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rich-c: hi there George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: glad someone showed up to keep me company
rich-c: hmmm - server is slow, we may end up moving
George: What is the newest version of ADAMEm ?
rich-c: gather it is somewhat like spring down your way
rich-c: newest version? don't really know; it's been a while since I was on the website
George: yes and heavy T-storms are expected
rich-c: I know Marcel was apparently seriously beat up in a car accident and hasnt been doing any programming lately
George: i have 1.0
rich-c: guess you're getting the cold front wee got yesterday - with the same fireworks
rich-c: don't know if he moved it beyond that or not; I think he may have
rich-c: sorry, cant get at Adamem too easily to check the number
George: i can only use pcspeaker on computers that have pci soundcards
rich-c: I think Adamem is Soundblaster compatible; is that a PCI card?
rich-c: hold on while I check further - brb
George: no it just hangs at the point it detects sound card on pci soundcards
rich-c: doesn't give a version number in Properties
rich-c: my file shows a creation date of Feb 1999 if that is any help
George: i think it's 1.0
rich-c: guess you're stuck then, unless Dr. D. or Dale or Scott can offer a suggestion - or Doug S.
George: it works on my isa ess 1868 as an adlib
George: drDOS causes it to hang too
rich-c: you've been fooling around in areas wherte I've had no cause to go
George: it works fine on sb awe 64 isa
rich-c: actually, if Doug S. is on on Wednesday he might be the best source for an answer and maybe a fix
rich-c: but it does wqork with a Soundblaster card if it's one for the ISA slot?
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George: yes very good
rich-c: hello Jason, how's things?
LakelandNJ: Hey i talk to one of you on the phone im from nj
LakelandNJ: good
rich-c: yes, that's right, that's why I knew it was you
George: hi Lakeland
rich-c: George is in Philadelphia, awaiting a major thunderstorm
LakelandNJ: hi george
George: is really someone from NJ
rich-c: we have just been discussing teh Adam emulator - it is giving him grief on his DOSbox over teh sound card
LakelandNJ: tony soprano lives next store
George: where is Lakeland?
rich-c: George, by the way, was also born in New Jersey, but way downstate from us
rich-c: up in Bergen COunty, George
LakelandNJ: it a bus company i work for website
George: I was born in Riverside
LakelandNJ: Saddle Brook NJ
LakelandNJ: I still looking for that printer
rich-c: only bus companies I remember are Public Service and Intercity (Garden State Lines) and Hill(?)
rich-c: so put a $10 bill in an envelope, send it to me with your mailing address, and get patient for a couple of weeks
LakelandNJ: i have an extra adam and printer if anyone insterested
LakelandNJ: FREE
rich-c: you can scavenge a printwheel and ribbon from the two dead printers you have
rich-c: anyway hang onto the second Adam, that way you should be able to assemble one that works
LakelandNJ: yes i can
rich-c: btw, the $10 I mentioned wass to cover postage
LakelandNJ: ok where do i send it
rich-c: forgot to copy it down from the website, did you? No problem
LakelandNJ: george you from canada too?
rich-c: it's: Richard Clee, 21 Rondale Blvd., North York, Ont. Canada M6A 1H6
George: no, Philly PA
rich-c: won't say you guys are quite neighboiurs, but you're only about two hours apart
LakelandNJ: You a phily sports fan?
rich-c: Jason, if you come often to these chats, there is a trick you might find useful
George: not really
LakelandNJ: ok im new to this
rich-c: Open Notepad, then minimize the window
LakelandNJ: ok
rich-c: then when you get something - address, url, etc. highlight it and press Control-C
rich-c: then bring up the Notepad window, position the cursor top left (clear space) and press Control-V
rich-c: you'll find teh highlighted text has been copied
rich-c: you can then minimize the window again and have a record of teh information you wanted when teh chat is ended
LakelandNJ: cool it did it
rich-c: trick I [icked up from Daniel Bienvenue, one of our semi-regulars
rich-c: Daniel is working on his Masters degreee at Laval University in Quebec City
rich-c: he writes Colecovion games and is working with Scott Gordon on selling one
LakelandNJ: cool
rich-c: his English isn't the best, but his programming stands up just fine
LakelandNJ: i was looking for software when i up and running
LakelandNJ: someday
George: i just highlight click copy click paste and it works less keystrokes
rich-c: just send me an email with your return address and I'll send you a price list
rich-c: you're right George except Edit in chat doesn't have Copy or Cut
George: power from Microsoft
George: java chats are lacking
rich-c: Control -C and -V are the old DOS keystroke shortcuts, of course
George: oh, oldtimers
rich-c: I wonder if that's a Java limitation or programmer laziness - I suspect the latter
George: not always a programmer
rich-c: hey, I may have been around Adam since 1983, but I'm a relative newcomer to Windows
George: i need to save on the fingers too
rich-c: are they stiffening up on you again?
