remember where I read this, but I thought I heard that Canada may also send troops.
DougS: think i need to head out too. got a meeting tomorrow morning that may be really boring. need the sleep now so i don't fall asleep then.
rich-c: too many have to get up in the morning, then there's us old folks need our shuteye
Scott: But it's a big maybe.
Meeka: ya, im going too
Scott: And I don't remember where in the heck I read it.
DougS left chat session
Scott: It's probably bogus.
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: Meeka, good night then - take care
rich-c: Scott, it is and it isn't
Scott: Is and isn't?
Scott: Oh now I remember.
Scott: It wasn't that they may send troops.
rich-c: Canada is in fact the third largest contributor after US and UK, but officially is not participating
Scott: Canada is supporting the war in Afghanistan and are providing intelligence
Scott: And strangely so is France.
rich-c: but - they have not pulled out technical officers who wre with the US forces on normal exchange, so are running a chunk of CENTCOM
Scott: And although their not officially on board, they are providing support.
rich-c: also they continue to lead from their own three ships the six-nation, 20-ship anti-terrorist patrol in the southern part of teh Gulf
rich-c: of course, they cant help it if this guards the US forces too
rich-c: and such forces as we can spare are committed to Afghanistan - even if this releases equal US forces for Iraq
Scott: Hmmm
rich-c: but you are right - Canada thinks the war is wrong and will not be seen taking part
Scott: That's too bad. This will be a very good thing for the Iraqi people
Scott: For the first time, they will have a chance at a normal life.
Scott: Like the Afghanis.
rich-c: but unofficially we see no reason to make life difficult for someone giving Saddam what he deserves
Scott: Sounds like we did hit him the first night
Scott: But didn't take him out.
rich-c: so far, the Afghans are back to normal - ducking while the warlords duke it out
Scott: That is only going to make him more angry
rich-c: it may get better if the US ever comes through with the promised aid, but so far, no good
Scott: Yes, there's still problems with the warlords, but they are able to educate themselves
Scott: What about the pledges from the rest of the world?
Scott: Didn't the UN as a whole offer some huge sum?
rich-c: not really, the allied forces hold the Kandahar area but the rest is backsliding to Taliban standards
Scott: US is doing their part
Scott: Do you thing Osama is alive?
rich-c: apparently the US has yet to allocate a single penny for Afghan reconstruction'
Scott: That's not what I've been reading.
rich-c: I didnt believe that when I read it but I've seen it in several sources
rich-c: Osama? Yes, at least the AUAS Army says they're chasing someone up there in the hills
Scott: Anyways, on to Coleco ADAM stuff...
rich-c: press on...
Scott: I will be receiving plastic shells casings this week
rich-c: james will be here tomorrow, I have the copies of Mel Ostler's books for him
Scott: To manufacture Daniel's cartridges.
rich-c: Daniel should be pleased about that
Scott: The game itself has been done for awhile.
rich-c: yes, so I gather
Scott: And Mike is putting together the boxes.
rich-c: are the costs remotely in line?
Scott: We will be manufacturing about 50.
Scott: Well, the plastic is more expensive because we had to use old cartridges.
Scott: It's like 2.50 per casing.
Scott: the board assembly and chips are somewhere around $4
rich-c: yes, I gather that old ones would bring about that
Scott: What's costing alot are the boxes.
Scott: They're like $10 a piece
Scott: They're handmade and supposedly look gorgeous.
rich-c: I'm not a fan of spending more on the packaging than the product - but I am not of the gaming generation
Scott: But it really pushes up the cost.
Scott: Yeah, I'm with you on that.
Scott: I would prefer Blockbuster cases
rich-c: it sells or it doesnt - we shall se
Scott: Like the ones they used for Super Nintendo/Genesis.
Scott: Those work fine.
Scott: All 50 will be gone very quickly.
rich-c: me. I'd be happy if I could dump my lot of miscellaneous joystacks and strange cartridge games and stuff
Scott: If you have excess cartridges, we could use them for cartridge releases.
rich-c: got a whole assorted bunch of weirdo joysticks, some of which work
Scott: Joysticks - Coleco joysticks?
rich-c: no, my cartridges are all alive - if I find any dead ones I'll let you offer
rich-c: only enough Coleco joysticks to go with my Adams, I'm afraid
Scott: I should put some advertising out there so we can collect non working ColecoVision cartridges.
rich-c: do you know the little light Amiga joysticks for the Adam? I have a whole bunch of those
Scott: There's gotta be tons out there that just get thrown away.
rich-c: they date back to when Amiga made games, not computers and before Commodore bought them
Scott: Didn't know Amiga joysticks worked for ADAM.
Scott: Interesting.
rich-c: these were built for use with Colecovision/Adam
Scott: Hmm
rich-c: they are much more sensitive but I don't like the fire buttons
Scott: I would say, if you would like a copy of Dan's game, get one when they first come out.
rich-c: they are shaped like a "lazy L" with the longer upright holding the number pad
Scott: No telling if we'll ever do a second run.
Scott: I believe due to this particular game, we won't
Scott: Mike's got two other games from Marcel.
Scott: One is done.
rich-c: I am not a game player or collector in any meaningful sense
Scott: The other -- who knows???
Scott: Marcel is still recovering from his accident, it seems.
Scott: BRB
rich-c: well, if someone ends up with a particular need - super action controller, or something - I can oblige
Scott: Ok
Scott: If you could make a sequel to any Coleco game, what would it be?
rich-c: and I have some regular Coleco game carts of course, but I think they're listed on your website
Scott: This is a question I would like to get feedback from the ADAMCon attendees
rich-c: as a non-player, I couldn't care less
Scott: Since new games are and will be coming out, it would be good to give the game designers some feedback
rich-c: on the DOSbox I play Free Cell and Mini-golf and that's it
rich-c: Frances sometimes plays Tetris and liked Video Hustler
Scott: Free Cell doesn't exist for Coleco
Scott: But hardly anyone would want to pay for it
Scott: Since it's free with LInux
Scott: Linux
rich-c: it's free in Windows, too, and there are more elaborate free variations all over the web
Scott: There was a halfway decent Mini-golf game for the ADAM
Scott: I remember playing it quite a bit.
Scott: Well, Rich, I should let you go
Scott: It's 11:30 your time
rich-c: well, since I don't care for games I don't understand them
rich-c: you noticed! yes, I do need to fold up
Scott: I tried to stop by last Saturday at 2 pm
Scott: But too late.
Scott: You met here, right?
rich-c: I was there, if not on the tick, awful soon after - that's 2 our time
rich-c: yes, I think we wre on till about 4 p.m.
Scott: I must have arrived at 4 pm your time
rich-c: pretty well just Ron and I
Scott: Well, I will try to join you Sat
Scott: See ya!
rich-c: we closed down within minutes either side of 4 p.m.
Scott left chat session
rich-c: see you then - nite now
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