LakelandNJ: it seem a little more alive than in the states i couldn't find this adam anywhere
rich-c: well, Adam did last longer in Canada for a number of reasons
rich-c: among other things for years it was the backroom computer in all the H&RBlock offices
LakelandNJ: its a shame the net can't be used still
rich-c: in fact my wife has recently moved to her Amiga with it but until very recently she did our taxes on the Adam
LakelandNJ: i gues a good word processer
rich-c: yes, my wife now has a tax program on my DOSbox so she can file electronically - but she still does the setup on teh Amiga
rich-c: in fact Dale Wick once managed to connect his Adam to the 'net in mono text mode at 14.4 baud
LakelandNJ: amazing
George: i found an amiga emulator for linux but i can't run it because i don't know how to use amiga
rich-c: yes, he demonstrated it for us at Adamcon 07 which was in Waterloo, Ontario
LakelandNJ: ill check out adam em8ulator
rich-c: OK - it's at, as I recell
George: the distribution site has 1.0
rich-c: just verified it - I was right
rich-c: well, George, you can find all teh documentation and programs you need on the Aminet
George: i just do a simple search and it turns up
rich-c: try:
rich-c: that should serve as a fairly useful portal for you
George: i'm terrible at comprehending technical doccuments
rich-c: Jason, when you get teh Emulator there is also a front end to let you use it from Windows - Adamemem
rich-c: make sure you get both -there's also a straight Colecovision emulator there
rich-c: if push comes to shove and you have an ISP that tolerates large files, I can send you anything you can't download from komkon
LakelandNJ: iwas trying tar file i downloaded
rich-c: oh, are you running Linux or Unix, Jason?
George: test
rich-c: what's the matter, Geroge, did you fall off?
LakelandNJ: no i download amanen
rich-c: I did get some lag on this server when we wre on at first
George: sort of, sticky keys
LakelandNJ: no i got win xp
rich-c: well then a tar file wont do you any good at all, you need the binaries
rich-c: tar is a Unix file format
LakelandNJ: oh
George: i use iso or rpm
LakelandNJ: i got to a typing session for adam
rich-c: yes, the typing tutorial program for teh Adam was apparently a very good one
rich-c: everyone I talked to who used it thought it worked very well for them
LakelandNJ: mmakes noises when you type
rich-c: I know in Smartwriter you can control the sound in Adam - not sure if you can in teh typing program
rich-c: when I am typing on the Adam I find the sounds useful - as I do the keyclicks on my DOSbox board
LakelandNJ: how fast does a program load for adam
rich-c: fairly quickly from disc, from tape go get a coffee
George: 70 today snow tomorrow
LakelandNJ: i heard that up here too
rich-c: that's a bit unfair, but I am spoiled so rotten now I swear at the slow speed of my Pentium laptop
rich-c: yes, we were warm yesterday and are about 40 now with serious cole projected for tonight - about 18 or 20
rich-c: Jason, I try to do rough approximations in my head, but temperatures here are measured in Celsius, so sometimes the numbers I quote come out looking odd
rich-c: that's a symptom of my screwing up the conversions
LakelandNJ: oh i go to 7 online
rich-c: sorry, I don't get that?
LakelandNJ: you can download it
rich-c: oh, the website for a tv station?
rich-c: wouldn't do me much good, Toronto weather is a little different from Saddle Brook ;-)
rich-c: if we want it really thoroughly we can get the Westher Bureau forecast online or use teh weather radio
LakelandNJ: tthinking you guys are next door
(LakelandNJ smiles)
rich-c: depends on your point of view - since I can drive there in a day I don't consider it reeally distant
rich-c: as far as Pennsylvania is concerned, it is right next door - we have a common border
LakelandNJ: well someday if i go to toronto ill look you up
George: i can't get there even by webcam
(LakelandNJ laughs heartily)
rich-c: do you get many charter assignments, Jason?
LakelandNJ: yes summer is the best time for them
LakelandNJ: condition of service
rich-c: won't do this summer; if my hip holds up I'll spend it driving to Vancouver Island and back
rich-c: hope to leave about June 30, get back early September
LakelandNJ: make sure you stop at the gm palace for me
rich-c: George, if you'd like a webcam to look at our highway, I can give you a url
rich-c: oh, I will likely use the all-Canadian route this time
George: i have a hiway out my window woodhaven Rd.
rich-c: well the Ontario government has a website where you can see what all teh traffic cameras on 401 are seeing
LakelandNJ: (PRIVATE) ok well it godd chatting with you guys so ill see you guys soon and rich help me with my printer quest
rich-c: OK Jason hear from you soon, come back soon, enjoy
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George: they are tearing up our hiway to put up soundwalls
rich-c: yes, we went through that some few years ago
rich-c: the highway is 18 lanes wide and still running over capacity in rush hour
rich-c: now they have run out of places to widen it
George: i wonder if it will work, i can't hear myself out front
rich-c: nothing is going to completely quiet Interstate noise, but the barriers can work fairly well
rich-c: mind you a good stand of big thick evergreens can do a standaout job of sound damping too
rich-c: look at:
rich-c: you can look at the highway teh full width of the city
rich-c: sorry, take out that first "compass"
George: telemarketers
rich-c: I use it when I have to go across the city and dont want to tangle with traffic jams
rich-c: that's a dirty word, George - go wash you mouth out with soap ;-]
George: buy me
rich-c: anyway, George, Erin is in town so she and Pamela are joining us for dinner
rich-c: going to have to go get ready for their arrival
George: tell them i said hi
rich-c: will do - see you Wed?
George: ok, see you then
George: bye
rich-c: good. by now
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